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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 25, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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on to stop traffic behind us. that's when we saw the fire coming around the corner. one of the fire trucks pulled up, i think it was one of the first two trucks over to our left. and we just saw the flames get bigger and bigger and it was windy. so i just saw something i've never seen before. it looked like a fire tornado that's moving through, away from some of the fire trucks. honestly, we were just waiting for the thing to hop across the road. it was really neat to see how well the fire department worked, those guys are the real deal. >> it's scary though, we're looking at your video and we see how quickly the smoke just takes over the roadway there. >> oh, there was nothing stopping this fire, aside from the guys in the truck. and it was going the opposite direction from them, the wind picked up and it started moving quicker. i think one of the part of the video you can actually see there's -- the flames are coming
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ten feet from the car. flames actually got up right to the front of the car before we backed up. it was coming onto the hood of our car. >> where are you now? at the time we were on marsh creek. we waited, the fire trucks had us stop on a certain part of the road, out of their way and helping block traffic. they were able to contain the thing to one side of the road. it starts going up a hill the trucks couldn't get to, and off to the races from there. >> you're no longer there to see what's happening. >> we were able to be evacuated after they contained the first part of it, and got the -- they had cleared the road from where we were at. and as we drove by, it looked like we were actually at the first 30 or 40 feet of a fire. what we got on video is just the start of wherever it is now. we're -- i'm in walnut creek,
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and i can see mount diablo and the smoke is so much worse than it was eaier. >> that's not good, especially with those winds you were mentioning earlier. for viewers at home, we're showing you a map of where this grass fire is. as matthew mentioned, there were some first responders, some firefighters on the scene. but you saw how much smoke was coming off of that. there is a lot of open space out there. there are also homes in that area. we do have sky 7 on the way to the scene. so we can continue to give you updates as soon as we get them. we did hear that one structure was burning. yes, at least one structure is burning right now. so this is happening in clayton. >> yeah, we'll keep you updated as we continue, as soon as sky 7 gets above the scene and then we can get a better look from up high to give you a vantage point and determine exactly how many structures are in that area. because if there's other homes nearby, then they would certainly be at risk. we want to thank matthew for the video and the description. it's a good thing you got out of there. it's eerie and scary how quickly
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you can see a brush fire can spread. fortunately they had crews there, and hopefully they can get it under control. we'll keep you posted. good afternoon, thanks for joining us. i'm larry beil. >> i'm ama daetz. get to today's other top story. >> so sad for my baby, that's all i know. just want justice. that's all. >> calls for justice from family and even strangers for the young woman killed at a bart station this week. >> 27-year-old john cowell appeared in an alameda court today. the district attorney is seeking a life sentence. melanie woodrow is at court today where she spoke with nia wilson's mother. >> reporter: it was a packed courtroom, dozens of family members that showed up here today, including stabbing victim latifa wilson. they were here, of course, for john cowell's first court
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appearance. cameras were not allowed in court, but a sketch artist was. cowell's arraignment got put over to august 22nd. also a 2016 misdemeanor charge against him was vacated to allow for a speedy trial in this case. nia wilson's mother said she wants bart to do more. >> they need to -- my baby died on a slab, man. i don't want it to happen to nobody else. >> we haven't alleged a hate crime. we're still investigating and gathering evidence to see. there has to be evidence to show it was motivated by hate, and in this case whether it was motivated by gender or race. >> reporter: cowell is facing murder charges in connection with nia wilson's stabbing death and premeditated, deliberated attempting murder for allegedly stabbing her sister latifa wilson. both charges carry life sentences. when asked, district attorney of
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mallee said she is not concerned that cowell will not be competent to stand trial. she said she believes he will be competent to stand trial. she wouldn't comment on the evidence. but according to the charging documents, cowell discarded a backpack that had items inside of it that had his name and date of birth. we also know from latifa wilson earlier this week, she saw him wipe the blade off after stabbing her sister and her. live in oakland, melanie woodrow. the death of nia wilson revived a social media movement that started three years ago to raise awareness for black female victims of violence. >> kristen sze is here with more on that. >> the movement is called say her name. the african-american foreign policy movement launched it to give attention to women who are black -- the demand for justice
