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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  July 27, 2018 4:00pm-4:59pm PDT

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contained, and threatening 5,000 homes. >> give you a dramatic look at people driving through the flames last night to get out as quickly as they could. and then when the sun rose this morning, the extent of the devastation really came into focus. look at what's left. dozens and dozens of homes are lost. this is a neighborhood in northwest redding. so many residents left wondering this afternoon what, if anything, they'll return to find. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is live in the devastated town of kezwick next door to redding. >> it's reminiscent of the north bay fires. very ominous out we have a big light on me right now, but the sky right now is dark, it's orange and yellow, like 8:30, 9:00 at night here in kezwick, seeing cars driving through with head lights on, that's how low and thick and
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dense the smoke is. you can see the smoke in the distancesh that's where the active fire is this afternoon. as for this tiny town of kezwick, this is all that's left of it. wiped out overnight by the carr fire. things don't look much better as you head down the road toward redding. it's clear from driving around this neighborhood, and others west of redding, the damage from the carr fire is much greater than the official numbers. here in lake keswick estates, home after home is burned to the ground, from a fire that ripped through here in the overnight hours. driven by high fuels, low humidity and high winds. >> a lot of the challenges with this fire is weather. a lot of our humidity is low. we have very hot temperatures and getting a lot of evening and late afternoon winds. >> reporter: up the road just a few miles, an entire community has been lost. the small town of
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population of less than 500 people, completely demolished. just tsurvived. >> next ridge over. >> reporter: the carr fire is far from finished. this team of firefighters from the bay area is keeping a close eye on the homes that survived. as the flames slowly work their way up a hillside of dry pines. perhaps the calm before another fire storm. >> right now you can see we've had some layer lift up a bit, the smoke has raised up it's allowed pre-heating of the materials down below here, the trees to get some oxygen back into it. that's why you're sin ltle t. >> reporter: the big concern is, heading into the evening, the t afternoon.
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the official number of structures destroyed in thisre . i can tell you just from driving around today that we saw many more than that. that unfortunately have been destroyed. we're waiting for an update from cal fire sometime before 7:00. the expectation is that that number will go up. live near redding, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> surreal, you covered the north bay wildfires, and these scenes in keswick are early similar will. did you imagine you would ever see this destruction again? >> reporter: i talked with one cal fire chief and he said this is becoming the new normal. that's what we've seen here in pretty much every single home is destroyed. and i would guess that this probably happened in a matter of perhaps an hour at most.
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these fires, when they get going, they create their own weather. they move very quickly. there's really no stopping them. down the road in that other neighborhood we showed you it was sort of a random thing, much like we saw in napa near silverado where several homes would burn, one was okay, the one on the other side wasn't. it's unfortunately, in many cases for these folks, a matter of good luck or bad luck. >> really bad luck. laura anthony reporting, just unbelievable the damage that we're seeing once again. thank you, laura. >> we're hearing from residents about the grim reality of getting out. you can see dozens of homes completely destroyed. and for each of these homes, a different story. listen to one woman describe how her dad got out just in time. go. jteptaying go, and i don't know how many minutes after he left the house that it went up in flames. he said he could see the fire as
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he was leaving. so i'm just glad he made it out. i'm afraid some people may not have. >> reporter: the family is still looking for their lost dog. her dad had to leave before they could find the pet. facebook has activated safety check feature for the fire in redding. it lets you see if your friends or loved ones are in the affected area and whether they're safe. donate to help fire victims or offer other types of help. right now 128 people have offered things such as shelter, clothing or food. we have more information for you at numerous neighborhoods in and around redding have been evacuated this afternoon. this map illustrates the evacuation zone. you can see the fire there in red. the gray surrounding areas, those are mandatory evacuation areas. the yellow around redding indicates the downtown. we've posted more specific evacuation areas on our website
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at some of the people who have been forced out of their homes by the carr fire are now staying with friends or relatives here in the bay area. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas tracked a few of them down. >> reporter: cheryl welch recorded these sirens and her brush with the car fire on her cell phone yesterday. she was staying with friends in redding when it broke out wednesday night initially thinking it too small and too far away to be dangerous. then -- >> we overheard that wednesday night the fire tripled in size and then thursday the smoke started blacking out the sun. >> reporter: she posted this video on instagram. >> i saw flames over here as well. >> reporter: from a bridge watching the flames jump the sacramento river. >> it wasn't until then that i realized that maybe staying in a place i wouldn't be able to drive out of would be unwise. >> reporter: that's when sarah nessa and hudson davis are ght
