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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 3, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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likely to get worse this weekend too. and we have a greater chance of seeing new fires start because of a red flag warning that's already in effect. >> we have team coverage on the firefights tonight with a focus on the impact we're either about to see or are already seeing here in the bay area. >> let's begin with abc 7 news reporter leslie brinkley, checking on our air quality tonight. leslie? >> well, dan, a little glimmer of good news here from along the front lines of the smoke this afternoon. right now we have a little bit of blue sky and the air is clearing. it's a lot better than it was a little while ago. behind me, mt. diablo literally two hours ago you could not see mt. diablo if you were driving on highway 24. to the right you see some of the smoky haze in the distance. it's all matter of the shifting winds. the best air quality monitor on mt. diablo might just be this cyclist who rides these slopes every day. >> well, when you start down in walnut creek, you can see the smoke up at the top of the mountain. and then about two-thirds of the
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way up, you start smelling it. so i can smell it copping down as well. so it's obvious that the smoke is coming in from the north. >> riding up and down the mountain, you know, you can kind of sense that there is a little thicker quality to the air. >> the winds are shifting and smoke is blowing in from a distant fire, specifically the mendocino complex fires. the bay area air quality management district has posted a smoke advisory to let people know the smoke might impact them this weekend, especially in sonoma, napa, and contra costa counties. also, smoke will be evident towards sacramento, modesto, and the central valley. >> it's not going to be high levels of particulates for most people, because the smoke is very high. so you may see it up in the air. but down here where we breathe the levels should not be in excess of health standards. >> this map shows the california fires. the smoke from the red zones could blow into some of the yellow areas on the map. the green zones along the coast
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are the only areas that will likely be smoke-free. some say they see the smoke as a warning. >> if you look out at mt. diablo and all that fuel around you, you feel a little nervous about it as well. >> it's a reminder that we're all so vulnerable. >> very vulnerable. >> reporter: so if you smell smoke, it means you're breathing in smoke. the bay area quality management district suggests curtailing outdoor activity, even going inside. in lafayette, i'm leslie brinkley, abc 7 news. >> leslie, thank you. now let's bring in abc news weather anchor spencer christian. >> let's take a closer look at this graphic. red flag warning in effect for those areas due north up in the area of the mendocino complex fire and an area of the carr fire. now this red flag warning expires at 11:00 tomorrow night. so it's going to be in effect for quite some time. ridge gusts due north will range
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from 25 to 35 miles per hour. in the sierra, ridge gusts will reach speeds of 65 miles per hour. much windier there, and the relative humidity in these areas is dangerously low. just want to give you an idea of where that smoke is going right now. this is satellite looping image showing smoke moving southward into our area. but larger masses of smoke are being blown to our east in the central valley and sierra. nonetheless, the air quality is declining. dan? >> spencer, thank you. some north bay fire departments are spread thin because they sent crews to help the wildfires that are already burning. now the staffing situation is especially worrisome of course with this red flag warning we're facing. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas continues our live team coverage from a fire station in napa county with the story. eric? >> and dan, that red flag warning runs until 11:00 tomorrow night. we're at station 27, one of two stations we visited today along with station 25. the firefighters there know what to do in the event of a red flag warning. but as you said, one of the
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issues is manpower. and right now, they're spread a little thin. >> 14, 14, 1241. >> firefighters at napa fire station 25 are keeping one ear on the radio. one hand on their fire engines, and both eyes on the dry vegetation in the hills around them. >> the red flag warning means that the conditions are going to be very receptive for potential fire behavior and large incidents. >> which is what firefighters here are dreading since napa county already has strike teams in redding for the carr fire and in lake county for the mendocino complex fire. it means fewer firefighters here at home. >> we are thin. we do have resources committed on major incidents right now. but as far as locally, all of our napa fire stations are staffed, and the firemen and women are ready to respond. >> so they send five engines and 15 firefighters each time a strike team is dispatched. >> we do have our local
