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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  August 20, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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we're here to cheer you up. 6:00 a.m., mike, natasha and jessica are sleeping in. >> the three of us are here, reggie, myself and meteorologist drew tuma in for mike today. hey, drew. >> good morning. we are seeing that visibility reduced in spots in the north bay. live doppler 7 showing you in santa rosa you see zero on the map that's as bad as it gets. we will see areas of dense fog in the north bay. elsewhere we're doing better. visibility is pretty good. outside live look from our east bay hills camera showing you the fog down below, high thin clouds above. your 12-hour planner, gradual clearing of the cloud cover. later on this afternoon it's cooler than we were over the weekend in the 70s and in the 80s. that's weather. check of the roads with alexis this morning. good morning. >> good morning. overall it has been fairly quiet although we have this issue in the hercules area, westbound 80 before highway 4. we have a crash involving a motorcycle. the two left lanes are still blocked and saying they should
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have this cleared soon. you are backed up to the base of the bridge. about 14 miles an hour approaching that incident. up to 26 once you get past it. the rest of the way is looking good from there. flipping over to our traffic cameras, 280 and highway 17 not seeing any major issues. just the volumes start to increase. calling for change at the santa rita jail, a large group gathered to protest. >> this comes after at death of a young woman. good morning, matt. >> reporter: good morning, reggie and alexis. the sheriff's office says it's obligated to release people from jail when their sentence is complete regardless of what time it is. that could change. a really was held at the santa rita jail last night and followed by a two-mile walk to the dublin bart station. they were protesting the release of inmates in the early morning
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hours. this comes nearly one month after the death of jessica st. louis. she was released at 1:30 in the morning. she was found dead four hours later outside the bart station. it does highlight the issue of releasing vulnerable people at the time of day when they're less likely to get help. state senator skinner plans to introduce a bill so people aren't released in the middle of the night. >> as women we're more vulnerable walking on an abandoned street in the middle of the night, but anyone is. anyone is vulnerable. i don't want any deaths, male, female, anything. >> reporter: the coroner says st. louis's death appear to be from a drug overdose. her mother says her death was preventable. reporting live in dublin, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. family, friends and classmates pay tribute to two killed in a crash that is being blamed on underage drinking.
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abc 7 news was at antioch's deer valley high school yesterday that's where 18 doves were released in memory of dakarai fagorala and john walizada. yesterday would have been fagorala's 18th birthday. the twins' mother spoke at the gathering. >> this is not a grieving moment, but dakarai's name means happy so get happy feelings, happy feet, happy tears, pray for one another, love on your parents. >> an 18-year-old woman faces charges of vehicular manslaughter and dui for the crash that killed the two. her car plunged off a freeway overpass in walnut creek on august 12th. fire officials issued new evacuations last night for the ranch fire. >> see the orders highlighted of the glenn line and east of the mendocino national forest. the fire has burned over 340,000 acres making it the largest
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wildfire in state history. crews battling the ferguson wildfire have reached full containment. >> the wildfire started july 13th at mariposa county and shut down yosemite for a time. two firefighters died in the fire that grew to 97,000 acres and the cause of the fire is unknown. california lawmakers will not take up a proposal to protect electrical utilities from some financial liability for wildfires. >> lawmakers tell "the chronicle" there's not enough time in this session to settle the issue. current state law holds utilities responsible for damage from fires ignited by their equipment, even if they followed safety rules. supporters of the proposal like governor jerry brown fear utilities could go bankrupt or raise prices. critics say changing the liability would raise premiums and remove incentives for utilities to do everything they can to prevent fires police in san rafael are looking for suspects in the shooting of a man outside a house party. it happened sunday morning in the city's sun valley