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siblings from hayward who both live in redding now. they too watched the fire explode in size overnight. vanessa posted video and her account of what happened on instagram. >> every hour we were checking updates, trying to see -- the fires kept getting closer and closer. my brother was really close to the fire. that's when it really set. it was kind of scary. >> reporter: brother hudson was at his boss's house. >> we run outside and find out the fire is two blocks away. >> they evacuated in hayward, where they are still unloading. >> reporter: they're all sticking close to telephones to make sure loved ones still in redding are okay. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> let's go live now to cal fire headquarters in shasta county on an update on the carr fire. >> people in harm's way and do
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what they could to engage in this fire. 2018, it's really off to the same, difficult, challenging fire fight that we've seen in 2017 and before that 2016. the last five or six years in california we've been experiencing the effects of our long-standing drought. the rain that we had really did nothing to impact the character of the vegetation, which is critically dry. and that's what happened here. and we've added additional, you know, grass from the rains we did get. we've got the kennelling. what we're seeing not just here in shasta county, but literally statewide, fires that are growing exponentially. we're averaging about 45 to 50 fires a day throughout california. and currently we're working, you know, three major fires. the cranston fire in riverside county, the ferguson fire in mariposa county in yosemite, and this here the carr fire. we have a number of new emerging extended attack fires across the
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state from san diego to mendocino county today. we continue to be extremely busy, moving resources, coordinating. our first priority always is the initial attack of new fires. if we can keep them small, that's our priority. and so resources are being moved throughout the day every day in california. state, local, federal, coordinated very closely to ensure we're covering fire stations and getting resources, both ground resources and air resources where they need to be. there are over 7,000 firefighters on the fire lines right now. that number will grow in the coming days. our weather forecast, we don't see any significant change. over the next seven days we are looking at continued hot temperatures, low humidities, and we're not seeing, necessarily, relief from that over, again, the next seven to ten days. so what that means is obviously the potential for new fire starts. also means fatigue on firefighters. and it means, you know, challenging conditions to work
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in. thes are all things that we're looking at. as we go forward our priorities on all these fires are life and propertyha we're trying to, you know, ensure critical infrastructure is protected as folks know here in shasta county and the area where this fire is burning, critical infrastructure such as power lines, roadways, other elements that are all part of not just shasta county, but the influence, the power grid, and things throughout california. now, we're also working very closely to ensure that evacuation in the process of the incident management team in place working closely with the sheriff's office ensuring there are trigger points and all the things in place shoulds ch fire. this fire is a long way from being done. we're anticipating, again, weather conditions, today no different than what occurred over the last two days. we're seeing fires occur,
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literally almost what can be described as a tornado occurred over this fire yesterday. fire whirl, this fire was whipped up into a whirlwind of activity, uprooting trees, moving vehicles, moving parts of roadways, very significant, extreme winds that are challenging for firefighters. and obviously putting both the public and firefighters at risk. so end of the day, bottom line, we say it time and time again, but i'm going to say it and you're going to hear it from everybody here, these are extreme conditions. this is how fires are burning in california. we need to take heed, evacuate, evacuate, evacuate. pay very close attention to social media, websites, local television and radio broadcasts. a lot of information coming out from trusted sources here with the sheriff's office, cal fire locally, your local television and radio and websites. leave early, don't wait until you see the fire. please, when you're asked to
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leave, leave. leave before you're asked to leave. to put anybodyand we wt safely leave the area. so with that i'd like to turn it over to the director of the governor's office of emergency services, mark giladucci. >> thanks, chief. good afternoon, i'm the director of governor brown's offices of emergency services in california. first, let me just reiterate the chief's comments regarding our thoughts and prayers to the families that suffered loss of a loved one, firefighters who have heroically gave their life in the service of others. as well as our sincere concern for the families and the residents that have lost homes and the businesses that may have been lost in the community where we understand this is an extremely challenging event.
