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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 19, 2018 6:00pm-6:30pm PDT

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joins us live from san francisco where she spoke with the chp and has more information on what happened and the hunt for the drivers who took part. kate? >> reporter: dion, eric, that's right, there was one arrest this morning. there was also a lot of traffic backed up for miles after a group of cars stopped traffic on the upper deck of the bay bridge coming into the city. let's take a look at that video. so this cell phone video was taken by a driver that saw the side show and they gave it to the chp. you can see those three white cars driving around the westbound lanes in circles down donuts around 10:45 this morning. the chp says the white convertible mustang either got in a crash during the side show or somehow got disabled, when the officers arrived, the driver was still there and was arrested. now, in the video, if you look up front you can see a few people standing by taking cell phone video of the cars and of the scene. officer williams says that's all part of the plan with the side
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show. >> there were several vehicles with parties out of the vehicle filming with the side show, but back with the traffic stopped. we believe some of those vehicles, obviously, were involved in aiding and abetting the side show itself. >> so this is a shot of the chp handcuffing and arresting the driver of the white mustang. you can see in that red-t-shirt. you can see the tire marks. the driver does have minor injuries and was being treated at a hospital today. now, officer williams, and i talked about side shows, and he says they can be very frustrating for the chp. by the time officers respond, the side shows have broken up and have moved on at that point. however, in this case there were a lot of witnesses taking cell phone video, getting information about license plate, like the cell phone video we showed you. he hopes that will help them in this investigation. live in san francisco, i'm kate larson, abc 7 news, dion, eric,
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back to you. >> kate, much preeshappreciated if you've been outside at all anytime today, you can't help but notice the haze. >> live look outside from our abc 7 east bay hills camera. it's pointed at mt. diablo, but that's hard to see right now because of how bad the air quality is. let's check in with our meteorologist. despite the clouds and the fog, you see blanketing much o the coast, those north westerly have been in training, the smoke from the fires to the north. today, the air quality, of course, was not helped by that. the poorest air quality in the santa clara valley, moderate elsewhere and we're going to continue to see the winds pump in some of that clean air from the coast. but it's going to take a while. notice the winds out of the north in novato and ukiah, bringing down the poor air quality in trapping the pollutants at the surface. for your monday, back to work, you'll notice that a lot of oranges on the map, and that indicates sensitive groups could
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have trouble tomorrow once again in the east bay and south bay, and moderate air quality for the rest of us. we are looking at temperatures trending downward for today and the next several days. that will help us for the week ahead, explaining in a few minutes. >> sounds good, lisa, thank you. a quick update on the major wildfires in california, the ranch fire, part of the mendocino complex is 76% contained. it's the largest wildfire in state history. it's burned over 330,000 acres in a little over three weeks. smoke from that fire is also one of the reasons we have a spare the air alert today. some big news out of yosemite where the ferguson fire is now officially fully contained more than a month after it started. the fire scorched nearly 100,000 acres and forced the closure of the national park. it's estimated it cost about $1 million to fight the flames. progress on the destructive carr fire, containment has gone up to 85%. firefighters are actually getting a hand from the heavy
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smoke in the area, they say it's keeping the flames in check and minimizing flarups. happening tonight, a vigil is planned for two teens killed when the car they were in plunged off a freeway in walnut creek. the vigil should be starting right about now at deer valley they were in a car with three other people when it flew off the highway 24 overpass where recent graduates of the high school. the 18-year-old woman behind the wheel has been arrested and accused of dui. new at 6:00 tonight, three people rescued after the boat they were on ran aground this afternoon in san jose's alviso neighborhood. there were two kids on the boat, and it became stranded in the mud. they called for help and two rescue boats responded. everyone was brought back to shore unharmed. the owner of the boat will need to wait until the tide comes back in to recover his vessel. a man is recovering from a gunshot wound following a shooting outside a house party in a north bay neighborhood.
