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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  July 29, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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lake high school to help with the influx of evacuees. the sheriff has issued new orders, full list of evacuations are on our website thanks for joining us, i'm eric thomas, dion lim latest on that fire, it has now burned about 89,000 acres, destroyed 517 structures and thousands more are still threatened, seven people remain missing tonight after authorities located nine others who were reported missing. the cal fire has confirmed a sixth person has died. abc 7 news anchor dion lim is live with the latest. >> reporter: eric, we are in day three of the evacuation center here at shasta college. today, there is a sense that this is the new normal. along the smell of smoke from
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the fire itself, we're also smelling burgers on a grill as people try to eat their dinners and make the most of their situation. all of this, though, does not mean the severity of the carr fire has subsided. at a press conference, the shasta county sheriff announced the fires have claimed a sixth life. while authorities wait for family to be notified before releasing a name, we know the victim was a man who lived in an evacuation zone and refused to live. there has been criticism from the family of a great-grandmother and two great grandchildren who died after not receiving an evacuation order. >> we are looking into if there was notifications made. it is important if there is a fire danger, and people are aware of the fire teenage, they can evacuate at any time they wish. they do not have to wait. sometimes the fire can jump, it's a very fast-moving fire. >> reporter: we are hearing stories of resilience and pers syrians as well, including a
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shasta county sheriff's deputy who lost his home early thursday morning, this is where it once stood, 15 minutes west of redding. he didn't want to share his name, saying he wanted the attention to stay on the multitude of people going through the same thing. despite losing everything this deputy continues to help in the evacuation zone keeping people safe. there were about 600 evacuees staying here at shasta college last night. the need is still so great the red cross has opened two more evacuation centers putting the total at five. in redding tonight, i'm dion lim, abc 7 news. police say they've beefed up patrols in all neighborhoods to protect homes and businesses from looters. >> it's a no-tolerance stance. we don't want people in neighborhoods. people are getting victimized, and it's unfortunate. if they don't have a legitimate reason to be there, if we don't arrest them for looting, they will be arrested for something else. >> many people are trying to get back into their homes.
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laura anthony is live estates. >> reporter: things are improving here. there were dozens of homes burned here, i want to show you the randomness of it. this home behind me burnt to the ground, where just behind it there's a home that's perfectly fine. to my left, we have another house that's in perfect condition. we were able to actually let this family know that their house was okay, but for many others the return home will be heartbreaking. though the containment numbers remain lowa it appears 3,000 firefighters are gaining ground. thanks to less wind, and cooler temperatures, there was no significance injuries in the fires burning overnight. for some, the battle has been lost. a crime scene van was still
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investigating at the home where melanie bledsoe and her two young great grandchildren died. at whiskey town lake the car burned right to the water's edge, destroying dozens of boats as they sat on the water. the wreckage of most of those that burned a blur beneath the water's surface. >> they have the let everybody in. >> reporter: the people who live here are resilient, like raymond rider who is back at home. >> i'm hanging out waiting for the power to come home. i had a bunch of food in my refrigerator and freezer and i didn't want to lose it. i had a generator and more or less took this opportunity to try to keep everything going. >> reporter: a neighbor has been here since the fire started. what's that been like? >> not fun, there's no power, no air-conditioning, no fans, no nothing. >> reporter: why didn't you leave? >> because i want to make sure this house stays here. >> reporter: and they're expecting those containment numbers to go up, hopefully as
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soon as this evening. the acreage should go up as well, but hopefully not as much as it has in the past several days. along with that, the officials here are hoping to start repopulating neighborhoods like this one, but it's complicated, eric, because they want to make sure that all of these houses don't hurt people, and they want to make sure that there's power on when folks come back. live in redding, laura anthony, abc 7 news. >> laura, thank you for the information. another firefighter died in the ferguson fire. a tree fell on the firefighter. full containment is expected to take at least two more ror or conditions, here's meteorologist drew tuma. eric, it is warm and breezy around our fires we're tracking in northern california. we'll take you to the carr fire right now outside of redding, and you can see temperature, 101 degrees at this hour. s it is hot, the relative
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humidity is low and the winds are out of the southeast at 17. you welcome at the temperature trend for today and the week ahead. we stay above 100 degrees. it will be hot around that fire. it will take you to the mendocino county lake county pair of fires we're tracking, the ranch fire and the river fire. cal fire has named these the mendocino complex. the winds are an issue. hopland has a wind of 21 miles an hour that would push the smoke and the fire with the river fire towards lakeport. and that wind direction will continue later tonight. future tracker wind gusts showing you wind still breezy. that will be a theme as we head into tomorrow as well. temperaturewise around lakeport, we do have some good news. it is a gradual cooling, but into the upcoming weekend next week in temperatures, not nearly as hot as they are right now. take a look at how warm we get across the region tomorrow afternoon, and that full accuweather forecast in a few minutes, eric. >> drew, thanks a lot.
