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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 16, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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four-door car. it's unclear if it had a posted ride share decal on the car. you'll remember a story out of san francisco a man who police dubbed the ride share rapist. dna evidence connected the suspect in that case to several rapes in the san francisco area. that man was arrested and police are hoping for the same in this case. i'm reporting live from the san mateo police department, amanda del castillo, abc 7 news. >> thank you. new details in the death of a firefighter killed battling the carr fire. a report says jeremy stoke died after getting trapped in a fire tornado. cal fire says stoke made an emergency call the evening of july 26th saying he was getting burned over and needed a water drop. then the call abruptly dropped. cal fire says a swirling monster wall of flames and ash swept down on stoke in seconds. in this video from cal fire shows the ferocity of the inferno. search teams
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stoke's body until the next morning. he was among six killed this year fighting wildfires. all evacuations in the carr fire were lifted yesterday. it has burned 214,000 acres of land. it's 69% contained. the carr fire has destroyed more than 1,000 structures. okay. it is 4:31. just waking up, good morning. here's drew tuma with a look at your day ahead. >> good morning, guys. we're starting out with that cloud cover overhead. visibility right now we're seeing some locally dense fog right along the klecoastline acs the golden gate. five or six miles in our worst spots. we're looking at your 12-hour planner today. clouds early on for a lot of us. throughout the afternoon we see the sunshine prevail and the takeaway today it will feel warmer today compared to yesterday. our warmest spots near 90s. let's get a check of the roads
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with sue. san mateo bridge where traffic is flowing nicely for a 14 minute drive across the span towards foster city and otherwise we're looking at slow traffic off the altamont over up into livermore, westbound on 580 and we do have one accident to report to you. this is on 580 westbound near central avenue. that is partially blocking a lane of traffic and already a backup beginning to build behind the richmond-san rafael bridge toll plaza. a 20 minute delay between bay fair and hayward. 17 total trains running at this hour. we'll check back on the delay in a few minutes. >> thank you. this afternoon a sacramento area man is scheduled to be arraigned on a manslaughter charge. he is accused of driving recklessly leading to a crash that killed two people in fairfield. >> chp officer kirk griess and jamie manuel were killed. >> this tragedy has affected all
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of us here in solano county and changed lives here forever. >> reporter: d.a. abramss announcing the arrest of sean matthew walker from rocklin for the deaths of kirk greece and jamie manuel. authorities say griess made a stop when walker struck him at high speed. abrams says he was driving distracted. >> the deadly combination between speeding, driving at an excessive speed on the freeway while he was on his phone and then he caused this accident. >> reporter: the chp says it has evidence and witness accounts that walker was driving recklessly before the crash which killed griess, their friend and colleague, former marine and 19-year veteran of the chp. >> we want the message to be sent that your actions have consequences that answering a phone or sending or answering a text can result in the tragic consequences that we witnessed.
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>> reporter: 49-year-old jamie manuel, a foreign national from the philippines, was working in solano county as a caregiver and living with friends in vallejo. rick says his best friend was kind and giving. >> he tried his luck here in the u.s., and yeah, i mean unfortunately, you know, he came here nothing and then returns nothing. so sad. >> reporter: the suspect is scheduled to be arraigned in a fairfield courtroom on thursday. in solano county, cornell barnard, abc 7 news. gofundme accounts set up to help support the families of officer griess and jamie manuel. if you would like to help go to now on abc 7 news live desk update. >> we continue tracking the aftermath of a bridge collapse in italy at the live desk. officials have approved a year-long state of emergency in genoa as cleanup begins. a live look now at what is left of a major highway bridge this morning. not much.
