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tv   America This Morning  ABC  August 29, 2018 4:00am-4:30am PDT

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>> crazy. that's what's making news in america this morning. making news in america this morning, an uncertain future. another clue the attorney general's days could be numbered. the new report claiming president trump has revived the idea of firing jeff sessions. plus, mixed messages from republicans on whether sessions should be replaced. a major upset in the florida primary. a mayor in his 30s winning the democratic nomination for governor. how he could make history in november. and the other big winners of the night. dramatic rescue. a police officer rushes into a burning home rescuing a family of seven. >> we got kids in here. come on, man. plus, under arrest. the so-called serial dine and
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dasher accused of leaving women with the bill. the serious jail time he now faces. an important health alert. why you should never skip vacation. and the green gig you have to hear about. how to get paid by simply eating avocados. this avocado toast will cost you 20 bucks. i'm kendis gibson. >> and i'm maggie rulli in for diane macedo. the uncertain future of attorney general jeff sessions. there's word president trump has revived the idea of firing him. >> while support for him is starting to crumble, all of this has raised questions about the future of robert mueller's russia investigation. abc's lynda lopez joining us with details. >> reporter: good morning, kendis, maggie. according this president trump's attorneys have per individualed him for now not to take the tip
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of firing sessions, at least not while the russia investigation is ongoing. while president trump has publicly ramped up attacks against attorney general jeff sessions again in recent weeks. >> i put in an attorney general that never took control of the justice department, jeff sessions. >> reporter: privately "the washington post" oreos he's been having conversations as recently as this month about firing sessions. trump still fuming about sessions recusing himself from the justice department's investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. senate republicans who have cautioned the president to keep sessions may now be preparing for president trump's move to fire him, possibly after the midterms. south carolina senator lindsey graham saying tuesday the relationship is beyond repair. >> trump doesn't like him. and that this relationship is soured and i'm not blaming jeff. it can't go on like this. >> reporter: that marks a big departure from his statements last year when he threatened holy hell if trump were to fire sessions.
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senator john kennedy of louisiana says he supports sessions but -- >> presidents are entitled to surround themselves with cabinet members and ambassadors of their own choice. and sometimes you have changes. >> reporter: sessions, however, still enjoying strong support from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> i have total confidence in the attorney general. >> reporter: when asked about the report both white house press secretary sarah sanders and the justice department spokesperson declined to comment. kendis. >> we'll see how it plays out. lynda lopez, thank you. to the other big political story, a major upset in a closely watched primary race in florida. a democrat endorsed by bernie sanders made history winning his primary race for governor while on the republican side president trump's endorsement loomed large. our political director rick klein is analyzing the details. rick. >> democrats in florida delivering one of the biggest upsets of the primary season.
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the 39-year-old mayor of tallahassee, andrew gillum, the surprise winner riding an endorsement from bernie sanders for the democratic nomination for governor. >> this race is about every last single one of us, right? >> reporter: he'll face off against ron desantis from 60 miles to the north donald trump's hand-picked selection for the governor's race. >> so, i'm not always the most popular guy in d.c. but i did have support from someone in washington, if you walk down pennsylvania avenue, he lives in the white house with the pillars in front of it. >> reporter: meanwhile in arizona, a hard fought contest for senate ended essentially as expected, martha mcsally, former fighter pilot will go on to face kyrsten sinema in a race where the republicans ran closer to president trump than the late senator john mccain. that will be a marquee match-up
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as will it be in florida where rick scott clinched the republican nomination to take on democratic senator bill nelson. this was the last major multistate night of primary voting of this year. and it set the stage for a iraq cuz fa -- raucous fall. the los angeles area rattled by a pair of earthquakes overnight centered near the city of laverne about 25 miles east of l.a. the first one a 4.4 rocking around 7:30 in the night. a smaller aftershock followed a minute later. no major damage reported and the initial quake lasted 20 seconds and felt as far away as san diego. joint military exercises between the u.s. and south korea may resume. a signal of souring relations between the white house and north korea. the defense secretary jim mattis says they may resume next year. this year's were canceled after the summit in singapore.
