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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  July 21, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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taken hostage in trader joe's. tonight the scary saga that unfolded for hours in southern california with deadly
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now from abc7, live breaking news. >> good evening, and thanks for joining us. i'm dion lim. right away to the breaking news under way in the north bay right now, where firefighters are trying to rescue five people trapped on a beach by high tide. they've been stuck there for hours and the ordeal may soon be over. abc7's amanda del castillo joins us now with details. amanda? >> reporter: we know the rescue effort is happening a few miles west from where we are right now. marin county fire officials are working to remove five hikers who became trapped after a high tide hit around 7:18 tonight. marin county fire got the call around 9:00 p.m., that was nearly two hours later.
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the group is trapped just south of mure beach near the pirates' cove area. firefighters are waiting until the tide goes down to perform rescue operations, hopefully sometime before midnight. county fire was considering using a hoist to remove the trapped hikers, or jet skis with the help of the coast guard, but those were considered to be too risky. we were at the mure's beach parking lot, where we saw an ambulance and other patrol cars waiting for the rescue effort to continue. really, it's just pitch black dark out here. we have some camera lights on me, but behind me, you can see the darkness. imagine that, paired with some of the elements they have to deal with, especially trying to rescue these people hellsid hillside. >> certainly an added challenge. thank you.
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let's get to drew tuma with specifics with high tide and the water levels there. the good news is that low tide is coming. >> yeah, you heard amanda say high was shortly after 7:00. we'll take you near mure beach and show you the tide cycle. shortly after midnight tonight, we'll hit low tide. less than a foot, that low tide happening just shortly before 2:00 a.m. sunday morning. so we're in the process of lowering the height of that water out there. high tide, once again, coming right back up at 8:00 tomorrow morning. not only the tide, we're also going to see some fog along our coastline. it's gathering at this hour. we'll plan out the rest of your sunday when a see you in just a few minutes. >> drew, thanks. police surrounded a southern california trader joe's, where a suspect took hostages.
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>> i was in the back storage room, i heard people screaming and i heard a number of gun shots. >> that employee climbed out of a window, saving himself and three other co-workers from a situation that not everyone survived. the suspect is now in custody. one person died during the incident. according to family, she was a store manager, and she may have been caught from the crossfire between the suspect and police. abc news reporter marci gonzalez is on scene to explain what happened. >> an incredibly tense day here in los angeles. you can see police are still on the scene here where dozens of people, including young children, were held hostage inside a trader joe's. and one woman was killed. police say it started saturday afternoon after the suspecthot ril, anher woman also suffered a graze wound. police say the suspect kidnapped her, stole his grandmother's car, used low jack technology to track the vehicle. the suspect exchanged gunfire
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with officers during that pursuit and again after crashing that stolen car outside of this trader joe's grocery store. he was injured in that shoot-out and then ran into the store, killing a woman and taking hostages. after three hours of taking with hostage negotiators, we're told that suspect surrendered and he's now in custody. marci gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. >> trader joe's released a statement on today's situation, saying, our hearts are broken over what happened today. this has been an incredible trauma and our thoughts are with our crew members and customers. our focus is on doing whatever we can to suspect them at this time. we appreciate everything los angeles law enforcement did to ensure an end to this ordeal. developing news now from lake county, where evacuations remain in effect tonight because of a wildfire burning near kelseyville. the carter fire is 20% contained. sheriff's deputies have asked people along kelsey creek drive
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and adobe creek road to leave because of the fire danger. cal fire says they have stopped forward progress and will remain on the scene overnight. meantime, evacuation orders have expanded near yosemite because of the near 29,000-acre ferguson fire. yosemite west and anderson valley are under mandatory evacuations. that fire, just six percent contained. officials say two firefighters assigned to the blaze were hurt yesterday with black injuries. a cal fire dozer operator was killed last saturday while building a fire break. new at 11:00, a black business owner in san francisco claims he's a victim of racial profiling. police stopped victor stevenson outside of his business in the mission district thisrepoer del gourmet lemonade out of this shop for about a week. officers met him out front on tuesday. they weren't looking to make a
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purchase, instead to pursue a call of a possible break-in. >> i didn't realize they were here for me until they were about a foot away from me. >> reporter: the officers asked for proof of business ownership and then his i.d. he shared this recording. >> someone just called the cops on me in my own business, bro. >> reporter: while he feels it may be routine, the problem is racism. >> the bigger problem is the individuals that think it's okay to pick up the phone and call 911 irresponsibly. >> reporter: irresponsible in the sense that black men have been shot and killed for a lot less than itmuch more to live for. ariana is an oakland business owner. she says she's not surprised this happened here. referring to the local, viral videos of the woman dubbed permit patty and barbecue becky, both were recorded calling the police on black people. >> i can't say that it happened to me as a business owner.
