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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  August 30, 2018 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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gun scare in san francisco. >> sky map 7 shows you that it happened at balboa high school. you can see the track and the school on cayouga avenue. >> this is in the city's balboa park neighborhood. abc 7 news reporter katie utehs arrived on the scene as the lockdown was still going on inside. she's joining us now outside balboa high with the latest developments. katie? >> reporter: police have detained three students, one student was transported with non-life threatening injuries, unclear if that's related to the actual gunfire or not. i spoke with a student who was in study hall when the gunfire went off. he said he saw a bullet on the ground, and a hole through a chair. he says the student involved simply walked out of the room and the lockdown followed. >> i thought it was a firecracker. i just thought it was a firecracker. it was just loud. >> reporter: san francisco police detained three balboa high school students seen in this sky 7 video following reports of gunshots within the school. the gunfire sent the school into
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lockdown. a student sent us this video of a lockdown classroom, you can see them on their phones looking for updates, panicked parents did the same trying to reach students. >> i'm amongst the ranks of parents who have stood outside police tape outside my child's school not knowing what's happening or what's happening to these kids or if they're safe. >> the gunfire happened in his study hall in the small auditorium. around 20 students were in the room. >> we hear a loud bang. we look over, there's a whole in the chair, something on the ground. then teacher gets up, comes over, she calls security, everyone comes in, and then we just go into our next class and then they call the lockdown. >> reporter: police scoured the high school. the nearby elementary and middle schools went into lockdowns. >> there are three subjects who are in custody. related to this incident. and there was also a firearm recovered from the scene. >> reporter: police have not confirmed if the gun was
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actually fired or not. >> we have one individual who sustained non-life threatening injuries and we're still working to determine the reason for that injury. >> reporter: by 1:00 this afternoon police gave the all clear the high school was safe. students were allowed to go home with their parents and many were let out early at the elementary school and nearby middle school. i called san francisco police working to get updates on the condition of that injured student. and also see if those three people detained are facing any charges. live in san francisco, katie utehs, abc 7 news. >> katie, thank you. we first sent a push alert at 11:59 this morning, alerting people of the heavy police presence in the area. if you don't have the app, you can download it now and enable push alerts for breaking news where you live. san jose's hubbard elementary remains on lockdown following a shooting near its campus. sky map 7 shows you the streets police have closed so they can search for evidence here. detectives say a teenage boy is expected to survive after being
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shot this afternoon. no arrests have been made at this point. police have allowed students to resume their normal activities following lockdowns at overfelt high school, alvarado school and most holy trinity school as well. new details about that missing canadian woman and her daughter taking a camping trip up the california coast. 29-year-old audrey rodrige and her 10-year-old daughter emily arrived in san francisco one week ago and are now missing. audrey's boyfriend last heard from her sunday and reported her missing monday. melanie woodrow joins us with the latest. a california camping adventure on the san mateo coast. the return flight was scheduled for tomorrow, and law enforcement officials are hopeful they're okay and have just been ca camp site that does not have cell reception. >> 29-year-old audrey rodrige and her 10-year-old daughter
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emily arrived in the bay area last thursday. they stayed tea vague ga bond hotel that night. they checked in at 8:00 p.m. and checked out at 8:00 a.m. friday. they had a reservation to stay at the pigeon point hostel saturday night, but they didn't show up. on sunday the 26th, investigators say audrey texted her boyfriend in canada. >> it was a text, and nothing suspicious. you know, nothing alerting him that something's wrong. >> the san mateo county sheriff's office says he wasn't able to contact her after receiving the text. the following day on monday, audrey's boyfriend reported audrey and her daughter missing. >> we want information awareness out there to help people keep an eye out for them. >> audrey had a reservation on tuesday. u.s. forest service rangers checked the area. >> some campers thought they might have seen them there. the park rangers did a great job of assisting with getting their
