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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  July 31, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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with low relative humidities with the wind has made for extreme fire behavior. >> they're also dealing with this. these four people were arrested and accused of looting in lakeport. a total of five people arrested. this has some residents nervous about leaving with some deciding to stay. an emergency meeting is set up at 9:00 this morning in clear lake to brief residents on the latest information. live in the newsroom, amy hollyfield. >> thank you. yeah, those fires moving so quickly. so many people affected. it's 4:30 on the dot. let's go ahead and check our weather and traffic. let's start with mike. mike, those fires have b devaneestating. and the weather has not been really cooperating. >> no, it really hasn't, but it's getting better. all of of our watches, warnings, advisories have gone by the way side. the heat will eventually expire also. here's the lakeport area, in the mid 90s today. tomorrow, thursday, friday, and then you can see saturday, 90. now into the 80s for sunday,
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monday, and tuesday. now, back here at home, we had the marine layer protect us and it's going to do it once ag accr 12-hour planner. mid to upper 50s this morning. not as much cloud cover as yesterday. that will allowia to hit 82 at noon and 90 at 4:00. a lot of 70s around the bay this afternoon and still 50s at the coast with just a little sunshine from time to time. let's get another check of the morning commute and see what else alexis is watching. >> not a whole lot, which is good news here. we're looking live at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights not on yet. we should have just under an hour to go until that happened and just a little stack up in the cash lanes. not too bad. they should have more booths open in about 30 minutes. drive times for bridges. six minutes southbound across golden gate bridge. seven minutes across the bay bridge once you make it through the toll plaza, and westbound 92 in the green, just a 13-minute drive. >> thank you. >> that massive car fire burning in shasta county is spreading north and that's allowing
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officials to lift some evacuations in the south. >> to be clear, the firefight far from over. the carr fire has grown to 103,000 acres. it's destroyed more than 800 homes. six people have died, and at last check, it's only 23% contained. laura anthony has the latest from redding. >> with the carr fire now burning 15, 20 miles to the west of redding, the process of repopulation is slowly beginning here, but for residents who live in subdivisions badly damaged like this one, the wait will be a little longer. it's not what these guys were sent here to do. they're construction workers bringing in heavy equipment for arr fire. when they saw ce ath frightened, they tried to corral it. it wasn't to be, but it's another example of how this community is rallying to help one otan just as thousands of firefighters are doing their part to hold the line on a
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massive fire that's at least slowed in recent days, here, near buckhorn summit, fire crews worked to knock down the flames before they get into the trees. closer to redding, many of the nearly 40,000 residents evacuated from their homes are eager to go home and help each other. >> pull together and stay positive. there's so many people in this community helping. we know that we're going to all get through it. we're all going to get through it. >> we have to be patient. we're all at the mercy of the fire. it's not just the fire. we've got power lines that are down, services that are cut off, gas lines, water lines. >> worst part is not knowing. >> no one is more anxious than ronald. he knows his neighbor's house is okay, but he's not sure about his. >> you just never think it's going to happen to you. so you work 20 years to put things together, and even if the
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house is g ng to be just terrib. >> we told him we would check on his house for him. we did. and this is what we found. now, the timing of the repopulation is a huge factor here. some residents simply have nowhere to go. the shelters are full. the hotels are full. and even if they weren't, some people told us they simply don't have any money to pay for them. in redding, laurie anthony, abc 7 news. >> and a toddler showing her appreciation for firefighters battling the carr fire. 2-year-old gracy lutz handed out burritos to crews. for her, the fight is personal. one of her uncles is a cal fire engineer, another works as a water tender and her grandfather is a dozer operator. >> seven inmates at the san francisco hall of justice claim the main jail has dangerous and unhealthy conditions. a lawsuit filed against the city seeks $150,000 or more in
