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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  August 30, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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reporter with more on the investigation and closer. looks like that's ongoing, matt. >> yes, it is. we were hoping to have this freeway open, chp told me 30 to 40 minutes for this closure but see here at alum rock they still have the northbound on ramp to 680 blocked off. this is being blocked off at capitol expressway all the way up to berryessa road. an issue for people who are driving this early in the morning. an officer told me they got the call from san jose police at 3:00 a.m. a man told investigators he was driving in his black honda accord with a woman between mckey and berryessa when someone shot at him. the man was hit but able to drive off 680 to the 7-eleven parking lot at flickinger. multiple bullet holes were found in the car and his front tire was car. he had no idea why someone shot at him. no word on his condition but he was talking with officers and appeared to be okay.
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as far as the traffic situation goes the freeway is blocked off on 680 between capitol and berryessa. live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. >> all right. taking a look at our traffic maps what that is doing to the commute in that area. again with a full closure there, all lanes are blocked on northbound 680 from capitol expressway all the way up to berryessa. this is a sig alert. i'm wondering what just happened with our traffic maps because we did have a backup there just a few moments ago. not sure why that's showing green. it's not green right now. you're backed up almost to the 101 corridor. you can use capitol or king road or stick to 101, that is an option for you this morning. another update on this and check out that delay here in just a few moments. everyone else fairly quiet. check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> thank you very much, alexis. and i'm going to check out with live doppler 7 and show you that we do have a light onshore breeze and cloud cover. you can see the gray everywhere. to fog forming yet. not expecting a lot with the
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cloud cover out there. there is patchy drizzle, but it's very, very light and isolated. you'll notice it's much milder this morning. temperatures back in the upper 50s to low 60s through 7:00. we'll hang on to 60s at noon so the slower sunshine means not as warm as it was yesterday or as bright. we'll have full on sunshine just about, a few high clouds passing through in the 4:00 hour with 60s in the coast, low to upper 70s and most of us right back in the 60s. that's your thursday planner. we'll take a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast for the weekend coming up. here's reggie with more news. >> thanks. developing news, police are asking for your help in finding a canadian mother and daughter who disappeared after landing in sfo for a planned camping trip. >> 29-year-old audrey rodrigue and her 10-year-old daughter emily were last seen at the hotel in burlingame on sunday. they had reservations for a camp site on tuesday but never showed up. >> they released photos of the mother and daughter.
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her boyfriend filed a missing person's report when she stopped communicating with him. >> over the past couple days we haven't been able to get in touch with her and nobody has heard or seen from her and with we're worried about her. >> park rangers told investigators they may have seen the mother and daughter at the camp and the two rented a dark gray 2018 ford focus. if you know anything about their whereabouts contact san mateo sheriff. in the east bay a manhunt is on after a group of robbers held up a hercules family and one of those victims tells abc 7 he was at the home on tuesday afternoon with his wife and 2-year-old son when the men kicked in his front door. they then went after him with a crowbar demanding he give them money and tell them where the family kept its jewelry. >> he tried to hit mend i stood there. he said, don't move. i will hit you and kill you if you move. >> the man says the robbers went through his house looking for anything of value. te suspects then left with a small box.
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all of them wearing masks, gloves and black clothing. in the south bay an eighth grade teacher is out of the classroom after he got arrested for an alleged road rage robbery. what happened next, though, was much more shocking. police say they found a loaded handgun inside the teacher's satchell in the classroom yesterday. charles so was taken into custody. he was wanted in connection with a road rage incident and robbery in san jose. the school district only learned ate the allegations yesterday afternoon and that so cleared background and fingerprint checks as recent as august 17th. >> there's nothing in the record to show there was anything untoward or anything we should worry about. that's another issue that we would like a little clarity on because it's troubling. >> the 35-year-old teacher was booked into santa clara county jail on two felony charges including robbery and possession of a firearm at a school. it's a new normal in california. wildfires start earlier and burn bigger and longer than fires in