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just in life, day to day, that's what you're brought up to prepare for. >> reporter: people we spoke with are convinced it wasn't concerned that led to tuesday's 911 call, but color. >> they have racial profiling, whether people want to admit it or not. >> reporter: but as the phrase goes, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. >> something that somebody meant for negative turned into a positive. because now we coming to support and encourage everybody to come out and support. keep the brother business booming. a woman died when a box truck broadsided her honda in san jose's silver creek neighborhood. witnesses say the honda ran a stop sign at about 3:15 this afternoon. a 21-year-old woman died at the scene. she's the 29th person to die in a traffic accident in san jose this year. abc7 news was at san francisco civic center after police arrested a tour bus driver and another driver after
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a crash. officers say the bus driver assaulted a man driving a ford mustang before that crash. they also arrested the mustang's driver, claiming he drove recklessly. one of the bus's passengers describe how road rage simmered for several blocks before this afternoon's collision. >> the bus tried to go around him to the right, and the bus -- the car, that the mustang, keeps blocking him, to the point that he blocked him totally. it just continued for like ten minutes. >> paramedics treated a canadian tourist for minor injuries. the bus passengers waited for two hours before another bus picked them up. a police chase ended with a deadly crash that snarled traffic for hours itheews on we highway 24 in orinda while investigators looked sheriff's office tells us a driver sped away during a traffic spot. the officer chased after the car
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and lost sight of it before seeing it everyturned overturne freeway. this is what drivers saw for six hours while the lanes were closed. search parties scoured ponds and lakes looking for a missing college student with ties to the bay area. molly tibbetts was last seen going for a jog wednesday night. she was reported missing the next day when friends did not see her thursday. more than a hundred volunteers met today to canvas an area where she was last seen. family members tell abc7 news the search for tibbetts has brought out concerned community members. >> the volunteer search teams they put together, and all of the donations of food and water to,, nourish these volunteers, it was just -- it was just phenomenal. >> searchers looked lieu acres of farmland on food and were
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assisted by a helicopter from above. tibbetts spent part of her childhood in piedmont. still ahead, the heated battle between president trump lawyer michael cohen. tonight the tale of the tapes about payment to a former playboy playmate. plus a long awaited recognition for some oakland a's players in front of a record-setting, sold-out crowd at tonight's bay bridge series.
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ignition, lift-off. >> oh, that is cool to see. up it goes. spacex tonight launched a new era for its company. their block 5 version of the falcon 9 rocket blasted off into space without a hitch just minutes ago. it can be reused up to 10 times, many more than previous generations of rockets, making it much more economical. the rocket made a successful separation and landed on a drone ship in the electric ocean. it's carrying a communications satellite that will provide data services to south america. firefighters rushed to the site of the california state fair this afternoon after the mono rail there caught fire. boy, that is scary.