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neighborhood. a resident there woke up at midnight and heard two men arguing loudly and says the fight escalated three hours later. >> a woman in particular with terrifying yells. i hear two sounded like gunshots and everything was quiet. >> investigators say a 20-year-old man was shot. he is expected to survive. police arrested a man from washington state who was visiting the home. investigators aren't sure if he played a role in the actual shooting. a celebrated poet east bay was killed while crossing the street in berkeley. poetry posted the tribute to tom clark. he was hit by a car crossing a road called the alameda in berkeley on friday night. police say clark was not in a crosswalk when a driver who had a green light struck him. in addition to poetry he wrote about sports and penned biographies, many focused on the lives of beat generation write
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people. >> san francisco coffee roaster four barrel has not changed ownership as promised after the founder was accused of sexual assault and harassment this year. according to "the chronicle" neither of the two owners plan to divest from the company and make it employee owned. they have focused on rebuilding the company's culture since the january lawsuit. they also say their staff has completed harassment, inclusivity and bias training uber drivers who stop at sfo say they're getting hit with millions of dollars worth of traffic tickets and they have no way to appeal them. >> more than a dozen people injured at a concert over the weekend, now we're hearing from one of the victims. >> how you can drive like james bond. the exciting announcement from aston martin. >> in accuweather dealing with dense fog in the north bay. your 12-hour planner in the north bay we had that fog through 10:00 before sunnier skies prevail into the afternoon. we'll take a closer look at how
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." it's 6:09 on this monday morning and a lot of students
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heading back to school. alameda ufnified, san francisco mid 60s, fremont, redwood city, mid to upper 60s. north bay mid 80s and vallejo good luck to all the students, a high in the mid 70s. across the region, highs will be cooler this afternoon than we were over the weekend. the cloud cover out there right now will be very slow to pull back to the coastline. afternoon sunshine will get us to 87 in concord, 65 in san francisco, mild in the south bay 80 in san jose and 79 the high in napa. >> good morning, drew. i do want to head back to hercules. that is our biggest issue right now, although not a sig alert and does sound like they're getting closer to clearing this. westbound 80 at the hercules exit, a crash involving a motorcycle. they've pushed it over to the far right lane, so just one lane blocked. you have slow from the base of the bridge there. stop and go for a few miles. plan on some backup.
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hopefully they will be able to clear this within the next 20 minutes. a live look outside the san mateo bridge, westbound 92, no major delays. starting to see the volumes increase uber drivers at san francisco international airport say they're getting hit by tickets they're not aware they had and there's no way to appeal them. the violations are primarily for not displaying an uber sticker. uber deducts the cost from the drivers' earnings and they come up to $100 each. sfo billed uber $1.3 million in fines last year. drivers say the airport doesn't provide them with evidence of the violation. sfo says the companies have to initiate any appeals the colorado husband who the colorado husband who confessed to killing his wife due in court today. >> saying good-bye to a north bay favorite. the reason bogie's suddenly closed. >> we leave you with a live look
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you know when you're at ross and you'rhello.... ...and then the price is like, helllooo! that's yes for less. find the latest trends and styles at prices that are a perfect fit. it feels even better when you find it for less. at ross. yes for less. abc mornings. >> all news. >> 6:14. happening today a colorado father who reportedly confessed to killing his wife and daughters is expected to be formally charged with first-degree murder. nicole says her friend shanann watts was not answering her
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phone and missed a doctor's appointment. watts was 15 weeks pregnant. investigators believe that her husband drove her and their two daughters to his company property. they found watts' body in a shallow grave and the girls' bodies submerged in oil tanks. >> i didn't want to think that they weren't coming back. he wasn't being the loving chris he normally was. he wasn't touching or hugging. >> did she suspect he might have been cheating? >> i think she entertained the idea, yes. >> so far there is no word on an alleged motive. new details involving the accident at a backstreet boys concert. >> we're hearing from one of the fans injured. at least 14 people were hurt. winstar says it began evacuating fans when lightning was reported in the area saturday afternoon. about 150 concertgoers didn't leave.