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volunteers that are here covering behind some of our engines that are gone on some of these strike teams on various fires that we have going on throughout the state. >> the men and women of station 25 are reminded every day how much hard work goes into fighting a major fire. from the front of the station, you can still see the scars left behind by last year's atlas fire that knowledge will come in handy since two of 25's engines are scheduled to leave in a couple of days to help relieve one of the strike teams at the carr fire. >> we prepare for this early spring, early summer with readiness drills and stuff to keep people mentally focused on what could happen. >> firefighter flores will be among a half dozen firefighters here on the two engines that will leave sunday night or monday morning to relieve people who are on the carr fire and who have been on the line for 14 days now. in napa, eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> tough duty. eric, thank you so much. happening now, cal fire is holding two community meetings
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about the mendocino complex fire to give out the latest information as evacuation orders fluctuate. the ranch fire has grown to 112,000 acres and is 28% contained. the river fire is much smaller, about 41,000 acres and is 50% contained. we learned today that these fires have forced lakeport schools to delay the start of class by about two weeks. students originally expected to start next week. in shasta and trinity counties, the carr fire has burn in order than 131,000 acres. firefighters have it almost 40% contained, but it's too soon to say when this fire will be fully contained. more than a thousand homes burned to the ground. even as residents began to return to neighborhoods devastated by the carr fire, we're getting new glimpses of their harrowing escapes. abc 7 news anchor kristen sze is here with one resident's video as he barely got out of harm's way. >> this is jude's story of survival. last thursday as the carr fire
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was bearing down on his neighborhood, he had just minutes to escape. his wife and their two little girls were in a separate car ahead of them, and this is what their experience looked like. >> oh, jesus. jesus, jesus. >> it looks like hell. and it felt like hell, like it was so hot. you could barely breathe when you were outside. it was just so intense. i hope because the electricity all went off. so i was god, if that gate is closed and not opening, i'm going to have to ramtha thing. >> it is burning. i cannot see. i cannot even see. >> he managed to drive to safety as did crystal with the girls. their dogs and cats are okay as well. you might have heard the cats meowing in the video. sadly, though, their home was burned to the ground. now he just sent us these before and after photos. total destruction. we're going dissolve back and forth so you can see what a lovely home it was and what's
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left now. fortunately, friends have offered to help. they're currently staying out of town. like so many victims, they're not sure where they'll go next. dan and ama? >> so much uncertainty, kristen. thank you very much. the ferguson fire is burning into the outer edges of yosemite national park. and in the last 20 minutes, officials announced mandatory evacuations for the community of el portal. that may force some firefighters near badger pass to shelter in place. that's according to our sister station kfsn. the fire forced the closure of yosemite valley again this morning, but park official says the evacuation is only a precaution, mainly for the safety of firefighters working along the roadways. the fire has charred 73,000 acres. it's 41% contained. two firefighters have been killed fighting this blaze. one of those men will be laid to rest tomorrow in fresno. we have kept an eye on four major fires all week long. you've already heart the updates on three of them. the fourth, the cranston fire is at 96% containment, and all
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evacuation orders have been lifted. firefighters expect to have full containment within a week. many are grieving in pleasant hill tonight after martin nelis, a beloved member of city hall, has died. nelis served adds a spokesperson. he was hit bay truck yesterday while riding his bike on a lunch break along reliez valley road. that area is a popular spot for bikers. dion lim is live with why neighbors say a tragedy like this, dion, was bound to happen. >> absolutely, dan. martin nelis was so loved here at pleasant hill city hall. he was known for a sense of humor and his colleagues say he will be dearly missed. mayor of pleasant hill tim flaherty is still trying to process the tragic events of what happened to his friend and colleague, tim nellis. he was on his lunch brake light when tragedy struck. >> martin was incredibly bright,
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incredibly witty, really a true irishman. >> reporter: nelis was riding his bike in lafayette thursday afternoon, something he loved so much when the contra costa sheriff's office received a call that a cyclist had been hit. nelis was transported to the hospital where he later died. >> we gathered last night at my friends just started showing up. and we kept waiting for martin to walk through the door. >> this is where martin was hit, along reliez valley road. while it appears to be quiet, neighbors tell us looks can be deceiving. because of recent development, there are reports regularly of people almost getting hit. >> on nextdoor you see a lot of instances where people have sort of close calls and collisions. you see it happen all the time. >> jason mcbride has lived in the neighborhood for years and says the booming construction in the area has made the road a cut-through for drivers, a perfect storm for an accident like this. >> it's hard for bikes to maneuver because there is not a lot of room.