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sparks flew and rose from the electrical fire which the fire department described as small. the mono rail operator was the only person on board and was rescued from that stalled train. the ride has been taken out of service. an historic knight for the oakland a's, as the team celebrates the largest attendance in coliseum history. what does it mean for the possibilities of a new a's stadium? katie utehs takes us out to the ball game. >> reporter: a fleet of fans honored baseball history -- >> i survived game 3. i was there when the earthquake happened. >> reporter: -- and made some at saturday night's bay bridge series game between o athletics and san francisco giants. this sell-out crowd is the largest attendance in a's coliseum history. >> 10,000 people up there, almost 55, 56,000 people in the stadium. it's going to be a great night. >> reporter: what does that feel
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like? >> like whenever i turn my head, there's a person. >> what do you think of all these people? >> it's so crowded. and sometimes you can't walk. >> it's awesome. i waited my whole life for them to open up that top section. >> reporter: the top section, open for the first time in 13 years is mt. davis. >> fans seated here on mt. davis are clearly not afraid of heights, but i'm white knuckling the railing, because we are a long ways from the field. looking back on history, the a's honored the '89 world series championship team. a victory parade never happened because of earthquake damage. >> at the time, it wasn't a big deal. >> reporter: but now, a's legends are back for their long overdue parade. dennis eckersley is happen to see the a's renaissance. >> you take for granted when we played here, we drew almost three million people. what it tells you, if you win,
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they will come. >> reporter: or build it, and they will come. which is what the a's president is hoping for with the new stadium. >> it's going to be important for the community to actually rally with the a's, to find the best location, to put the plan together. these types of events give us the momentum to make that happen. >> reporter: in oakland, katie utehs, abc7 news. >> hands down, katie had the best assignment today. hoping for great weather for the bay bridge series tomorrow, drew. >> it's a day game, it will be really nice. a lot of sunshine at the coliseum. temperatures around 70 degrees. great day for a ball game. satellite showing you coastal clouds building in once again. the exploratorium camera showing you san francisco, getting shrouded in that fog as the marine layer grows. that fog will be with us tomorrow morning. we'll look at your morning planner on sunday. if you're out and about early, especially on the coast by 7:00 in the morning, you'll see coastal drizzle. by 8:00, still rather cloudy for much of the region. by 9/10:00, that sunshine will
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be building, the cloud cover will be decreasing. away from the coasts, 60s and 70s. temperature wise, we're holding in the 60s in a lot of spots at this hour. about 67 for san jose. napa right now, 65. brentwood, still mild at 75 degrees. overnight, clouds on the coast, spilling in and around the bay. mid to upper 50s for the bay shoreline. mild spots further away from the coast in the 60s. your 12-hour planner, if you like today, you'll love tomorrow. it will be a breezy day. winds anywhere from 10 to 20 miles an hour, to kinda finish out the weekend. we are tracking some storms possible tomorrow. you can see the area shaded in green, similar to where they were today, near south lake tahoe. if one pops up could see lightning, a downpour. bay bridge series tomorrow, coliseum looking great. lots of sunshine.
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first pitch, 1:05. temperatures rising to about 72 as the game wraps up. enjoy the sunshine and the mild temperature. highs on sunday, 84 in san jose, 83 for sunnyvale. 75 sfor san mateo. daly city, 63. 84, sonoma. 82, vallejo. 83 for fremont. 89 livermore. 92 for brentwood. so the accuweather seven-day forecast, it's sunny tomorrow afternoon after a morning fog. a slight dip in temperatures on monday, but really a steady pattern for much of the week ahead. breezy coastline mid week. and by friday into saturday, cooler air will move in. one week from today, inland, could be stuck in the 80s. >> ooh. not that i'm producing but i have an idea for you tomorrow. you do weather live at the a's.
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>> that would be fantastic. i will not go as high as katie. i don't like heights. >> we'll keep you on the ground. >> sure. coming up next, the ♪ ♪ can world-renowned artist red hong yi use the chase mobile app® to pay practically anyone, at any bank? all while creating a masterpiece made of tea leaves? ♪ ♪ yes. but this isn't for just anyone. ♪ ♪ hong yi! it's for the strongest man in her life. ♪ ♪ life. lived red's way. chase. make more of what's yours.
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it is already sunday in england, which means we can say happy birthday, prince george. the oldest son of the duke and duchess of cambridge turns 5 years old today. kensington palace tweeted this photo of the boy. it was taken earlier this month following the christening of his brother. william and kate have two boys and one girl, princess charlotte, who is now 3 years old. all right, anthony flores with sports. >> plenty of oohs and aahs, a record crowd tonight in the bay bridge series. who would be the hero as the a's
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. >> history at the ballpark, more than 56,000, the biggest crowd ever at the coliseum. the a's honoring the '89 dave stewart bringing out the trophy. now to the game, brandon of yar to ge theias a inavis enjoying their night. a beautiful night for baseball. madison bumgarner struggled with control, six walks, two about
11:29 pm
the bases loaded to give the a's the lead. the first time he didn't go five innings, a giants record. some amazing baseball right here. brandon crawford in the sixth off the matt olsen pop-up. he travels 139 feet to make the grab in foul territory. that's like going from home all the way to second base. buster posey can't believe it, what a play. top nine, 3-2 a's. treinen to close. hanson strikes out to end it, but the ball gets by josh factually and hanser is safe at first. next man up, hunter pence down the line into the bullpen. hanson coming all the way to score. the throw home is offline. we are tied at 3-3. then in the 11th, will smith got the first two men, but then gave up three straight singles, the final one to jonathan lucroy, a walk-off winner.
