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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 13, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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all thos moms because believe. i believe god' carry me through this. >> a heartbroken mother says sh at k her 17-year-old son and his friend. good evening, thanks for joinin >> i'm ama daetz. a crash left two classmates dead and others injured. >> one woman's candid words about her son. >> reporter: that's right. a bad decision basically by a group of teens. two died and three are seriously injured. i'm here along highway 24 walnut cehe sinkinghe wunder-age.
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>> he was my best friend. he loved basketball. he loved to eat. he loved god. >> reporter: the mother of oo college in aas pittsburgh this fall. she says he was not drinking but ventured into subdivision with four other friends, recent graduates of dear valley high school in antioch. >> it just so happens the one day he didn't ask -- him and john, they both didn't ask to go. they both received their wings on the other side. >> he was afraid to call us so he rode it out. >> reporter: that he was stuck at a party. >> yes. >> reporter: wanting to leave but he couldn't because he was in san francisco which is way too far. >> so when they were driving back, i don't know how, they
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flew over. >> reporter: 17-year-old d d d d and 18-year-old john karined off the side of highway 24 on the ramp to 680 north and landed below. the driver and two other teenage girls are still hospitalized with serious injuries. dakaai's mother says one may be paralyzed and says she forgives the driver. >> we're not in this alone. five kids' lives were changed forever. >> you'll find a link to a gofundme page for dakarai's family at the driver is likely to face felony manslaughter and dui charges. i'm leslie brinkley, abc7 news. >> tragic. thank you so much. we're hearing from the man who captured incredible dashcam video in the east bay showing a small plane landing on the
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freeway. this is the emergency landing eric gear witnessed on saturday, on 580, near the 164 avenue exit in ashland. the pilot said the fuel line snapped and caused the plane to lose pressure and said he had to alert other drivers as to what is happening. >> the cessna is not flying very well. >> the traffic won't paying attention. i needed to react. turning on the flashers, honking the horn, doing weaving getting their attention. >> there was no damage and they are okay. >> a plane stolen from seattle and crashed on a nearby island, they found the remains at that crash site though the pilot's death has not yet been confirmed, the black box headed to washington for a thorough
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analysis. they wanted to know how a man with no flying experience, how could he hijack a passenger plane. carolyn tyler has more. >> absolutely amazing. i don't know how he did it. >> he flew planes for 35 years and he and colleagues are stunned by the seattle incident. a baggage handler they say did not have a pilot's license was able to fly a stolen passenger plane for over an hour doing incredible maneuvers. >> they are complex machines. this is the question i have and i think everybody has. what did he do to prepare for this flight? >> reporter: the man richard russell told air traffic controllers where he got his skills. >> i played video games before, so i know what i'm doing a little bit. >> right now, you're flying over sfo? >> reporter: at the museum in san carlos, they have several simulators that allow would be
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pilots, hobbyists and students to have a virtual experience flying a plane. >> you can maneuver the aircraft and it has all the controls you would in the aircraft. >> reporter: mark is a pilot and teacher. he believes it is possible someone could fly a plane after virtual lessons. >> after enough time in the simulator you could become competent enough to taken an aircraft off the ground and start the plane. >> reporter: a company called fly away simulation uses the same plane as the seattle man stole as one of its models. we talked to the head of the company on skype. >> you have to start the engines, taxi the aircraft and take off from a flights simulator. >> reporter: as for the daring stunts, they're skeptical about where he learned those. the cockpit data recorder might share more light. carolyn tyler, abc7 news. the man accused of being the
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golden state killer is facing a new murder charge. they charged 72-year-old joseph deangelo with snelling's death in 1975. he was shot trying to stop him from kidnapping his 16-year-old daughter. they believe deangelo is behind more than a hundred burglaries in the '70s. >> he was very elusive and likely prowld victims's residences prior to committing those crimes and oftentimes used a bicycle as a means of travel. >> deangelo is in a sacramento county jail and accused of other murders in the '70s and '80s. an oakland crash that left a police officer seriously injured happened overnight near middle harbor road and 7th street. he was pinned after colliding in a car and semi-truck. melanie has the latest. >> reporter: police say that
