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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 16, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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overhead but it will be quicker to break down and lead to a warmer afternoon. overcast skies in san francisco. a blend of sun and clouds this morning. once again that cloud cover pulling back to the coast quicker than yesterday and by 4:00 with the sunshine, it will be a warmer afternoon especially inland. we're near 90s in our warmest spots. around the bay shoreline, mid if not upper 70s and the coast it will be breezy with temperatures near 60 degrees. that's weather. a check of the roads with sue. good morning, sue. >> good morning, drew. hello, everyone. checking out the bay bridge toll plaza for their thursday commute. so far so good. no metering lights and delays getting into san francisco across the upper deck. smooth sailing into san francisco. your drive from the upper part of the 80 corridor into san francisco about 26 minutes. so not bad at all. looks like there are injuries involved in the accident westbound 580 in the richmond area. they are calling for an ambulance. not seeing delays behind the
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scene but we will keep our eye on it for you. bart is experiencing delays and we'll check on that in a few. >> thank you. a warning about measles this morning. there has been an outbreak of the disease in 21 states, that includes california just as kids go back to school. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller live for us at the santa clara county health department with tips on how to keep you and your kids healthy. matt? >> good morning, reggie and jessica. most kids here in the south bay are starting school and health officials want to make sure everybody gets vaccinated. >> measles spreads like wildfire among people that aren't vaccinated. >> reporter: new numbers from the centers for disease control and prevention shows so far this year at least 107 people across the country have already reported getting the measles with eight of them reported here in santa clara county. measles is a highly contagious, airborne virus spread through coughing and sneezing. in most cases symptoms show up about two weeks after exposure.
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health officials are reminding parents state law requires all kindergarten through 12th grade students to get the vaccine unless a medical reason. >> it's very, very rare to see measles in schools and it's partially because we are diligent in getting those immunizations and making sure the children are immunized against measles. >> reporter: county health officials say the vaccine can help protect people who cannot be vaccinated including young children and people with cancer. reporting live here in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. a suspected isis member who lives in northern california is in custody accused of murdering a police officer in iraq. court documents show omar ameen committed several acts of violence on behalf of the terrorist organization. everything from murder to planting ieds. he was tracked down to sacramento yesterday. here's anchor dion lim. >> reporter: the fbi joined terrorism task force and the sacramento sheriff's department
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arrived wednesday at the eastern villa apartments in sacramento with a search warrant. >> the neighbors are from iraq. >> yeah. >> reporter: a man who lived next door described his neighbor as a nice man. another didn't want to go on camera but described what she saw. >> there was a family with children about 10 to 15 people huddled upstairs on the patio. there was an -- several fbi, highway patrol, several undercovers and then a woman that looked like they were up there talking to the family. >> reporter: throughout the day agents took boxes of possible evidence out of the apartment. then a court document was released stating iraq made a formal request for the extradition of omar ameen. the documents say ameen is charged with murder as part of an isis convoy. officers say the convoy pulled up to the victim's home in iraq in june of 2014 and people began shooting. the victim returned fire. the document goes on to say ameen fired the gunshot that killed the man. >> that was not dion lim.
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that was eric thomas reporting. now an abc 7 news live desk update. china announcing overnight it will send a delegation to the u.s. for trade talks. we have not heard yet a specific date but the chinese commerce ministry says it should happen this month. the plan is to discuss economic and trade issues between china and the u.s. both countries have imposed billions of dollars in tariffs recently and president trump has threatened to slap tariffs on all chinese imports. another round of tariffs is scheduled to start one week from today and if we hear specific date for this trade meeting during our newscast we'll let you know. one of the busiest ports on the west coast may feel the effects of the trade war. the port of oakland said last month exports fell 7.3% compared to the previous year. sf gate reports it is the fifth monthly drop in a row. a port spokesman says it's for drop. an activist group is calling on state officials to
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investigate catholic priests in california. that's according to our media partner "the mercury news." members of the network of those abused by priests want a grand jury to examine child abuse in several dioceses including oakland, san francisco, and stockton. their request comes after a grand jury report in pennsylvania found the catholic church covered up more than 1,000 cases of abuse. the state attorney general's office would not address the issue yesterday saying that any comment would harm a potential or ongoing investigation. hundreds of firefighters gathered at the sonoma airport in santa rosa to pay their respects to matthew burchett. he died finding the mendocino complex fire. burchett's body was flown back to salt lake city yesterday. the 42-year-old battalion chief died after getting hit by a tree last week. investigatorsfr ala tire crk that ignited the carr fire and now some fire victims want the