11:30 pm
a's can clinch the bay bridge with a win on sunday. >> the game got away from us a little bit there, but they tied it up and we were able to get some runners on base. i got me a good pitch to hit and put a good swing on it. so it worked out pretty good. >> that was a hard-fought game on both sides. it was a battle. you know, we did a lot of good things. good comeback, like i said. been nice to win it, but you gotta make the way they kept fighting. >> rugby sevens at at&t. danny barrett and the u.s. facing england. barrett with a strong run, avoids going out of bounds. the u.s. will score on the try to get within seven. then its best player, perry baker, a knew injury derailed his football career, but look at him turn on the jets. he's gone. headed to extra time and sudden death. great play by england, tom
11:31 pm
mitchell with a kick to phil burgess. the u.s. falls just short of their sevens semifinals, 24-19. england will face south africa. this abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. there was a controversy between a's and giants, and we'll have more on that in 20 minutes. >> okay, anthony, thanks. keep an eye out, this inflatable trump chicken is coming to the bay area tomorrow. also ahead on abc7 news at 11:00 -- >> the waves were crashes over my face. every time i get my head a little bit above water, i scream help,
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. once again, good evening, i'm dion lim. eric has the night off. a female employee was fatally shot during a hostage trader joe's this afternoon. police say the incident started with a family dispute in south l.a. when the suspect shot two people, including his grandmother. the suspect led police on a chase. when he crashed outside the market and engaged in a gun battle with officers. after several hours inside rs, the suspect surrendered and was arrested. evacuations renane in effect tonight because of a wildfire burning near kelseyville. it's 20% contained. cal fire says they've stopped forward progress and will remain on the scene overnight. firefighters are trying to rescue five people trapped on the coast in the pirates cove
11:36 pm
area. the group stranded after high tide came n trapping them. fire crews hope to bring everyone to safety soon. now to the latest out of missouri, where 17 people died on a tour boat. abc news reporter victor okendo is in branson where a survivor is talking about what happened when she was tossed into the water as the boat capsized. riding the ducks, a favorite pastime for tourists, but the trip ended in tragedy. >> the waves crashing over my face. i screamed, help, help, the thr everybody, but i couldn't get there. >> reporter: branson, missouri, was right in the middle of the warning zone. >> be advised we have strong thunderstorms moving through right now, intense winds and rain in branson. >> byreporter: the boat tossed
11:37 pm
around the lake before capsizing. >> i was there with my husband and our three children who were 9, 7, and 1. >> reporter: tia coleman survived the accident, her husband and children did not. she lost nine family members. >> i couldn't see anybody. i couldn't hear anything. i could hear skreemds. it felt like i was out there on my own. >> reporter: her 13-year-old nephew, the only other family member on that boat to survive. he's been released from the hospital, but relatives say he'll have a difficult road to recovery. >> he tried to save one of the kids and couldn't do it. >> he said he didn't have the energy. >> the ntsb and coast guard now leading the investigation. >> we'll look at the vessel, the operation of the vessel, the people involved. we'll look at the environment. >> reporter: authorities say it will take several days to get the equipment in place to raise the sunken vessel. victor oquendo, abc news, branson, missouri. a southern california
11:38 pm
congressman says it's not okay for russian president vladimir putin to visit washington, d.c. democrat ted lieu appeared to cnn today to slam the idea by president trump. >> i served in active duty in the u.s. military. for me to watch the u.s. commander in chief go on to foreign soil and disrespect american intelligence agencies and attack u.s. institutions, while standing next to vladimir putin, was disgraceful. it was an embarrassment. >> congressman lu says an invitation by president trump to putin is, quote, completely not acceptable. president trump's lawyers are waiving attorney/client privilege regarding the secret recorded conversations he had with former long-time attorney michael cohen. the president is now lashing out publicly at cohen for the first time. here's abc news reporter brian clark with the latest on that recorded conversation. >> reporter: president trump taking to twitter saturday morning, lashing out at his former lawyer, michael cohen. inconceivable that the
11:39 pm
government would break intowyer morning, almost unheard a lawyer would tape a client, totally unheard of, and perhaps illegal. the good news is that your favorite president did nothing wrong. although he's tried to downplay cohen's significance in the past, this is the first time the president has come out publicly against mr. cohen. sources confirm to abc news, cohen recorded a conversation with then candidate donald trump about payments to a former playboy playmate, karen mcdougal, who alleges an affair with trump. the president has denied any extra marital relationship as well as any knowledge of hush money paid to mcdougal. but the approximately two minute-long, in-person conversation, the tape made secretly byseia recordings item the fbi raid of cohen's home, hotel, and office. mr. cohen outlined a scheme to
11:40 pm
