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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  August 26, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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like it was something that i've seen before from him, so i guess i was hoping for more freeride, if that makes any sense, and this was, like, complete opposite. it was like a perfectly manicured riding spot. when we come back from the break, our final entry from brian mccarty and josh metzger followed by the "real moto 2018" results. who's takiht after the break. ♪ but i am a simple farmer.bas! my life is here... [telephone ring] ahoy-hoy. alexander graham bell here... no, no, my number is one, you must want two! two, i say!! like my father before... [telephone ring] like my father before... ahoy-hoy! as long as people talk too loudly on the phone, you can count on geico saving folks money. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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♪ welcome back, everybody, to "world of x games: real moto 2018." we're about to get into the awards, but before we do, we have our final segment with brian mccarty and josh metzger, and with the nickname "mcgnarls," you know this part's gonna be gnarly. brian mccarty, aka mcgnarls, is just that. he's a gnarly dude, rides the crap out of the bike, and is known to send it. i'm brian mccarty. i'm 27 years old. i'm from phoenix, arizona. freeriding a motorcycle, to me, it's kind of like art. it's like anything you have a passion for, it's your release, it's your drug of freedom, pretty much. i think that's one cool thing about "real moto" is it shows an aspect of a rider's skill level of hitting a dirt jump, 'cause you know it changes after the first jump. ramps -- they stay the same. they never change. it's not a satisfying feeling when i go out and i don't do something where i feel like i didn't push myself or if i didn't accomplish something that i had in my head.
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to get the invite for "real moto," it's been something i've wanted for a long time because i love freeriding, that's what i'm good at, and it was a big pump up for me with riding to now be like, "okay. now i get to do and show the world what i can do on a bike." to get the chance to do it was cool, but i shot myself in the foot and had a bad crash. had a jump built, 170 foot. he felt ready before i was ready. and nobody knew that i was gonna hit the 170, and i went for it. ended up landing on top of the landing, decking it, and got sent another 70 feet out to flat to where i broke my hip, my pelvis, and compress-cracked 5 disks in my back, punctured both my lungs, and i was knocked out. to be honest, it was one of the most disturbing things i've ever witnessed in my life. when i woke up, too, i was in the ambulance, headed to the hospital. went in for surgery. i got two screws and two pins put in my hip and pelvis, and my back -- it's kind of just compression cracks. they let it heal on its own. but the crash put me out, ended my "real moto," but we accumulated enough footage
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to put something together. metzger: i'm super stoked that brian is actually alive and he's recovering quickly, and i can't wait to see him come back 10 times stronger next year. i'm brian mccarty, and this is my "real moto." ♪ [ industrial music plays ] ♪
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[ music fades ] and that part right there was just a true testament to how gnarly this sport actually is. i know mcgnarls. i know how big the kid goes. i know he got hurt right away, so for me, i was expecting to see his crash in the video, to see him get messed up, but it was just the same spot with two jumps.
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and then one jump was in the video eight different shots. and for me, it just didn't do anything. you know, he went for it. he got hurt filming his "real moto" part, so, i mean, that's saying something. it's unfortunate, but we know who mcgnarls is. he'll be back stronger than ever. now that we've seen all the parts and before we to the results, judges, take me through some of the highlights of "real moto 2018." mason: definitely axell's front flip. to nose-wheelie and then tuck, that's -- that's pretty much full commitment there. axell's alley-oop in the quarter pipe. no one does that. that's like bmx style. you know what i mean? like, that's, like -- it's dope. haaker's 360 jibs, whatever that's called, is one of a kind. jimmy hill, you know, foot-tapping the -- the log and -- and hitting the branches and stuff. stenberg: raha's gnarly crash, his jump down into the concrete ditch. mason: foster's uphill backflip, looking at the camera. i just thought that was just a really creative display of riding. there's nobody that's, like, a clear-cut, all-the-way-down-the-boards top dog in each category. raha's video gave me the feeling that i wanted to watch his video over and over and over, foster's video was sick because he went huge,
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and axell's video was dope because it was super technical. jimmy hill and colton, their parts were amazing, filmed perfect, great ideas, just needed a little more spice or a little more zip to them. colby's is, like, a video that i keep watching over and over again and finding more things that i'm respecting. kris foster rode great. all his stuff was amazing. i have to be able to back up my first, second, and third place like 100%. if anyone calls me out on anything, i'm gonna tell you, like, "dude, this is what i did. this is what you didn't do. this is what this guy did." and for me, that's the hardest part. people have laid their lives on the line to try to win this contest, so i'm gonna give it my all to judge it right. all right, judges. the time has come for you guys to cast your vote. who is going to be the winner of "real moto 2018"? all right, jack, i've made my decision. sending over right now. ♪ done. it's out of my hands now. good luck, guys. and now, the moment we've all been waiting for. the judges have voted. i have the results.
