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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 23, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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area. the billion dollar plan for this right now, there is a growing wide open space. memorial at the macarthur bart plus, women and alzheimer's and the role motherhood seems to station. in the same token there is a play and an unexpected continuing search for that suspect, a violent felon currently on parole. we want to get you straight to the man they're looking for. be on the look for this man, john lee cowell. the pd says he's a transient meaning he doesn't have a permanent address and adds another challenge. they stopped him just eight days prior. at at&t, we believe in access. 18-year-old niya and letifah the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. wilson boarded the bart station. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, unprovoked the suspect pulled out a knife and killed niya and we've created access from at&t. wounded her older sister. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits mostus attacks i've seen. may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month.
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>> reporter: police chief, no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. carlos rohoff says they were visit to learn more. already patrolling when the attack happened and however the suspect still managed to get away and they found the knife used to kill nia at a construction site. in the past, bart has been criticized for its use of fake decoy cameras and failure to solve serious crimes. but they say the cameras are now working and helped provide another look at the suspect. they side john lee cowell for not having a proof of payment. >> the fact we had an image just killer week of thespt, sht beut on the streets. d coerd ighbor18-year-old said doesn't know nia but feels connected by age. she said at this point in their
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life they shouldn't have to worry about losing their life to senseless crime. >> i know it keeps happening and a problem. >> reporter: there's speculation whether the attack was a hate crime and whether the suspect belonged to a white nationalist group. the chief says he hasn't found that to be the case. right now, we're coming back out live. you're seeing nia's family here and distraught as well and at the press conference, daryl allen spoke about those messages i told you about and shared this with the community. >> we don't know if it was racist or random or what it was. we're asking the african-american community to tonight, primetime on abc7, standdown. let's get this information to find out what really happened and get the right facts to deal 8:00, "the bachelorette"" with the situation. followed by "the proposal" and >> reporter: daryl tells us he's also part of the "stop killing abc at 11.
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our kids" organization out of smelly socks and rotting, the oakland. of his family. smell of this corpse flower. >> amanda, given there doesn't appear to be a real motive here, why fans of this flower travel what are police saying about the suspect's mental state? far and wide to smell it. >> it can smell like stinky tuna >> reporter: the police says the and mix that with moldy cheese suspect should be considered dangerous, not to approach him and old socks. and instead call 911. gym socks with the sweat of we did ask the chief about his humans in clothes. mental capacity. >> reporter: perched under a the chief said that's not glass dome kept at 75 degrees, a something the department will be commenting on. celebrity plant so rare it needs abc7 news. only its first name, suma. >> did you have a chance to talk with nia's mom all the or did >> it started blooming last night. >> reporter: dicatedans of that news conference start just theor one thing. as you were going live? >> reporter: it's a little loud >> i want a which of this here. i couldn't understand that because i heard the smell is so question. we know the mom just arrived, awful. ea screaming no by family row >> reporter: it takes the 5 foot flower ten to 7 years to bloom and attracts pollenators and justice no peace about something just starting to take shape here
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young men like this. at the macarthur bart station. >> my sister couldn't make it >> thanks very much. and was excited about the stinky >> bart police today called flower and thought i could cowell a transient out on capture some of the stink for parole. media partners at the east bay her. >> reporter: when i took a whiff times report he has an extensive i couldn't smell anything. criminal record. i was told it comes in waves and in 2016, kaiser hospital filed a smells like different things to different people. >> sickeningly sweet. restraining order against him after he threatened to kill an >> reporter: it lives just 48 employee and he's been arrested hours, strongest stink at first for vandalism and possession of bloom so timing is everything. controlled substances. >> it's like waiting for a baby he served two years in prison to be born because you don't for robbery in contra costa know exactly when it will happen. >> reporter: act fast, the county. more on the wilson family and countdown is on. what the suspect did right after >> i will probably come back to the stabbing coming up on abc7 get another whiff, i just love news at 5:00. it. >> we may be crazy but you only we set up a push alert about the live once. suspect this afternoon. >> reporter: weird is wonderful, to see the image of the suspect, isn't it? in san francisco, abc7 news. especially if you're riding >> i could live without that. bart, be sure to enable the push if you want to get a whiff of alerts to get the latest development happening. we are sending updates with
