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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 13, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! . good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." a new experience for a lot of people coming into san francisco today. >> the salesforce transit center handing its first weekday commutes. >> you guys, they have a balloon arch and everything. >> oh, yeah. it is party time. >> it's good. >> officially now. >> 5:00 a.m. on monday, august 13th. mike and natasha have the day off. >> francis in for mike. quick check of the forecast. >> all right. we have lots of clouds over the bay area. you can see it here with live
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doppler 7 and the satellite image. headed to san francisco later on it's going to be partly cloudy this afternoon. here's your 12-hour day planner for today. most temperatures in the 50s. gradual clearing by lunch time and this afternoon with the sea breeze and onshore flow, temperatures are cooler compared to yesterday. inland areas in the upper 80s and also around the bay some mid 70s at the coast, still cool in the 50s. it's going to be a pleasant day, more sunshine as we head farther inland. >> taking a look at roads this morning. no major issues, just the typical delays out in the central valley. westbound tracy to dublin, 48 minutes for you, southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard looking good at 15 minutes and northbound 101 to cupertino, same you are in the green at 15 minutes. check outside the richmond side of the richmond-san rafael bridge no delays approaching that toll plaza. as we told you a moment ago this morning for the first time weekday commuters are arriving into san francisco in a brand
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new way. >> they will be greeted into the city at the just opened salesforce transit center. the new business stop sits between mission and howard streets. jessica castro is on the phone waiting to get on the first bus from alameda. >> that's right. hi, good morning, alexis. good morning, reggie. i'm in alameda waiting to get on the bus here in the east bay. it will be the first bus to commute into the new salesforce transit center. i'm excited to be a part of that. what you're looking at is a live look at the center. it celebrated its grand opening this weekend. i keep hearing about this balloon arch, very excited to see that from the ground as we roll into the center. it is a $2.26 billion project and building. this morning the first busses will arrive so it's really the first weekday commute and very exciting, could change the way that folks come into san francisco, those downtown streets you don't have to touch a city street on the center
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cable bridge. it's going to be exciting to come into the transit center and i want to show you opening celebration brought in tons of excitement. we are hoping to see something similar today. the multibillion dollar transit center is pretty impressive. 1 million square feet, four levels above ground, there's also that five-acre rooftop park getting a lot of buzz. really should be pretty exciting as we roll into the city. right now i can tell you in alameda it's very quiet, still very dark and we still have about 20 minutes to go until that bus gets here to pick us up and take us into san francisco. fingers crossed i'm not the only person on the bus. it's still early and no one out here at the bus stop. that should change because as we know every minute counts in the morning. i'm anticipating a few more people showing up within the next ten minutes or so. live in alameda, jessica castro,
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abc 7 news. >> we're hoping someone is awake enough to talk to you in a few minutes too. happening now, residents in bay point are fully warned a brush fire burning near north broadway could be hazardous to their health. the advisory from contra costa health services says the smoke could irritate the eyes, skin and throat. developing news on the mendocino complex fires. firefighters on the front lines will be getting more help when a crew from new hampshire arrives today. the two fires that make up this complex have burned in total more than 336,000 acres. the ranch fire now at 62% containment, the river fire is 93% contained. three, two, one. >> and new video from the california national guard gives you a view of the fire fight from above. cal fire dousing the flames with
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hundreds of gallons of water. the complex fires have destroyed 146 homes. firefighters in southern california making progress now on the holy fire. the wildfire burning in riverside county has burned 22,000 acres and 41% contained and destroyed 16 structures. cooler temperatures over the weekend helped firefighters to manage those flames. in washington, d.c., counter protesters out numbered people attending a unite the right rally. yesterday's events marked the anniversary of deadly violence in charlottesville, va, last year. heavy police presence near the white house. the organizer of that event disavowed white nationalism. >> i'm okay with sharing this country with people from around the world, but if you bring in too many people at once, it's not the same countrywha white p aggrieved. >> america and washington, d.c., overwhelmingly reject their