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recent years. cal fire reports the number of wildfires so far this year is about 9% higher than average. it's not a big difference, but these fires have burned more than five times the average acreage and this map shows where the wildfires are burning right now including the largest fire ever in california, the mendocino complex. firefighters expect full containment on the mendocino complex on saturday. we're not even a year past the north bay wildfires which rank among the most destructive and deadliest in state history. the impact still being felt in wine country where businesses have seen a drop in tourists. abc 7 news reporter wade freeman went to healedsburg a community struggling to recover. >> reporter: empty glasses, waiting tables, they're a strange sight during tourist season. >> it's never this quiet at noon. >> reporter: the blame? >> the misperception? that wine country is on fire and we're not. >> reporter: hotels, restaurants, tasting rooms all report a drop in business down
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as much as 30%, maybe more. >> we're about a third of what we should be getting in a normal august/september time frame. >> reporter: if anyone would be doing well, look at bill williamson who runs and owns the only free tasting rooms in town. he and others hoped for more with harvest in the dry creek valley. tourists are coming but not as expected. >> we had fires and then fires and mudslides in southern cal and recently a little fire up here and people just contribute now california equals fire country, don't go. >> i think we definitely are starting to feel the effects of the fire, especially with summer we didn't have a lot of tourists in town. i believe they cancelled a lot of their reservations coming out to wine country. >> reporter: some, but not everyone. before she left for this vacation, sue from michigan imagined all of the state in flames. what a surprise she says when she arrived. >> i thought i might see a lot
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of devastation, but they had to drive know it. >> reporter: it is worth noting after the wildfires last october, sales taxes in healdsburg dropped by 11%. they're hoping the numbers this time are better. in healdsburg, sonoma county, wade freeman, abc 7 news. speaking of fires, a better protect homeowners has reached the governor's desk and would stop insurance companies from canceling or denying renewing homeowner policies for a year in places declared an emergency area. and a bill that would create a more uniform emergency alert system for california has made it out of the legislature and awaits governor brown's signature. that measure created largely in response to last year's devastating north bay wildfires. there's been a lot of criticism over the lack of warnings when the fires erupted. this bill would require the creation of guidelines by the offices of emergency services and every county in the state would receive a copy.
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you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast. remember yesterday we didn't have the cloud deck and temperatures were anywhere from about 4 to 13 degrees cooler than 24 hours ago. well the clouds are back and look what they did. they warmed us. we gained all that back. so when you step outside here's the way it feels in our north bay neighborhoods. upper 50s to low 60s in most neighborhoods. clearlake at 48 and about 63 in novato as your extremes. look at the low 60s in napa, american canyon and vallejo. low to mid 60s up and down the bay shore both sides no the south bay and also inland. we'll take you to tracy at 58, daly city about 59. a look at the exploratorium, you can see the cloud cover out there. that's going to be on the way today. gray but glistening sunshine. yard work don't wait until the weekend, it's a holiday weekend, but it's going to be warmer and if you're exercising it's going to be with clean air and pretty comfortable conditions. look at the east bay. you can say the peninsula about the same as this. waking up cloudy this morning, mid 60s. we'll see a break in the cloud
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cover from 10:00 to noon and then total sunshine in the afternoon. we'll jump from the mid 60s to the low 70s. back in the mid 60s this evening. see, there you go pretty much the same thing on the peninsula. take a look at one more neghborhood to the south bay, mostly cloudy and 63 at 8:00. total sunshine at noon near 70 and mid 70s during the afternoon hours. enjoy the comfortable weather. it's getting warmer in the accuweather seven-day forecast. i will have that next. here's alexis. >> i want to take you back to our sig alert this morning. we have a full closure of northbound 680 and san jose. this is a shot from our crew who is live at the scene around alum rock. that closure extends from capitol expressway up to berryessa. that's where you're able to re-enter and again this is ongoing due to a shooting investigation. so initially they were hoping to have the freeway back open by about 5:00 or a little after. i am in touch with our crew. that has not happened. you can use capitol avenue, king road or 6 to 101 for alternates
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today. a head's up for this weekend, bart major track repairs between 19th and west oakland stations that means you will have to get on a bus bridge instead. no trains running between those two. saturday, sunday and monday. >> thank you. happening today, richmond high school will unveil a unique program for immigrant students called international academy. it will give the students a pathway to college and help them adapt to a new culture, learn english and take classes to prepare them for the future. the academy is the only one of its kind in contra costa county. mark davis tells abc 7 it's personal when it comes to his team's donation to save six high school sports. >> last week the oakland unified school district said a budget shortfall would force them to drop ten sports this year. a donation saved girl's golf and three other sports and then came the $250,000 donation from the raiders. >> ready. one, two, three.
