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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 17, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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. breaking news at 5:00, heavy smoke and flames fill the sky. >> firefighters are on the scene of a large fire in a live report in a few minutes. >> thank you for being there. natasha, alexis and mike are off today. >> meteorologist drew touma is here with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. easing into the weekend very nicely today. live doppler 7 with satellite right now showing you we have that patchy cloud cover overhead indicative of a summer morning. showing you the skyline.
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semi-covered in the cloud cover. 12-hour day planner, sun's up at 6:23 in the morning. that cloud cover going to quickly pull back to the coast and warming quickly. today it's warmer than yesterday in the 80s and 90s. download that accuweather track the temperatures hour by hour. good morning, sue. >> we are looking at light conditions so far so good. we'll take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we have those left cash lanes stacked up there for folks paying by dollar bills perhaps. and otherwise we have got fast trackers moving nicely right on through and hoping for friday light i should say. we'll take a look at the traffic maps. green is good so not a problem most of the commutes around the bay area except for early morning drivers out of tracy. about a 45-minute drive headed to dublin. >> thank you. firefighters battling a two-alarm fire in the east bay.
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>> abc7 news reporter matt keller just arrived there and, matt, what are you seeing? >> reporter: yeah, good morning, jessica and reggie. i'm seeing an impressive plume of smoke off bush road in pleasanton. firefighters fighting this defensively. see a couple of them on top of ladders spraying that water right now on to the building and told that nobody's inside and doing this for at least another hour trying to get the flames out. they believe they can get it contained within an hour but this is a fencing company according to the fire department. and that there are mixed materials inside that are burning. that includes fencing materials, vehicles. there's an office inside this building. there's also a transfer station for the garbage company here and vehicles coming in and out of this area but they say there's no threat to this fire spreading to any other buildings in this area but that plume of smoke is huge. i asked if there was a shelter in place for anybody nearby.
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they said, no, that is not the case. tl there is not any residential areas. the smoke not impacting anybody. firefighters expecting to take another hour to get it contained and of course they say that they're going to be out here all day. reporting live here in pleasanton, matt keller, abc7 news. happening today, family, friends and the community will mononor the chp officer killed in the line of duty last week. a memorial service will be held this morning for officer kirk griess. >> he was 19-year veteran of the chp. abc7 news reporter is back in vacaville ahead of the funeral procession. amanda? >> reporter: reggie, jessica, the process begins here at va ka vaca hills chapel this morning. everybody will be here to honor that man that dead katded nearly 20 years to the agency.
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officer griess was performing a traffic stop when he and another man were hit. neither men survived. the driver of that pickup was arrested wednesday. authorities say sean walker was on his cell phone and distracted when he hit officer griess and jamie manuel. walker posted bail thursday. >> this last week has been tragic. not only for the highway patrol family but for other families of the other victim involved and we are -- our hearts go out to the griess family and to the manuel family as they struggle through this challenge and difficult time. >> reporter: officer griess leaves behind a wife and three children. manuel leaves behind a wife and a daughter in the philippines. we have plans to live stream the procession as well as the memorial service. remember, that begins at 9:00 this morning. it will be all across abc7 news
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platforms. but for now, live in vacaville, abc7 news. >> thank you, amanda. new this morning, a san jose teacher in jail after police said he had an inappropriate relationship with a student. 39-year-old christopher florio teaches music and the of the community youth symphony. officers say he sent photos to a 16-year-old girl and charged with communicating with a minor to commit a felony and annoying a minor. there are some new developments this morning regarding remains discovered at a compound in new mexico. authorities say the remains are those of a missing georgia boy. they were found two weeks ago. investigators say the 3-year-old's father took him to the compound and he died in february. the dad now being held on child neglect charges in new mexico and georgia authorities accuse him of abducting his son. prosecutors in new mexico say they need more evidence before they can charge anyone in the
