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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  August 30, 2018 7:00am-8:59am PDT

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he is 84 years old. >> wow. >> happy birthday. >> i love you so much. >> oh. good morning, america. fierce backlash. the firestorm this morning over what this republican candidate in florida said about his african-american opponent's agenda. >> the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up. >> new charges of racism. is president trump the new role model for republican candidates? what the president is saying this morning. saying good-bye to an american hero. the nation honoring senator john mccain, thousands lining up in blistering heat to pay their respects, and the powerful moments mccain's wife cindy kissing her husband's casket. daughter meghan breaking down in tears. now what former vice president joe biden is preparing to say this morning. new outrage. after three suspects accused of extremism and abusing children at this new mexico compound
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training them for shootings now walk free because of a mistake by prosecutors. stunning twist. what we're now learning about this woman seen distressed on a doorbell camera, then vanishing. where police say they found her and what they discovered. a first date to remember. the moment this doctor rushes out of the water to save her date suffering a heart attack on the first time they go out. it was all caught on camera. and sister versus sister. serena and venus williams now set for a u.s. open showdown. their 16th time going head-to-head in a grand slam. what they're saying about it this morning. good morning, america. hope you're well this thursday morning. we are heading into labor day. that means u.s. open time. >> u.s. open time. got a good match, serena and venus meeting in the third round of the u.s. open.
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this is the earliest they played each other in a major tournament in 20 years. it feels like these two just came on the scene. it's been 20 years. >> sister/sister, it's going to be fun to watch. but we do want to begin this morning with the firestorm over comments from a republican candidate in florida. he is president trump's pick in that high-stakes race accused of using racially charged language targeting his african-american opponent. this, of course, just one day after their primary there. abc's victor oquendo leads us off from miami. good morning, victor. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. this race between two very different candidates has just begun but already we have a controversy. just hours after andrew gillum became florida's first ever african-american nominee for governor -- >> we're going to unite this state in ways that are unparalleled in the history of the state of florida. >> reporter: -- his republican opponent, ron desantis, went on the attack. >> the last thing we need to do is to monkey this up by trying
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to embrace a socialist agenda with huge tax increases and bankrupting the state. >> reporter: desantis saying this about his opponent. >> this is a guy who, although he is much too liberal for florida, i think he has huge problems with how he's governed tallahassee. he is an articulate spokesman for those far left views. he is a charismatic candidate. >> reporter: the backlash to those words, monkey this up, instant. the head of the florida democratic party declaring it's disgusting that ron desantis is launching his general election campaign with racist dog whistles. team desantis saying he was referring to gillum's policies calling the claims of racism quote, absurd. their statement read on fox news but the anchor adding w his allegiance for president trump. >> ron loves playing with the kids. >> build the wall. >> he reads stories. >> then mr. trump said, you're
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fired. i love that part. >> reporter: when asked on wednesday about desantis' comments, the president had said he had not heard them, but spoke highly of desantis. >> he's an extreme talent and he will make a fantastic governor of florida. >> reporter: before he won the nomination, trump endorsing desantis, even speaking at a campaign event. >> he's tough. he's smart and he loves florida and he loves our country. >> reporter: overnight gillum responding to his opponent, not mincing words. >> he's apparently giving up the whistle. they've gone to the bull horn with these kind of tactics but they're not going to work. we tried this one time. donald trump. this is a page from his playbook. >> victor, we saw the president in your piece. let's go back to that. he was asked point-blank if he heard these comments and he said no, despite the fact that this was all over the news. >> reporter: that's right, cecilia. and the president still hasn't weighed in on this. when asked, he called desantis extraordinary and said he would make a fantastic governor. cecilia. >> victor, thank you. we turn to the nation's
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farewell to john mccain. so many lining up to honor the american hero as he lies in state at the arizona state capitol, mourned by his wife cindy, daughter meghan and the entire mccain family, and this morning, memorial service where political foe and close friend, joe biden, will speak at the national cathedral later this week. our senior national correspondent terry moran is in phoenix. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. we're told 15,000 people waited in those lines to pay their last respects to john mccain at the state capitol and today in a few hours he'll be brought to the north bapist church for a service that mixes personal and political. his daughter bridget will deliver one of the readings and the eulogies will include one by larry fitzgerald, the wide receiver of his beloved arizona cardinals and senator joe biden, a political opponent and dear friend. today, john mccain will be honored one last time in the state he called home for nearly
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four decades. it follows an emotional day in arizona, the motorcade bearing john mccain arriving at the capitol in silence. cindy mccain stepping forward supported by her two sons in their dress uniforms. jack, a navy helicopter pilot and jimmy an army sergeant. meghan mccain sobbing, overcome with grief, comforted by her brother. >> loving god, see our tears. >> reporter: when it was over, there was cindy mccain and that piercing moment of tenderness and sorrow. his seven children coming forward one by one to honor their father on what would have been his 82nd birthday. >> when meghan mccain walked about three feet in front of me -- i started to tear i know whatckunr dil tention beuse of the at. but thousands across both sides of the political aisle braved the temperatures for hours to say good-bye to this adopted son of arizona.
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>> he was a true american. you know, fabulous american. and there will never be another john mccain ever. >> reporter: in a few hours his casket will be taken from the state capitol to the north phoenix baptist church. it's here where formal political opponent and dear friend joe biden will give a eulogy at his memorial service, a choice made by john mccain himself. john mccain asked joe biden to deliver this eulogy in person when biden visited his ranch in april, and biden said he wants to deliver a eulogy that shows how their personal connection transcended their political differences and pay tribute to john mccain's decades of service to our country. george. >> they served together. terry moran, thanks very much. to the white house where president trump increasingly appears to be running administration by twitter. just yesterday he used his feed to contradict his defense secretary's take on china, push the chief justice of the supreme court to take action, and surprise his white house counsel.