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cut. >> reporter: these skyline golfers have known for a couple days their team would be spared the budget ax. today they found out that all ten sports threatened with elimination this year would be okay. >> i feel like high school sports gives us like a sense of community that we don't have in regular education. >> reporter: outside donations including $250,000 from the oakland raiders helped save the day. raiders owner mark davis a product of oakland public schools told us why in an exclusive interview by phone today. >> after school sports were very important to me and kept me out of more trouble than i got in. i've always felt an affection for that. we decided to do the $250,000 to get this thing going and it's based on, you know, the raiders are born in oakland and it's always going to be part of our dna. >> reporter: an earlier anonymous $35,000 donation helped save three sports including girl's golf and girl's lacrosse, but several other sports were left on the bubble
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until the silver and black stepped in including wrestling, swimming, boys golf, boys tennis, boys volleyball, and girls badminton. if you notice several girls sports were in jeopardy so did davis. >> i think the fact that there was such a disproportionate amount of women's sports cut stood out to me in this situation. felt that it was a great thing to help with them. >> reporter: even this girl's golf coach was impressed. >> speaking as a 49er fan, i had to kind of take a deep breath and give thanks to the oakland raiders for making that donation, but because of them, these girls are at the course right now. >> that was eric thomas reporting. many californians love their in-n-out or used to. in-n-out or used to. >> a new app could
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accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." here's a live look at sfo where it's cloudy and 64. i'm guessing we are going to have flight arrival delays. i will let you know as soon as they let me know. next three days you can see today 60s and 70s and the 80s starting to creep in tomorrow and into saturday. i will let you know if that warming trend will continue through the holiday weekend coming up next. here's jessica. >> thank you. new this morning, a campaign on twitter to boycott in-n-out after the fast food chain donated to the california
5:16 am
republican party, filings showing in-n-out gave $25,000 to the gop on tuesday and let me show you some of the reaction on my computer. people found out on twitter and some users began to protest using the #boycott in-n-out. the chair of the democratic party in california said to in-n-out tens of thousands of dollars donated to the republican party, time to boycott in-n-out. let trump and his cronies support these creeps perhaps [ inaudible ]. another user saying i've enjoyed the convenience of the drive-through three miles from my house but no way do they get my money now. not everyone feeling the same. some people said they're going to go there anyway. this user saying i don't care who they donate to and went on to say that hey, they talk about -- [ inaudible ] on their food with their bible verses and i can live with that saying it's not a problem for them.
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reggie? >> thanks. today's "gma" first look the florida governor race turning into a bitter partisan fight which includes accusations of racism. abc news has the details. >> reporter: in this morning's "gma" first look the president's pick republican nominee for governor of florida ron desantis facing fierce backlash for this comment about his african-american opponent. >> the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state. >> reporter: those comments attacking tallahassee mayor andrew gillum, the state's first ever black nominee for governor, the head of the florida democratic party declaring it's disgusting that ron desantis is launching his general election campaign with racist dog whistles. team desantis saying he was referring to gillum's policies calling the claims of racism absurd. overnight gillum not mincing words. >> he's apparently given up the
5:18 am
whistle and they've gone to the bullhorn. >> reporter: a live report from florida at 7:00 a.m. with your "gma" first look abc news, miami. a santa monica firm with help from the usgs is working on an app that could give feel a few seconds warning before an earthquake hits. >> the quake alert app gave them a 12 seconds head's up in southern california. the app can tell the expected arrival time of the earthquake, distance from the epicenter and the expected intensity and uses real-time data from nearly 900 usgs sensors placed along several different west coast fault lines and sends early warning alerts to user cell phones. >> the people are concerned about the big one and that is loaded into here, where we have the san andreas from the salt and see and in l.a. if we run that, you can see we get roughly about 50 plus seconds of warning for that scenario. >> the alert gives emergency
5:19 am
crews a jump on the shaking and right now the app is still in a beta testing phase with a goal of releasing publicly next year. this would be amazing if we could get this done. >> we were talking the other day about usgs being able to predict three seconds for the l.a. quake, so a 12-second or 50-second would be kind of what we've been working toward. >> any little bit helps. >> you have to -- i think the parameters have to be understood the fact that the farther you're away from the epicenter the more lead time you will get. the three seconds in l.a. or the epicenter was here but the three seconds was way over here. if you're at the epi center you're getting no lead time at all. >> sure. >> which is unfortunate because that's where most of the energy is and most of the damage is going to be. yes, it's great that it works for everybody else farther away. if we can somehow predict before it erupts that will help more. i like what they're doing, don't get me wrong. >> any steps towards an alert system would be nice when they really have a big quake. >> i just want to make sure people understand if you're on