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owners of the victim to know they shouldn't be blamed for causing the disaster. a neighbor wanted to reach out to the couple who owned the trailer with the flat tire and encouraged people on facebook to write letters in support of the couple. more than 90 arrived in two days. >> we had firefighters who had been out there fighting the fire send notes. we've had counselors send notes saying they would be willing to meet with the couple. we've had people who lost everything. >> and now more than 300 people have shared words of support on social media. time now is 5:06. this morning we're taking a look at live doppler 7 with satellite. what we're seeing compared to yesterday the cloud cover not as wde spread so what that means later on this morning it will be a quicker clearing of that fog as we head through the next couple hours. right now temperature wise, good morning oakland, 60 degrees, 62 in san jose, 57 in san francisco, 55 in brentwood. a little warmer than that at 62
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degrees. hour by hour and plan out your thursday. 7:00 later this morning, we are seeing that patchy fog in the east bay and along the coast but watch what happens as we rapidly get to 9:00, 10:00 in the morning. a lot of fog around the bay shoreline it evaporates and pulls back to the coast, quicker sunnier skies compared to yesterday. in the afternoon the sunshine going to be effective at warming us more than yesterday. highs here we go, 83 in the south bay for san jose, lot of sunshine, sunshine in the afternoon for san francisco at 64, 71 oakland, 89 antioch, 84 the high in napa. if you are traveling across the state it does get warmer in the central valley, 100 for fresno and bakersfield, down in so cal and san diego 80, afternoon sunshine and 86 degrees. that's your weather. a check of the roads with sue. >> good morning. we have a commute alert. we have bart problems with major delays system wide now due to an earlier problem in the hayward and bay fair area and emergency
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track repair in oakland. that's caused major delays which means 20 or more minutes system wide now. so just be aware of that. bart has been plagued with problems right off the bat this morning. slow traffic out of the central valley for about a 40 minute drive up and over the altamont pass. an accident westbound 580 in richmond. new developments on a deadly accident inside the twin peaks tunnel. a san francisco supervisor is calling for a hearing. the supervisor is planning to hold the hearing next month to investigate how city contractors are chosen that's following in the death of a construction worker. 51-year-old patrick ricketts died last friday after a steel beam fell on him during the muni rehabctckord for shimmick construction. the history of workplace and safety violations including another death in 2016 didn't surface until now. in mountain view a 52-year-old man facing charges after police say he converted a
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school bus into a drug den. officers found the bus parked on continental circle and the americana after someone called police to complain the bus had not moved for 72 hours. police say the bus was full of hypodermic needles, drug pipes and several grams of meth. the bus owner was taken into custody. three others cited on suspicion of being under a controlled substance. california's push to legalize cannabis was supposed to bring in hundreds of millions of dollars, but new numbers suggest people are getting their pot somewhere else. >> the state lottery taking action after allegations that some of its employees were involved in lewd behavior. a timeline and look at the city's plan to protect bikers along the embark dare ro. let's take a look outside, abc 7 the only place to find weather and traffic up during our commercial break. a nice view this morning of the a nice view this morning of the
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> it's 5:12 on this thursday morning. a look at the 12 hour planner for san francisco. we're going to see sunshine quicker today than yesterday, so into the afternoon it will be sunny in the city and temperatures a little bit warmer than yesterday in the low and mid 60s. jessica. >> thank you. we have new developments on protected b angbaad thha i loo like right ftrt. les
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city envisions the embarcadero once it is complete with this projects adding protected bike lanes. take a look. that's what it would look like. construction isn't expected to start until the year 2022. as you can see here the bike path would have two lanes plus improved areas for cars to pull over. the tentative timeline is catching some criticism. preliminary engineering and an environmental review are scheduled to run through 2019. detailed design work would last until 2022 and that's when construction would start. the city has not yet secured funding. "the examiner" reports cyclists criticized the timeline. some were friends with a pedicab operator who was hit and killed last month. a 5-year-old north bay girl allowed to attend public school through a court order. brook adams suffers from a rare form of epilepsy and takes cannabis for treatment. state and federal law bans that