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when the storm hit high winds knocked over an entrance truss and this video shows the metal scaffolding on the ground. >> i never knew it was falling knew it fell until well after. the only thing i knew something happened and blood is pouring out of my head. >> the backstreet boys tweeted a message saying they never want to put fans in harm's way and they will try to reschedule the show. prosecutors are considering filing bank fraud charges against president trump's former attorney michael cohen. "the new york times" reports authorities are looking at whether cohen committed bank fraud of greater than $20 million. investigators have focused on loans obtained by taxi companies owned by cohn and his family. charges could be filed by the end of the month. if you wanted to drive like james bond here's your chance. aston martin going to produce 25 replicas complete with rotating
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license plates and other fun gadgets. the cars will come from the same factory and nearly identical to the original scene in the 1964, everybody now, "gold finger." >> i didn't know that. >> i wasn't sure. >> the man with the midas touch. come on. the cars will cost about $3.5 million each. i'm being told is a pretty good deal. >> what? >> the 1964 that you see here sold in 2010 for $4.6 million. >> sure. >> this whole time i was thinking this would be something my husband would love where you can drive them and then saw the price tag. just kidding. not going to do that. >> no. maybe some day i'll get one. >> for the 0.1%. >> yeah. >> upper for sure. we are tracking even reduced visibility not only in the north bay but elsewhere across the region. we have that fog with us and thick in spots. live doppler 7 tracking that visibility. it's the worst in the north bay
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right now. you see zero like santa rosa that is dense fog. numbers like three or four, that's patchy fog from livermore to san jose and petaluma. the marine layer is with us. we will take you outside, live look, walnut creek, you can see we have that fog and low cloud cover inland at this hour. a lot of us dealing with the morning gray. temperature wise as you get out the door on this monday morning, mid 50s to low 60s. the light jacket as you step outside. you will not need it this afternoon. true typical august fashion. we'll go hour by hour and time out the cloud cover, 7:00 later this morning still a fair amount of fog overhead and this cloud cover will be gradual to break down. by 10:00 still really cloudy over san francisco. tracking some patchy fog along the east bay shoreline. by the afternoon we will see the sunshine dominating much of the region but a cooler afternoon today compared to yesterday. we will still have some haze in our atmosphere. the air quality across the region it is moderate so if you have respiratory issues
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easy. the accuweather seven-day forecast, cooler afternoon today, the coolest day is tomorrow with coastal drizzle, temperatures below average and we'll stay that way either at or slightly below average even through the upcoming weekend. let's get a check of the roads with alexis. >> good morning. our trouble spot really has been westbound 80 if in from the east bay or the vacaville area, a new crash, westbound 80 around the 680 connecter. that is blocking one lane. as you can see heavy traffic approaching that area. working on more details but that is our i think third collision of the morning. westbound 80 at the hercules exit, this crash involving a motorcycle. initially in the two left lanes, pushed to the right lane and now pushed over to the shoulder. you're backed up to the bridge. that certainly is our slowest stretch. everyone else looking quiet this morning. >> thanks. "good morning america" coming up at 7:00 here on abc 7. ginger zee live from new york city with a look at what's ahead
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this morning. hi, ginger. >> hi, good monday morning to you. it is great to be with all of you. i'm obviously a little slow. hopefully you're coming up faster than i am. coming up we have actress asia argento under fire. one of the first women to accuse harvey weinstein but now a new report she claims she paid off her own accuser. an exclusive at abc we'll hear from the woman who says she was the last person to see the mother alive and the red flags in the case. did you see that incredible first pitch by the nun at the white sox game? the sister who is wowing the nation joins us live to tell us about her amazing toss. i got a chance to do this at a mets game once. >> oh. >> it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't like that. >> i know. >> sister mary jo also has swagger. >> yes, she does. a lot of it.