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photos out there for that. >> reporter: campers told rangers audrey talked about staying at free camp sites. >> we are considering the fact that cell service is extremely spotty along the coastline. maybe that's a factor. >> their rental vehicle, a dark gray 2018 ford focus can license plate 8 din 900 hasn't been spotted. the coast is too expansive to search. >> we don't have any solid leads and we don't have the budget at this point in time to just search the entire california coastline or the time to do that. >> reporter: in the meantime, investigators remain hopeful that the mother and daughter will show up at the airport tomorrow for their scheduled return flight to canada. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> melanie, thank you. today is the final day in arizona for john mccain. his casket is now headed to washington, d.c. after a somber memorial service this morning in phoenix. abc news reporter marci gonzalez
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is outside the church where that service was held, and has the story. >> reporter: the processional lined with waving flags and old campaign signs leading here to north phoenix baptist church for this moving memorial service, celebrating the life of john mccain. ♪ amazing >> his adopted daughter bridget. >> everything there is a season -- >> and son reading bible verses chosen by their father for this day. >> i have fought the good fight, i have finished the race. >> former vice president joe biden. >> i always thought of john as a brother. we had a hell of a lot of family fights. >> offering the family this message of empathy and love. >> and i know right now the pain you all are feeling is so sharp and so hollowing. because you shared john with all
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of us, your whole life, the world now shares with you the ache of john's death. >> others sharing stories of mccain's heroism and humor. his faith and devotion to his family and the country he loved. >> his legacy will go on for generations because people will talk about senator john mccain as one of the greatest heroes in our lifetime. >> reporter: and the services continue tomorrow in washington, d.c. mccain's body will lie in state at the capital for another memorial on saturday. marci gonzalez, abc news, phoenix. a bay area catholic leader who's a family friend of the mccains offered the final prayer for the late senator during today's service. >> may john mccain's vision be in our eyes, his voice in our
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words and our tongue, his listening to the needs of others in our ears, his love for his country in our >> father edward reese is president of st. ignatiusnatiuss now abc news will have live coverage of senator mccain's service at the national cathedral set to begin at 6:00 a.m. on saturday. watch it here on abc 7. we plan to stream the service live at and on the abc 7 news app as well. sty 7 was over a chemical spill that briefly closed all southbound lanes of 680 north of highway 4 this morning. this all happened just after 8:00 in an unincorporated area of pacheco. chp says a truck struck two
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vehicles and overturned and hit other vehicles. this afternoon authorities are asking for your help to find whoever shot at a man and a woman on northbound 680 in san keller. >> reporter: morning commutes are never fun in the bay area, but between 4:15 and 6:30 a.m. it was particularly difficult for drivers on northbound 680 in san jose, cars were being diverted off at the capital expressway exit. why the closure of a major south bay freeway? the chp got a call about 3:00 this morning, a man says he was driving when all the sudden someone started firing at his vehicle. he was hit in his back. he continued to drive all the way to the 7-eleven. the woman he was driving with was not hurt. officers arrived and talked with the driver and he was eventually taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. his car had multiple bullet
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holes and his front left tire was gone. for the chp, the vehicle wasn't the only crime scene. that's when they decided they needed to shut down northbound 680 so they could search for bullet casings and other evidence. >> so we need to preserve the integrity of the crime scene, any potential evidence that may be located at that location, we're also going to hav officers out standing and walking in the lanes. >> reporter: safety first, but commuters were stuck in traffic trying to find a detour around the expanded crime scene. the closure, though, paid off for the investigation. >> we did find some evidence on the freeway and now we will continue to look through that and process that and see if it helps us in identifying the suspect. >> reporter: police say they had two other shootings overnight here in the city and those cases the victims also had non-life threatening injuries. they do say that none of these cases appear to be related. in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. san francisco's mayor is throwing open the door for many in-law apartments in the city.