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message and hate and i think that's all that's necessary is to show other americans this isn't normal. >> last year's rally in charlottesville turned deadly when a car drove through a crowd of counter protesters. 32-year-old heather heyer was killed. in california the mayor of suisun city is sickened by a cruel hoax. someone has been distributing these kkk leaflets to residents that includes a phone number and website to a group in north carolina. the leaflets found in a plastic bag with raw white rice in it. mayor sanchez says local police are investigating. he calls the fliers repulsive and sad. speaking of sad, this is awful. new this morning a man arrested twice this year for domestic violence has killed three of his children in a murder/suicide. the press democrat reports ricardo garcia-lopez's wife
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called clearlake police for help. officers got to the mobile home and found the couple's four children in a car parked outside. police say lopez shot and killed his 9-month-old, 2-year-old and 4-year-old children. his 5-year-old is in the hospital after getting shot in the chest. police found lopez dead from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. happening today, a bay area coalition of faith leaders headed to sacramento to push for a passage of the police use of force bill. this follows the death of stephon clark after officers say they thought he pointed a gun at them. clark was unarmed and only had his cell phone. his shooting sparked numerous protests, the use of force bill would increase california's standard from reasonable to necessary. you are never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. we have very limited visibility in petaluma right now. it's less than a mile. half moon bay three-mile
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visibility. the fog has moved in across the bay. temperatures right now in the 50s and 60s. in novato 52, oakland 58, san jose getting a little cooler 59 degrees. here's your 12-hour day planner for the south bay. you will get sunshine in the next few hours by 8:00, sunny, temperatures in the 60s, start to climb into the 70s. some low 80s for parts of the south bay. lots of sunshine throughout the day and after 4:00, starts to drop into the evening but still pleasant, 68 degrees at 8:00 today. highs today range from 60s at the coast to near 90s in a few hot spots. san francisco, 64, partly cloudy. oakland 69 degrees, hazy sunshine as well through parts of the north bay because of the wildfires. temperatures overnight will drop, tomorrow we could wake upn the 50s and temperatures
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continue to tumble into tuesday and wednesday. alexis. >> all right. thank you, francis. a look at the roads with we don't have major incidents blocking. we are looking live at san mateo bridge. very light volumes on westbound 92. no issues eastbound either. is that is the lighter side this time of day. checking out drive times, no issues significant to point out either. no bay bridge metering lights. westbound 80 highway 4 to the maze at 17 minutes, westbound 80 across the bay bridge, just 9 and southbound 101 san francisco to sfo looking great in the green at nine minutes. we are getting a closer look at the moment a private plane made an emergency landing on an east bay freeway. >> oh, my gosh. >> i told you that guy was low. >> dash cam video shows the plane landing on i-580 in ashland in unincorporate san leandro. the plane was headed from lake tahoe to the hayward executive airport when this happened. the pilot told the chp the fuel line snapped so the plane lost pressure. you can hear how calm he was
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from air traffic audio. >> i have aner robabloing to try to get on the road nearby. i'm not familiar with the roads here but i'm going to choose one and let you know. >> wow. that's the kind of calm i woul not have expected. no one on the plane or freeway got hurt. the plane was registered in reno. it is the first day of school for thousands in the bay area. school starts today at several school districts including oakland unified, pleasanton unified, palo alto unified and rincon valley school district in sonoma. many are starting early. in previous years classes began during the third week of august. hope you have a great day. a white van caught in masse sinkhole, t rescue effort involving dozens of people in china.
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> welcome back. plenty of sunshine by 8:00, temperatures will be at 54 degrees by noon in the 60s and then this afternoon, look for mild and comfortable, mid-70s. >> thanks, francis. heavy rains caused a giant sinkhole to appear in the middle of a road in northwest china. 320 square foot hole with a van teetering on the edge.
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dozens of people helped pull the vehicle out of the sinkhole on saturday. in india, flash flooding from monsoon rains killed 37 people in the southeastern part of the country. 40,000 people remain evacuated after the storm hit on wednesday. the indian ministry deployed the army, navy and coast guard to help. the storm eased up over the weekend, but more rains are expected this week. the grass fire that broke out in solano county on friday is 100% contained. it burned more than 2,000 acres and destroyed one structure. 60 shelter animals are alive thanks to the thinking and hustle of police officers. the department posted this video on the facebook page that shows officers rushing into the spca haven to save previously rescued animals from fast approaching flames. all were evacuated and today are safe in foster homes. developing news regarding the missing college student who grew up in the bay area.