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from campuses. for now the temporary court order allows brook to stay in class with her medicine administered by a nurse at valley elementary in santa rosa. rincon valley school district officials say they are caught in the middle. >> absolutely want to serve the student and she's a wonderful student and wuonderful family. however we have laws that dictate we cannot have that on campus. >> devastating for her to start here and then have to pull her out and have her stay at home until we figure out what the next step would be. >> a final ruling on whether brook can remain at public school is expected on september 26th. california isn't making as much green as expected when it comes to cannabis taxes. the state collected about $74 million in cultivation and sales taxes between april and june. $48 million from
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taxes. that is a difference of $103 million. >> new developments after a scandal involving the california lottery. the department is postponing a conference that was supposed to take place in sacramento next week. the sacramento bee reports they are reworking training to focus on human resources and nondiscrimination policies. this month a letter with photos sent to the governor accused lottery management of inappropriate and lewd behavior while traveling on the state's dime. right wing conspiracy theorist alex jones is losing his voice. first on social media and now on the radio. the fcc has shut down a radio station that served as the flagship outlet for jones. a lawsuit filed in austin, texas, says liberty radio has been operating without a license since 2013. the fcc says station operators are refusing to pay the $15,000
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fine. if you're on facebook you likely notice your friends are asking you to donate to a charity for their birthday. that feature rolled out one year ago and facebook says it's led to more than $300 million in donations. facebook stopped taking a fee from donations in november meaning now all the money goes to the charity. a picture taken on bart is going viral and it's adorable. take a look. it's a great dane standing on the train. shawn shared it with us at the 19th street station in oakland. the dog and owner got on the packed train. the dog stood up on its back feet and leaned against the owner to save some space. he's a great bart rider no cute too. >> make room for all the other passengers. >> it gets crowded on bart. >> yeah. >> you're like this sometimes,i >> you're allowed to have dogs on muni but not during rush hour. i'm confused how the dog is on bart. >> i didn't know the rush hour rule.
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good to know. >> maybe it's a service animal. i don't know. >> never know. >> let's talk about what's happening out there today. it will be a warmer afternoon and sunnier day. a look at live doppler 7 with satellite, the cloud cover not as expansive as it has been in previous mornings so the picture outside right now take a live look from our exploratorium, the takeaway from the shot we're starting to see the cloud cover, holes in it. you can see the marine layer not as thick as it has been say the last 24 hours. we're going to see more sunshine today in a lot of spots. the 12-hour planner today, a blend of sun and clouds this morning. sunnier skies midday. into the afternoon the sun will be effective at warming us up inland. it's going to be a little warmer today than yesterday. a lot of spots away from the coast, our warmest spots close to 90 degrees later this afternoon. highs in the micro climate in the south bay, 83 san jose, later today, 90s morgan hill, 77 sunnyvale, along the peninsula 77, 61 for half moon bay. downtown san francisco sunshine
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today, 64, 58, a little more in the way of cloud cover city. into the north bay, 78 for san rafael and into the east bay clouds right now, sunnier skies this morning, 70s for much of the area in the east bay and inland we're going into the mid 80s if not low 90s in our hottest spots. the accuweather seven-day forecast we'll show you warmer today, hot inland tomorrow and saturday away from the coast and it is warm to hot for many we have a commuter alert with sue. >> thank you, drew. we do, bart problems this morning with a crack in the track in the oakland area and this has put major delays on the entire system. that means over 20-minute delays. we had earlier problems between bay fair and hayward in the east bay. we have sky 7 on the way to check on that road or track repair for bart commuters this morning. no real great alternate for you. we will be following it this morning and let you know when they get that cleared. to san jose, highway 87, looks great, no problems here. we'll check on an accident in
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richmond, west 580 when we come back in a couple minutes. >> thank you. power is back on at regan international airport this morning. a major outage caused some issues last night. look at the flashlights. airport officials say two power feeds just stopped providing power and we don't know why. the airport continued operations on generators but it did slow things down. in today's "gma" first look a 61-year-old man recovering after being attacked by a shark off of cape cod. here's abc's kendis gibson. >> chaos on the beach in cape cod. a man swimming offer the shores of the massachusetts beach coming face to face with what eyewitnesses describe as a huge shark. >> yelling get me out of the water, get me out of the water. shark, shark. >> my brother said someone had been attacked by a shark. we just graduated from boston college's nursing school so we were like okay, let us go. >> reporter: the victim, a 61-year-old man suffering
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puncture wounds to his torso and legs. dozens of bystanders at the beach rushing in, scene here carrying him up to the hill where paramedics raced him to a hospital for medical treatment in. >> a large wound in his lower left leg. >> we grabbed all the towels could. >> this beach is closed until further notice. the latest on the shark attack at 7:00 a.m. i'm kendis gibson. a mother who lost her son in the sandy hook massacre will be in livermore. scarlet lewis says her life changed in 2012. her 6-year-old son jesse killed with 19 other children and six adults during the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. lewis has founded the jesse lewis choose love movement. tonight she will speak at a community event that takes place at the bankhead theater in livermore at 7:30 p.m. first straws and now ball lons on the way out in parts of