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the italian interior minister says crews are still searching for survivors in the debris. he would not say how many people are reported missing. at least 39 people died in tuesday's collapse and this new video from this morning shows emergency workers digging through some of that rubble. government officials say italy will look for another company to maintain the nation's highway system so this does not happen again. more twists in the ghost ship warehouse fire case. the attorney for max harris wants to separate his client's case from that of derick almena's. a judge rejected a plea deal between prosecutors and the two men on friday. he said almena wasn't remorseful enough and ordered the case to go to trial. harris and almena face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. harris' attorney plans to make a motion to separate the cases at a hearing tomorrow. >> based on even what a lot of the victims' families said, max harris was in a much different position than almena. max harris saved lives that
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night, took immediate accountability and cooperated. >> almena's attorneys are considering whether to request a change of venue for the trial. a former santa clara city councilman who is a high school teacher will not face charges following accusations of sexual harassment. the district attorney's office says there is insufficient evidence against dominic caserta. he resigned from the santa clara city council and withdrew from the county supervisor race after several women said he behaved inappropriately. they included former students. in may our media partner reported caserta would remain sivecivics's teacher. a live look outside, atop pier 15 we're starting to see a few breaks in the marine layer so looks like the cloud cover not as thick right now as this time yesterday.evybch either
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side of 60 degrees. you need a light jacket early on out there and as we go hour by hour on future weather, it looks like the marine layer will pull back to the coast. 7:00, we're dealing with the fog around the bay shoreline. watch what happens by 10:00, looks like the only spot that is still dealing with the cloud cover is the coastline. in the afternoon parts of san francisco seeing more sunshine today than yesteray and it will be a warmer afternoon today than yesterday as well. so warming trend is under way. 60s and 70s around the bay shoreline. inland mid to upper 80s. take a look across the entire state, you're traveling going to the central valley, the century mark once again, l.a. and san diego, in the low and mid 80s later on today. so weather is acting nicely this morning. how about the roads? >> not bad. we have a bart delay. that's kind of a bummer for people in the east bay. we'll check on that. 20 minute bart delay between
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bayfair and hayward. your bay bridge commute not bad. a few cars stacked up in the left-hand cash lanes so you may want to stay to the right as you make your way into san francisco. no delays on the upper deck as far as this 4:38 thursday morning. slowing, fairly typical for our commuters. no problems with ace train out of the central valley and we have an accident, this is headed towards the richmond-san rafael bridge with a couple of big rigs partially blocking the off ramp at central and some cars with some major front-end damage to the right-hand shoulder. sensors are green so we will keep our eye on this for you. breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> some breaking news coming from nashville, tennessee. here's a live picture from nashville international airport. right now there's some sort of incident involving an american airlines flight that departed from los angeles. nashville tv station reports a passenger fell ill during the flight, apparently it's serious because everyone on the plane is
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being held on board until that illness is determined. in fact, former arkansas governor mike huckabee happens to be on board the plane and sent out this tweet saying, my five-hour red eye flight on american air nashville from l.a. on ground for 40 minutes and now told someone on board is sick and towed to another gate and quarantined until all checked out. can't get up to go to the bathroom or get off the plane and added it's the russians. i just know it. i do want to show you another live picture now. again, this is the american airlines flight. it's flight 1298. the flight departed l.a.x. at 10:49 pacific time. late last night, landed in nashville, 5:57 central time. we are continuing to monitor the story and we'll have updates as soon as we get them. a warning before you pour your morning bowl of cereal or oatmeal. the dangerous chemical one group claims is in breakfast foods. >> state lawmakers have an
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answer to agonizing wait times at the dmv but it comes with a lot of dollar signs. >> just don't tell my wife. i'm hoping she's not watching. >> the secret is out, the >> the secret is out, the retweet
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings."
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>> and time now approaching 4:43 a.m. on this thursday and it is back to school for a lot of students later on this morning. looking at afternoon highs, cupertino, near 80 degrees, we'll hit that. santa clara unified later this afternoon. the north bay 83. upper 80s for mt. diablo. 71 pacifica. good luck students. heading into the upper 50s along the coast. >> now an abc 7 news live desk update. >> we've learned a colorado man is in custody after reportedly confessing to murdering his pregnant wife and their two young daughters. the abc affiliate in denver is reporting 33-year-old christopher watts allegedly told investigators he would lead them to the bodies of his wife shanann watts and their girls 3-year-old celeste and 4-year-old bela. the mother and her two daughters were reported missing on monday. officials are planning to provide an update on this case later this morning.
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your favorite breakfast foods could have dangerous amounts of weed killer in them. that is the claim from one environmental organization. the environmental working group tested 45 products including cereals, oatmeal and snack bars. it found more than 30 had higher levels than what some scientists consider safe. the chemical is the active ingredient in roundup. the world health organization says it is probably carcinogenic to humans. among the products found to have quaker old fashioned oats, cheerios and nature valley granola. the full list on and our app. we should note the food companies claim that this morning the products are safe and you recall this is the de headlines. awarded $289 to a school groundskeeper who claimed that glyphosate gave him lymphoma. >> at dmv.