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one man has been arrested. cornell barnard has details. >> i have never heard of a shooting here before. >> this doesn't happen on fifth avenue. >> reporter: an early morning shooting was a shock to many in san rafael's sun valley neighborhood. >> i fell asleep around midnight. i was woken to an argument between two men. screaming really loud. >> reporter: the neighbor thought a fight was unusual. but hours later at 3:00 a.m., that fight escalated. >> a woman in particular, with terrifying yells, just blood curdling. and i hear two -- it sounded like gunshots and then everything was quiet. >> reporter: investigators say a 20-year-old man was shot after the fight broke out in a street near this home. the victim vanished before officers arrived. >> we got a subs subsequent phone call from santa rosa memorial hospital where a victim showed up with a non-threatening gunshot wound, and he's going to
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be fine. >> reporter: neighbors say residents of this house were having a party on saturday. >> last night there was a big party when we walked by. >> one man from washington state who police say was visiting the home was arrested. >> there was a male who was arrested for being a convicted felon in possession of ammunition. >> reporter: police aren't sure if he played a role in the actual shooting. they continue to look for suspects. >> police got a search warrant for this home on fifth avenue, looking for evidence including the gun used in the shooting. a motive for the crime is unknown. cornell barnard, abc 7 news. >> you can help the family of a fallen highway patrol officer during a fundraiser tomorrow. dutch brothers coffee will host a benefit or officer kirk griess in napa, fairfield and vacaville locations. he died after a pickup truck plowed into him after he stopped a driver in fairfield on august 10th. the man griess stopped was also killed. a building collapsed when a strong earthquake rattled an
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indonesian island. it was 6.9, knocking out electricity for thousands of people. it's making it hard for officials to figure out how many have been hurt. the backstreet boys were forced to cancel a show in oklahoma after a sudden storm left more than a dozen people injured last night. the entrance trusses blew over, badly hurting 13 fans. kim hutcherson has the story. >> reporter: a chaotic scene at an oklahoma outdoor concert. the backstreet boys and 98 degrees were scheduled to take the stage when a sudden storm blew through the area. heavy rain and winds as strong as 80 miles per hour knocked over the entrance tent. authorities say 14 people were injured. witnesses say some were treated at the scene and then rushed to the hospital. >> the rain was still coming down pretty hard and we looked
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over and the metal entrance pavilion was right above us and falling down. >> reporter: officials at the wind star casino and resort say they became aware of the storm moving in about 30 minutes before the incident. >> they notified patrons in the area who were standing outside of the concert venue waiting in line for it to open that they needed to take shelter. >> reporter: however, some egg eager fans decided to stay despite the danger. >> many patrons did not heed the warnings because they were excited about the concert and wanted to keep their place in line. >> reporter: before the concert, kevin richardson tweeted the band was getting a full crowd, with about 1,200 people. ig show was to be the backstreet boys final performance before beginning a residency at planet hollywod in las vegas in october. kim hutcherson, abc 7 news. there could be a lot of tardy kids tomorrow in san
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francisco. an issue with muni could throw a wrench for the first day of school for thousands of students and staff. plus, iconic statues from the past, today was your chance, the unique display in the east bay. a pet boa constrictor got
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tens of thousands of students might end up being late for the first day of school in san francisco. a san francisco examiner reports muni has an operator shortage which could lead to delays and longer wait times for buses. the shortage is expected to last through next saturday and will be felt on almost every line. san francisco unified school district is aware of the issue, posting an alert on its website warning principals to expect some students and staff to be late. measles cases are on the rise this year in california. the state has already seen more cases this year than all of last year. according to the department of public health there have been 18 cases so far. last year there were just 15 statewide. the centers for disease control and prevention says many people who get measles have not been vaccinated. it's one of the leading causes of death for children according to the world health organization. many people satisfied their curiosity today when they got to see where some characters lived
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in the east bay. folks admired a collection of plastic and metal statues. by gone businesses. those items include a big mic, a familiar site that stood tall over a car wash on mission boulevard in hayward. >> it's the only time during the year that we open the building. you can come in and wander around and look at stuff. we show you how we do different things in plastic, and throw it in with big mike's birthday. big mike's 50 years old, maybe 52 if you want to be really accurate. >> the plastics employees showed how they can make custom items. some of bell's creations have been used even in space. the postal service vows to deliver your mail rain or shine. what if there's a huge snake wrapped around your mailbox. the mailman ran into a large reptile. and meteorologist lisa argen is up next.