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>> as this neighborhood looks for solutions, another community is grieving, its mayor sending out this message to the world. >> pleasant hill is a wonderful place to live, work, and play, and great part of that was martin's hard work. we're going to have a very difficult time filling the hole in our community fabric that's been created by his loss. >> it is so sad. i should point out while we're shooting the story along reliez valley road, car after car kept whizzing by. in fact, we saw some vehicles just rolling through stop signs. an investigation into exactly what happened is ongoing. in pleasant hill tonight, i'm dion lim, abc 7 news. >> all right, dion, thank you. well, coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00, a community's final farewell. next, live team coverage on the celebration of life for nia wilson. an amber alert for a 12-year-old girl has been canceled. tonight the surprising and safe end to this case. and you're looking live at 7 on your side on the road.
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she lived just 18 years, but hundreds turned out today to remember nia wilson. she was an innocent train passenger who was stabbed to death in a random attack at oakland's macarthur bart station almost two week ago. tonight we have live team coverage on today's celebration of life and a prayer rally scheduled for tonight. first let's go to abc 7 news reporter melanie woodrow for a look at how family and friends remembered nia. melanie? >> yeah, this really was a beautiful tribute that was attended by hundreds of people. nia's aunt telling me that she would have loved this outpouring
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of support. ♪ ♪ but >> a tribute fit for nia wilson. >> gold, royalty is what she was, white, pure is what she was. >> the 18-year-old taken from those who loved her most, including her first niece. >> can you promise to come visit me in my dreams. >> and her sister, who was also stabbed in the attack. >> nia's loved, the love you might not have no sense of direction. nia's love, the love she gives when you need that feeling of protection. >> as well adds her parents who stood up to look at the crowd gathered. congresswoman barbara lee attended nia's funeral. >> we stand with you today in this outpouring of love and condolences. >> along with oakland city council member rebecca caplan.
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>> that our african american young people are dealing with hate and violence every day. >> congresswoman maxine waters sent a letter. >> local law enforcement must conduct a thorough, and i repeat thorough investigation. >> district 7 bart director latifah simon says bart is ready to listen. >> we owe her family a great deal of change. >> the memorial filled with electric moments and a reminder nia means purpose. the eulogists saying nia's father told him he wanted everyone to know nia had the ability to bring people together. after the funeral, there was an 18 dove release, one for each year of nia's life.. nia's casket was taken by a horse drawn carriage. from sky 7 you could see the protection as some mourners exited their cars to follow the carriage. the last dove that was released stayed perched on the roof of this church long after everyone
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had left. some people as they were leaving commented that perhaps it was nia, and that dove stayed here and flew away just a short time ago. live in oakland, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> all right, melanie. thank you. nia wilson was killed at the macarthur bart station, and a prayer vigil is planned there tonight. abc 7 news reporter cornell bernard continues our live team coverage with that part of the story. cornell? >> yes, a small crowd is now gathering outside the macarthur bart station for what is being called a peaceful prayer rally to remember the life of nia wilson. memorial in her month honor continues to grow in the sidewalk facing 40th street here. now 18-year-old nia wilson was killed july 22nd in an unprovoked attack on a bart platform as she left a bart car. nia's sister was also stabbed but survived. john cowell was charged with the crime. police have not determined a motive, but many believe the crime was racially motivated.