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president trump said the north would start the process denuclearization. tuesday u.n. ambassadorikki haley said north korea may have changed its mind on the issue. pope francis is holding his first public mass at the vatican since being accused of covering up sexual abuse by an american cardinal. here we have a live look right now of the pope attending his weekly audience in st. peter's square. a new report by an italian news agency says the pope has no intention of stepping down. the vatican's former top diplomat to the u.s. claimed the pope knew that former washington, d.c. cardinal theodore mccarrick was a serial predator. so far pope francis has declined to comment on the accusation. the u.s. conference of bishops has requested an audience with him to discuss the accusations. well, it is now official. the death toll in puerto rico from hurricane maria last year is 46 times higher than initially reported by the government. authorities now confirm 2,975
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people have died. compared to the previous official death toll of just 64. floongnarts of that state. a tornado ripped through the milwaukee area. severe storms toppled trees, closed roadways and left thousands of people in the dark. emergency crews in madison recovered the body of a man swept away by floodwaters after his car stalled. you see some of the scenes there. a look now at your forecast for this wednesday morning. good morning. sweltering heat still gripping the east coast. hot and humid air from pittsburgh, d.c., all the way up to bangor, feeling like 100 to 110 along the east coast and feeling like 90 to 100 just about everywhere else looking for temperatures well above the norm. heat-related illness likely a
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problem throughout the northeast. stormy weather into the ohio valley region area with a chance of isolated hail and downpours. i'm accuweather meteorologist paul williams. well, coming up an easy way to save big on airline tickets. but first are the results you get on google biased? the company responds to the president's claim that google searches are rigged. plus, the explosive danger of
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i know i just heard, helicopters everywhere with a whole lot of people running so i turned to run and the first corner, i got a gun drawn down on me. >> that's an employee of a texas business raided by immigration
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and customs enforcement agents. they swarmed the manufacturing plant near dallas detaining 160 undocumented immigrants being called the largest immigration bust in a decade and came after an unidentified employee contacted authorities. google is denying president trump's claim that its search engines are biased against him. the president says google and other tech companies' search results are rigged to show negative news about him and suppress conservative views although he has provided any actual evidence. an administration says the white house is now taking a look at whether google searches should be regulated. >> i think that google and twitter and facebook, they're really treading on very, very troubled territory and they have to be careful. it's not fair to large portions of the population. >> google released a statement saying search is not used to set a political agenda and we don't bias our results toward any
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political ideology. searching for a home near seattle there is good news. after nearly two years it has been dethroned as the hottest housing market and new figures show las vegas leads. prices are up 13% in sin city this year compared to 12% in seattle. still pricey out there. okay, so it's time to start thinking about the holidays. really. especially if you're flying. experts say this is the best week to buy airfare for your thanksgiving travel plans. they say you'll save between 7% and 11% if you book now versus waiting until later in the fall. >> too early. i'm not ready. security camera captured the moment an e-cigarette exploded inside a man's pocket. take a look at this. he was shopping for a tv at this store in anaheim, california, when he says he felt a shock in his pocket as the device started to burn his leg. he limped through the store and eventually employees helped him. he's now saying he's worn off
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e-cigarettes. a woman at a grocery store in rochester, new york, got a surprise while shopping. she was picking out plums at wegmans when she found a snake coiled up along the bottom of her shopping cart. she managed to stay calm and walk the snake out of the store. it's unclear how it got to her cart. they say it's a milk snake which is nonvenomous but no thank you. >> still terrifying. i like she walked the snake out of the store. nice move. >> she walked the snake out and ran away. the news about aretha franklin's funeral and who's invited to sing. a former police officer is convicted for the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager. the punishment he now faces. later, the so-called dine and dasher accused of dating a series of women and leaving them with the tab. well, he's now captured. what could happen to him now. kiu to get your windshield fixed.
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we're back with a classic road rage case. an angry suv driver cutting off that tractor trailer and this is what happens. this is on a busy highway in new jersey. yeah, the truck hit the divider and flipped over spilling its load of candy all over the road. nobody was injured. police actually gave both drivers tickets in this case. we turn to the verdict in the police shooting case in texas. a jury has convicted a former officer in the death of an unarmed black teenager. >> that same jury must decide how much time roy oliver will spend behind bars. the sentencing phase is getting under way this morning. he could actually face life in prison. danya bacchus with the details. >> reporter: after 13 hours of deliberating -- is this we the jury unanimously find the defendant guilty of murder as charged in the indictment. >> reporter: a jury found former police officer roy oliver guilty of killing unarmed 15-year-old jordan edwards.
