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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 8, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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>> oh, my. did he just walk up to that older woman and pour something on her? >> no, no, he walked up to that 13-year-old girl and poured a carton of milk over her in the bully, this scum bag then gets right in her face and starts threatening her. people around support, videoing, laughing. grabs a handful of her hair and -- >> no. >> starts casually pouring more milk over her. >> what is this about? what's the point of this? >> well, these guys are very angry because apparently this 13-year-old girl showed a video on social media of them which didn't show them in the best light. well guess what? we're showing this one to the whole world. >> their best light? something tells me that they never shine bright. >> this point is right up in her face and translations are saying get on your knees, i'm going to beat you up. but if there one type of person i love, it's this type of person. >> you tell them, girl. >> she's like, not today. >> exactly right.
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this is a teacher. she sees what's going on. she says, no. all you have to do to these bullies is stand up to them. she has a good with the people sitting with them the friends who confess that, well, we didn't want to get milk on us so they didn't do anything. she grabs the hand of this little girl and calmly walks her away. this one, police will be looking into that one. they're aware of who this guy is, i have no idea if there's going to be any charges or not. when you go on a whale watching tour, they can't guarantee that you're going to see a whale. but these people were guaranteed a view of a whale. and there are tourist boats out there, but, you guys, this isn't a tour. some people who work for the ministry that cares for marine animals spotted this poor whale stuck in shallow waters. it's about 60 feet long.
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it's a fin back whale and they needed to help it. there was 40 people involved in this rescue. some of them were divers, some were local fishermen, and there were other people brought in by four tourists boats sent their boats in to assisting with this. there are ropes there. they've attached it around the whale's belly and now they're going to start towing. ahead of t the head of the parks said this was the stretches into the caribbean. >> you're trying to wonder if it's beached itself or had a stomach full of plast sblik you wonder why they end up close to share, are they sick, did they just get lost? you also have to wonder if we're doing the right thing by moving them back into deeper water. >> the people responsible for marine life in mexico, they're the ones that figured out this is what we need to do. again, i don't know if that whale was sick because they said
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they haven't spotted those in the area before. i'm wondering if it was unfamiliar territory to the fin back and it got stuck because it didn't know where it was going. >> after about 20 minutes of them towing it back out they said was able to get up to speed and swim back to safety. some people just wake up on the wrong side of the bed just mad. this man in england happens to be one of those people. [ bleep ]. >> he has a person driving a car behind him but then is escalates. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> the other car started honking because the slight green. >> lucky for us we have this helmet cam because what's about to take place after this is just ridiculous. >> oh, no, you're kidding! >> they're still going after the other car or is he angry at the cyclist? >> reports are he was shouting that the driver and somehow he turned his rage on the cyclists. again, he's just mad at
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everybody. >> [ bleep ] carry on. >> ooh, now he's throwing things out of the car at them. >> what the hell, man? >> whoa. >> at this point, the cyclists start to staund fnd up for hims >> clear look at his plate number, clear look at his face. >> before they can do that he starts to back the car up into them and then starts to make a u-turn. >> he's an idiot. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> oh, you >> oh rs, hello, mate. >> unfortunately when he bee lines it down that street, he gets away but police are still looking. >> you were right there. >> i guess they don't want to risk turning this into a police city.
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>> at least nobody got hurt, that's the important thing. he didn't ram that car on to the cyclists. crummy as it was, nobody was injured. >> mostly they can catch this guy. time to play a game what's behind that door? >> nothing good, we know. >> these are eager to go inside. what is behind that door of that porta potty? >> oh, my gosh. >> that porta potty is the gateway to what's a fun party. >> it's notorious as well for putting on big events. this must be some fest. >> a rave and put on by the ministry of sound so you are guaranteed a pretty solid party. >> no peace if you're trying to go to the bathroom in any of those other stalls. >> we don't get much of the video inside, but it does look like everyone is having one heck of a party. not a crappy day for them. now over to this, what looks like a regular old convenience
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store. what's behind that door? >> drinks. >> wrong. >> narn ya? >> i wish. >> the ministry of sound. >> it's a room. >> it's like speak easy. >> 1930s new york had those same kind of secret doors. >> yeah, except this one happens to be in asia, so maybe it's just a cool gangster party room that on the privileged can attend. two guys in london put local share bikes to the test. >> the question is, how good are the bikes? >> find out how many tricks they can pull off on these bulky bikes. >> nice job! >> yeah. and a woman uses makeup and beauty secrets to completely change her look. >> she just like peeled off her nose. >> see why the internet is debating if this incredible transformation is real. >> well, some people say it's fraud. >> no, no, it's a different person.
