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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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attacked them in the neck with a knife. a transient with a history of mental illness was captured within 24 hours at another bart station. >> her funeral would be held at acts gospel church at 11:00 a.m. the service is open to the public. >> we've been talking to a lot of bart riders since her death. most say safety is their main priority. >> with homelessness and people sleeping in cars, that sense of security is not there. >> near the bart station at sfo, where police are trying to address those issues. lyanne? >> reporr: is a bart station that has some homeless people. this has brought problems sfo, one of those end of the line
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stations, if you will. mill graves is one of those stations and we met one woman who says she has proof it has gotten worse. >> reporter: for the past two weeks, bart commuter, lisa says it has gotten worse as she tries to board a train at 5:15. this means these people caught a train somewhere at 4:00 in the morning, when bart starts running its trains. >> i'm a compassionate person and we're not addressing a good problem. i pay bart good money daily for safe transportation. i can't get on board with three or four people and feel safe. >> if they're uncomfortable with it they can get on another train car or call us. >> reporter: she says that's not enough and sending these photos to bart directors. sfo also deals with a homeless problem most arriving on bart. as of january this year, the
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airport's approach has changed. >> we really used to look at homelessness strictly tied to that last bart arrival at 1:00 in the morning, whereas now we're focussed on it as 24/7. >> reporter: many homeless use bart as a shelter to escape the city's streets. the mayor showed up unannounced to see the reality first hand on 6th and mission streets. >> it takes time, you know that, right? >> yes. but if you have income, people can work with you. >> i want them to know this is a priority and i will be out here on a regular basis and someone is accountable to changing the conditions. >> reporter: in the past, several mayors put out a press release and notified just about everyone they were coming and making quote-unquote surprise visit. what would happen then when they would announce it, several departments would come in and clean the entire area, but mayor breed said, no, i don't want
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that. she didn't let her staff know about it. no press releases. it was a real surprise visit. more to come. live at fso, lyanne melendez, abc7 news. >> thanks. meantime bart police are looking for a suspect who robbed two people at gunpoint on the second floor of the fruitville parking garage. you might be surprised what thee bart police deputy chief is asking commuters to do. >> reporter: at 9:00, two people in separate cars were robbed at gunpoint in the fruitville parking structure. i heard a pop and bloodcurdling scream. >> reporter: she says she narrowly escaped being a victim herself. a man in a burgundy car was angling toward her and trying too box her in. >> i looked at him in the face and he started opening his car
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door and immediately i knew she would rob me or do something. my instincts kicked in. i looked him in the eye, said, don't you dare. i kicked his car door to close and ran way. >> reporter: she said as she ran she heard another woman scream. the man robbed the other woman at gunpoint after shattering her passenger window, then robbed another man who had driven up behind her. amy ran to the station agent. >> she said, oh, my god. that guy tried to rob three other people this morning. bart police are wear and been called and on their way. >> reporter: after nia wilson's fatal stabbing sunday night, amy doesn't understand why there aren't more officers. >> we don't have enough officers to put at every station throughout the day. >> reporter: the deputy chief said it's a collaborative effort. >> they can put the car in in or run them over, whatever they
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can do. >> i can't put my safety in jeopardy. >> reporter: she says after 15 years on bart she plans to now take the bus. they found the suspect's car ditched. but they didn't go with the driver. abc7 news. >> we want to hear about your safety on bart. we're reviving as long as you use the dearbart hashtag we can find your comments. investigating a hit-and-run tuesday night after christopher was killed after he was hit. officials received an unanimous call about the suspect driver and the suspect called to report she may have been involved in a
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crash. today, 28-year-old kiley dirksen of martinez was rested on two felony charges. we just got information on the marsh fire. one fighter suffering a fatal injury and in clayton as firefighters continue to put out hotspots. it is 70% contained. that is better news. one home was destroyed. it started yesterday afternoon. officials say the fire has not progressed since last night. >> firefighters are driving all around the incident, inside the perimeter of the fire making sure they mop up or completely put the fire out at least 100 feet from the perimeter of the fire. >> many residents allowed to return home except those living on marsh creek road and gilroy. >> it's still hot and dry.