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it is with my honor to present the bronze medal of "real moto 2018" to colby raha and tyson traner. in second place, last year's defending gold medal kris foster and anthony vitale. congratulations to you guys. and that leaves us with our gold medalist. congratulations to axell and ash hodges on winning their first "real moto" gold medal. and now, in true x games fashion, it is time to go to their house and surprise them with the gold. okay, we just arrived at axell's house. so excited to give them the gold medals. they have no idea what's coming. we're about to give them the surprise of a lifetime. let's do this. they're in there right now. they think that they're doing an interview for "real moto," but really... when i go on an airplane, i just sit on -- like this. [ both laugh ] got to stand down. can't be recognized or they'll know. yeah, that's just kind of another dude i don't really want to talk about. oh, are you guys doing an interview? mitrani: got a very exciting announcement. mitrani.
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congratulations on winning "real moto 2018." ok.weat hot el to be the wiers of "real moto 2018"? feels really good. it's a nice breath of fresh air and relief. ow! [ laughs ] [ laughs ] once again, a huge congratulations to axell and ash hodges on winning this year's "real moto 2018." congratulations to every single one of the athletes, the filmers, mike mason, ronnie renner, and jeremy stenberg. thank you guys so much for joining us. the future of freeriding is in the best hands, and we can't wait to do it again next year. this is "real moto 2018." jack mitrani signing off. peace. ♪
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>> mom says she learned this from fortnight. one of the dances. check out these other instagram videos that her mom who clearly is into fitness herself is posting, she's such an adorable little girl. clearly she has her own fitness workout routine. >> this is great. parents have a problem where their kids want to stay inside and play fortnight. she has no problem with it at all. >> they even set up these workout routines outside. she just kills it. >> i thought she was about to -- >> all right. i'm done here. >> she's tired, but a much smaller tire. >> yes, she is a little boss, this one. also on beast mode, that rule. >> >> --
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i never would have guessed that. >> the wheelchair, too. he's 26 years old now. but he lost his legs because he was born with a deformity, so they just amputated. as he was growing up, he decided his upper body was always fit so he started doing all kinds of physical activities. >> he's the definition of beast mode for sure. >> none of us enjoy waking up like this. he had had himself an idea. >> i'm going to put a bird feeder outside my win dough. every morning birds will start chirping and that will wake me up in a soothing manner. don't bother writing the snarky comment. >> he gets himself a bird feeder, fills it up, a couple days later, success. there's a problem. >> the feeder has angered the old coot. now he's upset my bird feeder is competing with his. >> don't escalate.
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>> he has grossly underestimated how petty and spiteful i can be. >> he gets to work. well, turns out the next day. >> [ bleep ] signed on the window. your sign is an eyesore and i'll call police if it's not taken down immediately. >> so? >> he is the captain of the petty patrol. >> the emperor of the petty patrol. >> so, it is about 4:00 a.m. i looked outside and the old man was spraying my bird feeder with a freaking garden hose to knock it down. >> he heads down one of those big stores and he grabs? >> the biggest bag of birdseed i can find. >> he takes that giant bag of bird feed and goes over to where the guy lives. he dumps it so it will bring every single bird to his house. >> he came out and confronted me. he said he has a the to watch the bird feeder and he got carried away
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with himself. >> who needs a bird feeder when you can have a bird bath. >> he'll have the bird feeder and i'll have the bird bath. >> there is a problem. >> too heavy with the water in it. >> so, in the end the bird feeder slashed bird bath, ends up in the trash. and george ends up waking up like this. >> it's just not the same. >> oh, well. >> in case you forgot, we live in one of the most beautiful countries on the planet. take a look through the jogger's eyes. a world trip documenting her travels. she is putting together a whole bunch of different videos, up to 40, she says, on her youtube channel. it's gorgeous. she visited california, arizona, new mexico, utah, colorado, south dakota, wyoming, idaho, oregon, and washington.