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the country. clemson university is ba into the airefore 1000 vgia campaign urging alternatives to balloon releases at weddings. environmentalists have long opposed the release of balloons saying they can be deadly to sea birds and turtles that eat them. more evidence the ocean is getting warmer. researchers registered a record 79.5 degree water temperature off the coast of san diego this month. that's an all-time high. it is higher than the average year-round water temperature in honolulu. and take a look at this from tuesday in san diego, researchers say that warm water is actually bringing in hammerheads close to shore and that's because hammerheads feed on sting rays and sting rays are attracted to warm water. naturally the hammerheads following their pr terrifying. the start of the school year
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has special meaning for a group in oakland. students arrived for the grand op cristo ray de la sale. it's on the campus of the former saint offers college prep class and cooperate work study experience. families pay a small portion ranging from 500 to $2500 a year depending on their income. >> they are looking sharp. next, the seven things you need to know as you start your day. >> oakland mayor libby schaaf has an idea to slow down illegal dumping. only 998,000 retweets to go. who's counting. ♪ ooh, baby, do you know what that's worth? ♪ still flat. here. try this. and... ♪ ooh, heaven -- nailed it.
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moderate to even severe fibromyalgia pain, and improves function. lyrica may cause rious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worse depression, unusual changes in mood or behavior, swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling, or blurry vision. common side effects: dizziness, sleepess, weight gain, swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affectsou. those who've had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. with less pain i can do more with my family. talk to your doctor toda see if lyrica can help. it's 5:24. the seven things to know before you go out the door. >> good morning. a bart commuter alert with major delays systemwide. 20 minutes or more. apparently there's a crack in the track between bay fair and
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hayward and sky 7 is on its way now. >> number two, we are learning the redding fire inspector killed in the carr fire died in a fire tornado. cal fire says jeremy stoke made an emergency call the evening of july 26th saying that he was getting burned over and needed a water drop and then the call abruptly stopped. >> number three, san mateo police want to find this man who pretended to be a ride share driver and sexually assaulted a woman. the department released this sketch and say the victim was able to escape after he drove her to a secluded area. >> number four, a 36-year-old rocklin man scheduled to be arraigned in the deaths of a chp officer and a driver. police say sean matthew walker was speeding when he crashed into them on interstate 880 in fairfield on friday. the all clear given in nashville this morning after passengers on an american airlines plane that took off from los angeles had to be quarantined. a passenger on board fell ill.
5:26 am
the nature of the illness still not clear. and number six in accu wetter the cloud cover quicker to break down. a lot of sunshine. few degrees warmer. near 90s degrees. >> your favorite madonna song is? "vogue". >> what's yours? >> we share the same brain. "vogue" my favorite song of all time. >> we're the same person. >> in case you didn't know it is madonna's birthday. she is turning 60 and celebrating and tweeted out this photo overnight. this is perfectly madonna. as you can see she's holding something that says "the queen" and the caption is "in case someone forget." >> you didn't forget. >> i didn't forget. >> i think some of our younger generation doesn't pay homage to madonna like they should. they're about the beyonce. i get it. i totally get it. >> madonna over beyonce. >> queen beyonce deserves her props. >> careful. >> there would be no beyonce if
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no madonna. >> happy birthday, madonna. >> coming back with 90 minutes of news. the effort in oakland to help get rid of items for free. state lawmakers have an answer to agonizing wait times at the dmv but it comes with dollar signs. >> live look at 5:27. abc 7 the only
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a warning in the south bay after accusations that a ride share driver sexually assaulted a passenger. the suspect has not yet been caught. >> we now know one of the firefighters in shasta killed in the carr fire died in a fire tornado. so we're taking a closer look inside these devastating winds. taking you outside with a live look from our exploratorium
5:30 am
camera. good-bye to the cooler temperatures as warmer air is about to move in to finish out the week. >> good morning, thursday, august 16th. sue tracking a commuter alert. major delays on bart. >> yeah. about 20 plus minutes. we'll check on that in a few. >> we'll start with are you telling me it is time to get set to sweat. >> it is. >> hot to trot was the other one. we've got holes in the fog in this early morning hours. the sunshine will come out quicker than yesterday. your 12-hour planner shows you midday sunnier skies and will be a warmer afternoon compared to yesterday. inland our warmest spots near 90, around the bay upper 70s to low 80s. we do have major issues with bart. here's sue with hor on that. >> it started off shaky and just gone downhill from there.