5:20 am
the epicenter you're still not getting any warning. if you are away you will get warning. that's great. we need that. i'm glad we're seeing that. a lot of smart people working on that. hopefully they can get that figured out also. it's about 5:20. let's take a look and show you what's going on. you are never more than seven minutes away, san rafael, comfortable highs again today as we stave off summer heat for one more day. mostly sunny this afternoon after that cloudy start. clouds will come back tonight, areas of drizzle and the extended back to summer warmth. not seeing anything extreme. just kind of back to average. a look at the cloud cover this morning and the drizzle. and you can see most of that back to the bay if not the coast. the bay will have a few clouds around but not going to be as sunny as yesterday. by 3:00 we're pretty much clear everywhere. few pockets of sunshine at the coast and see by 7:00 the march east is beginning. temperatures down in the south bay we should be about 82 in san jose, 77 today. the 80s around morgan hill and
5:21 am
gilroy. everybody else low to mid 70s. low to mid on the peninsula today. redwood city your high should be about 82. you're about 73. millbrae your high around 74, you're at 70. san francisco is close to average, 69. your high will be 68. up in the north bay we're about ten degrees cooler with mid to upper 70s. along the east bay shore, two to four degrees cooler than average. comfortable, look at that, mid 70s there. as we move inland this is where we're seeing the biggest drop in temperatures, 80s and 90s, we're in the upper 70s to low 80s. my temperatures for tonight and cooler than this morning. how about the weekend. so we know it's going to get a little warmer tomorrow and again saturday. then we'll see a touch of 90s sunday and monday inland, 80s around the bay but still that free air conditioning at the coast. mid 60s for the holiday weekend. hey, alexis. >> good morning, mike. really not too much has changed here. we still have our sig alert, our biggest issue of the morning is the shooting investigation. chp has a full closure of northbound 680 between capitol
5:22 am
expressway up to berryessa. that's where you will be able to re-enter the roadway i should say. unfortunately kind of past the initial estimate of when that could reopen, so 5:00 a.m. that did not happen and here we are getting further into the commute. so far looking like less than ten-minute delay right now on northbound 680 but you're going to have to exit and use capitol avenue for an alternate, king road or stick to the 101 corridor to get around the closure. hopefully we will have an update from matt keller live at the scene for us. bay bridge toll plaza is filling in. so far we have not gotten official word that the metering lights are on. a quick check of drive times it has been quiet everywhere else. 44 minutes out of the central valley but no delays southbound 680 out of dublin or northbound 85 through the southbound. >> thanks. >> thanks.
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freeway closure in the south bay due to a shooting investigation. all lanes of 680 are shut down between capitol expressway and berryessa. matt keller is live for us at the scene and we'll get the latest from him and hopefully an estimate on when lanes will reopen that's coming up at 5:30. number two, right now crews are cleaning up in pleasant hill after a part of a huge oak tree fell on six and a half cars, part of the 350-year-old oak snapped off just after midnight on hardy circle. nobody was hurt. a memorial service will be held for arizona senator john mccain at phoenix baptist church. his casket will be flown to washington, d.c., for another service tomorrow. number four, the san mateo county sheriff's office is looking for 29-year-old audrey rodrigue and her 10-year-old daughter emily. the two arrived from canada sunday, never showed up to their camp site near the oregon border. number five, a san jose teacher is out of the classroom this morning after he got arrested for an alleged road rage robbery. police say they also found a loaded handgun inside the
5:26 am
teacher's bag. charles so was arrested at chaboya middle school yesterday. number six, let's open the weather window on the roof camera, the sea breeze is light but the clouds are back. that means temperatures away from the coast in san francisco anywhere from about three to eight degrees cooler than average. and number seven, if you're looking for love you may want to book a flight. a new study from british bank hsbc suggest one in 50 -- >> one in 50 is a lot. >> one in 50 passengers meet the love of their life on board an aircraft. i guess the other people annoy each other when sitting next to each other trying to maybe get a date. >> i think i told you this before, one of my former coanchors met her husband on a plane and now they have two kids and live happily ever after. >> that's awesome. >> maybe one day. >> on a plane. >> we'll see. coming back with another 90s minutes of news including the crimes police in one north bay community will no longer respond
5:27 am
to. the progress bart says it's the progress bart says it's making in tacklin
5:28 am
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. a freeway shooting in the south bay closes part of i-680. we're live at the scene of that investigation. an east bay neighborhood was jolted awake this morning. a look at the mess they found on the street. >> this is an interesting story, a life-saving kiss goes viral. the doctor who saved a man by performing cpr on their first day. >> you can't wait to hear how the story ends up. it's really neat. >> talk about making the rights choice for your first day. >> no kidding. >> always go with a doctor anyway. >> yeah. >> it's thursday, august 30th. 5:29 in the morning. thanks for joining us. >> natasha is off and you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. let's kick things off with mike
5:30 am