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mayor london breed issued a new executive directive. it's designed to fast track applications to build accessory dwelling units more commonly known as in-law apartments. the mayor wants responses to all backlogged applications within six months with a goal of responding to all new building applications within four months or less. >> we have, sadly, for far too long, pushed for job growth and addressed other cityve definitely not done our part in producing more housing, which is why we're experiencing such a significant challenge of significant affordability crises. >> mayor breed says the city will pay attention to applications for in-law units in rent-controlled buildings, those new units fall under rent control making them more affordable for residents. the holiday weekend is fast approaching, and chp shows us how they'll be monitoring the
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roads. scooters are coming back to san francisco, but not the companies you might expect. and why the lightning? metallica is
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labor day weekend marks the unofficial end of summer and lots of cars will be out on the road. >> that's for sure. that's why chp, the insurance industry are warning drivers, especially teen drivers about the dangers of driving drunk or impaired this weekend. >> eric thomas is live along interstate and 80 with the story. eric? >> reporter: and guys, in the time it takes folks toatthe new
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29 americans will die in accidents involving drunk or impaired drivers. as you mentioned, the holiday weekend is approaching. that's why the state, the insurance industry, and ford thought this would be the perfect time to remind teenagers and show them about the dangers of impaired driving. >> that's how i feel. >> reporter: that's because skyler and julia both seniors aren't used to driving with movement restricting braces on knees, elbows and necks and vision blurring goggles over their eyes. >> every step i take, i feel like i'll fall. it's crazy. >> reporter: it's an experiment. the outfits are designed to show teenagers how drugs and alcohol affect perception and fine motor skills. >> these are the hundred deadliest days, the days between memorial day and labor day when we have so many teen drivers on the road and as a result we see more teen accidents, injuries and fatalities. >> like this august 12th accident on highway 24 in walnut creek in which two antioch teens died.
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the 18-year-old driver was arrested for dui. here, the teens got behind the wheel with simulated impairment and plenty of adult supervision and attempted to avoid the cones on an obstacle course. it did not go well. >> the vision was the worst part, i had a headache of putting these on for that drive and it's nauseating because your vision is completely shifted and your perception is totally off. >> reporter: to see if that was true we put a more experienced driver behind the wheel. >> here we go. this is embarrassing. >> reporter: i probably hit more cones than anyone. it was a sobering experience, and a valuable experience about the dangers of driving impaired. >> it's not worth it, it really isn't. >> reporter: not to mention it's a crime, punishable by fines, license suspension or jail time if a crash causes injury or death, and police will be watching. >> we'll be full hands on deck this entire weekend. >> reporter: i would like to assure my friends and my fellow
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drivers that, yes, i do drive better than that without that gear on. so be advised, there will be lots of chp officers on the road this morning. your local police and allied agencies will be joining them, and there are the possibilities of dui check points, they will be out there as well. so in a nutshell, the advice is to don't drink and drive. why do that when you have cabs, lyft, uber and friends and relatives who can help you out. eric thomas, abc 7 news. >> i think i trust your driving, eric, good advice, though. electric scooters are coming back to the streets of san francisco, but the city locked up the biggest names in the booming industry. muni gave the two permits to the one-year pilot program to scoot and skip, burg lime and spin the most recognizable companies ran into trouble with th after launching their programs without a permit back in march. uber and lyft had also applied for the pilot program. the agency said the proposals from scoot and skip far
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outweighed those of other applicants. also today, a bill allowing adults to ride motorized scooters without a helmet on is on governor brown's desk. an east bay neighborhood is cleaning up after a giant heritage oak tree snapped overnight. it fell on seven cars and raised questions about what happens next. abc 7 news reporter amy holly field is in pleasant hill. >> reporter: there was a loud crack at 12:30 this morning and then a thud. audra cud says she knew right away what had happened. >> and so my husband and i both jump up and i'm like it's the tree, it's the tree. and then it was so surreal when we opened the door. >> reporter: a giant limb from this 350-year-old heritage oak tree had snapped off and landed across hardy circle. >> i was scared it was going to fall the rest of the way, and take out my house and it was just really -- a lot of stress. >> reporter: it fell away from the house, damaging seven cars
