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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  August 27, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> i'm sandy patel. we appreciate your time and hope to see you again in a half hour. tonight, the white house, the president and the about-face on senator john mccain. after breaking precedent, putting the flag back at full-staff, there was heavy criticism today, and then the white house late this afternoon lowering the flag again. our correspondent asking the president repeatedly today, do you have any words about john mccain? the president saying nothing. and tonight, the moment in phoenix, as john mccain's farewell message is read, his final words. and tonight, our trip to the hanoi hilton in vietnam where john mccain was held prisoner of war, and what we found all these years later. also developing this monday night, the deadly shooting rampage, the red laser dots targeting one of the victims who was then shot. tonight, chilling new details about the alleged gunman, his arsenal and the faces of the victims.
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pope francis under fire tonight, pressed by a reporter, did you know about an american cardinal and alleged abuse? how the pope answers. the severe weather threat as we come on the air. thunderstorm watches in effect across several states tonight, as a heat wave now moves in from chicago, clear across to new york. the statue of liberty evacuated today, tourists told to get out. and there is news coming in tonight about an airport security breach at l.a.x. good evening. and it's great to start another week with all of you at home. and we begin tonight with the shifting signals late today from the president and the white house when it comes to honoring an american patriot, senator john mccain. the flag atop the white house had been lowered after his death, but then it was raised again. and the president was repeatedly asked today by our reporter, do you have any words about john mccain? the president said nothing. but there were words today from senator mccain himself, his farewell letter, a final
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good-bye, read aloud today in phoenix, with a message for this country, for this time. and then, late this afternoon, the white house amid mounting pressure, lowering the flag again. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl leading us off tonight. >> reporter: in the senate chamber today, black velvet and white roses on the desk that belonged to john mccain. >> while john proudly served with us as the senator for arizona, he was america's hero all along. >> reporter: and today, a final message from mccain to the country he loved so much. a farewell letter read by his friend and former campaign manager. >> my fellow americans, whom i have gratefully served for 60 years. >> reporter: mccain's last words, a plea for decency, tolerance, respect and, perhaps, a final criticism of the current president. >> we weaken our greatness when we confuse our patriotism with tribal rivalries. we weaken it when we hide behind walls rather than tear them
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down. we have always had so much more in common with each other than in disagreement. if only we remember that and give each other the benefit of the presumption that we all love our country, we will get through these challenging times. >> reporter: john mccain's final journey began saturday evening, his hearse leaving his arizona ranch. a homemade sign along the route. a police officer's solemn salute. there will be services in arizona and washington, and eulogies from presidents barack obama and george w. bush, two men who defeated him. >> to ask them to speak at your funeral, and for them to be honored at the opportunity, that tells you all you need to know. >> reporter: mccain's campaign against obama was hard-fought and sometimes bitter, but even in the heat of battle, he defended his opponent's patriotism. >> i can't trust obama. i have read about him and he's
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not -- he's a -- he's an arab. he is not -- >> no, m'am. no, ma'am, no, ma'am. he's a decent family man, citizen, that i just happen to have disagreements with. on fundamental issues. and that's what this campaign is all about. thank you. thank you. >> reporter: among the many former political rivals paying tribute now, hillary clinton. >> he knew that the senate couldn't work if we didn't work together. >> reporter: conspicuously absent among those praising mccain's legacy, president trump, who infamously suggested mccain was not a war hero because he was captured. >> i like people that weren't captured. >> reporter: in one of his final votes, mccain voted no on the president's bill to repeal obamacare. after mccain died, the president nixed the idea of putting a statement of praise, instead issuing a short tweet expressing his deepest sympathies to the