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our chief white house correspondent jon karl tracking it all and, jon, the president also had a defying take on that staggering increase in the death toll from hurricane maria. >> reporter: he sure did, george. in the past he has rated his response to puerto rico a 10 out of 10 and now even with the grim new assessment of the death toll, the president is insisting that his administration did a, quote, fantastic job. at an anti-drug event wednesday the president was asked about a new report on hurricane maria that shows the death toll was much higher than the government had claimed. nearly 3,000 killed in puerto rico. the president's take was unconventional to say the least. >> i think we did a fantastic job in puerto rico. we're still helping puerto rico. puerto rico had a lot of difficulties before it got hit and we're straightening out those difficulties even now. >> reporter: it was after that meeting that the president took to twitter to address the unraveling effort to get north korea to give up its nuclear weapons.ow see diant memory
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the president himself on friday called off a planned trip by secretary of state pompeo to pyongyang, citing a lack of progress, and the north koreans lashed out over the weekend, accusing the u.s. of hatching a criminal plot to unleash a war. enter president trump. in a lengthy series of tweets titled "statement from the white house," the president at first blamed china for the breakdown in talks, then praised his relationship with kim jong-un, tweeting, he believes his relationship with kim jong-un is a very good and warm one. he then even lavished praise on china's leader, but the statement seemed to contradict the position of his own defense secretary on the key issue of joint u.s./south korean military exercises which had been called off. >> we have no plans at this time to suspend any more exercises. >> reporter: the president said there is no reason at this time to be spending large amounts of money on joint u.s./south korea war games. but even as the president said
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the exercises were still canceled and unnecessary, he concluded his twitter announcement by saying, they could come back, quote, far bigger than ever before. >> the president back on twitter again this morning. going back to the white counsel don mcgahn had been expected to leave but the announcement on twitter was a surprise. his departure is going to create a vacuum as the white house faces multiplying investigations. >> reporter: mcgahn was seen as something of a stabilizing force in an often unstable white house. among those most concerned about his departure are republican leaders in congress. in fact, mitch mcconnell, the republican leader in the senate said this is sad news for our country, a big loss for the trump administration and the country. and before it was made official with that tweet that caught many by surprise, chuck grassley, the chairman of the judiciary committee, said you can't let this happen. >> but apparently it has happened and mcgahn also testified for about 30 hours before special counsel robert
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mueller. jon karl, thanks very much. michael. >> thank you, george. now to that outrage this morning after three suspects accused of extremism and abusing children at a new mexico compound were let go because of a mistake by prosecutors. abc's gio benitez has been following the case. good morning, gio. >> reporter: hey there, michael. a new mexico judge dismissed the child neglect charges because he said he had no discretion to keep them in custody because prosecutors missed the deadline to establish probable cause. outrage after the men and women accused of abusing children at this new mexico compound are released from jail. >> still kept them in jail where they should throw away the key. >> reporter: the five suspects set free because of a missed deadline by prosecutors who failed to hold a preliminary hearing within the ten days mandated by new mexico law. on august 3rd police raided the desert compound finding 11 emaciated children, one 3-year-old found dead. three women and two men arrested
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and charged with child abuse, authorities believe the adults may have been training the children for shootings. >> there was a shooting range built on the west side of the property. >> reporter: the 3-year-old boy found dead at the compound allegedly kidnapped from georgia by one of the suspects, his father, 40-year-old siraj wahhaj, the fbi saying another child told them the boy died during a religious ritual. >> the rituals were to expel demons. >> everyone at the compound prayed to abdul's body and the children were told that abdul would be resurrected and come back as jesus. >> reporter: just minutes after the charges were dropped prosecutors filing new child abuse charges against the father of the 3-year-old boy and his partner. the two pleading not guilty and are still behind bars, but this morning so much outrage over the three who are now free. >> the three who are now free, can they re-file charges against them? >> yeah. if a grand jury indicts them, they can go back to those charges. >> thank you so much, gio. >> tough story. we want to turn to a heated primary battle rigyorkaleain.
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you'll remember her as cynthia nixon of "sex and the city" fame taking on governor andrew cuomo in the democratic primary. the two now going head-to-head in a fiery debate here overnight. >> the subway system -- >> the nta has been controlled by the state since 1965. >> excuse me. can you stop interrupting? can you stop interrupting? >> can you stop lying? >> yeah, as soon as you do. >> yeah. nixon and cuomo clashing over policies and experience. cuomo also shut down speculation he may run for president in 2020 saying, he plans to serve a full term if, in fact, he is re-elected as governor. voters will head to the polls to decide on this on september 13th. that was must-see television here in new york. >> absolutely. thank you for that. now to that stunning twist, that mystery woman caught on camera in the middle of the night ringing a doorbell and then she vanished. well, she's been found and police say she is safe, but they
7:14 am
also made a grim discovery. abc's marcus moore has the story. >> reporter: this mystery woman running frantically door to door desperately ringing doorbells identified as a 32-year-old domestic violence victim overnight. >> the female is safe and she is with family at this time. >> reporter: her 49-year-old boyfriend found dead with a self-inflicted gunshot wound at the couple's texas home near where she was spotted. you can see in this surveillance video just after 3:00 a.m. friday, the distressed woman barefoot, approaching the front porch wearing only a shirt and what looked like restraints on her wrists. >> the male did leave a suicide note with some information to help identify the female and some of the circumstances behind why that occurred. >> reporter: police have not released the woman's name, but she is with her family and safe this morning, and michael, people all across this country are thankful for that. >> i'm sure they are. thank you very much. george?t r,rm pic r iverwhs convict of magern .s beencein prison
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for the shooting death of 15-year-old jordan edwards. the victim's family although thankful for the verdict said it was too light. oliver was convicted after opening fire on a car full of teenagers. killing jordan who was in the passenger seat. dash cam showed it was moving away when oliver opened fire disputing the claim it was backing up and that his partner was in danger of being run over. michael? >> all right, george. thank you. now to the u.s. open. responding to those accusations of sexism after that female player was warned for changing her shirt during a match. well, this morning, she is speaking out. abc's adrienne bankert is here with more. what you got, adrienne? >> well, michael, alize cornet said she had to calm fellow players down w s dsn blamehe cwa sexist or at the least, ridiculous. it might be one of the most talked about moments on the court at the u.s. open. this morning, france's alize cornet speaks out after being
7:16 am
hit with a code violation for switching her shirt around in a tuesday match. >> i was getting worried. i was like, did i do something wrong? am i going to be fined? >> reporter: no fine, but a verbal warning for unsportsmanlike conduct. it infuriated fans. many thought the ruling was sexist because male players are often seen without shirts. the wta calls the violation unfair. in a statement from the u.s. open wednesday, they say, we regret a code violation was assessed to ms. cornet yesterday. we have clarified the policy to ensure this will not happen moving forward. >> i think it was really the mistake from the chair umpire. it was very hot for everybody outside. maybe he was like, i don't know, not knowing exactly what he was doing. >> reporter: the fashion drama comes just days after the debate over the catsuit serena williams wore in the french open now banned by the french tennis federation. cornet had strong words about that. >> we still have some people like the president of my federation that lives in another
7:17 am
time. what he said about serena's catsuit was 10,000 worse than what happened to me on the court yesterday. >> from our conversations with open officials all the men seen shirtless were in their player chairs per policy. there are critics who say if cornet had changed there this wouldn't have been an issue. >> we don't know that because she wasn't there but we still think it was a little extreme, but on friday on the court people talking about the williams versus williams matchup. >> everybody is talking about the game tonight again. venus williams, serena williams. venus is seeded 16, serena is seeded 17, of course, we know she slipped when she went on maternity leave. there has only been one other duo, one other rivalry that can compare to how many times they have gone head-to-head against each other. and i know serena has said multiple times that venus is her toughest opponent. >> but venus got a little -- she wasn't happy with all the questions about her playing her sister when asked. she was like, okay, we're done with these questions. >> also done with the catsuit
7:18 am
talk too. she really just wanted to focus yo aer game. >> y, eingmagefrom kickapoo river in wisconsin that is six feet above record flood stage so this is a really big deal there and unfortunately not just severe storms possible friday for this area and areas to the south and west but a lot more rain in the coming days. let's get to the comfortable cities now brought to you by capital one.