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in napa county, people are returning to their homes tonight, they were chased out by the fast-moving steel fire. and many are coming back to find their homes in ashes. cornell barnard is live in napa county. cornell? >> reporter: eric, a sad sht here in the bay area, berryessa highlands tonight, home after home destroyed in this block of headlands drive, ash and rubble as far as you can see, a fire storm leaving its mark on this neighborhood. >> i don't know who's going to rebuild or stay. >> it's a tough homecoming for deborah heeler and her husband, the home they've lived in for 16 years was destroyed by the steel fire, seeing it up close is unreal. >> this is our family. we're tight up here. we're best friends. we take care of each other's homes. we have keys to each other's homes. this is our life up here. it's gone. >> the whole neighborhood is on fire right now. son of a gun, this is -- get
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everybody out. >> reporter: some neighbors francely ran door to door saturday afternoon helping to evacuate people living in the berryessa highlands. >> i'm telling you it's five minutes, we have five minutes. >> reporter: one block has been reduced to ashes, eight homes destroyed, four damaged. cal fire says extreme weather conditions were no match for fire crews who attacked it from all sides. >> we had winds and also very steep slopes and obviously very dry fuels on those slopes. >> reporter: about 300 people were evacuated as a chaotic mix of smoke and flames overtook the neighborhood. bill jones just found out his home is too unsafe to live in. >> there's a beam underneath the house that caught on fire and it's red tagged. so i have nowhere to go. i'm just going to do my best. >> reporter: folks here have lived through other wildfire scares before, but never thought one would change their lives forever. >> we're prepared.
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we cut everything back. everybody's been 100% prepared for this. it happened so fast. >> reporter: you know, we've heard that a lot today, just how fast this fire happened. i was struck by things which survived, like this family's boat parked in the street, virtually untouched. this fire is 60% contained. it burned 150 acres. the good news, nobody was hurt. live in napa county tonight, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> cornell, thank you. find immediate fire updates on your device, download the abc 7 news app and enable push alerts. oscar and grammy winners were produced at this bay area film and music studio that is now calling it quits. and seasons change, but not like this before.
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with the state being ravaged by wildfires, a new climate study found humans are changing the seasons. lawrence national labs researchers say burning fossil fuels has created larger average temperatures in the summer. 38 years of satellite-based -- they knew humans were impacting climates, but no idea we had this kind of an effect. an iconic bay area music and
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movie studio is zaentz studio will close in mid-september. green bay, credence clear water revival and journey. they produced "the english patient". meteorologist drew tuma is tracking fire conditions next in the accuweather forecast. the first weekend of training camp is over for the 49ers. jimmy garoppolo gives us a progress report.
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an update on the fire from redding, the death toll from the carr fire now stands at six. the fire continues to grow, but in remote areas of shasta county. officialanayt parts of redding that were evacuated will soon be repopulated. several has been arrested for looting and trespassing. the public is warned that officers will arrest people found in evacuated neighborhoods without legitimate reasons. be sure to stay with abc 7 news as we track the wildfires, you can find a guide to help you
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prepare for a sudden evacuation, including what you may want to have already packed so you are ready to leave. a big group of people tried their hand adderalling into the record books today. they were at the p skaters tried breaking the guinness world record for the longest chain of skaters. two roller skating clubs joined in on the effort, the holy rollers of the church of eight wheels, and black rock roller disco group. unfortunately the group was not able to break the current record of 371 skaters. the organizer says he will try agin. >> now, your accuweather forecast with drew tuma. in accuweather we're tracking a gradual cooldown if the coming days. live doppler 7 with satellite is showing you from time to time we've had high, thin cirrus clouds passing.
