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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 29, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PDT

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>> this is "abc 7 mornings." now at 5:00, pricey heist. thieves steal thousands of dollars in apple products in just a matter of seconds. the car police say they got away in. good morning on this wednesday, august 28th. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco has a look ahead at your day. hi, mike. >> hi, jessica, reggie, everybody. you're going to notice the difference when you step outside. it's cooler and a lack of cloud cover that has allowed thick fog to form from petaluma towards healdsburg. visibility in petaluma less than an eighth of a mile. this will be around through the rest of the morning commute. be careful driving through there. as far as your accuweather 12-hour planner, temperatures are in the 40s in some north bay neighborhoods. the rest of us in the 50s. we'll hang out in the mid 60s to 70 at noon. warmer and warmer this afternoon, but comfortable. mid 60s at the coast to upper 70s inland. let's get a check of the morning
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commute. h hey, alexis. >> good morning, mike. we don't have major issues and a repeat of yesterday. we did get busy later in the morning yesterday. i am expecting the same to happen today. we'll enjoy this for now. a stackup in the cash lanes. the carpool lanes are open and no metering lights so we are in the sweet spot for that commute. drive times looking good so far today too. ful -- 680 walnut creek to dublin, 14 minutes. not slowing you down, 49 minutes and northbound 17 highway 1 into los gatos you're looking good through the santa cruz mountains in the green at 22 minutes. for the sixth time this month, thieves have hit a california apple store. >> the most recent in walnut creek and these devices aren't supposed to work outside of the store but they get swiped anyways. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield live in walnut creek for us with more on the situation, hey, amy.
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>> reporter: good morning, jessica. this store is brand new, open only for a month, and it's already been targeted by thieves. here are some pictures from the store's surveillance camera released by walnut creek police. this happened saturday afternoon at 5:40. police say the thieves got away with about $30,000 worth of merchandise that they ripped from the security testers. we do have a license plate for you, police say they left in a black mercedes suv with license plate 5 xrs 835. investigators say there were four people involved. no one was hurt. it was very quick. they say this is the second hit in the bay area in a week. check out this video from last wednesday when thieves targeted the apple store. this one happened at noon in the middle of the day. five grabbed electronics from the display tables and got away and drove away in a black honda, the license plate covered with black tape and got away with
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$19,000 worth of merchandise. no arrests have been made. police haven't said if they think the two crimes are connected but it is a trend all over california. at least six apple store thefts in california in the last month. reporting live in walnut creek, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. happening today, a prayer service will take place for the high school student who died in a crash. the school posted this photo of 17-year-old blake bottarini. he was driving to school when his car went off skyline boulevard in redwood city. student wills gather for a prayer service. many will wear white collared shirts. we're learning new details about a disturbing discovery in a san francisco home. the case of a missing man is now a murder investigation. abc 7 news reporter vic lee has more. >> he would water the plants here on the street and he would clean up, which is very badly needed in this area.
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>> reporter: scot free has been friends with brian egg for almost three decades. in june he thought something was wrong. 65-year-old egg had disappeared and he feared the worst. >> unfortunately, he had a few not so nice friends from the streets that would come in and i guess stay with him. >> reporter: in late july, early august, free called police for a welfare check at the home. egg's sister filed a missing persons report. >> on both occasions officers responded to the residence and received no response to the door and saw no suspicious circumstances. >> reporter: the voicemail said -- >> brian is away and he will be back on the 12th of 12th of august came and went and no sign. >> reporter: sus smishs because egg never had an answering machine and the voice was not his. also, neighbors saw strangers in the home. in mid-august a big break. >> a big white crime scene
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cleanup crew arrived. >> reporter: neighbors called police again, this time they detained a person in the house. >> officers however found evidence that included cleaning products and suspicious odors inside the residence. >> reporter: police got a search warrant and found a body in a large fish tank in a room near the stairway, a body without a head or hands. free believes the stranger in the home hid evidence as well. >> also had been doing a lot of cleaning on his own. >> reporter: free points to the notice from the water department saying there was increased water use and to check for leaks. >> the two men were initially charged with i.d. theft, financial crimes and homicide, but the d.a.'s office decided not to formally charge them, saying they needed more time to investigate the murder. vic lee, abc 7 news. the husband of a terminally ill east bay woman who moved to oregon to end her life after a brain cancer diagnosis will be
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in san francisco tonight. brittney menard passed away in 2014 and fought to expand death with dignity laws nationwide. her husband dan diaz continues to be a passionate advocate for the expansion of medical aid in dying programs with the brittney fund. he will be speaking at the commonwealth club in san francisco tonight at 6:30. diaz will share a powerful story of dying with dignity and the movement towards legalization. you want to head to the airport early if you plan to fly out of town this labor day weekend. >> the airlines for america trad group estimates 16.5 million people have booked tickets on u.s. carriers and it expects more people are traveling by plane this year compared to last year. many people are planning on an early start to the holiday weekend with an estimated 2.6 million passengers flying tomorrow. friday is expected to be the busiest travel day with more than 2.7 million passengers and on monday more than 2.5 million
