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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 24, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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u. people on the big eye land waking up to this. areas with up to two feet of rain as their neighbors in maui and oahu brace for hurricane lane. some bay area residences undeterred and headed for hawaii. hazy air quality in san francisco. we have good news as we head into the weekend. let's start with what's happening right now with hurricane lane and its impact on those in hawaii and the bay area. a live look at diamond head in honolulu -- we don't have it right now. the wind is whipping up the waves and knocking around pam
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trees there. lane has officially been downgraded to a category two. the wind was never the biggest fear. it was always the rain. it's dumped more than 30 inches in some areas on the big island in the last 48 hours. flash flooding and mudslides have shut down roads and forced evacuations, and then a brush fire in maui has forced the relocation of one shelter. homes may have been destroyed there. officials say they have yet to confirm that. so it's not exactly paradise. people at our bay area airports are showing up, ready to fly toward the storm. abc 7's matt keller live at mineta, san jose. >> reporter: hawaiian airlines has a flight coming out of san jose at 12:15, headed to maui. a lot of tourists will not be on the flight. there are people eager to get back home. hawaiian airlines workers were on the clock at san jose airport without much to do. their morning daily flight was
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canceled. the 7:30 a.m. flight to maui was delayed until 12:15 p.m. many people have canceled their trip due to hurricane lane except michael wet ling. >> hurricane is quite rare. >> reporter: he's trying to get home and has been checking in with his wife. >> winds are picking up. rain hasn't been too much as of late. they're expecting it to increase dramatically over the next few hours. >> reporter: we witnessed this take off at about 9:15 this morning. . hurricane lane is causing major problems on the big island. three major roads were closed friday because of flash flooding and several other roads were also closed. michael says he's expecting his home to get hit hard as well. >> a lot of tourists wondering what the do. a lot of us tied everything down. the big island looking to get 24
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inches in 24 hours, quite a bit of damage, especially from flooding. leaving hawaii and getting back here to san jose is going to be tough. there was a flight from maui to san jose that was supposed to arrive at 6:40, right now it's delayed about five hours. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> we wish that gentleman going back home luck today. meteorologist mike nicco joining us now. you were saying after it makes its way across the island, it will make the sharp left-hand turn. >> unprecedented almost 90 degree turn as it bumps into maui and bounces off and heads to the west. here is what happens over the last 24 hours. remember, it was a category four. you can see it's not quite as symmetrical. that's why it's losing some of its power. still a category 2 with 110-mile-per-hour winds. it's going to continue to weaken. during the overnight hours and
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in the morning it passes closest to maui. there's the dramatic left-hand turn. it continues to weaken as it passes kauai saturday night, sunday morning and then it's out of there. there will still be rain and scattered showers which could aggravate the flooding. isolated areas could reach noorly three to four feet of rain. winds will cause power outages, but not much damage other than trees, and the waves can be around 15 feet. look where they're going to be. they come into during the evening and overnight hours. that's when the fastest wind comes in, too. not as bad as it was yesterday. we'll talk about the better air quality on the spare-the-air day. >> two of the wildfires contributing to our poor air quality are the mendocino and carr fires. the ranch and river fires which
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make up the mepd seen know complex -- the ranch fire, the larger of the two has burned more than 373,000 acres. new at 11:00, sacramento lawmakers held a hearing on verizon's throttling of the freets' data. officials say their efforts on the fire leans were impacted when verizon restricted their use because of the plan limit. verizon has called this a customer support mistake. here is a look at the new numbers regarding the carr fire burning nah shasta and trinity counties. it's burned nearly 230,000 acres. it's 94% contained. a lot of us were surprised when we found it hard to see and breathe today. the south bay has the most danger zones. the east bay is getting better. amy hollyfield is live for us in
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alamo. >> good morning, reggie. it looks better out here this morning. it's gray. it's cool. we have seen people out here on the eastern horse trail getting in their exercise. looks can be deceiving. the kippers were relieved when they headed out on their walk in alamo this morning. >> we looked out and we weren't sure if it was fog or smoke. it wasn't too bad. the sooner the better, you get it over with. >> they didn't want to wait in case the afternoon looks like it did yesterday, orange and hazy. julie arrived home last night from a trip and instantly noticed it. >> i flew into it. you could literally see this big layer of dark, icky looking stuff. that was last night at about 7:30, 8:00. it looked pretty ugly. >> i skipped a bike ride. it blew in around noon. it actually reminded me of my trip to china. it was that bad. that's my scale of measuring air.