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every new development in this suma, it's on display 10:00 a.m. case. >> we are. all week long. two other deaths resulted from attacks in the last five join us at 10:00. days at bart station. early saturday morning at the bay fair station, two men were abc starts now. argued on the platform when this the sweetest person on this man captured on surveillance video walked up and punched one earth. of them in the head. >> a sister in shock and family in morning at the bart station. >> the best way i could describe it was cold cooking him on the not the only occurrence on side of the head, completely bart, two homicides just the unexpected. >> the suspect is described 5'8 past week. bridging the gap, the newest to 5'10" medium build, plan for affordable housing in dreadlocks and ponytail and san francisco. the plan to spend a billion beard. the victim who fell to the ground and later died was a dollars on new dams including 77-year-old transient. one in the south bay. and bart police revealed an incident that turned fatal at the pleasant hill station. a search tonight for the man last wednesday, a scrimmagish who killed this woman. she and her sister were getting broke out between two men. off a bart train in oakland when a 51-year-old pittsburgh police say a man randomly resident left with a bloody lip attacked them both. their father wants justice. and cut to his knee. police say they have every he left not feeling well, was intention of delivering. this is a horrible horrible incident. dismissed and found dead in his bed on friday. >> the death appears to be as a we're really seeking justice.
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result of infection from that >> this is the man police are cut on his knee, which we looking for. believe happened during the 27-year-old john lee cowell. police say he is armed and altercation. >> the 20-year-old man involved dangerous. good evening, thanks for joining in that fight is being held at the county jail in martinez on us. >> the attack happened just after 10:00 last night at the assault charges. given the death the charges could be upgraded. macarthur bart station. bart police is asking anyone nia wilson and her sister were with information to contact heading home from a family pool them. >> survivors of a mass shooting in the las vegas shooting are speaking out against the lawsuit party and he followed them and against them. a man shooting from his mandalay stabbed them unprovoked. >> to me more like a prison yard hotel room last october, mgm assault where you have an that owns mandalay bay is not individual with a sharp object asking for money. and do their take so quickly before anybody could react the instead, they want the judge to person takes off running. decide if the attack falls into in my close to 30 years police a 2002 anti-terrorism law and experience probably one of the means mgm is not liable. most vicious attacks i've seen. one man who lost his wife is >> police have recovered a knife stunned. >> i put my hand over her face they believe is the murder in an attempt to save her life, weapon. >> meanwhile, the surviving bart whatever i was trying to do. stabbing victim is speaking she was gone.
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i sat the kids down on the couch, my daughter and youngest on my lap. all i had to say was, you know, i was at this concert and there was an attack and a lot of people lost their lives and i'm going through all this and still going through this. to find out that this huge company, mgm resorts is suing me, i mean, how do you deal with that? >> the lawsuit has inspired a social media protest with the #boycott mgm. a somber memorial service was held for the cal fire bulldozer operator killed on the lines near yosemite. 36-year-old braden barney was remembered as a dedicated fireman who followed in his father's footsteps to be a firefighter. friends and family were joined in modesto this morning. his death has struck his unit
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especially hard. >> i know it feels today like the hurt will never end. but we are firefighters. we know love. we know that braden's unselfish love for his family and his community is the ultimate testament to a firefighter's love. >> he leaves behind a wife and two young children. he died july 14th, when his bulldozer overturned as he tried cutting a fire line to contain the blaze. and those fighting the ferguson fire will face increasingly difficult conditions this week. the national weather service has a heat advisory temperatures expected between 103 and 108 degrees. the ferguson fire scorched nearly 53 square miles of timber and brush west of yosemite. just 13% contain and 13 areas under mandatory evacuation orders. >> we have a strong storm inland
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and no triple digits expected. we have sunny skies over the bay inland lurking near the coastline. 64 in san francisco, oakland, 70. 93 in concord. lots of 90s and 95 and 96 at clear lake. san jose is 82 degrees right now. the wind continues to be gusty, 28 miles an hour at san francisco, 22 in novato. windy pattern continues late night and overnight hours and over the bay in a typical pattern. we see a wave of high clouds at 5:00 a.m. or so and move out quickly and burns back to the coast at midday. it will be even warmer the next couple of days. a close look at the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you.