3:47 pm
basically the whole western part of the united states. >> i was able to spot -- we see so many videos of so many of these places. oh, yeah, she's been there, she's been there. >> the images she captured are amazing. >> it was all done with a cell phone and a little hand held stabilizer. >> no. >> yeah, yeah. she did some of the natural wonders of the states and some of the quirkier things. she's been on route 66 as well. if you're in this country and you haven't seen some of the stuff yet, especially if it's in your own backyard, your own space, get out there. use this as part of some inspiration. you know what, if somebody from france can come and see it, why shouldn't we? >> let's jump in the car and do it. of >> these pooches are all dressed up and ready to rock. >> can i get a woo-ky-woo. >> the wig. the fancy hair. >> watch the pups strut their killer styles next. >> i'm losing it.
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works fast. and relief lasts 10 full hours. (club swings - splash!) cortizone-10. feel the heal. i'm out of clubs! you know, there's a band called three dog night. however, judy presents two dog cuteness. >> what? >> judy actually has four pomeranians. >> pom jovi? >> i love the wig, the impressive hair. >> this one is ready for the miss america pedrageant with th outfit. here's the interesting thing. she just got a sewing machine two weeks ago, some of them she bought. >> those are so glam, those outfits she's creating. they're ready for the pageant. >> this one is ready for vegas.
3:52 pm
look at those feathers. >> oh, my goodness. >> you have to bow down. you have to just sit. >> stay. >> stay and roll, clap your hands. >> good dog. >> it is a calm, chill beautiful quiet country filled with people determined to make it more interesting. >> going out and doing a bit of -- i guess you could say beasty the right way. he's having a great time. perfect tool for the area they live. great to have fun in as well water e they ridebally d e go ie propeller hitting the ground. in this case you can pretty much go anywhere. they're going the wrong way up the river. they straight up go exploring. it will be interesting to see what you can get away with. >> ooh. >> please make your way across some land right there. nothing to be damage the on the bottom. it makes its way across dryer
3:53 pm
areas. oscillating. >> seriously. i was thinking this is the aquatic equivalent of dirt biking. >> i should caution you. the next boat right might get you wet. if you lived in argentina, certainly that's exciting. this is a much bigger jet boat. i'm guessing -- >> wow. >> they approach the big falls. drive straight into it. >> that's really cool. >> that looks like a real blast. >> that would be the worst day to get your hair done. >> i can't tell how many in that boat are happy and how many are annoyed. >> i want to be where the people are. >> it's a woman's relatable remix. >> everybody loves it. >> hear who she's dreaming of parting from her world next. ♪ don't you understand >> the hughes cal in my head
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>> weddings are so romantic. you never know what you're going to get. >> this wedding between kelly and tyler happened in prescott, arizona in july.
3:56 pm
t th the officiant is carrying out the wedding. >> this is a 5-year-old wigham. [ applause ] >> everybody erupts in laughter including the bride and groom. >> look at his face. >> he's like, ewwww. [ laughter ] >> all of us have felt this way at some point in time. it's just we couldn't articulate or sing it as well as paula saunders. ♪ i want to be where the people aren't ♪ ♪ i want to see, see them disappearing ♪ ♪ i want to watch -- what's that word again? oh, leave. >> that is the theme song. >> like a musical in my head.
3:57 pm
he >> yours and millions of other people because everybody loves that she's singing your sound track, nick. ♪ ♪ ♪ put in my earphones but they keep talking ♪ ♪ shut my door but they still come to see me ♪ ♪ >> let's sing it. make a music video and change the words. ♪ why can't you see i cannot stand you, manatee ♪ ♪ need you to stay out of my ofy world ♪ ♪ i want to be where she is, in my car by myself, don't care about your kids or your wife or husband ♪ ♪ don't ask to come to my show, the answer is no ♪ ♪ >> needless to say this has been trending.
3:58 pm
here's the break down. she's a singer, but she says the video was inspired by the fact that singing is her passion, but unfortunately, she's stuck as an opera star. ♪ stay out of my world ♪ >> clearly we thought this was a make over, make fun of your world. just stay out of her way. >> that's our show. catch you next time on
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i'm jack steward.


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