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police in iowa plan to give an update on the search for mollie tibbetts. the 20-year-old last seen nearly a month ago going for a run. last night the church the family attended living in piedmont held a vigil for her. abc 7 got in touch with her mother. >> she was inclusive with everyone. one of the most kind people in th class. >> no matter how little faith you have, you can work miracles and just know there's a whole world out there praying for mollie. >> the reward for mollie's return has grown to more than $300,000. investigators hope that data from her fitbit may provide clues to where she is. in "gma" first look, the search for another missing woman, 19-year-old kyra bergman disappeared more than a week ago. abc's marcus moore has the latest in the search in arizona. >> in this morning's "gma" first look, worried friends and family
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have not seen or heard from 19-year-old kyra bergman in more than a week. last seen in her phoenix apartment, her mother deeply concerned for her daughter's safety being out of touch this long is not like her. >> for her to leave her purse with her wallet and i.d. at the apartment that's not normal. that's why i feel like there's something not right here. >> the missing teen originally from san diego, moving to phoenix with her boyfriend in march. this morning, police have not identified any suspects and are asking for the public's help. >> communication with family stopped. that's concerning. not only for the family but for the investigators. >> the community holding a vigil leaving flowers at her doorstep and praying for her safeet we'll have search comg up at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look i'm marcus moore, abc news, los angeles. proposition 10, the most expensive initiative on the 2018
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ballot so far would revepeal th housing rental act on all housing built after february 1st, 1995. the aid contributed $10 million. opponents have raised $22 million and say the measure will decrease housing supply. the state assembly has until the-end of the month to pass a bill to have women on their boards. the bill passed the s critics say it violates federal and state constitutions. the bill could get challenged on equal protection grounds. 445 publicly traded companies in california. a quarter of them lack a single woman on the board. google always knows where you are, even if you tell the company not to track you. an investigation discovered whether you use an android or iphone, the company services record your movements. google stores location information when the map app is
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opened. daily weather updates will also hone in on your location. procription ofe ol a robt c e, so p c on olue light that comes from our smartphones or tablets could speed up blindless according to a study by researchers of the university of toledo. the light causes molecules to develop in cells in our retina and researchers say that could hasten macular degeneration and blindness so that is not awesome. >> another reason to put down the phone and just be present in your life, right. >> i guess so. it's all bad news. >> i know. >> take away tablet time from the kids. we have good news for inland areas. >> please. >> it's been hot there and they're getting more of a cool down today and the cooling trend has started yesterday. it's going to continue. here's a look at live doppler 7.
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more fm t coast and possible drizzle this morning. right now, temperatures are in the 50s and 60s. santa rosa is one of the cooler spots at 50 degrees. napa 58 and some 60s out there right now through concord, hayward, also in mountain view. so here's what you can expect for your highs today, in the south bay it's going to be comfortable and warm, warming up to 83 degrees in san jose, even low 90s through morgan hill and gilroy. lower part of the peninsula, 75 menlo park, 77 mountain view and headed to the beaches it's going to be breezy once again and unfortunately notice cloudy as well, even this afternoon. daly city only 59 degrees. that's your high for today. downtown san francisco, 64. look for 80s through parts of the north bay, petaluma 83, vallejo 78 today and upper 60s to 70s, even 80 in fremont for
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the east bay, 69 berkeley, sunshine inland with hazy skies the farther east you go. pittsburgh 89, livermore 86 degrees. overnight lows will be dropping into the 50s for many areas with fog and drizzle once again. santa rosa dropping to 50, san francisco 53, san jose 59. temperatures climbing up inland next weekend. get ready for the heat. >> good morning, francis. overall it has been a fairly quiet start on the roads. i want to take you into really our only incident that we've had so far today that is the northbound side of 880 before miles road. a two-car crash with injuries sounds like still blocking the far right lane but no seeing delays. emergency crews are there and been there for a while. cleanup efforts under way. outside, south bay, san jose 280 and highway 17, that traffic coming toward us still light volumes. i am hearing about a new crash in the tracy area for the
