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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 5, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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12:30 this afternoon. the plane is registered in the san francisco-based real estate company category three. >> three people died in a house fire that investigators consider suspicious. police say just before 3:00 this morning an 11-year-old girl who escaped the fire flagged down a police officer for help. she was injured in the fire, but is expected on okay. investigators say two girls and a woman died in the fire at the house on georgia street. berkeley police worn people to away from the downtown area this afternoon as right leaning demonstrate rs and counterprotesters crashed. nstiou pro-trump rally drew opposition from those who do not support the trump administration's policies. so far, officers have arrested 17 people. >> if you see our elected officials not being able to get along and communicate and speak and focus on what's really affecting america today, then
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what's to be expect of the people who are suffering and going through those issues? >> police say some of those involved vandalized more than 20 city vehicles. right now police are searching for a missing young boy in alameda, 7-year-old harry was seen at franklin park, wearing khaki pants and green shoes. he's four feet tall and 80 pounds. pg&e lost one of its lineman. 21-year-old jarras ayeda, was on duty when he was involved in an automobile accident. >> reporter: the 21-year-old who everyone called jay loved his job at pg&e, here he is all smiles with his best friend brandon. pg&e says he was working in rural shasta county saturday near the scene of a car fire
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when tragedy struck. >> we're working in dangerous terrain, performing -- >> yosemite valley without supposed to hope today after being closed because of the ferguson fire. however, late this afternoon the national park service announced the popular section of yosemite and other areas affected by the fire will stay closed indefinitely. fire managers say the roads are just too dangerous. many unaffected sections of the park remain open. the ferguson fire has now burned 89,000 acres. it's 35% contained. the carr fire that cornell was reporting on burned 154,000 acres and is 41% contained. and the mendocino complex fires burning in the north bay have now spread to 254,000 acres. the two fires are combined 33% contained. reporter kim hutcherson has more. >> this weekend the ferguson fire moved into the park. forcing rangers and employees to
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evacuate during peak season. >> we've had fires before. we've had evacuations before. but to have this extended period of just this inversion layer of just hazardous unbreathable air, it takes its toll. >> reporter: meanwhile, north of san francisco a massive pair of fires called the mendocino complex fires have exploded in size. >> this has been a challenging and deadly fire season just in the month of july. >> reporter: farther north in shasta county people near the carr fire began returning to their homes. the fire there has killed seven people and destroyed more than 1,000 structures. >> and this has been the largest and most destructive fire in shasta county history, i believe about the sixth in california. >> reporter: on sunday the white house approved a disaster declaration for shasta county, fast tracking aid. help is also pouring in from all over the world. >> we're bringing in resources from a number of different states, two countries, firefighters from new zealand and australia will be arriving in redding on monday roich kim
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hutcherson, abc 7 news. the weather conditions have made it so tough to fight the fire. for the latest on the mendocino complex fires, let's get to spencer christian. it's still windy and very dry in the areas of the mendocino complex fires. but we haven't had the excessive heat today. here's a look at current conditions, 87 degrees near the ranch fire, 83 degrees near the river fire. relative humidity is very low in both locations, 20% or lower. and the wind is gusty in both locations which u of course, hampers the fire containment effort. here's a look at wind gust animation taking us through the overnight hours during which time the wind will calm down just a little bit. it will intensify quickly again tomorrow afternoon and get even stronger going late afternoon and early evening hours. it's still a very challenging situation for the firefighters. eric and dion? >> spencer, thanks. now, just moments ago the president made his first statement about the fire saying california wildfires are being magnified and made so much worse
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by bad environmental laws which aren't allowing massive amount of ready available water to be properly utilized. it is being diverted into the pacific ocean, must also tree clear to stop fire spreading. now, of course, stay on top of any breaking fire updates with the abc 7 news app. you can just download it and enable those push alerts for immediate notifications. the search for an abducted boy in new mexico turned up eleven children living in deplorable conditions who are now rescued. >> reporter: law enforcement officers searching a rural new mexico compound for a missing 3-year-old boy did not find that child but instead discovered eleven other children living in deplorable conditions. >> they were in bad shape. i mean, the children were dirty. they didn't have clothes that fit them properly. to see them walking around like that, it was hard to see. >> reporter: officers had been surveilling the compound looking
