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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 15, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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others. jones won't be able to tweet or retweet from his personal account for seven days, he will be able to browse twitter. twitter defended a decision not to suspend jones on account he did not break any company rules. that caused a tremendous on-line backlash, since facebook, apple, youtube and spotify suspended him for using hate speech. the twitter account for his info war show has not been suspended. live in sunnyvale, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. it is 4:30. if you're just waking up to us, good morning. a quick update on your weather and traffic. hi, drew. >> good morning. start you out with visibility on live doppler 7. doing better than this time yesterday. still patchy fog along the coast. santa rosa, petaluma eight or nine miles. if you see ten on the board that's perfect. good visibility at this hour. a lot of cloud cover early on this morning. 5:00, you can see future weather showing you the gray sky early on. as we advance the clock through 8:00 in the morning, breaks in the cloud cover and the south bay and inland.
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by 10:00 we're still dealing with the fog along the east bay shoreline. by 1:00, 2:00 in the afternoon most spots will see sunshine away from the coast. 70s and 80s our warmest spots today. that's weather. a check of the roads with alexis. >> good morning, drew. got more information. this is not sounding good. right around sfo we have a serious crash. most likely a car versus pedestrian situation. chp just issued a sig alert and all lanes blockedn br o ahbvertu right on the south side of sfo. you can use el camino real for an alternate or 280 trying to bypass the area trying to get into the downtown stretch into san francisco. i'm working on getting some more information right now. no estimate on when those lanes will reopen. everyone else fairly quiet. looking 680 through walnut creek little less fog than yesterday. no issues for that commute. now upte goneour live desk t d collapse
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up to 39 this morning. rescuers are still searching for any a st the scene in genoa. see the massive pile of rubble that search tmsthugh this morni. new drone video from the scene, you can see the mess left behind when the bridge collapsed over the river in the port city. witnesses say the bridge fell apart yesterday afternoon after being hit byhtig l video of rescuers pulling a victim from the rubble. up to 35 vehicles fell nearly 180 feet to the ground. 16 people were hurt. 12 of those have critical injuries. there are still two people missing this morning. construction was under way on the bridge, but investigators say they still don't know the exact cause of the collapse. friends and family of two young men killere hd gathered i. among those was a mother who will be burying her son, a twin, on what would have been his 18th
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birthday. cornell has more. >> reporter: two families grieving the loss of their sons at a vigil to remember two young lives cut at the same timehele b tedss impact these young men had on the lives of all these kids. >> reporter: her 17-year-old son dakarai fagorala and his 18-year-old friend john walizada were killed as they drove back to antioch sunday morning after partying in san francisco. the car careening off a freeway flyover in walnut creek. >> so painful. i don't know what to say. >> reporter: the driver of the car, 18-year-old ramya ramey is facing felony dui charges. the group of friends had graduated from deer valley high school. >> every time i think about it it doesn't feel real. >> reporter: the friends dealing with a painful loss. >> he was a great athlete, great student, great person. he always had a smile on his
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face and kept everybody happy. >> reporter: his mother says she has no ill will against the young driver. her son was loved and will always be remembered. >> i've seen a lot of rest in peace i know even more so how special my son is and his friend john to know they have their wings together. >> reporter: two female passengers in the car survived. they remain hospitalized. in walnut creek, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. happening today, san francisco's newest hospital will get ready for its big grand opening. s ier replace saint edical luke's hospital which is on the same block. now the grand opening is august 25th, but this afternoon hospital staff will take part in a practice run. the new campus will have an emergency room that's four times
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larger than the er at saint luke's. we know the name of the officer in critical condition after crashing his patrol car near the port of oakland. 22-year-old jordan wingate graduated from the department's police academy just last year. officer wingate collided with another car early monday inrnmo car then hit a semi truck. officer wingate was trapped inside. he had to be extricated. no one else was hurt. sonoma supervisors want to revamp the fire department. supervisors approved a plan to consolidate 39 fire agencies and increase the number of staff stations. they're asking voters to approve a half cent sales tax next year that would raise nearly $42 million annually. that would just about cover the annual estimated cost of the plan changes. because of theave high f temporarily banned open flames.