5:21 am
counter commute direction. we'll head there next. president trump is backing calls for a harley-davidson boy cost after the motorcycle maker announced it's moving some production overseas. the company blames the decision on tariffs reunion. the president tweeted by harley owners yesterday calling it great. the company has not responded. last month harley-davidson said it expects new tariffs to cost the company as much as $100 million a year. coming up next the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> the future of the job market is looking bright in
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roll in putting the commute to the test. the $2.2 billion transit center took eight years to build. number two, six people had ert r gng rr highway 101 in san jose. they have minor injuries. one of the drivers has been taken into custody. two teenagers killed and three seriously hurt after a car plunged a walnut creek freeway overpass sunday morning. the chp says the driver was under the influence. omarosa says she has more secret recordings from the white house. she released a tape of her firing yesterday, which took place in the white house situation room and that is now raising security concerns. and number five, the cooling trend continues. you can see the flag blowing with the onshore flow. the sea breeze will mean slightly cooler temperatures today and we're starting off with a little more cloud cover this morning. number six, traffic wise we are looking at the roads and a new rollover crash on the eastbound side of 580 in tracy.
5:25 am
past grant line rolls. initial calls are that the vehicle flipped several times and we possibly have injuries. not seeing a delay. and number seven, this video getting a lot of attention on social media. four women inside an inflatable unicorn on a lake in minnesota saturday when they got stuck in a patch of weeds. luckily sheriff deputies were nearby. >> wait. did that unicorn have rainbow wings? >> it did. they're not very functional because, you know, they couldn't use them for oars to get out of the mess. >> i have a feeling they were doing a rosea all day activity. >> probably how they didn't notice they were floating over there in the first place. >> just guessing, allegedly. >> coming back with another 90s minutes of news and the longer wait ahead if you're hoping to ride one of bart's cars. the huge financial hit monsanto's parent company is taking ecause of the jury verdict in san francisco.
5:26 am
live look outside, abc 7 the only place to see weather and traffic on your screen as we head to break, a n
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good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." a deadly crash in walnut creek. the chp says the 18-year-old driver was drunk. her family has a different story this morning. white house on the defense this morning after a former aide released a secret recording from the situation room. and san francisco commuters will soon be pulling into the brand new salesforce transit center. >> there's a balloon arch. >> yeah. they are rolling out the red carpet. >> they are. on this monday, august 13th, at 5:28 in the a.m., mike and natasha have the day off. >>n for mike today. >> good morning, everyone. it's going to be cooler today
5:29 am
and here's a look at live doppler 7 and the satellite image. notice we have much more cloud cover all around the bay area. here's your 12-hour day planner. sunrise at 6:23. most temperatures in the 50s. gradual clearing by lunch time. this afternoon the sea breeze will pick up 10 to 20 miles per hour and means cooler temperatures for everyone. inland areas in the upper 80s around the bay, mid 70s and at the coast upper 50s. sun sets at 8:04 and the cooling trend continues. details coming up but for now alexis has a serious crash. >> it is sounding that way. i want to take you out on our traffic maps. this is in the tracy area. eastbound 580, so the lighter side of traffic i'm not seeing a backup yet, but this is before you get to grant line road. multiple calls that a work truck flipped off the roadway, rolled over several times. they believe three to four people inside the vehicle are hurt. emergency crews are on the way to the scene. no lanes are blocked right now
5:30 am
as far as i can tell. sounds like it landed on the shoulder. keeping a close eye on that. seeing our typical delays on the westbound side. quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights are on. that happened around 5:23 this morning. happening now, the new salesforce transit center is in its first full day of service which means the first weekday morning commute as well. >> yeah. the center stretches three blocks along -- i should say in sonoma, boarded by mission and howard streets and second and beil. a live look at the transit hub and balloon arch. buss have already started using it. ac transit workers snapped photos of the celebration they held when the first busses arrived yesterday morning but the lack of a balloon arch so today is more exciting. along with the bus deck the center boasts a rooftop park that is quickly becoming a san francisco attraction. >> i love it. economy here every weekend in the city and it's like a
5:31 am