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damages for physical injuries, emotional distress, and loss of personal property. they claimew sackueagps cause sewage, feces and urine to come from the toilets. the lawyer says they have developed skin rashes and breathing problems. >> a san francisco sheriff's deputy has been redesigned after someone stole a department issued gun from the deputy's vehicle in fairfield last thursday. the vehicle was parked outside the deputy's home. they're treating the matter very seriously. this is the third weapon stolen from a san francisco deputy's vehicle in just the last year. >> large companies in cupertino like apple may have to pay hundreds of dollars for every employee if a proposed business tax is passed. today, the city council is expected to vote on whether to put a head tax on the november ballot. the city would tax companies with more than 5,000 people $425 the sf gate says apple sent a
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letter to city council members trying to get them to reject the ballot measure. >> san francisco supervisors will give the final approval to ban plastic straws and other disposable food service ware in the city. they passed the ban last week on a preliminary basis. the final vote is today. the law will take effect in july of next year. >> and did you feel it? a 3.6 magnitude earthquake shook the north bay. >> here's a closer look at the location in san pablo bay. it was the largest of the small quakes the area has s years. lilian kim has more now from marin county. >> i thought maybe it was like moving furniture, but louder >> north bay residents weren't sure what was happening, but in black point, just about everyone felt something. >> i actually thought i left my scar in gear out front because i got in the house, i sat down at my computer, and boom. it was like i looked outside to see if high car had hit the house. >> the source of that boom came
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from 7 1/2 miles below san pablo bay, where the hayward fault and rogers creek fault are believed to be connected. >> it's not the first time this general area of the epicenter has been the location of numerous small earthquakes in the last 20 years. this just happens to be the largest of those. >> what's more. experts say there's a 33% chance there will be a 6.7ag mdeni rog fault by f this latest tumber, damage was reported, but it did rattle plenty of nerves. >> i have been living in california since '94. there's only been a few large enough to feel. but it scares me. >> there was an aftershock about an hourland ar. a its a one, too small to notice. >> good morning. seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. i had a few friends in walnut creek who felt that also. walnut creek, 58 degrees right
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now. san ramon, pleasanton, livermore, in the 50s. pleasant hill at 60. antioch at 70, and mid 60s for pittsburg. let's take a look at south bay. this is one of those areas where i was driving across the bay bridge, a little drizzle on the windshield. watch out for that. we have also got brisk conditions north of the bay bridge again this afternoon. and it's goingo t be morning and maybe hot when you return home, especially inland east bay if you're taking mass transit. here's a look at san francisco. mainly cloudy. drizzle through 8:00, and then we'll see a lot of sunshine. a little more than yesterday, but temperatures don't budge. we'll be in the low to mid 60s throughout the afternoon hours. in the south bay,e' got more sunshine thismorning. 63. notice by noon, excuse me, we're 77. about 81, pretty comfortable, during the afternoon hours. in the north bay, a little bit warmer than the south bay. we'll start off with a little less cloud cover this morning
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and fog. haven't seen any yet. 55 at 8:00. 78 at noon. we'll hang out in the mid to upper 70s this afternoon. and we drop to 70 degrees by 8:00. you know, yesterday, kind of quiet. you had some hot spots. i'm hoping and everyone else who is commuting is hoping for the same thing. >> so far, we're quiet. we have one issue to get to on highway 4 around railroad avenue. a two-car crash reported in the far right lane is blocked. and one of the vehicles involved in this has been pushed off to the shoulder. so they are calling for an ambulance to theec tie,onensc h. not sure if anyone has injuriei, but already have a couple miles of backup approaching that scene. i will keep a close eye on that one. that's pretty much it so far. everyone else looking quiet. here's southbound 680 through the walnut creek area. we're not seeing delays, maybe a few folks starting to tap their
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brakes north of 24. we'll look at mass transit in about ten minutes. >> thank you. coming up, new technology meant to keep your family safe. the feature nissan is making standard in all of its cars. >> i just want a home. >> a college student with bay area ties now missing for nearly two weeks. where her family says she may have also been the night she was last scene. >> and a shark stolen from an aquarium and you could save energy by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california. it's a high-tech sleep revolution. the sleep number 360 smart bed intelligently senses your movement and automatically adjusts. so you wake up ready to run the world. the new sleep number 360 smart bed, from $999.