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won't be forgotten. in the past few days, the hashtag, and the name nia wilson are trending. the asian-american feminit collected tweets, we are outraged at the bra it will murder of nia wilson and stand in solidarity with all communities plagued by white supremacists. pictures of nia and her sister, along with the hashtags, say her name, and protect black women. celebrities are also speaking up, actress rose mcgowan, a central figure in the me too movement, indoctrinated hate is a deadly weapon. busy philips write, i will stand with my sisters, i will stand up and scream, i will demand justice for nia. some of the say her name posts link the attack with white supremacists, right now, as you heard from authorities, they have no evidence suggesting a racist motivation. nia wilson's death is highlighting a painful truth, according to the cdc, black
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women are murdered at a rate higher than any other group in the u.s., 4 1/2 per 100,000. lara and ama? >> kristen, thank you. safety on bart surfaced online. we asked viewers to use #dearbart. >> lesley brinkley has this report. >> reporter: sue posted on facebook, i am afraid to ride your trains because of people who are shooting up, sleeping with all their belongings nearby, feces, urine and abandoned drug paraphernalia, urination, drugs, crime, weapons, bart asked passengers to report those to part dispatch. but one twitter user who goes by daily bart user says they took photos of homeless people sleeping on trains and said reported one of these incidents via the bart app. response, homelessness is not a crime. >> we have our peak hours. we have some shifts where it
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gets really busy and we have to prioritize calls that come into the dispatch center. we will take crimes in progress, against people, over somebody eating a bag of chips on the train. >> many complained about feeling harassed by aggressive pan handlers. christine wrote the beggars on the trains are out of control. >> you're most vulnerable when your purse or wallet is out. >> floating the idea of creating a 20 foot no solicitation zone around the ticket machines. >> we want to exclude all solicitation from the ticket machine areas. >> reporter: what about on board the trains themselves? >> well, that's -- i would like -- i'm willing to go there. but i need to verify that we have really civil rights authority. >> reporter: i'm lesley brinkley, abc 7 news. >> and you can share your thoughts #dearbart when you post
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on social media. we might use your comments on abc 7 news on tv, online or at going back to breaking news in the east bay, a two-alarm grass fire that started on marsh creek road in clayton, burning at least one structure. sky 7 is now live over the scene so you can see all that smoke coming off the fire. you can see one of the responding planes there. you can't really see any of the flames at this point. but you see a lot of smoke. >> a ton of smoke. >> yeah, we've seen numerous fire aircraft doing air drops, also seen one large house that was burning. again, this is in clayton. and we spoke to a man who took video of the fire, presumably right after it broke out, and cars trying to drive through. you can see first responders and firefighters. there's a lot of open space, but some large homes as well. that's where you can see the flames. >> there's you can see on the top of the screen, those flames are -- that's a serious situation, clearly, right there
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now. and so they're going to try to set up kind of a barrier, and where the bottom of your screen is, we saw what looks like a fairly large house there. so the first order of business is going to be to try to protect that property. that's why you see the first responders, the fire crews there. >> couldn't tell if that was the structure at the top of your screen, one of the other ones burning. at this point it's a lot of smoke as fire crews are responding. we will keep an eye on this. check out our twitter feed as well. we have breaking news out of southern california, where 600 homes are threatened in the san jacinto mountains. crews are stopping the spread of an out of control wildfire there. check out those flames. burning near highway 74 near hemet. 800 acres are burned. a main route into yosemite and parts of the park are closed. they were ordered to leave the
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valley floor by noon today because of the fire and heavy smoke blanketing the area. highway 141 is also closed. the closure impacts campers at a thousand camp sites. the height of the tourism season, the park will be closed until sunday because of the ferguson fire burning west of the park. it's already burned more than 38,000 acres, and now just 25% contained. all of these campers who have been ousted into yosemite. they're flooding into sequoia and national canyon parks. all lodging in campgrounds are full, including the first come, first serve camp sites. park officials are also discouraging commercial tour bus operators from visiting due to limited parking and congestion. >> of course everyone's keeping a close eye on the weather as these fires continue to break out. so closer to home, let's take a look. drone view 7 went up near golden gate park and the dutch windmills. you could see how overcast the
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skies are. >> let's go to spencer christian with a look at what to expect all over the bay area. weather conditions near the fire. hot there, 103 degrees in clayton area. relative humidity, only 15%. the wind is relatively calm. but probably a bit gustier near the fire. in any event, you can see it's hot all around the bay area. temperature readings above 100 degrees at cloverdale, clear lake. fairfield, concord and livermore. complete look at the forecast in a few minutes. larry and ama? back to work for the 49ers and the raiders. the big question isn't about the game necessarily. >> commented on a player's date in july. i'm not going to start today. >> all about jimmy g., the lighter tone heading into training camp. the largest ecigarette makers facing backlash today.