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parked on both sides of the street. four of them belonged to eric rumpf, cars that aren't usually here. >> i've got three adult children, three were off to college, that's why i have so many vehicles here. and it's just kind of funny, to tell you the truth. so i parked my car right there, out of the way, for one night, and a tree falls on it. >> reporter: some neighbors say they had worried that this day was coming. >> we knew this tree was going. my wife, every time she walked by she was always looking up, very cautiously going underneath it. >> reporter: the city of pleasant hill recognized this enormous old tree with a plaque and named it emma. the homeowners were told that meant they couldn't trim it or chop it down. neighbors hope the city will help with the aftermath. >> the city should be the ones paying for it they're the ones who marked the tree and saying you can't do anything, sorry. >> reporter: not the case. the city's maintenance supervisor says this tree belongs to the homeowners, not the city, and the homeowners are
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responsible for the damage and if they want to have it removed. in pleasant hill, amy holly field, abc 7 news. colin kaepernick's collusion grievance against the nfl will go to trial. an arbitrator made the ruling today denying the league's request to throw out the quarterback's claims that owners conspired to keep him out of the league because of his protests over social injustice. the former 49ers quarterback contends owners violated union rules, kaepernick hasn't played since the 2016 season after he started kneeling during the national anthem to protest police brutality and racial inequality. a key contributor to the warriors last two championships is calling it a career, david west announced his retirement today, ending a successful 15-year run. he played two seasons with the warriors, providing offensive spark off the bench during the team's championship runs, he played for four teams during his career, making two all-star seasons, averaging 13.5 points
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per game. it comes after his 38th bi>> a y volunteering? >> no, >>ut for this, not from the forecasts, right. >> just pro ball, right. we've got a professional caliber weekend coming our way. >> nice. >> take a look at live doppler 7, the skies have finally just about cleared. we had low clouds lingering near the coast and bay much of the day with a dreary weather picture and maybe it stopped moving. let me check my computer and see why this isn't moving along. bear with me while i run around. well, i guess the old -- there you go, now it's moving. okay, so it's gusty out there. we've got winds gusting up to 20 miles per hour in san francisco right now and all around the bay and all around most of the bay area, wind speeds of 14, 15 miles per hour. and it's cooler by a few degrees in most locations, than it was this hour yesterday. you probably noticed the
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cooldown if you've been outside. here's a view from sutro tower, looking at advancing low clouds. it's 67 degrees in san francisco right now, oakland 70. 72 mountain view, 84 morgan hill and 63 at half moon bay. the view from emeryville looking at the low clouds sweeping through the golden gate there, temperature readings are pretty uniform here, mid to upper 70s at santa rosa, napa, novato, fairfield, concord and livermore, one more live view from the east bay hills camera westward, and forecast features, low clouds and fog expanding overnight, warming trend begins tomorrow, and mild to warm pattern through labor day. overnight conditions will look like this, fog at the coast and locally out over the bay mild with overnight lows mainly upper 50s. tomorrow's highs will range from mid to upper 60s on the coast to mid-70s on the looks pretty good, also, sunnier than today, high temperatures in the upper 60s in many beach
4:23 pm
locations, 75 the high at santa cruz. quite mild there. very high uv index, so cover up with sunscreen. here's a look at our air quality the next few days through labor day. we have a air quality advisory in effect. it's expected to be moderate to good over much of the area the next four days. that advisory is in effect because of the continuing buildup of smoke from wildfires. here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. the warming trend that begins tomorrow will continue through most of the forecast period, peaking on sunday and monday, the high temperatures inland at or above 90 degrees, we'll see highs near 80 around the bay, midor mid to upper 60s on the coast and then all the way through the period it remains mild to warm. so we've got a great-looking week ahead. >> i see what you were doing, running back and forth preparing yourself for basketball. >> exactly right, getting in shape here. >> love it. thanks. >> two a days, next.