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a warning for anyone headed to bay area beaches. there is an increased risk of rip currents and waves hitting the coast between today and wednesday. the biggest impact is at south facing shorelines. the increased swell is expected to begin to dissipate by wednesday morning. the trump appears to revoke california's authority to regulate automobile greenhouse regulations and electric car sales. the white house will strip california of its clean air act waiver which allows the state to apply stricter car emission standards and promote the sale of electric cars. the waiver affects the entire country effectively blocking any attempts to roll back anti-pollution efforts. california will fight back. >> certainly, we want the support of the federal government. in absence of federal regulation and support, california will continue to push forward with
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clean car regulations and clean air regulations to reduce air poll luttants but also greenhouse gas emissions. >> the move will likely set off a long legal battle. a popular weedkiller front and center bringing heavyweights to the bay area. no more free food for tech workers? it's hard to believe what a popular social media company may need to do now about that. the effort to clear up long lines at the dmv, what one office is doing to make sure you don't smile in your license photo. >> did you say long lines? >> oh, boy. >> speaking of which, here's the traffic, downtown san francisco, the skyway trying to get to the deck of the bay bridge. east bay, headed 101 south
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there's no such thing as a free lunch unless you work for a large tech company. now the city of mountain interview has made moves to change the practice of free in-house meals. >> what does a free lunch mean to you? we want to know what you think. you can weigh in and see the answer in real-time. we're just opening the voting. this move is to help restaurants in the area around facebook's offices. katie is live with details. >> reporter: we're told the two large glass buildings behind us will be the facebook offices but the city of mountain view don't want it to turn into a dorm situation. they want the workers who work
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in the building to help nearby businesses. the milk pail market with all its vintage crm >> they're from france and that good. things have changed a lot even in the short amount of time i've been around. >> reporter: erica rasmussen's father started the business 44 years ago. soon, facebook will be the market's new neighbor. >> i think it's an equal opportunity ability to change how we do our business and brings us to the 21st country. >> reporter: the city of mountain view are trying to make sure tech giants don't swallow small businesses with the practice of free lunches. no food service on a daily basis. the company could do a 50% subsidy, but the idea is that would be for them to go out and eat or patronize the buss. >> reporter: nearby restaurant
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managers are pleased. >> very good. >> reporter: the mediterranean is within walking distance of facebook's office expected to hold 2,000 employees. >> it's maybe, what, 10 minutes about? >> reporter: now, there was pushback from initially regarding this practice, however, the city council says they can revisit the issue once it starts. facebook declined to comment on the issue today. larry, christen. >> what inspired this idea of restricting the free lunches? >> reporter: during the recession, businesses around google complained to the city they wanted help because their business was suffering so much from this practice. it's important to note the original tenant for this building was going to be linkedin. when they pulled out, facebook stepped in. this practice of restricting the free lunches is not aimed at facebook specifically but more the tech industry in general. >> also the tax base, of coseeo
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buy lunches outside. >> there's so many tech company, yahoo! google, facebook, that all provide free lunches. you will have a lot of unhappy people that suddenly have to pay for their lunch and it's a great perk. >> let's see what a free lunch means to you. we want to know what you think. a lot of you seem to think it's great perk. >> that's our hands down winner. a chance for you to vote at we'll keep the voting open throughout our entire 6:00 newscast. products taking center stage at the white house, the president attending the second annual made in the usa showcase as the u.s. faces trade wars from china and the european union. all 50 states were invited including those that make hoses. he took gains for u.s. manufacturing now at its highest
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level since the great recession. >> for decades the united states allowed other companies to steal our jobs, close our factories and plunder our wealth. what was happening was horrible. i used to talk about it for 20 years in the private sector. said, how did they let this happen. little did i know i ate get my shot. >> it should be noted during that 20 years the president spoke about, products bearing his name, including tie, shoes, glasses and homegoods were all made overseas. lines at the dmv, they're new and lately seems to be completely out of control. they say the backlog of customers is being caused by the federal government's new real id program. by 2020 you must have a new real id card or passport to fly in the u.s. a standard driver's license is not going to be enough. the dmv says people are confused over which id they need to get and paperwork process is a lot longer for the new id cards.