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abc 7 news was at lake where they say no smoking, wood or barbecue fires. gasoline power generators are banned. visitors will be allowed to use gas or propane fueled stoves. and time now 4:36 a.m. we're waking up to temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s at this hour. good morning, oakland. 61, 62. mon jose.he ts ing. we'll go hour by hour on future weather. 7:00 this morning we're still dealing with the fog along the coast, maybe coastal drizzle as well. as we advance the clock to 10:00, the fog still over san francisco, parts of the east bay shoreline. sunny skies in the south bay and inland at that hour. by 1:00, we do expect most locations away from the coast to have that sunshine. only exception, san francisco, ske yestda we're cool in thetoday,
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64, warmer in the south bay, 80 in san jose, about 85 in concord, 70 with afternoon sunshine in oakland. 80 napa and 79 a high in san rafael. if you are traveling today, you can see the coast is cool in the 60s and in the 70s. you move inland to the central valley the upper 90s, headed to l.a., warm at 84, 79 san diego, and 106 in palm springs. weather is acting nicely this morning. we have trouble on the roadways. we do. you mentioned folks are traveling today. our major issue around sfo. head's up trying to get out for an early flight, you have got to avoid northbound 101. a full closure in effect right now, this is a sig alert. northbound 101 before you get to millbrae avenue. this is due to a crash. sounds like it's involving a pedestrian. we are working on confirming everything with chp but you en we have a because it's full closure but looks like folks are just stuck sitting here. at least a 15, 20 minute delay. i don't believe the vehicle
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stuck behind the crash have anywhere to go. i think they're sitting there right now. one of the spots where there is a detour. you can take el camino real or 280 and use 380 a head south to get to the airport, but definitely head's up you don't want to get stuck in the closure and not have a way out and miss your flight this morning. a quick check of emeryville, we are starting to improve westbound 80 before ashby. couple lanes closed last time we checked due to a multicar crash. all those emergency crews have cleared and i believe all lanes are back open. that is improving. next traffic update in ten minutes. >> thanks. the trump campaign goes to court to try to silence omarosa and she is having none >> social media goes crazy over video of a man slapping a hippo. zoo keepers say he didn't know how much danger he was in. how much danger he was in. >> geo
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seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> 4:41 a.m., a look at the east bay. your 12-hour planner. you're going to be socked in with the cloud cover at least through the lunch time hour. into the afternoon, more sunshine. temperatures near 70 degrees. the next three days we're comfortably cool today. we're in the 60s and 70s from san francisco to the peninsula. even the south bay only topping out in the low 80s, inland east
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bay locations. towards thursday notice away from the coast warmer air will start to move in here. especially as you go towards the inland east bay. we're back into the 90s unfortunately. then as we head towards friday warmer air moves in to round out the week with temperatures inland going into the mid and upper 90s. >> now a l at marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida are heading back to school today. it has been six months since the mass shooting that killed 17 people on valentine's day. campus security is tight this morning with 18 safety monitor, classroom locks and upgraded sirs. camer. >>thoourt tasccusedesidenof med promoting her book "unhinged."