6:21 am
she's going to talk with us. she is so confident. i want to be her when i grow up. >> i know. i'm not catholic but almost enough for me to enroll in catholic school again. i look forward to seeing her. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> that's going to be fun to hear from her. >> i can't wait to hear what she has to say jo thousands of san francisco students could be late to class. the shortage that could make it hard to get on a bus the reigning queen accusing gretchen carlson of bullying. >> looking outside at 6:21 with abc 7 news now, our way to keep you up to date on weather and traffic conditions on your screen thr
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most pills only block one.asal 6 keestion, and 6 is greater than 1. start your day with flonase for more complete allergy relief. flonase. this changes everything. 6:24. we're looking at your 12-hour planner today. we have areas of dense fog. the hardest hit location is the north bay right now. visibility is reduced in some spots. take note of that. cloud cover pulls back to the coast. it is a cooler afternoon. download the accuweather app. >> thank you, drew. highway patrol officers arrested two drivers in richmond on suspicion of racing on 580 at speeds up to 100 miles an hour. the cars were pulled over near marina bay parkway. both drivers will face reckless driving and speeding charges and their cars will be impounded for 30 days the reigning miss america is
6:25 am
slamming the organization and its chair gretchen charlson accusing them of bullying and intimidation. she says the chair and ceo have marginalized her. carlson denied the bullying and she is, quote, surprised and saddened about the allegations. 19 former miss americas are calling for the resignation of carlson and the board of trustees. >> i think it will send a clear message not only to our new miss america and the public that we are willing to do the right thing so miss america will not have to go through what cara has gone through. >> carlson said the organization can no longer offer $75,000 scholarships as a direct result of the allegations in her letter. a family-owd abc 7 news was in san rafael where people waited to have one last brunch at bogie's cafe on north san pedro road. the rers say business is good,
6:26 am
but they're closing due to an unresolved issue involving the americans with disability act. >> if it wasn't for bogie's we wouldn't know the people we know and the friendships we've made and that's more valuable than anything. >> i always said bogie's cafe was here for the betterment of others. >> they say they may reopen at another location. anyone who has driven on national avenue in hayward has seen the plastic characters and curious people got a chance to see them up close yesterday. bell plastics owns a wide range of artificial ambassadors from old businesses and once a year they let the public get an up close look. >> the only time during the year that we open the building. you can come in and wander around and look at stuff. plastic. we throw it in with big mike is 50 years old, maybe 52 if you want to be accurate.
6:27 am
>> bell plastics employees showed how they can custom make a variety of items and some of the creations have been used in space. developing news out of spain, police investigating a possible terror attack right outside a police station. >> a side show on the bay bridge. morning traffic brought to a
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let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." coming up on 6:30. side shows caught on camera including one on the bay bridge. how police caught some of the law breakers caught in an inferno a father and son's terrifying escape from an out-of-control wildfire. students returning to school in san francisco could be late to the first day of class. the warning going out to thousands of families this morning the controversial new feature on netflix, commercials. but don't call them that. don't tell me what to call things. i will call things what i want. just kidding. >> what? >> that's what i want to call it. >> you're going to confuse everybody. >> i want to call ait a friday. >> don't do that to me. >> monday, august 20th. you have to get to work. i'm sorry to tell you that. jessica and mike and natasha are not coming to work because they have the day off. >> meteorologist drew tuma in
6:31 am
for mike. >> it will feel nice but a lot of us dealing with fog. live doppler 7 and visibility mode and the north bay right now that's where the fog is thickest. santa rosa down to one mile visibility. elsewhere you can see visibility say for oakland, eight miles. be aware of that as you go outside, the golden gate bridge camera the fog along the coastline. i want to switch it to the walnut creek camera. we have haze in our atmosphere and clouds early morning. the 12-hour planner features sunnier skies this afternoon and the takeaway it will be cooler compared to yesterday. 70s and 80s away from the coast. that's weather and a check of the roads on this monday morning with alexis. >> good morning, drew. a lot of kids heading back to school this week and if not this week they did last week. we are seeing the volumes increase and we've had several trouble spots on westbound 80 in a few locations. one at the connecter in the cordelia area. this is a three-car crash. the westbound traffic on 80 is backed up to air base parkway. flipping over to the bay bridge,
6:32 am
you can see clouds out there this morning. the metering lights are on, but it's not too bad there as you enter the maze. no further delays the rest of the way into san francisco. happening today, san francisco unified students go back to school. there are questions about how some will get there. >> muni has been facing a driver shortage recently and officials are warning thousands of students they could be late. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live on russian hill. good morning. >> a windy russian hill, reggie. we're at the galileo academy of science and technology. you can see at this school here at francisco and polk there is a bus stop here, they're just surrounding this school here and these students who take the busses here to the school may be a little late on this first students and staff might be delayed because of the shortage.