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passengers passengerses are expected to fly. dub nation taking spirit to oakland and helping habitat for humanity. the community foundation will build and decorate playhouses for kids at brook dale park. not the first time the warriors have worked with habitat. in the past years they volunteered at construction sites around the bay area. that's awesome. great weather too. we're starting off a little cooler this morning and take a look at the east bay shore where richmond and oakland around 60 to 61. alameda 59. look at san leandro 54. berkeley 56. along with union city and freemont 55. castro valley 53. mid to upper 50s in our east bay valleys. around antioch and brentwood around 60, 59 in san jose and mountain view and san francisco. 55 in pacifica. look at novato 46 degrees. watch out for that fog to your north. it's not around the golden gate bridge. look how clear it is. no windshield wipers working
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today. drizzle not out there. we'll have light breezes if you're going to be on the bay. if you're going to be exercising, strong sunshine. if you're going to our beaches sunny spots like yesterday. here's the breakdown in san francisco, we'll start at 8:00 with partly cloudy conditions around 60 degrees. we'll head out into the mid 60s by lunch and hang out in the mid to upper 60s from the coast to the bay during the afternoon hours, down to 61 degrees. up in the north bay we've got fog through at least 9:00. mostly sunny by 10:00 and look at those mid 70s during the afternoon hours with total sunshine. what a gorgeous late august afternoon. but it's going to get hot. my accuweather seven-day forecast i'll show you that coming up. >> not many to speak of so far this morning. we are quiet once again. hopefully i'm not jinxing things. we don't have many issues. heading to the bridge, westbound 80 around the midspan, a two-car crash reported. they did make it off to the
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shoulder and sounding minor. i am seeing a little delay on the eastbound side. i did double check reported on the westbound side. i'm not sure if that's onlooker delay. here is a look at our visibility layer from live doppler 7 on top of our traffic maps. mike mentioned this, the brighter the white, the denser the fog. pretty thick fog through a lot of the north bay this morning from santa rosa on down to south of novato. you will want to slow down and drive for conditions. next traffic update coming up at 5:20. >> thanks. to news about our team here at abc 7 news mornings. a lot of you have been asking about our colleague natasha. she has a message that she wanted to share with all of you. she suffered a serious concussion and is now in the healing process. she's definitely not out of the woods yet. she says that you, our viewers, have been a source of strength and made a big difference in this process. in a facebook post natasha went on to say, quote, i feel your thoughts and well wishes as i
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continue to heal and am very grateful truly. if anyone has been through a situation like this, my thoughts are also with you and your family. thank you so much. of course, we are wishing natasha a speedy recovery and can't wait to see her back here at abc 7 mornings. a mural of the late robin williams, where you can see it in san francisco. >> also more than marijuana, what else researchers found in pot grown at illegal farms. plus -- >> i'm getting a heart, oh, my god. >> look at that reaction. first she met drake and then got a new heart. a new heart. how this
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seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." we know it's going to warm up a little bit over the holiday weekend, but not enough to cause air quality concerns, at least for the first half of the weekend. you can see all of us will be good to moderate. we'll keep an eye on the rest of the weekend coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. thanks, mike. it's been a violent few days in the east bay. oakland polices are calling for extra patrols. >> take a look here at this map which shows the locations of four homicides since sunday. investigators say two in the middle near 72nd and international boulevard may be related. family members say 36-year-old mario thomas was shot and killed monday while sitting in a chair
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behind a laundromat. police say his murder may be connected to one from sunday night just across the street. >> iro the streets and i'm just fed up. >> police say there were two other homicides on sunday, one just before 1:00 a.m. on e street and another around 2:30 a.m. on international boulevard near 11th avenue. it's a setback for the police department which has just announced a 51% decrease in gun violence since the year 2011 because of the cease fire program. whoa. that man recovering from severe burns after an e-cigarette in his pocket exploded. the man was shopping at a tv warehouse in orange county when it happened. the shop owner was there for the whole thing. >> we looked back and there was smoke. you could smell burnt all over the place. there was still fire going on the back. the gentleman screaming, running out. >> the fda regulates
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e-cigarettes and advises consumers to use a vape device with safety features to keep loose batteries away from metal objects like keys and coins and avoid using a phone charger with e-cigs. in the first look, new body camera video the actions of a police officer in texas. >> he jumped into action saving a family of seven from a burning home. here's abc's diane mecado. >> fully engulfed. >> in this morning's "gma" first look watch the daring moment a police officer quickly sprintsds in -- sprinted into the face of danger. >> is everybody out? >> where are there at? >> the officer behind the body camera says he was on patrol just before 2:00 a.m. saturday when he could hear the screams and see the flames from a burning home. >> cody. open the door. >> break the glass. >> there is kids in there. >> make the glass. >> cody. >> the house is on fire.