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matt chapman asked the fans to come, they did, 29,000 at the coliseum today to see the a's battle for the al west lead. there are definitely a lot of offense to keep them entertained. highligh
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neither rain nor sleet nor snow is supposed to delay or stop your postal service delivery, right, but a family in kansas just learned snakes are a different story. >> oh, yeah. check it out. this boa constrictor forced one man to skip delivering to a family in overland park, kansas. the reptile wrapped itself all around the mailbox, an animal control officer needed help from two police officers to remove the snake. a local reptile breeder is now taking care of the boa. it is unclear if the snake is an escaped pet. your accuweather forecast with lisa argen. sunday afternoon, cooler, live doppler 7 showing you the fog right along the blanketing the coastline with mist and drizzle, the case again tonight. as we widen the perspective you'll notice the fog all the way down to just north of los angeles. there's a weak system to the north that's going to aid in bringing more marine air our
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way. and, in fact, clearing out the atmosphere another 24 hours or so. here's the view with temperatures in the 70s in santa cruz. the high 78, and look at this murky view, yes, this is alcatraz where you can see the fog here and a cool day in the city. right now it is 67 in santa rosa. you've dropped off significantly 85 by the delta, 91 in concord, livermore checking in at 86. fog and haze from emeryville. spare the air alert tomorrow. temperatures trending downward this week, below average, and for the rest of the week, should be near seasonal averages. hour by hour shows that as the fog continues to push across the bay tomorrow morning, that will allow for a slower burnoff. you can see the fog is filtering into the san pablo bay, the east bay. as it does burn back we'll get a cooler afternoon, and a more generous sea breeze. but still, some haze in the atmosphere. temperatures in the 50s to start
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out. 59 in san jose. 60 in lakeport. and if you're spending time in our north bay tomorrow it's going to be cool, some kids going back to school to start out in the 50s and 60s. but by the afternoon, upper 70s, a little hazy out there, and we'll continue that cooling trend throughout much of the workweek. but if you're keeping your eye on hurricane lane, it is still a category three. this will continue to slide to the west at about 14 miles an hour. and the southeast bay -- beaches in the big island, pretty big waves, weakening to a cat category two by tuesday. south bay tomorrow, upper 70s to near 80 to san jose. 83 in los gatos. 87 morgan hill. on the peninsula, a little breezy at times, 77 san mateo. san francisco, 65. upper 50s in daly city. in the north bay, it will be cooler, not low 80s for you from
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petaluma. and sonoma should be in the upper 80s. east bay numbers ranging from haze in union city at 80. head inland, temperatures about five degrees cooler here, or even more than that with 85 in pleasanton, 87 in concord, still hazy conditions for that poor air quality to linger into monday. as we get into tuesday, temperatures continue to drop off, mist and drizzle not out of the question for the overnight hours and the morning hours and then you'll notice by about thursday we try to bring up the temperatures a bit. but really it's going to stay a little cooler than average, and certainly cloudy and breezy at times at the coast. now, sports from abc 7 news. the astros and a's each had as on the mound battling for the outright division lead. the came quickly came down to which team could outslug the other. this gentleman, one of 29,000 fans on hand, bringing every good luck token.
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an off day for justin verlander and chris davis follows up two batters later with his 35th home run of the season. the a's jump out in front verlander, gave up four runs, struck out six. mania gave up six runs in four innings. get back in the bottom half of the inning and chris davis does more damage. this would tie it up at 4. but then we get in on a home run derby, a solo shot. mania hadn't allowed a tome run in his last three starts, gave up two today. oakland had a chance to do damage in the sixth. loaded the bases. but mark hannah strikes out. astros went on to hit three more home runs off pergan, five total.
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maldonado, a solo shot for him. astros win 9-4, regaining first place in the al west. >> at this point we played well enough to take, you know, the series from two good teams. and, you know, that's a positive. >> today sucks, we lost, obviously nobody wants to lose. but we're not going to win every game. no team is perfect. we've believed in ourselves since spring training, when not a lot of people should. put this in the past and keep going. the dodgers just roughed up the mariners in seattle today, kiki hernandez, two for five with three rbis, solo shot for him in the sixth. justin turner, the big red beard, had five -- three low on this home run. and that was in the ninth. the dodgers take two out of three in this series, 12-1 the final at safe co field. the division leading astros head to seattle. the mariners trade fourth place, and 3 1/2 behind the a's for the
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second wild card. a's welcome last place rangers to the set. two run shot, part of a seven-run inning, ouch, the last. ty block gave up a two-run shot to make it 9-1. chase dar nell, the second giants player to pitch this season. full inning without giving up a run. the reds sweep the giants 11-4, the final. the splash brothers got together today to enjoy offseason competition on the golf course. they played for a good cause as well. klay thompson, stephen curry spent the day at harding park at the inaugural golf tournament. the event benefits youth,
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education and fitness programs. klay is not an avid golfer like curry is. >> i wouldn't trade it for anything. i try to play golf and be outside and enjoy myself. it's been great offseason. no complaints. i love it to be clilike this th rest of my clear. short three months. >> first game of the next season, october 19th, two months away. clay thompson enjoys life. >> whatever he's doing, he's going to enjoy it
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we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis.
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9:00, a father and son's daring escape from a wildfire is caught on video, what they say likely saved their lives, at 11:00 on abc 7. we certainly hope other cities follow our lead. it's been important. >> the north bay city going roundup free a week after a jury awarded $289 million to a man whose cancer was linked to the weed killer. glitz and glamour won out over grit and guns this week at the box office. >> "crazy rich asians" took over
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number one. tells the story of an american woman meeting her boyfriend's extremely wealthy family in singapore. >> it is the first studio produced movie led by anation-american, featuring an august asian cast, the director is an area native. >> it was comfortable. it made over $25 million. it is followed by last week's number one "the meg,"" mile
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