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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  August 30, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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drugs at stations on trains and leaving needles behind. >> bart is making progress on another big problem, and that is keeping the stations clean. bart overhauled cleaning standards earlier this supervisors have to do inspections that look for graffiti and areas that need emergency cleaning. bart has hired more cleaners and crews are assigned to zones within the stations they service. good morning to you if you're just joining us. a quick update on your weather and traffic. hi, mike. >> hi. let's talk about the lack of fog, we have it this morning. visibility 8 to 10 miles, pretty much unlimited. we have the cloud cover, it is back. you can see the gray on live doppler 7 and yeah, you may run into a little drizzle this morning. it's very isolated, though. so we'll go mainly cloudy at 7:00. temperatures in the low 60s. we'll stay in the 60s through noon because of the slower sunshine. it's not going to be quite as bright or warm for your lunch as yesterday. 60s at the coast, 70s for the rest of us at 4:00 and back in
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the 60s at 7:00. here is alexis with another update. >> yeah, good morning, mike. i want to head back to the south bay. i did get a little more information. we heard from matt a moment ago at the scene, but we talked to chp. a sig alert and full closure of 680. they updated that closure a little bit. south of alan rock at capitol expressway. sounds like that goes up to berryessa. this is for a shooting investigation. hopefully they will have it open at 5:00. you can still to the 101 corridor or use surface streets around that. everyone else off to a quiet start. traffic moving fine just there. we'll check out a few other commutes around 4:40. on to breaking news in the east bay, an enormous tree crashing down overnight land oggen a bunch of cars. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is there in pleasant hill. what a bad way to start the morning. >> hi, reggie. take a look at the scope of
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this. it is a huge piece of an oak tree that fell and took out six and a half cars according to the homeowner. the main part of the tree is standing. it is a huge oak. it's named emma. she is 350 years old according to the city. they even put a plaque on her to give her a name and talk about her history. it was a section of that tree that snapped off. it was around 12:30 this morning. the homeowner was awake and heard it happen. >> we heard a sound that sounded like someone hit a baseball with a wooden bat. it was a really loud crack. then a big thump. and so my husband and i both jump up and i'm like it's the tree, it's the tree. then it was so surreal when we opened the door and there it was, it covered all the cars and the neighbor's car and the neighbor has a car parked in there and hit that one too. >> this happened on hardy circle
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in pleasant hill. no one was hurt. it fell toward the street, not on the house. it had a couple and four adult children inside. the homeowner thinks the rest of the tree will have to be removed. it's too risky at this point. a bulk is over their bedroom and thinks it is time to remove the tree. there's quite a morning ahead for crews who just have to get all of this part cleaned up and cleared out of here. reporting live in pleasant hill, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> thank you. this morning, senator john mccain's casket will be moved from the arizona state capitol to a phoenix church for a memorial service. his casket will depart then for washington, d.c. >> four days of services started yesterday to honor the arizona senator. near nearly 15,000 people lined up to say good-bye at the capitol where the late senator john mccain has been lying in state. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez ic icon. on hor
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john mccain's sons in their dress uniforms saluting his flag-draped casket carried by an honor guard into the arizona capitol building. mccain's cindy, with this silent display of love. daughter meghan, sobbing, comforted by her brother during this private ceremony on what would have been mendocino complex's 82nd birthday. >> loving god. see our tears. >> reporter: leading up to his death saturday after a year-long battle with brain cancer mccain planned out the details of this week's services including this, lying in state, a chance for the people he served as senator for six terms and as a congressman before that, to say good-bye. so many putting politics aside. >> didn't always agree with everything he did, but we agreed and supported him for being a o. l gdon the nor him for being
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first in line. >> the least i could do for such a great man. hero. rter: james fine driving >> honorable man, a statesman. he just deserves it. >> reporter: the tributes continue thursday with a memorial service here in phoenix. former vice president joe biden chosen by mccain himself to deliver the eulogy. marcy gonzalez, abc news, phoenix. senator mccain will lie in state in the rotunda of the u.s. capitol building in washington, d.c. tomorrow. and there will be a memorial service for him saturday at the national cathedral. abc news will have live coverage of the service. it's set to begin at 6:00 a.m. saturday. you can watch it here on abc 7. we also plan to stream the service live on and on our abc 7 news app. california's dmv may receive a $16.6 million boost in funding to help efforts to cut down the long wait times you're seeing at field offices. the assembly passed a budget bill yesterday.