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ends labor day. the video covers what happened between april 14th and august 20th. clearly, you can see how it changed the landscape of the big island. watch as the crater slowly expands, as the volcano reaches peak activity in june. the volcano walls start to collapse, causing the crater to reach seven times its original size. it destroyed at least 700 homes. >> it's fascinating to see it from that perspective. >> so fast. it was a weekend visitor a
4:27 pm
fullsom woman will never forget. >> her husband answered a knock on the door this past weekend and there was a young man with her iphone and wallet she lost last month. she was kayaking in lake notoma when it tipped over and she thought her phone and wallet and id and credit cards inside a zip lock bag were lost for good. >> until the young scuba diver came knocking with good news. >> he found it 20 feet under, the zip lock bag was intact but it was completely filled with water. it was common decency, he hoped any individual would do that. >> despite having been under water for a month, the phone still works. >> she says she is grateful. can you believe it, the phone still works?
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♪ ♪
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live where you live, this is abc 7 news. i'm dion lim, here are the stories making headlines at 4:30. it has been a chaotic day at balboa high school in san francisco. abc 7 news has learned that a 14-year-old student to campus himself in this afternoon. he ran away when the gun went off in school.shows the suspect students the gun before he ran off. a girl was injured during the incident. her back is hurt, but she was not shot. she will be okay. abc 7 news reporter katie
4:31 pm
utehs is on the scene and tweeted this video of students willing allowed to leave the balboa high school campus after the lockdown was lifted. classes for the rest of the day were cancelled. other schools remained in session. a san mateo county sheriff is asking for the public's help to find a missing mother and child from canada who flew to the bay area for a camping trip. 29-year-old audrey rodrige and her 10-year-old daughter emily arrived thursday but have not been heard from since. a private viewing from the queen of soul took place in detroit today. the associated press was allowed to take these photos of the casket being removed late last night from a detroit museum where there were two days of public viewing. thousands of fans flocked to way respects and say their final good-byes. aretha's invitation-only funeral will be held tomorrow at detroit's greater grace temple. it's expected to be a star studded sendoff, performances
4:32 pm
from others. >> his opponent is african-american, abc's stephanie ramos reports now from washington. >> reporter: it didn't take long for ron desantis, a sitting congressman, and the republican candidate running for governor of florida to say what many deem as a racist comment about his opponent. here's desaesantis on fox news. >> the last thing we need to do is monkey this up by trying to embrace a socialist agenda. >> andrew gillum is the first african-american to win the nomination for november gor in the state. the backlash to desant is's words, monkey this up, came quickly. desantis defended his comments on sean hannity last night. >> do you think it was racist in any way? that's what they're implying. >> it has zero to do with race, sean. >> this isn't the first time
4:33 pm
republican officials have gone with the words "monkey" when referring to african-americans, a term that has a long, violent and dark history. former first family the obamas got it too. senator marco rubio's 2016 presidential campaign chair said just recently, president obama looks like a monkey. then there was this time when a republican west virginia official referred to michelle obama as an ape in heels. gillum responding to his opponent on cnn. >> he's apparently given up the whistle. they've gone to the bull horn with these kinds of tactics. >> gillum says he's prepared for anything president trump might say about him on twitter. but he also says the president should be ready for a response. in washington, stephanie ramos, abc news. well, if you're a fan of in and out burger, you may have your loyalty tested after some called for a boycott of that popular restaurant chain. the leader of california's democratic party is asking the
4:34 pm
public to stop eating there. democrats are upset in and out donated $25,000 to republicans in the state. the restaurant was founded by a christian family, and has bible verses printed on some of its packaging, not everyone is upset by the donation. >> i think the game is open to whoever wants to do anything anymore. i wouldn't boycott them. corporations are people now. >> and in-n-out says the restaurant chain made equal contributions to both democratic and republican action committees in california. president trump is scrapping planned pay raises for civilian federal employees in a letter to congressional leaders the president described the pay raise as inappropriate, adding that the nation's budget couldn't support it. workers were set to receive an across the board 2.1% pay increase in january as well as a locality pay a year adjustment based on the region where the worker is posted. military pay will not be affected by the order. it should be noted, california
