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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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smoke in the skies. the smoky skies lingering into the weekend. temperatures remaining below average. 12-hour planner, in the morning, 50s. sun comes up, most of you will be in the 50s. clouds clearing. hazy sunshine. little warmer especially away from the coast and then the sun goes down and you will notice comfortable conditions. tomorrow morning ak a combination of the marine layer this is long distance with the best wifi experience, long-distance relationship. and haze. temperatures in the 50s. plus the most free shows to stream. in south bay, if you have and with savings on wireless, outside door plans, pretty good. this is a relationship with more money on the peninsula, nice weather other than the hazy conditions. to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... palo alto, redwood city, in the simple. easy. awesome. xfinity delivers the fastest, most reliable internet 70s. downtown san francisco, 67 degrees. north bay you'll see learn more, or get started for $29.99 a month for 12 months. temperatures in the 60s along the coast. mostly 70s and 80s elsewhere. click, call or visit a store today. 74 in vallejo.
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80 in santa rosa. east bay, temperatures are not where they should be but it's a break from the heat we typically see. hazy skies around liver moore, 82 in pleasanton. here's a look at the seven-day forecast. you can download the accuweather app. it's free. use it to man your weekend. milder saturday and hazy. mid 60s to mid 80s. improving air quality for sunday. cooler and breezier as we head towards monday. look at the temperatures. highs will be in the 50s to 70s. forget about 80s. that will warm it up mid to latter part of your work way. that's how the weather is shaping up. >> thanks. >> tve demoanmo >> we're going
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the other shooter found in a nearby residence. students and parents had to walk out with their hands up before being reunited.
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. >> and because of this incident, the varsity game had to be cancelled. police are not saying if the suspects and victims were actually students of this high school. again, a 16-year-old killed tonight and an 18-year-old in critical condition. reporting live from fairfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. in developing news, hurricane lane has now been downgraded to a tropical storm. the danger is not over as rain continues to fall. some areas have seen 31 inches and more flooding is possible. several people including four tourists have had to be rescued. one hand in honolulu or on hand, i should say, to help with rescues is a crew from the menlo park fire protection district. we got these pictures today with honolulu firefighters. here's what we can expect next. >> the drenching rains will
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continue. flooding is still a concern. live doppler 7 and satellite right now tracking the bands of rain that continue to move through. it's a slow moving storm. tropical storm lane packing winds of 70 miles an hour. it is stationary. that's part of the problem. 150 miles away from honolulu. saturday evening, tropical storm. south of hawaii. then it's a depression by sunday evening. by monday it's moving out over the open waters. it has krankds up a tremendous amount of moisture. three feet of rain has already fallen over the big island. more flooding, mudslides, damaging winds and large swells are expected, which means rough surf. these are some of the wave heights. 13 to 16 feet afternoon the coast. dan sfwh. >> although labor has weakened, the danger remains for dhous on the big island which has seen epic amounts of rainfall and
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more on the way. our reporter is here with details. >> the mayor says they dodged a . abc 7 news was in fort mason bullet. the danger not over yet. heavy rains have left some roads where the eat drink sf food like these submerged causing mud festival kicked off. the area's top restaurants set slooifs. tropical storm lane leaving its up boo their creations as well as 70 mark on the big island of different beers, wine, and hawaii. rivers have turned into for cocktails. east/drink sf runs through this ends. here's what the normally calm week. that looks like the place to be if you like food. rainbow falls looked like on >> oh, yeah. friday. the storm has dumped more than >> should have done the newscast 30 inches of rain here. from there. >> that would be fab lulgs. >> when you hear 30 inches of >> i came up with that just now. rain, that sounds not only it sounds biblical. >> that's why is you're not in the management, dan. >> oh. >> oh, yeah. >> the representative says the ground has absorbed some of the >> we could be management for so many reasons. rainfall but not all of it. >> you don't want to show off too much in the preseason but the raiders gave us a glimpse of he's urging people to be their offense, tiny tiny careful. >> the ground continues to saturate and doesn't get absorbed as well. it can see those levels arise a little bit.