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mccain family. the white house flag was lowered to half-staff late saturday, but raised again just over 24 hours later. today, i tried to get the president to say something, anything, about mccain. mr. president, any thoughts on john mccain? mr. president, any thoughts on john mccain, sir? a short while later, i tried again. mr. president, do you have any thoughts on john mccain? do you have any thoughts at all about john mccain? do you believe john mccain was a hero, sir? nothing at all about john mccain? and then, the american legion called on the president to lower the white house flag again. i asked the president about that -- still no answer. why won't you say anything about john mccain? and tonight, a reversa president, ordering the flag to be lowered once more, saying, quote, despite our differences on policy and politics, i respect senator john mccain's service to our country. >> all right, so, let's get to jon karl live at the white
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house. and jon, the flag at the white house had been lowered to half-staff at the news of senator mccain's passing, then raised again, even as flags across the capitol remain lowered. now tonight, as you just reported, it's been lowered again amid this pressure. what's going on here? who's behind this? and what are your sources telling you? >> reporter: well, the president was under enormous pressure, particularly after the vfw and the american legion, these are groups that represent millions of veterans, came out calling on the president to issue a proclamation on mccain and to lower the flag. they were under enormous pressure to do so. the president will not be speaking at any of the memorial services this week for mccain, but the mccain family had made it clear even before the senator died that the president was not invited, so, what you will see, david, is vice president pence speaking at a service for mccain, a memorial in the capitol on friday. >> jon karl leading us off from the white house. jon, our thanks to you. and we hope you'll stay with us at home. because later, right here tonight, our visit just this year to that north vietnamese
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prison, where john mccain was held for five and a half years. of course, now known as the hanoi hilton. and what we found there all these years later, it was profoundly moving. so many american families deeply effected to this day by the vietnam war. but in the meantime, we do move onto the other news this monday night. new developments in the deadly shooting rampage at a video game tournament in jacksonville, florida. the red laser dot, you can see on one of the victims who was then shot. authorities say david katz was armed with two handguns when he opening fired, killing two, wounding at least 11, as many were watching the competition unfold right in front of their eyes online. the fbi swarming his home in baltimore tonight. and abc's victor oquendo from jacksonville. >> reporter: the shooting began around 1:30 sunday afternoon inside this jacksonville mall, where hundreds of people from around the country came to play in a "madden nfl 19" video game tournament. among them, 24-year-old david katz. on the livestream of the competition, you can hear the
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shots police say he fired, then the screams. before the broadcast cuts out -- >> what did he shoot me with? >> i seen somebody's body on the ground. i seen a kid with blood all over his clothes. >> reporter: before taking his own life, police say katz killed two gamers, 28-year-old taylor robertson and 22-year-old elijah clayton. >> he was a good man. he did not believe in violence. he never even had a fist fight. >> reporter: in this image, a red dot can be seen on elijah's chest. officials say one of the two handguns katz carried was equipped with a laser sight. ten others were shot. timothy anselimo was hit three times, once through the chest, as his brother watched the livestream. >> he's destroyed right now with what has happened to him, and our main focus now is to get him better and back to where he needs to be. >> reporter: alexander madunic, shot in the leg, recovering in the hospital. >> i don't want to get shot playing a video game, like, get killed over playing "madden." >> man, david katz keeps to himself. >> reporter: the suspect, who
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went by the nickname "bread," was a well-known "madden" gamer, regularly competing in big money tournaments, like this one last year. >> i don't think of myself as a seven seed, i think i'm personally one of the letter players. >> reporter: authorities gathering evidence at katz's baltimore home. court records obtained by abc news show katz was treated for psychiatric issues at least twice in the past. >> so, let's get to victor oquendo from the scene in jacksonville. and victor, still no word on a motive tonight? >> reporter: that's right, david. in addition to his home in baltimore, police have searched his hotel room and his car here in jacksonville. searching for any clues as to why he may have done this. they've also looked at surveillance video from inside the jacksonville landing that they say shows he was clearly targeting other gamers and not bystanders. david? >> victor oquendo with us tonight. victor, thank you. pope francis is under fire this evening over the child sex abuse scandal and that scathing grand jury report on the catholic church here in the u.s. a former vatican ambassador to the u.s. is now calling for the pope to resign, claiming he ignored abuse allegations