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take cking a look at new vio from the clayton fire. a huge plume of smoke is hanging over marsh creek road north of mount diablo, live from sky 7, you can see the plane dropping the fire retardant on the scene right now. one home is a loss. massive flames and black smoke are billowing from the hills. the flames there are on the top of the right screen.
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cal fire is assisting. the air drops with the red retardant. they're trying to get this out as soon as possible. this is another live look from sky 7. you can see the fire fighting plane going above through all that smoke. it is kind of an open space area, but there are some large houses there. one house is a loss. we will continue to monitor this and bring you the latest as soon as we get any new information. somebody should be celebrating, and maybe they are secretly after winning last night's mega millions jackpot, worth over half a billion dollars. the person holding the ticket has not come forward. david louie is outside arny easterly cors where the ticket was sold. >> reporter: it's getting calmer outside now that the excitement has died down a bit about the $5 $543 million mega millions ticket being sold here. we know silicon valley has a lot of technology millionaires, but millionaires are rare in this area around san jose.
4:17 pm
there are two new millionaires here, the owner of this liquor store, and somebody who has yet to step forward. they came to the u.s. 37 years ago. he says this million dollar check, his commission for selling the winning ticket, is the realization of a dream. he has no idea who has the winning ticket, now worth $543 million, final ticket sales were tallied. as $21 million higher than the original jackpot estimate. his challenge is what to do with his million bucks. >> well, i don't know yet. it has not synched in yet. >> reporter: they helped lottery officials hang a banner outside saying a millionaire was made here. many flocked here hoping luck would rub off on them. >> lightning can't strike two times at the same place, but who knows? >> reporter: two eights,
4:18 pm
suspicious number, rhymes with the word for luck. the winner hasn't stepped forward. lottery officials seemed to hint we should know who it is soon. the payout will be $320 million after taxes. public schools will get $50 million from ticket sales. state officials were very quick to bring a replica of a $1 million check. but when the real jackpot winner shows up, the process will be a lot slower. state officials will have two weeks to verify the winning ticket and another fur weeks before they disburse any of the millions of dollars. live in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> what should i do with the million dollars? >> i don't know. this, that, the other thing. >> nice problem to have to worry about. it's not just san jose. it turns out there's quite a few lucky lotto stores around the bay area. >> haven't found the right one at the right time.