6:33 am
muni says it has made adjustments to get ready for this week and moved 72 part-time employees to full-time. they think that will add 700 service hours a day. they're hoping that will have a huge impact this week as more and more people climb aboard the bus because they have to get to school. warnings have gone out just in case so been set. this first day of school may have some new challenges for students here in the city so beware anything goes today. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. a three-car side show on the bay bridge shut down all five westbound lanes yesterday morning. one driver crashed or broke an axle doing the doughnuts and he was arrested for reckless driving. the rest of the drivers got away. an hour after the bay bridge side show, a san francisco woman
6:34 am
shot this video of cars burning rubber in the pier 30 parking lot >> i was like what the heck. all these cars going up the embarcadero at excessive speed. it was chaos out here. this is worse than usual. >> mary lives nearby and saw the side show and as an illustration of how prevalent side shows have become, while we were shooting this story, another group showed up to perform more. developing news on the mendocino complex fires, cal fire issued new mandatory evacuations last night. >> this is the area east of the mendocino national forest boundary, south of 30 8. >> the ranch fire part of the mendocino complex that's now 76% contained burning more than 340,000 acres. cal fire expects to have full containment by september 1st. crews announced full containment
6:35 am
on the ferguson fire last night around yosemite. it burned nearly 97,000 acres. as for the carr fire it has burned 227,000 acres, 85% contained but does not have an expected containment date we sent this push alert at 10:00 last night, soon after those new evacuation orders were issued. you can download our free abc 7 news app to get updates on evacuations where you live a father and son barely made it out of glacier national park where a major forest fire is burning out of control. >> the car is heating up and going to explode. >> that's justin and his 70-year-old father charles driving through an inferno earlier this month. they were backpacking and didn't expect the fire to reach their location, but then the winds shifted. both men hopped back into a car and escaped the flames. at one point driving in reverse down a narrow mountain road. >> we can't get out.
6:36 am
>> when i put the car in reverse and looked out the back window i couldn't see anything. i didn't have the headlights anymore. somehow i was able to stay on the road. >> firefighters have built a fire break along the scenic going to the sun road to keep the fire from spreading more into the park. more than 7,000 acres have burned developing news out of spain, where this morning police shot and killed a man who was attacking officers with a knife. the attack happened inside a police station in a district just outside of barcelona. it's being treated as a terrorist incident. state media says the attacker was a 29-year-old algerian resident with spanish identity documents. this is video from the scene. local media is reporting that the man was from algeria and shouted allahu akbar during the atck> one of the most prominent activists of the metoo movement has reportedly settled a complaint against her by an actor who says she sexually
6:37 am
assaulted him. according to the "new york times" asia argento paid $380,0 a jimmy bennett who was 17 at the time. in a notice of intent to sue bennett says the sexually assaulted him. she was one of the first women to accuse harvey weinstein of sexual assault the attorney for a man arrested by i.c.e. plans to file a motion to have lhim released n bond. joel arrona-lara was arrested when he and his wife were stopped at a gas station on the way to the hospital to deliver their baby. i.c.e. says arrona-lara is wanted for arrest in mexico on homicide charges his attorney denies any criminal history in mexico. i.c.e. is moving forward with proceedings to have him deported. president trump trying to discredit a "new york times" report that white house counsel met with special counsel robert mueller. the report confirmed by abc news says that white house counsel don mcgahn cooperated
6:38 am
extensively with the special counsel investigation into russia's meddling with the election. in a tweet mr. trump said he allowed mcgahn to cooperate with the special counsel. meanwhile, president trump's lawyer rudy giuliani says he's not going to rush the president into testifying with mueller. giuliani says the president could get trapped into perjury. >> when you tell me that, you know, he should testify because he's going to tell the truth and shouldn't worry that's silly because it's somebody's version of the truth, not the truth. he didn't have a conversation -- >> truth is truth. i don't mean to go like -- >> no, it isn't truth. truth isn't truth. >> truth isn't truth now getting attention on social media this morning. sources tell abc news among the topics mueller wanted to discuss was the circumstances surrounding the firing of james comey 6:38 on this monday and fog is creating issues at sfo at this hour. we have a 53 minute delay for arriving flights.
