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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  August 30, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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high. katie. >> reporter: police sources tell us the 14-year-old freshman ran from campus but his mother later brought him to the bellevue station where he turned himself in. this may be an accidental discharge. we learned the female student injured today will be okay, she was not shot. >> we hear a loud bang, look over, a hole in the chair, something on the ground. the teacher looks over, calls security, everyone comes in, goes to the next classes. >> reporter: per police sources the student ran out of the balboa high school classroom and surveillance shows him handing something over to three other students. police detain those students and they're the ones seen from sky 7 an they then handed the gun over to police. the student who brought the gun to school managed to run away from campus. sources say his mother took him to the bayview station this afternoon to turn himself in.
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the lockdown lasted less than two hours. during that time, police scoured the area and they have been calling for updates. >> they have been silent. she can't move across the classroom next to her best friend. she's stuck in the corner. >> reporter: by 1:00 this afternoon police gave the all clear and students were reunited with their parents. abc7 news. >> thanks. >> silicon valley congressman was aware of this incident tweeting another alert of a lockdown. this cannot continue. congress must act on gun violence now we should have before we recess. >> on the mobile push alert, the app is available for apple and android devices and you can
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customize it to get news where you live. >> a shooting forced several lockdowns today and survive after being shot. the lockdown was at schools. >> this is a case of grotesque judgment. >> that's a plunt assessment from the school district -- blunt assessment from the school district that hired a teacher and found with a loaded gun that had no reason to do with the reason the police wanted to catch the suspect. >> connected with a road rage incident associated with a strong-armed robbery dated back to february. >> live at the middle school with all the news of the arrests. >> hey, dan. students were told about the situation during a school-wide
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assembly. administrators spent the day meeting with parents and have more meetings scheduled for tomorrow. >> charles spent the county jail and they were surprised to learn about the first year language arts teacher. >> anything we can do to assuage their concerns we will do that. >> reporter: in connection with an incident that turned into a strong-armed robbery but when officers went to his classroom to grab his things they found a loaded handgun in his bag. >> at this time, we don't have any indication that the teacher was planning any type of assault on students or staff. >> reporter: the road rage incident happened in this parking garage in downtown san jose back in february. police followed a driver into the structure, battered the
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victim and stole his cell phone before driving off. investigators worked on the case for months before identifying him as a suspect. it would have made sense that he passed a background and fingerprint test. august 17th prior to starting his new teaching job. >> this is an ongoing investigation. if someone has information about this crime or any other crime we want to hear from them. >> reporter: last year, so was a substitute teacher in palo alto and spent time in the san jose unified school district before that. according to his linkedin profile he also was a public affairs specialist for the u.s. army reserves. this was his first full time job as a language arts teacher. >> he is expected to make his first court appearance in october and been placed on administrative leave. abc7 news. >> thanks. berkeley police have
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arrested two people in connection with this outrageous strong-armed robbery. the 21-year-old victim was on her phone waiting for a bus at administer t dr. martin luther king jr. and grabbed her. police arrest him after the robbery. she was nearly run over. the suspect who grabbed the phone was arrested today identified as a 17-year-old from san leandro. >> in east bay, they're hoping to get tips in a double murder case gone cold in the last two years that happened during a street party in downtown oakland in august, 2016. two high school grads one trying to guard his girlfriend and the other hit by stray bullets. laura anthony has our story. >> i know someone knows something. it's been two years.
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>> reporter: the pain is still fresh for two young in oakland two summers ago. >> it's been hard, very hard. i just want the boys >> reporter: you got to look at that you see the family to have some form of connection. if that was my loved one, i would want someone to give me that information. >> as you can see on the video there were hundreds of people on the block. >> reporter: this shows hundreds in the crowd as gunshots were fired investigators believe from multiple gunmen on the night of august 14th, 2016. it happened outside the prime gallery. 21-year-old craig fletcher cook and 22-year-old artist terrence mccrary jr. were both dead.