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some republicans say the bill amounts to a blank check for the dmv. democrats deny that bill is easy money. the bill still needs final approval from the state senate and governor. petaluma police will not respond to certain calls and crimes because of a staffing shortage. if there's a misdemeanor theft with no evidence or suspect leads police will have you file a report on-line. car crashes also on the list. and if there's a collision and the vehicles are safely out of the roadway, no one is hurt, officers will not be responding. the last item vacation checks. those will no longer be done. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. neighborhood temperatures, we'll start in the east bay, castro valley and freemont at 60, oakland at about 65 degrees. very mild this morning. down in san jose we're looking at 87 and it is cloudy right now with a temperature of about 62 degrees. spotty drizzle at best. i ran into a little bit, didn't need the windshield wipers as i
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was coming into san francisco. you will run into the same. this g, de a afternoon and mass transit will have 60s in the city, but barely some 80s out in our inland neighborhoods. so not much of an extreme change there. let's talk about san francisco some more. we start at 60 with cloudy conditions. we'll break out in sunshine and temperatures will hang out in the mid to upper 60s from the coast to the bay today. all right. for the north bay we have mainly cloudy conditions, no fog like we had this morning. 57 degrees. we'll be about 69 with lingering clouds at noon and then mid to upper 70s throughout the afternoon hours and 64 during the evening. east bay valleys what we're seeing in the north bay at least temperature wise. those temperatures should be in the upper 80s to near 90s. another day of comfort but not down in the south bay. sounds like you have a serious situation developing. >> unfortunately. we do. we have a shooting investigation on 680 and that means a closure.
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north bay 680 this is a live look from the scene. and this is right around alam rock. this is where matt keller and his photographer are set up. another live report coming up in about 20 minutes. full closure in the meantime for the shooting investigation. initial calls coming in around 3:00 this morning about this shooting and they have shut down the freeway for this investigation. northbound lanes closed between capitol expressway and berryessa. when we checked in with matt they did say that they were hoping to have this totally wrapped up by about 5:00 or a few minutes after. we'll see if they're able to do that. in the meantime everyone else is fairly quiet. we are looking at the san mateo bridge starting to fill in. westbound 92 still nice and light for those folks leaving hayward. next traffic update in about ten minutes. >> thank you. dark, new details emerge in the mystery of a headless corps in san francisco. the financial crimes that led to a break in the case. a fal resting place in the bay area for hundreds of our
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nation's heros has fall noon disrepair. help may be on the way. google will not be sending a google will not be sending a top executive to congress to
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you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> let's take a look at what's going on around the state. breezy conditions. look how it brings sunshine from
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m monterey and san diego. still hot in palm springs, 108. 80 in sacramento. 81 in chico. 89 in fresno. a breezy 85 in yosemite. let's take a look at tahoe if you're heading up that way. mid 70s today and tomorrow. near 80 the rest of the forecast. the state senate will vote on a bill that would require all public universities to offer abortion medication at campus health centers. the medication uses two pills to induce abortion up to ten weeks into pregnancy. none of the 34 uc or csu campuses offer abortion services. private donors have agreed to pay millions in start-up costs including ultrasound machines and staff training. universities would be required to offer the service by 20 2. disturbing new details in the disappearance of brian egg of san francisco. police are trying to identify a headless and handless corps
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found in his home this month. that body so decomposed the medical examiner reported has to use dna to identify the body and abc 7 news reporter vic lee has more on what we're learning about a person of interest in the case. >> reporter: lance silva, person of interest in the case of missing brian egg. alameda prosecutors say he violate his probation on a grand theft conviction seven years ago. this after san francisco police arrested him two weeks ago for financial crimes, i.d. theft and homicide. these charges related to the disappearance of the 65-year-old man who lived in the south market home. police found a body without a head or hands in a fish tank. but san francisco prosecutors declined to file formal charges saying the investigation continues. abc 7 news obtained this court document which gives an insight into silva's case. egg's neighbors say he