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boy's death. a former tesla employee says the company spied on workers in nevada. carl hanson claims tesla hacked workers' phones and computers, covered up copper thefts and hid allegations that an employee was involved in drug trafficking with the mexican cartel. hanson has filed a whistle-blower complaint. a spokesman said some claims are false and others could not be corroborated. eric the media befor in east bay at 9:00 a.m. last weekend's he made his tenth visit to iowa. he's told cnn reporter jake tapper he's considering a run for president. he's gained national prominence as a member of the house
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committee probing russia's suspected tampering in the 2016 election. santa clara could be in for a big change with the november election. the city has been ordered by a judge to scrap its at large voting system and instead use districts. a lawsuit claims the system discriminates against asian americans. a superior court judge agreed but the city is appealing the ruling. santa clara has drawn up a map with six districts just in case. no asian american has ever won a seat in the santa president trump nominated david anderson. he was a prosecutor. anderson says if approved by the senate he would love to re-enter government service. a dozen former intelligence officials including six former cia directors are among those criticizing president trump's decision to strip the security
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clearance of john brennan. brennan has been an outspoken critic of the president. mr. trump told "wall street journal" the decision is tied to the russia investigation saying he is one of those responsible for it. brennan fired back in "the new york times" calling the president's claims that there was no collusion hogwash. >> i think there was clearly an attempt here by the president to try to make his critics go away. >> mr. brennan is way over the line in my view and i think restricting his clearance, pulling his clearance makes sense to me. >> the statement from the intelligence leaders calls the decision ill considered and unprecedented. time now 5:58 a.m. on this friday morning. south bay. live ayki trt t day and the clos lahisateo. 61 in hayward. pa with 54 degre.
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let's go hour by hour. time out the cloud cover. by 7:00 in the morning, we are seeing a lot of cloud cover already breaking down. pulling back to the coast and by 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 in the morning, you can see the only place seeing that cloud cover right along the immediate coastline. warming process today will be very quick and very early to start. highs today it will be warmer today than we were yesterday by several degrees. 85 the high in san jose later on today. san francisco it will be mild, a lot of sunshine. 68 degrees. 74 in oakland. 85 in napa. 88 the high in santa rosa. the you're traveling today across the state, we'll see very warm temperatures to the south and to the east. but fresno and bakersfield in the central valley exceeding 100 degrees. going to so cal, l.a. warm at 86. palm springs, higher than that. 105 and san diego coming in with a high of 82 degrees. enjoy if you're traveling. that's weather. let's see traffic on this friday. good morning, sue. >> good morning, drew and
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everyone. walnut creek, the taillights in the southbound direction past north main. a few brake lights at the 24 interchange and traffic seems to be moving at a nice clip. eight-minute drive from concord to the walnut creek 24 interchange. here's a look at some of the drive times from 680. highway 4 to walnut creek, 6 minutes. 24 to oakland, 8-minute drive and there's the 42-minute drive on 580 westbound to dublin. >> thank you. the coliseum are looking for children in need of shoes. the put your best foot forward gives 3,000 shoes to low income k-12 students next month. this is video of last year's event. the organization urging more people to apply before the deadline today. >> so we have about 5,000 visitors hosting this event. hopefully this year we'll have more giving away 3,000 pairs of shoes. but yeah. the need is there and sometimes
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people don't always see that but it's special for us to support the families. >> there are 400 additional pairs to give away at the event september 29th. for more information, go to the website abc7 a terrifying moment caught on camera. an arizona teenager struck by lightning now he's talking about his speedy recovery. housing market is going t discover paint bleed you under your tape...... not with frogtape! frogtape is the only painter's tape