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the only encouraging weather factor is the wind is not very strong. a look at current weather conditions near the fire. 96 degrees, why it hot all day continuing to the evening hours. relative humidity is dangerously low, rising gradually but very low. we have gusts up to ten miles an hour and 7 miles an hour. wind is not a huge factor hampering the firefighting effort but still hot and dry. >> the latest drought map today shows all of california falls into some category of drought. we have yet to reach the worst stage that would be exceptional drought. you can see the comparison last arn the left. the drought is certainly much worse now. >> today, governor brown declared a state of emergency in riverside and shasta counties because of the fires and direct the state to provide aid.
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in riverside they're threatening more than 2,000 homes and burned more than 4700 acres. it is 5% contained. reporter laetitia jores from our sister station in los angeles has the latest. >> we have gone through this many times. this has been the closest we have ever been. >> reporter: suzanne grateful she has a home to return to. the fire tore through her deerfield neighborhood yesterday afternoon. >> when we left it was the last minute at 1:30 we finally left. my husband was taking pictures of the flames coming forward and said, it's time go. >> reporter: as the fire raged overnight, she said she and her husband spent the night in their car parked in their church's parking fe went through this area destroying five homes, the remains of one of them right here delved by the
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here leveled by the fire. >> the neighbor's house across the way is totally gone. >> reporter: several hotspots flared back up at mountain center, a small tree erupted threatening the town's gas station market and post office. within minutes heavy smoke filled the air along with hot as reigning down on fire crews. and thankful to hundreds of firefighters pitching a battle to save their homes. >> very thankful to the firefighters and hard work they're doing. >> in shasta county crews are ae hoping to get the upper hand on the rapidly spreading wildfire. it's 2900 acres and 10% contained. 192 buildings threatened right now. more than 132 firefighters are on the front lines trying to slow the flames.
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the yosemite park is closed and will stay that way at least until sunday when crews work to control the ferguson fire. tonight, that blaze is 27% contained. flames have not entered yosemite itself but it has interrupted show planned vacations, as you can imagine. the cause of the fire still under investigation. happening tonight, fogging trucks will roll along sunny valley and santa clara. it will start at 11:00 this evening. the trucks will spray a fine mist that will kill adult mosquitoes. they decided to fog after trapping adult mosquitoes that tested positive for west nile virus. west nile is a concern in the east bay as well. contra costa fire officials said chickens tested positive. you can prevent it by dumping
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standing water and protect yourself from mosquito bites by wearing insect repellents. stay with us, no thumbs up for facebook today. live with an explanation for what the company's worst trading day means for its future and billions of users like you. >> reporter: this isn't your average s.t.e.m. summer camp. these girls as young as 8 have an opportunity to get their game out to the entire world. depending how you count there have been 200 efforts or ideas about splitting the state of california. >> reporter: it is an old idea that could impact our
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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that sound marked the end of one of the worst single losses in history. facebook lost 19% wiping out $119 billion in market value. it dragged down the entire nasdaq index, the dow escaped unscathed. david explains the big picture. >> reporter: more than 1.2 million people use facebook that made it ideal for selling mobile ads. it's in danger of peeking. >> people are worried about spam and getting hacked and manipulating. all of that play as role to log-on less often and less amount of time. >> reporter: and for privacy efforts. the social network says it will spend billions on security. investors reacted by selling off because it puts pressure on
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revenue and put mark zuckerberg to fix the problems. >> reporter: this professor from levy school of business, he and others are wondering if zuckerberg canned fix things. >> the problem is you don't learn in computer science global governing and diverse shareholders and diverse political interest. >> reporter: zuckerberg can't be removed easily. he has also proven critics wrong over concern they couldn't sell ads on mobile devices. over 90% of ads come from mobile. facebook is diversified with future growth from instagram and oculus, virtual reality headset. facebook itself may have to change. >> i think the platform of being all to everybody, i think that's a dead-end. >> reporter: analysts point out