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disappeared some time in june and they would see strangers coming and going from his house. silva and another man were arrested in mid-august after police responded to neighbors' calls that a crime scene cleaning crew was in front of the home. police found egg's credit card believe silva withdrew from egg's bank account. june 1st silva reportedly bought a bmw here at the auto sales lot in newark. he paid $5500. dealership owner sillme remembers the sale. >> what name did he use? >> brian egg. >> reporter: everything looked legit. >> he paid part cash, part card. >> the credit card said it belonged to whom? >> his name, brian egg. >> reporter: when police showed up here august 16th, the day of his arrest, they showed him lance silva's picture. >> it was a picture of the guy that purchased the car from me. >> reporter: vic lee, abc 7 news. in the north bay, the effort
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to restore a neglected piece of military history could get a federal boost. napa congressman mike thompson has introduced a bill to repair the old island cemetery in vallejo. he says it's the final resting place for our heros. the graves of enlisted men, officers and their families buried from 1856 to the 1980s. for years, volunteers who tried to maintain the cemetery have asked for federal help. google is not planning to send its ceo to a hearing next week in washington and now senators are responding by threatening to put an empty chair at the witness table. top executives from facebook and twitter are going but as far as google they plan to send a lower-level executive. lawmakers not happy with the mountainview company's offer and would prefer to hear from larry paige, the ceo of alphabet. the senate committee is investigating russia's interference in the 2016 election and wants to know what
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the companies are doing for the midterms in november. the back-to-back nba champions will play their first preseason game in 30 more days. tonight is a big one for those hoping to be a part of the dance team. final additions will be held at the fieldhouse in walnut creek for the top 41 dancers. more than 150 auditioned at the team's preliminary a auditions. the top 20 dancers will make the team. tonight's auditions will be streamed line on the facebook page starting at 7:00 p.m. ♪ moon slide in the east bay, dozens of people showed off their dance moves to honor michael jackson on what would have been his 60th birthday. abc 7 news was in emeryville have jackson fans met at the bay street center plaza to rock the night away. the evening featured live performances of jackson's hit like "black or white" and "man in the mirror". >> i like that the next
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generation is getting familiar with m.j.'s music. that's cool. >> very cool. >> need to learn about the king of pop. >> should have moonwalked on the green screen. >> i should but i won't. >> i tried. >> i will follow your lead. >> want me to do it? >> yeah. >> i don't know. >> i tried. show you what's going on, get alexis to do it. >> nope. >> no chance. >> i didn't think so. >> you have flat shoes on. we don't. >> oh. >> come on, mike. >> let's move on, shall we? walnut creek here's a look at what's going on. it's about 62 degrees under increasing clouds. brighter this afternoon, not as much sunshine as yesterday. temperatures a slight bit cooler. below average once again. tomorrow that changes and we get back to where we should be for this time of the year and it's going to feel like summer for several days moving forward. right now, every level of coming out of the wes that clouds once the low
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clouds open up. 72 milpitas. on the peninsula, low to mid 70s this afternoon and low to mid 60s along the coast, upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco, little more cloud cover there. mostly sunny across the north bay, mid to upper 70s. mostly sunny along the east bay shore. oakland 72. as you move inland if you haven't had the air conditioner on yet leave it up. tonight's temperatures how about mid to upper 50s. little cooler than this morning. my accuweather seven-day forecast, temperature rising friday, saturday, peaking sunday into monday and holding steady near average tuesday and wednesday. let's get an update from alexis. >> yeah. we do have a sig alert this morning that we're following in the south bay. this is a freeway shooting investigation. that means all northbound lanes of 680 are shut down for this investigation. chp saying officially it's closed between capitol expressway and you can re-enter
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at berryessa. it does sound according to matt keller at our scene that likely happened around alumoc they're hoping to have this done quickly. we will get the latest from matt around 5:00 a.m. hoping to have those lanes back open around 5:00 or just after. we'll see if that happens. in the meantime use capitol avenue for an alternate or king road. bay bridge toll plaza no metering lights yet. that happens around 5:20 most times on a monday through thursday commute. next traffic update coming up just before 5:00. >> thanks. imagine watching us every single morning on an 85 inch tv. >> now imagine me putting on more concealer. samsung is about to make it possible. here's tech bites. >> in today's tech bites the next big thing from samsung. >> the company's first 8k televisions go on sale. it comes in three sizes, the biggest being a massive 85 inches. no word on prices but estimates for the largest version put it over $10,000.