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and we're seeing fire conditions, as chief pamlot mentioned and weather conditions like we've never seen before, making this really quite an event to stay out in front of and making sure we have enough resources to be able to address all of the needs. let me just say early on that governor brown requested and received and secured fire management assistance grant from the federal emergency management agency. this grant really does work to assist in providing resources for these kind of events, these very complex events that potentially may result in catastrophic loss. it's really important to note that behind the scenes, behind the team here that's working so diligently with regards to responding are hundreds of other state, federal, local and private sector personnel working back in sacramento at the state operations center and the regional centers throughout the
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state to support this event and the various other events in california. the office of emergency services responsibilities coordinating the overall statewide response to these fires and the disasters that occur, and we're really focusing all of our resources that are necessary on this particular event. as we speak here today in this press conference, the governor is in contact with the white house and fema requesting what's called direct federal assistance. it's another form of federal assistance that will provide equipment and personnel and other commodities designed for additional life safety and life saving, life sustaining operations. and is forwarding that to the white house now. in addition, to the tremendous effort that's being done by all of the cal fire, national park service, local, public safety
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officials here working on this, we have over 125 local government fire departments from throughout the state of california, as far south as san diego county here supporting shasta county and a number of oes assets that are engaged, as well as a tremendous number of other state assets, which you'll hear from in a minute from the chp and the cal guard and other state assets. simultaneously, even as the fire fight continues we are in the process of working with shasta county sheriff's department office of emergency services to begin the collecting of critical information, to begin that recovery process. we're talking about an effort that will look at the total amount of loss to try to address individual need, critical public
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infrastructure need, and helping to clear the debris that may have resulted from the fire. these are important aspects to assist the communities, the business and the individuals and the government get back up on their feet and be able to begin their economic recovery. this is a one-team, one-fight effort, all hands are on deck. there is no resource that this incident is requesting that is not being met and will continue to stay in that posture as we move forward. this is -- let me just say that it's important to also understand that the recovery process and all of the other aspects is really a marathon, not a sprint. but we're going to continue to be with the residents of shasta ensure that we help shasta county get back up on its feet. so with that, i tt over to the
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commissioner of the highway patrol, commissioner stanley, to talk about chp's operation. >> thank you, director. and on behalf of the men and women of the california highway patrol, we are happy to be here to help the citizens of redding and the people of shasta county. from the chp role, we have approximately 118 uniformed personnel assigned to this fire. we had to bring in uniformed personnel from obviously here in northern california, but we brought some in from the bay area. we also brought some in from the central valley, and some from the sacramento valley. they've been helping out we evacuations, road control, and general patrol. also provided a great deal of assistance to sheriff paseco and chief moore in the area of evacuation. i want to thank them personally for being able to work with their staff and the great job