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>> these two individuals come off the block. >> reporter: police are asking for public's health to to identify the two men and the one on the left is believed to be this man and the one on the right, this man. >> there were a lot of people there and rumors going around. >> reporter: fletcher cook's foster mother made a plea for someone in the very large crowd to come forward. >> this was taken two weeks before he died, in a graduation ceremony. he had the world in front of him and we're really hurting. >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc7 news. >> new details coming out tonight on the mysterious disappearance of a canadian tourist and her young daughter. audrey and her daughter emily, arrived one week ago and are now missing and not heard from since sunday. melanie woodrow is live in the
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newsroom with the latest on the search. >> reporter: that mother and daughter were here for a california camping adventure starting on the california coast. law enforcement officials are hoping that are still okay and at a cell-site that does not have reception. >> reporter: investigators say 29-year-old audrey and her 10-year-old daughter arrived in the bay area last thursday. >> they seemed to have plans to stay along the coastline and stayed at a hotel here in burlingame that night. they checked in at 8:00 p.m. and out at 8:00 a.m. friday. they had a reservation to stay at the pigeon point hostel saturday night but the manager says they didn't show up. on the 26th they say audrey texted her boyfriend in canada. >> nothing suspicious or something was wrong. >> reporter: he said he wasn't able to contact her after
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receiving the text. the sheriff's office says audrey's boyfriend reported her and her daughter missing. >> we're concerned and want to get information awareness out there to help people keep an eye out for them. >> reporter: the sheriff's office says audrey had a reservation tuesday august 28th at the national forest near the oregon border. they checked the area. >> some campers thought they might have seen them there and the park ranger did a great job getting their photos out for that. >> reporter: they said audrey talked about staying at free campsites along the coast. >> maybe they found a great campsite beautiful and hunkering down with no cell service. >> reporter: california license plate 8 din 900 hasn't been spotted. the sheriff's office says the coast is too expansive to search. >> we don't have solid leads and the budget to search the california coastline or time to
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do that. >> reporter: in the meantime, they're hopeful the mother and daughter will show up at the airport friday. >> that is when their rental car is due back and return flight to canada is scheduled, making tomorrow a critical day in determining whether they've been without cell service or something else. in the newsroom, melanie woodrow, abc7 news. >> thank you. electric scooters are coming back to the streets of san francisco but the city locked up the biggest names in the industry. muni gave it to skip. bird and line did not get permits and ran into trouble with the city after launching their permits in march. uber and lyft applied for programs but did not get permits. >> line released this statement saying the fta chose experienced operators that learn on the job at the experience of the public
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good. it requires them to be riden in bike lanes, not sidewalks and riders must have a driver's license or permit and wear a helmet. that could change. today, the bill to the governor to pass that bill. >> owned by the state and hosts gun shows about five time as year, the bill written by san mateo senator jerry hill and bay area senator members david chew and mullen and mark berber. if approved it would take effect in 2020 allowing them to host seven gun shows through next year. the bill that would let cities take over legal guardianship of homeless people that can no longer help themselves, the work of a san francisco state senator. at 6:30, learn how it could make
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a difference in the state's homeless crisis. next, petaluma neighbors says enough is enough about pot next door don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years. rockin' my peers. puttin' suckas in fear. don't you dare stare. you better move. listen to the bass go boom. i'm gonna knock you out. mama said knock you out. don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years.
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don't call it a comeback. ♪ ♪
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developing news from new mexico where authorities say at least four people were killed during a terrible crash involving a greyhound bus and semi-truck. you can see the scene is just awful. the death toll is expected to rise. at least 42 people have taken to the hospital one is a baby in pediatric trauma care. the police say one of the semi's
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tires blew sending it into traffic head on into this bus. 47 passengers and one driver on the bus. it happened on 40, 100 miles northwest of albuquerque. an accident of a fast moving grass fire in county. county. it was burned beyond recognition. a driver lost control and plunged down embankment and took down telephone policy and it started a brush fire. the firefighters brought it under control and the driver was not hurt. a train hit someone on the tracks.ut hour ago in roanoke park. the train service is suspended and trains are running between
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san rafael and roanoke park. a man has cannabis growing and not only have neighbors complained to the county, they sued in court. >> reporter: until last spring, carol and her family thought of this as their piece of the american dream, a big house amidst the now. >> it's hell. we lost our home. >> reporter: and it's leased to a cannabis grower one the police plan to stop down. >> they are operating without a permit and over 40ing permit violations. >> reporter: they have 40 growing structures and more and they placed a suit against the growing operation and flying
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rooster and there's more. they say the smell of cannabis is unhealthy. >> it's a big disturbance to all of us. >> like the stench of a skunk. a thick stench of skunk you cannot escape. >> reporter: no one from the vineyard or growers would comment on camera today. the neighbors made their opinion known. among their concerns not one but two schools less than half a mile away. parents and staff say cannabis and kids should not go together. >> people are very hypersensitive where their kids are. just the thought of this being an open campus a thousand feet away, that's a problem. >> reporter: in california, the law regarding cannabis used to be so simple until it became legal. >> reporter: if they had a permit, would it be all right? >> no. >> reporter: nbc7 news. to the weather, things looking seasonable. >> they are.