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>> he moved room to room before discovering a father and baby. >> boys, wake up. >> in another room, boys sound asleep, unaware of the danger around them. >> we got kids inside her. come on, man. >> coming up at 7:00 a.m., more about this incredible rescue with your "gma" first look, abc news, new york. a new mural of late comedian and actor robin williams in san francisco. >> i love seeing this. and you're going to see what it looks like. it focuses on his eyes. he died in 2014 after struggling with depression and addiction. an artist from argentina spent six days on this and picked subject important to the community and williams was important to the bay area as a long-time resident here. the new mural is located on market street between 6th and 7th. >> i have a feeling it's going to be a popular place. also happy birthday to michael jackson. the king of pop would have
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celebrated his 60th today. he died in 2009. tonight in the east bay a dance tribute is taking place in his honor. it's happening at the bay street center plaza in emeryville. show up at 6:00 tonight. oakland dance festival is hosting that celebration. it's warming up here in the bay area as we head into the holiday weekend. temperatures here are nowhere near what people in the midwest and east coast are experiencing. the heat index in chicago, boston and washington, d.c., hitting at least 100 degrees this week. you're watching people dripping in sweat while simply watching the u.s. open in new york city. you can imagine how the tennis players are feeling because they're having to run around in the heat. there's humidity as well. i'm an avid tennis player and i cannot stand playing in humid weather. so much respect for these professionals that have to do it all the time. the poor fans. a lot of sunscreen. >> we're giving gladys knight a lot of air time. i'm sure she's very happy to be
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seen glistening so much on screen. >> funny. >> yeah. i mean all the things that could go wrong when you water on a tennis court or your hands, racket flying everywhere. >> no kidding. >> it could be tough. >> hang on to that tennis racket. >> if they play five-hour match or something. >> yeah. >> that's extreme. it does happen. let me show you the temperatures today. it's going to be 96 in d.c., 94 in new york, 97 in boston. that's, yeah, unusual for this time of the year. expect it to be in the 70s or 80s with light humidity but that comes with a little bit of humidity. back here at home, watching the fog. it is spreading, and now down to novato. we got a mild visibility in santa rosa, less than an eighth of a mile in petaluma and half a mile in novato that will be around the entire morning commute. got to slow down and use the low beams and pay attention to alexis when she comes on and tells you if there's issues other than that. here's a look at what's going on in san jose where it's clear an 58 right now.