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we're pushing 5:14 on this friday. it will be a wide range in temperatures today. 60s along the coast. near 70 in san francisco. 74 in oakland and then we get hot in walnut creek. 94. antioch 95. weekend forecast in four minutes, guys. >> thank you. new developments at the border. construction workers completed more than 11 miles of the border wall. border officials say more than 8,000 panels have been put up as of last week. this is video of what the panels look like. environmentalists are suing over the project. in the first look, a 13-year-old boy from arizona said he feels like a superhero. >> he survived being struck by a bolt of lightning. we have details. >> reporter: in this morning's first look, watch as josiah wideman cheats death. >> i'll try to live my life a
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bit more. it can end any time now. >> reporter: the 13-year-old thankful after this close call when he and his friend javier struck by lightning walking through this arizona park. >> as we were walking, i got struck. sending me nine feet up into the air making me bounce on my head and then flip over to my back. >> i couldn't believe it. my son should have been dead on the spot. >> reporter: it launched him in the air leaving him with a skull fracture and concussion. the last thing he remembers? >> i remember just like little bit of heat. light kind of walking. barely. just heat. >> reporter: we'll have more on the incredible survival story at 7:00. with your gma first look, abc news new york. the housing market remains tight, particularly in the south bay. santa clara county saw one of the steepest drops in the state last month when it comes to home sales. median price went up nearly $200,000 in july compared to the
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same time last year. low inventory and high demand are two of the main driving forces. analysts say this combination along with rising interest rates makes it extremely difficult for buyers. >> we're in the teens in terms of percentage of population that could actually afford to buy a property today at the median price. so affordability is very, very low. >> analysts tell abc7 they expect prices to keep on climbing into next year but not quite at the torrid pace we have seen. all chipotle employees with food safety training. 600 people were sick from a restaurant in ohio. health officials say employees left food at unsafe temperatures. this latest issue follows an outbreak that sickened hundreds of customers in 2015. it her from eating there. >> i'm not afraid of it. no. i mean, i still go to chipotle
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every now and then. >> the company will start retraining the 70,000 employees next week. new this morning, iconic restaurant in berkeley reportedly ready to say good-bye after 60 years in business. brennan's on university avenue will close september 15th. the family owned restaurant was facing a 25% rent increase. the granddaughter of john brennan that built the hangout in 1958 says with expenses of running a business everything just keeps going up and up. more than a thousand google employees have signed a letter of protesting the company's plan for a search engine to meet china's it is similar to another letter google employees signed in protest of a u.s. militaryrenew it in june. google has not commented on this
5:18 am
latest protest letter. amazon is looking to expand to the big screen. bloomberg reports it's in the runs for the landmark theaters to help am zan break into the movie industry and provide another distribution outlet for the original content. fans have been going crazy for the movie "crazy rich asian." abc7 news at a special screening of the film in sanfrancisco last night. it is the first hollywood movie in 25 years to have an all-asian cast and the director john chu is from palo alto. >> create a movement where, hey, we want more representation out there. this could kick the door open for more and i love to support that. >> can we take a moment to appreciate how great christie
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yamaguchi looks? by the way, she saw the movie wednesday night and last night owd she plans to see it again sh says it is that good. >> oh wow! >> look at her. exciting. >> ringing endorsement. >> it has amazing ratings from rotten tomatoes. >> yep. all the critics seem to love it. hopefully, you know, over the weekend it will make some good money. and then sequels. >> get away from the heat. >> totally! yeah. inland today, guys, very warm. well into the 90s. hotter over the weekend. we are going to be sweating i w away from the coast. look at the inland east bay. show you 12-hour planner because we're going to warm up dramatically this morning. lots of sunshine from the get-go. so you can already see by noon approaching 80 degrees. just a couple of hours later by 2:00 into 90s and then later on this afternoon and will be a very warm day for inland east bay cities. highs today, south bay you will
5:20 am