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spencer christian with the forecast. >> just in time for the labor day weekend. mainly sunny skies across the bay area. low clouds across the area and things started getting sunnier late in the afternoon and into the early evening hours. pretty windy up there right now. we have brisk winds. most locations experiencing surface winds around 15 miles an hour or so with gusts in san francisco to 25 miles an hour. many locations are a few degrees cooler right now than this time yesterday. the exception is some inland areas 1-2 degrees warmer than they were yesterday. let's see how warm or cool it is. here is the view looking at blue skies over the bay. 63 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 66, low 70s, san jose and morgan hill, 59 and half moon bay. check out this beautiful western sky from emoryville and current temperature readings in the low
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to mid 70s at all these locations. san jose, napa, fairfield, concord, livermore. and now at the moment, clear sky, these are forecast features and fogs at the coast and bay warming trend tomorrow and mild through labor day weekend and through labor day itself. there will be some fog developing over the coastline and push out today locally inland and don't expect it widespread. overnight lows on the mild side, generally upper 50s. tomorrow, mostly sunny skies with highs ranging from mid to upper 60s at the coast to mid-70s along the bayshore line and upper 80s inland. we may see one or two places inland in the far north like ukiah, and to the beach forecast as we head to this weekend. mainly sunny along most of the coastline. high temperatures generally to mid to upper 60s and santa cruz,
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high of 75. uv index, high. prote protect yourself and sunscreen. air quality advisory we expect moderate to good the next couple of days, tomorrow and saturday and moderate sunday and monday. this could change as this advisory is in change because of the build-up of smoke from wildfires in the air. to the accuweather forecast. it will be nice and warm through the 7-day period, with warmest days likely to be sunday and monday, we expect high temperatures inland in the low friends around the bay and 60s around the coast and labor day, upper 70s and near 80 around the bay and drops monday and tuesday before bouncing back late next week. all in all a steady pattern of mild to warm weather.
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>> perfect for not laboring. >> yeah. coming up,
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stocks broke a four-day winning streak today after news the trump administration could move forward with more tariffs
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against china as early as next week. the next big thing by one of silicon valley's biggest companies leads tonight's bay area business watch. apple's next iphone event will be september 12th. this is the invitation the company sent out today. apple is expected to send out new iphones and possibly a new apple watch and updated ipad pro, what we're hearing. netflix is going to shut down the vallejo bridge, a controversial show about a high shool girl who kills herself. some have banned the cities where the n marinof the san rafael pac they're putting the team up for sale. the pacific have been in operation under the same ownership group since 2012 and
6:25 pm
we profiled the group in 2015 when they became the first pro team in history to use an automated umpire. the owners say they have thoroughly enjoyed the experience but it is time to step aside and allow a new owner to take the team to the next level. meantime, napa valley college is the latest bay area school to offer free education. the promise program will cover enrollment fee esand cost of parking permit for first time students in napa county who enroll right after high school. just days ago the contra costa community college announced free tuition as well as and since last year, city college of san francisco has provided free tuition to all san francisco residents. stay here with us, coming up, a test for those whose true love is in and out. >> why there is backlash against the famous burger chain and who wants you to boycott it in the name of politics. i knew john as a brother.
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had a hell of a lot of family fights. >> putting politics don't call it a comeback. i've been here for years. rockin' my peers.