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the sun is back. you're going to have a hard time finding a lot of cloud cover this morning. een though it's cooler it's going to be warmer this afternoon. we will see more cloud cover tonight and more areas of drizzle for tomorrow's commute. above average warmth coming in the extended forecast. 75 milpitas. 71 millbrae, 76 in redwood city, sunshine up and down the peninsula. we will see sunshine break through the clouds, low to mid 60s. upper 60s in downtown, south san francisco, to 70 in sausalito. mid to upper 70s through the north bay valleys. about 71 in richmond. got 76 in san ramon to 83 in brentwood. tonight's temperatures mid 50s to low 60s. a little bit milder than this morning. look at the warmth friday, taper saturday and sunday and the heat starts to come back for labor day. here's alexis. >> thank you. >> we are looking for a new
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crash in the emeryville area. i slipped over to this traffic camera, westbound 80 around powell, we should have a two-car crash blocking the slow lane, the far right lane. i'm not seeing flashing lights. that makes it easier to pick out. i will move the camera around a bit and see if we can find that for you. you can see the volumes are getting heavy. i have not gotten official word but any minute the bay bridge metering lights should flip on as well. things are ramping up. overall mass transit off to a quiet start, but a big head's up for this weekend. the same track repair last weekend is happening this weekend. even on labor day unless they finish early. the major bart track repairs between 19th and west oakland stations will add time to your trip with the free bus bridge in place all day saturday, sunday, and monday. >> thank you. nine of every ten illegal marijuana farms raided in california this year contain traces of potentially deadly pesticides. that's according to new research from federal and state officials. the chemicals were found in 75%
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of illegal pot farms last year. researchers say those pesticides are poisoning wildlife and could endanger water supplies. it's okay elon musk. the tesla ceo denies he cried during a recent interview with "the new york times." he tweeted yesterday for the record my voice cracked once during "the new york times" article that's it. there were no tears. now this is in response to another article by "forbes" that discusses the double standard between men and women in business who cry. the "times" finance editor stands by its description of musk's emotions. the chicago area girl who got a hospital visit from drake is celebrating something even bigger this morning. >> i love this story. >> i'm getting a heart, mom! >> yes. it's amazing. >> oh, my god. >> 11-year-old sophia sanchez resting after a successful heart transplant. that's the moment that sophia
5:22 am
found out she was getting a new heart. the moment that you heard. it's news she was waiting a long time for, two months. while sophia was in the hospital her "in my feelings" challenge went viral, drake saw it and surprised her in person. you're seeing that on your screen. a few days later the hospital told her a donor heart was available and doctors performed the 12-hour surgery monday. >> put it into the chest. i always have this little saying that i say, welcome to your new home. it's very emotional. it's very exciting. we're kind of waiting to see if the heart is going to start beating. all of a sudden boom, it starts beating. >> of course we're sending her well wishes from across the country. if everything continues go well, doctors say sophia could be out of the hospital and back in school in just a month. >> le whatas happened to her. of course it only happened because families made decisions to be donors. that's so important for us to think about.
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or are prone to infections. xeljanz xr can reduce the symptoms of psoriatic arthritis. don't let another morning go by without talking to your rheumatologist about xeljanz xr. just joining us or heading out the door seven things to know. number one, breaking news, two le have died in a scaffolding collapse in florida this morning. they were working at a hotel under construction outside disney world in lake buena vista. number two, menlo park police will hold a news conference to discuss the suspect arrested in the death of a young girl nine years ago. police say shannon fox was street racing when he slammed into the car she was riding in. number three the late senator john mccain will lie in state at the arizona state capitol today. the private ceremony will be held this morning at the capitol rotunda. number four, police investigating another grab and
5:26 am
run robbery at an apple store. walnut creek police say four suspects entered the store at 5:40 saturday and began ripping iphones and laptops from security testers. number five, we are waking up to less cloud cover and cooler temperatures this morning. even with the extra sunshine this afternoon, temperatures about one to ten degrees cooler than average. number six, we're looking great for the morning commute so far today. i did tell you about a crash in emeryville just a few minutes ago around powell street. i couldn't find it on our camera because it clear already. that was not blocking for very long. number seven a lot of people excited, you can get paid to eat avocados. researchers at ucla and three other schools are recruiting 1,000 people to figure out if avocados can help you lose weight. if you want to go we have more information. there's fine print to look at on our website, >> the fine print includes you have to be a certain size to be able to be a part of that experiment. >> yeah. new this morning, the struggle is real when shopping
5:27 am
at target. many people have trouble buying just one thing. they have a name for it. the target effect. >> several reasons why people experience this. the marketing professor at new york university tells refinery 29 stores like walmart and target sell so many products they can trick your brain into making cross category associations. for example, by putting band-aids next to fishing hooks, you might think you will need band annuals in -- bandages in case you get hurt while fishing. target's happy design makes shoppers feel good when spending their money and placing discounted products near the checkout line makes shoppers feel like they're getting a good deal. hasn't that happened to you, you le. >>g. we're coming back with another 90s minutes of news including the quake warning system that did the job in southern california. >> also, t
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> right now at 5:30, nine years later the major break in a hit-and-run case that killed a little girl. >> coyote concerns, why neighbors are demanding action across the county. >> an earthquake rocks a california neighborhood where good morning. it's wednesday, august 29th. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is here with a dry forecast today. >> little different out there, definitely. didn't use the windshield wipers but the lack of clouds mean the fog is back and thick across the north bay. look at that. happened on live doppler 7, numbers, novato half mile visibility, petaluma an eighth of a mile, even more dangerous and a mile in santa rosa. expect that to linger all wait through the morning commute.