be warm, too. 92 morgan hill. 81 for cupertino. the peninsula, a mild afternoon. 80 for redwood city. 64 for pacifica. downtown san francisco will approach 70. later on this afternoon, 62 for daly city. into the north bay, 80s and low 90s. 95 cloverdale. 86 into the east bay. sunshine today. it will be warm. 79 fremont. 77 castro valley. here's the heat inland into the 90s we go. 95 and okay. 97 brentwood. 94 for walnut creek. here's the accuweather 7-day forecast. warm and sunny today. even hotter tomorrow. look at inland. going near 100 warmest spots. the heat eases on sunday and the weekend is above average for this time of the year. that's the weather. let's get you to roads with sue. good morning. >> good morning. east shore freeway past golden gate fields and berkeley and emeryville and then if your
5:21 am
destination is bay bridge, the traffic is moving at the limit. no problems through the 80 corridor and no delays here. look at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. great news. there's the dive time from hercules into san francisco includes through the toll plaza and the span. less than 30 minutes. so that's not bad at all. an overlook at the commute, about a 45-minute drive into dublin pleasanton. no major stalls or accidents. >> sue, thank you. law enforcement officers from around the world are in san francisco showing off their francisco showing off their motorcycle riding skills. it's sfpd's international police motorcycle skills competition. abc7 news was at pier 32 for practice rounds yesterday. officers pay an entry fee to compete and that money then goes to sfpd's wilderness adventure
5:22 am
youth program. check out the action up close. the competition continues today and tomorrow at pier 32. next, seven things to know as you start your day. ready? >> oh! >> so many of you have seen this viral video of a girl pushed off a bridge. this morning, we are hearing from the fri
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5:25 am
and facebook page. number three, the family of nia wilson expected to file a lawsuit against b.a.r.t. today. wilson was stabbed and died at macarthur b.a.r.t. station almost a month ago. the family said the suspect should have been banned from b.a.r.t. number four, the attorney of a ghost ship fire deft is expected to file a change of venue motion today and the district attorney said it won't accept any plea deals for the defendants. and number five, accuweather, we are on our way to a warm weekend today. temperatures in the 80s and 90s. but to start off tomorrow the hottest spots near 100 degrees.h an accident just reported near vacaville. two left lanes are blocked. >> number seven, looking for a new cat, why not consider a black one? ar less likely to beppreciation
5:26 am
adopted so this is an effort to find them new homes. we have a list of black cats up for adoption in the bay area on our website abc7 coming back with another 90 minutes of news including the warning for b.a.r.t. riders about a new wave of phone thefts. also, the change the mayor's ordering after a worker's death in san francisco's twin peaks tunnel project. here's a live look outside. abc7, 0 tnl
5:27 am
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breaking news at 5:30. firefighters battling a two-alarm fire in pleasanton. a fallen chp officer will be laid to rest today. the tribute planned for officer kirk griess. and the teen caught on camera pushing a friend off the bridge. >> whoa. >> she is explaining why she did
5:29 am
it. i think people thought it was a random stranger behind her or even perhaps an enemy. >> yeah. >> when you hear her explain what happened, it may change your mind. >> all right. >> we'll see. >> stay tuned for that. good morning. it is friday, august 17th. thank you for joining us. >> natasha, mike and alexis are off today but we're here for you. never more than seven minutes away from the accuweather. drew? >> good morning. we have the gray on the screen. we'll take you outside on the early morning. live look from the camera. we have that marine layer over san francisco and not sticking around too long this morning. 12-hour day planner, mix of sun and clouds. sun up in less than an hour and warming today. today warmer than yesterday. away from the coast, 80s and 90s and we have a really mild evening on the way. by 7:00 inland. we are still in the low 90s. that's the weather. good morning, sue. >> so far, so good.
5:30 am
we have a couple of trouble spots. check in now with the accident blocking two planes of traffic westbound 80. see the red building there. it's near pena adobe and two left lanes blocked and crews on the way there to check it out there and then the venicia bridge toll plaza. three cars blocking the slow lane there. i don't see a lot of slowing yet. it is the reverse checking back in a few. a two-alarm fire burning in pleasanton. matt? >> reporter: good morning. check it out. flames still coming off of this building. a huge plume of smoke, as well. you can see it here in pleasanton in a commercial area. no shelter in place because of that smoke and also a transfer station for the garbage company. they're not impacted right now. this is called in around 3:30 this morning.