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oakland police officer remains in critical condition. they say he is the son of an oakland police department lieutenant. you could see the extensive damage from this oakland police department towed from an overnight collision where the officer was trapped inside. >> they attempted to try to get the door open, get the officer out. they were not able to. >> reporter: the oakland fire department extricated the officer from his vehicle and was not conscious at the time. the collision happened just before 3:00, one of their newer officers responding to a suspicious report near the port of oakland when it happened. >> the collided with a civilian vehicle. from there, the patrol car collided with a parked semi-truck. >> the semi-truck was parked in the center of the roadway where they're often staged coming into
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the port area. the semi-truck driver says he was sleeping inside the truck when the collision occurred. >> it's a fire truck here. the door was struck. >> we have witnesses and drivers. everybody stayed on scene and everybody is cooperating. >> reporter: the civilian vehicle and semi-truck were also towed from the scene. police say the driver of that semi-truck and civilian vehicle were not injured. live in oakland, abc news. the search for a berkeley man who fell from a cliff in southern oregon has come to an end. brian lewinstein crossed to take photograph at the falls and
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slipped and fell to the steep embankment below. a spokeswoman issued a statement saying our hearts are broken over this. another member of the trump administration says climate change is not causing california's wildfires. interior secretary, ryan zinke says removing trees is crucial to reducing wildfire risks. >> no one loves our public lands more than i do. you can love it as much but not anymore. the public lands belong to everybody, not just special interests. we have to work together to make sure we restore the health of the forest. >> zinke made those comments after touring damage caused by the car fire near redding. he wants to reduce fuel in the forests and president trump made similar comments. environmentalists say this is an attempt to allow logging on public lands and comment many of the public fires did not start in thick forests, started in shrubs. we see the mendocino complex
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fires burned 336,000 acres expected to be contained by september the 1st. firefighters are not sure when the carr fire will be contained and the ferguson fire that burned 96,000 acres is expected to be fully contained wednesday. it's the first day of the work week. lunchtime crowds were in the rooftop garden to hang out and eat. while adults took in the scenery, kids were enjoying an outdoor children's reading room. >> this is amazing. i wasn't expecting any of this as i walked through here. seeing this kind of mobile library is great. she loves books. >> reporter: you may want to break out your platform shoes later in the week for silent disco dancing, the first day of full commute service for ac transit and buses gliding onto
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the terminal deck and garden. >> cast your vote in >> is it the future of transit, glorified bus stop or doesn't affect you. >> right now, doesn't affect me is winning, 45%. >> we'll see and keep the voting open until 7:00 p.m. much more ahead, a grieving bay area family has been dealt another blow. >> the last thing you would ever suspect is for someone to pry that off of his hands. >> loved ones of a terminally ill veteran say the wedding ring was stolen right off his hands. does schuylkill want google where you are so badly it's tracking your every move even when you say it can't? >> we are getti getti getti ♪
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a bay area family is frantically searching for this ring tonight. the man it belonged to somehow lost it in the hospital. more on what the family thinks happened. >> it's a very painful situation made incredibly worse by this. >> pete hall verston has been at the hospital everyday since he learned his father has glioblastoma and possibly little time left. >> possibly days or weeks. >> reporter: he and his wife have been married 47 years and even as a purple heart representative in vietnam never took off his wedding ring. you can imagine the confusion when they looked and saw it came off. >> it had to be forced off.
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no way it fell off. >> his wife did notice something. >> he was swinging with one of his hands. >> this led the halvertsons to wonder if someone on the staff had stolen the ring. the issue appeared to be falling on deaf ears. >> we were screaming to no one. this did not just fall off his hand. he took the story to twitter and said only then did the hospital question the nurses. >> in this time of grief, added sadness, especially to penny. >> she was looking forward to putting it on her neck class and keeping him close to her. her necklace -- >> abc7 news. the city e-mailed us a statement about the search for bill's ring. it reads in part, when we were
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made aware of the loss on saturday we began an extensive search to locate he ring including interviewing all staff members in his care, carefully searching his room and location where he received treatment searching through trash and working with our linen supplier. we will continue our efforts and cooperate with any police investigation. the family does not agree with this statement. they tell this is hospital didn't start searching until sunday. following breaking news in the north bay. sky 7 over a grass fire just put out actually in this is a live picture of highway 37, fairgrounds drive. it started about an hour ago, as you can see, the crews did a fantastic job putting it out, maybe a couple hotspots on the left hand side of your screen. they did an excellent job there and things are under control.
