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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  July 30, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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>> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you phenomenagain in half au tonight, as we come on the u air in the west, several developing stories, but we begin there in california. the massive and deadly fires. the death toll worsening. tonight, at least eight dead now. four firefighters, in some cases, the fires sweeping right over them. a grandmother and two great-grandchildren among the victims. and this evening, new pictures now from the air. the fire and winds forming a firenado, a fire whirl. also tonight, the city bracing for possible protests after this newly-released police body cam. >> put your hands up! >> the armed suspect running from police. you can hear him screaming, "please don't shoot me." officers explain why they opened fire and killed him, just as prosecutors said today they will not press charges. the family and protesters taking over the podium on live tv. president trump, his
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attorney, rudy giuliani, today on cable news with a new declaration, after the president has repeatedly said there was no collusion, giuliani now declaring collusion is not a crime. the late developments involving the powerful chairman and ceo of cbs. the board behind closed doors. what they've now decided. and les moonves' wife, julie chen, what she said on air today. the missing college student. what we now know about the timeline and her father breaking his silence tonight. and the new development in the murder of that well-known doctor who once treated former president george h.w. bush. what's now been revealed. good evening as we come on the air in the west tonight. it is great to be back with you here on a monday evening. and there are several fast-moving stories as we come on. we begin there with the state of siege in california. the death toll growing. four firefighters, a grandmother, two great-grandchildren among the
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victims. tonight, three major wildfires burning, but there are many more, from one end of the state to the other. the largest, the carr fire in the north, drawing fire departments from hundreds of miles away. the devastation not just from the flames, but from powerful winds the fire creates. trees flattened, it looks like a tornado blew right through. tonight, entire neighborhoods are now gone. more than 800 homes destroyed in the carr fire alone. this evening, the grandfather who lost his wife and great-grandchildren, and those four firefighters on the front lines, in two separate fires, when the flames engulfed them. abc's kayna whitworth from california tonight. >> reporter: tonight, with more than 12,000 firefighters battling nine large fires in california alone, the biggest one, the carr fire, scorching 150 square miles. this, as we're seeing new images of that tornado of fire from the air, growing explosively late thursday afternoon. eating its way through entire communities. gridlock on the roads. evacuees racing to get out.
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>> everybody was three by three on this road, gridlocked. >> reporter: tonight, a break in the wind and some relief for evacuated families who have the chance to see what's left. to see it now like this? >> it's pretty -- it's pretty difficult. >> reporter: among them, redding police chief roger moore, taking us to his home of 19 years. now unrecognizable. your kids lived their entire lives in this house. >> that part's tough. haven't really let that digest in yet. >> reporter: nearly 3,500 firefighters working around the clock in blazing heat, building control lines and putting out hot spots. residents, too. they just put out this fire down here with their garden hoses, and it's already sparked back up. so, now he's going back. look, there's a helicopter coming in right here. the blaze claiming at least six lives. among them, 70-year-old melody bledsoe and her two great-grandchildren, 5-year-old james and 4-year-old emily. >> called and said, "grandpa, you need to come, the fire's coming at our house now."
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>> reporter: ed bledsoe says he raced to get back, but couldn't. their bodies later discovered inside their redding home. seven others remain missing. and at the ferguson fire, near yosemite national park, captain brian hughes of the arrowhead hot shots was killed by a falling three sunday. >> brian was one of the best. he was a pillar of strength for that hot shot crew. >> reporter: he's now the fourth firefighter killed in the line of duty in the last two weeks. >> and kayna with us live tonight, just incredible destruction there behind you, kayna. some people got a chance to go back today, but as you reported in earlier, many of them, there's nothing to go back to. >> reporter: i know, david. nearly 1,000 structures destroyed. and homes just like this one -- look, this home had a tile roof. but there was no stopping this fire. these big, destructive wildfires are now the new normal. firefighters say it's basically everyone's worst nightmare. and we haven't even hit peak fire season yet here in california. david? >> yeah, that's the unbelievable part of all this.
