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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 26, 2018 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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on three sides, but firefighters were able to surround it and keep it intact. further up on espara drive up there, that's the one home you were talking about that was completely destroyed, just burned to the ground. and we saw remnants of that. that's where we will start. by late this morning this was the last open flame we could find in the hills above clayton fed by gas from a nearby propane tank. we brought it to a firefighter's attention, and it was quickly shut off. most of the work now consists of mopping up. >> firefighters are driving all around the incident, are inside the perimeter of the fire making sure they mop up and completely put the fire out, at least 100 feet from the perimeter of the fire. >> reporter: it's a far cry from yesterday when the fire exploded to 247 acres, threatening 100 homes, and forcing some residents to escape with what little they could grab. air drops from helicopters and
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airplanes were hurriedly called in. >> i saw a big blum of smoke coming over the hills and i was in pittsburg. i thought that was close to my house, but i thought it wouldn't be affecting my area. >> reporter: but it did affect his area, forcing him and son seth to spend last night at this nearby evacuation shelter. since then we stayed at the library. the red cross set up a shelter. >> how comfortable is that? >> reporter: super comfortable. it feels like a vacation. >> gusty winds and heat made it no vacation for fire views yesterday. but today the winds died down, even if the temperatures did not. >> with the heat, that's always a concern that some of these hot spots within the perimeter of the fire will kick up. the firefighters are getting some good work in today. >> reporter: so, zach and his son were among about eight people who stayed at the clayton library last night. there are 14 other people who stayed at a shelter in brentwood after they were evacuated, and
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have not been allowed back in their homes. the fire fight continues, but you can tell by the pace of things here that the mopup is under way and they're less concerned about active fire than they are getting the hot spots out. the electricity for many homes has been turned back on and at&t crews -- we're a couple feet from an at&t crew restoring phone service to this area. not completely out of the woods, but looking much, much better than it did yesterday. in clayton, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> eric, thank you. good signs of progress there. meanwhile, a wildfire not far from redding is rapidly spreading. the car fire tripled in size in the last 24 hours. it has now charred 20,000 acres, only 10% contained. flames are now in the community of old shasta. people there and in west redding should be prepared to leave. 192 buildings are threatened right now, more than 1,300
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firefighters are on the front lines trying to slow the flames. cal fire says that fire was sparked by a vehicle malfunction. take a look at this map right now. you can see there are nearly a dozen or two dozen wildfires burning all across california right now. one of the other fires that's threatening homes is the cranston fire, riverside county, only 5% contained.% contained.%. m marcie gonzalez has the latest. >> reporter: the granston fire in southern california burning out of control, quickly exploding in size, tearing through more than 4,700 acres and growing. those flames destroying several homes, threatening hundreds more. >> we're going to try to save every house that we possibly can. >> reporter: mandatory evacuation orders in place, hundreds of kids at summer camps, and residents rushing to get out. >> i was like we've got to go, ask he looked outside and there was smoke. and the ashes were coming down. and it was pretty crazy.
