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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 14, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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a terror attack in london remains under investigation at this hour. several people are hurt. it comes just one year after a deadly attack in the same exact area. i'm jessica castro. k you for joining us today. a driver plowed into cyclists during the morning rush hour. then slammed into security barriers at london's parliament during the height of summer tourist season. the suspect is in custody. molly hunter is on the scene with the very latest.
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>> reporter: central london is on lockdown after a car sbhooshd the security barriers outside the houses of parliament. the bbc caught the car on camera speeding up before deliberately crashing, plowing through cyclists and pedestrians. >> maybe 50 miles an hour, maybe more. and contributing to outside the houses of parliament. >> reporter: the s.w.a.t. team arrested the driver of the silver ford fee test a on suspicion of terrorism. >> given that this appears to be a deliberate act, the method and this being an iconic site, we are treating it as a terrorist incident. >> they are leading the investigation. police stay suspect in his late 20s is not cooperating. no weapons were dpounld is the n additional passengers in the car. the entire area is still part of the investigation. the british prime minister
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tweeting my thoughts are with those injured adding my thoughts areit those injured. president trump weighed in. another terrorist attack in london. these animals are crazy and must be dwelt with toughness and strength. >> reporter: the actual crash happened just over there. the investigation being treated as a terror investigation though police have said that this suspect was not on their radar. abc news, london. >> you may remember just last year another driver sped into crowds at westminster killed four people and was shot outside parliament. it was a crazy scene in genoa, italy, after a bridge collapse killing 25 people and injuring nearly a dozen others. a strong storm toppled a section of the bridge which is on a main highway that connects italy to
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france. dozen of cars plummeted into a heap of twisted metal below. rescuers are combing through rubble. genoa's mayor said if negligence played a part in the collapse, the culprit or culprits will pay. a marked open police vehicle was stolen near 74th and garfield avenue. seven minutes later it was found three miles away and this is video of investigators at the scene where the vehicle was eventually found. officials say there are no reports of items being removed from the vehicle and all safety squimt accounted for. there is still no information on the suspect at this time. happening today, police are expected to release the name of the officer seriously injured in a crash. he was responding to a call yesterday. the patrol car veered into a parked semi truck. the office her to be extricated from his vehicle. he does remain in critical condition this morning. no one else was hurt in this crash. the department says the officer
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is fairly new to the force and the son of a lieutenant. new at 11:00, saint clair county leaders expect to approve a project for housing for low income seniors. they say it is just the latest step in housing 5,000 people. now live at the location in san jose with who this will help the most. >> reporter: this property isn't pretty. it is right behind this chain link fence. when it is done it will be affordable housing. their this is in san jose. this is all made possible by the $950 middle affordable housing bond approved by voters in 2016. today supervisors are expected to approve up to $13.5 million to guy property and develop it. the plan calls for 64 units for low income seniors and some commercial space on the ground floor. this is the first project from the bond measure going
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specificly to low income senior housing allowing supportive services on the property. >> i think for all of us who see our parents or who are becoming seniors are starting to think about what happens that we're living longer, where can we live that's safe and where can we get services, especially for those who are low income and high need? >> the board of supervisors has approved $111 million from the housing bond for ten multifamily developments. construction here could start by the end of the year. reporting live, matt keller. abc7 news. >> thank you. the utah firefighter killed battling the mendocino fire has been identified. take a close look here. this is battalion chief matthew burchett. he died yesterday after being injured the day before. we just got his i.d. details of what happened to him have not yet been released. news of his death has devastated the small town of draymonder
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southwest of salt lake city. >> he came to the fire department in may of this year. prior to working for draymonder he worked the unified fire authority for 25 years. he leaves behind a wife and a handsome young son. he was 42 years old. >> our thoughts with his family in that community. burchett was one of about 40 utah firefighters from seven agencies deployed to the fires burning across california. the crews battling the mendocino complex fire are making tremendous fire thanks to the break in the weather. the fire made up of two separate blazes. the river fire now 100% contained after burning nearly 49,000 acres. the ranch fire has burned 305,000 acres. it is 68% contained. i want to show you these latest numbers in the carr fire. it has burned just over $207,000 acres. it is 65% contained. and today, most of the yosemite
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national park reopened after a 20-day closure after the ferguson fire that killed two firefighters. it burned 150 square miles. officials say the yosemite closure cost surrounding communities an estimated $50 million in lost tourism dollars. so many wildfires this season already. let's check the weather. >> we have seen cooler air infiltrate a lot of air which has helped firefighters. and the winds have begun to cooperate. right now, wind near mendocino complex. you can see very light wind the winds around the region, you will see they're really light. we do expect to continue over the next couple of hours.