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coming up, a deadly confrontation caught on camera. an uber driver opens fire on a man threatening him. police say it's a textbook case of stand your ground. and the desperate search for a missing california teen who police say disappeared with a wrestling coach. her parents' urgent plea this morning coming up. you don't want to miss this story. coming up. you don't want to miss this story. story. super emma just about sleeps in her cape. i'm super emma. but when we realized she was battling sensitive skin,
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enbrel. fda approved for over 18 years. hi, good morning. i'm jessica castro. let's get right to traffic with alexis smith. we had our eye on 680 all morning long, alexis. everything has cleared. 680 and san jose. a full freeway closure for a shooting investigation for over two hours this morning. that was between capital expressway and from the 280 split there you're slow for about 14-mile-an-hour average and actually the same thing northbound 101 corridor is still struggling through the east san jose area. you're stop and go at 14 miles an hour. jessica? >> that is a little bit of an improvement. about an hour ago you could see
7:24 am
a long line of cars waiting all because of a shooting, about 3:00 this morning. a man told police he was driving his black honda accord when someone shot at him. police say the man was hit but was able to make it to a 7-eleven parking lot before being taken to the hospital. the incident remains under investigation. we'll have updates when ♪ ♪ they're the moderne stone age family. ♪ ♪ from the town of bedrock.
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back in disneyland and disney california adventure parks! let's start off by talking about the commute planner. some spotty drizzle the closer you get to the coast. the fog is not out there because of the cloud cover. look at the mild temperatures in themid-60s. averagatures that will be 60s the coast. 70s around the bay. barely some 80s inland. but they'll be more dominant in the forecast tomorrow and even some 90s as we head through the holiday weekend. 80s around the bay, mid-60s at the coast. next week it will be close to
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average. have a good day. we're going to send it back to "gma."
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welcome back to "gma."enit performance of "hamilton" in london, seen there hanging out with lin-manuel miranda and also the cast of the hit show. and prince harry, he sang a little line. check this out. ♪ you say when i said little line, i meant a little line. he sang two words but he did give it a shot. he actually sounded pretty good. >> only prince harry would make international news singing two words. i'm supposed to read from the prompter "we'll have much more on that ahead." i don't know how much more there is to tell you, but we'll tell you all about what we've got there. plus, an exclusive new detail about meghan's top secret trip and who she went to see coming up. that is all coming up, and
7:31 am
we have a lot of headlines including vice president biden, former vice president biden preparing to speak about his political foe and close friend, the late senator john mccain in spts to the ameranaron roacinerhonor mccain and that is breaking in the northeast today as well. final day of the heat wave. thankfully there is relief in sight, but first facing a heat advisory from new york to rhode island. it's going to feel like the low to mid-90s for millions of people. >> it's been hot. really hot out there. we'll turn to that new case testing the stand your ground law in florida. an uber driver fatally shooting a man who you see here on camera threaten him. abc's steve osunsami is in atlanta this morning, and steve, police are not charging the shooter? >> reporter: no, not at this point, michael. in fact, they say this is a case where the stand your ground law is working as intended. they say that the man who was killed picked a fight with the wrong uber driver.
7:32 am
it's the dashboard video police say shows a textbook stand your ground case, what they say the law was meant for. uber driver robert westlake is in the middle of a fare when this pickup truck starts tailing him and pulls in front of him forcing him to stop. the man who jumps out is 34-year-old jason boek, who police say is in the middle of a fight with his girlfriend and thinks she is in the backseat of this uber. police say the girlfriend was still at this bar in dundee where the two were fighting and the young woman getting a ride is a stranger. >> i say something? >> you know i got a pistol? >> reporter: it happens quickly. you see boek threaten the driver. it appears to be a gun, but isn't. the driver who happens to be a recent police academy graduate and was carrying a firearm shoots him dead and calls police. >> he ran me off road. jumped out of the vehicle. i couldn't get away. he came towards me shouting he's got a pistol, reached for his waistband.
7:33 am
i fired one shot from my pistol. he dropped his cell phone. >> this is a classic stand your ground case. >> reporter: the driver is a free man this morning. police say the shooting was justified, saying that the man who was killed shared his criminal intent when he sent these texts to his girlfriend who he thought was in the car, promising to find her and beat up her uber driver. >> here's a message for the hotheads of the community. don't do that stuff. good people carry guns. and they will shoot you a lot, graveyard dead. leave people alone. it's a new day in the state of florida and in the united states. >> reporter: prosecutors are reviewing this case as they always do when a person is killed. police say that the shooting victim is no stranger to them. he has a long criminal record and was on probation for battery
7:34 am
at the time of the shooting. michael. >> all right, steve, what a message from the sheriff there, thank you so much. george? we want to turn to the urgent search for a 16-year-old california girl who went missing with a high school wrestling coach. this morning we're hearing from her parents and abc's kayna whitworth is in los angeles with the story. good morning, kayna. >> reporter: george, good morning. her father says that he went through his daughter's phone log and saw several calls to her wrestling coach. and now he's pleading with that coach to bring her home safely. this morning, police are searching for missing 16-year-old alexis arthur and her 25-year-old wrestling coach. according to her family the two apparently romantically involved and on the run. her parents begging her to come home. >> i was leaving to go to work tuesday night, you know, it was like a normal night, i'm getting ready, and here she comes, you know, jumps on my back and she is hugging me, like, i love you, dad.
7:35 am
i love you dad, and i'm backing out of the driveway and she is just standing there waving and that's the last time i saw her. >> reporter: police say the teen is in a romantic relationship with phillip maglaya, a volunteer coach at franklin high school in stockton, california, who happens to be nearly a decade older than her. the two took off a week ago and are now believed to be traveling in a truck like this, a 1994 green toyota pick-up. alexis' mother said her daughter, and honor student as as well as the school's top cross-country runner, left them a note. >> the first page says, i love you, mom and dad very much. nothing that you guys did was your fault. >> reporter: just this week a text. >> she said don't worry about me. i'm safe. i'm at a friend's house. i'll talk to you guys again soon. >> we don't even know for sure if it was really her that sent at if itim that was doin >> reporter: her friends say they didn't know about her
7:36 am
alleged relationship with the coach, but say they thought something was off. >> i was so confused because none of us had heard anything and she was stressed out about the homework and she was being absent kind of sporadically. >> reporter: her family wants her safely returned. >> bring my daughter home. >> i just want to see her face. i just want to hear her voice. i just -- i don't know -- it just hurts. you come home and you see your child every day and then one day she just disappears. >> reporter: we checked with the school. they say the wrestling coach was just a volunteer. he wasn't actually paid, but he did undergo a background check and passed. san joaquin county sheriff is asking for everybody's help in this, george. >> they have to get on it. kayna, thanks very much. cecilia? how about good news, shall we? the good samaritans who jumped in to action to save a stranger. take a look. nearly a dozen people caught on
7:37 am
camera rushing in to rescue this woman from her sinking car in a very muddy pond near chicago. they then performed life-saving cpr, joanna girmshine got to meet her heroes who were honored by the illinois state police. here's what joanna had to say. >> i know i have guardian angels looking out for me and made sure it wasn't my time to go. >> sure wasn't. joanna was on life support for five days but thankfully making a full recovery, and i'm told that she and many of her rescuers became friends. her family is very thankful. >> she looks to be in such great shape now but it was tough. >> and the waters were really muddy. this was a true heroic act on their part. >> i'm glad they stay connected. thank you, cecilia. coming up, fake dentist. how do i get this story about a dentist? did this woman pull teeth, write prescriptions and more without a license? the patients telling their stories this morning. teeth, write prescriptions and more without a license. telling their stories this morning. ned down my she shed.