concrete jungle to me and having something like this is just a nice refuge. a nice, calming, peaceful area. >> the old temporary transbay terminal at beil and howard is going to be demolished and a city park and housing will replace it. breaking news in san jose, crews had to pull six people out of a minivan following a crash on southbound 101 near capital expressway before 1:00 a.m. chp says the van was rear ended. the fire department says it took 45 minutes to rescue six people in the van and all of them have minor injuries. a total of three vehicles were involved and two other people had to go to the hospital. they are expected to survive. chp says one driver was taken into custody and the cause of the wreck is under investigation. the family of the 18-year-old driver involved in a deadly crash over the weekend disputes the chp's assertion she was drunk. >> two other 18-year-olds were killed in the sunday morning crash in walnut creek and abc 7
5:32 am
news reporter matt keller is in the newsroom with more. >> good morning, alexis. the chp says this is a tragic incident where alcohol and underage drinking and driving was involved. the driver ramya ramey is facing charges, two s she and two othee passengers were taken to the hospital with injuries. police say she was driving around 4:00 a.m. when the car fell 40 to 50 feet off the connecter ramp to 680. the crash killed two men riding in the car. ramey's family keeping vigil in walnut creek and says drinking and driving would be out of character. >> no toxicology reports have come back at this point, so we edeveryoht now just needs to be held up in prayer. asking everyone to send up good thoughts. i can't begin to imagine the pain that those families are experiencing right now. >> ramey is from antioch, facing
5:33 am
dui and manslaughter. a recent graduate from deer valley high school set to attend the university of pacific in stockton. the names of the other teenagers have not been released. matt keller, abc 7 news. thank you. happening today, federal investigators will send the black boxes from a stolen passenger plane to washington, d.c. they found the flight data recorder and part of the cockpit recorder in the plane's wreckage south of seattle yesterday. the devices should provide clues about what was going on inside the cockpit of the horizon air turboprop. 29-year-old richard russell stole the plane and flew it more than an hour. he made wild loops before the plane crashed into an island. people who knew russell are stunned. >> you could tell he was in pain kind of seemed a little delusional andi was just shocked to see that someone who was so nice, so helpful, and caring actually, he cared about his job,to do such a thing. >> authorities are trying to confirm if recovered human remains are russell.
5:34 am
he was a grounds service worker for horizon air and didn't have a pilot's license. the white house is launching a full counterattack againstar . she's released a secret recording from the day she was fired. elizabeth her has the latest. >> good morning. omarosa says when she was called into a closed-door meeting with the chief of staff she knew it was about something very serious so she went in prepared to record the conversation, she says, for her protection. omarosa manigault newman initially adamant she quit her job at the white house, is now claiming she was fired and proof she was threatened to stay quiet. >> it's very obvious a threat. >> reporter: during her appearance on "meet the press" she says she recorded john kelly firing her in the situation room. >> i protected myself because this is a white house where everybodylies. >> reporter: in her book
5:35 am
"unhinged" she claims three people told her about a recording of president trump using the "n" word on the set of "the apprentice" and wrote she never heard it herself but now a different story. omarosa says by the time she heard it it was too late to update the book. the existence of such a tape has never been proven. >> low life. she's a low life. >> reporter: president trump and the white house now firing back. >> i think that omarosa unfortunately has undercut her own credibility. >> reporter: according to white house officials they are looking into what legal options they have to not only punish omarosa but also to stop her from releasing more recordings. elizabeth her, abc 7 news, new york. developing business news, bayer is taking a huge financial hit following a san francisco jury's $289 million verdict against monsanto which is owned by the drug giant. friday the jury ruled in favor of a former groundskeeper who
5:36 am
the door for thousands of other claims involving roundup. you are never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. with more cloud cover and fog we have very limited visibility. it's less than a mile in petaluma right now. half moon bay three-mile visibility. it's starting to decrease in concord and livermore. seven to eight-mile visibility there and parts of the south bay. temperatures in the 50s for the most part. few 60s out there. novato cool and santa rosa at 50, san francisco 55 and half moon bay and 60s through concord, hayward, mountain view, san jose, 59 degrees. in the east bay here's what you can expect. starting off with clouds, during 8:00, still cloudy but start to get some sunshine. by 10:00 we will be climbing into the low 70s.