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against prominent cardinal theodore mccarrick. how did pope francis respond to questions about this? abc's david wright at the vatican tonight. >> reporter: tonight, pope francis under pressure to respond to an explosive accusation from his own former ambassador to the u.s., claiming that francis turned a blind eye for years to a serial predator. an archbishop calls on the pope to resign. the news broke right in the middle of the pope's trip to ireland, as francis sought to atone for the sexual abuse crisis there. the pope's allies see this as an orchestrated attack by a hostile faction within the church. in the document, archbishop carlo vigano claims he personally told francis five years ago about former washington, d.c. cardinal theodore mccarrick's history of abusing seminarians and priests. but that francis allowed mccarrick to keep his high profile role in the church, and
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only removed him last month. on the papal plane, pope francis said he had read the document, but he wouldn't credit it with a response. >> the doubt and confusion generated by the allegations is dividing the church. >> and david wright with us live tonight from vatican city, and david, pope francis has himself called for transparency on questions of abuse, and as you know, david, many are now asking, will he be held to the same standard here? >> reporter: that's what everyone here is wondering, david. important to note, these are accusations from one person, but he's an archbishop. his words carry weight. some of these things are questions that only the pope can answer, but who has the authority to ask him? we're in unchartered territory. david? >> david wright with us live tonight from italy. thank you. back here at home tonight, and the severe storm threat at this hour, from south dakota to michigan. and of course the heat wave we're watching, coming from chicago all the way over to new york and boston. flash floods hitting near milwaukee, flooding cars and shutting down part of interstate 43.
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and of course millions now bracing for that heat wave. let's get right to ginger zee tonight. ginger? >> reporter: david, can you imagine getting 3.3 inches of rain in just 30 minutes? well, that happened in minnesota. and that's why we go to the map tonight with a flash flood watch for much of wisconsin. severe thunderstorms blowing through, especially south of minneapolis, with a tornado warning on the map. tomorrow, we're going to do this again. we've got a damaging wind line that's going to come through from chicago to flint, michigan, back to kansas city, and then that heat you were talking about, david. philadelphia has actually let skoo out school out early, both tuesday and wednesday, because of the heat to come. >> ginger siozee, thank you, tonight. the major new headline tonight in a crisis we've been reporting on for years now. one of the most persecuted minority groups in the world, the rohingya. tonight, the blistering new u.n. report accusing myanmar's military leaders of crimes against humanity, calling for them to be prosecuted for genocide. tonight, the new images, the refugees we've reported on protesting the bloody crackdown that began just over a year ago
5:43 pm
now, allegations of torture and mass executions. at least 700,000 trying to escape the violence. myanmar's government continuing to deny the claims tonight. and abc's bob woodruff on the story again for us. >> reporter: these are the faces of the rohingya, refugees, survivors of genocide. some crying, praying, begging for justice. a brutal crackdown forcing more than 700,000 to flee their homes in myanmar in the past year. 10,000 are dead, but that is a conservative estimate, according to a new report. and tonight, for the first time, the u.n. calling for the military leaders responsible to be prosecuted for indescribable atrocities -- "torture," "mass killings," "houses locked and set on fire." accusations the military denies. we've been traveling to the region for three years now, chronicling the plight of the rohingya. who was it that burned down your village? "the military," this man tells me. these before and after satellite images show just some of the
5:44 pm
destruction. we witnessed first-hand the massive humanitarian crisis. the long lines for food. little pink slips of paper let the workers know how much rice, oil and salt to give to each family. they've escaped myanmar with their lives, but for the unwanted people, every day is a fight to survive. david, that new report also condemning the spread of anti-rohingya hate speech on social media. tonight, facebook acknowledging they were too slow to act in myanmar, now banning 20 individuals and organizations from the site. david? >> bob woodruff, our thanks again tonight you tonight. and we know you'll stay on it. and one more headline tonight from the white house. president trump announcing a new trade deal between the u.s. and mexico, revising key parts of nafta, which he has long criticized. the president calling the deal the united states/mexico trade agreement, and says trade talks with canada are still ongoing. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. your money.