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live where you live, this is abc7 news. >> may john mccain's vision be in our eyes. his voice in our words and our tongue. his listening to the needs of others in our ears. his love for his country in our hearts. >> a bay area catholic leader, a family friend of the mccains offered a final prayer for the late senator in his service. today was the final day in arizona for john mccain. >> his casket was taken to washington, d.c. following the memorial service in phoenix. sharing the emotional eulogy delivered by former vice president and friend, joe biden. >> reporter: the procession route lined with waving flags
6:30 pm
and old campaign signs, leading here to north phoenix baptist church for this moving norm service celebrating the life of john mccain. mccain. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: his adopted daughter, bridget. >> there is a season. >> reporter: and reading bible verses chosen by their father for this day. >> i have fought the good fight, i have finished the race. >> reporter: former vice president, joe biden. >> i always thought of john as a brother. we had a hell of a lot of family fights. >> reporter: offering this family this message of empathy and love. >> i know right now, the pain you all are feeling is so sharp and so hollowing, because you shared john with all of us your whole life the world now shares with you the ache of john's
6:31 pm
death. >> reporter: others sharing stories of mccain's heroism and humor, his faith and devotion to his family and the country he loved. >> his legacy will go on for generations because people will talk about senator john mccain as one of the greatest heroes in our lifetime. >> reporter: and the services continue tomorrow in washington, d.c. mccain's body will lie in state at the capitol before another memorial on saturday. marcy gonzalez, abc news, phoenix. >> abc news will have live coverage of mccain's memorial in washington, this saturday beginning at 6:00 a.m. on abc7 we plan to stream this service live at and on the abc7 news app as well. getting to some breaking news, the two missing tourists from canada on a camping trip from california have been found. the san mateo sheriff's
6:32 pm
department tweeted out the news about 15 minutes ago. deputies checked in and saw both audrey and emily rodrigue, in , good health and enjoying their california camping trip. sheriff's officials have not said where they were found but as we get more information we will bring it to you on air and online. robbers have targeted a bay area apple store again, you're looking at footage of three people grabbing items at the plaza mall. in more than 30 seconds they managed to run off with $35,000 of iphones and other other other one of the thiefs drops it and scurrys around grabbing it. it shows employees watching
6:33 pm
helpless. police want to know if you recognize any of the men in this video. and walnut creek, you're watching as thieves escaped last saturday and also targeted apple's madeira store last week. and the cities with the worst homeless problems have the right to take custody of homeless people. it now goes to the governor's desk. natasha has more on why many san francisco leaders are hoping governor brown signs the bill without worrying about how the potential law could be used. >> we found this man wandering the streets, talking to himself, digging through trash cans. >> i have witnessed during the past few years in this job and throughout my career, individuals we just aren't able to help. >> that's why jeff and a growing number of people who work with homeless individuals think it may be time to force people to
6:34 pm
get help from the san francisco department of homelessness and housing. any given night there are 7500 people living on the streets in san francisco and some appear in the emergency room. >> they get stabilized and talk about how they will take care of themselves and then back in again the next week and go through the cycle. legally we can't hold them. >> reporter: he wants to use a process called legal conservatorship to get those with the most problems off the streets. >> we have a real crisis with people on the streets homeless and literally dying because of untreated severe mental illness and drug addiction. >> reporter: san francisco senator scott weiner is the author of the legislation. >> for many you can help them. nor a small percentage of chronic homeless, they are not in their right minds to be able to even make a decision. >> reporter: the senator's bill
6:35 pm
would give the cities of san francisco and los angeles more ability to decide how to use the censorship and mental illness and substantive disorders. >> the devil is in the details. >> reporter: a constitutional law professor at hastings in san francisco. >> this is a rather extreme denial of civil rights and why conservatorships are generally reserved for extreme cases where the person has high proof they cannot take care of themselves. >> reporter: he said the conservatorships could be an effective tool for those who really need it but could infringe on people's rights. >> the concern is the program will expand and people swept in that do not deserve to have their civil rights taken away from them. it is not something that should be done lightly but very concerned about. >> reporter: according to the senator, the law has safeguards to keep it from being used too broadly. he estimated 50 to 100 people
6:36 pm
that are homeless in san francisco could be getting the help they need if it were signed right now. >> if the governor signs the bill the cities of san francisco and los angeles can start using the conservatorships next year. none of us like to do this, sitting in traffic, what a hassle and time waste. >> a new report and how much of your life you may spend in a car. >> more than just
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your work day might seem like a walk in the park compared to the hours it takes to get there. >> the commute is getting longer and more frustrating not only in the bay area, across the country. >> david louie looks at how much time we're wasting in traffic. >> reporter: this is how we start our day and end it, creating frustration even before we get to work. the amount of time spent in traffic is tough on the mind and body. >> it's brutal. in many ways tougher than the job itself because it is grueling, especially stop and
6:40 pm
go. i had a spinal fusion and the up and down of your leg gets your back aggravated. >> reporter: a survey by educated says the average commute nationally by 1,000 cities is just over 52 minutes. in the east bay, oakland and berkeley and hayward are ingrid lock for 67 minutes per day that translates into 523 lost loui louis is one of those drivers that commutes across the bridges. >> i remember when you could make it within an hour or so. right now, after two, it's maybe an hour and a half or so just to cross the bridge. >> reporter: it may surprise you the silicon valley commute is closer to the national average clocking in at 54 1/2 minutes per day or 24 lost days in traffic, 12 1/2 days shorter than east bay commuters.
