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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  August 29, 2018 11:00am-11:30am PDT

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live where your live, this is abc 7 news. >> barely open and already robbed. a brand new apple store in the east bay gets hit by thieves and police want you to see the video to help stop what is ballistic missiling missiling -- becoming a disturbing trend. the sixth california apple store robbery happened in walnut creek. amy hollyfield just got an update from police. >> reporter: police tell me they think they will make arrests in this case. they showed us some video, new
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video they just gave us and it is very interesting to watch. you will see the robbery from two different angles and see how it happened so fast in 20 seconds. four people rush in, grab $30,000 worth of merchandise and then run out. what is interesting is watch some of the customers. they are oblivious that this is happening. they don't notice, no one is hurt or threatened, no weapons are involved. this happened on saturday afternoon here in broadway plaza. the video is very valuable to police. they have a good description of the car. they think arrests are imminent and that the people could be to blame for other apple robberies in the bay area. >> absolutely. thanks to a very aware citizen who pulled out her camera. we were able to get a license plate. our investigators are following up right now. >> any good leads? >> we have several good leads that we are following up on? >> are you working with oakland
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police? >> we are working with oakland and emeryville and berkeley police departments as well as several others in the bay area. >> reporter: here is the license plate number and the car that police say they escaped in. they say it was a black mercedes suv license plate 5 srx 835. this is the second attack on an apple store in the bay area in the last week. this is a trend in california. there have been six robberies in the state at apple stores this last month. i got ahold of someone from apple who told me they do not comment on security matters and referred us back to police. reporting ve, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. a fugitive wanted for a hit-and-run crash that killed a 6-year-old girl in 2009 is now back in the bay area. police say the driver was street racing at the time and has been on the run eight years. matt keller is live with where this guy has been all this time.
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>> reporter: police say this case was never a cold case. they had always been searching for justice for lisa xavier. the search led them to guatemala. it took a big team but police finally got their man. >> i'm here to announce the capture, arrest and extradition of shannon steven fox who has been a fugitive from just frs almost eight years. >> reporter: police say fox was street racing in a ford mustang against a honda prelude back on the afternoon of november 12, 2009. his car crashed into a toyota camry carrying a mom, dad and their daughter. 6-year-old lisa xavier was killed. >> the driver of the ford mustang exited his vehicle, got into the vehicle he had been racing with and both suspects escaped from the scene. >> reporter: police named shannon fox as a person of interest. he had an address in east palo
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alto at the time. police say they learned he travelled to the u.s./mexico border and crossed over into central america. he was arrested in guatemala more than seven years later in december of 2016. after several appeals fox was finally extradited back to the u.s. tuesday night, escorted by fbi agents. >> rest assured that my office will take it to the finish line. they have passed the baton to us. we will take it across the finish line. >> reporter: prosecutors are considered charges against the other racer. fox is facing three felony convicted he could be sentenced to 12 years in prison. >> it is my hope that today's announcement provides semblance of closure and helps lisa's family, loved ones to continue to heal from this horrible crime. >> reporter: fox is scheduled to
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be in court tomorrow for arraignment. prosecutors say they are asking for no bail. >> we hope that brings a little bit of peace to lisa's family. new at 11:00, remembering a bay area teenager killed in a crash while on his way to school. a formal prayer service was hell ble lemokyline boulevard and crashing into a tree. he and his twin brother, evan, had just started their senior year. a suspect is due in court. lance sylva and robert mccaffrey were arrested after police found a headless and handless torso inside of brian egg's home. he has been missing since june. authorities have not identified the torso. silla and mccaffrey were booked