reimburse publishers of the national enquirer, $150,000 it paid for mcdougal's story. tabloid magazine, owned by a friend of the president, never published the story. the president's attorney, rudy giuliani, saying the reimbursement never happened. a source with knowledge of cohen's legal team states, quote, a lawyer taping a client is not illegal. it is the equivalent of retaining notes, and that the tape is privileged, but it is the client who owns privilege. the president's legal team waiving privilege giuliani i statement to abc news saying, quote, it was already out there, seeing no point in objecting principle. brian clark, abc news, new york. well, if you missed it the first time, the trump chicken is going to set sail video from its
11:41 pm
last voyage in february. it is part of a protest, and organizers say they'll circle alcatraz which they are jokingly referring to as the big coop. they say people are welcome to come out and cheer for them, and they'd appreciate donations to help cover the cost of renting the boats. still ahead at 11:00, a missing wedding ring, lost and found. >> it's just one of those stories you always hear about, but -- you know, those romantic stories. >> thanks to your help, we may have tracked down the owner of that lost ring. and i'm drew tuma, we are tracking a mild night on the
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hundreds came out today to help preserve a piece of radio history here in the bay area. abc7 news was with the california historical radio society in alameda for their annual radio day by the bay
11:45 pm
fund-raiser. the event includes a live radio play performance and raises money for the society which operates an education center and vintage radio museum. ♪ just call on me brother when you need a hand ♪ ♪ we all need somebody to lean on ♪ ♪ ♪ i just might have a problem that you understand ♪ >> makes me want to join in. the voices of thousands filled the air across california and really around the world today. you are looking at a video from a live stream produced by big sing california. choruses performed ten songs in six different venues from sacramento to san diego. it was recently found on a beach, but the story of a lost wedding ring started almost 70 years ago. the inscription inside is dated may 1st, 1949. and it is a mystery who it belongs to. abc7 news viewers are helping to figure it out.
11:46 pm
>> reporter: we met richard grisety retracing his steps. four months ago, he stumbled on a hidden treasure. >> i picked it up, it looks like a wedding ring. jt not just any wedding ring. one with an inscription that read from now to eternity, may 1st, 1949. it bore the name lily. >> how it got to this beach is really a mystery. >> reporter: a friend tweeted about the ring months later, hoping someone would help. >> i'm excited to see it take off. >> so many people from around the country shared this story on social media, many with offers to help, historians, genealogists, even wannabe detectives. it led us to this woman, named lily, and her granddaughter. >> if it is theirs, that would be amazing. >> reporter: karen crouse of crouse. they were married 62 years old ernest's death in 2011. >> it's one of those stories you always hear about, you know,
11:47 pm
those romantic stories. >> reporter: according to family friends, they were fishermen and originally emigrated from italy to the bay area to fish for sardines. >> so he could have lost it fishing. >> reporter: with both of her grandparents dedeceased and two out of three children gone as well, the mystery continues, hopefully not for eternity. >> for my grandmother, it would be a lot to her, i know it would. >> i spoke on lily and ernest's son. he's skeptical the ring is his father's since he never wore a ring but is open to the possibility. he's digging through his archives to find additional clues. shifting gears right now, getting to our weather situation, i don't know, drew, no mystery when it comes to that. >> no, we've been on a repeat performance from mother nature the last couple days. that will continue tomorrow. 60s and 70s at this late hour. still 61 in san francisco. 67 in san jose. brentwood, you're still mild at 74 degrees. overnight tonight, we have those
11:48 pm
clouds building on the coast. they will move into the bay. so we'll see some cloudy skies around the bay shoreline. mid to upper 50s there. but it's mild away from the coast. you see a lot of cities holding this the 60s overnight tonight. so it will be a mild start to your sunday. 12-hour day planner. fog early on around the coast and in the bay. sunnier skies prevail midday. by noon, you see temperatures away from the coast in the 70s and 80s. breezy by 4:00, winds gusting 12 to 18 miles an hour. high sunday 84 for san jose. 90 in concord. we have a nice looking day at the beach, lots of sunshine in the afternoon. but a very high uv index. slap on the sunscreen. ocean water temperature at a cool 61 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, sunny tomorrow, slight dip in temps on monday. but pretty much a steady pattern with the breeze on the coast and by saturday, inland folks will like that. if you don't like the heat, back
11:49 pm
into the 80s one week from today. >> that's looking nice. we transition to a little bit of drama. >> that's right. but it was an exciting finish between the a's and giants. but a little bit of controversy as well. game 2 of the bay bridge series had a little bit of everything, including a chair. what the a's are saying about the controversy during the
11:50 pm
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abc7 sports brought to you by river rock casino. there was excitement, drama, and a little controversy in the a's 4-3 extra innings win over the giants. top of the ninth, a's up 3-2. hunter pence rips it down the right field line into the bullpen. mark melancon with the chair, tries to move out of the way. hanson scores. the a's are like, what's going on. bob melvin wanted to know why it wasn't interference on the giants.