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>> we're totally changing our messaging. for years we said to save time and go online. with the real federal id people have to physically come into the office for a federal id card. >> customers reporting wait times up to seven hours at some locations. the dmv has recently gone to saturday hours at many field offices to try to help ease the backlog. state field officers will hold a hearing to try to explore additional solutions. meanwhile,n a dmv has found a way to try to keep customers from smiling on their photo. nothing to do with the wait. they put a photo of lebron james in a lakers jersey to make sure they're not smiling when they take their photos. they are calling it a cruel joke and they say, it's working. >> do they just want one not smiling or do they want mad? >> anger, hostile! >> they want the energy larry
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brings to the desk. >> should we start singing happy birthday to you. >> it's been a great day. >> 39 again, you look fantasic. >> 39 for a long t sun coastline and mild to warm day. in the sierra, an outbreak of thunderstorms fairly typical this time of the day and quite widespread. you can see off from the distance some of those storm clouds way out there in the sierra foothills. right now, it's calm and clear, 64 degrees in san francisco. 82 at san jose, 97 at gilroy, 61 at half moon bay. here's the view from east bay hills camera looking westward. it is 74 at santa rosa, 79 napa. low to mid 90s fairfield,
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concord and livermore. pier 15 at san francisco mainly blue skies over theovernight ned bay. very warm inland the next few days and minor cooling taking us to the weekend. overnight, fog on the coast and locally patch or two inland. overnight lows upper 50s to 60s. generally mild in most locations. fog back to the coastline, breezy once again, highs range from mid-60s to upper 70s, mid 80s around the bay. lots of mid-90s tomorrow and farther north 100 at lake port and 102 here. and lake county, a dangerousango heat various from noon to 11:00 p.m. anddegr a pretty intense heat here in the central part of the bay area much more moderate
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but more warm. til 11:00 p.m. area.rd inect urin oflevated breakers you could see dangerous rip currents along the coastline. please be careful. accuweather 7-day forecast. high temperatures upper 90s. mid-90s in the bay and gradually to the weekend our coolest weather inland with upper highs will reach only to the upper 80s in the inland areas, mid-70s around the bay. it will be a lovely week. it's been a great birthday, thank you very much. it's the biggest shark ever. now, the subject of a new movie, meet the manned behind. >> reporter: where's the smell-a-vision, people have come from far and wide to get a
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold.
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do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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just when you might be considering a beach vacation, get ready for a 70 foot shark! it might make you think twice about taking a swim. >> they lived millions of years ago but about to make a comeback on a movie screen near you. >> that chomp was originally brought to life in a book called "meg" by author steve alten. it became a big selling series. after 20 years of off again on again deals, "meg" the movie will be released next month. >> the shark in "jaws" would have been a snack to a real one. >> reporter: they're so big they could have swallowed an elephant
4:26 pm
in a couple bites. >> to give you an idea how fierce and big they were, this is the bottom tooth for a great white shark, about an inch and half, about a 15 foot shark. this is his pre-historic cousin. >> reporter: scientists don't know why they went extinct but if you wondered what it would be like if they survived, this is your chance. >> oh, boy is right, we're appropriately scared. >> the movie opens august 10th along with the release of the original book. benjamin franklin's pennsylvania gazette newspaper in 1754 is now. for auction. according to the philadelphia enquirer, it this is only one known exist. it features the fractured serpent aimed to get the
4:27 pm
colonies to join against the french in the war between britain and france. the i.t. begins at $30,000 on thursday. t imagination.been an >> what the president is saying today. plus, the protests in florida after a deadly shooting, this is long distance with the best wifi experience, long-distance relationship.