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on suspension of homicide. happening now, the body of senator john mccain is lying in state at the arizona state capitol in phoenix. it is the first of four days of funeral service services. servi >> reporter: paying final respects to an american john mccain's body traveling from this funeral home in phoenix here to the arizona capital building, lying in state today a chance for friends and the people he served as senator for six terms to say good bye on what would have been his 82nd birthday. >> he was a great man. hei didn't let this get in the way of that. he was great. >> reporter: mccain lost his battle with brain cancer saturday. rick davis on cnn sharing the war hero's final display of bravery. >> i saw the progression of the disease and what it did to his
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body. his spirit and his mind stayed strong to the end. he was really an inspiration to us. >> reporter: ahead of this, the first of several days of services honoring mccain. close friend and colleague senator lindsey graham urging a continuation of mccain's legacy. >> if you want to help the country be more like john mccain. i believe there is a little john mccain in all of us. and the little of john mccain practiced by a lot of people can make this a really great nation. >> reporter: there will be a memorial service here in phoenix tomorrow before his body is brought to washington, d.c. for two more days of ceremonies celebrating the late senator's life. marcy gonzalez abc news, phoenix. a bay area catholic leader and mccain family friend delivered the invocation. >> let these tears bring blooms in the desert he loved in the
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country he served and in all our hearts, amen. our husband. >> thfather reese met senator mccain when he worked in phoenix as the head of the high school where his sons attended. san francisco showing off a model of what a safe injection site for drug users would look like. mayor london breed will be touring the facility around 11: 11:30. state lawmakers passed a bill for a pilot program which allows people to use heroin and other drugs under supervision. san francisco would become the first city in the u.s. to offer a safe injection site. dozens of employees of facebook say they are getting attacked for their conservative views. the "new york times" reports more than 100 employees have
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signed an online group called facebookers for political diversity. the small group of employees claims their colleagues are quick to attack views that are not liberal or left leaning. the new group has apparently upset other facebook employees. some say their posts are offensive to minorities. we are looking at a sunnier day overall. as you have been telling us it's not as warm as we usually are this time of year. >> we got rid of the fog for a day. we started such a deep hole. you probably noticed when you stepped out especially in clear lake, 49 degrees. we had 52 in morgan hill. we were definitely cooler thanks to the lack of clouds. we were up to nine degrees cooler than we were yesterday morning in places like novado. only san francisco and half moon bay were just a touch warmer. here is what is going to happen as we head into the afternoon hours. we will have moistly sunny conditions.
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you can see a light breeze right now. a gorgeous day to walk across the golden gate bridge. we will stop just a degree short of average in san francisco. everybody else running about three to nine degrees cooler than average especially the farther you are in our inland neighborhood the more likely you stop short of reaching the 80s. the 80s and the 90s are coming back in my accuweather seven day forecast. i will have that coming up. just ahead, the next member of president trump's camp that plans to step
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federal investigators on the scene of a deadly scaffolding collapse in florida. two workers in their 30s fell more than 80 feet in their deaths. it happened at a hotel under construction just outside of disney world. the workers were preparing to pour concrete when the platform gave way. more upheaval at the white house. president trump tweeted that white house council don mcgahn is going to step down after the vote for brett kavanagh after it was revealed he testified for 30 hours. he has had a tenure at the white house. he threatened to resign last year if mr. trump continued to
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press for mueller's removal. president trump is back on attack against attorney general jeff sessions and once again seriously considering firing him according to a new report in the "washington post." linda lopez has more on the new developments. >> reporter: while president trump has publically ramped up attacks against attorney general jeff sessions again in recent weeks. >> i put an attorney general that never took control of the justice department. >> reporter: the "washington post" reports he has been having conversations as recently as this month about firing sessions. trump still fuming about sessions recusing himself from the justice department's investigation into russian interference in the 2016 election. senate republicans who have cautioned the president to keep sessions may now be preparing for president trump's move to fire him possibly after the mid terms. south carolina senator lindsey graham saying tuesday the relationship is beyond repair. >> trump doesn't like him. this relationship is soured.