nicco. >> off to a great start this morning and a little drizzle out there. we have returned to our ways after starting off relatively sunny yesterday. you can see all the gray on live doppler 7. you can see it's not really fog. it's just marine layer, low clouds and mild temperatures. upper 50s to mid 60s through 7:00. mid to upper 60s are at noon. a little less sunshine. we'll call it partly sunny, still not bad to be outside. we'll stay in the mid 60s, comfortable conditions at 4:00 with passing high clouds and we'll be in the 60s at 7:00. here's alexis. >> all right. good morning, mike. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. starting to fill in. those metering lights on officially at 5:23 this morning. not quite as early as yesterday but close. just a couple minutes later. our traffic issue this morning is the full closure of northbound 680 betwee capitol expressway and berryessa. this is an ongoing shooting investigation. right now you will have to take either capitol avenue, king road or 101 for an alternate, but
5:31 am
looking at the traffic flows 101 has filled in. i think a lot of folks are using that. abc 7 news reporter matt keller live on the scene for pus. wat can you tell us? >> good morning. a tough commute for people trying to get on northbound 680 here at alum rock avenue. they're going to have to drive right on by from this on ramp. i was told this was supposed to be a short closure, 30 to 40 minutes, that timeline has passed and this is entering its second hour and no word, though, on when it's going to be reopening. the chp told me if they find some evidence like a bullet casing then the closure will be longer. this is new video of the closure capitol expressway, northbound traffic taken off the road. the shooting before 3:00 this morning. a man told investigators he was driving in his honda accord with a woman on northbound 680 between mckey and berryessa when someone shot at him and the man was hit and able to drive off 680 to the 7-eleven parking lot at flickinger.
5:32 am
multiple bullet holes found in the car and the front tire was gone. he told officers he had no idea why someone would shoot at him. the man was taken to the hospital to be treated. no word on his condition but he was talking and appeared to be okay. we will monitor the sway and let you know when 680 is back open. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> thank you. on to more breaking news we're tracking in the east bay, an enormous tree crashing down overnight and landing on a bunch of different cars. >> yeah. a lot of damage but it could have been worse. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield is live in pleasant hill, amy? >> hi, reggie. they made a lot of progress out here on the cleanup effort and cleared the street. city crews were out here trying to clear the pathway because the tree was lying across the street here that took out seven cars lining both sides of this street. they left chunks of the tree for a private company to come finish up and get the rest of this cleaned up. at least cars can now get through here for now.
5:33 am
this isn't the whole tree, this is a section that snapped off around 12:30 this morning. the homeowner heard it and it sounded like a crack of the wood bat hitting a baseball the crack sound and then heard a thud and immediately knew it was the tree but still couldn't believe what she saw when she opened the door. >> i was scared. i was scared it was going to fall the rest of the way and take out my house and it was just really a lot of stress. >> reporter: no one was hurt and the house is okay. it fell away from the house and toward the street. this is hardy circle in pleasant hill. this is a huge branch from a 350-year-old oak tree named emma. the city put a plaque on it and named it. the homeowner thinks the rest of the tree will have to be taken down. it is huge and it is beautiful. but she says it's just not the risk. a huge part is right over her
5:34 am
master bedroom. she says she thinks it has to come down. reporting live in pleasant hill, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> glad nobody got hurt. new this morning the family of a missing stockton girl who investigators say ran off with her high schooling wrestling coach she's in a romantic relationship with is pleading for her to return. >> the 16-year-old named alexis disappeared more than a week and her family says she left a note saying they did nothing wrong and received a text message saying she was safe at a friend's house. the coach is identified as 25-year-old phil maglae the school district says he passed a background check. >> i just want to see her face. i just want to hear her i don't know. >> the san joaquin sheriff's office says they could be traveling in a toyota truck. john mccain's casket will be
5:35 am
moved from the arizona state capitol to a phoenix church for a memorial service. his casket will then depart for washington, d.c. >> four days of services started to honor the arizona senator. nearly 15,000 people lined up to say good-bye at the arizona capitol. that's where he has been lying in state. >> didn't always agree with what he did, but we honored him as a p.o.w. >> honorable man, a statesman, he deserves it. >> former vice president joe biden chosen by senator mccain himself will deliver the eulogy at the service. senator mccain will lie in state in the rotunda of the u.s. capitol building in washington, d.c. tomorrow. there will be memorial service for him. the service is set to begin at 6:00 a.m. on saturday and watch it on abc 7. we plan to stream the service live at and on the
5:36 am
abc 7 news app. more problems for bart, officers found a young man dead inside a bathroom surrounded by drug paraphernalia. in the bay fair station in san leandro. the discovery was made just before 9:30 last night and trains did not stop at the station because of all the police activity. we have few details except the man was likely in his 20s or 30s. bart has been dealing with an ongoing problem of people using drugs at stations and on their trains and problems with needles being left behind. bart says it is making progress keeping the stations clean. bart overhauled cleaning standards earlier this year. supervisors have to do daily inspections and look for things like new graffiti in areas that need cleaning. bart has hired more cleaners and crews are assigned to zones within the stations they service. you are never more than seven minutes away from my accuweather forecast.