4:35 pm
has more federal workers than any other state. coming up next at 4:00, a luxury car made with more than a million legos, and yes, this can actually drive. i'm "7 on your side's" michael finney, an important consumer alert, cvs pulled a popular baby powder from its shelves, and then put it back. i'm spencer christian, looking at a few clouds lingering right now. but this labor day weekend is looking to be almost cloud
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4:38 pm
bay area rock and roll hall of famer's metallica are offering a fan of taste of something new. >> they are. today the band sent out this tweet unveiling their own brand of whiskey, called blackened american whiskey, after their track "justice for all." >> they're not slamming their label on whiskey, but it's something they've been working on for years. the whiskey will be available this fall. >> whiskey and rock n roll. >> yeah, no connection, whatsoever. >> cvs put a popular baby formula back on its shelves. >> what a series of incidents, not the first time. that's what makes this really interesting. this comes after cvs removed
4:39 pm
enfamil following one single incident. the seal on it was broken and she found it filled with flour instead of enfamil, the discovery triggered cvs to pull it and make sure it was safe before selling it again. the formula has not issued any recalls at all. so what happened in florida resembles something that took place last year in arizona. there, a woman pled guilty to swapping flour for formula in a money-making scheme. you might see lines get shorter the next time you visit the dmv following a vote by tate assembly just agreed to pump millions of dollars into california's dmv to help reduce wait times. waiting times have increased due to california residents getting new licenses, and id cards that comply with the federal real id standards. as part of getting more funding, the dmv must give lawmakers
4:40 pm
monthly report on how it is spending its money. some republican lawmakers fear money might be mismanaged as long as the dmv's current director remains on the job. starbucks held some new frap chinos featuring fewer calories and less sugar will boost sales. the new frapuccinos will debut in california, along with missouri and rhode island. we don't know why. right now they contain 420 calories. the new version will have 370 calories. the amount of sugar dropped from 67 to 49 grams. starbucks has set a goal t sugar contents in its indulgent drinks, what they're called by 25% by 2020. now i want to hear from you. my "7 on your side" hotline is open weekdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. there's the number, 415-954-8151. reach me on facebook and through
4:41 pm >> it's a start, isn't it? >> it is a start, actually. >> thanks, michael. well, check this out, amazing looking cars. guess what? it's made of legos. >> you heard us right, more than a million pieces, including pieces from the company's tech line, which features interconnecting rods, gears, axles, motors and other parts. it was created as a promotional vehicle for the italian grand prix. >> it's a copy of a bugatti supercar, drivable, able to reach 13 miles per hour, not bad for something made of toy parts and powered by plastic motors. 13 miles is a start. good looking. >> impressive, nonetheless. sere accuse university is sharing a heartwarming moment. >> were you out last night? stand up. come here. i asked you, were you out last
4:42 pm
night? who's your roommate? out, where were you at? was he out last night? i should let you -- i'm going to let you break these guys down. wait a minute, wait a minute. never let a walk-on. i tell you what, why don't we make a nostalgia play. >> is that great or what? >> i wasn't sure where this was going at first. >> a little tense. he's like no, i wasn't out, i promise. >> that's really sweet. >> yeah, nice to see them all storm the field after. >> yeah, the team knew what was going to happen. good stuff. getting to the weather, and also some good stuff ahead, spencer christian standing by. >> i'll give you a look at the weather, live doppler 7, low clouds and fog hovering along
4:43 pm
the coastline, or parts of it right now. it's mainly sunny inland, but it's been dreary near the coast and bay much of the day, and drearier overnight. overnight lows upper 50s. tomorrow, mainly sunny day, highs ranging from mid and upper 60s at the coast to mainly mid-70s around the bay. we'll see some upper 80s inland tomorrow, today we saw only upper 70s. here's a look at the accuweather seven-day forecast. we have an actual warming trend coming our way beginning tomorrow. it will continue through labor day weekend. sunday and monday, labor day, will be the warmest days in the forecast period. highs in inland areas at or above 90 degrees, 80 around the bay and mid and upper 60s along the coast. minor cooling on tuesday. but this minor pattern will hold the next seven days. >> spencer, thank you. next at 4:00, a growing diabetes problem in the bay area, a doctor will be here with us to tell you what you can do to improve your health and your