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they have done. there are a number of road closures in and around the fire. i won't list them. but as chief pamlot said if you go to the fire website, our website, the chp website or caltrans website, you'll get information on those closures. right now i-5 is open, but you have to remember there's a lot of fire equipment and law enforcement officers moving up and down i-5. so please be aware of that. and with that, i'm going to turn it over to general beavers from the national guard. >> thanks, commissioner. i'm matt beavers from the california national guard. we have more than 800 soldiers from the guard either here on the incident or enroute to the incident. in addition we have six fire fighting helicopters. and we're also flying two modular airborne fire fighting system equipped c-130s that are flying out of mclellan. in addition to that we have one
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mx-9 reaper aircraft giving the incident commander here near realtime view of the erratic and extreme fire behavior that's ongoing with this incident. and it's being able to make -- help them make better decisions more quickly and more effectively. last thing i want to say is really our hearts and our prayers go out to the folks that were affected by this fire. i know we have several national guard folks that were also affected. so we appreciate everybody's -- an opportunity to let everybody know what's going on. i will turn it over to greg stone. >> good afternoon. greg bertelli into the management team. i will give you an operational update. as firefighters, we continually evaluate and reevaluate the situation of the fire. we base that on the fuel, the weather and the topography. any one of those factors will make containing a fire extremely
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difficult. the carr fire, at times, experienced all three combined. each branch, each portion of that fire has at least one of those elements. i'll walk over to the map. in branch one, division yankee, the fire is on the southwest side of whiskey town lake making a push towards the southwest. as we come up into branch two, division mike, is backing downhill, but it's backing downhill very aggressively, very actively. the other portions of division branch two are holding well, but we still have certain areas that are active. coming into branch three, a lot of steep rugged terrain again making difficult access and the fire is moving to the north/northeast. coming down along branch three into branch four is the significantda eventfternoon wit strong west wind channelling
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through drainagie s and pushing into the city of redding. days leading up to that, we created zones and had plans in effect for advisory and mandatory evacuations. those began to go in effect days ago. and we still have zones in place to continue those evacuations. as we speak right now, what we call wui tactics are being employed. firefighters are actively rescuing, evacuating, engaging and defending homes as we speak. the main focus goes in the populated areas. life safety is our number one priority. thes are the tactics we continue to utilize. >> that's the news conference from cal fire, an ominous warning with the carr fire only 3% contained. all the officials are saying, kristen, there's no relief in sight. >> yeah, 44,000 acres burned, only 3% contained. and the big message from the cal fire chief is that this is the
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new normal with 45 to 50 fires breaking out every day in california. the big message we want to get out is be ready to evacuate at a moment's notice. don't fool around with that. and then they also talked a lot about how they're helping out. we'll have a lot more for you on where you can get coverage of the fires burning all across california. we have video of the devastation and maps of where the fires are burning. >> be sure to download the abc 7 news app to get breaking updates anytime. we'll continue to stream that news conference if you want
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thousands of runners preparing for the marathon this weekend. kicked off with the event expo, offering everything in the long distance running universe. the marathon on sunday will circle the city and draw an estimated 50,000 spectators and another 25,000 plus are expected to run the race which draws competitors and amateurs from all over the world. >> this is going to be my eighth marathon. we come all the way from bolivia. >> i ran the last one in oakland. this will be a cooler one. the ups and downs will be a lot more challenging than oakland. >> this will be the 41st running of the san francisco marathon. you can really see how it's grown through the decades. talking about 75,000 plus people there with runners plus spectators. >> a lot of fun. one thing marathoners can count on usually in san francisco is cool, comfortable weather for their run. >> absolutely. spencer christian with a look at our weekend forecast.