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consumers seldom react the same way investors do, however their use habits and sense of security using facebook will make an impact. a big ruling today for employees in the state of california that work shift the supreme court ruled they must be paid for routine minutes they spend locking up or setting off a store alarm. it is a big win for hourly workers. a starbucks employee sued arguing he was entitled to pay for the extra ten minutes a day closing up shop. the internet is forcing a growing number of people to change how they're hiring people because of the growing number of people ghosting them. looking into what's happening. >> reporter: ghosting is moving from the dating world to job interviews. more people than ever are not showing up for job interviews
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and even for a job they said yes to. >> they will accept the job. they will even sign the offer, they will get all into the system and ready to go and then not show up. >> reporter: this staffing agency has offices all around the bay area. they help companies fill thousands of positions for $50,000 a year jobs and $200,000 a year jobs. >> at this point, i'm really targeting the staff account opportunities. >> reporter: five years ago only 1% of applicants wouldn't show up for an interview. now, it's 10 to 20%. >> it's not just millennials, it's everybody. everyone. even if i looked at those numbers of no-shows, it's spread across all age groups. >> reporter: this applicant says she thinks ghosting is unethical but can see why people move on. >> the market is very high, you have so many opportunities and they are paying well. they are paying well and the
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benefits also very high. >> reporter: ghosting is forcing firms to modify their higher practices. no long delays. instead of saying, we'll get back to you next week, it's, we'll get back to you tomorrow and get you to start the job as soon as possible. >> the culture around us has changed. we have to adapt. >> reporter: or risk other companies poaching a job candidate in a hot employment market. leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> brave new world. >> yes, it is. abc7 news weather anchor, spencer christian is here. we're braving the fog in san francisco. >> we are indeed. >> we are. the fog is pushing out over san francisco and the bay and will be in oakland tonight. to see how conditions look, mainly sunny inland and mostly sunny over locations around the bay. a look westward from emoryville looking at the fog as in. current temperature readings.
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58 in san francisco. 91 in gilroy, pretty hot there and 59 at half moon bay. here is another view of that fog rolling from the camera. 71 in santa rosa, 83 at fairfield, 81 at concord and 83 in livermore. these are our forecast futures and fog near the coast and bay overnight. near the bay and at the coast. hot inland conditions again tomorrow, perhaps not quite as hot as today. heat will ease up a bit today but rise next week. starting at 7:00 this evening, there goes the fog as it does at 5:00 in the morning. patches of fog around the bay, locally inland mainly reducing visible in some spots. looks like the bulk will remain on the coastline and away from
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the coast in some spots. there will be some sunny coastal areas tomorrow and foggy ones as well. lows in the mid-50s around the bay and upper 50s to low 60s except the north bay where it is a little bit cooler with low 50s as the lows. tomorrow's high with breezy conditions at the coast. mid to upper 70s. inland east bay at mid 90s tomorrow and concord, 94. 86 at santa rosa, 84 at napa. farther north, 103 at lake port and 106 at ukiah. the accuweather 7-day forecast, mainly sunny skies all the way through the 7-day forecast, fog lingering at the coast most of those days. highs tomorrow, saturday, inlandy 80s around the bay and dropping a couple degrees inland in the low 90s and cooling
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the president is blasting
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twitter by using twitter after reports the san francisco company was shadow banning republican users. in a tweet early this morning, mr. trump called the practice not good and will look into it more than once. they reported they have removed certain people such as republican chairman mcdaniel. they said they do not shadow ban. we will soon have a new inside perspective on life inside the white house. >> reporter: former white house staffer and "apprentice" contestant omarosa has a memo coming out calling it explosive and jaw dropping calling it "unhinged" released august 15th. she joined the white house staff as a white house communicationsr she left after a year and spoke harshly of her experience while denying reports she was fired.
