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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 17, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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the two at daly station, south hayward, wes oakland and civic center stations. b.a.r.t. officials say riders should be aware of suspicious behavior and use the b.a.r.t. watch app to report crimes. earlier this month b.a.r.t. announced a $26 million plan to increase security throughout the system. it is now 4:30. good morning. here's a quick update on the weather and traffic. starting with drew. >> good morning, guys. on this friday, waking up to temperatures in the 50s and 60s. 57 in san francisco. 60 san jose. the same in concord. taking a look at the 12-hour day planner. we have a mix of sun and clouds at 6:30 in the morning and by the afternoon we are warming up, warmer than yesterday. into the 80s and 90s away from the coast. sun going down 7:59 p.m. good morning, sue. >> headed to the san mateo bridge from heyward to foster
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city. 14-minute drive 880 to 101 this early friday morning and a look at the traffic maps. looks like everything with the except of slow traffic over the altima pass. not too bad. praying for friday light. we'll see. check back in a few. sue, thank you. police in union city say they have caught a uber driver accused of sexually assaulting a young woman. >> the suspect kevin barillas-saballos he was off the the clock. the victim needed a ride home. she got into the wrong car. >> he drove up and she got into the vehicle believing that it was her uber. >> police are warning ride share passengers to double check that they're getting into the correct vehicle. yesterday, we told you about a separate attack that happened
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tuesday night in san mateo. police say a woman was sexually assaulted by a man pretending to be a ride share driver. happening today, the attorney of one of the ghost ship fire departments is expected to file a change of venue motion as the district attorney urges the judge to move forward with a trial in a letter leaked ahead of today's hearing. here's news reporter carlos saseto. >> reporter: the d.a. says it will not accept any plea deals for defendants. in this letter, obtained and published by the partners at the "east bay times," the d.a. write it is people stand ready to try this case against both defendants. last week, a judge tossed out a deal previously accepted by another judge setting the stage for a lengthy trial. max harris' defense attorney responded to the letter. quote, we are going to show the public and the jury the
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incompetence they can stomach including o'malley's office and every official who allowed this fire to happen. i think harris will be acquitted fly's no way in hell this man is not found guilty. >> david gregory's 20-year-old daughter was one of 36 people killed in the inferno. he says he was not remorseful enough in the remarks. >> i don't think he is willing to accept his role in this. >> reporter: in an e interview with abc7 this week, he shared the wishes for a change of venue. >> how do i find a your that's not heard me say i'm guilty for allowing this to happen? >> reporter: fearing they won't get a fair trial, the attorneys plan to make a change of venue motion at friday's hearing. abc7 news. and we sent this push alert when the news broke about the
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d.a.'s letter yesterday afternoon. get push alerts and updates on all local news with the abc7 app working on apple and android devices. san francisco transit officials will review and revise the policy for vetting contractors. mayor breed made the announcement. and this comes after the examiner reported that construction company had a history of safety violations. oakland based shemik construction is linked to almost 50 safety workplace violations over the last decade. mayor breed said there needs to be a better system for the city awarding multi-million dollar contracts. families are back in the home after a fire forced them to evacuate. here's a lock at the smoke from a brush fire in the medrona noe knolls community.
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the evacuation was ordered as a precaution. officials lifted the vaugsevacu a few hours later. wildfires are burning across the state and this is a map of four of california's biggest fires. one of them, the river fire is fully contained and firefighters are closer to surrounding three others. the carr, ranch and ferguson fires. those three fires alone have charred more than 930 square miles. and time now, 4:35 a.m. and looking at satellite imagery from yesterday from nasa. you can clearly see smoke still coming off the mendocino fire complex. the wind direction continues to push it off to the east and the air quality should be pretty good today and also tomorrow. live doppler 7 giving the all clear. good to go. we have a live look from the camera atop pier 15. the south bay. 12-hour day planner today, a sunny day for a lot of us around
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san jose and that means quickly warming by noon and at 77 degrees and into the afternoon, top out in the mid if not upper 80s in the south bay. so highs later on today, will be a warmer afternoon compared to yesterday, especially inland. you feel that heat again. unfortunately. if you don't like it. 95 for concord and antioch. 68 in san francisco. about 88 in santa rosa. a quick look to so cal. 86 l.a. triple digits later on today in the valley. there's weather. friday light? ease into the weekend. >> so far so good. >> good to hear. >> no major problems. knock on everything. >> yeah, right? >> we have now live picture of emeryville. this is 80 coming in the westbound direction with the headlights toward us. eventually the bay bridge. let's take a quick look here. no metering lights. just
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folks. 4:36, there we go. 8 minutes to the city. and from san francisco to sfo, less than ten minutes. no one's ever done what she did and no one will ever do what she did. >> remembering the one and only queen of soil. bay area music fans pay their respects to aretha franklin. the life saving change in the way for garage doors. the way for garage doors. a special treat for dub
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4:40 a.m. on the friday. visibility right now, doing really well in a lot of spots. with ten, that's as good as you can get. patchy fog in the north bay. visibility four miles. later this afternoon, wide range in temperatures. 66 half moon bay. mild in the city at 68. warmer in oakland at 74 and down right hot inland. 94 walnut creek. 95 in and okay. the weekend forecast coming up in six minutes. >> thank you. multiple events planned in detroit in the coming days to celebrate the life of aretha franklin. >> the queen of soul died yesterday at 76 from pancreatic