4:26 pm
>> both cool and comfortable for the run. warm in some inland areas, but great running weather here. we've shown this pattern before, almost every day this summer. live view from the east bay hills camera, looking westward, 58 in san francisco. 64 across the bay and oakland. mountain view 65, 78 at san jose. 94 in gilroy. 59 at half moon bay. here's the view from our rooftop camera, mainly blue skies. it's 74 in santa rosa. napa, 73, 81 in novato. livermore, 86. we're looking over the fog from our sutro tower camera. foggy overnight near the coast and bay. mild to warm days this weekend. and we'll see minor cooling early next week. forecast animation starting at 7:00 this evening, pushing across the bay, 7:00 tomorrow
4:27 pm
morning, bright sunny skies inland, lots of fog along the coast. the fog will burn back to the coastline and away from the coast in some locations during the daytime tomorrow. mainly sunny skies about everywhere. partly sunny along the coast. overnight lows will be in the same range we've seen the last several weeks overnight, upper 50s to low 60s inland east bay, upper 50s everywhere else. highs tomorrow, upper 50s at the coast to almost 60. inland areas tomorrow will warm up to low 90s. way up north at here's the seven-day forecast, mid-90s inland tomorrow at the warmest locations, some locations will not make it that high. so that's tomorrow and sunday. upper 70s to near 580 around th bay. minor dip in temperatures on
4:28 pm
monday. monday through friday we'll see inland highs right at or just above 90 in the very warmest locations. we won't see any extremes like the last couple days. upper 70s around the bay and upper 50s to about 60 on the coast. >> thanks, spencer. >> mild, pleasant weather. devastation in northern california, serious devastation, house after house destroyed. the bay area firefighters rushing to help fight the massive fire near redding. plus -- >> a liar, a proven liar. deal talk. right now, you can get my spicy chicken club combo with fries and a drink for just $5.99. that's an amazing deal, jack! hey, thanks, stanley. ow. ...wait, what's happening? stanley! you're deflating! hold me, jack! try my new $5.99 spicy chicken club combo today.
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. thousands of residents in and around redding right now are evacuated as the destructive fire called the carr fire rages on. flames have charred more than 44,000 acres. the fire is only 3% contained. just utter devastation in some neighborhoods. two firefighters have died fighting the blaze. abc 7 news reporter laura anthony is on the ground. she tweets worst fears realized in neighborhoods outside dion lim is at an evacuation center right now. she says 550 people are staying at shasta college, many are patients from nearby evacuated hospitals, the temperature is north of 103 degrees. really tough for them.s reportel
4:32 pm
is tracking the latest developments. >> reporter: firefighters just said during a press conference they are averaging 40 to 50 fires per day here in california in this deadly start to the 2018 fire season. fires continuing to rage in mariposa and riversideding. some people rurpieturning to th neighborhoods today to find their homes leveled. >> out of control flames ravaging neighborhoods as the carr fire rips through northern california's shasta county. even forming ember tornadoes. >> wow. >> the fast-moving fire fueled by persistent dry winds devouring homes, sending flames shooting into the sky. >> it's in the street. >> the dire situation sending thousands in the city of redding fleeing. the abc sister station krcr, evacuating in the middle of a
4:33 pm
broadcast. >> this is the new normal. >> the unpredictable fair behavior overpowering crews, claiming the lives of a bulldozer operator. residents coming home to destruction. >> everything we've ever owned, our pictures, everything, everything. >> in southern california, similar images from the cranston fire, at least half a dozen homes destroyed by what officials say was an arson fire. >> i'm glad they caught him when they did. he had intentions to keep going. >> in yosemite national park, the ferguson fire devouring nearly 50,000 acres. parts of that park still closed. a red flag warning in effect in redding through sunday with temperatures expected to stay around 110 degrees, meaning no relief in sight for those firefighters. governor jerry brown has issued a state of emergency. live in los angeles, natalie
4:34 pm
brunell, abc 7 news. terrifying video captured by mike daly in redding as flames spread thursday afternoon. scenes like this have played out across redding in the past 24 hours in so many spots. >> so easy to get trapped and surrounded by the fires. many bay area firefighters on the front lines, already three injured. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfie hollyfield has the details. for those left here at home, a reminder, right in front of the fire station, of the dangers that these firefighters face. they lowered the flag to half staff to remember the firefighter killed on the carr fire. they're no doubt thinking about their coworkers and the danger they are in as news comes in of injured firefighters from the bay area. three firefighters from marin county were hurt in the carr fire. they were part of a strike team and actually had left for another fire, but they were moved to the carr fire in redding. the three firefighters were hurt last night.