5:37 am
for a few spots in the east bad starts to drop down to the 60 degree area and we'll see more cloud cover once again. highs will range from 60s at the coast, cloudy conditions here, sunny conditions as you head across the bay into the 89 in antioch, san jose 83 today. here's what you can expect for the week ahead. so temperatures will continue to cool into tomorrow, tuesday, wednesday, but high pressure builds. we will be warming near 100 degrees by saturday. get ready for some heat inland areas. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. we've got morning fog, cooler afternoon today. tomorrow kind of the same but a little bit cooler with even some drizzle during the morning and then we'll be below average on wednesday before we start to heat up and get more sunny conditions warming up to near 100 by next weekend. get ready for that. i know you've been busy and tracking serious crashes.
5:38 am
>> yeah. there on ticular in the tracy our traffic maps. in the counter commute direction. eastbound 580 right around grant line road past that, multiple calls in to chp that we've got a rollover crash involving a work truck and sounds like possible multiple injuries in this as well. went flying in the air. i'm not sure what the cause of the crash was. but that truck rolled over several times and emergency crews are on the way to the scene. sounds like stockton, chp may respond to this as well. definitely expecting a big scene right now. everything is contained to the right shoulder and seeing a backup on the westbound side, typically heavy side of the roadway. not a backup on the eastbound side of the crash. san rafael, slowly starting to fill in the north bay. brake lights here. no issues to golden gate bridge. a dense fog advisory is in effect. next traffic update around 5:50. if you ride bart you will soon see more of the en's the tracksn theweeks.amer" ten
5:39 am
bart may roll out as many as five new cars per month through the end of the year. the examiner reports there will be a six-month delay in the delivery of the final order of train cars. they're not expected until april 2026. this whole projects costs more than $2.5 billion. sky high rent prices affect everyone in the bay area. including the 49ers. >> a cosmic show had
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." welcome back. i'm meteorologist francis lawson here. the highs for california, triple digits through the central valley, fresno 101, palm springs 108. it will be hot there. in tahoe things are cooling down, 84 but the haze continues. they've had smoke and haze the last few weeks and it will continue the next seven days. tomorrow scattered showers and isolated thunderstorms in the afternoon. temperatures in the 80s all week long. reggie? >> thanks. happening now in san francisco, a commute game changer. here's a live look at the salesforce transit center. the first weekday ac transit bus
5:43 am
getting ready to roll from the east bay coming from alameda and guess who is on board? jessica castro. riders say it's a big deal. a cable stay bridge will allow regional transit busses to fly over downtown's traffic snarls that will be nice. the transit hub took eight years to build. as you can see they have ac bal >> every time we come back to the shot it keeps getting fancier. >> we understand that jessica is just in, just gotten offer the bay bridge. she should be pulling in. >> we'll take you live as soon as it happens. the city of won a legal fight. >> an ashby it tor denied the 49ers a request to reduce the rent by $4.25 million. the team's rent will increase by 262,000 to $24.7 million for each year it leases the stadium.