6:41 pm
the president of the east bay area counsel. >> we're making the investment to try to get people out of their cars and into transit. we will eventually reach a point we start seeing returns on investment. >> reporter: no wonder people seek relief by using public transit, david louie, abc7 news. >> that's a lot of time. >> too much time. a survey assumes people will work for 45 years until retirement, when it takes about 400 lost days or more, that's at least one year and one month of time you will never get back. >> never. we are about to start a holiday
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>> she complained to the manager she says offer her a complete refund. in and out is getting wrapped up in controversy of political donations. the leader is calling for a boycott at that very popular burger chain. democrats offered $25,000 to republicans in the state. the #boycott in and out is getting traction on social media and started by a christian family and printed on some
6:45 pm
packages. not everyone is upset by the donation. >> i think it's open to whoever wants to do anything now. i wouldn't boycott them. >> corporations are people now. >> the executive said the in and out made equal contributions to democratic and republican action committees. >> a music hit a sour note and she turned to the sweetest guy we know, "7 on your side." >> we are glad to help. reverend cheryl ward fondly looks over the photos she has of the young people that benefitted from her ministry. >> these kids mean the world to me. >> reporter: she recalls the times the drove the kids to their first snow trip. at the first sign of snow, ne kids demanded she stop the car. >> please please, i just want to
6:46 pm
touch it, i just want to touch it! how can you say no? >> reporter: back in may she bought a used van big enough for herself and the kids. unfortunately the radio in the van did not have the bluetooth capabilities she needed to play the music on her phone. music is important to her to help stimulate conversations with the kids and they even taught her a few dance moves. >> this thing where they do this -- oh, man, you should see them laughing at me trying to do it. >> reporter: cheryl went to best buy to purchase a new system. she says the salesperson in emeryville offered her free installation. the store was back up so she ended up making an appoint at the panole store and she was told it was complicated and needed to pay $100 and she agreed then informed she would
6:47 pm
pay $400 because it would take four hours. >> i say, why would i pay $400 more than the installation and the stereo didn't cost that much. >> reporter: she complained to the manager she says offered her a complete refund but refused to negotiate the price. cheryl declined the refund and instead contacted "7 on your side." she said within minutes best buy's corporate office offered her an apology and free installation. >> in 45 minutes they had the roosterio in the car and showing me how to use it. >> best buy told us as much as we want to have great execution all the time, we made a mistake here. we quoted a price that wasn't correct. as soon as the store managers found out they worked to correct the mistake. >> michael finney, you're the best. >> always glad to help. if you have an issue you want me to look into, let me know about it. go to "7 on your side." i have a hotline available
6:48 pm
monday through friday, 10:00 to 2:00. call or go to the web page or my facebook page. >> good stuff. >> thanks. last time, i want to update the weather forecast this hour. >> how about the sweetest weather guy? >> that's true. thank you very much. i paid them to say that. here's a look at live doppler 7. sweet weather out there now. sunny skies all across the bay area, although we will see low clouds pushing over the bay during the overnight hours, overnight lows mild in the upper 50s. tomorrow, sunny skies, highs rang upper 60s on the bay and upper 80s inland as things start to warm up a bit tomorrow. our labor day three-day weekend forecast for select cities looks like this. highs saturday rather, san francisco 70, 73 in oakland and it gets warmer in the inland
6:49 pm
areas sunday and monday but cools down in san francisco saturday because things are unpredictable in san francisco. here's the 7-day forecast. in the overall picture, sunday and monday will be the warmest days in the 7-day period with high temperatures inland at or above 90 degrees sunday and monday labor day and 80 degrees around the bay. it will be a lovely labor day weekend. >> looks like someone paid him to do that forecast. >> all right. fighting words about one of our favorite basketball players? mindy bach with sports. >> kevin is good, one of the best of all times, why the hall of famer says he doesn't consider him one of the greatest to play the game. he was a presence on the court and in the locker room and ev
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