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and here's what's left of all of the fire danger that we have had. just poor air quality in the san joaquin valley through at least 8:30 thursday morning, the air quality warning for nearly 3.3 million people. it does leak into the sierra where also we have a chance of thunderstorms. a smaller area from about tahoe all the way down to those areas you see shaded in green. in fact, you can see the green lighting up around yosemite. 91. tahoe, 87 today. still well over 100 in fresno, palm springs, chico. 98 in sacramento. mid to upper 80s around san diego and los angeles. even some thunderstorms possible in the mountains to the east. of course, going to be nice at the coast. 68 and 62. let's send it over to reggie for more news. >> thanks.l manafort's trial. president trump's former campaign chair is accused of
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money laundering and taxfr special counsel robert mueller brought on the charges while investigating russian meddling in the manafort will appear16 in feder court in virginia today. we expect an updaten tathe ler missing university of iowa student. molly tibbetts, who spent part of her childhood in oakland, hasn't been seen in nearly two weeks. she was reported missing in brooklyn, iowa. she was last seen going for a jog. she may have been at her boyfriend's house that night. she was walking his dog where he worked 100 miles away. investigators have said he's not a suspect. molly's dad spoke exclusively with abc news. >> it doesn't matter what we're going through. we just need people to think. there's somebody who knows something, and they don't even know it's important. we can get molly back. we just have to have somebody call. >> investigators are also looking at molly's digital
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footprint, including social media and data from her fitbit. officials in iowa plan to hold a news conference at 11club 30 this morning. >> tips help lead police to the suspects behind this shark snatching in texas. take a look. it was all caught on video. three people wheeling the animal out of the aquarium in a baby stroller. police got a report someone took the gray horn shark from the san antonio aquarium on saturday and video shows three people reaching into the tank, grabbing the animal, wrapping it in a wet blanket, and hiding it in a stroller. police were able to track down the suspected thieves. they confessed and eventually returned the shark. >> what in the world. >> okay, new this morning, it's summertime in the bay area, but the water is icy cold. in fact, our ocean temperatures off the coast of northern california are cooler than what you would find in alaska. here's a live look at the ocean from our santa cruz camera. definitely need the wet suit. the noaa tracks sea surface
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ermpatesur tempoff parts of the california coast hit the low 50s sunday morning. in alaska, it was in the mid 50s, even low 60s in parts of the gulf of alaska. >> are you surprised by this? that it's as cold in alaska, because it's freezing. >> yeah, that's what leads to our fog every day. that's the reason why we have the free air conditioning, because of the cold ocean air. not fun to play in at times. >> don't even put my toe in it. >> but it's nice when you don't have to run the air conditioner. let's talk about what's going on outside. let's see what the sea breeze and cool air is doing for us today. a look at san jose, 87. we're going to have brighter conditions today, but still haziness is going to hang around. temperatures will be cles to average, and then we'll have a little sea-saw in the forecast. no wild temperature swings but we'll pull back a few days and warm up for the weekend. let's focus on this morning. you can see the cloud cover not quite as wide spread as yestday which
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pull back to the coast faster. we'll still have a little innnnruhr g tgate ou and heading to richmond, berkeley, and albany. and you can see the clouds, stubborn along thecoast, maybe a little more sunshine along the sonoma county coast. let's see the temperatures, wide ranging in the south bay, from 79 in milpitas, 84 at san jose to low to mid 90s in morgan hill and gilroy. 73 in santa cruz. as far as the peninsula, we start at 67 at millbrae. most of us in the mid to upper 70s. we'll have upper 50s to low 60s along the coast. 64 in downtown san francisco today. up through the north bay, 82 in sonoma and napa. 87 in santa rosa, to the near 100 temperatures in ukiah and lakeport. only 70 in oakland. warmer in fremont at 78. we have 89 in pleasanton. everybody else in the low to mid 90s, even brentwood pushing 97. great sleeping weather again tonight. low 50s to low 60s. my accuweather seven-day
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forecast, see, we lose a few degrees away from the coast wednesday and thursday. then temperatures right back to today's levels friday and saturday. then we drop a few degrees sunday and monday, nothing too extreme. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. hope you enjoy it. >> sounds good. overall, we're looking great here to kick off the tuesday morning drive. even the cash lanes here at the bay bridge toll plaza, no stack-up so far this morning. keeping an eye on that. we should have about 45 minutes to go until the metering lights are flipped on. 31 b.a.r.t. trains in service. no delays there. ace one out on time, so looking good as you leave the central valley, if you're using mass transit today. and capital corridor, so far so good, normal service and no delays. >> thank you. >> new this morning, nissan is making it easier for drivers to remember to take out any important things in their back seat. the automaker will make its rear door alert feature standard in its cars. when the car is turned off, drivers will be alerted by a series of honks to remind them to check the back.