5:31 am
apparently a crack in the track between bay fair and oakland and hayward and that whole section of the east bay is the reason for major delays. over 20-minute delays. consider that if you're heading out this morning. otherwise we've had the persistent accident in richmond. it's westbound 580 approaching the san mateo or the richmond-san rafael bridge bridge. partially blocking a lane with injuries here. i'm not seeing a lot of slowing past the scene but they are calling for an ambulance. >> thank you. san mateo police are warning us of a man posing as a ride share driver. he is accused of sexually assaulting a passenger. and the victim was able to escape. >> however the suspect is still out there. here's a sketch from police. investigators say a person picked up a person around highway 92 around 7:00 tuesday night. the victim found near fashion island boulevard. she told police the man drove her to a secluded area and
5:32 am
assaulted her. the investigators say the attacker was driving a gray four-door car. it's not clear if he had a ride share decal on it. # >> i can't tell you the last time we've had something like this. these incidents are not very common. they don't happen frequently anywhere. especially not here in san mateo. >> i do have to say it just happened in san francisco recently. these crimes unfortunately do occur. another look at the suspect. police are reminding people double check your ride share app to ensure the license plate, make, model, color of the car is the actual car assigned by the app. jessica, the other advice when you get in the car, say who are you picking up? >> yes. >> have them say your name. >> yes. don't give your name before they say your name. good tips always. all evacuation orders in the carr fire have been lifted. they were lifted yesterday. it has burned 214,000 acres of
5:33 am
land since it began july 23rd in shasta county. it's 69% contained. the carr fire has destroyed 1,000 structures. the fire also killed eight people including firefighter jeremy stoke. in a new report is now saying he died after getting trapped in the fire tornado. cal fire says stoke made an emergency call the evening of july 26th saying he was getting burned over and needed a water drop. then the call abruptly dropped. cal fire says a swirling monster wall of flames and ash swept down on stoke in seconds. you see here in this video from cal fire shows the ferocity of the inferno. search teams did not find stoke's body until the next morning. he was a redding fire inspector. >> hard to imagine something scarier for the experienced firefighters to face and seems like it does happen so quickly they don't have any options. >> we talk about this with our wildfires. they kind of create their own weather conditions at times and we chat about that when fires take off quickly and this event
5:34 am
you can see from that video what happens is, the fire is so intense, hot air rises. that creates a vacuum. what that does it can really increase those winds in just a matter of minutes. you can see in the video it begins to swirl. now the national weather service they did go out to the carr fire and they estimated those winds were in excess of 143 miles an hour to put that in perspective, that's about the speed of a commercial airplane takes off at. >> wow. >> trait's pretty intense. we did have laura anthony on the ground and she took images on twitter where you see trees snapped in half and a lot of folks reporting that even the roofs can get sucked up because the wind is so fierce it can happen in a matter of minutes. you can go from zero wind to 60-mile-per-hour winds in two to three minutes. >> and that's what puts them in danger, the sudden change? >> for firefighters that is so dangerous because you cannot get out quick enough when the fires
5:35 am
create winds that fast. >> terrifying. >> such a shame. thank you. this afternoon a sacramento area man is scheduled to be arraigned on manslaughter charges. he's accused of driving recklessly leading to a crash that killed two people in fairfield. chp officer kirk griess and jamie manuel were killed on friday. yesterday the solano district attorney announced 36-year-old sean matthew walker from rocklin was arrested. authorities say griess made a routine traffic stop on interstate 80 when walker hit them with his chevy pick-up at a high speed. they say they have evidence that walker was distracted by his phone at the time of that crash. >> we want the message to be sent that your actions have consequences, that answering a phone or sending or answering a text can result in the tragic consequences that we witnessed this last week and that lives can be changed because of those actions. >> walker is being held at the solano county jail and could face eight years in prison if
5:36 am
convicted. gofundme accounts set up to support the families of officer griess and jamie manuel. go to our website now on "abc 7 mornings" live desk update. >> we continue tracking the aftermath of the bridge collapse in italy here at the live desk. government officials have approved a year-long state of emergency in genoa as the cleanup begins. i want to show you these live images coming in of what's left of a major highway bridge this morning. you can see the devastation there. crews are still searching for some survivors in the debris. the chief prosecutor says as many as 20 people are still missing. at least 39 people died in tuesday's collapse. new video from this morning shows those emergency workers digging through the rubble. italy will look for another company now to maintain the nation's highway system so this does not happen again. all right. we're now at 5:36 in the
5:37 am
morning. there's your 12-hour planner. the faster. not as thick as this time yesterday. temperature wise pretty much we're kind of on either side of about 60 degrees. good morning san mateo at 59, 63 hayward, much of the north bay pretty much in the mid 50s at this early morning hour. let's go hour by hour and plan out your thursday. by 7:00 this morning, what we're noticing is that patchy fog in the east bay shoreline and along the coastline and 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning we think the only place that will see that cloud cover, the coastline. that sunshine coming out quicker than yesterday and what that will do warm us up a few degrees more than our afternoon highs on wednesday. highs for thursday you can see inland we're warming up much faster than yesterday. we're in the upper 90s. pretty close to 90s in a couple spots. 64 in san francisco. 83 in san jose.