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cancer. wade freeman has a look back at her career. >> reporter: franklin broke boundaries of gospel and popular music and mention the 20 grammy awards, and the first female inducted in the rock n roll hall of fame, sang at president obama's inauguration. if you were fortunate enough to hear her sing, you talked about it for the rest of your life. >> you know it's special listening to it. you know you're lucky to have been there. >> reporter: if you're a music historian, you wrote about it. >> the essence of aretha was to bring a real life person into a set of lyrics and music. ♪ now i'm no longer doubtful >> reporter: if you're a singer, you aspire the orng tay produced four albums w
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all aretha. >> no one's ever done what she did and no one will ever do what she did. >> you saw the fire in her eyes. you saw it. and then you bowed down. ♪ i ain't going to do you wrong ♪ >> reporter: what became the signature song is universal and transcendent. >> then it was as you said a woman's anthem, a battle cry. a mantra. >> reporter: maybe the best description is this. quote, trying to measure the talent of aretha franklin is as impossible as trying to measure the universe. that's it. abc7 news. >> we have a look back at her life, iconic songs and the legacy she leaves for the music world on our we believe site. abc7 elon musk this morning challenging anyone who thinks they can do his job better to
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take over. in an interview with "the new york times" the tesla ceo says she worked up to 120 hours a week recently. musk says the past year is the most difficult and painful of his career. he says he has no plans to relinquish the dual roles and said, quote, if you have anyone to do a better job, let me know. they can have the job. is there someone who can do the job better in they can have the reins right now. the state assembly approved a new bill for a garage with a backup battery. it kicks in and allow you to open the door and drive out. senator bill dodd introduced the measure after the north bay fires. the bodies of at least five people found where their garages once stood. the bill faces a final vote in the state senate next week before going to governor brown. hey, dub nation, listen up.
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you have a chance for a specialn trophies will be available for photo starting today. this afternoon, trophies at the warriors team store in walnut creek 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow they'll be at the team store at west field valley fair from noon to 5:00 p.m. and the championship trophies tour shifts to the westfield san francisco center store on tuesday and then wraps up thursday at oracle arena next thursday. so it's making the rounds. >> cool. >> we should say they're making the rounds. there's three of them. >> so cool. >> very kl. >> one time winning the second championship they brought it to the bar in the castro. that's where i met it. >> didn't know it was coming? >> hanging without friends. there's the trophy. oh my gosh. >> real deal. >> you never know what you'll find. accuweather right now, we have cloud cover this morning. marine layer with us.
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live doppler 7 with radar showing you gray on the screen. not as thick as earlier this week and san jose, the south bay, gray skies on the early morning start for the friday. either side of 60 degrees at the early morning hour. good morni, hayward. 61. 60 in san jose. 57 in san francisco. so later on today, it's going to be a warm afternoon for a lot of us. in the south bay, 94. morgan hill. 85 for san jose. 81 cupertino. the peninsula, mild. 80 mownuntain view. downtown san francisco, near 70 later on today. 62 for daly city. north bay, 80s and 90s. 89 calistoga. san rafael 84 degrees. east bay, 70s to low 80s. 79 in fremont and inland it's hot afternoon. well into the 90s. 94 walnut creek. 97 brentwood.
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accuweather seven day forecast, the heat increases into the weekend. saturday warm to hot, especially inland. as you head into early parts of next week, we get relief. now a check of the roads with sue. good morning. >> good morning.a outight now rafael. southbound 101. past the civic center. see everybody's moving at the limit past the northgate mall to san francisco about a 16-minute drive. let's take a quick look at the richmond-san rafael bridge. light conditions, as well. headlights in the westbound direction to marin county. looking good. overall the traffic conditions green is great. we do see red sensors over the altamont pass. muni reminding riders of changes. the time to transfer without paying additional fare goes from 90 minutes to 2 hours.
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there will be a new day pass option availabe for five bucks and can't be used on cable cars. discount fares calculated at 50% of the full adult fare which means some prices rise a few dollars. single ride fares will not change. in the east bay, hercules police are working to return stolen backpacks. officers found eight backpacks in hercules on wednesday. investigators say thieves stole them from cars in oakland, richmond and punol and police returned six of the eight including to this family. they're visiting from the united kingdom and in addition to their stuff back, the officers gave them a tour of the police station. america's biggest grocery store chain is testing driverless cars to deliver the groceries. iphone x might be getting a pencil. do kids know what a pencil? >> they will now. kroger is testing a driverless grocery delivery
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service in arizona. >> the nation's largest grocery chain is teaming up with self driving cars for the service. no minimum order but a flat delivery fee of $5.95. the second generation iphone x may soon come equipped with a stylus. >> more than a decade after steve job famously said if you need a stylus, you have already failed. reports suggest that the upcoming iphone is compatible with apple pencil. google is set to debut a smart speaker with a video display. >> reports suggest the new product similar to the amazon echo and likely to rely on voice commands but check calendars and look at maps. >> those are your tech bites. potential buyer takes a bmw for a test drive and while security video shows how it wept really wrong. coffee and cancer. the state may not require a warning after all. warning after all. row, row, many people living with diabetes
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good morning. 4:51. hour by hour on future weather. notice early on, limited fog this morning. that means that sunshine quick to come out in a lot of spots and later on this afternoon, the 90s, guys. right now, breaking news coming in from pleasanton.