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>> people really want to put emphasis on that it's random. but i don't think anything like this is ever random. when a woman of color dies, it's never random. >> whether or not this was related to a hate crime or not, but it needs to stop. it's happening an an alarging rate. so i wanted to show support for the young girl's family for everyone's family who has been touched by this kind of violence. >> we've already heard several speakers talk about nia and wanting justice for her death. this rally is expected to last until 7:00 p.m. tonight. we're live at the macarthur bart station, i'm cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> there is an awful lot of interest in this story so, we put all of our reports on our website, you can read up on nia wilson's life and death, what's happened to the suspect, and what bart says you should do to stay safe on the system. all right. for now we need to switch gears
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and talk about our forecast as we head into the weekend. >> looking at more heat, and especially that smoky air that's everywhere. >> it continues to build up and the wind continues to bring smoke down in our direction from the fires. and then it switches eastward out into the central valley and toward the sierra. here is a look at live doppler 7 at the moment. we have mainly sunny skies, hazy because of the smoke building up in the atmosphere. here is a view from sutro tower showing hazy conditions off in the distance there, looking towards the west-northwest. 67 degrees here at san francisco right now. 70 at both oakland and mountain view. san jose 89. 59 at half moon bay. another view from emeryville looking westward, it's 87 at santa rosa right now. 88 in novato with 94 degrees at both vacaville and concord, and 91 in livermore. and i want to show you the service wind right now. we have wind speeds between oh, about 12 and 15 miles per hour in most locations. you can see much of the wind flowing down from the north, bringing smoke in our direction. but then an onshore flow carries smoke to our east. if the flow were to continue
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into the bay area, of course would have an even greater buildup of smoke and greater decline in our air quality. forecast features mild to warm turning next warmer tuesday. we may see triple-digit temperatures inland by the middle of next week. overnight mainly clear skies, a little patch of fog at the coast. overnight lows mainly in the mid- to upper 50s. mid and upper 70s around the bay. we'll see low to mid-90s inland tomorrow. over the next three days we'll have pretty much the same high temperature range, low to mid-90s inland. low 80s around the bay. low 60s on the coast. but a bigger warm-up begins on tuesday. and wednesday and thursday of next week we expect hot conditions inland for high temperatures may touch 100 degrees. possibly even higher. >> all right. very good. thank you, spencer. excellent. all right. it's time to find out what michael finney is up to today. >> he is out at the fair, miaes ing on out there. >> oh, man, we're having a great time out here today. it's been very warm. let me show you some of the fair
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rides. this is the one that's right off the main entrance. so that's here right now. and we've got our
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7 on your side is on the road tonight. michael finney and his team live at the santa clara county fair in san jose. >> and michael joins us now with a look at back to school season. michael?
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>> hey, when we go on the road we go to good places. we're at the santa clara county fair right now. the abc 7 7 on your side power play. they're doing a little business there. kind of slowed down a minute ago. we are going to be here until 7:00 tonight. so if you have any consumer questions or concerns, drop by. remember to bring your paperwork. we've been dealing with a lot of problems today. we're having a great time. when you're on the way to the fair to have a lot of fun, drop by. let's see if we can solve a consumer problem. earlier we were talking about back to school shopping, and regrettably, a lot of people don't have the money to do back to school shopping the rest of us are fortunate to do. that's why we have the sacred heart community services. they're the guys who put together the backpacks here in santa clara county. how are things going this year? >> they're going well, except we are running low on shoe gift cards for $20, scientific calculators, and patterned backpacks for the middle
6:25 pm
schoolers. >> so what do you put together in these backpacks? >> so we put together all the school supplies that are given to us from the city of san jose, the school district. so parents have like 19 items on their list. >> wow. >> all month long, we've been collecting supplies, asking people to donate money so we can purchase supplies. we've got 3300 kids signed up to get back packs and school supplies. >> 3300? that's amazing. >> they can go to our website and it shows all the which you can donate, sacred high pressure heart >> just so you're not concerned, we'll post that so everybody can find it. we've been reporting on this. how many years have you been doing this? >> 16 years. >> 16 years. that's how long 7 on your side has been involved. i should say channel 7. get involved too. i'm going to be here until 7:00. come by and say hello. reporting live from san jose, i'm michael finney. >> great job. okay, thanks a lot. one of the bay area's busiest transit agencies is starting a long repair project
6:26 pm
this weekend, and it could impact your travel plans for the next few days, the next few months. plus -- >> most importantly that. >> need to be prepared ahead of times. >> the time to prepare for wildfire is right now. you see what's happening out there around northern california. the steps you should be taking long