5:37 am
let's start in the south bay where we have 59 in saratoga. los gatos up in the hills 56. the rest of us about 60. to 63 degrees in san jose and mountain view. newark and san carlos and lafayette and alameda. novato was 48 degrees yesterday. 61. that's what the cloud deck will do. let's take a look at what's going on. looking at emeryville, you can see it looks a little hazy but that's just the low clouds, maybe a spot of mist here and there. drizzle during the morning commute. so a little bit of caution needed there. a light breeze if you're on the ferry today. mass transit still looking at comfortable temperatures. look at san francisco still have cloudy and drizzle through 10:00 and then the clouds start to open up this afternoon. we'll call it partly cloudy and temperatures in the mid 60s, even a few upper 60s on the bayside. in the north bay, no fog this morning, but we have cloud cover out there and 57. then we'll jump to near 70 at noon and more sunshine this afternoon temperatures in the
5:38 am
mid to upper 70s and our last stop will be our east bay valleys where we are enjoying free air conditioning 61 this morning, 70 by noon and mid to upper 70s this afternoon. back to about 68 by 8:00. so the heat is coming. i'll let you know how extreme for the holiday weekend next. we've had extreme events in the south bay and what else are you watching? >> we have a few other things going on. that is the biggest one. police are investigating a freeway shooting and that has all lanes of northbound 680 closed in san jose between capitol expressway and berryessa road. a live look at the scene. matt keller and his photographer set up there for us this morning. they're right around alum rock where obviously that on ramp is closed, folks not able to enter the freeway. surface streets are an option. use capitol avenue or king road and it does look like a lot of folks are using 101 for an alternate too. checking out drive times, santa rosa to petaluma, 15 minutes, there you go, there are the delays on northbound 101, 280
5:39 am
and 680 heavy at 21 minutes. want to head back to emeryville, mike just showed you this camera, taking a look at the weather, but we also have a traffic break going right now. chp doing that. we had a disabled tanker truck on the shoulder near ashby. some slight delays if you are coming in from richmond or el cerrito to the maze. next traffic update in just about ten minutes. >> thank you. happening today after eight years on the run, a fugitive wanted for a fatal hit-and-run crash that killed a 6-year-old girl is scheduled to be arraigned. police say the now 33-year-old shannon fox was street racing in a ford mustang against a honda prelude on willow road at bayfront expressway in november of 2009 and say his car crashed into a toyota camry carrying a family including 6-year-old lisa xavier who was killed. authorities say fox left the country and eventually winding up in guatemala where he got arrested in 2016, after several
5:40 am
appeals in guatemalan courts he was extradited back to the u.s. tuesday night. in the north bay, petaluma police say because of staffing shortages they will not be responding to certain calls and certain crimes. if there's a misdemeanor theft with no evidence or suspect leads police will have you file a report on-line. car crashes also on the list. if there's a crash and the vehicles are safely out of the roadway and no one is hurt, officers will not be responding. the last item vacation checks. those will no longer be done. dark new details emerge in the mystery of a headless corps in san francisco. the financial crimes that led to a break in the case. a final resting place in the bay area for hundreds of heros bay area for hundreds of heros has
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5:42 am
to form a micro-barrier against paint bleed, giving you the sharpest lines possible. get professional results with frogtape... no messy lines, no paint bleed. for sharp lines every time, frog it!