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she said she was worried about the country and would never vote for president trump again. omarosa likened her departure from the white house to being freed from a plantation. >> that was reggie reporting. a current attempt to split california up into three different states is hung up in legal discussions. >> next, a look at interest rates at efforts like this one and why we will keep seeing them in the future. >> this looks like any other convention. actually, one of the most cannabis conventions in the country held in the south bay. what an fbi agent says they should do first as they try to find a
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. today in the south bay, thousands gathered for one of the most influential cannabis conventions anywhere in the nation. many are keeping a close watch on washington following attorney general jeff sessions decision
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to rescind -- >> to keep state legal cannabis from interference by the feds. >> reporter: from policy making to pitching products. >> we have cannabis making its footprint, staking its claim, letting the world know that we're here. >> reporter: a gathering of some of the most influential minds at this year's cannabis summit and expo in san jose. >> really an idea how serious this industry has become. we're here talking about regulations and policy. there is nowhere in the world where this conversation is more important than california. >> reporter: many are looking to educate and inspire others to get more involved. >> more location dispensaries and cultivation. you have big ag moving in and opportunities as to plants and service side of the industry. >> reporter: the headline of the day, james cole authored the cold memo that ordered to
6:30 pm
away from it and not sell to minors. >> if it's got a medical use, let's find that out. if it doesn't have a medical use, let's find that out. let's not ignore it and do the science. >> reporter: the memo was rescinded by attorney general jeff sessions earlier this year. but so far it's ambiguous. events like this help industries learn best practices. >> new trends, businesses, networking, the cannabis industry is in a dynamic space right now suporntf want to be involved. >> reporter: sharing ways to succeed in a challenging ever changing regulatory environment, in san jose, chris, abc7 the intensifying search for a bay area college student with bay area ties. they are hoping molly's
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account would provide clues when she disappeared a week ago. she may have been kidnapped while jogging. the first thing to do is to rule out everything she knows. >> the real key is in the small community have you literally eliminated the 1500 plus people that live there. then eliminate people she was working with at the summer camp. could it be a stranger abduction, it could but the likelihood is it's somebody she knows. >> her boyfriend was questioned but not a suspect. she spent part of her childhood here before moving to iowa. the rescue from the cave in thailand is more improbable than first reported. according to "20/20," the air force major said he deemed the operation a success if one of
6:32 pm
the 12 boys made it out never mind all of them. the dive members who reached them first couldn't believe how calm they were. >> the children were confident and no hint of stress of a problem. >> get this, we're now learning the boys were ould cold, completely unconscious during the rescue operation, not just se dated as previously reported. the boys felt and saw nothing as they were extracted from that cave. more incredible details will be revealed by matt guthmann on a special episode of the latest modern effort to split california into three states appears dead at least for now. 600 people signed petitions to get it on the ballot. the state supreme court is questioning whether it is in
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limbo. historians say the plans to carve up california has been around for centuries and likely to continue as part of our politics. >> reporter: for thousands of years before europeans arrived, california was a divided place. >> we know california was one of the most diverse native populations near what is now mexico city. >> reporter: andrea with the california historical society is showing us old records telling the story how spanish missionaries reenvisioned what they called california dividing it into two regions. now this remarkable map is very rare. >> reporter: it shows the location of missions in 1787. >> this is the first time we see this little teeny dotted line. >> reporter: that little line was intended to divide new and old missions. decades later it became a border. to the south was baha, california and mexico. to the north became the state of california. almost as soon as the state was created in 1850 people were
6:34 pm
trying to break it up. >> depending how you counted there have been over 200 efforts or ideas about splitting up california. there was a handful that got far along. >> reporter: one of those was an effort by state senator pico who wanted to cut california in two right before the civil war. >> it got a lot of play in southern california because of the southern sympathizers that wanted to make it a slave state. >> reporter: southern californians voted yes and so did the state legislature. it was sent to congress but as the civil war raged congress never acted on it. it did agree to split another state. >> the last time was 1863, west virginia broke off from virginia because they wanted to be a free state. >> reporter: controlling water was the focus of repeated plans to split california including a 1965 version that was passed by the state senate but never got
6:35 pm
beyond that. one proposal that keeps resurfacing already has its own flag. that plan would turn the most northern counties into a state called jefferson. supporters want their own state because they say rural and conservative interests are being ignored. >> we have no say in how our lives are conducted, no representation to say how our tax money is spent. >> reporter: jefferson was part of splitting it in six states launched in 2016 by silicon valley billionaire draper who says smaller states will give them more influence. it did not get enough signatures to make the ballot. so draper came back with a three state proposal which did get the needed significants but ran into legal roadblocks. now a proposal called new california is moving ahead. they have not drawn boundaries yet but envisioning one mostly rural and the other mostly urban. whatever happens -- >> the conversations about our
6:36 pm
identity and who we are and what kind of state we want to live in are very much alive and well and very powerful. >> the new california movement recently held what it called its first constitutional convention. while those for jefferson want to sue california for apportioning the state legislature. there will definitely be more efforts in the future. stay with us. changing the game by making game. >> the summer camp taken very seriously by some girls because it offer as big special prize. also ahead -- >> a bay area woman loses her user name f
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with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees can't impact power lines. and since the onset of the drought we've doubled our efforts. i grew up in the forests out in this area and honestly it's heartbreaking to see all these trees dying. what guides me is ensuring that the public is going to be safer and that these forests can be sustained and enjoyed by the community in the future.