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> new help is arriving tonight as firefighters across the state are battling more then a dozen active wildfires threatening thousands of homes. >> 140 australian and new zealand firefighters will arrive in l.a. before the end of the night. this is video of the first contingent arriving late last night. >> from there they will be sent to boise, idaho, to train before heading out on the front lines wherever cal fire and oregon fire officials need them. it is winter in australia, of course, and new zealand. so they have spare firefighters to help. >> our firefighters are pretty aware of the fact that they're going into some hostile environments, but that's what they're trained to do. tat's what they're experienced in doing. and our focus is all about safety and making a positive
6:30 pm
difference to helping their united states colleagues and the united states communities. >> the group of firefighters will help with about 90 fires ad will remain in the u.s. for up to six weeks. stop one will be either redmond, oregon, or redding. >> their help will be most welcome and needed. before a fire strikes, it's always important that we are all prepared for a possible evacuation. >> even if you're miles away from the nearest major wildfire, there are steps you can take ahead of time if the smoke does become a problem. >> reporter chris nguyen has the story from the south bay. which the wildfires burning to the north, many store, including ace hardware in los gatos have stocked on popar items such as n-95 respirators and air filters. >> if it's a repeat of last year, there is not going to be any around, and there is going to be a lot of people out of luck, especially for people that are older or sensitive to smoke. >> the fire is off to a devastating start.
6:31 pm
whether you live in an urban neighborhood or a densely populated city, bay area fire officials are urging you to prepare. >> when the fires are influenced by wind they spread very quickly. >> captain bill murphy with the santa clara county fire department says everyone should create a wildfire action plan, identifying several different escape routes from their homes. an emergency kit with documents, medication, and extra clothes is also essential. >> when we do issue evacuation warnings or orders, they need to they can those seriously. they need to be prepared ahead of time so they're not thinking what they need to take or bring with them. >> reporter: parts of the bay area could experience poor air quality this weekend. dr. sarah cody, santa clara county health officer recommends that you stay inside if you're sensitive to the smoke and consider creating a so-called clean room within your home. >> a room with few windows and few doors where you can get an air purifier and dedicate that room to be your clean air room. >> taking the steps now to avoid
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frustration in the future. >> pay attention to the air quality both where you are and where you're planning to go. >> as always, common sense should rule the day. chris nguyen, abc 7 news. >> and we are always updating with the latest information on the fires burning in northern califoria. the app is also how we send out updates and breaking news. you can get those by enabling push alerts on the app on your phone. new details now on the deadliest mass shooting in u.s. history. officials this morning released the final report from last october's massacre in las vegas. authorities say there is no evidence of a conspiracy or second gunman. they concluded that steven paddock acted alone in the shooting that left 58 people dead and 8689 others injured at a country music festival outside the mandalay bay hotel. >> finding answers for the victims have been investigators sole goal to help bring closure for those affected and to help
6:33 pm
move forward from this horrible event. no doubt this has taken an incredible toll on the victims of this incident as it has our officers. >> investigators say they did not determine a motive for attack. the young chinese girl who went missing from her san francisco bound tour group at a washington, d.c. airport was found safe today in new york. a nationwide amber alert was issued when the girl was reported missing yesterday. we passed that along to you as soon as it happened. surveillance video showed her leaving the airport with a woman in an suv with new york tags. lawyers for the parents say the whole thing was, quote, a misunderstanding. [ closing bell ] >> u.s. stocks are closing higher after the labor department said hiring remains solid in july. the dow added 136 points. the nasdaq went up by 9 and the s&p gained 13. apple stock rose, keeping the company above its historic $1 trillion mark, which it passed
6:34 pm
for the third time yesterday. u.s. employers slowed their hiring in july. that's according to the latest numbers from the labor department. employees added 157,000 jobs last month. that's below the 215,000 average for the first seven months this year. the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.9% from 4%. that's just .2 from the lowest in 50 years. well, starting tomorrow, about a dozen dmv offices in the bay area will be open on a saturday. it's an effort to reduce the huge lines and long waits partly due to the upcomie ing real id requirements. by 2020 you'll need to have a new california id or drivers license to get through airport security, and you need to go in person to the dmv to apply for the new id. making an appointment is recommended. today abc 7 news was at the dmv's santa teresa office in san jose, and people there told us the early appointments available to them were in october. >> i'm a teacher. so this is my time off.