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fire crews are battling a two-alarm fire. you can see how big the flames are in this video. officials say the fire is burning near the garbage transfer station and not on the property. abc7 news reporter matt keller just arrived on scene. he will have a live report at 5:00 a.m. the pentagon is postponing president trump's military parade until next year. he had called for it on veterans day in november. this year marks the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i. the president said he wanted th festivities in france last year. the cost would be about $92 million and no explanation why it's postponed. google admits it's still tracking you even if you turn off location services and clarifying the service on the website. the company made the change after an investigation by the
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associated press discovered that you were being tracked even if you turn off the service. google changed its help page to say, quote, this setting does not affect other location services on the device. the page also says, quote, some data may be saved as part of your activity on other services. you might see warnings about the cancer risks of coffee disappear from stores and restaurants in california. a state panel says the state should drop mandated warning signs like this one. health experts admit coffee has some chemicals that can cause cancer. but it also includes other ingredients that can fight cancer and other diseases. >> after reviewing the evidence as well as major finding by the international agency for research on cancer, we concluded that could have fee consumption is not a significant cancer risk. >> some people in the medical community want the warning signs to remain saying that the industry can find ways to produce coffee without the hazardous chemicals.
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a final decision of the warning signs will be made in november. if you want to learn a few new dance moves, san jose is the place to be. >> drop step pass. >> abc7 news was at city dance san jose last night. it's the first of the season. a live band plays while an instructor teaches the crowd new moves. the dance classes are open to all skill levels and join every thursday through october 4th. the crowd meets at plaza deceasar chavez from 6:00 to 9:00. drew? >> i have two left feet. it would be terrible out there. we have some mild air overhead. 60s on board. a light jacket right now. oud c, we have that morning it q a lot of sunshine. that sun going to really warm us up. warmer today than we were yesterday so you can see away from the coast around the bay
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80s on the board and inland going into the mid-90s. even warmer air greets us over the weekend. by saturday. those numbers rise inland at triple digits in the warmest spots. the heat will ease a little bit on sunday and still temperatures above average for this time of year and certainly a warm next 72 hours. let's check the traffic with sue. good morning. >> good morning. headed to san jose. this is 101. headlights in the northbound direction under highway 880 for an idea of where you are and everybody's moving nicely here. no delays. across town, a quick look at highway 87. that also is looking great. those taillights in the northbound direction just pass the sap center and traffic light in most of the san jose and the valley, especially on 280 north towards cupertino, as well. overall, the typical slowing and then mass transit. 27 trains on time. this b.a.r.t. no problems this morning unlike
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yesterday. cal train moving nicely and ace train number 1 left stockton on time. >> thank you. for a few days, lake merritt is filled with rowers of all age. >> abc7 news was there for the start of the u.s. rowers master championships yesterday, the first time since 2000 that lake merritt hosted the national championships. the event hasn't been on the west coast since 2008. there are races every day through sunday from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. >> 1,600 athletes and entries and full-on racing. every five minutes another race coming down. >> the event is free. there's also food trucks and a beer garden in the lake merritt boating center so plenty to do. a test drive of a bmw didn't go as planned for a woman in china. she barred of the brake. two people inside were hurt. but the driver and the sales person in the passenger seat were not. ugh. >> why don't you keep going?
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>> dealership's insurance company estimating the damages. hirting the gas instead of the brake. >> look. i hit. oh. i'm going to hit it again. >> i think that the door frame just coin of stopped her a little bit. >> you break you buy. and auction in philadelphia could have you checking your pocket change. listen up. a rare nickel has sold for $4.5 million. the 1913 liberty head nick sell one of only five ever produced. it's considered one of the rarest, most valuable u.s. coins. no word on who the buyer is. maybe they accidentally gave it away as change. >> i hope not. breaking news in the east bay, live to the scene of a large fire. remembering a fallen chp officer killed in the line of duty. we have complete coverage of the procession and memorial service today. helping students put their best foot forward on their first day of school. to
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. breaking news at 5:00, heavy smoke and flames fill the sky. >> firefighters are on the scene of a large fire in a live report in a few minutes. >> thank you for being there. natasha, alexis and mike are off today. >> meteorologist drew touma is here with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. easing into the weekend very nicely today. live doppler 7 with satellite right now showing you we have that patchy cloud cover overhead indicative of a summe


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