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>> reporter: the suspected arsonist accused of starting the fire is now in custody. >> i'm glad they caught him when they did. he had intentions to keep going. >> reporter: more than six dozen other fires burning, including the ferguson fire, forcing yosemite to close for the first time in 28 years. dry brush is a major factor and so is the heat. with temperatures in the triple digits, marcie gonzalez, abc news, los angeles. temperatures are soaring across california this afternoon. abc 7 news was in antioch at the antioch water park as people sought out the water to get relief and have fun in the winter heat. temperatures topped out at 98 degrees there this afternoon. the fog kept san francisco nice and cool today compared to the east bay. kids playing around needed their jackets. abc 7 news was at
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where the cool did not stop them from enjoying it. >> i had friends in town from the east coast, wait a second, it's 60 degrees in san francisco, and it's 100 degrees in the east bay. what's going on here? >> it's not muggy, no complaining, right? >> let's get to spencer christian which is loaded with contrasts. >> it can seem rather dramatic to newcomers to the bay area. but this 30 to 35 degree range from coastal temperatures to inland temperatures is quite typical in the summer. however, it's more extreme than that in some spots. right now it's only 59 degrees, typical reading for this time of day, midsummer in half moon bay. farther north, clear lake, it's 107 degrees right now. so that's more than a 40 degree range right there. from 59 to 84 at danville, that's your typical summer day. nonetheless, it's pretty hot inland and very dry. that means high fire danger. heat advisory in effect for the
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east bay hills and diablo range until 10:00 in the evening. i'm going to go to air quality. today is spare the air day, poorest air quality was in the inland east bay and the santa clara valley, we expect improvement in the air quality generally tomorrow. larry? >> thank you, spencer. the funeral for nia wilson will take place next friday. it will be open to the public. today, members of wilson's family joined a crowd of protesters for a march through downtown oakland. wilson was stabbed to death in a random unprovoked attack on a bart train sunday evening. she was only 18 years old and would have graduated from oakland's dewey academy in december. the killer also injured her sister. he's charged with murder and attempted murder. investigators have not said what motivated cowell, but they are
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looking into whether it was racially motivated. anne hathaway is one of many celebrities posting social media tributes to nia wilson. hathaway called out white privilege, white people, including me, including you, must take into the marrow of our privileged bones the truth that all black people fear for their lives daily in america, and have done so for generations. white people do not have equivalence for this fear of violence, end quote. when we talk with bart riders, many say safety is their primary concern. the perception on the system is, there's a growing number of people on trains with mental health issues. >> yeah, abc 7 news reporter lyanne melendez is live near the bart station at sfo where police are trying to address this issue. >> reporter: well, this has been happening for years now. and that's because bart is the way to get here. now, let's put this in reverse for a second now. because the problem really starts in san francisco, oakland and other bay area cities.
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this is what people south of market see and encounter every day, a city of destitutes within a city. today san francisco's mayor london breed showed up unannounced to see firsthand the realities on sixth and mission streets. >> okay, all right. so like how -- >> so my goal is to make sure that people are on alert that they know that one day i may pop up in a certain area. and i want to know who's responsible for cleaning up that area, who is out on patrol from the homeless outreach team. >> reporter: as the problem has grown, so has the number of homeless people who end up at bart stations and trains, finding shelter in a warm place. for the past two weeks bart commuter lisa sepp has taken photos of homeless people sleeping inside as she tries to board at 5:15 in the morning. this means the people sleeping inside caught a train somewhere at 4:00 in the morning, when
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bart starts running its trains. >> i try and screen the trains to decide which one i want to get on, i'll go from one to the next. some mornings i'll go and there's literally none i can get on that don't have two or three people on them. >> here is bart's response. >> if they're uncomfortable, they can always move to another train car or call us and we'll check on them. >> she's now sending these photos to the bart board of directors. sfo also continues to deal with a homeless problem, most arriving on bart. but as of january of this year, the airport's approach has changed. >> we really used to look at homelessness as strictly tied to that last bart arrival at 1:00 in the morning whereas now we're really focused on it 24/7. >> reporter: that's because they have been arriving here at all hours, 10:00 in the evening, midnight, and during the afternoon. and sfo admits it's still a
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challenge. >> sfo is the end of that particular line. so when the homeless arrive there, what does the airport do with them? is there a protocol in place? >> reporter: yeah, i asked sfo that, and they say that they put people back on the buses, or they have been doing that in the past, or they called a homeless shelter. but now sfo, which by the way is in the business of getting planes off the ground, is now working directly with homeless advocates. i'm live at sfo, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. we want to hear your concerns about safety on bart so we can follow up with bart officials. we're reviving #dearbart we launched five years ago during the bart strike. use it when you post your comments on twitter or facebook so we can find them and get answers for you. sigh of relief this afternoon after the false alarm at the palo alto va facility. sky 7 was overhead this morning after reports of an active shooter there.