5:44 am
the mayor says the decision will allow the city to pay down the debt more quickly. >> shows the city of santa clara and the stadium authority is managing the 49ers instead of by them and we will hold them accountable to how they deal with the city. we hope they have learned a lesson. citizens have allowed them to have their residents in the city and they need to play fair. >> the 49ers told abc 7 news they accept the decision. the state assembly set to vote on a bill to allow landlords to accept rent from third parties. when tenants have trouble making rent a family member or non-profit will pay. advocates say some landlords refuse the payments as a tactic to evict and raise rents. ap against this measure. california is projected to add 2
5:45 am
million jobs in most sectors that require college degrees according to the california development department. a major exception is personal care aides which doesn't require a degree. the job could see nearly 40% growth, some jobs expected to shrink include parking enforcement workers and typists and the job of news reporter is expected to grow 2.6%. >> a shocking development as far as i was concerned. i think are we going back to the -- we are. to the salesforce transit center. as you can see there, workers have given us the little head's up that the bus is about to roll into the station. >> i saw our photographer waving wildly saying take us, take us. they're coming. we've got jessica castro riding the first ac transit bus into the new transbay terminal. they have the ribbon up. are they going to drive through there or get out and cut the ribbon. >> i hope it's dramatic. i want to see that bus drive right through. >> i hope it doesn't hit the
5:46 am
balloon arch. that would be more interesting to watch, wouldn't it? >> this could be. the suspense here. >> practically seriousness, the thing about this, because they've built that flyover ramp, they no longer have to go through traffic when they get off the bay bridge and then into the terminal, so that should be a little faster to get in to the transbay terminal. >> yes. >> it's also -- the thing you can't see, just above that ceiling, there's a fountain that goes along the stretch of where the busses park and you were on top of the park you would see the fountain mirror the bus. there's sensors. sounds like i'm making this up. you see our photographer is looking at the ceiling. sensors along the ceiling. it knows when -- where the bus is. when the bus comes in they have a water fountain that shoots up
5:47 am
throughout the top of the park. >> such a cool feature. hearing so many things about the rooftop park. if anyone was hanging out there this morning it was a pretty nice day. >> it's cool, temperatures in the 50s, but we will be warming up to the mid 60s. we're a little below average in san francisco. i'm going to call it typical san francisco summer weather which is sweater weather. >> sure. >> today bring a sweater if you're headed to the salesforce transit center today. >> in the sun, burning up. out of the sun, freezing cold. >> exactly. >> so the other thing about this, right now it's basically a bus terminal, that's what the salesforce transit center is acting as, but in the future the hope is that they're going to be able to route in trains and hopefully eventually the high-speed train between san francisco and los angeles. >> okay. i see headlights approach. looks like this is the first ac transit bus, the first weekday commute here at t brandew salesforce transit center. look at the fanfare.oteople pum
5:48 am
arms in the air and our own jessica castro is onppening ins. champagne being poured right now. >> imagine what's going through their hades. >> the confetti. >> oh, my goodness. >> they are going to clear this balloon arch no problem. >> you're right. >> there we go. >> going right through. mo probl no problem. the first drive, the ribbon has been cut. >> yeah. >> i would say the transit center is broken in. >> i would say you're right. my man in the front was great, he had a phone, the first person getting off he's in a hurry. >> oh, yeah. >> he had histhe balloon arch. scooter. where is jessica castro? >> looks like -- >> there she is. >> you see her? >> there she is. >> she's got her abc 7 ja those her bike. she bikes to work sometimes.
5:49 am
>> she does. maybe that's her bike on the front there with that basket. okay. well you know o h that first maiden voyage for ac transit to the terminal on this first official full commute day went. we are going to hear from her. >> a lot of kids going back to school and i feel like that's what happened. jessica's first day on the bus. >> yes. back to san francisco. >> that's right. >> okay. so how is it going to be for the commuters coming into town? >> it's going to be cooler and cloudier, especially right now. i'll take you to live doppler 7 and the satellite image. more gray skies, little bit of drizzle closer to the coast and the live shot in san francisco where it's currently 55 degrees. oakland is 58. mountain view is milder at coo hill 52. the highs for all the folks planning to do something this afternoon or heading back to school. sunny and warm in the south bay.