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the administration filed an arbitration against manigault newman claiming she nondisclosure agreement. she says the level of trump's response is telling. >> if he hadn't said anything that was derogatory or demeaning to african-americans and women, why would he go to this extent to shut me down. >> there she says there is aap . sarah sanders says she can't guarantee such a recording does not exist. omarosa claimed she was interviewed by the special counsel's office. the white house says i was f inte srviewed it wasn't while s was at the white house. happening today, closing arguments expected to begin in the trial of former trump campaign chairman paul manafort. the defense rested its ceas cal witness or presenting evidence. manafort accused of hiding millions of dollars offshore and failing to pay taxes on the money. he could serve a life prison sentence if the jury convictims
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him. state cannabis officials considering changing the rules to improve legal marijuana industry in california and last night they held a forum in los angeles to hear concerns from otsiness owners, activists andlp sales are still a problem in the state. they also say there are problems with marijuana testing and license shortages. you would think this would be, i don't know, obvious but the l.a. zoo had to put up a no trespassing sign outside the hippo exhibit. someone reached over the wall and spanked a hippo. now that person is the subject of a criminal investigation. here's rob hayes from rorte r: packed with up close wilderness experiences, but there's a dienerffet bcewe u too close. this man scaling a fence and reaching over art sho barri spank the juvenile hippo. after a celebration for the camera he takes off, back into
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the zoo. >> very dangerous thing to do. >> reporter: this is the director of the wildlife station in lakeview terrace. that man may not have realized in africa hippos are considered one of the deadliest animals around. this video shows the speed and agility the two ton animals exhibit. >> more people are killed by hippos in africa probably than by anything else. >> reporter: l.a. zoo officials say their hippo was unharmed and only learned of the spanking his issocial comes as other wil intrusions sparked outcry and police investigations. >> if you want to enjoy wildlife, you've got to do it on mutual terms. you watch and observe and they delight you with who they are. >> reporter: rob hayes, abc 7 news. >> the hippo should be able to spank him. >> what? >> as a punishment. only fair. >> wow. well -- moving on now, the
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creator of "game of thrones" teasing bay area fans about when the next book and the fantasy series is coming out. >> working on that's all we got? just working on it. >> okay. >> that's all we got. abc 7 news was at the fox theater in redwood city last night where george r.r. martin made a rare stage appearance. martin dropped no hints about how the series based on his books will end next year but did talk to the crowd about his family's fall from riches to rags and how it helped create the story behind "game of thrones." >> oh, that house, yeah, other people living there. that is where my mother was born and, you know, all of my uncles and aunts were born in that house and grew up. now we're nothing. we will be back. >> some of the proceeds from last night's event will go to the oakland-based sci-fi
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magazine "locus." we posted more on for all of you die-hard "game of thrones" fans. we're going to check in with alexis. sounds like there's been some change with the problem near sfo. >> yes. there has. a lot of new information in in the last few minutes. a sig alert. we did confirm this is a fatal crash involving a pedestrian on northbound 101 south of millbrae avenue right there at sfo. the little bit of good news is, though, instead of the full closure we have two lanes open. so two left lanes are open. are. this being a fatality i am guessing we are going to have one lane closed most of the morning as they conduct their investigation. we do have a crew heading to the scene right now. a bit of a backup as you can see. these folks are sitting there probably 15, 20 minutes, traffic is moving, but that will take a while to recover. you can take el camino real or 280 to 380 and to southbound 101 trying to catch an early flight this morning.
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everyone else looking okay right now. here's a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. we should have about 45 minutes until they turn those on. check in now with meteorologist drew tuma who is in for mike today. >> hi, alexis. see from theay bridgel oool t apl visibility, but a lot of cloud cover overhead. live doppler 7 along with satellite showing you marine layer intact. showing you overcast skies this morning. hour by hour, we're going to plan out your wednesday. still rather cloudy for the majority of the region later this morning. by 10:00, most spots are seeing sunshine. only exception the immediate coastline. san francisco, oakland, alameda, san leandro, similar to yesterday. by 1:00, we will see sunny skies prevail around the east bay, but san francisco you will be stuck in the cloud cover for much of the day today and repeat the pattern as we head into the evening hours. that push again from the fog from the coast will spill into the bay. as you take a lkoo the