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>> wow. twitter confirming it tested a feature to suggest accounts people may want to unfollow. not us, of course. >> a twitter spokesperson says it's part of a company effort to make sure users have relevant only went to a small group of people. it's not a "game of thrones" but a throne for games. >> look at this. a new video game chair by acor puts three monitors in front of your face and holds a rest of a computer too. >> reclines, switchles and vibrates and responds to the action in your game. >> pretty cool. >> yeah. >> those are your tech bites. orchard supply hardware stores will be history. an effort to save a unique place at one south bay location. >>37 million cars on the road with defective takata air bags. the weather may make them more dangerous. >> steph curry's sister is getting married. how he a maybe you could save energy by weaving your own shoes...
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welcome back. want to take a look at the air quality as we head into the weekend. our temperatures are going to get warmer, looks like our air quality will stay below anything that is unhealthy. go out and have a great time this holiday weekend. >> thank you. a warning this weekend for california car owners. officials say hot and humid ath that recalled airbags will explode if they're deployed. millions of cars still have faulty airbags sold by takata.
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hot weather can cause a chemical propellent in the devices to explode and send the metal parts flying. airbags with defective inflaters are linked to 180 injuries and 20 deaths. more vooex sehicles are set to added to the recall last. people have signed an on-line petition to save a vintage neon sign. the sign is located at the chain's location on west san carlos and royal avenue in san jose. the organizer of the petition says it signify's san jose's agriculture and business history. lowe's announced it will close all of its orchard supply hardware stores by february. let's talk about what's going on. a couple sporting events happening tonight. the first one is in oakland as the mariners are in town to take on the athletics and the mariners are right behind the a's for the last wild card payoff spot. 64, dress for that, 7:05, dropping down to 60.
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football, last preseason game, chargers in town to take on the niners at 7:00. 69 in santa clara, dropping down to 62. at the same time, uc davis is in town to take on san jose state. similar conditions. we still got plenty of tropical activity out there, but just like yesterday, it's going to stay away from mexico and hawaii. good news there. how about you, alexis? >> unfortunately a big problem already this morning in the south bay. this is a live look at police investigation to a freeway ain expressway and berryessa. this is a live look from our crew at the scene. matt keller will have the very latest for us coming up at 5:00 a.m. avoid that. i am starting to see a backup form. you can, of course, stick to the 101 corridor if you want to stick to a freeway or use capitol avenue to get around that if you want to use surface streets. tracy to dublin in the yellow at 35 minutes. westbound 4 antioch to concord
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in the green at 13 and southbound 101 that commute from the north bay looking great. san rafael into san francisco still wide open at 15 minutes. >> thank you. it's a good bet the wedding gift that steph and seth curry gave their sister sydel was not on her registry list. >> we also want to, you know, congratulate you on an amazing career at elon playing volleyball. all you did for the school and program and wanted to give it back to you with a new locker room for sydel curry. enjoy it. >> it's a great feat. as washington once said, legends never die. >> sydel was in the stands for elon university's first game when they played in the new arena. sydel and her fiance will get married on saturday inraic center. it's a big time for the curry family. >> congratulations. >> next at 5:00 a.m., breaking news in the south bay. we are live, where a police investigation has actually shut
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down part of northbound 680. >> the search is on for a mother and daughter on vacation in northern california.
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live where you live, this abc 7 news. a police incident on i-680 in san jose has shut down the freeway in that area. >> good morning to you. it's thursday, august 30th. natasha is off today. that shutdown will clearly impact our morning commute. >> check in now with abc 7 news reporter with more on the investigation and closer. looks like that's ongoing, matt. >> yes, it is. we were hoping to have this freeway open, chp told me 30 to
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40 minutes for this closure but see here at alum rock they still have the northbound on ramp to 680 blocked off. this is being blocked off at capitol expressway all the way up to berryessa road. an issue for people who are driving this early in the morning. an officer told me they got the call from san jose police at 3:00 a.m. a man told investigators he was driving in his black honda accord with a woman between mckey and berryessa when someone shot at him. the man was hit but able to drive off 680 to the 7-eleven parking lot at flickinger. multiple bullet holes were found in the car and his front tire was car. he had no idea why someone shot at him. no word on his condition but he was talking with officers and appearas


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