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kayna whitworth leading us off tonight. thank you. let's get right to meteorologist rob marciano, as we begin another week. the focus on the winds. a little less erratic now, but the triple-digit heat? >>ep yeah, it's l abouthe heat. this isn't a santa ana wind event. it's not driven by big scale winds. it's driven by that heat, which is going to persist for a little bit longer, although the heat ridge itself is shifting a little bit to the east, so, that will help california a touch. but driving the big heat into the pacific northwest. and i can tell you from being there, air quality extremely poor even away from the fires. a lot of smoke. tomorrow's temperatures, similar to today. 90s, 100s. get a little bit of a pacific push midweek. so, temperatures cooling by flee, four, maybe five degrees. it's not much, david, but we'll take any cooling we can get at this point. >> all right, rob marciano just back from california tonight. thank you, rob. and we are also following that decision in minneapolis. no criminal charges for two white police officers in the shooting death of a black man, who can be heard saying, "please don't shoot me." he was armed. the disturbing body cam video showing the armed suspect running from police. and today, as prosecutors were about to declare no charges, the
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family and their supporters took over the podium on live tv. abc's alex perez in minneapolis. >> reporter: tonight, growing fallout in minneapolis after the release of this body cam video showing the fatal police shooting of 31-year-old thurman blevins. two officers can be heard trying to get blevins to put down what police say was a loaded semiautomatic handgun. >> put your hands up. put your [ bleep ] hands up now. stop! put your [ bleep ] hands up. >> reporter: the officers involved, justin schmidt and ryan kelly, were responding to a call of shots fired. >> report of an intoxicated male walking around shooting a gun into the air. >> reporter: after the officers confronted blevins, the video shows him running away. >> stop! >> reporter: telling the suspect what they say they spotted. >> put your hands up. >> i haven't done nothing, bro. >> you got a gun [ bleep ]. >> no, i don't. >> yes, you do. >> reporter: blevins, still running, yells back. >> don't shoot me. >> put your hands up. >> reporter: police say blevins can be seen reaching for his gun inside that red circle and turning towards the officers.
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both officers fire, shooting blevins four times. blevins later dying. at a press conference today, members of a police union said the two officers acted heroically and believed their lives were in danger. >> the whole time, he's looking back, getting position on where the officers are at to acquire a target to shoot them. >> reporter: at a later press conference, the county prosecutor took to the podium to defend the police department. but before he could announce charges would not be filed against the two officers, family and protesters rushed the podium, cutting him off. >> we want the cops arrested within the next 48 hours and prosecuted to the fullest degree of the law, because this was murder. >> and alex perez joins us live tonight from minneapolis. alex, emotions raw there. we saw the family and the protesters at that news conference today. they want justice for their family member. and the city bracing for possible more protests? >> reporter: that's right, david. another demonstration already
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planned for tomorrow afternoon. family members firmly believe their loved one did not have to die here in this alley. as you heard them say right now, they believe this is murder. david? >> alex perez in minneapolis. alex, thank you. we're going to turn next tonight to president trump and his personal attorney, rudy giuliani, who went on cable tv today. that is not new, but what he said was. after the president has repeatedly said there was no collusion, giuliani now saying collusion is not a crime. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: when it comes to the russia investigation, there is one message above all where president trump has been perfectly consistent. >> there was no collusion. at all. there was no collusion. at all. everybody knows it. >> reporter: but now, former trump lawyer michael cohen seems to be prepared to tell prosecutors that the president knew in advance about the infamous trump tower meeting organized by donald trump jr. after he'd been promised dirt from the russians on hillary
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clinton. and today, the president's current lawyer, rudy giuliani, offered a new message. it doesn't matter if the president colluded, because collusion, giuliani says, is not a crime. >> i've been sitting here looking in the federal code trying to find collusion as a crime. >> it's not. >> collusion is not a crime. >> reporter: it's a message giuliani repeated throughout the day. >> you don't even know if that's a crime, colluding about russ russians. >> okay -- >> you start analyzing the krip. the hacking is the crime. the hacking is the crime. >> that certainly is the original crime. >> the president didn't hack. >> of course not. >> he didn't pay them for hacking. >> reporter: giuliani's meandering and confounding interviews followed a series of tweets from the president blasting special counsel robert mueller. "is robert mueller ever going to release his conflicts of interest with respect to president trump," the president tweeted, "including the fact that we had a very nasty and contentious business relationship." the president offered no evidence and did not even say what the conflict was. and neither did giuliani. >> you have every right to say,
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okay, you explain it, mueller. stand up and be a man. >> why is it up to robert mueller to have to support the president's tweet? >> because he has the conflict, not the president. >> what's the conflict? >> i can't tell you, i'm not sure i know exactly what the conflict is. i have a good idea what it is. it's one that would have kept me out of the investigation. >> reporter: just last month, deputy attorney general rod rosenstein, under oath, told congress he hasn't seen any such conflict of interest. >> i'm not aware of any disqualifying conflict of interest. >> reporter: of course, no word from robert mueller, who is almost never seen in public, although he was spotted at d.c.'s reagan national airport on friday, waiting to board a plane just steps away from donald trump jr. >> and jon karl with us live tonight from the white house. and jon, we know jury selection begins in the trial of paul manafort tomorrow, the first trial, of course, to come out of special counsel robert mueller's investigation. but we heard that argument from giuliani, he has said it before, essentially saying to mueller, if you have something, show us. but is there any sense of when mueller will reveal his findings? what are you hearing from your
