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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  August 21, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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give is to be like mollie today. >> loved ones mourning the loss of mollie tibbetts. and this is the man who murdered the 20-year-old college student. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm christian seay. the body believed to be that of mollie tibbetts was found in an iowa cornfield. >> the man who killed her is in the country illegally, police say that 24-year-old christianry re rivera oig admitted approaching her. >> while he was interfacing with her, he actually tells us that he ran alongside of her or behind her. and then at one point he tells us that mollie grabbed a hold of her phone and said you need to leave me alone, i'm going to call the police. and then she took off on running. he in turn chased her down and then he tells us that at some point in time he blacks out. and then he comes to near an intersection which we believe he
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then placed mollie. >> iowa governor kim reynolds released a statement that reads in part, we are heartbroken and we are angry. we're angry that a broken immigration system allowed a predator like this to live in our community and we will do all we can to bring justice to mollymoll moll mollie's killer. >> of course as you imagine, there is great sadness around the bay area from those who new mollie and her family. >> many are remembering her and voicing their outrage about her murder. cornell barnard is live in piedmont. >> reporter: so much shock and so much sadness here in piedmont tonight about mollie tibbetts' murder. her family attended corpus christi church here. mollie attended the parish school and many here are grieving. >> oh, on, no, not mollie. >> reporter: linda got the news she hoped she'd never mollie ti 20-year-old iowa college student with a big smile was found murdered after being missing for
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weeks. they attended corpus christi catholic church. >> every parent's nightmare. and just so sad. it is so wrong. you know? she had so much to give. >> reporter: here is a picture linda found of her daughter and little mollie's first communion. father leo remembers mollie's communion. >> i have nicknames to my kid, so she has doing moles worth. >> reporter: he has reached out to her parents to let them know they are praying to them. >> he with nwe now know where s even though she tied tragically, we know that she will never suffer again. >> her mother sent me these pictures after they left us. >> reporter: principal katie murphy at the school keeps a picture of mollie and her brothers in her office. mollie's family moved to iowa when she was in the third grade.
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today murphy told students the tragic news about mollie and shared memories of an unforgettable student. >> mollie was a sweet wonderful young girl, we loved her here. she is part of our family. and she was very kind to everybody. so maybe the best gift we can give is to be like mollie today. >> reporter: the church says mollie will be remembered at all masses this week. a separate prayer service to honor mollie is being planned for the future. live in piedmont, cornell barnard, abc 7. and mollie's death brings to mind the steinle case. she was shot and killed three years ago now. >> and an undocumented immigrant was acquitted in the killing. he had previously been deported from the u.s. five times. a jury did convict him on being a felon in possession of a firearm and he still faces federal gun charges. the abc 7 news app has much more on the disappearance of
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mollie tibbetts, that includes everything we know bts suspect, cristhian rivera. you can enable push alerts to get updates as soon as they come in. an investigation in fairfield tonight. three caltrans workers were hurt in a crash on i-80. investigators say a distracted driver hit them as they were doing some maintenance work. >> and this was not far from where a distracted driver hit and killed a chp officer and another man on august 10. lee an made a l lyanne melendez is live with the story. >> reporter: chp is telling me that there is nothing about that particular stretch of highway that is dangerous in any way. yet somehow both drivers became distracted. this was the scene on westbound i-80 in fairfield at 2:30 this afternoon. two lanes of traffic were still closed. the accident caused major delays in both directions. the collision occurred much earlier near manuel campus
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boulevard in fairfield. sky 7 shows the caltrans van on its side after the driver of the ford truck rammed into a trailer with a port-a-potty before hitting the van. five caltrans employees were picking up trash and performing maintenance work. >> while they were performing their duties, a ford pickup truck was traveling in the slow lane going westbound on i-80, traveled on to the shoulder and collided with the rear of the van. >> reporter: three of the workers were injured. the driver was also taken to the hospital. >> distracted driving is suspected. but no alcohol, no drugs are suspected. >> reporter: today's accident occurred close to where a chp officer and driver he pulled over were both killed by another distracted driver earlier this month. chp says there is nothing unusual about that spot calling it acie. clear, one caltrans employee was seriously injured, two suffered minor
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injuries. all of them plus the driver are. i'm live in fairfield, lyanne melendez, abc 7 news. an investigation in fairfield tonight, three caltrans workers were hurt in a crash as we talked about and driver who faces murder charges in connection with a deadly crash in san francisco broke down in court today. prosecutors say he was drunk when he hit and killed gregory blackman. court records say smith drove despite warnings from his wife not to because he was drunk. he has two on prior drunk driving convictions. smith is accused of drinking wine while driving shortly before the crash. he is being held without bail. republican representative duncan hunter from are southern california and his wife margaret are facing indictment tonight for use of campaign funds for personal expenses. the justice department investigation accuses the couple of misusing more than $250,000 of campaign money.