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for 3-year-old abdul abducted last november. authorities in new mexico decided to issue a search warrant after a georgia investigator badded a message, people were starving and needed people. two suspects were taken into custody. this man was wanted for the abduction of his son and he was armed. during the hour's long standoff. according to police, eventually surrendering to authorities without incident. and lucas morton, arrested on suspicion of who boring a hugitive. the eleven rescued children were placed in emergency prektive custody thorgt authorities. >> in any situation like this, thinking about what they may have experienced and what we can do to minimize the trauma that we have felt, and will experience moving forward. >> reporter: investigators say three women were questioned. but were not charged, and were later released. abc news, new york. the president has altered
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his story on key details of the russia investigation. >> coming up, his new admission about a meeting between his son and russian officials that he had previously denied. and you may get drawn into these charles manson eyes trying to see what's actually drawn into them. that story is coming
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as we mentioned at the top of our newscast, pg&e lost one of its lineman. cornell barnard has details. >> reporter: friends say 21-year-old jarrusaida was all smiles with his best friend brandon. pg&e says he was working in rural shasta county saturday near the scene of a carr fire when tragedy struck. >> they were working in dangerous terrain performing electric power restoration work when he suffered fatal injuries associated with a vehicle accident. >> pg&e says he was an apprentice lineman who had worked for the company for two years. he was a native of uganda who moved to santa rosa with his family several years ago. his cousin judith told us by phone how proud she was of jay. >> yeah, i was proud and i was so optimistic when he graduated,
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when he got a job, when he bought a house. it seemed like he was really doing good. >> a gofundme page has been established by friends to help ayeta's family with expenses during this difficult time. so far, more than $18,000 has been raised. >> a fellow lineman told me off camera jay ayeta was never negative, always hard working and dedicated to helping others. pg&e says it's now reviewing safety measures for all crews working in fire zones. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. president trump donald trump admitted today his son did meet with russians two years ago at trump tower to obtain information about hillary clinton. mr. trump tweeted the information today adding that its quote totally legal and done all the time in politics. he also claims he knew nothing about that meeting. the president previously claimed the meeting was about russian/american adoption laws. this happened at a time when russian officials were under u.s. sanctions. special counsel robert mueller is investigating whether the trump campaign coordinated with
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russia to win the election. legal experts say it could violate multiple laws. still ahead on abc 7 news, more than 150 years after first opening its doors this landmark bay area store may be forced to close down for good. >> and how hot will it get out there? spencer christian up next with your monday morning forecast. jimmy garoppolo is building team chemistry during training champ and the a's
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like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. a las vegas museum is featuring charles manson's ashes in the work of art. >> this is the notorious blood painting with charles manson's actual ashes in his eyeballs. >> that's a little morbid. the painting at zach baggins haunted mansion, displayed in a room full of items that belonged to serial killers. he died in prison last year at the age of 83. he formed the notorious manson family and served 46 years for nine murders. baggins hosted the show ghost adventures. bloomberg reports the
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company is seeking a beyer for gump's. it reports $61 million in assets and $64 million in liabilities in its bankruptcy filing. the 157-year-old luxury goods store has more than 100 employees. well, you've got a plan, purchased the ring, and wrote the proposal, but did you book the fireworks? don't worry, the proposal planner has it all, the booming business that's helping people say i do. that's tomorrow night on abc 7 news at 11:00. now, your accuweather forecast with spencer christian. okay, let's get right to live doppler 7 to show you how things look right now in the bay area. we've got sunny skies just about everywhere, even along portions of the coastline, a little patch of fog developing south of the golden gate. there's been a change in the temperatures last 24 hours, most locations are a few degrees cooler than this time yesterday. the exceptions would be novato, d ukiah, four degrees waer,
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degrees warmer there. here's a live view from sutro tower under mostly sunny skies. it is 62 degrees. oakland, 67, 70 degrees at mountain view, 57 at half moon bay. this is a nice view of the soon to be setting sun looking westward from -- current temperatures up north, 88 at novato, 78 at napa. livermore, 87 degrees. here's a view looking from the east bay hills camera toward mt. dee temperatures will moderate over the weekend. right now looking at pretty windy conditions, gusts to 24 miles per hour in novato right now, 20-mile-per-hour surface
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winds in san francisco. 18-mile-per-hour gusts in contra. it will continue through the overnight hours, and it will taper off a bit in the early morning hours. but it will reintensify in the afternoon and evening, windy again by this time tomorrow. fog, temperatures in the mid-50s. forecast animation shows a little bit of fog reaching out, it went push inland, burn back quickly to the coastline tomorrow. some portions of the coast may actually see sunshine tomorrow, especially going into the evening hours. high temperatures tomorrow will range from mid-80s to low to mid-90s in the south bay, up to about 94. peninsula, highs upper 70s to , palo alto. breezy at the coast. downtown san franciso, a high of 67 tomorrow. mid-80s to some low 90s in the north bay. east bay highs generally mid to upper 70s. in the inland east bay we'll see low to mid-90s.