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the va says the report of a shooter came in at 10:30 a.m. the whole campus was told to shelter in place. the all clear was given 30 minutes later. not clear as to what sparked the report of a shooter. a dramatic accident delayed traffic this morning in san rafael. these pictures were posted by the fire department, a truck dangling off the overpass on southbound 101 above fourth street. from this angle. first responders say two vehicles were damaged in the parking area below the highway. one person was hurt. a staggering drop in value for facebook. it is the worst drop ever for a company as facebook plunges. we'll tell you exactly how much and what it could mean for the menlo park company. the big business of pot, is summit under way right now in the south bay. plus -- this isn't your average
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the stock is down 19% for facebook as the company's latest report sparked investors, shares were down 20%, and ended up being down today $41 per share. the worst ever single day loss for facebook, or any company for that matter, at any time. the numbers are staggering here. the company's market value fell by about $120 billion. that's more than the total value of some other really large
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companies like mcdonald's, costco, starbucks. abc 7 news reporter matt keller with a closer look. >> the opening bell on wall street was a starting gun for the big selloff for facebook, the social media company plunged close to 19% in early trading, wiping out more than $100 billion in market value, this comes after facebook's earnings report was released yesterday. this was for the first full quarter following the cambridge analytica privacy scandal. tech analyst and consultant tim barren says facebook needs to admit it's less social media -- >> as long as zuckerberg refuses to take that kind of a moral position in the sense of guiding what is right and wrong, he's going to continue to have trouble. >> reporter: facebook's user base and revenue grew more slowly than expected. facebook expects revenue growth to slow down in the next couple of quarters.
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analysts believe the user growth short fall had to do with privacy rules that went into effect in may. facebook has to build back trust with users. >> unless they get to the point where they get the publication, or the facebook in general to the place where people are willing to trust it and they trust it every time -- and they can trust it anytime they go back, i think they will struggle. >> reporter: still positives for facebook. it reported $5.1 billion in profit, and instagram reached 1 billion users. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. the president is blasting twitter after reports of shadow banning republican users in a tweet earlier this morning mr. trump called this practice not good. he says the government will look into it at once. vice news reported twitter has removed certain users from the auto fill search results, including chair ronald mcdaniel. it's working to address the
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problem, twitter says. a big ruling today for employees in california who work shift jobs. the california supreme court ruled this mrning starbucks and other employers must pay workers for minutes they routinely spend off the clock but on tasks such as locking up or setting up the store alarm. a unanimous ruling is a big win for hourly workers. a starbucks employee sued arguing he was entitled to pay for the ten additional minutes every day he spent closing. >> in san jose, thousands have gathered for one of the most influential cannabis conventions in the entire country. >> many have been keeping a close watch on attorney general jeff sessions' decision to rescind an obama-era policy. >> chris nguyen live with the one speaker that everybody wanted to see today. chris? >> reporter: larry, those who arrived earlier today got a chance to listen to the author of that memo. nearly every seat in the house was taken as he shared his
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thoughts on the future of this growing industry. over the past two days more than 7,500 attendees packed the san jose center as part of the cannabis business summit and expo, the largest event put on by the national trade association. >> it's a great example of how serious this industry has become. we're here talking about regulations and policy. and there's nowhere in the world where this conversation is more important than california. >> reporter: the headliner of the day, former deputy attorney general james cole who authored the cole memo when directed the department of justice to stay away from state-legal marijuana businesses that had been in compliance with u.s. laws and didn't sell to minors. cole wants the federal government to deal with cannabis as a medical, pharmaceutical substance. >> if it's got a medical use, let's find that out. if it doesn't have a medical use, let's find that out. let's just not ignore it, just do the science. >> reporter: the memo was rescinded by jeff sessions
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earlier this year, the direct impact remains ambiguous. in the meantime, events like these help them learn best practices in a challenging, ever changing regulatory environment. >> this magnificent conference center, this huge, huge place usually filled with tech companies, but now we've got cannabis making its footprint, letting the world know that we're here. >> reporter: the conference wraps up in about an hour. the attendees are all inside right now for the closing keynote. we're live in san jose. i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. if you plan on driving or walking around san francisco sunday morning, the marathon will impact many roads. just a heads up. golden great bridate bridge sid will be closed. during the closure, a free shuttle will transport pedestrians from the welcome center to vista point. here's a map of the entire race
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for you sunday, all the highlighted streets will be impacted. the race wraps up by around noon. >> spencer christian joining us. you say whoa. is it good running weather, or the duration. >> when you say noon, that's a good thing, noon is the beginning of the hottest part of the day. >> be done with it and cool off. a good day for a race, anytime in the day here in the city. we don't expect it to be hot. live doppler 7, hot in some inland locations, but we have the cooling fog near the coast. that's beginning to push out over san francisco right now. as you can see clearly from our sutro tower camera, it's 60 degrees in the sfi right now, 66 in oakland, 67 in mountain view, san jose, 78, 94 at gilroy. and 59 at half moon bay. this is the view from emeryville of the fog roling in over san francisco, and locally over the bay. up north, it's 73 degrees right now in santa rosa.