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do you realize about 50% of gamers are women but only make 12% of the gaming industry. >> taking us to a summer camp setting out to change that with a worldwide prize at the end. >> reporter: in many ways this classroom is like any other summer camp. along with the giggles comes
6:40 pm
something more impressive. these 22 girls at sony interactive are part of a program called "girls make games." the camp starts here in the bay area and spread to 140 participants at eight camps across the country. >> i learned how to code with stencil and how to make your character move and get goblins. >> reporter: jade, by the way is only 8. high school senior who designed her high school game said it's more than technical skills. >> it helped me experience working with a team even though they can be very frustrating. >> reporter: equally impressive was the program's creator, laila, whose childhood was very different than here. she grew up in the united emirates. >> i wasn't able to go out and play. >> reporter: she was encouraged by her parents to make games.
6:41 pm
and she was discouraged by the industry. >> i went to the industry events and don't find women. >> reporter: the program is getting attention from big players like playstation, xbox and nintendo. >> important to be recognized by an important-not organization but have the mission recognized. >> reporter: when camp is over not only will the girls have a fully functioning game gut the big players in the industry will choose one game to be published for the whole world to play. >> it kicked off my career and helped with my college. >> reporter: these girls find out if they make it to the o saturday. abc7 news. >> good for them. terrific. >> don't just be the consumers of the game, be the creators. >> it will change the industry. >> all right. we have another warm day in the forecast for tomorrow. speaking
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at at&t, we believe in access. the opportunity for everyone to explore a digital world. connecting with the things that matter most. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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wall street disney company is joining the movement to ban plastic straws and stirrers and will be in place by 2019 at all its locations and will eliminate
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almost 175 million straws and 13 million stirrers annually. and san francisco ban straws, while seattle is already in place. disney is the parent company of abc7. we've all done this, right? you forget your password or user name. one woman lost her user name when her e-mail was disabled. >> she reached out for help when all else failed. what do you do? >> it doesn't seem like a complicated. you guys have it. you enter security questions and soon you're off and running with a new user name, right? unfortunately, that did not happen for one richmond woman. >> reporter: she bought cryptocurrency some years ago on a website coinbase and used the site to buy, sell and hold her digital currency. suddenly her access to the site was cut off when she changed jobs. that left her investment in limbo. >> you don't know your money is
6:46 pm
still in there or somebody take it out. >> reporter: she used her work e-mail as her user name. when she changed jobs that e-mail was disabled. she notified coinbase to change her user name. >> they say it's okay, they will handle about that. i'm waiting for a while and nothing happened. >> reporter: she says customer said she would have to stop calling and have to wait for the specialist to call her. a total of four months went by and still no resolution. >> they don't care. they said, don't call me anymore. i said, why? my money. i want my money. >> reporter: her frustration mounted with each passing month. she reached out to "7 on your side" and we contacted coinbase. the company told us we moved her assets from her old inaccessible account to her new account. i also offered to help enable buys and sells on her new account. coinbase resolved her case within two days after being contacted by "7 on your side."
6:47 pm
she was stunned. >> it was like magic! >> coinbase says it's increased staff on its customer support team by 150% significantly decreased the backlog of cases that blame some of its problems on rapid customer growth. i want to hear from you. my "7 on your side" hotline is up weekdays until 2:00 p.m. you know my phone number and reach me on my facebook page and >> good stuff. you are magic man, by the way. >> he has super powers. heads-up this weekend, the 41st running of the san francisco marathon. more than 40,000 runners will fill the streets on the embarcadero bridge and many streets. it should be a good day for that. >> should be nice and cool for
6:48 pm
those runners and like now, you see the fog. >> things will be looking good for the runners. things looking pretty good for me, i'm about to run on out of here. we have sunny skies inland. fog on the coast beginning to drift out locally over the bay and overnight more fog over the bay and touching a couple inland spots. mid to low 50s and upper 60s on the east bay. tomorrow, highs, low 60s on the coast and breezy conditions mid to upper 70s in the bay. mid to upper 80s in the south bay. the north bay, a wide range of highs in mid 80s and 100 port and napa farther north. no. 108, 107, palm springs, pretty toasty temperatures. sunday, we will see temperatures ease up a little bit in our
6:49 pm
inland areas by 2 degrees or so but bounce right back into the mid 90s. basically the sect 7 days, highs in the mid-90s and 60s on the coast. >> i don't know if you will feel that 2 degrees difference. >> just might. >> we had good news for the 49ers. >> richard sherman is back. >> a lot of 49ers fans will remember the famous confrontation with sherman and michael crabtree. you see what happens when you put that crabtree
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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good evening. when he was a star with the seattle seahawks, richard sherman was basically public eni number one in these parts. now, he's on the field practicing without any limitations. the four time all-pro cornerback tore his achilles and seahawks cut him in the off-season. 49ers didn't wait, swooped in and signed him and getting a $2 million bonus for passing his physical. more important than his physical attributes is what he brings to a mental standpoint with this roster. >> he's so good mentally with regards to football.