6:39 am
oakland and san jose doing fine. no delays there. that cloud cover overhead means we're off to a cool start this morning, mid 50s to low 60s as we get you out the door. it's 55 in novato, 58 fremont, concord at 60 degrees. the jacket needed as you go out the door this early morning. hour by hour time out this fog for you, 7:00 this morning you could see the gray shading on your screen that is the fog across the region. as we advance the clock to 9:00 this morning, still rather foggy over san francisco but much of the region now breaking out for sunshine. however today will be a cooler day compared to the weekend. you see inland towards the lunch time hour mainly 70s. that will feel comfortable today. we'll take you outside, the sun is up, good morning from our east bay hills camera. your three-day forecast will show you 70s and 80s in our warmest spots this afternoon. tomorrow is the coolest day we have all week with temperatures below average for this time of the year and we keep that trend going even into wednesday. we don't have any intense heat moving in and it's comfortable for this time of the year.
6:40 am
fog is creating issues at our airports and dense fog in the north bay. how are we looking on the roads? >> i actually don't have any dense fog advisories by chp. that is good. >> yeah. >> but you never know. they could issue those as we get a little further into the morning. seeing some clouds but not any fog in the south bay. here's 101 around 880 interchange. looking light here so far today. if you are coming up from the 680 merge up to 880 i don't have major delays and we have been incident free for really the entire south bay here this morning. no complaints. mass transit also looking good. 55 bart trains in service. no delays. ace 1, 3, 5, 7 all out on time today. no troubles if you are using mass transit out of the central valley and normal service, no delays for san francisco bay ferry as well. back to you. >> thanks. new this morning, a public warning issued by the san francisco d.a.'s office to city restaurants, they're being told to watch out for cyber extortionists.
6:41 am
according to "the chronicle" at least two restaurants have received threatening letters. the letters say they're going to be sent pictures of food with hair and insects until news outlets report on this and the restaurants have to pay an unspecified sum to avoid it. cyber extortion is a felony in california punishable by two to four years in jail and up to $10,000 in fines more fallout from monsanto after a benicia man wins his case against the company and now several bay area cities are stopping the use of the company's weed killer. and you are looking live at the big board at the new york stock exchange. we will have another update on how the markets are doing next. looks like we are up this morning. >> testswnsour car could be streaming your favorite tv show. the update elon musk is promising as you get your day into gear we keep you on top of weather and traffic throughout the break. looking live at sfo right now we have some fog in the area, but we have not heard about any we have not heard about any major delays
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> good monday morning. 6:44. we are tracking fog dense in spots. live doppler 7 visibility the thickest fog in the north bay where santa rosa the visibility is down to one mile. we have that fog first thing this morning. afternoon sunshine back to school for students. san francisco unified going back, afternoon high in the mid
6:45 am
60s. 60s. mitt 70s for -- mid 70s for union. i will see you in about seven minutes developing news in the case of a missing iowa college student who spent part of her childhood in the east bay. mollie tibbett's father is taking a break and heading back to fresno. ron tibbetts said it wasn't his choice. law enforcement told family members to return to their day-to-day lives as the investigation continues. it's been over a month since mollie was last seen in iowa activists calling for changes at the santa rita jail after the death of a woman released early in the morning. >> the group held a protest last night and now a state senator is involved. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live outside the jail this morning with the story. matt? >> changes could be coming soon. nancy skinner is planning on introducing a bill to people aren't released in the middle of the night. a rally was held here last night
6:46 am
in dublin followed by a march to the dublin bart station. this push for change comes nearly one month after the death of 26-year-old jessica st. louis. she was released around 1:30 in the morning and found dead about four hours later from an apparent drug overdose outside dublin bart in july. foul play has been ruled out but it does highlight the issue of releasing people at a time of day when less likely to get help. >> we're still totally shocked by the situation that took place for them to release her at a late hour in the morning. as you can see it's totally dark with just the bart ticket and no cell phone. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says it's obligated to release people when their sentences are complete regardless of what time it is. reporting live here in dublin, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you, matt. happening now a fundraiser to take place to help the family of a fallen chp officer and you can see a live picture of it happening as we speak.