6:35 pm
and this is when i can come and do whatever i need to do. >> tomorrow, 14 local dmv offices will be open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. you can find a complete list of locations on our website, abc7news.c just search dmv. well, this weekend marks the first of four planned weekends of bart maintenance which will require passengers to take a bus. no trains will run between west oakland and 19th street station or between west oakland and the lake merritt station so crews can track repairs. buss will shuttle passengers between the stations free of charge. next weekend, the new salesforce transit center in san francisco will open. there is a grand opening party on saturday, and buss will star. droneview7 gives awes few inside. the center is four blocks long, two-story underground, four stories above ground and topped with a five acre. >> isn't that nice? >> it's taken eight years and
6:36 pm
more than two billion to create. the prior transbay terminal wasn't seismically safe. >> look how cool that is. >> really need. neat. the winners of the third last r largest jackpot in mega millions jackpot have been identified as a south bay office pool. we had an office pool. >> but we're not in the south bay. how much money they're going to walkway from a $543 million jackpot. you might want the take some of that cash and come here to the santa clara county fair. i'm michael finney.
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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the big mystery is over. the bay area winner of last week's $543 million mega millions jackpot has stepped forward. >> actually, it's 11 people sharing the bounty as part of an office pool. abc 7 news reporter david louie has been trying to track down the group's leader all day long. >> all right, good luck. >> customers keep putting down money on mega millions tickets here, ever since kewal sachdev sold the $543 million winning ticket ten days ago. he has been anxious to find out who the lucky person. we broke the news to him. it was 11 office workers who
6:40 pm
chipped in two bucks each into a pool. >> that's so good. because it's going to take care of 11 families then, plus their friends and everybody. so that is great news, very, very. i'm very happy for them. >> the california lottery released the name of only one winner, roland reyes of san jose. that's a common name in the south bay. we knocked on a lot of doors. the closest person with that name lives just two miles from ernie's liquors, and that dovetails with what lottery officials told us. >> he wanted to go with a small independent store, and he stopped by ernie's licker i guess on the way home, and that's the one he chose. and it turned out to be a great troys for him. >> other rollandos we down live farther away. they like each other so much they'll keep working. >> smart choice i'd say. >> why do you say that? >> i feel like you should the still keep contributing, otherwise you're going to end up spending all the money, you know. >> lottery officials say it's
6:41 pm
not unusual for some winners to shield their identities. but few can hide for long as they seek legal and financial advice. even lottery officials gave a symbolic check to kewal sachdev for selling the winning ticket, he and the 11 office pool winners will have to wait for about a month for the real payoff. the jackpot winners range in age from 21 to 60 years old. each put two bucks into the pot. they won't tell what's company they work for except to say knits the financial sector. in san jose, david louie, abc 7 news. >> okay. so if the winner versus the jackpot paid out through 30 payments, each of them will receive a little more than $49 million. that's before taxes, though. after it's around $31 million. >> if they take the lump sum, they get about half of, that $320 million with 11 ways is roughly $29 million per person. after taxes, the winners will take home about $18 million each. they can probably all get by on that. >> yeah, i think so. all right. well, 7 on your side is live at
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7 on your side is taking questions in person today. michael and his team live at the santa clara county fair in san jose. >> yeah, let's check in again with michael finney. hey, michael.