4:44 pm
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boy, it is a shocking statistic,0% of
4:47 pm
om genpital. bng done,et wco d r a topic of much interest. >> i was shocked when i first heard that stat, one out of two. let's talk about what pre-diabetes is, and how did we get to this point? >> well, it is a true whopping statistic. it's estimated that 30 million plus individuals in this country have diabetes, and another 86 plus million have pre-diabetes. so that's about 10% of the population or more with diabetes diagnosed. and another 35 plus percent with pre-diabetes. many of those people don't know they have the condition because it can be asymptomatic for decades, leading to complications.
4:48 pm
there was an important pivotal trial years ago that showed on the first day of diagnosis for many patients more than 50% of patients already have complications. that led us to look earlier and earlier, when can we first find this disease? what we found is there's a condition of pre-diabetes where individuals are not all the way to the point that they qualify for type 2 diabetes diagnostic criteria, but they do have an abnormal glucose metabolism and abnormal th abnormal chemistries. >> so if these balances in the body are abnormal, what is there that can be done to reverse it? >> as opposed to type 1 diabetes, which is a totally separate condition, and affects only about 5%, or accounts for only about 5% of the total number of people with diabetes, type 2 diabetes, the more common, is really associated with two main defects.
4:49 pm
first, resistance to the action of a very important hormone called insulin. and secondly, as a more later stage, deficiency of that enzyme -- of that hormone. so when patients are resistant, they're not able to utilize their fuels properly, not able to take glucose, which is a fuel, and put it into the cell so the cell doesn't work well and the glucose accumulates in the body and patients have high blood sugars. the problem is, as i said, this is asymptomatic. so we need to get to the root of why it's happening, as you said. we know some of the reasons it's happening, and actually we've known for quite a while. we've known that conditions of sort of western living, that usually involve a more sedentary lifestyle and weight gain and excessive and perhaps the wrong intake of nutrient content really lead to insulin not working well in the body. >> so, of course, diet and exercise, real quickly running out of time.
4:50 pm
>> very important. >> tell us about the diabetes fall fest that's being offered, happening for the public. >> this is an annual event that the braeden diabetes center hosts both through the public and for our medical community. and it's unique because it is aimed at both our professionals and the lay community so that we can all know what's most important coming out. we have dr. robert conn -- dr. steven conn coming from the university of washington and he will be speaking about how we can halt this type 2 diabetes. >> we'll have all that information at thank you for joining us, doctor. back to you. >> great discussion. if you are looking for something fun to do this weekend we have got you covered. alexis smith from abc 7 mornings has ideas from our partners at hoodline. >> the long holiday weekend means you've got an extra day to live your best life. this week, we have options that might have you feeling fancy. kick things off with culture at
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is here. it will feature over 20 for sampling, bottomless sangrias. games, a photo booth and lounging mats will complete the setup citizen you and your friends rose the day away. for ticketing information, go to our website, so much to do. this afternoon the oregon zoo's harbor seal made a new friend. >> kayla caught on video playing around with this butterfly. the seal chased it around as it fluttered on the other side of the glass. >> she pressed her nose up to the glass to encourage the butterfly to keep on flying. >> look at the inquisitive eyes too. turning 100 is an incredible filestone. but throwing a simple party wasn't enough for paul olivas. >> the army veteran decided the only way to mark the occasion
4:53 pm
was to jump out of an airplane, again. oh, boy, you can see him more than 300 jumps, including with the famed 100 first airborne division on d-day. this jump would be his first one just for fun. >> the higher i got, the smaller the thing's gotten, you know, going out the door was scary, the fresh air hit me in the face. >> is that the coolest thing? he enjoyed it so much, he's looking forward to his 103rd birthday to become the oldest sky diver ever. >> the definition of forever young. sitting in traffic, no one likes it. >> coming up next the new report out today showing just how much of your life you may spend in a car. and coming up new at 5:00, new details on a 2-year-old unsolved double homicide in oakland. the video and sketches just released by police showing two persons of interest in the killing. a new survey shows more people are adding more money into their retirement accounts.