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. law enforcement all across the bay area on the look-out for a man who stabbed and killed a young woman at oakland's macarthur bart station last night. the victim is 18-year-old nia wilson. police are on the look-out for 27-year-old john lee cowell. that is nia. that's the old dmv story. his criminal background is battery and other charges. they don't -- are racial profiling. why so many seniors are now at risk at losing their homes. to the ongoing russia probe, newly released fbi documents have president trump firing off tweets, blasting special c
4:31 pm
robert mueller's investigation as a witch hunt in his first trial against former campaign chairman, paul manafort. live in washington now. tara. >> good afternoon, larry. president trump is defending his new relationship with vladamir putin and lashing out against the fbi for investigating against campaign collusion. president trump still defending his press conference in helsinki with vladamir putin where he lavished praise saying, quote, remember, i gave up nothing, we merely talked about future benefits for both countries and the campaign whether they colluded with the russians is quote all a big hoax. and a fisa warrant released backing the claim. and the warrant against fbi agent carter page a month before the election because they
4:32 pm
suspected he was being recruited as a russian agent. page has denied it telling cnn. > have never been a foreign agent of a foreign power by any stretch of the imagination. >> reporter: they claim he was politically motivated with a warrant known as steel dossier paid for in part because of the clinton campaign. >> his campaign colluding in that process is a hoax. >> reporter: but the three judges also -- >> carter page had been part of the intelligence in the past, he had gone to russia and had meetings with officials page had publicly denied. >> reporter: critics say the documents show the fbi's fears were warranted. mechbl, the former campaign chairman, paul manafort was in virginia where the judge ruled his criminal trial will be delayed until july 31st. the judge dealt a major blow to
4:33 pm
paul manafort today when he granted five witnesses immunity to testify against thilm. the prosecutor will call 30 witnesses to the stand. abc7 news, back to you, larry. >> tara, president trump says he's considering revoking the security clearances of a half-dozen former obama administration officials. what more can you tell us about this effort? >> it seems to be a politically motivated effort. he was informed by senator rand paul he had the option to actually do this as president. he can pull the security clearances of former intelligence officials and these officials have been critical of him, including brennan, who described his performance at the helsinki summit last week as treasonous. larry. >> live in washington. thank you. secretary of state, mike pompeo is at stanford university for a photo with julie
4:34 pm
bishop. meeting is focused on tariffs and trade with china and discussed iran oneft prov provocative statements of the two countries and accused of ratcheting up tensions while in southern california. >> the bitter irony of the economic situation in iran is the regime uses it to line its own pockets while its people cry out for jobs and reform and opportunity. the iran economy is going great but only if you're a politically connected member of the elite. >> trump and pompeo both were yesterday ratcheting up the tension against iran in a very dangerous world. it's incumbent on us toag that. that's my message to the people. >> no more treason!