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it was pretty rough. >> this morning's air may look better, but take another look from the vantage point of drone view 7. air experts say you are looking at fog and smoke. that smoke is something you want to avoid if you can. >> avoid any outdoor especially if you suffer from a respiratory condition or if you're a child or elderly person. >> reporter: we checked in with area high schools about football games tonight. no decisions yet. in moraga last night they postponed the presh man game for about an hour while they waited for the air to improve. more of that tonight. they'll be watching and waiting, truly making game time decisions. i couldn't resist. live in alamo, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> i should have seen it coming. senator and former presidential candidate john mccain has chosen tond medical treatments to end terminal brain
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cancer. mccain's family issued a statement today saying they are grateful for the support and kindness shown by thousands of americans. "the new york times" reports mccain's family has gathered at his arizona home. he served as was a prisoner of war. a deadly crash involving this car shut down a popular intersection in richmond for hours. it started just before midnight when authorities spotted two in t vehicle at a post office and getting rid of an item. it turns out that was a firearm. a pursuit began. the suspects ran a red light and crashed beneath that semi. the suspect behind the wheel died. the passenger took off and we don't know their identities at this time. six juveniles were taken into custody after an overnight carjacking, police chase and neighborhood search. it happened in san jose around
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midnight. police say the same officer who took the report from the carjacking victim then actually spotted the car and chased it. the car eventually stopped. everyone jumped out and ran. the police helicopter and a dog were brought out to look for the suspects. police say the canine bit two of the juveniles. a bird strike causes a singapore-bound flight to return to sfo overnight. passengers were still at the sfo check-in area when abc 7 news got there this morning. unit airlines flight one departed for singapore around midnight. during the climb out of sfo the boeing 787 hit at least one bird. the jet returned to san francisco for a safe landing. >> the pilot said we had to come back. he said had we felt anything, and no one beside me did and neither did i. partly a flock of birds hit the nose of the plane. >> many of the affected passengers were rebooked on to other flights this morning to asia where they'll have to
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you...and mom also gets aoss shoppiback-to-school bag? that's yes for less. ross has the brands you want for back to school. and it feels even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. the man who brought champagne wishes and caviar dreams into the homes of
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millions of americans has passed away. robin leach suffered a stroke and had been hospitalized since november. he was the long-time host of "lifestyles of the rich and famous." he was 76. the war of words heating up between president trump and attorney general jeff sessions. this public back and forth is happening as we learn new details about the alleged coordinated effort to kill negative stories about the president during the 2016 race. nbc's kenneth mouton is in washington. >> reporter: today president trump is intensifying attacks on attorney general jeff sessions tweeting this morning the ag should be investigating hillary clinton and former fbi director james comey. quote, come on, jeff, you can do it. the country is waiting. >> jeff sessions, never took control of the justice department. i said what kind of a man is this? interview sessions fired back saying i took control of the department of justice the day i was sworn in. while i'm attorney general, the
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actions of the department of justice won't be influenced by political considerations. sources say their very public feud never came up at a meeting yet. david pecker was granted immunity by federal prosecutors. a source saying the publisher of the "national enquirer" agreed to give up information about the president. to help with the criminal investigation into potential campaign finance violations. according to court documents they coordinated on silencing stormy daniels and kahne mcdougal who claimed to having sexual affairs for the president years before he ran for office. the dongments allege the two hatched a plan to catch and kill neg tef stories about president trump. the "national enquirer" writing positive stories about trump while trashing his opponents. trump organization cfo alan wieseisselberg
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weisselberg was also granted immunity. kenneth mouton, abc news washington. tech companies are getting together to discuss the upcoming midterm elections. buzzfeed reports it obtained an e-mail about a private meeting in san francisco. facebook, google, microsoft and snapchat plan to gather at twitter's headquarters. facebook and twitter have faced public scrutiny over how they reacted to reports of foreign intelligence, manipulating users before the 2016 election. muni is running test trains inside san francisco's twin weeks tunnel. the agency hopes to resume all service tomorrow. the crews have spent two months creating a major overhaul. they've replaced tracks, communication systems, drainage pipes and other key safety equipment. the twin peaks tunnel opened 100 years ago. muni believes the work will make
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the commute faster and more comfortable for tens of thousands of commuters. minifraiansc ons up itscose there will be no golf balls hit into clown noses here. >> i can't wait to see that. hi, everybody. i think you're going to like the temperatures this week. it looks like some people are getting a jump start on what is going to be a fog is friday with five to eight degrees, less heat five to eight degrees, less heat than we're normally reese witherspoon tonight dare to dream big. friday, sept 7th, join stand up to cancer every network every star one night to save lives get ready to see it all tune in live friday, sept 7, 87c
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got some good news and not-so-good news. good news is land continues to weaken, but it's only moving at two meeps which heighhe threat of only on the big island but extrapolate that across all the islands. that's what it's going to look like by the time the weekend is over thanks to the possibly three to four feet of rain that lane is going to drop. for us back here at home, it's a little cleaner this morning than it was at this time yesterday. as you can see from drone view 7, a beautiful shot as it looks back to downton san francisco. you can see -- that's the amazing thing, you can see the sales force tower today. we'll go from clouds to sun and haze. this is a spare-the-air day. a potential for poor air quality especially in the south bay. patchy drizzle in the coast and a slight warming trend especially inland where the temperatures are the greatest deviation from normal. in fact, we're only 70 in brentwood and morgan hill.