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georgia woman facing felony charges accused of posing as a dentist performing procedures and leaving several with badly damaged teeth and eva pilgrim is here and, eva, police say she had no license and no training? >> reporter: no training. this georgia woman is not a dentist but allegedly has been pretending to be one for years but it doesn't stop there. despite facing charges authorities say she didn't stop, instead moving her practice one county over.
7:42 am
dental deception. according to police, this woman, krista szewczyk, has been drilling performing oral surgery for years despite having no dental training at all. szewczyk is now facing a litany of felony charges including practicing dentistry without a license plus insurance fraud and forging prescriptions. >> i needed two extractions. then i needed a deep clean. >> reporter: david marsh says he was a patient of szewczyk who went in for a routine procedure but just days later he says he was in pain with a tennis ball sized ulcer on his neck. >> it was closing in on my throat and my wife took me to the er and that's where they cut the abscess. >> reporter: the indictment listing out the dental operation szewczyk performed on patients running the gamut from using a drill to smooth a chipped tooth to removing and replacing a crown on a tooth and extracting a tooth with forceps.
7:43 am
>> you're talking about not just simply removing a tooth or cleaning someone's teeth. >> reporter: prosecutors say at least 17 other former patients are accusing what they say was the fake dentist of mistreatment. >> each one of the victims had different operations that were performed on their mouths. these included teeth extraction, including crowns placed on and when those are done incorrectly, they obviously will end with infections. >> reporter: obviously there are two investigations now because these offices were in two different counties but you could only imagine if someone who wasn't a dentist was drilling on your teeth. >> no. >> i can't imagine it. it's amazing. the real story here is that she had so many patients she didn't screw up. >> absolutely. >> and so many people didn't know for so long >> it hurts my teeth. >> it's been seven years. >> many years went by. >> oh, man. >> take it away, michael. >> we're all like --
7:44 am
>> we're going to go from someone acting like a dentist or doctor to a doctor who did save this surfer. the crazy thing is it's on their very first date. and we're going to hear -- tell you what we learned about the couple this morning. couple this morning. over the last 24 hours, you finished preparing him for college. in 24 hours, you'll send him off thinking you've done everything for his well being. but meningitis b progresses quickly and can be fatal, sometimes within 24 hours. while meningitis b is uncommon, about 1 in 10 infected will die. like millions of others, your teen may not be vaccinated against meningitis b. meningitis b strikes quickly. be quick to talk to your teen's doctor about a meningitis b vaccine. it's absolute confidence in 30,00or it isn't. arts, it's inspected by mercedes-benz factory-trained technicians, or it isn't. it's backed by an unlimited mileage warranty, or it isn't. for those who never settle,
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(vo) go national. go like a pro. see what i did there? we are back now with that first date to remember. a doctor at a california beach was there when all of a sudden her date collapsed with a heart attack. the whole rescue caught abc's diane macedo is here with a story and a great update, diane.
7:48 am
>> so we hear a lot of first date stories in this business but this one might top them all. paddleboard instructor max montgomery said he felt a little off in the water that morning but he never expected to have a heart attack when thhe got backo shore. lucky for him that day session happened to be a date. his date happened to be a doctor and a photographer just happened to be nearby to document what happened next. >> reporter: this is the moment max montgomery collapsed from a heart attack after a paddleboard session on a santa cruz, california, beach but watch as dr. andi traynor rushes in to save his life. the doctor flips montgomery over performing cpr until emergency crews arrive. the scene caught on time-lapsed video by a beach goer who had been photographing seagulls, is s even more unforgettable because montgomery and trainor just happened to be at the beach that day on their first date. it's been ten months and the pair are still a couple. turns out the mouth-to-mouth arrest resuscitation that saved
7:49 am
his life was essentially their first kiss. montgomery had open heart surgery the next day but is now fully recovered and says he feels very blessed. >> and looking very smug in that photo. he has a charity paddle for good which among other things helps to organize cpr workshops. the site says his heart didn't restart that day until the sixth defibrillator shock. they believed that andi's cpr on the beach that day kept him alive. >> sparks did fly on their first kiss. >> and he's still sharing his heart with her ten months later. >> they're still together. i love that. >> if you guys are watching, "gma" would like to be part of your wedding. >> i'm waiting for my invitation. >> we all are. >> great story. thank you, diane. coming up, how matt damon is helping his lifelong friend ben affleck as he battles addiction. and a really remarkable story. the daughter who lost more than 50 pounds so that she could donate a kidney to her father. how she did it. they're both joining us coming up. i can do more to lower my a1c.
7:50 am
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for them for all right now, get unlimited for as low at 30 bucks per line for four lines at t-mobile back here on "good morning america," everybody wanting some relief from the heat. well, most people and it's going to come, but it came with a cold front, elmira, new york, lightning and thunderstorms popped up there that will slide east today, but not before we get a little bit more of this hot stuff, and the humidity, that's what makes it feel even hotter. boston had a daily record of 98 degrees. remember that number, 98 because they'll go in the low 70s by friday. heat advisories still in place. and check that out. our meteorologist, max golembo, does not like heat. he made this on his instagram. i thought it was so funny. he said i melted. it's over. i can't handle it anymore. we had behind the scenes video of him doing this. him in times square with his socks. max, what are you doing with your socks?
7:54 am
hopefully you'll wash those. i know he did. if that's how you're feeling, here's relief to come. here it is. the numbers go into the 70s, comes with rain on the holiday weekend but either way it's coming. this segment has been sponsored by ford. your local news and weather is coming up next. . it's time for the 'biggest sale of the year' on the new sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movement and automatically adjusts to keep you both comfortable. and now, all beds are on sale. it's the last chance to save 50% on the new sleep number 360 limited edition smart bed. ends labor day.
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good morning. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings and meteorologist mike nicco has our forecast. hi, mike. hi, everybody. it's back. the cloud cover and cooler than average temperatures it will create this afternoon. if you're going to be on the bay at least it will be sunny during the afternoon hours. exercising, nothing too extreme. if you have yard work, do it now. we have mid to upper 60s along the coast in san francisco. lower to mid-70s around the bay and upper 70s inland. temperatures get back to average saturday and hang that way through next week. hey, alexis. good morning. we just had a sig alert come and go in the east bay. this is in the walnut creek area. southbound 680 right around main street. we had a crash in the left lane. the sig alert has been canceled. some residual be delays. the slowest here at cupertino,
7:57 am
38 minutes. alexis, thank you. coming up, prince harry and meghan markle's night out on the town. we'll have another update in about 30 minutes and always on our news app and abc 7 oh! wow, you got all this stuff from ikea? what do you like not let your kids in here? oh, no, they moved in here. here. this is where i hide all the cords and the remotes, and those clack-clack-clack things. so, this is your new bed? let's just say it fits me perfectly. what's your dream? at ikea, we help you live it. make the dream yours.