11:53 pm
>> the ruling defied some common sense, i thought, but -- accidental or not, obstructed my play. that shouldn't be my fault. we shouldn't be penalized for that, i felt like. it is what it is. i don't know who was holding the chair, but it looked like he was trying to get out of the way, or kinda dangling there. it's a bullpen. it's on the field. so it's chaos down there. you got two guys warming up. i don't really fault the giants for it. >> it's always been a little bit sketchy down there with the chairs being moved and guys sitting outside of that area and so forth. so i was looking for some sort of interference, and the rule is, unless it was intentional, you play it. >> all right, the a's were able to come back and win. prior to the game, the a's made a deal with the mets, getting familia, who has 117 saves since the start of 2015.
11:54 pm
that's tied for third most in the majors. said it might not be pan their only move, but it was the move they wanted to make first. >> we thought he was the best guy out there. we've talked for a few weeks now about what we could do to add to this team. obviously the guys have played great. adding a reliever right now was the best option, and we thought he was the best guy. so we've been talking to the mets for a while. happy it came together. >> all right, rugby sevens at at&t. women's final tonight. defending champs new zealand and france. two minutes in, bride cuts inside, gets tackled, but fr ao nighedwa at t equivent of the mvp. new zealand completely dominates france, 29-0, for their second straight title. first ever back-to-back world cup sevens champions. the u.s. women lost their bronze
11:55 pm
medal match to australia and finished fourth. the men's semifinals and finals are tomorrow, including defending champ new zealand. final round of the british open tees off in about eight minutes. the leaders don't go until 6:30. it should be an exciting finish with so many guys in contention, including a tiger. in round three, defending champion jordan spieth started with an eagle on 1. he fired a 6 under 65, tied for the lead at 9 under par. but a tiger is on the prowl. there he is. after a 5 under 66, his best round in a major since 2010. woods is tied for sixth, just four shots back. even jordan spieth wants to see what tiger woods can do on sunday. >> i've always wanted to battle it out in a major with tiger. who hasn't. it's kind of a dream come true just to have the opportunity. >> i've been there close enough with a chance to win this year. given what happened last few
11:56 pm
years, you know, i didn't know if that would ever happen again, but here i am, you know, with a chance coming sunday in a major championship. it's going to be fun. x games in minnesota, or as i like to call it, people doing things that would break me in half. jared mcneil wins the moto x gold. you can all do this? right? jackson strong wins best trick. maybe i could do that by accident. maybe not. on the skateboard, mitchie brusco with the 1080 on the big quarter pipe. the first time that trick has been pulled off at the x games in five years. those guys are amazing. last night, raiders head coach june jon gruden and owner mark davis were hanging out at ricky's sports bar. the visit going to be featured in espn's upcoming nfl preview show. the coach having a blast with raider nation. >> this is one of my favorite places that i've ever been to.
11:57 pm
and i'm back as a coach. i've been gone for a long time. this was more than than i ever had when i was here the last time. and i felt it was important to come out, reunite with the raider fans, get in the right frame of mind before training camp starts. >> this abc7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. he's getting everyone fired up. the players will begin reporting next week. first practice of training camp is on friday. >> you gotta wake up soon, by the way. tiger. >> i'll set my alarm. >> go,
11:58 pm
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