6:45 pm
>> hey, we're wrapping it up out here. we're having a wonderful time. the fair keeps going all the way through the weekend. it klotzs down at 10:00 on sunday night. so there is still plenty of time to come by here. joining me here is valerie merkland. she is with the fair. you say it's a mix this year. >> yeah. we are doing everything to preserve our heritage of the fair. this is the 74th year of the santa clara county fair. we brought back the pepper steak sandwich, which a lot of people remember. i don't know if you got a taste of that, but a lot of people remember that and it's been gone for a long time. and we found angela diiiiiiiii sons have brought it back. we're also bringing in a lot of new things to make our farrell vent for all the folks who live in our silicon valley today. so we have tomorrow a really big event called swadesh,ably be the association of indo americans have organized that.
6:46 pm
you can watch some bollywood dancing, eat fabulous indian food. and then come up here and learn to line dance taught. traditional with the new. tonight we're getting ready in the arena to have a cumbia dj dj concert. >> one of the top djs in mexico city. >> right here in our arena. super excited about that. tomorrow night is eddie money. again, the tradition with the new and he is very popular. and sunday night we have la barento. if you love that fair you love that grandma's fair that you remember as a kid, that's all here and a loft new and interesting things as well. >> valerie, thank you very much. >> appreciate it. the fair really is a fun time you. ought to come out here. it's very inexpensive. $10 for adults. $5 for kids, right? >> yep. >> there you go. bring a family of four for about 30 bucks and wander around. nothing else costs money unless you're going to one of the concerts. >> and military all get in free. that's a great way to end the time. if you run by, i'll take any
6:47 pm
consumer questions or concern you may have. reporting live from san jose, i'm michael finney. >> all right. sounds good. thank you, michael. >> that's great family fun, obviously. all weekend. what are your weekend plans? going to the fair perhaps? what's the weather? >> spencer christian is here with the answer. which have fair weather. here is a look at live doppler 7. sunny skies across the bay area right now. that was fairly humorous. mmm. the satellite, the looping satellite image shows why we have so up many smoke in the bay area. it's been filtering southward from the fires. but notice the larger masses of smoke being carried to our east by the wind. so smoke is just spreading all over the area. diminishing air quality. meanwhile, overnight look for hazy skies with low temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. tomorrow we'll see sunny skies but the haze will be with us. highs low and mid-60s a the coast and upper and mid-70s around the bay. upper 90s tomorrow inland.
6:48 pm
warm weather is going to be with us for a while. a bigger warm-up starts on tuesday. wednesday and thursday of next week we may see triple-digit temperature reads in our inland areas. mid- to upper areas around the bay shoreline and mid to upper 60s along the coast. and friday of next week we won't see much of a drop in temperatures. maybe by two degrees or so. >> okay. thank you so much, spencer. sports tonight, a little perspective on the passage of time. >> yes, larry. >> yes. i'm going to tell the story when i first interviewed terrell owens when he was rookie many moons ago. he answered every question with a yes, sir, no, sir. man, have times changed. t.o. is going to go in into the hall of fame tomorrow, except he is refusing to show up for the is refusing to show up for the california phones offers free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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and accessoriesphones for your mobile phone.
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like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. now abc 7 sports with larry beil. >> good evening. the a's open a weekend series with the tigers tonight. now if the season ended this second, which obviously it does not, the a's would be in the play-offs. oakland finds themselves with a half game lead over the mariners for the second wild card spot. the a's 9-4 since the all-star break. only five games behind the astros for the outright division lead. the a's just completed a sweep of the season series against the blue jays, and they're hoping to do the same against the tyingers who are 15 games below .500 this season. >> you try the create a winning atmosphere, and we've done that here recently. i don't think they think too much about where we are in the standings other than the fact that we're just trying to win every game we possibly can. there is two months of baseball
6:52 pm
left. we're going to continue to play that way, and then, you know, once you get into the last 20 games or so, you kind of take a look and see where you're at. but i don't think anything changes with us. >> and the giants are in arizona. tomorrow eight new members will be inducted into the pro football hall of fame in canton, ohio. one man won't be there. terrell owens skipping the event because of frustrations that he had with the voting process. owens was selected in his third year of eligibility instead of going in as he believed he should have on the first ballot. he will hold his own ceremony at his alma mater, chattanooga, tennessee. the man who used to say i love me some me! well, i say that too. but different story. in this case, it's all about to. >> there is a flaw in the system. this is not only about me, but it's about the guys that went before. that's going to come after me. and i can make a stand for those guys so they won't have to go through this situation.