4:35 pm
>> the fire laid down in a large timber grove, or near a large timber grove. they were adjacent to it, took quite a bit of heat. three of the firefighters sustained minor to moderate burns to their hands, head, face. >> reporter: they had been working all day yesterday from 1:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. to try and save as many structures as they could. back here at home, fire officials tell me the fact that fires are drawing from so many different counties, that indicates how drawn down the resources are across the state because of all these fires. and tricounty's bank has launched a fundraiser to help the redding fire victims, more than $26,000 has been raised. the goal is $75,000. if you would like to donate, we have links to the gofundme page at >> stay with abc 7 news on the
4:36 pm
air and online for our continuing coverage of the carr fire. abc 7 news reporters laura anthony and dion lim are in redding. you can watch them on as well as on the abc 7 news app. some other news now, to washington where president trump is facing a new accusation today relating to russia. >> abc news reporter arlette saenz with the latest, including the president's reaction. >> reporter: president trump is pushing back after his former attorney michael cohen's bombshell allegation about russia. the president tweeting i did not know of the meeting with my son don jr. sounds to me like someone is trying to make up stories in order to get himself out of an unrelated jam. on cnn, his current attorney called cohen a liar. >> there's no doubt in my mind he's not credible. the man is a liar, a proven liar. >> reporter: multiple sources tell abc news cohen claims that then candidate trump new in advance of the trump tower meeting involving his son and
4:37 pm
several russians. donald trump jr. testified about that meeting before the senate. a senate investigator asked, did you inform your father about the meeting? donald trump jr. answered no, i did not. and on fox news -- >> did you tell your father anything about this? >> no. it was such a nothing. >> reporter: if donald trump jr. lied to congress, he could face prosecution. at the white house today, the president ignored questions about cohen's claim. >> mr. president, is michael cohen telling the truth? >> reporter: but there's another meeting the white house is talking about, one with vladimir putin. in south africa, putin said he's ready to come to washington if relevant conditions are met. and he wants to host the president in moscow, saying be my guest. the white house says president trump looks forward to hosting vladimir putin here in washington in the new year. and he's open to that moscow invitation. arlette saenz, abc ne wash. back locally, big names in tennis making their way to the
4:38 pm
south bay, the tournament getting under way in gilroy. that's right, it's garlic festival time. what you can expect coming up. spencer christian, the view at santa cruz beach. folks enjoying the
4:39 pm
4:40 pm
so exciting, you know i'm a fan of that garlic ice cream, right? >> i had no idea.
4:41 pm
>> big weekend in gilroy, the garlic festival gates open up today for the 44th annual event. >> huge crowds. matt keller has a look at what to expect if you go. >> reporter: so this is 40. the gilroy garlic festival is partying like it's 1979, celebrating four decades of family fun. more than 100,000 people are expected to walk through the gates fwurgt r during the three-day event. the big attraction, gourmet alley, everything is prepared there, the meat, the herbs and sauces, the chefs selling the sizzle of the festival. the calamari chef has been cooking her for 37 years. >> the festival put us on the map. yeah, it's world famous. >> reporter: the festival now attracts celebrity chefs.