5:31 am
bush road. near valley avenue. the flames were huge and firefighters decided it was too dangerous to send people in and fight it defensively. firefighters say the metal building houses a fencing company with mixed materials inside including vehicles. >> firefighters face multiple hazardous including energized fence and venting tanks. >> reporter: firefighters say there are homeless 'encampments in the area. they hope to knock the fire down within the hour and we will be here all day to clean up and of course watch for hot spots. live here in pleasanton, matt keller, abc7 news. >> thank you. happening today, family, fellow officers and the community will pay tribute do a chp officer killed in the line of duty. >> a memorial will be held for officer griess. they were hit by a pickup truck
5:32 am
in a traffic stop in fairfield. the driver of that truck was arrested wednesday. authorities say sean walker was on his cell phone and distracted when he hit officer griess jam jamie manuel. officer griess was a 19-year veteran of the chp leaving behind a wife and three children. manuel leaves behind a wife and a daughter in the philippines. we'll live stream the funeral procession and memorial starting at 9:00 a.m. and you can watch it on abc7 news tonight come, the app or abc7 page. right now at our live desk tracking some news developing in arizona. police say an officer and a suspect are right now in critical condition after a shootout in north phoenix. investigators say the officer was trying to pull over the driver last night but the driver initially refused the stop. once the person stopped, the
5:33 am
suspt reportedly started shooting. the officer then returned fire hitting that suspect. the phoenix police chief told a local tv station she believes the shooting was an ambush. police in union city say they have caught a uber driver accused of assaulting a young woman. the suspect 30-year-old kevin barillas-saballos worked for uber but police say he was off the clock at the time of the attack. the victim needed a ride home from san francisco to union city last month. she ordered a uber and got into the wrong car. >> he drove up and she got in the vehicle believing that it was her uber. >> police are warning ride share passengers to double check their getting into the right vehicle. yesterday we told you about a separate attack tuesday night in san mateo. police say a woman was sexually assaulted by a man pretending to be a ride share driver. that man is still on the run. happening today, the attorney for one of the ghost ship fire defendants is expected
5:34 am
to file a change of venue motion. the district attorney urges the judge to move forward with the trial in a letter leaked ahead of today's hearing. thed.a. office's said i won't accept plea deals for defendant almena and harris. in that letter, d.a. nancy o'malley writes, the people stand ready to try this case against both defendants. last week, a judge tossed out a deal previously accepted by another judge setting the stage for a lengthy trial. >> i'm definitely okay with a trial because i think there's no way in hell this man can, you know, cannot be found guilty. >> max harris' defense attorney responded to the d.a. letter saying he welcomes the trial. >> we sent a push alert yesterday. get push alerts and updates on all local news with the abc7 news app. the app works on apple and android devices.
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happening today, a teen seen on video pushing a friend off a bridge is expected to learn if she faces charges. >> the 16-year-old girl broken ribs and a punctured lung of falling 60 feet, landing in the lewis river in washington did it. >> she wanted to jump an she was scared and she had asked me to give her a push and i didn't think about the consequences. i thought she would be fine. >> smith has been cooperative with investigators. the girl who was injured said she wants her friend to go to jail. prosecutors say they'll make a decision by the end of today. firefighters are making progress battling several large wildfires in california and you are looking at a map of four of the biggest fires. one of them, the river fire, fully contained.
5:36 am
firefighters are closer to surrounding three others. the carr, ranch and ferguson fire. they have charred more than 930 square miles. and time now approaching 5:36. live visibility on doppler 7. where you see 10 it's as good as it gets. santa rosa, the visibility is down to about three miles on this early friday morning. here we go. along the embarcadero. we'll see the sun shine pretty quickly later on today. 7:00 later on this morning, really just patchy cloud cover around the bay. by 9:00, 10:00 in the morning, likely only spot in the cloud cover along the immediate coastline w. the sunshine early on, the warming process pretty quick and today will be warmer than yesterday. going into the mid-90s in the hottest spots inland. 95 antioch and concord. 68 san francisco. mild in the city today.