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73 in clear lake. the rest of us in the low to mid sect. you can see over the last couple hours, it is starting to erase from the east bay valleys in the south bay, the areas with the most sunshine today. all of us influenced by the jet stream trying to steer the heaviest of the smoke to our south and east through the weekend. fingers crossed, this should be the last day with the potential for poor air quality. a few 80s out there, especially up north, ukiah. the rest of our inland neighborhoods mid to upper 70s. mid 60s around san francisco and half moon bay. about 70 to 75 degrees around the bay. italian heritage night for the giants. cool, 61 degrees. dropping down to about 58. the first pitch is about 7:15. in the south bay, one of the areas that could have the poorest air quality today. you can see the haze thicker there. low to upper 50s, a little bit
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cooler tonight. still, do you want to open the wen doughs with the potential for poor air quality? it's never affected me like it did yesterday, eyes were watering, throat itchy. let's hope the dose days are bed us. >> i thought summer was supposed to be starting in san francisco. what happened to that. >> september 24th i think is the warmest day on average in san francisco. we've got a couple weeks. >> looking forward to that. >> if your weekend calendar is looking a little bleak, unlock your foen now and get ready to add some options. jessica castro and our partners at hoodline have ideas for just about everyone, golf lovers, dog loveers and those who love safing a buck. >> fore! i wanted to say that. leave the driver at home. you'll need your putting skills instead. san francisco's first ever outdoor mini golf course is now
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open. stage coach greens is located in mission bay. the course pays homage to the city's past and present with holes that throw back to the gold rush and more modern times like the new sales force tower battling the transamerica tower for skyline dominance. >> it's very fun for people of all ages. there's something so relaxed about being outdoors. everybody can play the course the way they want to. the course is challenging, and i think even avid golfers find it pretty fun. >> i got lucky there. the whole course is wheelchair accessible. stage coach greens is open 11:00 a.m. to 9 km p.m. a beer garden opens at 5:00 daily. the dog days of summer are upon us. check out treasure fest this weekend from 10:00 to 4:00. shop, eat and enjoy live music.
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five bucks to get in. kids 12 and under are free. a yappy hour you can buy one and get one salty dog free. don't forget about the return of dollar days at this sunday. $1 general parking, admission, programs, hot dogs and even $1 mimosas. for these and other ideas, go to and we'll lenning you up with hood lean and a lot more fun. jessica castro, abc 7 news. have a great weekend. >> that does look fun. are you looking to adopt a dog that can keep up with your active lifestyle? we may have a new best friend for you. details right after the break.
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mike is back to introduce us to this week's perfect pet. >> a perky pooch. >> let's say ps again. >> today our dog comes courtesy of the green dog rescue project. jammer needs space to burn all that energy and needs to be surrounded by a high fence because jammer, he's a jumper. a home with children eight and over is a bonus. call the number on your screen if you'd like to give jammer a
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home. 707-443-4377. >> likes the skeek i can toy, too. i like him. >> i do, too. i could use an active dog to get me more active in the afternoons. >> my dog is turning 13 and is still active. i think jammer has good years ahead of him. we have this live shot from drone view 7. pretty cool. looking at the embarcadero today. the cloud cover is staying round, isn't it? >> that's the key to the lack of visibility right now compared to yesterday. unhealthy air is in the south bay. the most a dangerous air right now is around gilroy and tracy. we're hoping that this sea breeze that's bringing up the cloudiness will keep it away from
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