5:43 am
you are never more than seven minutes away from yo accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> the quiet and cool weather to monterey, chico 81, look at fresno 89 degrees. warmer at least compared to average around san diego and l.a., low to mid 80s, 108 in palm springs. a greater look at tahoe and we're below average in the mid 70s today and tomorrow. then we'll jump to around 80 saturday through the early parts of next week. >> thank you. the state senate will vote on a bill to require public
5:44 am
universities to offer abortion medication at campus health centers. they use two pills to induce abortion up to ten weeks in pregnancy. none of the campuses currently offers abortion services. private donors have agreed to pay millions of dollars in start-up costs including ultrasound machines and staff training. universities would be required to offer the service by 2022. a gruesome discovery a headless and handless torso. brian egg is missing. police found the torso inside egg's south market home, but it's unclear whether they're his remains. lance silva is a person of interest in this case. he was in court yesterday for an unrelated probation violation. right now he is not facing charges in the egg case. the investigation is still ongoing. abc 7 news has learned silva bought a bmw in newk in june and paid $5500 and the
5:45 am
dealership owner remembers the sale. >> what name did he use? >> brian egg. >> he paid part cash, part card. >> the credit card said it belonged to whom? >> his name, brian egg. >> police showed up to the dealership the day he they arrested silva and showed the owner lance silva's picture and he confirmed it was the same guy that purchased the bmw. in the north bay the effort to restore this neglected piece of military history could get a federal boost. napa congressman mike thompson introduced a bill to repair the old naval cemetery in vallejo. he says it is the final resting place for hundreds of our nation's heros. the cemetery includes the graves of enlisted men, officers and their families buried from 1856 to the 1980s. for years volunteers who try to maintain that cemetery have asked for federal help. google is not planning to send its ceo to a hearing next week in washington and now senators are responding by
5:46 am
threatening to put an empty chair at the witness table. top executives from facebook and twitter are going to be there, but google plans on sending a lower level executive. lawmakers are not happy with the mountain view company's offer and would prefer to hear from larry page the ceo of alphabet, google's parent company. the senate committee is investigating russia's interference in the 2016 election an wants to know what the companies are doing for the midterms in november. the turnover continues at the white house with the top lawyer planning to leave in the fall. counsel don mcgahn is the late toast depart and he has played a key role in the trump administration's handing of the russia investigation. the president says mcgahn's exit has nothing to do with the interviews he gave to robert mueller's team. he reportedly spoke to investigators for more than 30 hours about russia interference with the 2016 election. it was the kiss to remember. ten months ago max montgomery and andie traynor went paddle
5:47 am
boarding and montgomery suffered a heart attack on the beach and look at this, luckily, traynor is a doctor and she performed mouth to mouth until emergency crews arrived and now get this, ten months later, traynor still has montgomery's heart. the two are still dating. >> i'm happy to hear that. that could have gone another way. >> yeah. >> that is quite the first date. does this look like the breakfast of champions to you? >> no. >> your eyes are not playing tricks. those are froot loopsdoughnuts. carl's jr. is where you can get them and they come in five colors and supposedly taste just like the cereal. they come in packs of five and they go for $2. >> i don't think so. i don't want a green doughnut. sorry. >> how could we add more sugar to a doughnut? >> right. do they have different flavors or are they the same but different colors. >> kind of the same no all tastes like artificial? >> yeah. >> artificial and sugar.
5:48 am
okay. >> yeah. that has to be a lot of artificial dye in the doughnuts too to get them that color. >> we're not very enthusiastic about these are we? >> i love froot loops though. >> the tu can can make a cereal. >> like a toy. >> if you got a toy, mike. >> exactly. that's what i want, toys. as far as what's going on weather wise our toys are telling us, shouldn't call them toys to the boss, our very expensive high-tech equipment is showing us that we've got clouds around the exploratorium and you can see it's pretty quiet right here but there is patchy drizzle to be had. it will become brighter this afternoon so have the sunglasses. you will need it. the warming trend arriving tomorrow and it will feel like summer as we say good-bye over the holiday weekend. all levels of the atmosphere where the weather takes place coming ashore and we will be cooler than average and a mostly sunny afternoon, few passing high clouds once the low clouds
5:49 am
leave us around theunch hour. mid to upper 70s for the south bay. morgan hill and gilroy 80s. peninsula not much of a change nor at the coast, mid 60s. upper 60s in downtown and south san francisco. maybe about two degrees, three degrees cooler than yesterday. up along the north bay 80s around lakeport and ukiah, mid to upper 70s where it's not on fire so go up there and enjoy. not very long lines. a lot of the wineries. 72 at berkeley and richmond and oakland, everybody else 73 to 74. and we'll have upper 70s to low 80s inland in the east bay valleys. brentwood about 83. tonight milder than this morning or cooler if you will. mid to upper 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast we're getting back to average for saturday, even a few 90s sunday and monday. some 80s around the bay. still 60s at the coast. if you want to go have fun. here's alexis. >> all right. good morning, mike. yeah, we've got a serious situation in the south bay this morning. nothing has changed.