5:37 am
85 in san jose. 88 in santa rosa. fremont near 80 degrees later on today. headed to the coliseum, nice evening for ball game. the astros are in town. first pitch about 69 degrees and as the game is wrapping up temperatures dropping to about 63. so enjoy. if you're traveling across the state today, it will be warm as you move inland. bakersfield exceeding 100 degrees and similar story for palm springs. san diego and l.a. low to mid-80s later on today and warm for a lot of us across the golden state. how do we look this morning? >> a couple of problems. >> oh man. >> not too bad a. couple of problems. first, we'll take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights on. still not a bad drive through the 80 corridor of hercules but the toll plaza to san francisco. looking at less than 30 minutes and will be increasing as the lights have been turned on. slow and go in both directions.
5:38 am
we have a road work out there. 580 west. looking at about a 45-minute drive in the westbound direction. better news, not for this particular accident. still out there. two left lanes blocked. you can see the red sensors starting to back in towards vacaville and experiencing slow and go there making the way westbound and better news at the venicia bridge toll plaza. 680 northbound, cleared off to the right-hand shoulder so traffic is getting by without delay northbound on 680. guys? >> thank you. happening today, the family of nia wilson will file a lawsuit against b.a.r.t. 18-year-old wilson was stabbed at random and died at the macarthur b.a.r.t. station almost a month ago. her sister was also stabbed but survived. the suspect was caught within 24 hours. he is due back in court next week. wilson's family says he should have been banned from b.a.r.t. following a stop days before for
5:39 am
fare evasion. b.a.r.t. is responding to another wave of cell phone thefts aboard trains. according to "the east bay times" riders reported seven phone thefts in four-day period. two of those at daly station. others at south hayward, bay fair, civic center stations. b.a.r.t. officials say riders should be aware of suspicious behavior and use the b.a.r.t. watch app to report crimes. earlier this month b.a.r.t. announced a $28 million plan to increase security throughout the system. san francisco transit officials will review and revise the policy for vetting contractors. mayor london breed made the order after the death of a 51-year-old signal operator. and this comes after the examiner reported the construction company had a history of safety violations. oakland based shima construction is linked to almost 50 workplace safety violations over a past decade. mayor breed says there needs to
5:40 am
be a better system of checks and balances when it comes to the city awarding multi-of million dollar contracts. no one's ever done what she did. and no one will ever do what she did. >> remembering the one and only queen of soul. bay area music fans pay their respects to aretha franklin. a special treat for dub nation. where you can spend some quality time with the warriors championship trophies. before break, take a live look outside. abc7 news, the only place to see live weather and tra
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approaching 5:43 on this friday morning. right now, most spots waking up to upper 50s to lower 60s. so as previous mornings have played out, that light jacket early on you will not need later on this afternoon. cloud cover quickly pulls back to the coast. by 9:00, 10:00 this morning, we see sunshine and a majority of the region. that sun very effective at warming us up. look at 4:00 later on this afternoon. today will be warmer than yesterday. our hottest spots going into the mid-90s. even warmer air arrives for the upcoming weekend. a welcome at the numbers in about four minutes. >> thank you. elon musk is challenging anyone who thinks they no his job better to take over.