4:19 pm
>> we have not. >> reporter: it turns out 2018 has been a lucky year for area stores selling lottery tickets. look at this map, this year alone we have seen some big winners. so we're calling these stores the lucky six in the east bay. there's the albany hill mini mart, sold a winning ticket for $40 million. then someone won $27 million at the arco in fremont. another winner cashed in $307,000 on the cvs in richmond. and daly city, $1.8 million, the lucky store, the 7-eleven. and 7-eleven in san francisco, sold a ticket worth half a million bucks. move over museum of ice cream. there's a new popup in town. this time there's a marshmallow s
4:20 pm
tsunami. it's set to open october 6th. organizers say if you ever dreamed of nibbling your way through candy land or scoring a golden ticket, then you're going to love candytopia. it will be free for children under 3 years old. and you have about another month to enjoy the museum of ice cream. the temporary exhibit has been so successful it extended its run for four more months. the popup museum celebrates all things ice cream and it will run through the end of the august. extended run tickets go on sale next wednesday. >> ice cream and candy, spencer christian's two favorite foods. not really. >> he does like ice cream. >> i do like ice cream. i'm waiting for cabernet >> so you can go swimming somewhere? here's a look at live doppler 7. great day to go swimming. inland areas, it is hot. a little fog at the coast, mild at the coastline right now. live view from the sutro tower
4:21 pm
cam looking over the bay and san francisco. currently, 64 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 69. 59 at half moon bay. the view from emeryville. 79 at santa rosa. fairfield 98. concord, 99, livermore, 97. beach is a great place to go right now. here's the santa cruz beach, lots of folks there enjoying the sunshine and warmth. here's the local forecast, coastal fog pushes in overnight. hot inland again tomorrow. and temperatures will moderate over the weekend. we have a beach hazard statement in effect until 11:00 tonight. wave heights are elevated a bit and we expect breakers to reach eight to eleven feet high. dangerous sneaker waves are possible. finger fog is reaching over the bay, overnight lows quite mild, upper 50s to mid-60s.
4:22 pm
don't expect a cooldown. this is the live view as we give you a look at our air quality for tomorrow. a spare the air day with only moderate air quality for much of the bay area, the poorest air quality will be in the inland east bay and the santa clara valley. moving along, high temperatures tomorrow ranging from low to mid-60s here at the coast to oh mid-70s to upper 70s around the bay. upper 90s in many locations, and triple digits near cloverdale and lakeport. it's hot across much of the state today. fresno, 107. bakersfield, up at redding, a high of 114 expected tomorrow. palm springs, a high of 118. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. you'll see upper 90s inland tomorrow. only mid-90s on friday as the heat inland begins to ease just a tad. we'll see further cooling across the entire region on saturday and sunday as inland highs reach
4:23 pm
only about 90 degrees. we'll see gradual warming beginning early next week. looks like the extreme heat will start to taper off a bit after tomorrow. >> that's good. >> thank you, spencer. well, the first day of 49ers training camp takes on a hearted note. hearted note. the mobile pay t slam is just $5.99! ♪$5.99 are you out of your mind?♪ hearted note. the mobile pay t seriously?! yup! eggs. hashrowns. bacon. sausage. and buttermilk pancakes! ♪$5.99 are you out of your mind?♪ we're out of our minds. denny's new! super slam. only $5.99!
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it's mid-july, but football season is here with players from both the raiders and the 49ers reporting for training camp today. >> expectations especially high for the 49ers. they had a great run at the end of last year. you've got jimmy garoppolo who's been making headlines off the field. >> abc 7 news reporter chris nguyen has the details. >> 49ers training camp is under way, and with it the typical peppering of questions from the media. but compared to previous years, the tone was perhaps a little
4:26 pm
lighter. >> my life comedy, commented on a player's date in july. not going to start today. because i don't think it really pertains or matters to us. >> reporter: head coach kyle shanahan offering his take on what's been said recently about jimmy garoppolo's dating life. the quarterback himself sharing this. >> my life is looked at differently, under a microscope. it's a good learning experience. it is what it is. >> reporter: garoppolo handling the spotlight, and getting brotherly advice. >> we talk about strengths and weaknesses, and certain defenses, passes that he likes, people that he likes to take on dates. >> reporter: on a more serious note, the 49ers say they're keeping a close eye on talks between the nfl and the players association regarding the league's halted national anthem policy. the protests started with former quarterback colin kaepernick two years ago. shanahan says the focus remains
4:27 pm