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i'm not blaming jeff. it can't go on like this. >> reporter: that marks a departure from last year. senator john kennedy of louisiana says he supports sessions but -- >> presidents are entitled to surround themselves with cabinet members and advisers of their own choice. and sometimes you have changes. >> reporter: sessions, however, still enjoying strong support from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. >> i have total confidence in the attorney general. i think he ought to stay where he is. >> reporter: when asked about the report both white house pres secretary sarah huckabee sanders and a spokesperson declined to comment. looking out for bicyclists and safety, the move to connect several cities on the peninsula to make commuting a little less dangerous. let's open up the weather window to show you the glorious
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sunshine that is ready to energize you this afternoon. whether you are out on the bay where you can see the water is calm. make sure you wear the sun screen. it looks like summer. it is goi
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you could generate yourat home.rgy, or to save energy, unplug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. let's open the weather window on san jose. there is still plenty of cloud cover around. it is back and it is going to be here all day today. it will tonight the can see roll back in. we will have more drizzle and a warmer holiday weekend is on tap. if you are heading out now temperatures are warmer than
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this time yesterday. a lot of upper 60s to 70s. let me show you why atmosphere. that is an area of low pressure. while it is bringing an offshore throw it will keep pumping in cool air off the ocean and keep temperatures from getting out of control. you can see the winds coming in from the ocean gusting up to 26 in fairfield. that is a pretty stout sea breeze. temperatures in the mid to upper 70s for most of the south bay. 79 in san jose. we'll have 71 in mill bray. that is your spread on the peninsula. low to mid 60s along the coast with upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco. other than the breeze, what a gorgeous afternoon to be in the city. mid to upper 70s through the valleys. we have the offshore bruise. low to mid 70s along the shore. as you move into the valley
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still no air conditioning needed with 74 at san ramoan. going to the game two shutouts for the giants trying to sweep the as. it's jewish heritage night and you get a cool beanie if you have the special ticket. you may need it by the time the game is over. we start at 62 and drop to 60 degrees. first pitch is around 7:15. wanted to show you sfo. no delays. it is mostly sunny right now. let's talk about what is going to happen for the rest of the day. we have a few clouds but it is definitely brighter with temperatures in the mid 70s to 60s. coat weather comes back by 8:00 as we drop into the mid 60s. low 60s on our way to a not quite as cool morning thanks to the blanket of clouds rolling in. we will have mid to upper 50s and low 60s.
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plans, very busy tropical pattern with norma. they are both tropical storms barely. norman will turn into a hurricane. know this. one pulls away from cabo san lucas and one goes nowhere near hawaii. here is my accuweather seven day forecast. i promise you warmer temperatures as we head through the holiday weekend. it starts with friday when the temperature spikes and the breeze takes over and cools us saturday and sunday. then that warming trend we have been talking about starts on labor day monday and just gets warmer tuesday and it is going am glad that the storms are staying away from the islands. they don't need more rain. >> it would be nice if they got year. city managers from several peninsula cities have gotten together to launch a bike route that connects them according to our bay area news group media
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partners. the peninsula bike way will run from the mountain view sunnyvale border to the red wood city san carlos border. officials say it aims to give cyclists a route and raise awareness for the need for a more direct permanent route. it launches september 8 with a free event starting at 10:00 a.m. looking to fly to europe on the cheap? we may have just the thing. the bargain
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we are on 24/on our abc news app. we posted a link with information on the upcoming strictly bluegrass festival including the lineup. if you are logging on to from your phone make sure to download our news app to get breaking news alerts and watch our next newscast at 4:00 here on abc 7. businesses are reportedly looking to lure more residents to the area. according to the san francisco examiner the wharf community benefit district has proposed a ten year plan has the includes enhancing transit, boosting
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pedestrian access. according to a report in april only about 14% of the 16 million annual visitors were san francisco residents. >> if you want to get away from san francisco or the bay area norwegian air is offering serious discounts to europe. the airline flies out of oakland. for $149 you can go to barcelona, london or paris. that is a one way price and norwegian is a low cost carrier. check the fees for luggage meals and seat assignments. you have to book your flight by september 5. that is a week from today. >> you just got back from england. so where would you go next of those cities? >> barcelona and paris? >> wow. that could spark a really mean,
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nasty fight. can i go to both? probably barcelona. i think they are nicer to americans. >> oh, boy. don't perpetuate that stereotype. i found the french to be very friendly to americans. you just have to try a little bit, mike nicco.
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