5:44 am
in an interview with "the new york times" the tesla ceo says he worked up to 120 hours a week recently. musk says the past year has been the most difficult and painful of his career and has no plans to delynn quish the rule roles as chief and executive and said, quote, if you have anyone who can do a better job, please let me know. they can have the job. is there someone who can do the job better? they can have the reins right now. the state assembly requiring new garage doors come are w a backup battery. that backup to kick to open the door and drive out. senator bill dodd introduced the measure following the north bay wildfires. the bodies of at least five victims were found whe t once s. the fda just approve add generic version of the e pi pen
5:45 am
where there's a big need. there's a shortage of the medical device as children head back to school. the epi pen is used frequently to treat food allergies. the shortage is nothing new. it's been on the fda list since may, attributed to manufacturing issues and local supply disruptions. in the east bay, hercules police working to return sfoelen backpacks. officers found eight near faucet and santa fe in herculs wednesday. investigators say thieves stole them from cars in oakland, richmond and this family visiting from the uk. in addition, officers gave them a tour of the police station. hey, dub nation, listen up. you have a chance for a special photo opportunity. the 2015, 2017 and 2018 o'brien trophies availableorhos at warriors
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and take a look here at the screens. this afternoon, the trophies will be at the stores at walnut creek 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. tomorrow at westfield valley fair in santa clara noon to 5:00 p.m. and the tour shifts to the westfield san francisco center store on tuesday. wraps up thursday at the warriors team store at oracle arena next thursday. so plenty of chances. so a lot of people wait in a line to see it sometimes. unless you're drew touma sitting in a bar hanging out like you do. >> and it comes to you. >> it comes to you. >> no joke. >> were people protecting the trophy when it came in? >> no. >> security detail? >> honestly, last year. hugging the trophy. hi, guys. hi, guys. everyone's just like -- so casual. one of the coolest things of my life. >> did you touch it? >> touched it. took a picture. martin ortiz, too. very down to earth. loved it. if you get a chance to see it,
5:47 am
take that opportunity because it's a very cool trophy. huge, too. >> three. >> three. like this big. >> for the rest of us standing in line. >> it was just luck. it was luck. the right opportunity at the right time. lucky this weekend if you like warm weather. temperatures are heating up quickly. especially today. take you outside. live look from the san jose camera with early morning cloud cover. used to the pattern in month of august. won't be sticking around too long today. 12-hour day planner. the south bay. here you go. early morning cloud cover out of here. by 10:00 in the morning and sunshine warming us up quickly. and then into the afternoon, see the sunshine will keep us in the 80s in the south bay. highs in the microclimates, south bay. 85 for san jose and then 94 in morgan hill. hot. 81 for cupertino. along the peninsula. even the coast a little bit of above average for this time of year in the mid-60s. san francisco 68.
5:48 am
and into the north bay, 80s on the board. wine country, it was warm in the mid-80s for napa. later on today in the east bay, 74 for oakland. 79 fremont. inland it is going to be hot today. it is hotter today than yesterday. 97 in brentwood later on today. 94 for walnut creek. the numbers continue to rise. accuweather 7-day forecast, saturday even hotter. approaching 100 in the hottest spots inland so most spots away from the coast saturday and sunday it will be warm for this time of the year. that's weather. let's see how we're doing on the roads on this friday. good morning, sue. >> good morning. let's check out the vacaville drive. traffic is stacked up now from downtown to pena adobe, scene of the accident westbound on 80. northbound cleared 680.
5:49 am
now an accident approaching 237/101 northbound near the lawrence xexpressway. and there's a car fire. the reason for slow and go. and up approaching the san mateo bridge southbound 880 near winton. we have an accident blocking a couple of lanes in the middle of the roadway there with a stretch of red and slow traffic. >> sue, thank you. muni reminding riders of changes. the time riders given to transfer to another line without paying additional fare from 90 minutes to 2 hours and there will be a new day pass option for $5 but it can't be used on cable cars. plus, discount fares calculated at 50% of the full adult fare which means some prices will rise a few dollars. single ride fares will not change. can you imagine last call at bars ending about an hour 49
5:50 am
minutes ago? new at 6:00, the major hurdle that the controversial bill just cleared. but -hey, did i mention i can save you $620 for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you?