5:41 pm
sources at the white house? >> reporter: well, giuliani himself said that -- based on -- today he said that based on his conversations with robert mueller, he believes that mueller wants to issue his final report on the president by september. but then again, we see the negotiations over an interview between the special counsel and the president have gone nowhere, the president is escalating his attacks, and the bottom line, david, is that nobody but robert mueller really knows how close he is to finishing his investigation. >> all right, jon karl live at the white house. jon, good to have you back. president trump also making news on iran tonight, at his new conference with the italian prime minister today. after ripping up the iran nuclear deal and then exchanging harsh words with the iranian president, today, president trump declaring he would meet, no preconditions, face-to-face, with the iranian president. >> no preconditions. no. they want to meet, i'll meet. any time they want. any time they want. it's good for the country, good for them, good for us. and good for the world. >> not long after that moment,
5:42 pm
secretary of state mike pompeo indicated there would be preconditions, among them, how iran treats its own people. and when asked, was it true, what iran now claims, that president trump requested a meeting with iran, but iran rebuffed him, pompeo would not answer. we turn next, late today, to cbs' board of directors taking no action against les moonves, at least for now. the chairman and ceo of cbs, he faces new accusations of sexual misconduct. they're instead launching an outside investigation of one of the most powerful men in television and in hollywood. here's abc's eva pilgrim tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the wife of immediaty titan and cbs ceo of les moonves speaking out over sexual misconduct allegations against her husband. >> some of you may be aware of what's been going on in my life over the past few days. i issued the one and only statement i will ever make on this topic on twitter and i will stand by that statement today,
5:43 pm
tomorrow, forever. >> reporter: in the tweet, chen said, "leslie is a good man and a loving father, devoted husband. he has always been a kind, decent and moral human being. i fully support my husband and stand behind him." "the new yorker" magazine detailing allegations from six women ranging from unwanted advances to sexual assault. actress illeana douglas claiming during a 199 7 business meeting, moonves began violently kissing her, even pulling up her skirt. douglas saying, "i couldn't get him off me." moonves admits to trying to kiss douglas, but denies kissing her, but denies assaulting her, saying in a statement, "i always understood and respected and abided by the principle that no means no." tonight, some conflict inside the company. cbs films president terry press struggling to reconcile the moonves she knows with the allegations, posting this statement. "i do not believe it is my place to question the accounts put
5:44 pm
forth by the women, but i do find myself asking that if we are examining the industry as it existed decades before through the lens of 2018, should we also discuss a path to learning, reconciliation and forgiveness?" tonight, the cbs board taking no immediate action against the ceo credited with turning around the network, announcing the board will seek to appoint outside counsel to investigate. and david, this independent investigation will be looking at the corporate culture, as well, at the company. david? >> eva pilgrim on this tonight. eva, thank you. we're going to turn next this evening to an abc news exclusive here. the father of that missing student in iowa is now breaking his silence, pleading for help in finding his daughter. of course, last seen jogging nearly two weeks ago now. here's abc's whit johnson. >> reporter: tonight, the search for 20-year-old mollie tibbetts growing more desperate. authorities now focusing on her digital footprint, trying to nail down a clear timeline of her disappearance. >> i just want her home. >> reporter: mollie's father, rob tibbetts, speaking
5:45 pm
exclusively to abc news. >> we just need people to think. there's somebody -- they know something and they don't even know it's important. >> reporter: mollie, last seen jogging july 18th, wearing a sports top, shorts and running shoes. investigators say her evening jogs were often long, on different routes through this sprawling farming community, complicating the search. authorities hoping to find critical clues in her cell phone and fitbit, which they believe mollie had with her. >> we are using technology to its fullest in hopes that we can track and locate mollie. >> reporter: mollie's boyfriend, dalton jack, says he was working a construction job more than 100 miles away, while tibbetts watched his dogs that night. authorities say jack is not a suspect. investigators say they have been inundated with tips. 20 to 30 agents have already conducted more than 200 interviews. david? >> whit johnson tonight. whit, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. the crash here in new york city. the driver slamming into a restaurant, the suv jumping the curb. several people trapped and
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injured. we do have news on their conditions tonight. the new development in the murder of that well-known doctor who once treated former president george h.w. bush. what's now been revealed. and alex trebek tonight. what he's now revealed about his own future. a lot more news ahead tonight. c. tremfya® is for adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. i'm ready. with tremfya®, you can get clearer. and stay clearer. in fact, most patients who saw 90% clearer skin at 28 weeks stayed clearer through 48 weeks. tremfya® works better than humira® at providing clearer skin, and more patients were symptom free with tremfya®. tremfya® may lower your ability to fight infections and may increase your risk of infections. before treatment, your doctor should check you for infections and tuberculosis. tell your doctor if you have an infection or have symptoms such as: fever, sweats, chills, muscle aches or cough. before starting tremfya® tell your doctor if you plan to or have recently received a vaccine. ask your doctor about tremfya®. tremfya®. because you deserve to stay clearer. janssen wants to help you explore cost support options.