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here's the accuweather seven-day forecast and the heat starts to crank up on tuesday. it will be in high gear on wednesday and thursday as inland highs reach about 100 degrees in the warmer spots. mid to upper 80s around the bay on wednesday and thursday. and nearly 70 degrees on the coast. the heat holds on inland on friday, but starts to cool down in other locations. by next weekend, all areas will experience a little bit of a cooldown, or at least in moderation temperatures. now, sports from abc 7 news. >> the red hot a's will making a cool dozen against the tigers, 12 in a row for consecutive wins versus detroit set back in 1902 when they played in philadelphia. the a's keeping their winning groouf this afternoon. trevor kale loaded the bases in the first, gets out of a jam with a swing and a miss. scoreless in the fourth, crush time, chris davis with a home run for the second game in a row.
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he's got 30 on the year. kahill, six innings, three hits, strikes out ten, fourth career game with at least second strike game of the homer, 4-0 a's, and matt olson decides to join the party, a two run blast of his own, 22 on the year, a's win 6-0, two and a half up on the mariners in the wild card race. >> but i think it's just a credit to us showing up every single day and not taking, you know, anything for granted and or putting too much pressure on one thing. take care of business. >> we know the guys can score so it helps us out, i think, gives us confidence to go out there and trust our offense that can pick us up if we do make a mistake. >> buster posey was back in the lineup today in arizona. the giants all-star catcher did not play yesterday after leaving friday's game in the third
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inning because he was hit in the mask with a foul tip. posey will start at first base, snap it quick, then split. split d-backs an early 1-0 lead. top of the third inning, giants tie it up with a two out rally with two strikes. longoria marks a sharp single to drive in andrew mckuchen. longoria crushes this one to the deep part of the yard, 12th of the year, giants had a 3-2 lead. the orange fans are happy. will smith on to close it, he gets it done. giants win 3-2, first winning road trip of the year, back home to face the world champion astros starting on monday. it was back to work for the 49ers after taking saturday off. veteran quarterback richard sherman is out this week and will miss the first pre-season game against dallas with a hamstring. it's not a major concern for the
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team right now. kittle is putting in work, and developing a chemistry with quarterback jimmy garoppolo. kittle is pushing for them to run a few plays to show off his speed. jimmy g isn't sold out. still, kittle says year two is going much better. >> my head doesn't feel like it's going to explode every single play. it's more of a reaction, not thinking, which in football is everything. if you have to think, you're already kind of losing. >> different positions, do you know, like do you have to be responsible for that you could line up somewhere? >> i've got a z ghost, a fake around, we haven't run it yet. >> do you think that will ever be run? >> do i? what did george say? >> he's eager to have him run. >> he's eager to run. >> maybe, we'll see. >> finals of the silicon valley classic, two ladies going for their first wta title, maria
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zakari and maria buzarnesku white. the quick turnaround may have been too much for you. buzarnesku gets a perfect second set 6 love. she'll jump 20 spots in new rankings. u.s. open is next month. see what she can do there. if it was a little warm, that was perfect weather to get her ready. big win. congratulations. >> if they're up by another touchdowns, run the gorge kittle play, jimmy "g" won't be in. >> that's the time when you don't want to show what you've got going. let the guys get some exercise. >> keep it close to the vest. "mission impossible" continues to cruise at the top of the box office, another action block buster has reached an incredible movie milestone.
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tonight on abc 7 news at 9:00, over on tv 20, check out an event for fans of felines, what this fantastic festival in southern california is all about. at 11:00, we'll learn more about the victims in that deadly fire in vallejo. family and friends are remembering twin girls. today, "black panther" became the third movie ever to cross the $700 million mark. >> tom cruise's "mission impossible fallout" is starting out much slower than those
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films. it's still going strong in its second week. >> it earned $35 million this weekend, "christopher robin" earned $25 million." the spy who dumped me" debuted with $12 million. before we let you go, we have good news for you. >> the missing 7-year-old in alameda has been located and safely returned to his family, just wanted to get that in before the end of the newscast. that's it for abc 7 news at 6:00. see you back here at 9:00
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life," the place where lifestyle, interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show... >> joint replacement's been around long enough that we can say to a patient, "i can intervene, and i can make you better than you are." >> plus, we're shucking oysters and visiting a goat farm in point reyes. i am ready to get shucking. then, we're hitting up the farmers market to learn some tips and tricks. >> many of us don't know this, but beet greens are a phenomenal vegetable in and of themselves. >> then, an inspiring entrepreneur reveals her recipe for success. >> we've learned so much, and we're always learning about specialty coffee. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers. ♪


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