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fence, approaching a delta flight preparing for takeoff. they are investigating. the evacuation at the statue of liberty. a fire apparently sparked by a construction accident. video showing propane tanks there in flames. more than 3,000 tourists had to clear liberty island. lady liberty later reopened. and remembering a long-time member of our own abc news family. barrie dunsmore, whose three decades as a foreign affairs correspondent spanned seven presidents, six continents, more than 100 countries. he was there the night the berlin wall fell in 1989 and, of course, our thoughts are with his wife and his children tonight. when we come back, our trip to vietnam. i head to find what's left of the prison where john mccain was held, and what we found that moved us.
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finally tonight here, finally tonight here, honoring an american patriot. we traveled to vietnam not long ago, and visited what's left of the hanoi hilton, where mccain was held for five and a half years. tonight, our visit just a few months ago to that north vietnamese prison now known as the hanoi hilton, where john mccain was held prisoner of war. what we found still standing, the rain pouring as we walked through. the prison cells, so little light. the bars on the windows. the concrete floors and narrow beds. john mccain was 31 on the day that changed his life. he was flying an a-4 skyhawk, on his 23rd run. he had just n ansi tear on of the wings off his bomber. he ejected, and the sheer force of that moment would break both of his arms and one of his legs. the vietnamese would pull him out of the water and beat him. mccain's father and grandfather
5:57 pm
were both famous admirals before him. and while being filmed, you hear him being asked his name. >> what is your name? >> lieutenant commander john mccain. >> reporter: unable to use his hands, he had to be fed by his captors. the vietnamese only treating his wounds after they realized who he was. >> i see you have a famous name. >> yes. >> reporter: the vietnamese would make an offer. they would let him go home, hoping it would be a pr coup, given how famous his family was. but john mccain would refuse, unwilling to break the code. the first man captured must be the first man out. in what's left of the prison today, we find a book. you can see here some of the american pilots who were here between 1964 and 1973. the faces of the prisoners from all over the u.s. to this day, in parts of what's left of the prison here, there are images of the americans who were captured with captions
5:58 pm
beneath them that say things like, the americans enjoying christmas and receiving letters from family back home. this one, a photo of american prisoners sharing a prayer. the caption beneath it reads "a christmas meal." another shows them opening letters from home. but we know the reality. john mccain was beaten when he told them he would not leave, that he would wait for his fellow prisoners. >> i badly wanted to go home. i was tired and sick. i was often afraid. but i couldn't keep from my own counsel the knowledge of how my release would effect my father and my fellow prisoners. >> reporter: and all these years later, we find a photo of john mccain on the wall. he would ultimately be among 591 prisoners released. >> commander john mccain. >> reporter: saluting the country he put before himself. honoring john mccain. and we will report all week here on the services in arizona and
5:59 pm
months ago almost a dozen cows were found dead in santa clara county field. tonight new details. an arrest has been made in the case. >> i think that guy has absolutely nothing to do with games and has everything to do with his mental health. >> the bay area gaming community is still reacting to news of the jacksonville shooting tragedy, and tonight they invite us into their world. imagin opening your phone bill and seeing a $13,000 charge. it happened. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side is coming up. >> live where you live, this is abc 7 news. >> take a good look. what do you see in this picture? some see a worn out building ready to be torn down. others see a potential place to live. good evening. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm kristen sze in for ama daetz. a portion of san jose's old city hall is in the crosshairs tonight pitting city leaders against advocates for homeless
6:00 pm
living. >> it's a prime location right next to the administration complex. the county wants to raze it for a parking lot. others say it would be ideal for temporary housing for up to 140 people. >> abc 7 news reporter david louie is live outside the abandoned san jose city hall annex where that battle is brewing. david? >> well, kristen and dan, solutions can be difficult to find when it comes to homelessness. santa clara county has approved ten new affordable or supportive housing projects using bond measure money that was a3r06ed by voters two years ago. however, housing advocates believe this abandoned building could be an ideal solution at relatively low cost to house the homeless on a temporary basis. the old san jose city hall annex is beyond saving. that's what county leaders say as they took reporters on a tour of the structure. the roof is in such bad shape, the substrate is soak and squ h squishy.
6:01 pm
extensive code upgrades would be needed after 12 years of gle new england


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