5:31 am
we're waking up in the upper 40s to 50s from the north bay to our neighborhoods. a little cooler this morning. hieatoy's r hole with e temperatures will be below average but very comfortable, mid 60s to 70 at noon. grab the sunglasses. mid 60s to mid 70s at low to upper 70s this evening. >> things are getting busy here. metering lights on early today, 5:21 the start for those. unless you're in the carpool lanes you will sit through a backup into the maze. overall fairly quiet, looking at drive times in the green at southbound 101 santa rosa to petaluma, 13 minutes. westbound 580 castro valley to the maze 15 and 101 northbound side between 280 and 680 only going to take you 14 minutes. we have a crash in the castro valley area. we'll check that out coming up next. breaking news from the abc 7 live desk. >> that brand new out of florida, federal investigators are on the scene right now of a
5:32 am
deadly scaffolding collapse there in it happened a short time ago at a hotel under construction outside disney world buena vista. workers were preparing to pour concrete when the platform they were on gave way. two workers fell six stories to the ground. unfortunately they died at the scene. a third worker was able to hold on and climbed to safety and that person suffered minor injuries. we're going to stay on top of this story and bring you any updates as soon as we get them. on the peninsula, a suspect has finally been arrested in the nearly decade old killing of a 6-year-old girl. this morning we expect police to give us more details on how they tracked down this man on the run. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live for us in menlo park. matt? >> reporter: good morning. a news conference will be held here at 9:00 this morning. there will be representatives from the fbi, the u.s. attorney's office and local law enforcement all talking about
5:33 am
how they got their man nearly nine years after this tragic crash. here is a picture of the suspect, his name is shannon fox. police say he was street racing in november of 2009 when he slammed into a car carrying the xavier family near willow road and bayfront expressway in menlo park. 6-year-old lisa xavier was killed. fox was identified as the suspect. he was a fugitive and police alleged he fled the area and country. >> i want to commend our police department for sticking with it, investigating, tracking down mr. fox and bringing him to justice. >> reporter: lisa xavier was a first grader at laurel elementary school when killed. family declined to comment on the arrest. police have not said what country fox was extradited from. we should find out at today's news conference at 9:00 a.m. live in menlo park, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. california is now the first state to end cash bail.
5:34 am
under the new law decisions about whether a suspect islease on risk assessment rather than if the defendant can come up with an east bay assemblyman authored the bill. hundreds of businesses say it will put them out of business. >> i am a second generation. my mother was first. my daughter is a third generation. yeah, this is very concerning because we will be without any livelihoods. >> the law will take effect in october of 2019. a number of states have taken steps to restrict their cash bail systems. california is the first to completely eliminate money from pretrial detention. happening today, senator john mccain will lie in state at the arizona state capitol. it is the first of two days of services for mccain in his home state. a private ceremony is being held at the capitol rotunda.