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edwards' shooting death happened in april of 2017 when oliver fired into a car full of teens hitting the 15-year-old in the head. >> see the kid in the blue sweatshirt. that's jordan. he doesn't know it but he has ten seconds to live. >> reporter: oliver and his partner responding to an overcrowded house party that edwards and his friends were leaving when shots were fired. oliver's body camera video played in court shows him running into the chaos stopping at his vehicle to get his rifle. with his gun drawn, he runs down the street and then fires. oliver testified in his own defense telling the jury the car edwards was in ignored commands to stop and was about to hit his partner. >> make a decision. this car is about to hit my partner. there were threats inside the car. >> but his partner saying he never felt threatened. >> did you ever feel like that they would driver over you or
4:18 am
hit you? >> i didn't -- i was not in fear at that point. >> reporter: his family saying justice was served. >> i'm very happy. it's been a long time. >> reporter: the verdict makes oliver the first police officer in dallas county to be found guilty of murder since 1973. danya bacchus, abc news, los angeles. >> our thanks to danya. more fans lining up this morning to get a glimpse at the queen of soul. the public viewing for aretha franklin started yesterday at a museum in her hometown of detroit. look at these images. she arrived in a gold plated casket dressed in red even down to her stilettos. franklin died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 76. her funeral set for friday, stevie wonder, jennifer hudson, faith hill and learning ariana grande is the latest to be invited to the service to perform. former president bill clinton and jesse jackson will speak at the ceremony. the man who survived the shark attack off cape cod two weeks ago is speaking out for
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the first time. william lippetten says he escaped by punching the shark in the gills after it clamped down on his leg. a move that may have likely saved his life. the 61-year-old doctor from new york hit the shark so hard that he now has to wear an arm cast. he underwent six surgeries and now faces weeks of rehab. a texas family of six is alive thanks to a police officer, sam click. on his overnight patrol when he saw flames shooting from the home. without hesitating he and another man ran into the house without any protective gear from the fire. now, first they woke up the father and two babies inside and then the officer there found four other children sound asleep in another bedroom. >> i woke them up and told them that we all had to get out and they all followed me. i picked up the ones that i could and then the ones that could walk all walked. our main duty is to preserve life. it was something i feet like i
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had to do. >> many are glad that he did. the officers are as you know trained to wait for firefighters to show up. that family is glad he didn't wait. well, now to a man who's been called a serial dine and dasher. he's now in custody in los angeles. police say paul gonzales dated ten women he met online taking them out for expensive meals then leaving them with the bill. he racked up about a thousand dollars in charges including an expensive shrimp and filet mignon dinner and pleaded guilty to extortion and faces up to 13 years if convicted. one more thing to worry about in the dating world. >> the good news he's singles, ladies. up next in "the pulse," how vacations could be the secret to a long life. also ahead, the green gig. where people are getting paid to eat avocados. plus, the daredevil surfer conquering a wave on a mattress. you finished preparing him for college.
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♪ we're back with "the pulse" starting with an avocado a day. to put a little extra money in your pocket, apparently. >> i'm all for this. researchers at loma linda university are planning to pay hundreds of people to eat avocados. part of a six-month trial to see if it helps reduce belly fat. >> some will be required to eat an avocado every day and they'll each get a check for $300. >> not bad. here's a word my boss -- give me more vacation time can help me live longer. >> okay, yeah, study from finland says taking vacations reduces your risk of dying early by 37%. working long hours and not taking them puts you at risk of cardiovascular disease. oreo has added some spice to
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jerrold. good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." " it's wednesday, august 29th. natasha is off. >> 4:27. thanks for joining us. you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's mike. >> notice the difference this morning? >> i don't have to use my wipers. >> not much drizzle out there, hardly any clouds. hopefully the commute will be better and your hair won't be as frizzy this morning. up to 11 degrees cooler due to the lack of clouds. look at the temperatures, we actually have 40s out there up in the north bay, santa rosa, novato upper 40s, rest of us mid 50s to 60s in san mateo. destination this afternoon, warmer due to the extra sunshine, mid to upper 60s along the coast and san francisco, low to mid 70s around the bay and inland. take a look at the holiday weekend forecast coming up.
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>> good morning, mike. so far so good on the roads. we don't have any major issues. getting out of tracy, 32 miles an hour on 205, 25 on 580. the bay bridge toll plaza no surprise here either. we have a stack up in the cash lanes, but fast track users are not seeing any delays and the metering lights on typically around 5:25. >> thank you. on the peninsula, a suspect has finally been arrested in the nearly decade old killing of a 6-year-old girl. >> we expect police to give us more details on how they tracked down this man on the run. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live for us in menlo park with the reaction to this major break. matt? >> this is a big deal for this community. almost nine years after this tragic death, menlo park police say they finally got their man. this is a picture of the suspect, his name is shannon fox. police say he was street racing in november of 2009 when he slammed into a car caring the
4:29 am
xavier family near willow road and bayfront expressway in menlo park. 6-year-old lisa xavier was killed. fox was identified as the suspect but never found until now. people in the community were wondering if the hit-and-run case would ever be solved. >> i'm glad they're getting him. after nine years. you know, justice will be served. >> that won't bring back lisa but will hopefully provide some closure for the families. >> reporter: lisa xavier was a first grader at laurel elementary school when killed. a tree on campus is lit once a year in her honor. today a news conference at 9:00 a.m. is expected to shed more light on the arrest of fox and where he was found. reporting live here in menlo park, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. no major aftershocks overnight after a pair of earthquakes rattled southern california. a 4.4 magnitude quake hit around 7:30 in lavern, east of los
4:30 am
angeles. surveillance video captures the shaking at a neighborhood there. one person on the seventh story of a building in l.a. said he felt like he was sitting in jello. a 3.2 magnitude aftershock followed later. scientists at cal tech got a three-seconds head's up regarding the quake. the usgs early warning system worked. a 4.4 magnitude quake was the largest to hit the l.a. area in three years. >> interesting, they got a little bit of a warning. 4:30, if you're just joining us, a quick update on your weather and traffic. hi, mike. >> hi, everybody. take a look at the cloud cover, you can see it's broken compared to what we've been dealing with the latter stages of august. 16 miles per hour, fairfield, the sea breeze not nearly strong. we're seeing stars and clouds from the exploratorium camera at pier 15. dress for a little cooler


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