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with the fog, along the coastline it's been stuck the last 12 hours. outside we go, a live look from the kgo rooftop camera. you can see the fog is descending over the city, and it has created a wide range of temperatures. something you would expect this time of the year. so it's a cool 59 in san francisco, but sunnier prevail in south bay. even warmer in clear lake, a temperature, very hot, at 101 degrees. here's the call from accuweather, over the next 12 hours we have the fog that's already building on the coast right now. that will move into the bay close to midnight tonight. and tonight will be a cooler night than we experienced last night. most cities the next 12 hours will fall into the 50s. it will be a cool start to our day on monday. your 12-hour day planner tomorrow features the cloud cover early on coast-to-coast. the sun is up at 6:11 in the morning. midday the typical pattern with
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sunny skies prevailing. north into the afternoon, something you'll also notice inland and in the north bay, a haze in the atmosphere due to the smoke coming from the wildfires to our north, a wide range in temperatures to grant the new workweek ahead. 90 the high in morgan hill tomorrow. microclimate in south bay, 82 for san jose. along the peninsula it's cool and breezy, warmer if palo alto. 65 for san mateo. san francisco, 64, and cooler in daly city, 58. to the north bay we go, you can see 80s for a lot of cities, 83 novato, 84 for napa. 85 for santa rosa. lakeport is at 100 degrees tomorrow afternoon, ukiah hotter than that at 101. firefighters will be battling those fires at excessive heat. 67 in oakland tomorrow.
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73 castro valley. inland, gradually cooling off. 93, brentwood. 87 for livermore. the air quality on monday, we will have issues once again in the north bay, and inland where you can see moderate air quality for monday due to the smoke coming from some of our fires to the north. the air quality kind of gets worse as you move towards sacramento and up towards redding where we have the carr fire, the central valley kind of traps that smoke. as you move east tomorrow, that air quality goes to unhealthy. be aware of that. highs across the state tomorrow, 105 fresno, 104 in bakersfield, so we still have the heat in parts of the state. accuweather forecast, the gradual cooldown in the coming days, thursday and friday in the 80s with morning fog to afternoon sunshine each and every day this week. now, sports from abc 7 news. >> bruce bochy was not in the dugout. the giants manager took a red eye last night to watch the hall of fame induction ceremony of
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trevor hoffman, one of bochy's former players with the padre g-man down 2-0. posey unloads them with a double. giants one of only two teams without a grand slam. this works, 3-2 giants, goes four for five. taking this one to the vegetable garden, that made it 5-2. you don't see this every day, the panda, pablo sandoval with the two-run triple, going just down the line, allowing posy, and evan longoria to do downside. giants win 8-5. the a's are bummed out, rockies sleeping up against oakland. second home run of the season to give colorado a 2-0 lead. oakland trying to crawl back in it, 3-1 to the seventh.
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chris davis taps the rockies, 28th home run of the season 1-1 game at 3-2. bottom half of the inning, mckee martini, diving catch, what a play. the a's would go down swinging, wade davis strikes out matt olson to win the ball game. colorado host it is blue jays tomorrow. braves hosting the dodgers, atlanta pitcher shaun nukem was dealing. he gets the first two outs, one strike away from ao-no, chsyl b hit. that was it for newcomb. giving up one run and one walk, he picks up the victory 4-1. the first weekend of training camp is in the books for 49ers, and all eyes are on jimmy garoppolo. he ended last season on a
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five-game winning streak, sending expectations through the roof in santa clara. everything he does is being analyzed from throwing the deep pass to who he's dating. however, he's also been seen throwing the ball side arm and working on different throwing angles, something he hopes will make him a better quarterback. >> it's fun to work on these weird throws. i always heard brett favre did it when he played. when you get into a game, bolts are flying, you never know how you have to throw it. the fastest rides on four wheels at the track. a lot of close finishes today, starting with the pro stock, jake coughlin jr., in the -- robert hyde in the white and blue car reached 319
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hour. another win with a side of 287 miles an hour. this is more my speed, final stage of the tour de france, a victory lap for geraint thomas. the 32-year-old sipping champagne during his leisurely ride. he's the first welshman to win the tour. he promised the victory party will last for weeks, and possibly even a month. back to football today, the raiders put on the pads for the first time this training camp. we will check in with the silver and black tonight on the news at 11:00. so far, no major reports of any injuries in both training camps, that's always positive news. >> i like hearing that. eight and two-thirds at the last strike on the guy, he gets -- oh, that's heartbreaking. >> it is. >> anthony, thank you. coming up, he's 56 and fearless, tom cruise proving on
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he suffered a broken ankle and a lot of bruises, but at 56, tom cruise delivered at the box office this weekend, "mission impossible fallout" came in first, the latest in the series racked up nearly a billion dollars in the series. this one the critics loved,
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97% on rotten tomatoes. it earned $61 million in north r america. the fifth is teen titans go to the movies. and blind spotting earned $1.3 million in 523 theaters. he was fighting henry kabl in super man. that's it for abc 7 news at
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