4:35 pm
>> secretary of defense, james mattis, is expected to attend the meeting tomorrow. authorities in toronto are still looking for a motive for last night's shooting spree that killed two people and wounded 13 others. a 29-year-old of toronto opened this city's greek town neighborhood around 10:00 last night, killing a ten-year-old girl and 18-year-old woman and he died after gunfire with the police. his family said they were devastated saying he was struggled with severe mental health challenges and terrorism has not been ruled out. >> i promise all the people of toronto but mostly those directly affected by this tragedy we will be getting answers why this senseless attack happened. >> 5 of the 13 people shot are listed in serious or critical condition, victims ranging in age from ten to 59. in the new case testing the stand your ground law in florida starting as a confrontation over a handicap parking space and
4:36 pm
escalated to a deadly shooting. >> reporter: protesters are demanding justice for marquise mclaughlin. >> what do we want? justice! >> reporter: rallying outside the store where the 28-year-old father of three was shot and killed over a parking space. the man who pulled the trigger not charged by florida police who called it an example of the state's so-called stand your ground law that gives floridians the right to protect themselves if they feel threatened. > just want justice. i need something to be done. this is not right. >> reporter: the entire incident captured on surveillance video. in it, we see his girlfriend, brittany jacobs, get approached by 47-year-old michael. she said she thoerld she had illegally parked in a handicap spot. he pushes him to the ground and
4:37 pm
when he shoots him. >> he collapsed in front of my son and within 30 minutes he was gone. >> even if the alleged attacker is retreating, you can still use deadly force against that person. >> reporter: but the storeowner said he had to call the cops on him before for confronting other customers. >> in the parking lot for a stupid reason to find someone to argue with. >> protesters say they will keep fighting until the stand your ground law was changed. when it was first enacted in 2005 more than two dozen states enacted some form of the law. abc news, new york. adrm last thursday is out of the water. they raised the boat 80 feet from the bottom of table rock lake in western missouri. it appeared to have holes to its canopy and minor damage to the
4:38 pm
side. they wouldn't say if the damage was done when it sank or during today's salvage operation. >> everything on the bottom was conducted by the divers and did everything to assess its condition on the bottom. >> crews towed the both a security storage facility where it will be inspected by the national safety protection board. are you ready to make your chick-fil-a at home? a new meal making service. it's quite warm in the bay area but no records are likely to fall. however, the fog is rolling
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
4:41 pm
too hot. sweltering heat has now turned deadly across the globe. >> japan today recorded its highest temperature ever. there's very little relief coming for parts of europe facing blistering temperatures not felt there in more than a century. >> abc news reporter, molly hunter. >> reporter: the japanese are cooling down today however they can, literally pouring water on the sweltering ground, fanning themselves, hiding in the shade, even buying jackets with built-in fans. temperatures in japanitting 106 degrees. since july 9th, more than 40 people have died. it's not just in asia. here in the uk, the driest weather in 50 years. >> you haven't got the flight to
4:42 pm
get to spain, so just enjoy it while it's here. >> reporter: an amber alert is a warning to stay out of the sun especially during the hottest time of the day. >> we come from iceland and we don't have this weather there. we're enjoying every bit of it. it's perfect for us. >> reporter: kids focused on the fountain and ice cre in finland, and inside the arctic circle the hottest recorded temperatures in a century. and hotter in miami but not expecting relief, sweating in hyde park, abc news. we have hotspots around the bay area, too, r at the moment. sunny skies at the bay and inland. fog at the coast morenland low
4:43 pm
tomorrow, we see mid-90s inland and east bay and mid 80s to mid-90s in the south bay and north bay, up to 100 at lake port. 98 at cleaver vale. lots of hot weather across the state. 99 at sacramento, 14 at bakersfield. 119 at palm springs. here's a look at our accuweather 7-day forecast in the bay area. we see mid to upper 90s inland. low 80s around the bay, low 60s around the coast. temperatures gradually moderate the end of the week and heat eases up a bit. saturday and sunday, only upper 80s inland and 70s in the bay. pretty good looking weekend. the heat spike we get won't las
4:44 pm
>> thank you. >> nasa venturing into unchartered territory in the sun. expected to launch august the sixth and study the flow of energy that heats the sun's flow of atmosphere, expected to be in orbit seven years and will need to withstand temperatures 25 degrees fahrenheit. >> amazing. a major chemical company faces a lawsuit over one of its products. what it can mean coming up. 7 on your side,
4:45 pm
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denny♪$5.99 are you out of your mind?♪99! seriously?! yup! eggs. hash browns. bacon. sausage. and buttermilk pancakes! ♪$5.99 are you out of your mind?♪ we're out of our minds. denny's new! super slam. only $5.99! for the first time ever the monsanto company is defending itself. the plaintiff is from vallejo and has cancer. >> at the san francisco superior court where johnson took the stand today. >> reporter: that's right. the reason dwyane johnson's case is the first to go to trial, because he is dying.