6:47 am
dutch bro's coffee is hosting a benefit for officer kirk griess at its napa and fairfield locations. the chain will donate a dollar from every drink sold. griess died in fairfield on august 10th. a pickup truck hit him after he made a traffic stop. the man he stopped was killed two bay area cities are no longer using roundup weed killer following a ruling against the manufacturer monsanto. earlier this month a jury awarded a former benicia school district groundskeeper with cancer $289.2 million. he sprayed the weed killer in bulk 30 times a year. novato and benicia will no longer use roundup or products containing the chemical glyphosate. >> there's a saying you put your money behind your values and in our community we value the environment and value protecting our children and animals and so for us, this was a priority. >> this was in the works prior to the ruling, but we wanted to make sure because of the ruling that our community knew we are
6:48 am
taking these steps. >> novato is looking for volunteers to help public works grounds keepers pull weeds. jack dorsey is committed to curbing fake news from the platform but no timetable for how the company will approach that issue. in an interview he discussed the controversy surrounding alex jones a right wing conspiracy theorist. twitter suspended his account for a week after he tweeted a link to a video calling for supporters to get their battle rifles ready against media and others. dorsey says politics on social media tend to be divisive, but it's important to talk about. >> it's important to see those. i believe it's important to see the dark areas of society so that we can acknowledge and address them and i think the only way to address them is through conversation but it is hard especially when it feels toxic and you want to walk away from it. >> dorsey says social media and tech companies need to be transparent and open about its actions. now to your morning money report, pepsi is buying at home
6:49 am
drink maker soda stream. >> the companies made the announcement this morning. a $3.2 billion deal. pepsi will pay $144,000 -- i should say $144 per share for the stock. the deal is expected to close by january and it will give pepsi a new market. the news sent both stocks up this morning elon musk is confirming a feature tesla drivers have been asking for. video playback on tesla's screens. musk tweeted the announcement saying it's coming in version 10 of tesla software. no other details were released. analysts say owners can expect the feature will only be available while the cars are parked for safety reasons a live look at the new york stock exchange. we are up and we still are, up about 90 points right now. investors are waiting to see how trade talks between the u.s. and china progress. new music from janet jackson this morning. the 52-year-old pop icon out with a new song and music video and if you haven't seen it here's a glimpse. ♪
6:50 am
celebrate ♪ >> i love the song. i've been listening to it one or 20 times this morning. she collaborated with daddy yankee on the brand new single called "made for now." it was shot in brooklyn and jackson hand selected international dancers including from ghana, nigeria, trinidad and the u.s. there's the dance break everyone wants to see janet dance. "good morning america" is talking about the song's message so here's janet on the southwest of the vid -- on the set of the video to explain. >> it's about now, love, being in the moment, not thinking about tomorrow, not thinking about yesterday. i think we do that too much. not enjoy the space, >> the video has nearly 13 million views and counting. you and i were listening to this when it came out on friday when we were getting ready.
6:51 am
>> like 12 million views, just repeating it. >> 12 million views. i have notes. >> recommendations. >> i do recommend that this should have come out in june. >> like a summer song. >> it's a summer bop. >> i have a question for you. >> yeah. >> does she play this when she headlined outside lands or teased it. >> teased it. >> okay. >> the first time she officially said the new song was coming out. >> okay. >> put the graphics up but didn't sing it. >> that's awesome. >> all right. >> weather wise i want to give you an update on a category 3. the track shifted and i want to show you what the update has for us. wa we're looking at by friday night the storm will most certainly weaken. its winds will go down to 70 miles an hour. parts of hawaii are in the cone of uncertainty, the area with which the storm could potentially move. we may see some tropical storm watches issued for parts of
6:52 am
hawaii later on this week. it's not a certainty but we'll keep tracking you -- tracking this for you and want to keep you updated if you have travel plans to hawaii. back at home a live look from sutro tower showing you the fog. it is with us this morning. it is dense in spots like the north bay. we're in the low 50s right now in santa rosa. 58 in oakland, 55 in san jose. light jacket needed out the door first thing. the planner for the north bay where we have the problem with fog. we'll likely see the dense fog through 10:00 this morning and then the fog will lift in the north bay and we'll see sunnier skies prevailing and temperatures cooler than over the weekend. 77 the high in san rafael later today, 65 in san francisco, about 69 the high in oakland. going to 80 in san jose. inland we're not too hot. no 90s to speak of. 87 concord, the same for antioch. if you're headed to the a's game tonight, first pitch temperature around 65 degrees. by the ninth inning as the game wraps up, cooler, so have the layers with you.