5:51 am
5:52 am
and time now, 5:52 a.m. cloud cover over san francisco. looking at the three-day forecast today. warmer than yesterday. but look what happens tomorrow. the heat will really increase away from the coast. east bay approaching 100. it's still warm to finish off the weekend on sunday, guys. >> thank you. multiple events planned in detroit in the coming days to celebrate the life of aretha franklin. the queen of soul died yet at 76
5:53 am
from pancreatic cancer. >> we are hearing from some of those fortunate enough to meet her. ♪ if you're a singer, you aspire to be like her. nota just happened to be working with michael walton yesterday and he produced four albums with aretha. >> no one's ever done what she did. and no one will ever do what she did. >> when i first met her, looking in her eyes, you saw the fire. you saw it. and then you bowed down. ♪ >> funeral services for arena franklin will be announced in the coming days. we have a look back at her life from the most iconic songs and the legacy on the website abc7 new detalls now on the military parade, the trump administration was planning for later this year.
5:54 am
the president now says he has canceled it because the price was too high. mr. trump called for it on veterans day in november. this is the 100th anniversary of the end of world war i. the cost million. so instead, the president tweeted this morning to attend a parade scheduled at andrews air force base and go to paris for their annual bas till day parade and tweeted maybe we'll do something next year in d.c. when the cost come way down and buy some more jet fighters. you might see warnings about the cancer risks of coffee disappears from stores and restaurants in california. a state panel says the state should drop mandated warning signs like this one. health experts admit coffee has some chemicals that can cause cancer. but it also includes other ingredients that can fight cancer and other diseases. >> after reviewing the evidence as well as major finding by the international agency for research on cancer, we concluded
5:55 am
that coffee consumption does not post a significant cancer risk. >> some people in the medical community want the warning signs to remain saying that the industry can find ways to produce coffee without the hazardous chemicals. a final decision of the warning signs will be made in november. taking a look at the friday morning drive. we have a couple of probable spots. take a look at the traffic maps. heading back to near vacaville westbound 80 near pena adobe. this accident just cleared off to the shoulder but you can see the red there. slow traffic remaining from vacaville in towards the bay area. we have problems on the peninsula. this is northbound 101 near the lawrence expressway. that's a car fire. and the fire trucks are blocking the two right lanes so slow and go there from highway 101 headed north towards mountain view and southbound 880 of winton. big rig hit a vehicle. in the right hand lane, fourth
5:56 am
lane from the left and you can see the slow traffic building now behind this accident southbound as you approach hayward. and in accuweather, the summer spread in full effect. 60s along the coastline. upper 60s for the city later on today. hopping into the east bay. mid-70s in oakland and then really jump inland. walnut creek, hot. high of 94 today. 95 in antioch. bigger picture across the board today warmer than yesterday. 85 in san jose. 79 in fremont. about 86 the high in lake merritt is filled with rowers of all ages and seems like good temperatures for this. abc7 news was there yesterday. this is the first time since 2000 that lake merritt hosted the national championships. the event hasn't been on the west coast since 2008. there are races every day through sunday.
5:57 am
they go from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. >> 1,600 athletes and every five minutes there's another race coming down. >> take a picnic and watch them. the event is free and food trucks and beer garden. new at 6:00, two i cons are making a show about the bay area. >> how does president eric >> how does president eric
5:58 am
♪ ♪
5:59 am
good morning. coming up on 6:00 a.m. on this friday. thank goodness. august 17th. natasha, alexis and mike is off. we're here for you. >> you know who else is here for you? >> who's that? >> drew touma. >> come through, drew. >> if you like the heat you are going to like today seeing those numbers warmer this afternoon
6:00 am
than we were yesterday. right now, live doppler 7 with the satellite on the friday morning. morning marine layer most of us right now an quickly burn off like yesterday. live look outside. san francisco gray sky on this friday morning. sun up here in 23 minutes. and that cloud cover pulls back to the coast fast today. by noon, we are quickly warming. by 4:00, panning the camera around showing you that sky, you can see it's warm away from the coast. the bay and inland 80s and 90s are widespread. so a hot finish to the week. let's take a check of the roads with sue. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. we have meters lights on at the bay bridge to plaza. a couple of cars stacked up at the cash lanes and looking pretty good with still only 25-minute drive on the 80 san francisco. all right. we have slow


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