4:54 pm
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4:57 pm
>> abc 7 news reporter david louie looks at how much time we're wasting in traffic. >> reporter: it's how we start our day and end it, creating frustration, even before we get to work. the amount of time spent in traffic is tough on the mind and the body. >> it's brutal. in many ways it's tougher than the job itself because it's just grueling, especially stop and go. personally, the spinal fusion, the up and down of your leggetts your back aggravated. >> reporter: a survey says the average commute nationally is just over 52 minutes. in the east bay, commuters from oakland, berkeley and hayward are in grit lock for 67 minutes per day, translating into 523 lost days. louise flores is one of those drivers, commuting from hayward to jobs on the peninsula, crossing the bridges. >> i remember maybe five, six years ago, by 3:00 you can still
4:58 pm
make it within an hour or so. right now, after 2:00, it's maybe an hour and a half or so just to cross the bridge. >> reporter: it may surprise you the silicon valley commute is closer to the national average, clocking in at 54 1/2 minutes per day. 27 lost days in traffic. 12 1/2 minutes shorter than east bay commuters. jim waterman is president and ceo of the bay area council. >> we're making the investment here in the bay area to get people out of their cars and into transit. i think we're going to eventually reach a point where, you know, we really start seeing some returns on the investments. >> reporter: no wonder people seek relief by using public transit, david louie, abc 7 news. >> it's frustrating looking at the traffic. you can get the latest news anytime from the enhanced abc 7 news app. more customization and personalized push alerts to get the news you want to your phone in realtime. thank you for joining us for
4:59 pm
abc 7 news at 4:00. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 starts now. >> among the ranks of parents standing outside my child's school. >> a gun goes off in a san francisco high school classroom, new details we've just learned after three schools were locked down for nearly two hours. and breaking news in the north bay, a big rig driver loses control, starts a grass fire, completely destroying his truck, but somehow escapes without injury. there will be millions of drivers on the roads this holiday weekend. how the chp, the insurance industry and ford are teaming up to show the dangers of driving under the influence. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm dion lim in for christine zee. that breaking news in petaluma where a big rig started a grass fire. >> we'll go to wayne freedman in a moment. first, our other top story. >> abc 7 news confirmed new details about a gun that went off inside a classroom at balboa
5:00 pm
high school. >> the student who brought the gun ran away and that no students were shot. >> sky 7 was overhead as police prepared to enter that school. abc 7 news reporter katie utehs is live at balboa high school with the information we have just confirmed. katie? >> reporter: dion, within the last hour we've learned the student that was injured today is going to be okay. she was not shot. we've also learned more about the student who brought that gun to school. he's said to be a 14-year-old freshman, and that the gun may have accidentally discharged from his backpack. >> we hear a loud bang, look over, there's a whole in a chair, something on the ground, then the teacher gets up, comes over. she then calls security and everyone comes in, and then we just go into our next class tlockdown. >> reporter: per police sources, the student ran out o


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