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8:00 am
good morning, america, it's 8:00 a.m. saying good-bye to an american hero. the nation honors senator john mccain. lines stretched around blocks under the blazing arizona sun. they paid their respects and the emotional moments, cindy kissing her husband's casket and meghan breaking down in tears and what former vice president joe biden is prepared to say this morning. matt damon's goodwill. the star supporting his longtime friend ben affleck as he struggles with alcohol addiction. how damon is supporting him through rehab. the singing prince. harry takes the stage at "hamilton" hanging out with lin-manuel miranda as meghan dazzles in a daring dress and the new details we're learning about meghan's top secret solo trip to canada. incredible story.
8:01 am
a daughter on a quest to save her father, losing 55 pounds so she could be a donor match for him. just when doctors told him he out ofe, t ♪ i'm still standing vacation crasher. the beckhams go boating. the rock star visit right in the middle of their getaway. and it's a whole new world. inside the international theatrical production of disney's most beloved musicals, our "gma" special correspondent taking you behind the scenes "aladdin," jasmine, baby simba and zazoo. >> and they're saying. >> aaagh. good morning, america. [ speaking a foreign language ] >> well, that good morning america from carla hall and zazoo will make you smile. good morning, america, to everybody out there.
8:02 am
happy to have you with us on this thursday morning. we are looking forward to having more fun with carla hall who will cook with us along with chef josh capon. they have a little competition going on outside. >> i hope theym m excited. we're atbout fiber? george. >> if today's crowd likes fiber as much as yesterday's crowd we'll have a great show in this half hour. >> yay, fiber! a lot of headlines to get to. the country is coming together to honor senator john mccain. people lining up in the heat to pay their respects to the man who spent his life in public service. he is now lying in state at the arizona capitol. terry moran is there. terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. in just a few hours thousands will gather here where the mccain family worshipped. his life in this state and on
8:03 am
the national stage, the eulogies including the great wide receiver of the arizona cardinals larry fitzgerald and mccain's old pal from the united states senate, joe biden. today, john mccain will be honored one last time in the state he called home for nearly four decades. it follows an emotional day in arizona. the motorcade bearing john mccain arriving at the capitol in silence. cindy mccain stepping forward supported by her two sons in their dress uniforms, jack, a navy helicopter pilot and jimmy a sergeant in the national guard. meghan mccain, sobbing, overcome with brief, comforted by her brother. >> loving god, see our tears. >> reporter: when it was over there was cindy mccain and that piercing moment of tenderness and sorrow. his seven children coming by one by one to honor him on what would have been his 82nd birthday. >> when meghan mccain walked about three feet in front of me, owing through.r up
8:04 am
>> reporter: in a few hours his casket will be taken from the state capitol to north baptist church where former political opponent and dear friend joe biden will give a eulogy at his memorial service, a choice made by john mccain himself. aides say john mccain planned the service, spent months doing it, almost like a final kpcampan to send a final message to the american people about patriotism and how it can transcend political differences and how a life of service is honorable and fulfilling. >> terry, thanks. i'll be anchoring our live coverage at the national cathedral this saturday at 9:00 eastern, presidents obama and george w. bush will eulogize him. >> what a life, can't wait to see that, george. now what to do if you see a bear. they keep getting closer, making themselves comfortable in home, hotels and even firehouses. some people getting close to
8:05 am
them right back, going right up to bear. but one north carolina ups driver, he couldn't bear it. see what i did there? he saw a bear in a driveway in a home. he didn't drop off the package on the pomp. instead he left a simple note to explain, bear in driveway. >> to the point. >> hopefully they didn't need that package. >> how can you argue with that? coming up here, ben affleck is in rehab right now and his longtime close friend matt damon supporting him. get ready to grill. the key to delicious skirt steak tacos revealed. and harry and meghan's big night out at "hamilton." an exclusive new details about the duchess' secret solo trip. plus, we have a great audience upstairs. we'll be right up there soon to join them. welcome back to "gma." you're probably wondering why i've just carved a giant wooden tiger. well, the answer is that a real one would maul me. i've crafted dr. whiskers here as a visual aid to show you that should you visit the lot,
8:06 am
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[ applause ] welcome back to "gma." welcome to our audience here this thursday morning. now, that was something. tom was telling them to be quiet and they were cheering louder. it was great. we're heading into labor day weekend. tomorrow we'll show you where to find the best sales for the holiday. right now time for "pop news" with adrienne bankert. >> yes. [ applause ] so thankful to have a happy crowd. so thankful to be here with you. hottest trend on broadway. taking a movie and turning it into a musical in just the past few years, waitress, frozen, mean girls. now we have another one getting the broadway treatment. "mrs. doubtfire." >> oh, yeah. are you guys excited? >> i love that movie. >> you all got to say hello. everybody's favorite nanny may be coming to a theater near you, the 1993 -- can you believe it was that long ago -- comedy th
8:11 am
behind "something rotten" and "hello dolly's" jerry zaks and starred robin williams take on a role of his own as a lovable british nanny to spend more time with his kids after losing custody in a divorce. we cannot wait to see who will fill those very, very big shoes. >> i'm happy about that. >> when i saw "aladdin" i was like please let the genie be played by somebody amazing and they are right now. so "mrs. doubtfire," that's going to be a big role. summer is almost over. that doesn't mean some of our favorite celebrities can't slip in a little vacation. look who paid a special visit to victoria and david beckham on a yacht near france. elton john, one of their besties. got the trademark glasses and floral gucci slippers.
8:12 am
victoria posting, we love you elton john and david furnish, kisses. here's david in this photo writing, uncle elton, we have known each other for 25 years, fun times with each other just like family. >> in that picture -- >> get it. >> sorry. it's only thursday. friday eve. in fact, elton is the godfather of their kids, romeo beckham. check out this video that victoria took on vacation during romeo's birthday party. ♪ happy birthday dear romeo ♪ happy birthday to you >> i mean, i want to be serenaded by one of the greatest singers of all time. >> everybody else at the table just be quiet. let elton do it. >> settle down.
8:13 am
let elton do it. a cute picture. back-to-school time and cutest class of 2018. check out these adorable puppies prepping for their first day of obt of all the stories today. this is in north carolina. and they have their own tiny little backpacks. yes. they're little labradors. it's not math they're learning but they're learning how to sit. what do you think a puppy keeps in his backpack? bones. >> treats. >> little treats. some chew toys. your little puppy love story for this "pop news." [ applause ] >> empowerment puppy training. >> george, i can count on you to get all of our facts. you're very, very good. thank you, george. you were paying close attention. you love dogs. >> i do. our dogs are not powerful though. >> cute, though. going to be hard to top that. but thank you. we will try.