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come hok., babe. nasty nighttime heartburn? try new alka-seltzer pm gummies. the only fast, powerful heartburn relief plus melatonin so you can fall asleep quickly. ♪ oh, what a relief it is! we turn next tonight to new surveillance in the killing of that well-known doctor in houston. police say it shows the suspect immediately after the doctor was shot and killed while riding his bike to work. here's abc's clayton sandell. >> reporter: tonight, a new piece of the puzzle in a houston doctor's murder. just-released video of the suspect riding away moments after police say he gunned down dr. mark hausknecht. it happened july 20th as hausknecht, shown in green, rode his bike to work. the suspect, in red, follows close behind, opening fire in broad daylight. >> the suspect drove past the doctor, turned and fired two shots. the doctor immediately went down. >> reporter: adding to the mystery, houston's police chief
5:49 pm
now says, "there is a high probability the doctor was targeted," but offering no other details or motive. hausknecht, who once treated president george h.w. bush, was 65. >> i was shocked. i was stunned. couldn't absorb it. yeah. and i'm still grieving, like many people are. >> reporter: houston homicide detectives are asking people to check any security cameras or dashboard cameras that might have also seen the killer. in the meantime, there is a $5,000 reward. david? >> let's hope it helps. clayton, thank you. when we come back, news tonight about alex trebek. also, a breakthrough for depression. the frightening crash here in new york city. an suv slamming into the front of a restaurant. several trapped. and music legend neil diamond, and what he did. psori. as you and your rheumatologist consider treatments, ask if xeljanz xr is right for you. xeljanz xr is a once-daily pill for psoriatic arthritis. taken with methotrexate or similar medicines, it can reduce joint pain, swelling, and significantly improve physical function.
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the firefighters hard at work in california, and in colorado, too. working to contain the lake christine fire there, and there's someone there thanking them. >> shall we do a song, or maybe two? >> reporter: this community in basalt, colorado, is grateful tonight. firefighters and their families with their phones in the air. >> now, you have to save my house. >> reporter: before neil diamond plays, a thank you. >> i want to take you all home, i want to give you a kiss, i want to make dinner for you. ♪ warm touching warm ♪ reaching out >> reporter: neil diamond revealed six months ago he was retiring due to parkinson's disease. but that did not stop him from telling these firefighters they have helped calm an entire community. >> i've been here for 20 years and you've made everybody happy. ♪ touching me ♪ touching you
5:58 pm
♪ sweet caroline ♪ bah bah bah >> reporter: the firefighters, the community members singing along with him. and with their phones recording him, in the end, neil diamond turning the focus back onto them. >> the heaviness on our hearts is gone, we know the calvary is here, and we say thank you. ♪ sweet caroline >> we join neil diamond in saluting those firefighters hard at work across the country. good night. deadly and devastating. tonight, live team coverage on
5:59 pm
the wildfires that are both ndg lives up and down california. >> i call it apocalyptic. >> that one word sums up what life looks like in lake and mendocino counties tonight where evacuation orders are expanding. i'm spencer christian. i'll give you a close-up look at weather conditions near the fires right now. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> wow. there are so many people in this community helping. and we know that we're going to all get through it. >> hope is what they are holding on to tonight. thousands of evacuees wait and watch, wondering what's happened to their homes while thousands of firefighters take on a task that they know has provengood e. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz. dozens of fires are burning in the state basically from boarder to border. >> yeah, there are about 20 active wildfires blazing across the state right now. on this map, each of these icons
6:00 pm
represents a firefight involving cal fire. >> now four of these fires are major. they're destroying homes, forcing people to evacuate and in some cases have taken lives. we'll discuss each of these in the next ten minutes. >> and we have a team helping cover them for you. abc 7 neuews weather anchor spencer christian is tracking weather across the state. >> and let's start with the largest and deadly fire. that's the carr fire near redding. we do have some encouraging news. evacuation orders have been lifted for some communities. >> now this fire is nearly 100,000 acres in size, and just 20% contained. more than 700 homes are gone and six people have died. >> abc 7 news reporter laura anthony joins us live from redding with the latest. hi, am. first, the fire itself. the leading edge of the carr fire now burning 15 to 20 miles to the west of where we are standing with that. the process of repopulating
6:01 pm
neighborhoods is beginning


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