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>> santa clara officials and 49ers after winning a two year legal fight. in a ruling announced over the weekend, an arbiter denied their request to have the rent reduced by $4.25 million a year, instead he increased it to nearly $25 million a year. today, lisa gilmore called on niners to release documents in the arbitration. >> if there really is to be honesty and transparency we are asking them to release the confidentiality agreement for the documents of the arbitration so we can really show the public what they were asking for in the aritration and make everything transparent for our community. >> the 49ers told abc7 news in a statement the organization accepts the arbiter's decision but did not respond directly to the mayor's demand for release of the documents, only that the
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mayor will put interests before the everyday santa claireans. >> the "associated press" says google wants to know where you go so badly it records your movements even when you explicitly tell the company not to. an investigation finds many google services score your location data even if you've used privacy settings. google's support page says with location history off, the places you go are no longer stored. the ap says that isn't true. google says it provided full description of the tools robots control so people can turn them on and off and delete their histories at any time. after weeks of fire and smoke, yosemite valley is re-opening tomorrow along with
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all the park hotels and hundreds of campsites, 350, all have been off-limits for two weeks of prime tourist season. so firefighters can wrap up the work, the air is still hazy and some services limited. homeowners in the fire areas may enter an era of the new normal. the c department of insurance says the recent wildfires make it harder for california homeowners to find fire insurance. california insurance commissioner, david jones, says he expects more insurance companies to opt not to renew policies but simply stop writing homeowner's policies in areas with the highest fire risk. parts of the state will be reclassified from fire safe to high risk. this is going to explode. >> thanks. speaking of wildfires,
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there's one burning and threatening the largest and oldest known juniper tree. it is at least 2,000 years old, stands 80 feet tall with a trunk 14 feet indictment. >> the u.s. forest service says the fire burning is less than a half mile away from the juniper. crews created a containment line to protect the tree. >> your accuweather forecast. >> reporter: live doppler 7 showing you the fog and the low clouds, never quite clearing the coast, except right around the southern end of san mateo county and santa truz county and low clouds. we've been watching thunderstorms and good news they have contained rain in the sierra. 26 in fairfield. ignore that novato. that is an error, automated
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reporting there, 24 hour temperature change. up to 10 degrees cooler compared to yesterday at this time in santa fe and fairfield. the marine layer is deeper from our camera. 61 in san francisco, mid to upper 60s, oakland to mountain view, 82 at morgan hill. if you have visitors in town, here is our camera looking at the sea lions there. it is overcast. people have to bundle up this time of year. 68 in santa rosa. 70s, 80s, napa, concord, livermore, nice weather getting the break from the heat we typically see this time of the year. a look at our highlights, overcast skies, below average the last few days, heating up late in the work week. if you like hot weather it will return. low clouds stacked up looking
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across the bay from our emoryville camera. a good push to the east bay of the marine layer, midnight, could see spotty drizzle develop. as we head to the morning commute, not just low clouds, high clouds and cloudy start tomorrow morning heading to the 8:00 a.m. hour, east bay, north bay, parts of the coast and in the afternoon we hang onto low clouds. you can download the weather app and check outside the temperatures any time you want. they are running lower where they should be. low 60s tomorrow afternoon. it is going to be breezy along the coast, 60 in san francisco, 60 in half moon bay. oakland, 82 in santa rosa, 85 in concord, pleasant in livermore, 83 degrees, san jose, 81 degrees. below average tomorrow, upper 50s to below 80s. steady pattern for wednesday with very little change. we start to see the warm-up
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thursday continuing to the first half of your weekend, temperatures come up to the triple digit range by saturday. mid-60s along the coast. it won't be hot everywhere. the heat eases the second half of your weekend heading to early next week. the pattern is we take a breather from
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rocket maker space x offered a rare opportunity to go inside its facility to meet with engineers and astronauts. >> we get a tour. >> reporter: we've all seen the spectacular launche and even more spectacular landings. now, we're getting a peek behind those spectacular things. elon musk spacex opening the doors to its sprawling facility toe the media can meet the astronauts who will be flying
5:25 pm
the company's dragon spacecraft when it's actually built. right now it's pretty new to these guys. >> just seeing what it will do, won't do, white do, what we can do in orbit with it. >> reporter: they have already brought supplies to the space station, this video docking next month. the next step is getting astronauts there. >> i'm excited about the opportunity to return to station having spent six months up there already to see how it changed over the last four or five years. >> reporter: as part of media day it showed off dragon training systems as well as the scale mockoff of the castle. it's relatively roomy talking about space capsules. seat up to four people. they have roomy windows so everyone aboard has a stunning view of the celestrial surroundings.
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if you're flying, you will be wearing a spacex space suit, considerably snappier than past nasa gear. >> much lighter and more comfortable to wear and -- >> spacex says it's aiming for next spring. abc7 news. quitting your job and traveling the world, sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it? >> next, how a local family
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coming up on abc7 news at 6, one of the defendants in the ghost ship murder trial speaking out for the first time since the judge put the case in legal limbo. he is not pulling any pumps. only on 7. any punches. if there's any long lasting environmental impact. an issue coming to a head in
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sacramento that has cab drivers joining forces with their ride sharing rivals at 6:00. a question. did you ever imagine quitting your job and traveling the world? >> never. a young family from san francisco is living this dream. they recently quit their corporate jobs in san francisco and sold their home and traveled with their 18-month-old daughter. >> they started in june with a trip to lake tahoe and said it took a lot of planning but worth it. >> we always traveled a lot and come back on vacation and felt like something was missing. >> we knew we weren't happy with our day-to-day routine in san francisco and wishing away the week to get to the weekend. why don't we just be happy now. >> wow, year long i tin air aye include stops to croatia and
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bali and travel with two suitcases and a stroller. what do they do for money? i'm larry in for dan. thanks for your time. tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the storms tonight and the flash flood emergency playing out right now. the high water rescues. neighborhoods submerged. families rescued by boat. tens of millions at risk tonight from d.c. up through philadelphia and new york. also tonight, the secret recording of the president. omarosa, who went from "the apprentice" to adviser in the west wing, now revealing her secret recordings from inside the white house. you will hear the conversation in the situation room with chief of staff john kelly. and tonight, we now hear the conversation with the president. two major air scares. the new one just today. a man stealing a jet and
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authorities say flying it right into his home, family members inside. and in seattle tonight, authorities coming before the ca


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