5:38 am
about 84 in napa. state wide you're traveling so cal in the 80s, central valley you are going to be hot with fresno and bakersfield both at ones degrees. the weather not a huge concerns but major issues on bart. >> travel bart expect big delays, more than 20 minutes. what's happening they are single tracking between bay fair and hayward because of a crack in the track as my friend mark says, a fail in the rail. so the trains are running. that is the good news. there are about 30-minute delays or 20-plus delays systemwide. popping to the bay bridge, metering lights turned on at 5:23 this morning. traffic stacked up now beyond the overcrossings. 30-minute drive from the top of the corridor of 80, say highway 4,le i the toll plaza. it's about 35 minutes at this point and then those will be building, of course. at least 15 of it is behind the toll plaza here. for a check on this commute from
5:39 am
the richmond-san rafael bridge or towards the richmond-san rafael bridge we still have the accident with an ambulance on scene. it's offer the side of the shoulder so we're seeing pretty much green sensors which is great. we'll check back on this bart delay. >> more twists in the ghost ship warehouse fire case. the attorney from max harris wants to separate his case from that of derick almena's. a judge rejected a plea deal between prosecutors and the two last friday. he said almena wasn't remorseful enough and ordered the case to go to trial. they face 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter. harris' attorneys plans to make a motion to separate the cases. >> based on what the victims' families says max harris was in a different position than almena. max harris saved lives, took accountability. >> almena's attorneys are considering whether to request a change of venue for the trial. happening today, oakland mayor libby schaaf will announce
5:40 am
details of a new program to combat illegal dumping. oakland residents will have three opportunities to legally dispose of large, unwanted items at no charge. the bulky block parties will be held in the coming weeks two weeks apart. it's part of an effort to educate the residents about the pick-up service that allows people to schedule a free curbside pick-up. this is going to sound strange but dangerous amounts of weed killer could be in your breakfast foods. one organization is making strong accusations against 45 products. those details are next. >> also instead of auditing the dmv about long wait times, state lawmakers just passed a bill to give the department more money. >> we leave you with a live look outside along the embarcadero. abc 7 just when you thought you were done painting... discover paint bleed under your tape... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape treated with patented paintblock technology. paintblock reacts with the water in latex paint
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> at 5:43 on this thursday and we are headed back to school for a lot of students this morning. take a look at afternoon highs, cupertino, union 78 degrees, santa clara ufnified in the low 80s. mt. diablo much warmer than that, 88 degrees. dress for summer. emeryville 71, pacifica going into the upper 50s. good luck students. we'll take a look at the weekend forecast in six minutes. >> now a live desk update.