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officials say the hunters spent the money on among other things an italian vacation, dental work and a personal ski trip to lake tahoe. the alameda county district attorney is investigating a possible felony, a sheriff deputy admitted to record conversations between attorneys and juveniles in court. and in custody. katie utehs is live at the county courthouse are more on these revelations about these recordings while these young people were in custody. >> reporter: we spoke with the d.a. late this afternoon. she dismissed the case upon hearing about it and she expects her criminal case into this recording issue to be plightcom in the coming weeks. and her office is combing through dozens of other juvenile cases making sure that this has happened because those cases could potentially be dismissed. and the public defend are says he needs to make sure this isn't happening on a wider scale.
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>> first reaction is this is illegal. >> reporter: the public defender brendan woods says this body camera footage from a sheriff sergeant shocked him. back in march, the sergeant admits to recording an in-custody juvenile while he was with his attorney. ⌞> we've had these recordings, we have not yet listened to any of them with what they said to the attorney. >> there is a system of trust and that cannot be violated. and it is a felony for someone to record that conversation. it is against the law. >> reporter: sergeant james russell speaks to the substation lieutenant who questions if it is protected attorney/client privilege. >> it is, but it doesn't get admissib admissible. >> he says it is in-edadmissibl. so he knows it is not okay. >> when i heard about it, the first thing was dismiss that case immediately. and open an investigation. >> reporter: the d.a.'s office conducts a criminal investigation into the recordings, and the sheriff's
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office is looking at its own practices. >> why the recorder was left on and how it was left on is part of our internal investigation. >> reporter: sheriff deputies are being retrained and a new attorney/client room is being designed at the substation. free of recording devices. >> you will not see this happen again at the alameda county sheriff's office, i guarantee it. >> reporter: there is a hearing scheduled for friday, the public defender is asking the judge to make sure that attorney/client privilege is protected in this county. we spoke to the d.a. about being issue being widespread and she said they are look through juvenile cases and no evidence that the point to show that it was in any adult cases. >> thanks so much, katie boop. the oakland police department says that it is making big progress on reducing gun violence in oakland. abc 7 news was at police headquarters where just a short time ago, police announced the results of a seven year cease fire program. the city says it has been able
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to reduce shootings and murders by 52% since 2011. cease fire is a strategy with three goals, reducing shootings and murder, decreasing incarceration rates and strengthening police and community relations. we want to speak to these young people, but also do it in a respectful manner, one in which is encouraging people to make different decisions and i think that is helping build trust. >> police say there is still a long ways to go. they appreciate the groups' efforts to reduce violence. campus crime alert, the investigation at stanford right now and what one professor wants students and parents to know before the new school year begins. a push for california cops to undergo a new kind of training, the issues it would address. and this is cool by august standards. we'll let you know how long the pattern will last. and 7 on your side's michael finney reveals the simple things you can do to make your dishwasher last longer.
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an alert for stanford students and staff. police are investigating a rape on campus. david louie has the story. >> reporter: the alert stanford issued says the rape occurred at an undisclosed location on the main campus sometime last sunday or early monday. it is not known if the female victim was a visitor, students or member of the university faculty or staff. stanford police learned of the rape after the woman went to st stanford hospital. she has asked to be anonymous. the campus is still on summer break with fall classes resuming late next month, this law professor speaking for herself and not knowing details of the latest class says sexual violence on campus is a problem. >> students and parents should be aware of that as they come to the university this fall. 43% of our female undergraduate
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students experience sexual violence during their time at stanford and the number is highest for freshman. >> reporter: last year there were 190 reports of sexual harassment or violence in the 2016-2017 school year. it led to 12 formal investigations. two received suspensions, one a permanent ban. alex richardson is a crisis intervention manager which operates a 24 hour support hotline. victims of counseling and support services. >> we are going to believe them, we are going to student them and be able to walk them through that and i hope to work myself out of a job. >> reporter: given the lack of details about the rape, stanford police are urging that anyone with details about should contact them. at stanford, david louie, abc 7 news. lgbt training could become mandatory for police officers
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and sheriff deputies across the state. >> a measure on governor brown's desk would require specific training on how you to respond to hate crimes. one law manger says most are in favor of the training. >> they continually talk about the importance of understanding different communities. and how it is important that there is a level of trust for law enforcement. >> under the measure, officers would also learn historical periods that were significant to lgbt rights in called cal. if you are on the hunt for a new dishwasher, you want one that will la. >> and fik and he will fmichael with tips which i saw a couple weeks ago because i just got one. not a first. >> okay on. there are definitely some ways to make your dishwashers last longer and wash better. it is all about knowing the right tricks.