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fairfield, 87, 96 at concord and 90 at livermore. one more live view from pier 15 in san francisco, mainly blue sky over the bay, at least this direction. forecast futures, patchy fog for the morning commute, hot inland again tomorrow, but the heat will ease a bit going into the weekend. temperatures will bounce back up again early next week. overnight, this is what we can expect. fog surging out over the cost. a few inland spots. doesn't look like it will push very far inland. by mid-day tomorrow, away from the coast in many locations, lots of coastal areas will see sunny skies. overnight, mid to upper 50s, inland, east bay, very mild with lows in the low to mid-60s. tomorrow's highs will range from 63 at half moon bay to 73 at oakland, 79 at fremont, going into the inland east bay tomorrow, mid-90s from livermore to concord. way up north, triple digit highs tomorrow at cloverdale, lakeport
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and south bay mid-80s to low 90s. here the accuweather seven-day forecast. now, we're going to have mainly sunny skies through the entire seven-day period. there will be a much -- not much variation in the temperature ran range, until the weekend, sunday and monday, low 90s inland, upper 70s around the bay. temperatures bounce back to mid-90s inland again on tuesday and wednesday. a little variation. cooldown, sunday and monday are your days. >> there's the coast, right? >> there's always the coast, yeah. any of those days you go to the coast, it will be pretty cool. >> thank you, spencer. one of america's most popular musicals could soon find its way to the big screen. could your armpit become
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the musical hamilton may be hitting the big screen. several studios are in a bidding war of the rights to recording a live performance of the show made in 2016. the performance includes the show's creator lin-manuel miranda shortly before he left the cast. the wall street journal says the rights could sell for more than $50 million. the musical is touring the u.s. and will return to san francisco in february. ready for this? it's been a year since beyonce gave a first look at her newborn twins. she's sharing a new photo of the children as toddlers. she's holding the twins on her lap. they're smiling. she's also sharing a picture of her 6-year-old daughter blueluee ivy. they appear to have taken some quality time with their kids
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following the european leg of their tour. being raised by a mom who works is a good thing, research is saying. researchers say more than 100,000 men and women across -- if there's a link between a mother's job status and their children's behavior as adults. they found that women who were raised by working mothers were more likely to be employed, more likely to hold supervisory positions and make more money. now, men who grew up with mothers who worked, were found to spend an additional 50 minutes each week caring for their family members, a win-win. >> take that report home to show your kids tonight? >> they already know it. >> they've been told. coming up, stunning new details on the dramatic cave rescue in thailand. turning to technology, trying to find a missing woman with bay area ties. plus -- children flood the halls on capitol hill. the protests to help
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>> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. firefighters in contra cost at a county continue to work on containing the marsh fire burning near clayton. cal fire says forward progress has been stopped, but the fire has burned nearly 300 acres and one house has been destroyed. there are mandatory evacuation
4:30 pm
orders in shasta county because of a car fire. burned 20,000 acres and 10% contained. know evacuations in the city limits of redding. two people were robbed at gunpoint in a parking structure. melanie woodrow talked to a third person who was able to get away from the suspect. she'll have that and bart's response on abc 7 news at 5:00. new developments in the intensifying search for the missing iowa college student with bay area ties. investigators are hoping mollie tibbetts' fit bit will give clues as to what happened when he disappeared a week ago in iowa. after a week of desperately searching in this small town in iowa, the fbi is now on the scene, they're zeroing in on mollie tibbetts' digital footprint. >> she's very well connected to social media. we're using that to our advantage to gain any information we can. >> reporter: included
4:31 pm
information from her fit bit, which can capture gps data. the 20-year-old spent part of her childhood in oakland's glen view neighborhood before moving to iowa. she was last spotted going for an evening run in brooklyn, iowa where she lives with her boyfriend dalton jack. >> she probably has on her fit bit. she never takes it off. >> reporter: jack says the night she disappeared she was dog sitting at home, while he was working a construction job about 100 miles away. jack has been cooperative with their investigation and is not a suspect. now, investigators are looking at surveillance video from across town focusing on the three different routes she normally jogged. as they're combing through video, former fbi agent brad garrett says the first thing to do is rule out everyone she knows. >> the real key is you have a small community, have you eliminated the 1,500 plus people who live there. and then you have to eliminate people she was working with at the summer camp. could it be a stranger