8:14 am
now to our "gma" cover story. actor matt damon standing by his longtime friend ben affleck as he seeks treatment for alcohol addiction. eoe" magazine reporting damon will always be there for his friend. abc's paula faris is back with more on this. hey there. >> reporter: their friendship is so inspiring. good morning, everyone. matt damon once said there is nobody more misunderstood than ben affleck. theirs is the kind of friendship we can all hope for when going through our absolutely worst, our friend is at their best. movie goliaths matt damon and ben affleck have been inpep rabble for decades, arguably one of the most public friendships in hollywood. >> whoever we forgot, we love you! >> reporter: attached at the hip from their oscar-winning roots through their superstar careers. damon showing the depths of their friendship pledging support for his best friend who checked himself into rehab for alcohol addiction. >> ben affleck and matt damon have one of the most enduring friendships in all of hollywood history and i can't see this struggle with addiction getting in the way as our sources told us that matt damon continues and will always continue to be a huge support for him.
8:15 am
>> reporter: "people" magazine is reporting that the 47-year-old superstar continues to be a big part of affleck's road to recovery. >> i can't tell you how valuable it is to have somebody who has been through things with you, ups and downs. >> reporter: it's their bond off the screen that sets them apart. after affleck's first stint in rehab in 2001 he's been open about alcoholism throughout his childhood. speaking to barbara walters in 2012 about his father's own battle. >> your dad was an alcoholic. >> he drank a lot. my father was -- what do they call him, a real alcoholic. he got sober ultimately and he's been sober for several decades which i think is impressive. but i had good friends, i had matt damon and my brother is a great guy and nucleus of friends i grew up with and i had support from them. >> reporter: he's also getting help from his estranged wife jennifer garner who staged an intervention arriving at his home with an addiction therapist before driving him to a
8:16 am
treatment facility in southern california. >> it's hard to see those photos. he has been struggling for months but he knew he needed help according to "people" magazine. he was vocal about it and when the time comes he is set to direct damon on film in a story about true crime. this will be their first film together in a decade. but just a lovely friendship and we're all pulling for his recovery. >> certainly wishing him well. >> we can all hope to be so lucky to have a friend like that. thank you very much. we're going to turn to prince harry and duchess meghan's big night out. the royal newlyweds saw a performance of "hamilton" but for a good cause. they hung out with creator lin-manuel miranda and this morning we're learning exclusive new details about a secret trip the duchess just took. abc's diane macedo is back with all of that. hey, diane. >> good morning to you, guys. so, speaking of beautiful friendships we have learned that meghan recently took an under the radar trip to toronto to visit some of her old friends. but back in london she and harry had a fun night on the town that even had the prince on stage singing.
8:17 am
♪ >> reporter: it was the hottest ticket in town, meghan and harry on a very public date night, attending "hamilton" alongside lin-manuel miranda. >> meghan is somewhat of a "hamilton" fan and saw it three times. >> reporter: the benefit raised money for the hiv and charity sentebale that hairy set up to carry on his mother's work. they were on hand to thank all those who came out to support children devastated by aids and hiv. meghan sported ang updo bun and tuxedo dress by judith and charles. harry made a statement of his own. singing a few bars. ♪ you say >> reporter: prince harry admitted he and creator lin-manuel miranda had a laugh about king george, one of harry's ancestors and the plea for harry to perform. >> he did try but i said no.
8:18 am
>> i wrote the song on my honeymoon and smash cut to 2018. and i'm sitting next to his sixth great-grandson. ladies and gentlemen, the duke of sussex. >> reporter: of course, it was very special for him because it's not often the direct descendant of one of the main characters was in the audience. >> reporter: this was their first event back after enjoying a few weeks off visiting prince charles' scottish castle featured in "the crown" and enjoying a mini moon with the clooneys on lake como. abc news has learned that meghan made a top secret solo trip to toronto to spend time with jessica mulroney flying commercial both ways. >> meghan spent three days holed up at jessica and her husband ben's home in toronto. they spent their days catching up, cooking together and playing with jessica's children who love their auntie meg. sglr will. >> reporter: the duchess
8:19 am
squeezed in time to catch up with other loved ones. >> there was one evening when meghan and jessica secretly headed out into the wn some of meghan's old good friends. >> reporter: one person meghan didn't see, her dad after his nu >> there were plans she would head to mexico to see her father but right now she has absolutely no plans to see him. >> reporter: friday is the anniversary of princess diana's death and understand they will spend that privately. after that they have a busy schedule next week. they head to the well child awards in london and also gearing up for their fall tour in australia, fiji, new zealand and tonga and trying to use their platform for good and all these benefits are close to them. >> they aren't trying but using that platform for good. the life of a royal. >> it's not bad, i have to say. i know they're busy and everything but i'd be happy to come along on any of those trips. >> i'm sure you we'll go along with ginger on a trip outside. what's up, ginger? >> yes, we are. it's the trip called your "gma" moment.
8:20 am
and today, it comes to us from new york. this is campbell from ft. worth. you ever been about to jump into a pool with a friend and they don't and you totally do? >> yeah. >> well that happened to two dogs. >> yabba dabba doo. so, ellie is the lab, the yellow lab that totally went for it, then cara said, you know what, no, i'm not doing it today. cara, i feel you, especially if it's cold.
8:21 am
it's all about your kids' lunch and one staple, peanut butter. but substitutes are growing popular like almond butter and sunflower seed butter and we have our nutritionist here dawn jackson blatner. peanut butter is a big lunch for me but a lot of competition. >> there are things like allergies in school from peanut butter and tree nuts so a lot of these variables that, you know, kids want but it's sort of allergy friendly. i think this is great, convenient nutrition so we got to pick which one is right for you. >> let's figure out which ones are best for which things starting out with protein. >> we'll make this sort of a game, okay. [ applause ] oh, yeah, so i'll award the number one protein. what do you think it is? scream it out. >> what, what, what? all right. here we go. number one highest in protein, but number two, what do you think?
8:22 am
okay, you're right here. anybody who said almond butter. great. now two tablespoons is about seven grams of protein for both of these which is equivalent to about an egg and also for two tablespoons -- >> is that a serving size? >> mine is more like a jar but, yes, two tablespoons is about the right size, exactly. >> how about for fiber. >> okay, so let's look at fiber. what do you think? fiber, fiber? here we go, almond butter, if you said almond butter you're right. this is about double the fiber as the other nut and seed butters. yep, exactly. >> that's surprising to me. you mentioned allergies and a which is the most allergy friendly? >> it is. if you screened out sunflower seed butter, you're right. a lot are peanuts are tree nuts and this is made from seeds so becomes allergy friendly.
8:23 am
you have to look, though, some of the brands are lower in protein so just be aware. >> all equivalent in calories? >> yes, they are, about two tablespoons are about 200 calories for any of these. >> not too bad. >> this is a fun one. most dessert friendly? >> what do you think, guys? okay. it really is what i say there. it's dessert. a lot try to use it for breakfast or lunch. no, it's better for dessert because two tablespoons, the same sugar as two peanut butter cup candies. >> what? >> yes. >> so, that is dessert. no, yes. keep it dessert. i like it for dessert best. when it comes to picking any of these, really the key is don't look at the label for like low fat or natural, anything like that.