on football. >> we worked our tails off last year. >> chris nguyen reporting. serena williams is complaining about how often she gets drug tested, ranting on social media saying it's, quote, test serena. she's tested more than any other tennis pro. but she later tweeted, quote, i'm ready to do whatever it takes to have a clean sport. she's been tested more than any other american player and did spin reports that williams was tested five times through june. well, extreme heat and flooding, fire closing down parts of yosemite national park, the severe weather hitting much of the u.s. today. >> we agree today, first of all, to work together towards zero tariffs. >> the new deal with the european
4:28 pm
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live where you 4rlive, thiss abc 7 news. we start this half hour with an update on that breaking news in the east bay. the contra costa county sheriff is calling for the immediate evacuation in marsh creek springs near leon drive and morgan territory road. this is because of a two-alarm grass fire burning along marsh creek road just outside of the clayton city limits. so far it's burned at least two homes, and we're joined live on the phone right now by a cal fire spokesperson. how many people are we talking about in terms of this
4:31 pm
evacuation in that area? >> caller: well, you know, we don't have -- there's not a lot of homes out there, like you find as you move back towards up clayton and so forth. but there's enough. i'm going to say it's probably going to affect 50, maybe 60 structures in the area. so a couple hundred folks, if they're home or if they're trying to return home from work. >> what is the status right now of this fire? it was two-alarm when we came on the air at 4:00. we've seen the fire retardant drops, and we've seen some fire engines in the area. but what's the status overall? >> caller: so currently we're still looking at between 50 and 60 acres of grass and oaks that are involved in the area. i know that we've unfortunately lost a couple structures. and some outbuildings. there is still an immediate structure threat. we did request close to, oh, probably an hour ago, local government engines to help us with that structure threat. and then on top of that we've
4:32 pm
got multiple cal fire engines in there helping to put this out, along with a minimum -- they had five air tankers come in and three helicopters. and if you've been watching some of the video that you guys have been showing, they've also got one of the real large air tankers in there working the area as well. >> looks like this is fairly challenging terrain. aside from battling it from the air. but it just looks like, given the heavy smoke, and the hillside here, this is not going to be that easy to deal with. >> caller: no. i mean, it's not going to be. i think the thing that is on our side at the moment is the winds are not real heavy. it's been reported to be about 10 miles per hour in the area. but it's going to take some time. we're in rolling hills out there. as you can see. and, you know, they're making good progress on it. but all of this fire is rolling through the grass underneath the oaks and it's just kind of creeping along.
4:33 pm
hopefully the wind's not going to pick up anymore. you've also got to combine that with the high temperatures. looking at well over 100 degrees in the area, and real low humidity. you're dealing with stuff that's at a critical level fuelwise. anything sets it off. >> pam, thanks for your time. it's like a tinderbox because of these dry conditions. as we continue with this shot from sky 7 here. she was talking a little bit about the weather conditions. let's get an update from spencer christian. it's true the wind is not strong right now. you can see near the fire, there's drafts at the base of the fire that might be heavier. we're looking at a temperature reading right now, in clayton, of 104 degrees, relative humidity, only 14%. that is dangerously low. while the wind is generally calm, we've seen gusts between 5 and 10 miles per hour. overnight, it's mild throughout the entire region. there won't be a cooldown overnight. tomorrow, quite warm to hot once
4:34 pm
again. highs of 63 in half moon bay. 63 in san francisco. inland over the hills, 94 the expected high in walnut creek tomorrow. 97, perhaps higher near antioch. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. one more day of hot weather inland tomorrow. the heat will ease up a bit on friday, not a lot though. high temperatures in the areas will drop down -- or reach up to only about 90 degrees over the weekend. cooler weather over the weekend, but high fire danger the next couple days. >> here are the other stories making headlines at 4:30. 2 suspected bart killer was formally charged with murder this morning. the charges were announced against john cowell against nia wilson. she was stabbed to death at the mcarthur bart station on sunday. melanie woodrow posted this video of nia wilson's mom saying she wants justice for her baby. david louie tweets whoever just
4:35 pm