4:32 pm
abduction? it could. but the likelihood, it's somebody she knows. >> investigators say they won't spell out exactly what information they've learned from her cell phone and fit bit, but they believe it can be useful. her family is anxious, but says mollie is a fighter and they remain hopeful. 17 years after the september 11th attacks in new jersey, family will finally be able to bury their son. the new york medical examiner's office yesterday identified the remains of 26-year-old scott michael johnson of mont claire new jersey. he worked as a securities analyst in the south tower. he's the latest victim to be positively identified with remains. of the 2,753 people killed in new york, more than 1,100 remain unidentified. today is the deadline for reuniting more than 2,500 children who were taken from their parents when they were arrested acrossi
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arrested crossing the border. >> they have reunited 1,800 children. >> maggie rulli has the story. >> reporter: kids turning into activists. more than a hundred parents and their children flooded the halls of capitol hill today, protesting the forced separation of families at the u.s./mexico border ramped up under the trump administration's zero tolerance policy on illegal immigration. >> i am a child. >> reporter: their rally comes as the clock is ticking on tonight's court order deadline for the reunification of thousands of children and their parents. authorities have identified more than 2,500 children aged 5 and older who may be eligible. according to the government, more than a thousand parents have already been reunified with their children. like evan and his son samuel who says the time without his dad was hard. but the administration claims not everyone can be reunified,
4:34 pm
saying more than 400 parents may have already been deported without their children. on wednesday, people inside a closed-door meeting with homeland security's secretary kirstjen nielsen saying she told members of congress it was on track. that remark was met with disbelief and anger by many democrats in attendance, who claim the administration is changing the numbers of who's eligible for reunification. last month, 123 house democrats sent a letter to the department of homeland security asking them to look the trump administration's zero tolerance policy. now, an internal watchdog group for the dhs says they will review the separating of fmilies as well as the conditions of facilities along the border. maggie rulli, abc news, new york. here in the bay area, immigrants rights supporters express outrage. one group made of doctors, lawyers and clergy members rallied in front of federal offices in san francisco. they accused government officials of traumatizing children when they're being held away from parents. ths group put the
4:35 pm
responsibility squarely on the trump administration. >> they created this outrage against god and humanity, and it's on them to end it. set god's children free. set god's children free >> several general practice lawyers in the crowd said they're now doing immigration case work to help handle the overload at immigration law firms. president trump hit the road today talking trade with steel workers in illinois and with farmers in iowa. the president led a workforce round table in iowa where he boasted of yesterday's apparent trade truths with the european union. the president's trip comes during the middle of an escalating trade war with the eu and china, retaliatory tariffs from china are taking a hit on farmers. >> china's doing a little number. they want to attack the farm belt. they know the farmers love me,
4:36 pm
so they figured we'll attack them. i see that, and i said they're not going to win. >> iowa farmers say corn and soybean prices have dropped 15% and 20% respectively since the trade war began, and criticizing the $12 billion emergency aid package. thai calling -- calling it a ha they do not really want. the rescue of a youth soccer team from a cave in thailand was more improbable than first reported. according to 20/20, the air force, the u.s. air force major involved in the rescue operation told thai officials he deemed the operation a success if one of the 12 boys made it out alive. >> wow. >> and we're learning now that the boys were out cold, completely unconscious, during the rescue operation, not just sedated as previously reported, according to the rescuer, the boys felt and saw nothing. and as you know, all of the boys
4:37 pm