5:44 am
>> from "abc 7 mornings." >> an update on breaking news we brought you earlier the all clear has been given in nashville after passengers on an american airlines plane took off from los angeles and had to be quarantined. a tv station reports a passenger fell ill during the flight. the nature of the illness still unclear. former arkansas governor mike huckabee was apparently on board and sent out a tweet saying the plane was being towed to another gate. all passengers have deplaned. after the plane was grounded for about two hours this morning, but again that all clear now being given. and this very alarming story, your favorite breakfast foods could have dangerous amounts of weed killer in them. >> that is a claim from one environmental organization. the chemical is made by monsanto called glyphosate. the active ingredient in the product roundup. the environmental working group tested 45 products including cereals oatmeal and snack bars and found more than 30 had
5:45 am
higher levels than what some scientists consider safe. among the products found to have glyphosate, quaker old fashioned oats, cheerios and nature valley ganola. the full list on our website and on our abc 7. the food companies say their products are safe and recall this is the second time in recent days that glyphosate has made headlines. last week a bay area jury awarded $289 million to a school groundskeeper who claimed the product gave him lymphoma. new developments this morning concerning long dmv wait times. lawmakers have just passed a bill giving the dmv up to $26 million to speed up that process. the rush to get real i.d.s is crowding field offices across the state. some people, in fact, have waited six hours for service. yesterday the assembly budget committee voted in favor of giving the dmv extra funding as long as the agency provides a monthly report on how the money
5:46 am
is being spent. the bill barely passed. it was 15 to 10. many republican lawmakers opposed the bill saying there does need to be more oversight. some uber investors want to self-off the self-driving car units. uber has invested up to $200 million per quarter in the last 18 months and at least $2 billion since the program was started three years ago. the self-driving units has rportedly accounted for between 15 and 30% of uber's quarterly losses. uber halted its self-driving operations in arizona in march and stopped nationwide testing after a test vehicle was involved in a fatal collision. shares of tesla's stock are down in overnight trading and the downturn is on word the securities and exchange commission has served tesla with a subpoena. "the new york times" and "the wall street journal" say the commission is looking into a tweet from elon musk last week. he said he was thinking about taking the company private and later said it was not a done
5:47 am
deal and vulas a result stocks e been fluctuating. regulators are opened an investigation into whether musk was telling the truth when he said he had financing locked up. his venture does have good news. musk says he's building a tunnel from east hollywood to dodger stadium to ease traffic. the dugout loop is expected to cost customers only $1 per trip. it's expected to take about 14 months to build. we should also note that dodgers stadium one of the most frustrating places to try to enter and exit in all of sports. some relief there. a san jose mayor is challenging the public to show pride in their city and for 1 million retweets he's going to get a tattoo of the city logo on his body. >> we told you about this yesterday. jake mcculskey got a tattoo of the san jose logo after running down every street in the city. the photo on twitter caught the mayor's attention. so the mayor says he'll get the
5:48 am
same tattoo if he gets those 1 million retweets. >> i think it's incredible. i think it shows a real human side to the mayor and i would love to see him get it. >> oh, yeah. i've got room. this -- i'm actually -- i'm a tattoo virgin. i have not yet been tattooed. but we look forward to the opportunity to find the site for this first tattoo. >> and the mayor hiked up his pant leg to show off where he may get a tattoo and says his wife may have to dictate where it's okay and where it is isn't. here's a look at the tweet right now. about 1300 users have retweeted so far. remember he needs to go from 1300 to 1 million. so you guys, this is a journey. >> yeah. i don't think his wife has anything to worry about, at least not for some time. >> do you think that this is an indefinite time period? >> oh, just like for years to come if he hits it? >> right. >> what if he's no longer mayor? >> hey, he can still have san
5:49 am
jose pride. >> that's true. >> right. >> true. >> keep tabs. >> yes. on this breaking development. >> we'll track this for years to come. >> we're tracking here with the visibility better than yesterday. that's great. wae we're seeing that fog. visibility where you see ten that's the best you can do. a lot of spots are there right now. current temperatures out the door on this thursday morning. pretty much around 60 degrees for most of us. so the jacket certainly needed, very light jacket. as you take a look at the 12-hour planner inland it is sunshine from the get-go for our inland areas and that means you have sunshine from the start to finish. you will be warmer today than yesterday. mid to upper 80s in our warmest spots. highs in our micro climate starting in south bay 83, 78 for cupertino, 77 for sunnyvale. along the peninsula 75 for palo alto, 61 and cooler and breezier for half moon bay. downtown san francisco, quicker to see the sun today, 64, 58 for daly city, into the north bay about 86.
5:50 am
for sonoma, 78. 85 santa rosa. into the east bay a lot of 70s on the board, 71or beeley. about 76 fremont. inland we're warmer than yesterday. mid 80s to low 90s later on this afternoon. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast warmer afternoon turns hot inland friday and to start off the weekend away from the coast, it is warm to hot for many of us. all right. that's weather. we have a commuter alert. major delays with bart. >> we finally got sky 7 over the problem with the crack in the track between bay fair and hayward. single tracking through there. it's kind of dark out. it's tough to see. the workers are in the midst of emergency repair on the track. that's causing major delays system wide throughout all of the bart system. you can see highway 880 moving nicely past the scene. i guess if you can't take bart at least the freeway is a pretty good alternate at this hour. 5:50.