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lawmakers have passed a bill giving the dmv up to $26 million to speed up the process. the rush to get real i.d.s is crowding field offices across the state. some people say they've had to wait six hours for service. yesterday the assembly budget committee voted in favor of giving the dmv extra funding as long as the agency provides a monthly report on how the money is spent. the bill barely passed 15 to 10. many republican lawmakers opposed it saying there needs to be more oversight. they're looking for a million retweets in the south bay if san jose's mayor gets them he will get a san jose tattoo. it seems to reflect a rising sense of pride in the bay area's largest city and in a new logo. >> abc 7 news reporter david louie says the biggest challenge might be where tout t ara ion as heun aroundwith t jeto he caught thef sam liccardo whose young staff
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coaxed him into doing a challenge and he will get one if his pledge gets 1 million retweets. >> i think it shows a human side to the mayor and i would love to see him get it. >> reporter: the challenge has the mayor smiling. >> i'm a tattoo virgin. i have not been tattooed, but we look forward to the opportunity to find the site for the first tattoo. >> reporter: he's ruled out his forehead. he rolled up his sleeve to indicate other areas that won't work. >> we're looking but as you can tell the sicilian hair has a tendency to obscure a lot of the skin. >> reporter: liccardo hiked up his pant leg to show off one other possibility. he hasn't told his wife yet. artists have a logo ready stencil and did jake's tattoo. how much will it cost? >> something like that, maybe about, i don't know, 150. but if sam liccardo will do it we'll work with him. >> reporter: this needs to be
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retweeted on his twitter feed. it's also posted in my story on while the mayor ponders where he's going to place the logo on his body, i thought of a logical place on mine. this space has always been available. david louie, abc 7 news. >> that's all i want to see. >> right. >> a huge san jose logo on top of david louie's head. checking the retweet status mayor liccardo has 1250 retweets so he has a long way to go to get to a million. >> yeah. i'm just looking now. might as well retweet it again today. does it count if you retweet? >> it doesn't. i know. that algorithm gets you every time. >> that's a lot. a million. he really doesn't want it. >> no. >> okay. let's talk about the cloud cover. good news is that it's not as thick as it has been previous mornings so that means you're going to see a quicker clearing of the cloud cover this morning.
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the 12-hour planner, plan out your thursday, mix of sun and clouds, once the sun gets up a little after 6:00 in the morning, noon, sunnier skies prevail and the sunshine really going to be effective at warming us this afternoon and inland we're going near 90s degrees. it will feel warmer out there compared to yesterday. around the bay we'll see mid 70s at the coast, around 60 degrees. highs in our micro climate to the south bay, about 78 for cupertino, along the peninsula, 75 menlo park, the same in palo alto. upper 50s to low 60s along the coastline. downtown san francisco, 64, 58 daly city. into the north bay, 68. in san rafael. oakland later today low 70s. 76 for fremont. 80 in 92 brentwood, 85 for san ramon. we'll plan out the next seven days. it's a warmer afternoon today. turning hot inland to round out
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the week, even warmer air moves in saturday, not only inland but around the bay and mild to hot to finish out the weekend. that's yourdngwe're going to cc creek. the taillights headed southbound on 680 past the north main exit to highway 24. no delays there as traffic is moving nicely. white -- quite a bit of volume. typical slowdown out of the central valley with speeds at 35 miles an hour. bart is continuing with more problems. 28 trains, bay fair and hayward, between the stations, 28 minute delays due to equipment problems. in san francisco all stations experiencing ten-minute delays. bart not off to a great start. >> thank you. an analyst is making a new prediction about when the apple car is going to roll out. >> elon musk wants to bore a tunnel >> in today's tech bites a prediction about the apple car. >> a well-connected analyst
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expects it to roll out between 2023 and 2025. he's calling the car apple's next star product which could revolutionize the auto industry. no comment from apple. l.a. dodger fans can look for a new way to get to the stadium. >> elon musk says his construction company is going to build a nearly four-mile long tunnel from hollywood to the stadium and the high-speed ride will make the trip in four minutes. and students at st. louis university say hello to alexa. >> the school produced a video showing how every student, dorm room and apartment on campus will have an amazon echo dot that will run on an amazon platform. they will be modified to answer only school related questions. >> no pizza. >> right. >> those are your tech bites. >> berkeley wants to take a bigger bite out of crime. the role home security cameras will play. >> a hotel is going up near sfo. the method workers are using to cut weeks off the construction