made it out alive. more incredible details will be revealed by matt gutman during a special episode on "20/20." watch it here at 10:00. >> the whole notion they were going to swim out. they knocked them all out? >> they were panicked and sink the rescuers. the strategy worked. >> fascinating, a good show to see. the tariffs are already having an effect on a popular drink. michael finney will have the details. hitting the racetrack with the nhra, what you can expect in sonoma this weekend. i'm spencer christian, here's the beauty shot, the beautiful fog is rolling in over san francisco right now. otherwise, we have blue skies at the moment, and i'll have the the moment, and i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. at at&t, we believe in access. the moment, and i'll have the accuweather forecast coming up. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits
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may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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get ready for speed, the drag races are coming to sonoma this weekend, the 31st annual nhra sonoma nationals jr going to be drooi driving. you don't have to be crazy to strap yourself into a rocket with wheels, but being nuts has to help. >> most of us have a few screws loose. but no, i mean, you're talking 10,000 horsepower, 3.9 seconds, 3.8 seconds at 320 plus miles an hour, a thousand feet. nothing compares to it. >> what could go wrong? >> there's definitely a lot that can go wrong,
4:41 pm
the tank. >> how did you get into the sport? >> i grew up around racing. my father raced motorcycles. i got started when i was 10 and worked my way up to different classes and started driving a dragster the week after i graduated high school. been around it a while. >> first time you went 200 or 250 or 300 when you're in there, what were you thinking? your heart had to be just beating out of your chest. >> yeah, i mean, when you're a kid and you grew up around it and you see how loud and feel you loud these things are. when you get in there and hit the gas, oh, man, i didn't want to step off the throttle after that. i was hooked. the seed was definitely planted. i'm glad that i get to do this for a living. >> for people who have never been to the track for this type of an event with the drag races, what will they see, feel and hear? because it's loud. >> yeah, i mean, friday night qualifying you come out, and you can watch us under the lights. like i said, 10,000 horsepower
4:42 pm
apiece. you're talking 20,000 horsepower on the track at one time. it's like a small earthquake when we hit the gas. and you'll see the eight to ten foot header flames come out the exhaust, the car is going 300 miles an hour in less than four seconds. it's an adrenaline rush to watch. >> no fear. >> you can't have any fear. maybe a little bit. >> a little bit of fear. your business is speed, a different kind of speed was tested, pier 39, promoting the races, how good are your donut serving skills? i know you were in a competition with the staff of a trish's mini donuts. >> it was cool, but my donut eating skills are better than my doe nit serving skills. it was a cool experience, but i'm not going to give up my day job. >> what's a diet for an average race car driver? >> it varies. some guys, it's cold beer, some it's actually getting in the gym and working out. i work out at a place in indy
4:43 pm
where we work on reaction time. we mix that in with the workout. that kind of helps give me an advantage over the guys that might just sit around and drink beer. they still win races also. >> it's got to be fast twitch muscles to hold onto the steering wheel. >> it's all about reaction times, especially with our cars as close as they are in performance, it comes down to the driver who can get off the starting line ahead of the other in thousandths of a second. as soon as the light comes on, you want to be able to react quicker than the person in the lane next year. >> you're sixth in the standings. get a win this weekend. j.r. todd this weekend in sonoma. >> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. >> did j.r. bring us any donuts? let's talk about weather. we've got sunny skies over the bay, and inland, over the fog, at the coast. maybe a couple inland spots, overnight lows mild, mid to upper 50s and low 60s.
4:44 pm
tomorrow, look for another warm day especially inland. east bay we'll see mid-90s, way up north, triple digits at cloverdale, lakeport around the bay. and highs mainly in the mid to upper 70s. and the gilroy garlic festivalel kicks off tomorrow. go to gilroy this weekend, high temperatures in the mid to upper 90s. and, of course, the wonderful fragrance of garlic will fill the air. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. it might cool down a bit on sunday and monday. when i say a little bit, maybe by four degrees or so inland. but temperatures will bounce back up to the mid-90s inland again by tuesday or wednesday of next week. got to love heat and garlic. >> lack of donut delivery by j.r., a glaring omission. >> we'll write to his sponsors about that. >> thank you, spencer. two days after san francisco's ban on straws, there's a new plan planned that a lot of americans' happy place.