6:53 pm
athletically looks great. he'll tell you he's rusty. he will continue to work and get better. we're excited to have him. he's good for the room and glad he's here. >> suspended linebacker rubin foster is out on the field. he can work out but will miss the next two games. his locker is next to sherman's. i don't think they did that accident. and khalil mark is not expected to be at practice tomorrow. he hasn't even spoke within new head coach jon gruden despite the coach's attempts to talk with him. he's scheduled to earn $14 million this season but rumored he's looking for a long term deal with huge money. the early inning highlights have almost become irrelevant because the drama always comes late. oh, baby.
6:54 pm
a lot of cheeks right there. top of the second, matt chapman off the ageless wonder, bartolo colon, still going at age 45. up home run on the road this season. dustin fowler down the right field line into the corner, choppy scores, nick bmartini, shaken but not stirred. he's a rookie. currently leading 6-5 in texas and giants host milwaukee tonight. kevin durant had fun with c.j. mccollum with the blazers on a podcast together and then it got personal on twitter and k.d. is upset with the media portraying him as being too sensitive. reporters want to know about kd's feelings about mccollum and
6:55 pm
mccollum is upset because he feels the warriors have too much talent. >> don't get mad because i say something and i call you out on it and i'm immature. now, people come to me, that goes for everybody around here [bleep] i'm the one -- i say how i feel. >> the media's fault. further proof here on the european golf tour in germany, patrick reed had his caddie throw out a camera crew. their crime was jingling change in their pockets while they were waiting for him to chip. >> you're rattling change in your pocket. that's what i'm pointing at you for. >> thank you, stop. >> i need you to go on the other side. >> he lost privileges by going like that with change. i'm not hitting until you get the heck out of here, like completely out of here. >> the 2018 masters champ, he's
6:56 pm
regarded like the bad boy. pretty nice chip out of there, after you get that media out of there, look how well you perform. four off the lead. like patrick reed, i prefer complete silence while i work. don't even look at your phone, dan, i want complete tranquility. >> being angry worked for him clearly. >> remember, john mcenroe was at his best when he was screaming at the chair. >> works for some people. >> join us tonight at 9:00 on coffee tv 20. after 80 years of rain, wind and fog, how are the golden gate bridge towers holding up? results in from that breast taking inspection we told you about. a masked woman tried to snatch a child in the south bay. how her mother and grandmother managed to stop the woman. coming up at 8:00 "the gong show," followed by "match game"
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and then "take two." followed by abc news. >> "jimmy kimmel live" with adam carolla and sam heughan. we appreciate your time. >> larry beil and the entire abc7 news team, good night. >> see you tonight at 11:00.
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♪ please welcome today's contestants -- an aspiring english teacher from havertown, pennsylvania... a copy editor from portsmouth, new hampshire... and our returning champion, a phd candidate from new haven, connecticut... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, all. thank you, johnny. as you've just noticed, our champion, burt, has a beautiful smile. but early in the game yesterday, he wasn't smiling quite so much. he was in the red, and then suddenly in double jeopardy!,
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he came alive and won the game. so, ian and rick, you've got a lot to contend with. good luck, players. here we go. let's take a look at the categories, shall we? we start off with... next... in the next one, we want you to correct the name which has an incorrect spelling. it has an s that doesn't belong at the end... followed by... and once you've anted up, we'll... burt, start. saints on earth for $200. burt. what is saint -- what is saint helena? -yes. -saints for $400.


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