6:53 pm
so for me, i'm proud of what i've been able to accomplish. >> he should show up for event. any way, new twist in the urban mye meyers story at ohio state. he said today he did tell his superiors about a domestic abuse coach in 2015. he ultimately fired that coach. but meyer told reporters the opposite story last week that he didn't know anything about it they have ordered and investigation that could determine meyers' fate as the leader of one of the top programs in the country. patrick laird, broke out as a star running back last year, in part buzz of his fearless runs, and also for his unique touchdown celebration where he reads a book. flips through the page. that's classic cal, right? i spoke with patrick about his celebration and the program that he created to get kids to read. >> reading is something i'm really passionate about. i always had older siblings that
6:54 pm
i looked up. i have three older siblings, really smart. they were good role models. i know every kid doesn't have that. i wanted to provide that. and the third thing is a lot of problems and challenges in society. i think you should attack problems at their root. and one of those is education. i can't change public policy in a day, especially as college student. i figure this is something i could do to help the education system. it's a reading challenge that i'm hosting hosting first through sixth grade. they can sign up on walk on then they sign up, they get a reading journal sent to them over e-mail. anthre tri an tyt i t the ticket office, they get four free tickets for them and their family. >> that's remarkable. what were you expecting in terms of the response, and what did you get? >> i had a teammate ask me. he said what if only 20 or 30 kids sign up? you know that's better than nothing. we announced and within a week we had a couple of hundred
6:55 pm
signups. and now we have over 3600 kids signed up. >> and your touchdown celebration will remain you flipping through pages of the book? >> i haven't thought too much about the celebration. i'm sure -- >> you have to keep doing it. you can't stop now. you have 12,000 people in the stands waiting. >> i tell people i'm not going to thinking about celebrations or do anything like that until i score. >> and he will score this season. walk then patrick laird. >> i hope he scores a zillion touchdowns this season. >> all the kids in the stands reading books. >> just awesome. >> thanks, larry. join us tonight on kofy tv cable channel 7/13. the trade war hits home. one of the biggest carmakers in the world says prices are going up. what you expect to pay at 9:00. an abc 7 news at 11, yelp rolls out new food food safety scores for restaurants. some some bay area businesses say the timing isn't fair. finally tonight, a few thoughts about what really
6:56 pm
matters. san francisco has long had a problem with homelessness, but it's never been quite like this. almost on a daily basis, you will find a disturbing scene on streets and parks around the city. just today i saw a man sitting along market street screaming wildly at the top of his lungs while people went about their day tryingot to make eye contact. who can blame them? the sight of so many homeless is very sad, of course, but it can also be unnerving and intimidating. i've heard from several tourists in just the past couple of weeks visiting the city pour the first time who told me they wouldn't come back. not with it like this. at least one convention has canceled because of it. to be clear, we must be compassionate and we need to find solutions. getting the people the help and care they need to get off the streets. but what really matters is that we've got to get them off the streets. it's not fair to them and it's not fair to us. right now san francisco doesn't look like the world class city that we think it does to people seeing this mess for the first
6:57 pm
time. i always love to hear from you. let me know what you think. follow me on twitter and facebook @dan ashley abc 7. that is going to do it for this edition of abc 7 news. look for breaking news any time on the abc 7 news a.m. i'm ama daetz. >> and i'm dan ashley. for spencer christian, larry beil, all of us we appreciate your time and hope to see you again at 9:00 and 11:00.
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