4:42 pm
the garlic chef jr. contest will be for kids under 18. he'll be doing a cooking demonstration today featuring 50 cloves of garlic. >> i love the garlic festival, the community driven aspect of this, the charity aspect is amazing. >> reporter: charities are the big winner, receiving more than $11.5 million since 1979. >> my daughter and grand kids are working here today. >> it's a family thing? >> yeah, it is, uh-huh. >> reporter: there's a lot of things you should know about before heading out to the gilroy garlic festival, including information about tickets, parking, shuttles, all those things, we've set up a link on our website, the one thing i can't tell you about through our website is how good the food is going to taste. i've got the shrimp scampi, the marinated mushrooms, you have to come out here to experience this yourself. in gilroy, mattr, abc oomne g i
4:43 pm
the smellivision thing. >> it's probably out there. check in with spencer christian. see how hot it will get in gilroy. >> it will be in the upper 90s, at least, but who cares? garlic is great. live doppler 7, sunny skies everywhere except along the coastline where fog is deeper. the fog will push across the bay, mid-50s to upper 50s. low 60s in some inland locations. tomorrow, another mild to warm day. we'll see cool breezy weather at the coast, upper 50s the highs there. around the bay, upper 60s to low 70s, inland, lots of 80s to low to mid-90s in the warmest locations. on sunday, the san francisco marathon, in the early morning hours, foggy start to the day, cool and breezy conditions. midday, more sunshine breaking out. by that time, most serious marathoners will have completed
4:44 pm
the run. here's the forecast after the mild to warm weekend, temperatures will drop a couple degrees in most locations next week. sort of a steady, typical summer pattern, no extremes one way or the other. >> thank you so much, spencer. >> all right, the longest lunar eclipse of the century is taking place right now, unfortunately not visible in the u.s. this is video from baghdad, iraq. the event is known as a blood moon. the moon will turn red or a ruddy brown when it passes the center of the earth's shadow at the shadow's widest point. tonight's event will last 1:43 minutes and will be seen best in the eastern hemisphere. here's something you will be able to see. mars, closest position to earth in the last 15 years, early tuesday morning. the closest point will happen around 1:00 in the morning and you'll be able to spot it low in the southern sky. >> new details today about the crisis at the border. >> these are all people seeking a safe haven for their families.
4:45 pm
that's all they want. >> the volunteers hoping to make a difference. i'm "7 on your side's" michael finney, movie pass is back up and running today after it stopped working y
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the trump administration is calling its efforts to reunite children separated from parents a success, but critics say not so fast. homeland security says 1,800 children 5 years and older are now with their parents or sponsors. officials say 711 children are still in government shelters because their cases remain under review, or the parents are in jail, or were deported. a judge must now decide how to address those cases. the aclu claims many migrant parents separated may have unknowingly signed away their reunification rights. many families spent time at a respite center after leaving a detention center waiting for a relative or sponsor in the u.s. to house them while they go through the legal process of staying in the country. >> lyanne melendez spoke with k
4:49 pm
volunteers. >> reporter: these two women arrived after spending a week in the catholic charity's respite center. their time was braeief, but the memories last a lifetime. >> the overwhelming emotion of people seeing, we're going to get a shower. >> hundreds of people a day go through the respite center. they sleep in a proper bed. >> these are all people seeking the safe haven for their families. that's all they want. they are not criminals. >> reporter: turk is a member of a group called the mcgowan 12, which recently accompanied congresswoman jackie speier where they donated goods inside a detention center. when they leave there they must wear an ankle bracelet, which acts as a tracking device. >> they're really bulky, dehumanizing, because they are battery run and have to be
4:50 pm
recharged every 12 hours for the whole time until their court date. >> that could takes months or years. also joining them was a group of students from usf. in fact, they brought with them this banner symbolizing justice and hope and placed it on a border wall. >> five or six or seven of us are behind it going like this holding up the banner. >> reporter: usf is considering creating a partnership between the university and the respite center in mcallen. >> the stories that are coming out and the stories i'm hearing, there is a great urgency for us to act. >> reporter: pena brought back mementos of her short time there. >> this was a rosary. we gave rosary to people who wanted a rosary. and just this item was symbolic of hope for them >> reporter: both are feelings real for the people they served. in san francisco, lyanne
4:51 pm
melendez, abc 7 news. if you want to help by donating to the respite center, go to for more information. police have a new high throttle tool to help fight crime. abc 7 news was at police headquarters in san jose for the debut of air 3. the helicopter is known for its exceptional safety record, also features the state of the art camera that will assist officers in missing persons searches, police chases. for the first time, rescue missions. the future is looking even more bleak today for movie pass. the discount movie ticket service. "7 on your side's" michael finney is here now with that story. >> it's running now though. it's back going, movie pass is up and working again today. you may remember that the new york-based company shut down after it couldn't afford to pay for its user's movie tickets. it resumed service after its parent company borrowed $5 million to cover the costs. that didn't stop investors from unloading their shares.