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winds are calm, great news for firefighters. back here in the bay area, a lot of cloud cover for a lot of us but we do have better news for visibility. the fog is lifting in the north bay. still patchy fog in the coast but will change in the next couple of hours. starting to see peeks of sunshine. we'll go hour by hour. we'll see how warm it gets this afternoon. the whole accuweather forecast a bit later. the man set to go to trial for the deadly ghost ship fire after a deal he made prosecutors. he spoke to us from the jail in dublin. he said he was stunned last friday when judge james kramer dismiss ad deal that would have resulted in a nine-year jail zpens ordered them to stand trial. the judge saideidn't show remorse for the fire that killed 36 people. he says the judge took parts of
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his written statement out of context. >> he can twist it around and make it about me. this statement was about everything. i've been remorseful from the moment this happened. >> his attorney says a new deal is possible if the case does go to trial. he has indicated he'll seek the move the trial to another county. and this case will be back in court on friday and abc7 news will be there. you can look back at all of our stories on this tragedy. abc7 is that also on the abc7 news app. new this morning, a warning before you use the atm. the fbi says hackers are targeting the cash machines in a global scheme. it is being called the atm cashout. hackers will get account information and make fake atm cards. then they'll use the cards to potentially withdraw a large amount of cash. the fbi is asking banks to review and revamp protocols. officials suggest monitoring
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your bank activity over the next several days. president trump called omarosa a dog morning. his retaliation did not stop there. the new legal twist in the secret white house reporting scandal. plus, the way volunteers in the south bay are making back to school a little brighter for and get the shoes you want...for get to tway less.hoe event oh yeah. ross has the top brands at big savings. for the latest styles and trends... at prices that make them even cuter... ...get to the ross shoe event. yes for less. with pg&e in the sierras. and i'm an arborist since the onset of the drought, more than 129 million trees have died in california. pg&e prunes and removes over a million trees every year to ensure that hazardous trees
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according to us weekly, stevie wonder stopped by to say goodbye to aretha franklin. a publicist spoke to the magazine. her health has been failing for years. she is now in hospice care at her home but is reportedly breathing on her own. last night beyonce and jay-z dedicated their concert to aretha and said we love you and thanked her for her beautiful music. now to the all out war between president trump and omarosa. this morning former white house aide accused mr. trump of saying the "n" word. in response the president launched a new twitter attack and called omarosa a dog. more on the possible legal battle that's now brewing. >> omarosa coming out swinging against the president, releasing with she says is another secretly taped conversation this morning on cbs. this report allegedly has
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campaign officials strategizing about an alleged tape saying the "n" word on have the apprentice. >> can you think of any time this happened? and he said no. >> that's not true. >> he said how do you think i should handle it? and i told him what you just said. well, it depends on what scenario you're talking about. he said why don't you just put to it bed. >> president trump firing pack saying that the producer told him the tapes don't exist tweeting, mark burnett tv called to say there are no tapes of the apprentice where i used such a terrible and disgusting word as attributed by wacky and disgraceful omarosa but going further and saying when you give a crazed crying low life a break and give her a job at the white house, i guess it just didn't work out. good work for general kelly for quickly firing that dog. old rosa saying she was
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contacted by special counsel robert mueller's office and she said here is ready to play more tape that's the called again. >> anything more you want to say? >> if his office calls again, if they want,share. >> kellyanne conway standing by the president. even as omarosa claims mr. trump made a racial slur against her own husband who is part filipino. >> i never heard anything about that including my husband who has completely denied it. >> reporter: the trump campaign is taking legal action against omarosa for violating her nondisclosure agreement. in the last hour, former state senator quinton cobb filed a lawsuit in san francisco against the u.s. secret service. he wants to see records related to donald trump jr.'s protection detail while on a private trip to india in february. he says the records were requested twice but there has
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been no response from the secret service. a violation of the freedom of information act. he says for a president who boasts that his personal wealth and donating his salary, it is inconsistent for taxpayers to foot the bill for his adult children's security on private business trips. happening now, hoping the improve some children's lives. building bicycles for children in san jose. our reporter is live at the boys and girls club in silicon valley. >> volunteers have been at it since 10:00 this morning and they won't stop until 3:00 this afternoon. this is all part of the volunteers initiative. you're looking at the boys and girls club silicon valley bike shop. tuesday more than more than 150 lowe's home improvement stores took part in the hard part.