5:35 am
father reese, the president of saint ignatius college preparatory in san francisco, will perform the invocation. this afternoon the capitol rotunda will be open to members of the public who want to pay their respects. on friday another viewing will be held at the u.s. capitol in washington, d.c., followed by a final memorial service at the national cathedral saturday. arizona's governor will select a replacement for john mccain after the senator is laid to rest. the replacement must be of the same political party so the seat will remain republican. arizona's other senator, jeff flake, he is retiring and the results are in following the state's primary election. congresswoman martha mcsally won the gop race for the u.s. senate seat and she began her victory speech with a moment of silence for mendocino complex. she will face kirsten cinema in november. a big upset in florida's primary election. tallahassee mayor andrew gillum has secured the democratic
5:36 am
nomination in the gubernatorial vermont senator bernie sanders' support. he edged out gwen graham. he faces republican congressman ron desantis in november. if elected he would become florida's first african-american governor. lafayette residents are upset over a bill that could alter the landscape around bart stations and give bart the authority to override local zoning laws to build housing. parcels of land owned by bart within a half mile radius of stations could be developed for housing and local jurisdictions would have to conform to the new bart zoning standards and bart has committed to build out its plots by the year 2040. assemblyman grayson out of concord coauthored the bill which he says would speed up the process. >> i think it's past time for our cities to come to the table with real solutions for housing, rather than continuing to have road blocks and trying to kill affordable housing development. >> the idea you give bart
5:37 am
control over what could be big sense to me and they need to rethink what the mission of bart is and i don't think housing should be part of it. >> the bill is now on the governor's desk after being passed by the state assembly. no major aftershocks after a pair of earthquakes rattled southern california. a 4.4 magnitude quake hit around 7:30 last night in lavern east of los angeles. surveillance video captured this shaking at a neighborhood in lavern. one person on the seventh story of a building in l.a. said on twitter, it felt like he was sitting in jello. 3.4 magnitude aftershock followed moments later. no reports of any damage. listen to this, scientists at cal tech got a three-second head's up. the usgs early warning system worked. the 4.4 magnitude quake was the largest quake to hit the l.a. area in three years.
5:38 am
you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. check out the big story this morning. especially up in the north bay. novato at least 14 degrees cooler than yesterday. napa and santa rosa at 7:00. that's due to the lack of cloud cover. look what it's done on the peninsula. 53 in menlo park, 54 redwood city and foster city, 55 daly city, the rest of us in the upper 50s. we do have a 61 at oakland, one of the warm spots and 60 at antioch. napa and santa rosa 50s. san jose milder. here's a look at walnut creek. pretty clear out there as we look south on 680. as you make the right-hand turn on to 24, don't worry about drizzle. it's not out there for the morning commute. ferry ride going to be dry, not only this morning but this afternoon. not too breezy. comfortable no matter where you are on mass transit today. a look at the south bay, back down there at 62, mostly sunny at 8:00, 65 at 10:00, hitting the low 70s, what great temperatures for an outdoor
5:39 am
lunch, 71. and upper 70s during the afternoon hours. back into the upper 60s by 8:00 under stars and for the east bay shoreline we're waking up with the most cloud cover here and 62. wilt quickly dissipate to near 70 at noon and low to mid 70s for the afternoon hours. check out that 65 at 8:00. you may need to grab a jacket if you're heading out. we have real warmth we expect in september and it's coming. i will show you that coming up. we expect traffic issues. >> we sure are. i've got a new one in the east bay. let's head there on our traffic maps. actually sounding like it is improving. i believe we have two separate crashes in the area of 238 before 880 around hesperian boulevard. it sounds like a motorcycle may have gone off on the right shoulder in the same area. emergency crews are on the scene. i don't believe we have any lanes blocked anymore, but if you are coming through castro valley stop and go for several miles down to about 1 ici will .
5:40 am
in the meantime fog in the north bay, not that drizzle that we had yesterday but visibility issues not seeing any here in san rafael but north of here where it's the most dense. southbound 101 looking great in san rafael this morning as is golden gate bridge. no major delays in the north bay. next traffic update in ten minutes. >> thanks. in the north bay, what some marin county residents perceive as an increase in coyote attacks has them demanding action by the county. a dog owner says two coyotes attacked her dog in at neighborhood. she let him out to go to the bathroom. home surveillance video shows the coyotes just before they move in on the dog. >> i did not see the coyotes actually put him in the mouth but you hear it. >> she was taken off the front porch. the coyote came through like a freight train, gone. >> we should not be vilifying
5:41 am
and persecuting wild animals native to mari native to marin county. >> this is the time of year when they are most active. head's up changes to your instagram account. the safety fierce the company is rolling out. >> the raiders announce a donation to a bay area school district.
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5:44 am
seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> oh, yeah. time to go back to school. new haven unified school district, 7:00, mostly cloudy and 58. you won't need the sweater, the hoodie later o11:00, sunshine a delightful 72 at 3:00. have a great first day. it's going to be hot in palm springs, 107, low to mid 80s around los angeles and sacramento and yosemite where it's going to be breezy, 68 and sunshine in monterey. a look at the tahoe forecast temperatures in the mid to upper 70s through friday and upper 70s to near 80 warmer than oorj average for the delay weekend. no more varsity football for one school. according to the press democrat healedsburg high school will not field a varsity football team.