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nissan says the system will be in all of its cars in two years, in the year 2020. they hope it helps keep children safe. the national safety council reports 43 children died last year after being forgotten in hot cars. >> uber is putting the brakes on its self-driving trucks unied. the company says it will end the san francisco-based program and instead focus its efforts on self-driving cars. uber's self-driving truck efforts have faced a lot of controversy and legal problems. >> after a series of outages, moviepass has taken a big hit on wall street. >> here's that and more in today's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites, moviepass is struggling to stay afloat. >> it offers subscribers a movie a day for a flat fee of $9.95, but the service experienced outages and the company is running low on cash. deals to share costs with major studios never materialized and stocks have plunged 60%. >> investors will be watching the nasdaq after the tech heavy
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index posted the biggest three-day loss since march. >> tech stocks have been hit with losses at facebook and netflix, and today, apple will report its earnings. and finally, harley davidson's glns into the future. >> the iconic motorcycle maker says its first electric model willonat's five years after it first previewed. harley also says upcoming products could include eers, po or electric bicycles. >> takes a while to get there. thosere a if you're a tennis fa me, this is very exciting. a big event bringing tennis star serena williams to the bay area today. >> the oakland a's ditch traditional tickets. the new way to get into all the games next season. >> the problem nearly half of peop
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when i have an asthma attack... i feel like a fish with no water. learn how to prevent your child's next asthma attack. because even one attack is one too many. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. let's talk about the a's because it's tuesday and you know what that means? free parking thanks to chevy. dropping down to 59 degrees under the stars as the sun sets around 8:19 this evening. have fun. >> happening today. the silicon valley classic tennis tournamen san jose state university, and serena williams will take center court for her opening round match at 7:00 tonight. sister venus williams plays thursday. you can watch all of the matches on espn2 or espn3. >> warriors star steph curry
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will play for the second year in a row in a professional golf tournament in the east tpnc ht week. his debut last year was a huge success for the event and drew countless new golf fans. the warriors community foundation will be one of the charities benefitting from this year's tournament. >> happening today, the major league baseball trade deadline is this afternoon. the a's are still two games out of a playoff spot, and their best case playoff scenario is a wild card game. as for the giants, there are reports outfielder andrew mccutchen could be leaving because of his pending free agency. >> the oakland a's are getting rid of traditional season tickets, instead, you can sign up for a new member hp program. they get skrerl admission access to all home games, a reserved seat plan, and concession discounts. that includes some 20-ounce beers for $4, and hotdogs for $3. plans start at $240. >> not bad. >> membership has its
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privileges. you're never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. you can see the high pressure in the south, low to the north. pumping up the moisture, mainly up the spine of the sierra while the low pressure steering in this wonderful sea breeze that's keeping us cool and clean. it's also cloudy this morning. we'll keep an eye on sfo to see if there are delays. the only real extreme temperature, about 5 degrees warmer in santa rosa at 87. redding, some good news here. the temperatures are going to drop. they'll be over 100 through saturday, and then down into the 80s to near 90 monday and tuesday. so those firefighters getting a break there. if you're heading to tahoe, still going to be smoky today, tomorrow, thursday, and friday. we have a dry cold front that will bring cooler conditions and cleaner air just in time for the weekend. hey, alexis. >> good morning. and we've got one issue to talk about on the roads so far today. that is in the pittsburg area, westbound highway four, just before you get to railroad avenue, a two-car crash. one of the vehicles off on the right shoulder. the other one is still blocking
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the slow lane, though, and they're calling for an ambulance to the scene. so pretty large emergency response, and we have about a 15-minute delay approaching that already here this morning. hopefully they can get that fulfull y pushed off to the side shortly. looking at the san mateo bridge, no issues. wstbound 92 still light. next traffic update at 5:00. >> alexis, thank you. parents can try to get their toddlers to stop being picky eaters but it won't change their behavior. that's the news according to a new study pulished in the journal appetite. researchers followed a group of 24 toddlers over a year. they looked at the impact parental pressure tactics had on picky eaters. they found no evidence it would help control weight or improve behavior. were you a picky eater? >> very, and it didn't work. >> i have grown to love all the things i used to hate.
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it eventually works out. >> staring at the computer too long can worsen your eye sight and increase the severity of headaches. >> many office workers don't even have a choice. they spend about 6 1/2 hours a day staring at awork, and that roughly 1700 hours a year. contact lens manufacturing acuvue did a survey, and 37% say they squint regularly and read off the computer screen. the same number complained about regular headaches. 48% believe they suffer from eye dryness or soreness after staring at a screen for too long. >> a big day for a measure in cupertino that would tax companies based on how many employees they have. >> plus, more wildfire coverage from mendocino, and redding has a new tool to find out status of homes. >> a boy felt alone
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that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. good morning east bay. let's get up and get going. >> it's 5:00 a.m. on this tuesday, july 31st. >> you're never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. let's check in with mike nicco. >> hi, everybody. aoue tplo let you know about and make you aware of. drizzle near the coast and into san francisco. cloud cover that's moving into the bay right now thanks to a sea breeze that's a little lighter than it was yesterday. the cloud cover is not quite as spread. notice there's no fog in the north bay yet. let's talk about wha gppst' onn. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s at 7:00. you head through my 12-hour pl


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