won mega-million in san jose got another $21 million added to winnings. california lottery says final sale numbers raised the jackpot to $543 million. the lump sum payout is more than $320 million. now, to the extreme weather across the nation, with temperatures soaring with the triple digits in parts of the west, torrential rain is drenching the east. maggie rulli has the story. >> reporter: extreme flooding, fires and heat are putting millions of americans in harm's way. heavy rains are washing away roads in pennsylvania. from above, entire neighborhoods are seen under water. up to 30 people were rescued in hershey alone. but the flash floods turned deadly in monroe county as the body of a missing woman is found. the ground is so saturated, roots are giving way. >> i heard this huge bang. and i thought it was a car that crashed. >> reporter: a man in
4:36 pm
massachusetts is killed when a large tree fell on his house. in colorado, two inches of rain fell in just 20 minutes, triggering these dangerous mudslides. check out the moment a car falls into a sink hole, crashing 15 feet onto a drainpipe. while much of the country's battling relentless pounding rain, out west, it's the exact opposite. record breaking heat fueling vast wildfires. parts of yosemite national park are closed. there's the nearby ferguson fire continuing to rage, putting over 3,000 structures in jeopardy. about 20% of the country is dealing with some form of extreme weather right now. here on the east coast we're facing the threat of flash flooding from western new york down to south carolina. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. president trump is venting on twitter again about the release of a tape that was secretly made by his former lawyer michael cohen. abc news reporter arlette saenz
4:37 pm
has a closer look at what's on the tapes rope president trup is lashing out at his former attorney michael cohen after a secret recording became public. the president tweeted what kind of lawyer would tape a client, so sad. why was the tape so abruptly terminated, cut, while i was presumably saying positive things? the tape which cohen reported without trump's knowledge two months before the election appears to show then candidate trump discussing the "national enquirer's" parent company, of a story about karen mcdougal who claims she had an affair with trump. the white house denies the affair. >> i need to open up a company for the transfer of all of that info. >> reporter: at the time of the recording ami already bought mcdougal's story for $150,000. but decided not to publish it before the election. cohen and trump seem to set up a
4:38 pm
shell company to purchase the rights of the story after the fact. >> when it comes time for the financing. >> what financing? >> well -- no, no, no. >> that ending is now in dispute. cohen's attorney claims trump's mentioning of cash suggests he's prepared to engage in illegal activity. >> the word is cash. everybody should listen to the tape and see whether i'm right or not. >> the president's attorney argues otherwise. telling fox news trump wanted any potential transaction handled by check for documentation. >> we listened to it numerous, numerous times and the transcript makes it quite clear at the end that president trump says "don't pay with cash." michael cohen's attorney says cohen will ultimately be the one to explain why he recorded that conversation. arlette saenz, abc news, washington. president trump's proposed washington meeting with russian president vladimir putin has been delayed until 2019.
4:39 pm
national security adviser john bolton cites special counsel robert mueller's investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election as the reason for the delay. president trump and the european union announced a deal late this afternoon to avert a wider reaching trade war. president trump held an unexpected news conference from the rose garden with the leader of the eu. the two leaders agreed the european union would buy more soybeans and liquefied natural gas from the u.s. as a result, president trump would put existing tariff plans on hold. >> first of all, to work together towards zero tariffs, zero non-tariff barriers, and zero subsidies, or non-auto industrial goods. >> the president also said he would re-examine the steel and aluminum tariffs imposed earlier this year. the white house said they would give $12 billion to farmers struggling after the tariffs.
4:40 pm
gop and democrats have blasted the plan, saying this is a problem the white house got itself into. fighting addiction, facing a new lawsuit over the popular line of e-cigarettes. >> on wednesdays, we wear pink. >> stop trying to make -- happen. when you think of cliques, you might think of
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back now to our breaking news, a wildfire burning out of control outside of clayton. >> abc 7 news reporter lesley brinkley just arrived on the scene. tell us what you're seeing down there. >> reporter: definitely an urgent situation. we've seen a parade of fire engines going back here up into this ravine southeast of clayton, two homes lost. we've seen two tankers dropping retardant up on the hill there is one home just covered in retardant, along with the hillside. we can see the flames. a lot of smoke. we were told that crews can't see each other. they're worried about assessing that. there's so much smoke on the ground as they try to battle this blaze. we understand the fire may be out there on state land. they've called in cal fire and con fire crews to help them out here. it's a hot day, 101 degrees, a steady wind blowing. and i'm sure that is not helping their efforts. they are holding everyone here at marsh creek road.