5:45 am
the team voted to disband on monday. the principal said a number of factors contributed to the players' decision including the fact that only 18 players were on the team and then a few more quit after a couple of blowouts. now the junior varsity team will continue to compete as scheduled. the raiders may be moving to las vegas but still supporting kids in oakland. the team will donate $250,000 to help save oakland youth sports. the school district eliminated ten sports programs to help cut a $20 million budget deficit. anonymous donations this week restored girls tennis, golf and lacrosse. now school leaders will have to decide which of the other programs the raiders' donation will save. the district says it's grateful but the money is just a short-term solution. a group of boys in san leandro not even old enough to drive just won a car in a citywide treasure hunt. >> christian williams designed the four hidden keys game and
5:46 am
opened the website to san leandro high school students. four puzzles were located across the city. some required players to go back to the website and use interactive tools to solve them. the teens worked together with one at home communicating to the other boys to help solve the puzzles over the weekend. >> they were very difficult which is why i don't think like by ourselves we would have been able to like solve it, especially as quickly as we did. >> that was probably the coolest thing that's happened to me in a long time, just watching these guys find the clue. it was unbelievable. >> and the boys all sophomores will share the car, it's a chrysler 300, when they're old enough to drive. >> which should be thi year. >> sophomore year when you usually get your license, correct. >> that's true. >> maybe they can just carpool and one can drive to school. >> whoever is the oldest they will get their license at
5:47 am
>> did you get your license right away. >> i did right away. i could drive my sophomore year. >> you were the cool kid. >> i was popular. >> popular. >> no. because i could drive. everybody wanted to hang out with me. >> and a million other reasons. >> because your birthday is tomorrow. >> i know it is. getting up there. >> that's why you were early. >> sophomore year, a long time ago. >> let's talk about what's going on outside. what do you say. >> all right. >> reminisce about those days. >> oh, boy, here we go. >> yeah. let me drive us down a different road here. all right, walnut creek you're looking at 680 clear this morning. no reports of drizzle. a lot of thick fog across the north bay along highway 101 from novato towards windsor this morning. faster sunshine, slight warming trend. minor temperature tweaks.
5:48 am
try to get back to average we will get there and then some as we head into the early parts of september. yes, the summer surge is coming. 82 in gilroy, mid to upper 70s in the south bay. up the peninsula, low to mid 70s today and along the coast, low to mid 60s here, maybe not quite as much sunshine as yesterday, late yesterday afternoon but you will need sun glasses from time to time. san francisco and south san francisco, close to average with upper 60s to 70 in sausalito. not a bad day to walk across the golden gate bridge. not as breezy as normal. temperatures mid to upper 70s along our north bay valleys once the fog fades. 71 in richmond, oakland, union city, freemont, 74, 76 in san ramon to brentwood at 83. my accuweather seven-day forecast, milder tomorrow, mid 50s to low 60s. during the afternoon hours temperatures about the same. we get a little touch of the heat friday and it kind of tapers saturday and sunday and the heat really starts to build monday and tuesday.
5:49 am
i will show you the rest of next week coming up. here's alexis, driving the traffic this morning. >> oh, yeah. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza and those metering lights on prettyoday 5:21 the official time. yep, we are busy unless using the carpool lanes you will hav confirm with chp no lanes are blocked. both on the shoulder. down to 20 miles an hour, 16 miles an hour through castro valley approaching the 880 corridor. i think that is speeding bit. westbound 4 antioch to concord, and san rafael to san francisco wide open at 15 minutes. >> thanks. there are new features for security and transparency. accounts that have a lot of followers can add an about this account section so it will show the date the account was created, former user names and advertising information. that important? now youitathe than
5:50 am
just a fake account set up under a popular name and they have an ability to request to be verified. now famous people like, i don't know -- >> beyonce. >> beyonce. have that check like you twitter or on facebook with the pages. >> that's right. scooter maker vespa going electric. >> vespa's first scooter will go on sale in europe about a month and next year here in the united states here's a look at the ride. it will have bluetooth capabilities for your phone, a gps and pedestrian detection. vespa was first introduced more than 70 years ago. i have really thought hard about buying a scooter. >> you have? >> i love them. they're so school. so many here in san francisco. >> okay. wear a helmet. i need you to be safe. >> okay. >> coming up at 6:00, one of the bay area's biggest tourist destinations planning big moves to try to bring in more locals. >> first, one company recalling hundreds of products.