8:24 am
look at the ingredients and see that it just had the nut or the seed as the ingredient. >> that's the most important. >> the key point. >> no added sugar. >> no added sugar. here's the thing, a lot of simple labels has this oil separation and a lot are like, there's oil on top, what do i do, insider tip, keep the new jar upside down and it will mix itself before you open it. [ applause ] >> what, what. >> thank you, dawn. you can all get the tips on our website and when we come back, the daughter who lost more than 50 pounds to donate her kidney to her father. there you see them. they're both going to join us live. [ applause ] they're both going to join us live. [ applause ]
8:25 am
8:26 am
8:27 am
good morning. it's 8:27. i i'm reggie aqui. a huge oak tree came down at 12:30 this morning. it crushed several cars. fortunately because of the hour no one was in the cars. nobody got hurt. the houses are okay. one witness tells abc 7 it sounded like the crack of a bat when it hits the baseball. that tree is historic. there's a plaque put up by the city detailing its life and it is protected. not a good day for the tree. how are we doing traffic wise? a lot of red showing up. another sig alert in for southbound 680 before highway 4
8:28 am
coming out of the martinez area. just one lane open. you're slow south of that. that is a slow crawl if you're heading to oakland. how do you take two selfies with one phone? -what? -[ scoffs ] never mind. [ camera shutters click ]
8:29 am
all right. there's been some reports of drizzle, but that was a couple hours ago. it looks pretty quiet for most of the rest of the commute. just have the sunglasses for
8:30 am
later on. we'll end up below average once welcome back to "gma." it's wonderful to have you all here and have this incredible audience with us here this morning. we have two incredible guests. when dawn muhammad found out her dad needed a kidney she knew she wanted to be the one to give it to her. doctors said she couldn't until she plead a big change in her life. that's what she did. changed her life to save his and we'll talk to them in a moment but first here's their story. >> he's my superhero. he's the one i've always grown up -- the man i looked up to all my life. >> reporter: dawn muhammad would do anything for her father. her role model since before she can remember. >> my dad is a wonderful man. he sacrificed a lot for our family. a lot. >> reporter: in 2006 her father
8:31 am
lucious daniels was diagnosed with stage four kidney failure and being told without a transplant he had little chance of survival. >> they basically told me that i would be on a wait list waiting for a kidney to become available. and at my age i would be running out of final. >> reporter: right away dawn knew she had to save the man that gave her life. heading straight to the hospital where doctors told her she was too heavy to be a donor. >> i cried. i cried and we told my father, this is not the end. this can't be the end. we got to find a solution. my first love, we got to find out how we can help. >> reporter: dawn embarking a personal journey losing 55 pounds in order to give her father her kidney all without telling them the plan. >> i said, dad, sorry. i said, can i tell you a secret?
8:32 am
i've been losing this weight not just for me but for you and he said, what? and i said, this weight loss has been for you. i need to be that donor for you. >> reporter: she was now a perfect match to save her father's life sharing the excitement with her dad in a beautiful poem she wrote. >> always and forever. that's how long i'll love you. to my daddy, my first superhero, my first love. now it's time for me to make the ultimate sacrifice for you. how could i work hard to lose my weight and prove my health and not come through. from my kidney to yours i love you daddy, love, dawn. >> please welcome dawn muhammad and her father lucious daniels.
8:33 am
welcome both to the show. [ applause ] you look around the audience as that piece is playing and everyone is sitting with tears in their eyes. this is some ultimate love as you said, the first love of your life but you had -- lucious had no idea. your father had no idea you were doing this for him but this came a point you needed to tell him. why? >> we were having a conversation in the car and during the conversation my father said, you know, dawn, i've lived a good life. and i said, yeah, daddy, you have. and he said, no, i really lived a good life. i feel different, the houealth hard. it traches a lot out of me, i'm tired. i feel like i'm having a heart attack, a stroke every day. i'm used to seeing my dad up and going and playing golf and it just touched me and i said -- i
8:34 am
heard a voice and it said, it's time. and i said, daddy, i've been losing this weight for me but i've really been losing this weight for you. i need to see if i can qualify to become a donor for you, a living donor for you. and -- [ applause ] >> lucious, how was it for you to hear those words from dawn? >> it was very encouraging to me. i was very, very proud of what she was about to do. i knew that because of my trust in god at some point i would get a kidney but i knew that being on the waiting list for a long period of time was not going to make it happen so i was very, very happy that she came along and decided to do it for me, for her dad. >> for her father. dawn, this is a big lifestyle change. what did you do to lose the
8:35 am
weight. >> first thing i did was give up su sugar is the devil. i gave up sugar. i started cutting down the carbs and i started working out really hard. i've tried to lose weight before. and i haven't stuck with it but this goal, this goal, i had to do it this time? real serious meaning behind it for you. and, lucious, how proud are you of your daughter. >> i am very, very proud of her, very proud. i love her. i have to tell a story about when she was born, her mom couldn't come on home from the hospital for a few weeks and i decided to trach her home and take care of her myself and we established a bond then that's lasted a lifetime. >> absolutely. [ applause ] and, dawn, and you have a message for other donors out there, people potentially want to be donors. what is that message.
8:36 am
>> do it. do the research. change your lifestyle. change your eating habits. that donor list for a kidney is soy long. in georgia it's five years and it's living donors' kidneys last a lot longer than a deceased donor and it's a selfless act, an act of love, not of sacrifice. whatever it take, intermittent fasting, working out, whatever it may be, start a journey to living the lifestyle that will help someone else. i was blessed enough to help my father and i'm pray flag someone else can do the same for their loved one, their neighbor, their friend. >> great missage and we heard in the piece, there was a poem. how hard was it for you to write the poem. >> these t-shirts are exactly right. my father is my superhero so
8:37 am
writing -- writing that poem was not hard. it came from the heart, i'm not a poem but i was writing so fast and knew that moment had to be perfect to tell him exactly what i was doing and it was very exciting for meo and i knew he would feel it renn bass just praying this was going to work. >> when things come from the heart they're always the best worths. we know your surgery is next friday, this friday anticipate have a special surprise for you. beef theoe and we have it framed and we have robes and slippers so you can be comfortable in the hospital. you can keep that close and we're praying for you and, lucious, when you're back, you and i are going to get out on that golf course, how about
8:38 am
that, my friend? >> let's do that. >> the incredible story. thank you so much. mwah. >> thank you so much. >> everybody, stay right there. we'll be right back. [ applause ]
8:39 am
8:40 am
we are back with a disney theatrical adventure. wherever you go in the world whenever you see a disney production it will look just
8:41 am