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constructing 150 bicycles for kids. >> we're really excited that we'll be taking the bicycles, the chains, the helmets, the locks, andgo nearly a dozen boys and girls clubs. on tuesday they're reminiscing about their first bike seat. >> it was banana seat and hit a bell. >> reporter: the heroes hope their efforts lead to priceless memories. >> you'll always remember the first time you ride a bike. i think getting these bikes and getting them the ability to ride a bike will be something they'll remember forever. >> reporter: 10:30 to 3:00 might sound like quick turn around for 150 bikes. don't worry. we're told each bicycle will go through a thorough safety check before they are released to the kids.
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>> thank you. >> thank you. i love that story. the clean-up crew set to roll out to take care of an issue that has long caused a big stink. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. fog cover.
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accuweather, we have that cloud cover on live doppler 7 along with satellite. you can see it is thick in spots.
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we'll take you outside. a live look from here at kgo. you can see the bay bridge is shrouded. you're starting to see some sunshine peek out. with that cloud cover overhead, the temperatures very slow to warm at this hour. where we have the fog, only in the 50s and the 60s at this hour. we have some sunshine like brentwood. 65 in san jose. a similar story in napa. the warmest spot we have is 83 degrees. hour by hour, 1:00 later this afternoon. most spots, we have the sunshine breaking out. the only exception will be san francisco where the cloud cover really will linger with us for much of the day today and along the coast. by 5:00, 6:00 evening, the fog is spilling back into the bay. it will be a rather foggy evening and the fog continues to expand later tonight. the fog is living up to its name.
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81 in sand jose. 76, palo alto. cooler on the coast. pacifica, only 57 degrees with a lot of cloud cover. a little sunshine, around 2:00, 3:00. that's about it. daly city at 57. into the north bay, sunnier skies do prevail. 76, 60s and 70s, the name of the game. about 74 for fremont. 75, the high as we head toward fremont and union city. inland we're wiping away the 90s. it will feel nice out there. about 84, pittsburgh, 87 in brentwood. the mariners are in town tonight. it will be cool, 66 degrees as the game is wrapping up. have the jacket with you. by 10:00, the temperatures will be dropping into the middle 50s. we'll likely see some coastal
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drizzle as well. the temperatures fall into the mid to upper 50s as we head into wednesday. we're cool for august. today we stay that way through wednesday. and then warmer air begins to move in. thursday and friday we increase the numbers. by saturday to start off the weekend, you can see away from the coast. we are warm to hot. hitting the century noork begin saturday afternoon. >> now the places like pittsburgh will be in the 80s. >> i love this. the perfect ideal. can you guess what this is? the reason some people in paris are seeing red over
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the city is launching the poop patrol. five employees will go around quickly with a steam cleaner. the goal is to clean up any waste from people and dogs before the city gets complaints. mayor london breed supports the new effort. she wants to open five new public toilets and expandeffort. meanwhile, an effort to stop
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public you're notation. they are disguised in flower boxes. with the bright red color, people who live in the area don't think it is very subtle. the waste will be used for compost and gardens. the fact we have these two stories in our newscast says there is a big problem with folks all over the world. >> but it is nice that they'll try to make the streets cleaner. >> more public places to go, you know? maybe that will help. from all of us here, thanks for joining us. "who wants to be a millionaire" is next. let's leave with you a nice look outside. >> a little sunshine this afternoon. enjoy. >> see you tomorrow.
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