4:44 pm
outside the contra costa county sheriff's department training center in marsh creek detention facility. again, a vegetation fire, gobbling up the acreage out here, taking down two homes, threatening others, evacuation orders now in play up there as people try to get out. marsh creek road is blocked here. we'll have a lot more for you coming up at 5:00. this is lesley brinkley, abc news. two structures have burned, not sure if they're houses at this point, 50 to 60 other structures are in jeopardy, an area of 50 to 60 acres where this really is a concern right now, and you can see the map right here with mt. the vicinity. >> because of the evacuations, the fire representative we spoke to a while ago said 100 people affected right now. >> 50 or 60 homes, the difficulty is getting to the
4:45 pm
area because of the all the smoke and getting the word out to all those people. well, coming up, the largest e-cigarette maker is facing backlash today. the investigation into the san francisco based -- and if it marks to teenagers. "7 on your side," walmart ups the ante for
4:46 pm
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4:48 pm
the largest e-cigarette maker based in san francisco is under fire today. >> one state is investigating whether jewel markets to teenager, coming on the heels of a series of lawsuits accusing that company of trying to hook teens. >> paula faris has the latest. >> reporter: jewelling is named after this trendy videotape pen which has exploded in populaity particularly among teens. >> kids will going to the bathroom smoking it in stalls. >> the company behind the pen is in hot water. >> they're engaged in an effort to get kids addicted, to get them hooked so they will have customers. >> the massachusetts attorney general tuesday said juul labs
4:49 pm
is failing to prevent minors from buying its products. her office will investigate. three lawsuits have been filed since april, one citing ads like these from 2015, arguing they sell, quote, sophistication, sexual attractiveness, thinness and popularity. the latest is from a mom in new york, on behalf of her unnamed 15-year-old son. >> he entered a school where juul use with us endemic. as a result, he ended up trying juuling, and ended up, very quickly, completely addicted. >> videotaping is seen in popular online tutorials like this. >> go over three main things you're going to need -- >> it works by heating up liquid nick tone that users inhale. one study in 2016 found e-cigarette use increased by 900% among american high schoolers from 2011 to 2015. freshman margarita firerra says
4:50 pm
flavors like mango and mint enticed her to use. >> i thought it was okay with the flavors. >> she's been juuling for about one year, and she started in eighth grade. juul labs, which has seen its sales skyrocket nearly 800% in the past year, tells abc news they actively work to keep their product from being sold to minors. and that their product is designed exclusively for adults, giving smokers a safer way to quit, and that no young person or non-smocker should ever try juul, adding they are investing $30 million to independent research, youth and parent education and community engagement. >> now, juul also says it's coming up with a new lower nicotine option next month, one standard juul pod has 5% nicotine, equal to a pack of cigarettes. the new pods contain 3%
4:51 pm
nicotine. walmart is joining forces with ab bay area company. >> say it isn't true. they're raising fares, jet blew is making changes, impacting passengers. it plans to raise ticket prices and will change its schedule to focus on flights on "more profitable routes." no word yet on which routes they're talking about. the air line flies in and out of all three bay area airports. jet blue also announced job cuts at its headquarters. the moves all in an effort to make up for higher fuel costs, which jet blue is blaming for a $120 million second quarter loss. driverless car company waymo wants to take walmart customers for a ride. the mountain view based company will soon begin a pilot program in arizona where one vehicle goes to a customer's house,
4:52 pm
picks them up, takes them to walmart where they can pick up an online order and then it drives them back home again. customers will get discounts on their orders. discounts not yet announced. the companies haven't said whether they're considering expanding the program to other markets. we will keep track of that. >> door to door to walmart, can i go anywhere else? >> can i shop along the way? >> i have a lot off errands to o run, countless movies and tv shows focus on schoolgirls and cliques. should they be telling the stories from the boy's perspective. >> he gave me a c minus. >> from clueless to mean girls, when we think of cliques, we think of teenage girls. >> on wednesdays, we wear pink. >> but a new study out of england makes us rethink the sterotypes. they followed hundreds of 11 and 12-year-olds to better understand how germs spread.