now sports from abc7 news. >> after back to back championships and 15 years in the league, david west is calling it a career. west shared his decision on twitter. he joined the warriors in 2016 after stops in new san antonio. he played less than 14 minutes for golden state state. in a statement released by the team he said quote the leadership he provided to the team was critical to our success. west knew what it took to get
6:53 pm
through a long season and long career he told me moments after winning his second title. >> it's great. this was a tougher year for us and stuck together and guys hung in and did what we had to do to get a win. >> reporter: everyone talks about that toughest year. what was the toughest part. >> nba is a marathon. the core of this group has been doing this a long time, this constant grind into late june. it takes a toll. we had to depend on different guys to get through this point. i was a little unfamiliar not being the number one seed but that didn't stop us. >> reporter: everyone wants to know if you have another year in you? >> we'll see. i'll enjoy the night. >> reaching out, big homey, enjoy yourself. klay thompson tweeted quote, learned something new about life everyday from this man. i thoroughly enjoyed covering david west. add clyde frazier to the list of those who don't understand why david west joined
6:54 pm
the warriors, the hall of famer explained why he won't consider durant one of the all time greats. the greatest plan is i would still hold back because he joined a team that really didn't need him. for him doing that i still didn't give him the full credit he would have deserved if he stayed with okc and won a title with that team. be down the list for me. there will be an asterisk by his name. >> what? i'm with spencer. frazier played with 18 allstars in his career. out of the all-star starters, durant was named the mvp twice. durant has not responded to the comments buthy agent h-- but hit agent has, dang, man. an arbitrator ruled
6:55 pm
kaepernick's lawyers have produced enough information on collusion to seek a hearing. kaepernick says the league conspired to keep him out of a job because of his stance against social injustice and the next step allows him to question officials under oath in a trial-like format. the thought was he would return after a post-season push. that is not looking likely. he was put on dl when it was discovered he had problems with his pitching arm. he is eligible to return september 5th but bob melvin is not optimistic. >> the longer this goes on and how he feels, i think it will be tough for him to make it. i won't say 100% sure he won't be able to.
6:56 pm
at this point, it's probably less than 50/50. tough for the rotation. they lost 10 starters. they're trying to make a post-season push and need all hands on deck. >> mindy, thanks. join us tonight on coffee table. houston, we have a problem, a hole in the international space station, what the astronauts were told to do. >> following a crime wave in one south bay neighborhood, tonight, neighbors are demanding action from police. >> those stories coming up on nbc, at 8:00, the gong show followed by back to back episodes of "take two" and ""abc7 news at 11." >> then "jimmy kimmel live," sean diddy combs and actress amy gilpin. >> a shame you have to work. nice lineup.
6:57 pm
>> yes. >> that's it for abc7 news. look for breaking news when ever you wish on the abc7 news app. >> for spencer christian and mi mindi batch and all of us watching, join us on instagram and facebook. >> we will see you here at 9:00 and 11:00.
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♪ this is the "jeopardy!" teachers tournament. here are today's contestants -- a high school english and french teacher from alameda, california... and eighth grade science teacher from seattle, washington... and a sixth grader teacher from fort collins, colorado... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! [ cheers and applause ] thank you, johnny. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. the prizes have not changed in our teachers tournament. $100,000 to the winner at the end of next week, a $50,000 minimum guarantee for second place, and $25,000 as a minimum guarantee for our third place finisher. and we do wanna thank farmers insurance
7:00 pm
for helping us out with the funding and also for the $1 million they award to worthy teachers each year. we have three worthy teachers with us today. i'll wish you good luck and put you to work right now in the jeopardy! round. and here are the categories you have to deal with... that sounds like fun. next... d-a-n-c-e will come up in each correct response. then we want you to give us the original title we have converted to metric units in... and finally... are... beth, start us. shall we "dance"? -- $200. katherine. -what is attendance? -yes. "dance" for $400, please. katherine, again. -what is riddance? -yes. shall we "dance"? -- $600.


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