5:50 am
full closure of northbound 680 between capitol expressway and berryessa due to a shooting investigation. this is our biggest issue, a sig alert, and we'll have a live report from matt coming up in ten minutes. in the meantime we certainly have delays that are forming both on northbound 680 ahead of the closure and a lot of folks sticking to 101 for an alternate. down to about 11 miles an hour there. you can use surface streets. those are looking better. capitol avenue or king road if you're going to be just a little bit east of the 680 corridor. ha definitely some headaches there. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights on fairly early once again today at 5:23 the official time and a quick check of mass transit okay but head's up again this weekend the track repair for bart between 19th and west oakland stations you have to take a bus bridge instead. new numbers showing how devastating wildfires have been this year and the push to create
5:51 am
a better emergency alert system. >> first, steph curry's sister getting married. getting married. he and
5:52 am
5:53 am
seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." wondering about the air quality as we head into the holiday weekend it is going to be fine. good to moderate no unhealthy levels forecasted right now. some of the heat and football games coming our way this evening. next. a warning for california car owners, officials say hot and humid weather can increase the chance recalled airbags will explode if they're deployed. millions of cars still have faulty airbags sold by takata. hot weather can cause a chemical propellent in the devices to
5:54 am
explode and send metal parts flying. airbags with defective inflaters are linked to 180 injuries and 20 deaths and more vehicles set to be added to the recall list in the year. more than 1300 people have signed an on-line petition to save a minute annual neon supply hardware sign. the sign located at the chain's original location on west san carlos street and royal avenue in san jose. the organizer of the petition says it signifies san jose's agricultural and business history. earlier this month lowe's announced it will be closing its stores by february. a historic san francisco mansion that went for $10,000 a night on airbnb is undergoing a transformation. drone view 7 gives us a look at the payne mansion on sutter street. it's being renovated to become a posh 14-room hotel, restaurant and bar. the hotel will be called appropriately enough, mansion on sutter. the restaurant is being named 1881. that is the year the mansion
5:55 am
dates back to. the mansion's new owner is being careful to keep the turn of the century character and rooms are still going to be pricey. 600 to $700 a night. plans are in the works for a speak easy bar in the basement. maybe we can afford a manhattan. >> i was thinking maybe i could go to happy hour and get one drink. that might be it. get myself an uber home after that. taking a look at our issue we have a full closure of 680 in san jose. this is between capitol expressway and berryessa. again, we still don't have an estimate on when the roadway will reopen but we're looking at a 15-minute delay on northbound 680 and northbound 101. a lot of folks using that for an alternate instead. everyone else looking pretty good, richmond-san rafael bridge, 7 minutes, 15 minute drive across san mateo and 8 minute drive across dumbarton bridge. let's check in with meteorologist mike nicco. >> baseball first to talk about.
5:56 am
7:05 first pitch at the coliseum. the a's ahead of seattle for the last wild card spot. dress appropriately. we've got the last preseason game for the niners against the chargers and at the same time uc davis at san jose state. temperature will be around 69 at kickoff at 7:00, dropping down to about 62 degrees. let's take a look at the tropics as expected, one storm got a little bit stronger and the other one a little weaker. other one a little weaker. hurricane norman a category hurricane mariam a 1. it is a good bet the wedding gift that steph and seth curry gave their sister sydel was not on her registry list. >> we also want to, you know, congratulate you on an amazing career at elon playing volleyball, for the school and program and wanted to give it back to you. with a new locker room for sydel curry. >> it's a great feat. as washington once said, legends never die.
5:57 am
>> sydel was in the stands for elon university's first game at the new arena when the video was played. sydel and her fiance will get married on saturday in charlotte. lee will try to make the warriors roster at traffic -- training camp. >> parents stunned after police arrest a teacher in the south bay and find a loaded gun in his bag. that story is next at 6:00. >> an animal takes an unwanted ride in a car axle. the rush to rescue the trapped pet.
5:58 am
5:59 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is "abc 7 mornings." >> now at 6:00, the search for a missing mother and daughter who arrived in the bay area last weekend for a camping trip. >> all lanes of northbound 680 still shut down in san jose after an overnight shooting. we are live for you at the
6:00 am
scene. >> it's thursday, august 30th. >> you are never more than seven minutes away from your accuweather forecast. here's meteorologist mike nicco. >> all right. let's have some gray with our morning and there you can see it on live doppler 7. not a strong sea breeze but enough that it brought the blanket of clouds back and isolated areas of drizzle through the commute. very mild temperatures as cool as it was yesterday we're just that much warmer today. we gained everything back. low to mid 60s through 7:00. still mid to upper 60s at noon with slower sunshine than yesterday and our temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s. where are the 80s and 90s? they're coming up in the accuweather seven-day forecast. i will show you the weekend, it's a >> we have to get through the commute first. a big issue in the south bay. live to sky 7 over scene now of this shooting investigation that is ongoing, northbound 680 all lanes are closed. you can see we have officers out with their


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