4:53 pm
they noticed something else instead boys at each school studied formed tighter knit groups than girls at the same schools. in short, boys were more cliquey. social patterns stayed the same over time. popular kids continued to have many friends, less popular kids continued to have fewer. researchers plan to use this information to help understand how germs spread. but we can use it to challenge our stereotypes. with this medical minute, janae norman, abc news. well, you probably know about paypal or apple pay. do you know about ally pay? up next, the mobile service, coming to the bay area, you may not be able to use it. >> dan is here with a look ahead to abc 7 news at 5:00. knew at 5:00, the fight to allow a north bay girl to go to school, turning into a federal case. "7 on your side's" michael finney explains what to do if you need to cancel your trip to yosemite because of the fire we've been covering. when life gives you lemons,
4:54 pm
how a little girl is using them
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
tonight in primetime on abc 7, 8:00, back to back episodes of the goldbergs, modern family, and then american housewife. and shark tank at 10:00. stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. many chinese visitors to the bay area move a mobile payment platform called ali pay. >> for most businesses at pier
4:57 pm
39 it was a no brainer to accept it. lyanne melendez with more on why it's popular. >> chinese tourists spend more money in san francisco than visitors from any other country. $1 $1.4 billion in 2017. that information comes from the san francisco travel association. they also predict that by one in every four dollars spent in san francisco will be from a chinese visitor. chinese don't have a love affair with credit cards. they use cash or more recently ali pay, the world's largest mobile payment >> once the guest is ready to check out. the server opens up the app on the device, enter the dollar amount of the check, and then hit pay. >> reporter: after the guest leaves a tip, he or she opens the app on their phone and
4:58 pm
brings up a qr code, which i scanned. the receipt is immediately printed, taking a lot less time than a credit card transaction. >> when they're finishing their meal and they're paying and leaving they get to leave on a high note because they're using something they're very comfortable using. >> reporter: they trust? >> they trust, yes. >> reporter: that's exactly what this tourist from china had to say. >> of course, i trust it. >> reporter: according to a nielsen consumer report posted last february, more than 90% of chinese tourists interviewed said they might buy more goods or services at overseas merchants if they accepted alipay. that was enough to convince the majority of the businesses at pier 39. >> we're just trying to capitalize on what's coming. this market is burgeoning, going to be booming. >> reporter: another plus for businesses, the app has a search and discover tool to help the user find establishments that take alipay. in san francisco, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. in order to use alipay, a
4:59 pm
person must have an account with a chinese bank and a chinese based phone number. >> that will do it for this edition of abc 7 news at 4:00. thanks for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil. at least one home has gone up in flames in the east bay. live with breaking news on this brush fire, plus -- >> i'm just so sad for my baby, that's all i know. >> emotions spill over as nia wilson's family prepares to see a suspected killer for the first time. the district attorney promises to throw the book at him. the evacuation of yosemite national park and the increasing threat from fire and smoke. we have a report from the valley floor. >> i can go ahead and confirm the alternative -- for tomorrow. >> four seasons here, and fire is just one of them. >> that fire is causing people in the bay area to change their plans. one couple had to camp out in a business office. >> announcer: now from abc 7, live breaking news. and we begin with the breaking news in the east bay, a grass fire burning outside the
5:00 pm
city of clayton. >> the contra costa county sheriff is calling for immediate evacuations in the area. so far, at least 50 acres and two structured have burned. >> and sky 7 is live over the scene right now. you can see the hilly area, lots of trees rg lots of dry grass and brush and the flames are burning about 50 acres of those. you can see the red area from the retardant being dropped right there. now we're going to show you a map. of the area where the fire evacuations are taking place in marsh creek near leon drive and morgan territory road. >> abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley is live at the scene for us tonight. >> reporter: this is a smokey and dangerous fire from what we understand, southeast of clayton. i'm here off marsh creek road at the detention facility. on the hill behind me there you see a house coated in fire retardant. they are making numerous air drops here, water drops, retardant drops on the hills


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