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some of the rivers have overflown and causes property damage. >> no swimming. beaches are closed. >> early, that morning, most chose to stay in the water. the mayor is urging people to stay vigilant. >> we could have localized flooding. we're asking you not to drain into the sewer system. >> a human, huge fire. >> 50-mile-an-hour wind gusts scorched 2,000 acres. fire officials say seven homes were damaged or destroyed. prompting evacuations. now, two of those fires are out. the third is close to being contained. the mayor of maui said they were possibly started by downed power lines. lane has been weakened but the impact could be felt into next week. >> tesla ceo elan musk announced the electric car company will stay public.
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in a blog post late tonight, the billionaire said the decision comes at the urging of the board. the future of the company has been on a roller coaster since early august when musk tweeted he was considering taking the company private. you can read about it on abc >> traffic moving slowly in hayward after 880 shut town for hours about 12:30 this afternoon. orange smoke could be seen rising into the area. sky 7 shows the traffic buildup as crews rushed to mop up the acid spilt from leaking containers on a truck. drivers were tuck. -- stuck. >> we've been here for four hours. it is horrible. >> shelter in place was ordered and that included southland mall. a few hours later it was lifted.
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no one was hurt. we sent a breaking news push alert at 4:57 tonight when all the lanes opened on 880. download the at-bats news app and unable push alerts. >> santa clara investigators are asking for your help finding a man who tied up and robbed an 83-year-old woman at home. our reporter spoke with shocked neighbors. >> reporter: on altamont rote the houses are gated and the scenery picturesque. >> it's scary and it's are frightening to think that people have been in this area doing -- committing violent kriemts. >> julie's daughter stables her horse here. >> we always felt safe. >> so did the neighbors until three men broke into a home and tied up the 83-year-old
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homeowner and ransacked the home. neighbors heard her cries for help and called 9/11. -- 911. >> the victim did describe the robbers as three men, two . wearing masks and one his panicman in his 20s. good evening. >> that must be so frightening the raiders played the packers for her. in their third preseason game i can't imagine having three men tomorrow. usually, teams will play their come in and tie me up. starters for half in that third >> neighbors were too shaken to game. john gruden taking no chances at go on camera but says the all. elderly woman is petite, likely quarterback derek carr played one series. less than 100 pounds in weight. aaron rodgers, they didn't let him play t at all about the game. her husband was not at home. you know about the cheese heads. she's sewed to be bruised from the assault. abc 7 news. here's the cheese greater. going deep, amari cooper, 49 >> and evacuation order for a yards ch the raiders settled for berkeley neighborhood is still in place as work continues to a field goal o. remove trees in danger of carr, we don't want you getting falling. crews removed one of the six hurt. conor trying to win that backup redwoods that was deemed unsafe. q.b. job. in a job's on the line and --
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businesses and homes remain raiders defense. evacuated tonight. city officials say work will i tell you what, they put some start up again first thing at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. pressure on. key and hurst making a sandwich >> after being closed for two months from construction, subway of hundley in the backfield. service begins tomorrow at the it took till the mofld the tunnel. the tunnel provided service from west castro and west portal fourth quarter for anyone to find the end zone. station. the product has been without raiders win 13-6. fault. -- the project has not been without fault. >> i thought there were some good moments tonight and there the mayor cited the accident in were some moments that weren't good. it's been too inconsistent. a scathing letter earlier this i'm not going to say much more week. >> a lot more to come. sad news out of arizona. tonight until i see the tape. but we're going to continue to senator john mccain is stopping evaluate it. treatment for brain cancer. >> a ton of penalties, still. how lawmakers on both sides of it's players weekend in major the aisle are responding. league baseball so guys can pick their nicknames and accessories. >> and encouraging random acts the a of kindness in honor of mollie tibbets. >> that's right tini, martiny right now. jonathan lucroy, base hit. mark canha scores from second.