4:45 pm
good news for fires, there is an airline that says it's going to give economy
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this is long distance with the tbest wifi experience,ng distance relationship. plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity gives you the best wifi experience to stream the most free movies and shows from anywhere. plus, staying connected on the go is easy with xfinity mobile. switch today and see how you can save. click, call or visit a store today. by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california. the walt disney company is joining the movement to ban
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plastic straws and stirrers. it's ban will be in place by mid-2019 at all of its locations, estimated the ban will eliminate 175 million straws and stirrers annually. san francisco supervisors voted this week to ban straws, while seattle's ban is already in place. disney is the parent company of abc 7. a lot of people watch on cable and satellite. if you still use an antenna to tune into local tv, do a rescan. >> "7 on your side's" michael finney is here with more on that. >> it just keeps changing, doesn't it? a few years ago when we went digital, many stations are moving to new broadcast frequencies over the next two years. in order to make sure your antenna still picks up your favorite shows, you will need to rescan. your tv can do an automatic update to look for new channels. supereasy. even though the frequency may change, like it will for channel 7, the channel number, 7, will
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stay the same for us, and for most other channels. you'll still find us on that channel. stations are moving frequencies to make room for more wireless services. good news for economy passengers on american airlines, starting september 5th, economy class passengers can bring a carry-on bag. currently those with a basic economy ticket can only bring into the cabin a personal item if it's under the seat in front of them. american airlines says the change will make the company more competitive. you may already know that delta allows its basic economy passengers to bring carry-on luggage. the trade war is about to hit home. in an interesting place. coca-cola is announcing a price increase because of those tariffs on chinese goods. they haven't said how much, but officials say higher freight and metal prices are the reason for the increase. coca-cola is hoping free filtered water may turn into a profitable business idea. the company is testing the
4:50 pm
machine on georgia tech's campus to allow students to fill up water bottles for free. then they pay to add carbonation and flavor to the water if they so wish. coke is looking for new ways to make money as americans are drinking fewer sodas. the company plans to test the machines on more college campuses this fall. i want to play with one of those. >> the carbonation and the flavor? >> kids will go crazy with that. from pedal power to food power, something fun to do this weekend, got you covered. >> alexa smith has ideas from our partners at hoodline. >> celebration of the bicycle, bike east bay and 20,000 other enthusiasts for pedal fest from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. the event is free and you'll see all kinds of creative and fun bikes like this one. >> this is my big, pink tall bike, and as you can see it is very tall. its twice -- it's actually two
4:51 pm
bike frames stacked on top of each other. a lot of people ask me, how do you get on? >> well, the key is to get a running start. and have nerves of steel. you can also enjoy a pedal powered stage and food vendors, drinks from drake's brewing, a kid's bike parade and don't miss the amphibious bake race. >> people with all kinds of wacky bikes are going to race down the square and splash into the stream behind me and do another lap in the water and then come out again. that's the best part. if you come for anything, come for the amphibious bike race. >> take in another kind of race, a foot race with the 41st running of the san francisco marathon, more than 27,000 runners will fill the streets sunday morning. if you're not one of them, cheer them on along the embarcadero and golden gate bridge. or head to the summer circus festival for free family money. enjoy performances by prescott
4:52 pm
circus theater, and don't miss the fun slide. festivities go from noon to 4:00 at now hunters point. for details on these events and more, go to our website, also, this weekend, your chance to get a free lipstick. what do you think? that's right, sunday is national lipstick day. there's a day for everything. mac cosmetics is giving away a free lipstick, available at the retail stores, no purchase necessary, you get your choice from nine preselected shades. >> i'll be there. advertising that is truly the pits. the ad company in japan is placing ads on the armpits of young women. the ads are in color, come in various sizes with armpit rentals starting at $120 an hour. fittingly the ad company is owned by a japanese brand that specialized in beauty products