like it does on broadway and carla hall got a look at two of those oversea production. >> "beauty in the beast" in mandarin and "aladdin in mandarin and "the lion king" in dutch and spanish. disney musicals span the globe, 21 productions currently playing around the world. all exact physical represently skahs of their broadway originals adapted to reflect the culture of each country. ♪ hakuna matata >> what is happening here? >> reporter: when i had the chance to visit two of these and dine with some of the actors my very own theatrical culinary adventure how could i say no? one of six "aladdin productions" opens at the prince edward theater in london's west end in 2016. you've done the genie on broadway. >> yes. >> how does this production compare to that? >> abl a thiece t but i
8:42 am
breathes broadway. >> what happens if i rub it? >> well, i'm already here. >> oh, i just tell>> extl >> reporter: my wish, afternoon tea at the edgerton house hotel. >> hey, i enjoyed it much more than i thought. they thought maybe they went with their kids because they would. >> reporter: i feel like it's probably geyered more towards adults. >> yeah. >> with the kind of veil of all the disney magic. >> i felt the same way about seeing "frozen" as i think you're talking about idea aladdin." i'm this 50 plus-year-old woman enjoying "frozen" and thought it would be for kids and it wasn't. next off to madrid to check out their production of "the lion king." >> it's amazing to be here. you know. ♪ >> reporter: and meet up with
8:43 am
esteban oliver who plays cuisin. >> this is new for you. >> i've been playing nala three weeks but i'm loving it. >> reporter: i even got to spend quality time with baby simba. and my new friend, >> you can fly. you can use the eyes. i can't believe you. >> oh, yes. >> you can be ironic or you can say, oh, my god. i have something. you know, i have -- oh, you can see. >> hello, everybody. it's me. ♪ >> big finish there. carla is here and you can tell
8:44 am
us it's a passion project. madrid your favorite. >> madrid was incredible. it was like seeing an opera because you know the story but you don't know the language and you still feel that beautiful feeling. i have seven more countries to go. >> seven to go? >> yes. it's in nine countries. i've seen it in two. [ laughter ] >> come back when you do it. carla, i know you got to run downstairs for cooking. to ginger. >> that's a good assign many. friends from bermuda and right here were saying, it almost feels like florida so checked to see what the heat index is in key west, it's 95. here it's only 82. not quite like the florida keys
8:45 am
>> this weather sponsored by downey. i smell it. that looks good. >> for food? >> it is now time for our grill master challenge. i am here with josh capon and you have a mexican restaurant. >> making chili lime marinated skirt tacos. >> we'll make this while carla makes her way down here. this looks amazing. >> marinate your meat, right, before you throw anything on the grill get a nice marinade. chilies and ancho chiles, fresh lime andsoy, garlic, marinate it overnight and threw it on the drill and get beautiful color and char it up and always go across the grain, right? slice it up nice and thin because they're going in the tacos. made a fresh tosalsa and foldedn
8:46 am
diced avocado for a little color and texture and all we do is take one of these beautiful tortillas, little skirt steak down the middle. don't overcrowd it. we take a little bit of this tomatillo salsa. >> you had me at tomatillo. >> and i love avocados. >> a little lime. >> pico de gallo and onions and tomatoes and fresh lime juice and at the end we go like that. boom. there you have it. >> that looks good. >> for the summertime. >> i hate to break it to you. your competition has arrived. hello. so tell us about this burger. >> all the theater has made me so hungry, i have a buffalo chicken burger with celery, blue cheese and slaw. chicken in here or you can use turkey, the butter and onions here, hot sauce, thyme, salt and
8:47 am
pepper and chili flakes. >> hot sauce goes in the meat. >> yes, everything you would have on your buffalo wings, it goes into the meat. >> delish. >> then i cook it in a pan or cook it on your grill. >> how far in advance? >> way in advance. this is a good prep ahead thing to do. for the slaw i have celery, i have red onions.y, blue cheese. lime zest, salt, pepper and a little bit of red wine vinegar. that gets mixed up. it gets put onto the burger. this is what you would have on your wings and then i'll take some spicy play yore some of the same ingredient, lemon juice. >> the pressure is on. >> mighty fond of that? what's the verdict? >> we indicted the winner is josh's tacos. >> i'll hand you this melling ga trophy but i can't lift it.
8:48 am
♪ ♪
8:49 am
♪ i put a spell on you ♪ yeah, because you're mine ♪ with chase atms serena can now grab cash on the go, all with the tap of her phone. ♪ stop the things you do no card? no problem. life, lived serena's way. chase, make more of what's yours.
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welcome back. in for a treat. we are back with one of nashville a hottest rising star, walker hayes, everybody. his latest album is getting rave reviews and he's getting ready to head out on his first european tour now going to perform his new single for us. this is "90's country." [ applause ] ♪ ♪ strawberry wine on your love sky be amazed how about you let this cowboy take you away ♪ ♪ give me that wink i'm going to give it right back you know you like it you love it you want some more of that ♪ ♪ you make me smile like i did when we were ready to kiss catching that countdown on
8:51 am
sunday all the way to one day ♪ ♪ whenever ♪ do you love me if you do check yes please ♪ ♪ do you know you think i'm sexy got me standing like a jukebox junkie ♪ ♪ making me feel like 90's country ♪ ♪ you make me feel like 90's country ♪ ♪ shake it by day queen songs i could list but i'm just going to shut up and kiss you ♪ ♪ you see that water tower, girl we can dream on it i'll paint your name and green on it ♪ ♪ i cross my heart i ain't going to walk away so i want to get you to the church ♪ ♪ sweeter with time just like a bottle of wine ♪ must be a little dust on but it taste so fine just like ♪
8:52 am
♪ do you love me if you do check yes please ♪ ♪ girl you know you need my track, sexy ♪ ♪ i ain't in it for your daddy's money you make me feel like 90's country ♪ ♪ ah, ah, ah ♪ youak me 90's country ♪ take it by day my job and my trade songs i could listen i'm just going to shut up and kiss you ♪ ♪ come on ah, ah, whoo ♪ you make me feel like 90's country ♪ ♪ you know you're beautiful don't act like you don't ♪ ♪ and settle for no burger and grape snow cone ♪ ♪ not tonight, babe. do you love me if you do check yes please girl you know you think my tracks are sexy ♪ ♪ i'm so good in the front seat
8:53 am
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8:56 am
big thank you for walker hayes. thank you very much. have a great day. >> thank you very much. >> so long, everyone.
8:57 am
8:58 am
8:59 am
almost the end of august. good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. mike nicco, how does it look? fog and gray outside at the golden gate bridge. don't wait to do your yard work. it's going to get warmer this weekend, plus it's a holiday. it will be calm on the bay with sunshine this afternoon. clear and comfortable air. temperatures range from the mid-60s at the coast to barely 80 inland. my accuweather forecast, some 80s and 90s inland for sunday and monday. good morning. not such good news if you are traveling in the martinez area. we have a sig alert still a major problem southbound 680 just before highway 4. a roll over crash. i'm hearing this is a hazmat situation. one of those vehicles that flipped had a bunch of pool chemicals in the back. they're working on cleaning those up now. about an hour delay from the
9:00 am
benicia bridge. time for "live with kelly and ryan." >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan". today, mega-movie star dwayne johnson, and curtis "50 cent" jackson, plus, the vamps, with their hit song, "just my type." also, tune in for your chance to win a luxurious beach vacation, all next on "live." and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest >> bradley: ♪ she's just my ♪ type ♪ she's bad advice ♪ i don't think twice ♪ oh, i don't know why ♪ she's what i like ♪ but i, i, i love it ♪ i, i, i love it >> ryan: hello! >> bradley: ♪ plays with ♪ my head ♪ she lets me down [cheers and applause] >> kelly: it's thursday, august 30th, 2018. [cheers and applause]


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