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sean manaea did his work. five inspection, allows one run and five hills. here's martinez, robs mitch garver. as didn't do a lot on offense until the eighth. here it comes. there it goes. t matt chapman unloading his three-run homer here, 18th of the year. as win 7-1, a game and a half behind the astros, who also won. the giants roughing up drew hutchinson. andrew mccutchen, nicknamed zoom. that's a good nickname. i wish i had a nickname like that. >> or any nickname. >> we can't say them. joe panik made an error and this is in the ninth with two outs andheowoff will smith. the jiemts were an out away from
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wink. sam dyson throws a four walk to robinson chirinos and the final was 7-6 texas. >> that's like the giants season in a micro cost m right there. >> right. >> back in a home. abc 7 news continues now online and twitter and facebook, all your mobile devices.
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. tonight senator john mccain's family is gathering as he stopped treatment. the progress of the disease and the advance of age render their verdict. with his unusual strength of will he has chosen to discontinue medical treatment another mccape has spent his final months reflecting, including in his recent ought biography. >> i'd like to see our politics begin to return to the purposes and practices that distinguish our history from the history of other nations. >> lawmakers of both parties have been sending their thoughts and prayers. house minority leader tweeted in part -- a national treasure. >> today we learned the funeral
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services for mollie tibbets, the iowa murderwomen victim will be held on sunday. people who never met mollie are experiencing acts of kindness in her honor. eric thomas is in vacaville and shows you some of the people taking part in the mollie movement. >> mary is a runner. it's something she has in common with molly aye tibbets. it's drawn her closer to the young college student. >> it could have been me or anybody. i felt a connection. >> s the case when mollie was missing. >> every day, i'd wake up to see if molly aye was found. the day tuesday when she was found i woke up that morning and just cried. >> instead of letting her grief turn to paralysis mary joined an on line group started by two of tibbets' friends in iowa. they call it the mollie . >>
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movement. they spread random acts of kindness. >> i'm getting someone an ice cream. . i went all over the town, the all right. friday's in the books. weppate ur time. gym. a few people even reached out to me, hey, i got this, that made my day, thank you for being so kind. >> eric silva found one on his >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live." car. >> i think it's sawsome. tonight, jonah hill. bo burnham. especially in her name. it's a sad story but turning into something where everybody's helping out. music from jim james. and now, stay put -- here's >> mary's husband said she jimmy kimmel! didn't get the interest at first but now he couldn't be more [ cheers and applause ] proud. ♪ >> this is something she was passionate about and i supported it. >> i really hope that people will take the time to look at mollie and to do something kind. >> the ult goal is to get you to >> jimmy: hi, everybody. pay it forward. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. eric silva said he did when he thank you for watching. thank you for joining us. was in line for starbucks and
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very nice. that's good. bought a coffee for the stranger in line. >> are you thinking about i'm glad you're in a good mood adopting a new dog? because i have something -- we thought yesterday was the don't always believe the breed craziest day of this ridiculous that's on the label. researchers at arizona state actually compare dogs' genetic data at two different shelters. the estimate was accurate about a small amount of the time. >> the weekend has arrived. what is in store? >> hoping for slightly better air quality. >> you will get better air quality. you'll have to wait about a day or so before you see the improvements. want to show you a time laps from our east bay hills camera. captures what we will start off with, smoke and haze, a redick
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home runnish sunset. still seeing signed of the smoke lingering in our bay area skies. that's impacting the visibility. right now it is seven miles in liver moore and santa rosa. low clouds make visibility down to seven miles. looking at the air quality tomorrow, moderate for all areas, but look at sunday. notice some good air quality starting to show up for parts of the bay area. the bay area air quality advisor still remaining through sunday. the air district says that we're still going to see some smoke from the wildfires. i think it will be a gradual improvement second half of your weekend will be better. live doppler 7 tracking low clouds andee the vw is veryyer
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