4:48 pm
in california, your case can move up and you can be the first. he and his attorneys have to prove the chemicals found in round-up caused his cancer. the 36-year-old plaintiff says he was exposed to large amounts of round-up for two years. at one point dwyane johnson told the jury his entire body was soaked with the chemical when a hose broke. johnson said he suspected something was wrong when he developed a rash on his body. a dermatologist told him that the lesions on his body spread aggressively. johnson was later diagnosed with non-hodgkin's lymphoma. johnson contacted the company and instead johnson continued to use the product with a specific chemical. his attorney says monsanto knew about the risk and failed to
4:49 pm
inform people. >> there is no evidence that there was anything caused. >> the monsanto said the scientific evidence is that it does not cause cancer. the world health organization classified it as a probable carcinogen. advocate robert f. kennedy junior is attending this trial. the son of the late bobby kennedy is part of the legal team with cases pending against monsanto. >> it is a company essentially bad for families and farmers and bad for other food supply. >> reporter: johnson, who has undergone several rounds of chemotherapy talked about his two sons and wife and how life had dramatically changed after his diagnosis. now, everyone is watching this case because it is the first to go to trial. it will give us an idea how the other lawsuits might go.
4:50 pm
live in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> "7 on your side" is here and every complaint you send is read and dealt with. >> rachel from santa rosa has a problem canceling her account with at&t. she said she had already moved out of her home and closed her account. rachel was still getting charged $143.83 every month. we called at&t and they closed her account right away and reimbursed her the money. i want to thank at&t. a couple of problems with their refrigerator from sears and the water dripping from the ice maker and not working properly. the couple called sears and a tech called out and the tech did not arrive in time with the
4:51 pm
parts for the next scheduled appointment. with no parts, she "7 on your side." the tech fixed the problem and sears even renewed the protection plan at no cost, saving them about $340. joey needed help with his twitter account. he said his account was deemed to be a bot by twitter and was suspended. he followed the steps to prove he was not a robot and his account was reinstated, sort of. he could not see the twitter feed of his followers. he contacted "7 on your side," we got ahold of twitter and it fully restored his account. i want to thank twitter for doing that. >> if you have a problem you can't solve, call my hotline. 415-954-8151. or you can fill out a form and we'll get back to you. a genuine account in a fake
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account crackdown. chick-fil-a wants to bring the meal to you. what do you think about that? it will offer full meal kits and provide pre-measured ingredients to customers to make their own meals in about 30 minutes. there will be five meal options including chicken parmesan, chicken enchiladas and a flat bread. it's a pilot program available in 150 restaurants just in the atlanta area. diet soda may help with the recurrence of colon cancer. those who consumed at least one diet soda day were 46% less likely to see reoccurrence of the cancer. they said they need more time to understand why. it's published in the science journal. >> while most 11 year-olds are playing video games, a florida
4:53 pm
boy just earned his associate's degree. >> william. >> william is 11 years old. enrolled in st. petersburg college in 2016 and graduated high school at the age of 9! his parents say he could do simple math when he was only 2 and algebra by 4 and plans to get his doctorate by 18. >> a true whiz kid. in san francisco. >> it's definitely stinky cheese, one part sweaty socks. >> i think it smells like a dead body. >> wonderful. >> a rare flower blooming right now, how you can catch a glimpse and>> dan is here with abc7 newt 5. >> dead body, sweaty socks.
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