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so wt at dishwasher to last. >> there are many factors that can affect the life of your dishwasher, but there is also a lot of things that you can do to keep them running longer. the good news is they are really easy to do and i'll show you how. >> reporter: first, only put items in the dishwasher that ae supposed to go in the bangladesh washer. >> you might think it is simple and want to astronaut glass jar with the label on into your dash washer to clean, but the label can come off and either clog the filter or jam the pump. >> reporter: be sure to only load dishwasher safe plastics on the op rack. >> some plastic pieces can melt and break off and that can clog the filter. >> reporter: keep strong chemicals out of the dishwasher too. and show your dishwasher some tender loving care with regular cleaning. >> if you have a manual filter, you should regularly take it out and rinse out any food or debris caught in it. you can also wipe down the space between the door and the gasket.
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>> reporter: another tip, skip the partial loads and fill the dishwasher completely. >> should you run full loads di has to run. the more that you run it, the faster the parts wear out. >> reporter: finally, a performance tip that might sound counterintuitive, stop rinsing your dishes. just scrape. >> today's washers have soil sensors. if there is no dedektextablextae debris, it will set to a light certificating. >> and and of course the very most important thing you can do is measure before you buy a dishwasher. >> who might have made that mistake? it was literally this close. >> we're not naming names. >> just saying. >> kind of a basic.
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than thanks. on to weather. i'm going to stay out of it. good evening, everyone. take a look at live doppler 7. clouds have been stubborn today. not really budging and that has affected temperatures. concord and livermore only in the low 70s, so you know it is cool for august standards. up to 10 degrees cooler in concord, 13 degree drop in yucaipa. certainly a good pattern to help the firefighters around the state from our mt. tam camera, you see a deep marine layer there and it will hold on through the night and into tomorrow. 63 in san francisco, it is 67 in oakland and 70s from mountain view to san jose, 84 in morgan hill. so the highs so far have been anywhere from the upper 50s to the low 80s. from our south beach camera, you will notice some peeks of sun trying to come through there. 66 in santa rosa, 70 novato, 69 in concord. livermore 72 degrees. so if you are stepping out tonight, good idea to garoppolo
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the sweater or the jacket as it is cool in many areas. gray and dwriz lydrizzling over. cooler than average again tomorrow and we are expecting minor warming late in the week with a little more sunshine than eve been seeing. here is a live picture from our santa cruz camera. not exactly beach day, but there are some people out there. and this view from our san jose 87 camera is showing you you still some smoke lingering from those fires out west. so air quality advisory remains in effect through nurse due to the smoke from the wildfires. moderate air quality for the north bay coast and central bay, and santa clara valley tomorrow. good air quality in other parts of the bay area. hour by hour, 9:30 tonight, widespread low clouds as you med into the morning commute time. definitely gray and diz drizzlyt like this morning. and continuing through the early morning hours before we start to see the clouds peel away from the inland areas and around the
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bay. but hanging tough for parts of the coastline. a lot like today. temperatures first thing in the morning will be primarily in the 50s. if your kids are going off to school, bundle them up. le it be on the gray side along with cool conditions. tomorrow afternoon, 64 in san francisco, 78 in santa rosa, 70 in richmond. inland east bay, concord, livermore, low 80s. 70 on the peninsula. 78 san jose. want to turn your attention to hurricane lane. hurricane watches have already been posted for the big island. this is a powerful category 4 storm packing winds of 155 miles an hour. it is about 400 miles south/southeast of the hawaiian islands. expected to weaken as it approaches. big swells, heavy rain expected as early as thursday morning, but the system will weaken, becoming a tropical storm as it nears kuai. right now as lerl i as tomorrow
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for the swells. heavy rain could continue right through the weekend with flooding concerns. you can download the accuweather app and track the storm yourself and also track the temperatures. look at this accuweather 7 day forecast. morning clouds leaving us with drizzle, cooling by august standard, low 80s inland, be upper 50s along the coast. very little change for the end of the workweek, but we are expecting slightly milder conditions as we head into the weekend. still below average starting a new workweek early next week monday and tuesday. but i haven't heard too many complaints so far. any complaints? >> no. >> oh, on, gosh, not from us. nice to get a break from the heat. time to book your next getaway. the big sale southwest is having right now, but there is a caveat. and that story is next. and on "world news" -- >> two men close to the president, one surrender, pleading guilty. and a guilty verdict for
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another. president trump's first reaction just moments ago. the body of mollie tibbetts has been found, what we've learned and the major hurricane next. new at 6:00 on, we dig into the heat wave that we're seeing in an unusual place. the pacific ocean. that is at ♪ you know when you're at ross and that cute dress gets even cuter? yes. or when you can say yes... to both? sure. or when you find that brand at that price? are you kidding me? yeah. that's yes for less. and that's what ross always has in store. whoa. (sighs) yes... oh, yeah. get your yes for less at the newest ross store in south santa rosa.