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and 4:53 a.m. hour by hour. future weather showing you by 8:00 later today that cloud cover quickly shrinking and by 11:00 we should only have the cloud cover close to the coast. sunshine this afternoon. warmer spots in the 70s and 80s. reggie? >> thanks. berkeley police want neighbors to register their home security cameras. the department says its security
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camera registry could identify and capture suspects committing a crime. let the berkeley pd know you may be willing to share your footage. the department says registering does not give them access to your camera. san jose, sausalito and freemont have similar programs. a hotel in south san francisco is going up so fast you can almost make your reservation at the construction site. take a look at this. home to suites by hilton was dropping nearly finished modular homes on to the hotel as a crowd was looking on yesterday. the free fab suites are already built on the inside which the company says saves weeks on construction. >> that's the amazing thing. that is all in there. everything is set up in that room already. so the shelves are in there, the wallpaper, the carpeting is in there. that's what gives us the tremendous advantage in the construction process. >> the team cut a ribben to celebrate the near finish of the new suites.
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♪ that was awesome. abc 7 news was at fisherman's wharf in san francisco as the capital on edge performers entertained the crowd. it's a non-profit group that takes in youth from nicaragua. some are orphans, come from gangs or have been trafficked. the group gives them a chance to shine and share talent and provides them with housing, food, clothing, and an education. do you have some of those moves? >> absolutely not. i am terrible at dancing. reggie has moves. temperature wise good morning we're near 5:00 in the morning. either side of about 60 degrees right now. we have a patchy cloud cover overhead. your three-day forecast as we plan the next couple days today it's a warmer afternoon. that cloud cover quickly clearing back to the coast. by friday we're even warmer inland and by saturday start out the weekend away from the coast it is warm to hot for a lot of us. that's your weather. a check of the roads with sue no checki checking -- >> checking on the richmond-san
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rafael bridge bridge. no problems once you're on the span. it's about an eight-minute drive across the bay. our slow down, about a 40-minute drive from tracy to the altamont. bart continues to have problems and major delays which is 20 plus minutes on the fremont line due to equipment problem on a plane between bay fair and hayward. earlier san francisco delays have been cleared. train one out of the central valley is off to a great start, no problems there. >> thank you. we are getting an idea of the possible new emojis for 2019. >> they released images of 179 possible emojis it will consider and will be a big year for recognizing people with challenges. a deaf person and one with mechanical limbs. there are emoji couples holding hands in 55 skin tone and gender combinations. the final list will be decided next month. next at 5:00, what we know
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about a measles outbreak that includes 21 states and also does include california. another round of tariffs between the u.s. and china is scheduled to start next week. a new development overnight could change that. and the report detailing hundreds of sexual abuse allegations against catholic priests in pennsylvania hitting priests in pennsylvania hitting close to
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treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it! good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." good morning to you. coming up on 5:00 a.m. on thursday, august 16th. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather forecast. let's check in with meteorologist drew tuma. hi, drew. >> good morning, guys. the big takeaway the gray skies
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overhead but it will be quicker to break down and lead to a warmer afternoon. overcast skies in san francisco. a blend of sun and clouds this morning. once again that cloud cover pulling back to the coast quicker than yesterday and by 4:00 with the sunshine, it will be a warmer afternoon especially inland. we're near 90s in our warmest spots. around the bay shoreline, mid if not upper 70s and the coast it will be breezy with temperatures near 60 degrees. that's weather. a check of the roads with sue. good morning, sue. >> good morning, drew. hello, everyone. checking out the bay bridge toll plaza for their thursday commute. so far so good. no metering lights and delays getting into san francisco across the upper deck. smooth sailing into san francisco. your drive from the upper part of the 80 corridor into san francisco about 26 minutes. so not bad at all. looks like there are injuries involved in the accident westbound 580 in the richmond area. they are calling for an ambulance. not seeing delays behind the


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