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seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> let's get the forecast up there for the giants game because they're going for the sweep against the diamondbacks. back-to-back shutouts. 7:15, 62, dropping down to 60 and if you have a special ticket it's jewish heritage community heritage. a beanie if you have the extra ticket. have fun tonight. >> thanks, mike. check out this fireball blasting through the sky above australia's west coast. people were calling emergency
5:54 am
services thinking they were watching a ufo. they may have been disappointed to find out it was not e.t., probably just a meteor, not an alien spacecraft. you never know. >> that's true. >> likely burned up in the atmosphere because it was going to fast. scientists are trying to find the potential crash site. a recall alert from the 7 on your side team. >> natural medicine company king bio recalling several products because of what it calls purity issues. the recall includes more than 100 medicines for children, adults and pets and expands upon a children's medicine recall the company issued last week. the fda says the products could cause life threatening infections. the full list of the recalled items on our website if you want to get away, norweigian air is offering pretty big discounts to europe. the airline flies out of oakland and for $150 go to barcelona,
5:55 am
london or paris. there is fine print. first of all it's a one-way fair but doesn't include a lot of fees like for a checked bag, reserved seat, or if you plan on eating or need a blanket, all of that is extra. book your flight by september 5th which is next wednesday. alexis, get on it no hey. >> girls trip to paris? >> you know what, i'm in. >> right. >> that's -- i'm okay with the extras and everything. we are looking live at the south bay right now. we are looking at pretty light volumes this morning. it is starting to fill in in the usual spots. 101 and 880 slowly filling in there. mass transit okay, major track repairs between 19th and west oakland stations. free bus bridge set up instead of trains between the spots. that is all day saturday, sunday and monday. we're expecting lengthy delays once again. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> all right.
5:56 am
thank you very much. freemont unified school district going back to school, 57 this morning and grab the sunglasses and enjoy 73 once the first day ends. have a great year. a look at what's happening next week through the second week of september. warmer than average temperatures on the way as the upper midwest starts to get cool. a pretty typical pattern. look how active in the tropics. a tropical storm, two of them norman and mariam and both are going to stay away from hawaii this time. >> that is a relief. thank you. a heartfelt thank you for fire crews from a young man who is familiar with crossing finish lines than fire lines. >> abc 7 news was at san francisco's fisherman's wharf where charlie kimble stop. they helped put out the north bay fires last year and several of them also responded to fires in southern california including one that threatened kimble's family. >> it's tough but when you see
5:57 am
it at home and how strong that community is from the first responders through to the relief efforts and people helping to rebuild it shows the strength of communities. >> sonoma raceway sponsored yesterday's event. kimble is in the bay area to compete in the indy car grand prix of sonoma that's happening next month. new at 6:00, a city that approved an emergency protection to pay renters who get eviktsct thieves hit an apple store this time in the east bay. reese witherspoon tonight dare to dream big. on friday, sept 7th, join stand up to cancer for all the inspiration all the laughter kevin heart if you change one letter in 'cancer' it becomes 'dancer', what!? all the stars tom hanks keep this movement going strong. every network every star kevin bacon dream big with us.
5:58 am
one night to save lives get ready to see it all tune in live friday, sept 7, 87c
5:59 am
good morning, bay area. >> let's get up and get going. >> this is morning. coming up on 6:00 a.m. on wednesday, august 29th. natasha has the day off. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here is meteorologist mike nicco.
6:00 am
>> that's a mouthful. >> i say it in my sleep. >> do you? >> all the time no i'm sure you do. >> honey, you are never more than seven minutes away from me annoying you again. >> that's why you're not sleeping well. >> probably why. good morning, everybody. here's a look at something that could be annoying down at the marine layer, clouds, the absence has allowed some really thick fog to develop from novato all the way up to about windsor along highway 101. you can see half mile there. less than an eighth of a mile, most dangerous in petaluma about a mile in santa rosa. we could see san franciscopetus 40s through 60s. mid 60s to 70 with more sunshine at noon and mid 60s to mid 70s still a little the commute. >> gom. yeah, overall it's been okay. we did have earlier trouble in castro valley trying to bounce back from that. two incidents on northbound 238 before y


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