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if you want a cheap getaway, southwest announced a super spu sale. the affairs cover flights from oakland and san francisco to burbank, los angeles, san diego, several other california cities too. the fares though are for travel on tuesdays and wednesdays only. pan asian business leader has awarded deserving students with scholarships today. >> dionne lynn was proud to be one of the speakers during the convention in san francisco.
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the ascend is the largest nonprofits for business professionals an students. and walt disney sponsored the luncheon and tomorrow i will be there moderating a panel alongside some disney executives. should be really good. stay with us, a magical moment for a bay area boy. >> i was like you're my favorite player. can you sign my jersey. he was like sure. >> that is young anthony's autograph on chris davis' jersey. what? we'll tell you what the team decided to do with it.
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♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock. ♪ meet george jetson. ♪ ♪ his boy elroy. with instant acceleration, electric cars are more fun to drive and more affordable than ever. electric cars are here. plug into the present.
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coming up at 6:00, more charges against the accused golden state killer. hear reaction from one rape survivor whose case is not part of the prosecution. do you ever wonder what tired firefighters eat on the front lines? one bay area company knows the answer firsthand. and michael finney helps out a woman who tried to protect herself by buying trip insurance, but found herself out even more money as a result. you will see why. all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00. an oakland boy had the opportunity to meet his baseball hero, chris davis. but it turns out the boy made quite an impression on the as
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slugger. >> mindy bach has the story of this unique connection. >> that one is hit high and deep and you can absolutely forget about it. >> reporter: chris davis' 37th home run of the season did more than travel 438 feet. it carried with it an important message. >> will is not a better feeling than hitting a home run. and if he got some excitement and joy from watching that, i hope he saw it. >> reporter: anthony slocum certainly did. >> i was really happy. if you go on like the as game and look at all the crowd, you will see me cheering. >> reporter: that is anthony's autograph on the back of davis' jersey. the boy met his favorite player before the game as part of the group from the make-a-wish foundation. he asked davis to sign his jersey. davis asked anthony to do the same. >> my cheeks were really red.
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i was happy but really nervous because everyone will see i have bad handwriting. >> reporter: anthony will now be able to look at his 10-year-old autograph whenever he wants. chris davis and the as decided to give him the game worn jersey and they had another idea. >> in weekend we're going to auction off another jersey from the players weekend to raise money to make a wish oig. ju . >> reporter: the special experience comes at a good time for anthony, he started sixth grade at a new middle school. >> school is just school. but i have really nice teacher. >> reporter: after surgery and chemotherapy, anthony is cancer free, but kids who don't know often ask him about his scars. he tells them what happened, but now they would rather hear about how he met chris davis and what he plans to do with that new jersey. >> first i would hug it. and then i would hang it up on my wall forever. with this one. >> reporter: mindy bach, abc 7
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sports. that is great. >> that is his autograph on davis' jersey. >> so cool. >> it is amazing. "world news" is coming up next. >> from tonight, breaking news. two men very close to the president, one of them surrendering, pleading guilty, and a guilty verdict for another. just moments ago, the president's longtime personal attorney and fixer michael cohen surrendering to the fbi, pleading guilty to eight felony charges. among them, campaign finance charges. the prosecutor saying they were payments meant to influence the 2016 election. money paid to silence two women who michael cohen believed would be detrimental to the campaign and to donald trump. also breaking, paul manafort found guilty late today on eight counts against him. the jury could not agree on the other ten counts. the president's former campaign chairman now facing significant
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time in federal prison. and, moments ago, president trump's first reaction on camera.


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