4:52 pm
the company stock plummeted 71%, closing less than $2 a share. movie pass offers daily access to movies for just $10 a month. then it reimburses the ticket costs directly to the theaters. southwest is looking for ways to keep profits up while dealing with a deadly accident and rising fuel costs. the dallas-based carrier reported a $733 million profit for the three months ending june 30th. that's a 1.3% decline from last year. ceo gary kelly says the company lost $100 million from that flight 1380 accident that occurred in april. you may remember one passenger was killed. so kelly says the company has no plans to start charging fees for luggage, assigned seats, or ticket changes. amazon is now way to make gift buying simpler. it's rolling out a new wish list feature that allows the user to add others so they can see the
4:53 pm
list too. only a select group of customrs is getting the access to this right now. and there's no word that the option will ever be available to everyone. after logging into your account, if there's a button underneath the title that says invite, you have access to the feature. >> so i can get you guys chris mat gifts so much more easily now. >> i'll be including you on my wish list. mercedes. >> thanks. now to something you don't see every day, a bear emerging from underground. yeah, a bear in colorado somehow got stuck in a storm drain. crews popped over the manhole cover. you can see in the video the bear was able to figure out the rest. very nimble for such a big bear. it made a run for it and went back into the open space behind the colorado springs neighborhood. >> my question is, how did he get down there? getting into the game, the action on and off the court at san jose state starting up this
4:54 pm
weekend. dan is here with what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. we'll have live team cverage on the devastating fire up in redding. reporters on the fire lines. and at an evacuation center. a major ruling on a riot. new at 5:00, today's decision about a trump rally and the big implications for san jose. plus, what police saw, dramatic new video of a fatal shooting in pitts
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tonight in primetime at 8:00, quantity co, followed by "what would you do have" the and cave rescue in thailand special. abc 7 news at 11:00. in the south bay, sights and sounds of construction become pretty common at san jose state university. some efforts have already paid off. abc 7 use reporter chris nguyen has more on the big tennis event coming to campus this weekend. >> at san jose state university a major transformation is under way. the 130 million spartan recreation and aquatic center is scheduled to open next spring. after that, construction begins on a state-funded science and innovation complex. the first phase will cost more than $180 billion to build. >> it's been a constant stream of construction workers, fencing and work that's going on. quite frankly, we have this pencilled out for the next ten years. >> signs of progress are raising the profile of silicon valley's only public university,
4:58 pm
especially within athletics. >> whenever i walk around and see what's happening, i get this buzz of excitement. not only for the athletics department, but as importantly for the university and the city of san jose. >> this weekend, the tennis center is hosting the classic which used to be at stanford. officials moved the tournament to get more exposure for corporate sponsors. >> it's very intimate. every seat is a great seat. you get really close to the action. >> sjsu alum islated to he's inspired by what's around her. >> everything is nice, and you're just glad and very proud of what's happening here. >> reporter: the qualifying rounds we played this weekend, first round matches start on monday, and tickets are still available. reporting in san jose, i'm chris nguyen, abc 7 news. the draw ceremony is tonight, but serena williams will take center court on
4:59 pm
tuesday opening round. thanks for joining us for abc 7 news at 4:00. i'm larry beil. abc 7 news at 5:00 starts right now. propane tanks popping off left and right. these are extreme conditions. they're spot fires right here coming up. >> fire starting to flair up a little bit. a wildfire tears through shasta county fast and furious. >> devastating. never seen anything like it. >> over there is where the porch was, where that table is. >> so muc lost, two firefighters have been killed and dozens of homes destroyed. we have two reporters live in the fire zone. >> bay area firefighters are on the front lines in redding and already three have been injured. >> and this fire is burning so strong it's producing its own weather system. shocked bystanders film a -nado. >> live where you live, abc


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