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which need fast pain relief just pick and roll.e a mess? icy hot® lidocaine no mess. desensitize aggravated nerves with max strength lidocaine. icy hot®. if you go to any major city, stlr those share bikes that are available. you can unlock them with any app, 30 bucks for however long you use them. how good are the bikes? they're going to find out. they start a little one, just a bunny hop. >> oh. >> as heavy as they are and as hard as that landing sounded, they are able to get them off the ground. turned out, these particular bikes in london. >> perfect. >> if you're a fan of -- >> actually a dream friend. >> that's incredible. >> yeah, really --
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>> hey, nice job. >> yeah. sturdy as they and heavy as they, that extra weight and balance is ideal for riding around on one wheel. try it. >> this one is going to blow your mind. >> whoa! >> off the back of that, they hit up one of these local skate parks and really start to push it. ♪ >> the next time your kid comes in the house and complains that his bike isn't good enough to do all his cool stunts. >> you just don't have skill. >> it's fine. >> keep practicing. >> wow, dream crushers over here. >> we're not gun u done yet. the final, the finale is down these stairs right
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the final, the finale is down these stairs rign u done yet. the final, the finale is down these stairs rig u done yet. the final, the finale is down these stairs rigu done yet. the final, the finale is down these stairs right here. it turns out these bikes, the ones you can find in london just keep on going no matter what you do. this one has us talking because while this recent graduate may not have majored in cosmetology, she might have a future in makeup. she goes through all of her basic steps, she does her eyebrows then moves over to her eyes. she did her eye shadow with his fingertips, that's crazy. >> she used some pros threat ticks. >> she's using that tape to help shape her face. >> finishes with her lipstick. >> she's a different person. >> and that's what has people talking. >> these are massively popular in asia, actually. these amazing makeup transformations where the girls show their going out face and their wakeup face. >> show me before the again.
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let me see this side by side. >> you just hold your horse there's, big homey, because she's going to show you that as she changes her look up and strips everything down, we are back to square one, my friend. >> no way, no. it's a different person. >> over here she's got a double eyelid and the other one she didn't have one. >> christian, you know your stuff because we had this discussion amongst our producers and our editor todd went back and slowed it down and we're thinking the exact same thing. once we get toward the end of the video when it's slowed down you do notice that some of her facial features have changed. while you can attain a lot of things during the process, some of this can only be left to editing. gorgeous peaks, valleys and mountains all throughout this video. all footage captured with no plan at all, says the owner of the youtube channel electric life. when you've got skeernry like this, you can't miss. >> where? what are we looking at. >> my guess is give me a country where you think this could be.
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>> peru. >> switzerland. >> peru, switzerland, you're close. this is the -- >> pair gliding, wing sti. >> the italian stunning, beautiful location. you can see the sky runs now that the snow isel you see the trails leading up to the top of the mountains but a gorgeous drone aerial view look. >> but it's the thing that an enthusiast can bust out in a couple of hours. if we were watching this 25 years ago it's a helicopter and a million bucks. >> it's wild because you have two different experience when's your able to take your drone out there. you have your own where you're walking where you can and this one where you get to see it from the perspective of a bird. >> i like when you're flying up there, i didn't know there was a trail up there. >> be a good way to find your way back down. pedaling out on an epic
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cycling trip. >> and they're take their dog along for the ride. >> see how not leaving him behind makes for the ultimate adventure. >> they'll never want to go on a walk again. >> we're good to see the leash, no. and, a family kayaks together. >> every tries to rowe as fast as possible. >> while working as a team is part afr fun master plan. >> oh, yes. ou and to us. >> oh, yes. fafr fun master plan >> oh, yes. afr fun master plan >> oh, yes. afr fun master plan. >> oh, yes. afr fun master plan. >> oh, yes. afr fun master plan. >> oh, yes. fafr fun master plan >> oh, yes. afr fun master plan >> oh, yes. afr fun master plan. >> oh, yes. fun master plan. >> oh, yes. and added one handed pumps. gentle means pure, gentle means safe, gentle means love. the new johnson's®. alcohol based mouthwash burns. and that could leave you with... burn face!
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whenfrom eczema, akout i feel like i'm in this shell. gold bond eczema relief relieves five frustrating symptoms of eczema. my skin's back. get allegra-d, with aparates you non-drowsy antihistamine plus a strong decongestant to break through fast. get back to the moment with allegra-d. you recently took your dog out camping this weekend, right? >> i did. >> you're living the hash tag never leave the dog behind philosophy. that's a philosophy founded by the people at -- >> these people are basically doing a cycle tour from canada down to argentine and take their dogs along for the ride. as you can see you can't really tell who's having the most fun. >> go. ♪ >> they actually run alongside them. they go in the boats, they go swimming with them, but they do have -- these dogs are making friends along the way. other dogs, cats, even this
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stuffed get to. >> they say it's cheaper to take your dogs with you and pay the additional fees for a hotel. sometimes they're in a camping site, sometimes they're with friends. >> and they say your dogs will enjoy it. they'll enjoy coming along for the ride. as you can see them walking along and sleeping with them. >> that was the longest walk ever. >> they'll never want to go on a walk again. they're like, no, we're good. they see the leash, na. >> they're hang out on mexico on the border with police until october. then they will continue their journey down to argentina because it will be summer there. but i think that's pretty amazing that they're able to take their dogs along. look, this is the pet carrier that they're using to carry them in when they're not running alongside them or hiking or kayaking or climbing or cycling, whatever they're doing. they foig out a way to take the dogs with them. >> it's not strange. easier and more convenient than taking kids and they complain a lot less. >> that's important.