5:51 am
check back on sky 7 in a bit. >> thank you. new at 6:00, the crash test ratings are out. which minivans are the safest for your family. >> first, this pearl jam poster showing the white house up in flames, getting a lot of heat this morning. how the band is responding. would you register your camera with the city you live in camera with the city you live in if it could mean helping to cur
5:52 am
5:53 am
you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> it's 5:53 on this thursday morning. we're going hour by hour on future weather. the clouds in gray right now showing you by 8:00 we're seeing it quickly break down, so sunshine will be much quicker to come out compared to yesterday. by 11:00 most spots away from the coast seeing that sunny sky.
5:54 am
into the afternoon our warmest spot heading into the 70s and 80s. republicans are condemning a poster by the rock group pearl jam that shows the white house in flames. >> the poster shows a bald eagle pecking at a skeleton which critics say is meant to de picture president trump. pearl jam bass unapologetic. some republicans are comparing the poster to the now infamous photo of comedian kathy griffin holding a fake trump head. berkeley police want neighbors to register their security cameras. the registry could help them identify and capture suspects recorded committing a crime. all you have to do is let the berkeley pd know you may be willing to share your footage. the department says registering does not give them direct access to your camera. san jose, sausalito and fremont have similar programs. a new hotel in south san francisco is going up so fast
5:55 am
you can almost make your re servation at the construction side. >> home to suites at the hilton was dropping rooms on to the hotel and the crowd looked on yesterday. >> the amazing thing about this modular construction. everything is all set up in that room already. so the shelves are in there, the wallpaper, the carpeting is in there. that's what gives us the tremendous advantage in the construction process. >> the construction team cut a ribbon to celebrate the near finish of the new suites. we still have a commuter alert but it is improving somewhat. bart is saying 20-minute delays. we had a track repair emergency repair between the bay fair and hayward stations causing these delays this morning for systemwide. now it's saying 20-minute delays. we'll be following t for you. also an accident in the richmond area. this is west 580 near central
5:56 am
and it's not blocking a lane. the emergency crews are on scene there. but no slowing past the scene. looks good up to the richmond-san rafael bridge. here's drew with a look at your weather. >> sue, we're seeing the sunshine will come out much faster compared to yesterday so what that means, it's a warmer afternoon today. up to 64 in san francisco later on today, 71 in oakland, a lot of sunshine in the south bay, 83 for san jose, 84 for napa in the north bay and inland we're approaching 90s degrees so the heat is certainly coming back away from the coast. the three-day forecast will show you tomorrow and even into the start of the weekend those numbers will just continue to rise. by saturday, away from the coast we are widespread in the 80s and 90s, the inland east bay by saturday approaching 100 degrees. reggie and wharf as the capital on the edge entertained the crowd.
5:57 am
it's a non-profit group. the group gives them a chance to shine and share their talent and provides with housing clothing and an education. >> pretty smooth moves. >> what we know about a measles outbreak that's in 21 states including california. >> president trump's tariffs on china are having a direct impact in the bay area. what's happened at the port of oakland. plus a polite passenger, see how one bart rider went the extra step to make room for others. >> sky 7 live in san leandro where crews are working to repair a cracked bart track. we're following major delays on bart this morning.
5:58 am
5:59 am
now from abc 7, live breaking news. >> sky 7 live over the breaking news, bart crews working to repair a cracked track on the fremont line at san leandro. >> the problem causing major delays this morning as they ri to repair that track -- they try
6:00 am
to repair that track. to sue hall. a major delay on bart. sue, what can people do if they need to use bart? >> they're going to have to wait. right now they're saying 20-minute delays. they've upgraded that from major. more than 20 minutes to 20 minutes. if you take bart expect delays as this is right near the bay fair station. you can see the track repair. looks like they're testing the track now to see if it's train worthy. as soon as they reopen that track they -- for a time we're single tracking through there. that looks like they are still doing that which is causing the delays. we'll check back in a couple minutes. here's drew with a look at your weather. >> good morning, sue. we're taking a look outside right now from our rooftop camera along the embarcadero in san francisco. what we're noticing we already have holes in our cloud cover s atheloud aquicko car t more sund to yesterday. so your 12 hour delay planner, mix of sun and


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