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accuweather seven-day forecast it is clouds to sun on your wednesday. cool for august but that will change by thursday and friday. we're back to average as warmer air does arrive to round out the week. by saturday we're calling it a summer sizzle away from the coast. warm to hot for many of us and stays rather warm to finish out the weekend. >> thank you. the los angeles subway system will become the first in the u.s. to install body scanners. the scanners are portable and will screen passengers for weapons and explosives. the machines can detect items from 30 feet away and have the metro's red line daily in los a. angeles. sprint says it will release a next generation smartphone in the u.s. being hacked. this morning's tech bites. >> sprint prepares for the next generation of smartphones. >> the company is partnering with lg to bring the first phone
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with built-in 5g capability in the first half of next year. sprint isn't offering any other details. the announcement as verizon is launching its first 5g capable phone. instagram users reporting that their accounts are being hacked. they're finding themselves logged out, then when they log back in, they're discovering changes to their profiles. >> whoever is behind the hacks doesn't seem to be making changes to photos. a young girl in utah allowed to order a barbie doll for her birthday using her mom's amazon account. cat l she did not stop there. >> went back and ordered more items that was $350. mom sent it back except yec bit. >> she looks like she's up to no good. that little face. a familiar company in the bay area for dec iesads out and taking jobs with it. san jose mayor accepts a san jose mayor accepts a dare from his
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it is back to school for a highs in ks. the upper 70s, san mateo in the low 70s. santa rosa, low 70s. pittsburgh unified 85. san leandro, good luck, a high of 72 degrees. jessica? >> thank you. northface is leaving the bay s parent company is moving its
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headquarters to was founded in francisco in 1966 as a climbing equipment store. it eventually moved to alameda and started selling sports and active wear. the move is expected to be complete by the year 2020. draft kings is opening an office in san francisco. the first on the west coast. the on-line fantasy sports betting company is based in boston. it has three other offices along the east coast. according to the "boston business journal" it's planning an office in las vegas. the expansion a few months after the supreme court struck down a federal ban on sports betting. san jose mayor sam liccardo is just about willing to do anything to promote his city. he a photo of the san jose logo tattooed on the leg of a man who recently ran every city street. the mayor's tweet says, quote, my staff dared me to follow
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jake's example and i told them i would do it for 1 million retweets. liccardo added a message to his wife saying, don't worry, they tell me it's impossible. so far the mayor is just shy of 500 retweets. he's got a ways to go. taking a look at the roads this morning, unfortunately we have a serious situation right around sfo, northbound 101 at millbrae avenue. involving a pedestrian and a full closure of 101 for about 15, 20 minutes. they were able to reopen two the lanes. o two lanes blocked. two lanes are open. this is a sig alert and with a fatality i think this is going to be going on for some time this morning. we have a crew on the way to the scene. once matt keller arriving es we should have more information. you're down to six miles an hour approaching that. if you have trying to catch a flight stick to el camino real or 280 and head southbound on 101. a crash in emeryville before
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i'm seeing it looks like the right lane is blocked once again. maybe cleaning up debris from the crash. it is mostly gone. check in with meteorologist drew tuma. >> hey, alexis. we're tracking the low 60s needed.hour with ov we have coastal drizzle early on this morning. a similar setup to yesterday. your 12-hour planner today, gray skies early on. by noon we see the sunshine inland but a lot of cloud cover around the bay shoreline. by 4:00 most of us see the sunshine. temperatures cool for augustn the mid 70s to mid 80s in our warmest spots. >> thank you. a big honor for two bay area restaurants. one restaurant in oakland and another in san francisco just made a new list of the ten best new restaurants in america. take a look here, this is video of yumby in oakland. the restaurant on east 12th street away from fruitvale bart ranked fifth on the new list.
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anciscs che fico restaurant.aed the italian restaurant near mcalister. here's a look at the top five. the number one pick was nonesuch in oklahoma city followed by restaurants in washington, d.c., brooklyn, and los angeles. >> new places to try. if you've been wanting to ride the smart train this weekend is a god tiod time beca it's free. a potentially worldwide atm attack in the next few days. we are learning how you can protect yourself. some people say the number one problem in san francisco is number two. get it. hundreds of
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good morning, south bay. >>s is "abc 7 mornings." welcome to wednesday, august 15th. it is 5:00 a.m. >> never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist drew tuma in for mike nicco. hi, drew. >> good morning. we're trackingromteetredidon c s time yesterday. visibility is down to seven miles, but this time yesterday we were down to one mile. not as foggy as it was yesterday morning. outside, a live look from our exploratorium camera. gray skies overhead, a lot of us waking up to cloud cover. like yesterday the cloud cover coast. by 4:00 we will see sunnier skies prevailing away from the coast, but it is cool for august with 70s and 80s away from the coast.


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