5:50 am
san jose your high of 83. look for low 90s through morgan hill and gilroy and sunshine in santa cruz clearing later on this afbe cloudy and cool, most of the day. only 59 in pacifica, 59 daly city, breezy downtown san francisco. 64 degrees. sunshine later this afternoon and look for highs of mid to upper 80s through parts of the north bay. still seeing hazy conditions through parts of the north bay closer to the mendocino complex fires. 60s and 70s in the east bay. oakland 69. union city 79. we'll see mid to upper 80s in the interior valleys. san ramon with hazy skies. overnight lows into the 50s. we'll see a little more cloud cover once again tomorrow, even drizzle at the coast. the accuweather seven-day forecast, morning fog, cooler afternoons, drizzle tomorrow morning, slightly below average for wednesday and get ready for
5:51 am
the heat inland areas near 100 by this weekend. alexis? >> o slowly starting to fill in, but that's about it. no major issues for you. westbound 92 moving along at a decent pa decent pace. this morning we had a two-car crash involving injuries northbound 880 before alvarado ride road. for a long time that was blocking the right lane. never did cause a backup. the all clear from chp. all lanes are back open. no residual delays in the area. the rollover crash in tracy. we will head back there coming up next. >> the search on for a missing hiker in yosemite. scott tankczar was seen at a ranger station. the park service says he's an experienced hiker planned to backpack from robinson creek to crown lake and he knows the area well and likely carrying fishing gear. obviously dating apps are supposed to be used for dating, but new at 6:00, we'll show you
5:52 am
how some people are turning it into job opportunities. we'll leave you with a live look at 5:52. look at 5:52. abc 7 the only place
5:53 am
5:54 am
bart is investigating how a man ended up trapped between two trains at the berkeley station just before noon yesterday. berkeley firefighters were able to get the 65-year-old man out and to a hospital. he suffered nonlife-threatening injuries. the station was closed for more than an hour. if you're up before 4:30 you may have caught a glimpse of the perseid meteor shower. this is video from bosnia where stargazers checked things out. this year the perseids were expected to be more spectacular
5:55 am
because there was minimal pollution from the moon. more than 500 people gathered at chabot space and science center hoping to see meteors. >> we thought about national parks or away from the city. this is a perfect places because i think we should have a good view of the stars. >> the path of the comet swift tuttle running into a stream of debris the comet leaves behind. early this morning was your chance but the perseid meteor shower runs until august 24th. if you're in san francisco it was a little too cloudy to see much of anything. >> i know. i was disappointed i didn't look up on my commute in this morning. sounds like i couldn't have seen much anyway. i guess okay. we've been following a rollover crash in tracy right around the 205 split. sounds like they have updated the location. road truck flipped several times and we have injuries.
5:56 am
still don't have any lanes blocked and no backup but just the heavy traffic on the west side. 49 bart trains in service, ace one out on time, ace three on time today too and normal service, no delays for san francisco bay ferry. let's check in with francis in for mike today. >> back to school including the oakland unified school district. it's cloudy and during the 8:00 hour still cloudy. if you're heading out the door temperatures near 58 degrees but by lunch time, lots of sunshine through oakland, 63 degrees and then this afternoon, 66 at 3:00. also if you're headed to the a's game tonight you want to grab a jacket because by the time it starts it will drop to 63 degrees and then down to 59 degrees by the time the game ends as the clouds move back in. >> thank you, francis. a cat rescue operation on the greek island is offering a home, utilities and salary for
5:57 am
595 felines living there. qualified applicants must have a love for cat, know how to operate a manual car and make a six-month commitment. the claws will be coming out for the position. you can go to a7newcom for a link to apply. >> i don't know how to drive stick. shoot. >> darn. new at 6:00, more help on the way for crews fighting the mendocino complex fire and we're getting a better timeline of when the northern california fires will reach containment. what's
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, bay area. >> let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." the salesforce transit center is open and it cleared the balloonlento t air. jessica castro was on board. >> we will talk to her live in a few minutes. >> there are close moments.
6:00 am
i thought the bus would hit the letters that were spelled out across the way. >> dramatic and intense and we got through it. >> together. >> we did, reggie. all right. it is monday, august 13th. mike and natasha have the day off. jessica is live for us at the transbay terminal. we've got francis in the weather center. how are we looking. >> looking cloudier and foggier at the coast. we could see a little bit of drizzle. here's live doppler 7 and the satellite image, stronger onshore flow that pushed the clouds inland and here's what you can expect. have this available searching the accuweather app. temperatures in the 50s with lots of low clouds and fog. clearing by noon except at the coast and then this afternoon that sea breeze will pick up 10 to 20 miles per hour that will cool things down for everyone. inland areas in the upper 80s, mid 70s around the bay and at the beaches and coast, we're


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