6:53 am
temperatures around 60 degrees. the accuweather seven-day forecast, plan out the next seven days, coolest day, below or at average with the forecast. a check of the roads with alexis. >> tough location to have anything blocking southbound 880 around state route 92. it did clear quickly to the shoulder but damage already done. you're heavy north of there and south of there. some of that the typical delay but some of that caused due to this crash as well. a quick check of drive times, westbound 580 tracy to dublin, you are in the red coming in at about 56 minutes. that's probably our slowest one today. southbound 680 dublin to mission boulevard you're still in the yellow but that is filling in at 24 minutes. northbound 85, 101 to cupertino no issues in the south bay in the green at 19 minutes. if you have netflix, well, maybe you're concerned about new commercials interrupting your shows. have no fear we have a way around it. netflix is saying that some viewers have complained about
6:54 am
promotions popping up between their shows. netflix says it is only testing the ads. so there is something you can do to avoid them. media website thrill list discovered a hack. the report says all you have to do is go to the pain features a toggle switch. if you turn it off you won't see the ads new this morning, 90 days until mickey mouse turns 90s. disney announced a pop-up exhibit to celebrate calling it mickey, the true original exhibition. it will open in new york in november. the exhibit will feature original artwork and several short films of everyone's favorite mouse. mickey's official birthday is november 18th, 1928 when he debuted in "steamboat willie." disney is the parent company of abc 7. >> that's cool. you said they might end up bringing then to other cities too. >> right. little pop-ups to celebrate mickey. crossing fingers that san francisco will be among them. >> yeah. coming up next the seven things you need to know before you go.
6:55 am
>> first, our instagram picture of the day, if you haven't yet follow us at abc 7 news bay area. see more photos like this and share yours and video too. use the #abc 7 now. right now we are taking a live look outside at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. we keep you on top of weather and traffic throughout the break. you can keep your eyes on our traffic cameras ♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪
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these are the seven things to know before you go. number one, students and teachers who depend on muni may be late on their first day of back to school in san francisco. the district says a muni operator shortage may cause delays across the city. >> a side show on the bay bridge sunday closed down all westbound lanes. it created a massive traffic backup. one driver was arrested and is facing multiple charges number three a state senator will introduce a bill to stop inmates from being released in the middle of the night. a woman was released about 1:30 a.m. and found dead later number four the father of mollie tibbetts is leaving iowa and returning home to fresno.
6:59 am
law enforcement told family members to go back to their day-to-day lives while they continue searching for tibbetts. number five, in accuweather, we have morning fog right now but sunshine will break out this afternoon. it will be a cooler afternoon compared to the weekend. 60s and 70s around the bay shoreline. our warmest spots to the 80s inland number six, a new crash in the north bay, southbound 101 at alameda in novato. sounds like the middle left lane is blocked due to the crash and heavy traffic approaching number seven, drone video captured a pod of blue whales swimming and feeding in munner monterey bay. marine biologists says 15 of the whales were spotted off the coast last week. >> i am so mad. i was there a day later and i missed them. >> man. >> now, you did actually get to see sea creatures but they were at the aquarium. >> aquarium.
7:00 am
not quite as cool as in naturet let you know or slide into your good morning, america -- urgent manhunt. after a string of deadly shootings, police search for a black chevy and two men. calling them cold-blooded killers. the city of nashville on high alert this morning. powerful storms ripping through the heartland. seven twisters reported in the midwest tearing off this roof, ripping up a giant tree trunk and the flash flood emergency stalling cars and trapping people in their homes. abc news exclusive, new developments in the stunning murder case. the woman who says she was the last to see her friend alive speaking out now about the father accused of killing his pregnant wife and their daughts.


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