4:53 pm
for the underarm. looking for models to throw their hands in the air like you just don't care, including men, organizing an armpit beauty contest. what do you think, kristen? >> i don't know about that real estate. it's often hidden. you shouldn't pay too much. >> not sure this is a trend that will catch on worldwide. gettig girls into programming and gaming. >> makes me want to keep playing games. >> the summer camp giving young girls a chance to play their games and share it with the world. new at 5:00, it may be the hottest job market in decades and workers seem to be calling the shots. welcome to the world of ghosting. we'll explain. 49ers training camp gets under way. we're getting a glimpse into the future of richard sherman. plus -- buying new appliances, "7 on your side's" michael finney says there's really only a handful of
4:54 pm
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get my new spicy chicken club combo with a spicy, crispy chicken breast, hickory-smoked bacon, and melted cheese on toasted sourdough, plus fries and a drink, for just $5.99! $5.99? well, tickle my elbow! no thank you. try my spicy chicken club combo today. tonight in primetime on abc 7, 8:00 it's the gong show, followed by match game, and then at 10:00, take two, and stay with us for abc 7 news at 11:00. almost 50% of gamers happen to be women, but they make up only about 12% of the gaming industry. abc 7 news anchor dion lim takes us to a unique summer camp setting out to change that with a worldwide prize at the end. >> in many ways this classroom
4:57 pm
is like any other summer camp, but along with the giggles comes something more impressive. >> change it slightly. >> i know what to do. >> reporter: these 22 girls are part of a program called girls make games. it started here in the bay area and spread to 140 participants at eight camps across the country. >> i've learned how to code with stencil, and how to make your character move, and how to, like, get goblins. >> jai>> reporter: jade is only >> 95% of the games the girls make have a female protagonist. >> reporter: it's more than just learning technical skills. >> it's helped me experience working with a team, even though can be very fraus rating, when they don't listen to you or your input, you have to force your way through. >> reporter: girls make games was created by layla shabir. >> i wasn't allowed to do a lot
4:58 pm
of things, like go outside and play. i wanted to soccer. >> reporter: she's not only encouraging girls to play, but make video games. >> only girl in the coding class or the robotics team. it's very alienating. this whole world opened up where girls needed a place. >> reporter: when camp is over, the girls will not only have a fully functioning video game, but be judged by top industry professionals at play station, xbox and nintendo. >> it would really kick off my career. >> reporter: these girls find all the if they make it to the finals on saturday. more than 5,600 girls have been part of the girls make games program since 2014. this is the first time the big gamemakers are in charge of who gets published. they have programs all year long. learn more about them at our
4:59 pm
website, thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. >> announcer: live where you live. this is abc 7 news. and we will begin tonight with two armed robberies at bart. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm kristen sze. you might be surprised by what a deputy police chief at bart is telling riders to do when they come face to face with violent criminals. >> like one woman did this week at bart's fruitvale station. >> tuesday morning around 9:00 two people in two separate cars were robbed at gunpoint on the second floor of the parking structure. >> i heard a pop and a blood curdling scream. >> reporter: beth amy says she narrowly escaped being victimized herself. a man was driving slowly next to her as she walked. angled his car in front of trying to box her in. >> i looked at him in the face,
5:00 pm
he started opening his car door, and immediately i knew he was going to rob me or do something. so my instincts kicked in. i looked him in the eye and i said, don't you dare. i kicked his car door closed, and i ran away. >> reporter: as she ran she says she heard another woman scream. our police deputy chief ed alvarez says the man robbed the other woman at gunpoint after shattering her passenger window, and then robbed another man who had driven up behind her. amy ran to the station agent. >> and she said, oh, my god, that guy has tried to rob three other people this morning. >> we don't have enough officers to put at every single station the whole day. >> reporter: it's a collaborative effort between the police and the public. >> put the car in reverse, go around, if they have to, run them over. >> reporter: that's not good enough for amy. >> i can't put my safety in jeopardy. >> she says after 15 years on bart, she now plans to take


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