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living the best squirrel life. ♪ >> these three videos are all about having fun in the water. but skimming over the top of it. >> skimming? >> yeah. first one surfing. this surfer being towed in by that watercraft trying find that jagged edge of riding the wave right next to those rocks. it doesn't always go perfect. >> yeah, he disappeared. he was swallowed. >> you get your line slightly wrong, he's just feet away from those rocks. >> well, a second time this surfer hits it, nailed it just right, gets pulled into that
2:03 am
barrel, manages to ride the whole thing out without getting crashed into the rocky shore. >> that's impressive. this group of kayakers, a family, had a grand plan. >> are they all tied to each other? >> they are. they tied themselves together for a good reason. a great idea, everybody trying to pad will and row as fast as possible because. >> oh, yes. >> they are able to pull it fast enough to get up on to the surface of the water. >> how many of them are there? it's like a dozen kayakers. >> it's eight human-powered engine. that was pretty rad. >> this next is a pro watercross junior fly board chap, austin burns, ten years old hanging out, mob no problem. >> 10. >> 10 years old. >> same age as my kid? >> well this they could be doing this and become a champion as well just like austin burns. >> that's wild. he took that dip with so much
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style, too. a popular tv house just got a special guest. >> does he realize who he's bringing into the house? >> the visitor who's not leaving without some classic advice. >> tcalifornia phones offersving free specialized phones... like cordless phones. - ( phone ringing ) - big button, and volume-enhanced phones. get details on this state program. visit right now or call during business hours.
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like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program visit right now or call during business hours. some cases art a table. the man has so much skill and it's good to have you back on the show, chris. keep the scratching ♪ so many people grew up with full house, the great family story. >> that house in san francisco, that show then became a fuller house. >> how cool would it be to be able to go to the full house? >> is it full? >> there's no -- person.
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>> oh, yeah. >> are you locked out again? >> yeah. >> in this case, david. >> uncle jesse is giving him a tour of the house. >> later, josh. >> tag along with josh to the set of the show. >> no way. >> with john stamos. >> josh and john were on the show together. >> uncle jesse. >> yes, david. >> i just got dumped. >> oh, david. >> and there's no one better to ask advice from than uncle jesse. >> this happens. hearts get broken. when i was your age i got a broken heart too, i got dumped. >> you got dumped too? >> no. >> who's laughing? who is that? >> and then they're like -- they just know when you said something funny and it will happen around you. >> i don't care that you got a broken heart, david, because it means that you have a heart and you're not a heartless guy, you're a sensitive man. >> mom, dad, megan -- oh, god, i'm in the wrong show. >> you see a lot more of these big celebrities collaborate with
2:08 am
youtube celebrities. >> it's only -- >> this is where friends is gone too? >> give you a clue, john. >> good old john. >> that's all for now. connect with us at, we'll see you next time. a pennsylvania police officer has been charged with voluntary manslaughter for the shooting of a man near an amusement park last month. steve osunsami has more. >> reporter: here comes the moment where a pennsylvania prosecutor is saying that the police officer on the other side of this police suv went too far. 44-year-old joseph santos seen on cellphone video refusing commands was shot and killed.
2:09 am
they're charging officer roselli with voluntary manslaughter. in july he was called to this area after the suspect was reportedly out of control. the police say even before the shooting it was roselli who radioed dispatch to say he may be suffering mental health issues. the officer fired five shots. there's no evidence the victim had any weapon on him and he had already hurt himself bashing in windows. the officer has not entered a plea. steve owes so many any, abc news. millions worth of fake shoes could lead to very real prison time for alleged counterfeiters. five people smuggled bogus air jordans. they are worth $73 million. the suspects each face up to 20 years in prison if they're convicted.
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i need you with this next one. because we now know what made lance bass say bye-bye-bye. >> the in 'sync star tried to buy the property recognized as the brady family home. his offer was accepted and then he found he had been outbid by a hollywood studio. that studio turned out to be hgtv. >> he tweeted i'd be pretty upset if it were anyone else, but how can you be mad at hgtv? my television is stuck on that channel. me and you both. iny dreatom world, le thnew . b revamp that show.time near you.
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coming up, the 6-year-old making millions. and now he's even inked a deal with walmart. just for making viral videos. >> how did you get that gig? if you want to experience paradise, first you have to go through hell. we'll follow a couple on bachelor in farri paradise as tt to know each other. ayep, and my teeth are yellow.?
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