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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  August 31, 2018 1:07am-1:42am PDT

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their victims of burglaries,
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car thefts and home invasions. tonight neighbors packed a town hall meeting in the south bay to demand action. enough is enough they say. good evening, i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm dion lim in for ama dates. live for us tonight. >> and amanda, these are real concerns in a spike of crime there recently, right? >> reporter: yeah, the san jose police department says tonight that in the last two weeks alone 22 arrests were made across willow glen. and neighbors at tonight's packed town hall meeting are learning more about those behind the crimes. of the dozens of arrests made around willow glen in the last month sjpd says ten arrests involved mostly a young teen and adults victimizing the neighborhood since the beginning of august. >> the detectives have linked this group to separate 95 incidents. >> reporter: nearly 100
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incidents they say did not involve property crimes. however, the group is responsible for a number of armed robberies and car jackings in the area. an interrupted home burglary led to a car crash and a successful police search. under staffing at the police department was a major concern thursday. neighbors say their calls to 911 and 311 aren't amounting to much. >> i think a lot of times when people call the police department their expectation is a lot greater than the service they're going to receive. i think that's just part of living in a city that has over a million residents. >> reporter: this break in highlights that issue. he made multiple requests only to be told police don't respond to alarms. eventually an officer did show up. the police chief said thursday
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they can expect better. >> we will inspect every alarm in this city. >> reporter: police say a new law that took effect in january has created some obstacles in cases involving juveniles. they say that they're not allowed to question any suspect under the age of 16, which makes it an issue when some of the suspects are as young as 14. >> all right, amanda, thank you. classes will resume as scheduled at san francisco's balboa high schol tomorrow. it all comes after a chaotic day when a gun went offside inside a classroom sending students scrambling and a police spps. >> we looked over and there was a hole in the chair, something on the ground. then the teacher gets up, comes over, then calls security, everyone comes in and we go into our next class and they go into a lock down. >> reporter: per police sources
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the student ran out of the bag bowa classroom. surveillance footage shows him handing something over to three other students. police detain those students and they're the one seen in sky 7 and ground video outside the school. they then hand over the gun to police. the student who brought the gun to school managed to run away from campus. sources say his mother took him to bay view police department to turn himself in. the lock down lasted for two hours. >> they've been silent, she says they've been absolutely silent. she can't even move across the classroom to sit next to her best friend. she's just stuck in the corner. >> reporter: by 1:00 in the afternoon they were given the all clear and students were reunited with their parents. >> we sent out several push alerts through abc news
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up-to-date including this one once the situation has been peacefully resolved. if you don't have the app, you can enable it now for free. and enable push alerts where you live. a group of crooks ripped off an apple store. three thieves burst into the store in santa rosa plaza last night. they grabbed nearly $35,000 worth of gadgets before running back out into the mall. police are looking to see if this is linked to robberies of apple stores in walnut creek. two teens have been arrested in connection of this outrageous robbery. someone gets out and yanks the phone from her. she's dragged, nearly run over by the car. she is going to be okay, but it happened in just an instant. new at 11:00, san jose police tell us they've arrested a person suspected of kidnapping and robbing a san jose state student in broad daylight.
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the victim told detectives a man pulled a gun on him at san salvador and south 16th streets wednesday. investigators say the victim was force today withdraw cash at several other locations. the suspect was taken into custody yesterday. a massive fire is finally contained tonight. this one is called the carr fire. more than 1,000 homes were destroyed and eight people were killed. the flames c nearly 360 square miles in and around redding. officials say it was sparked re.m the vehicle dragging a flat it is the seventh largest fire in california history. abc 7 news was live in east palo alto when 36 members of california urban search and rescue task force three were first
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the team includes firefighters from san francisco along with san mateo and san francisco counties. two tourists are safe tonight after vanishing from a campus trip here in california. the sheriff tweeted this evening both audrie and her daughter are in good health. deputies, though, did not say where the two were found. they are scheduled to fly home tomorrow. in developing news, the number of people killed has risen to at least seven after a horrific head on crash between a semi-truck and a packed greyhound bus in new mexico. if you have not seen these pictures yet, they are shocking. at least 42 people were taken to hospitals including a baby. the truck slammed head on into this bus. there were 47 passengers and one driver on that bus. mtsb investigators will arrive on the scene first thing tomorrow morning.
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well, tonight senator john mccain took his final flight following a memorial service in phoenix, arizona. remembrances for mccain are now moving to washington, d.c. where the public will get a chance to pay their respects tomorrow. abc news reporter elizabeth hurr has the latest. >> reporter: senator john mccain arriving at joint base andrews to a solemn ceremony by a military honor guard. defense secretary james mattis also on the ground paying tribute with the mccain family. this marking the senator's final journey to washington after leaving arizona, his adopted home state. ♪ amazing grace >> reporter: where earlier in the day -- >> i have fought the good fight, i have finished the race. >> reporter: family and friends. >> i'm black, he was white. i'm young, he wasn't so young.
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he celebrated differences. >> reporter: honored the six term senator for values in life. >> he could not stand the abuse of power. >> reporter: while vice president and his close friend joe biden praised mccain for his patriotism. >> he believed in the american people. to paraphrase shakespeare, we shall not see his like again. >> reporter: and the moving memorial service coming to a close with frank signatra's my way, music mccain chose himself. mccain's body will now lie in state at the capitol tomorrow which will be open to the public following a ceremony where vice president pence is scheduled to speak. in washington i'm elizabeth hurr for abc 7 news. >> abc 7 will have live coverage
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of mccain's memorial in washington, d.c. this saturday here on abc 7. we also plan to stream the service live at and on our abc 7 news app. new at 11:00 electronic arts announced it is donating $1 million to victims of the madden tournament shooting. it comes of course after last sunday's deadly shooting at a gaming tournament. a gunman killed two and wounded 11 others before committing suicide. well, scooters will soon be returning to san francisco streets. >> but they won't be rolling along without some controversy. plus some customers have a beef with in and out. what the burger chain has done that sparked the calls for a boycott. also here disneyland reveals details about star wars land. what will be offered for the first time. your holiday weekend will feature som
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electric scooters are getting ready for a come back in san francisco. today the city gave the green light for two scooter companies to operate on city streets. this time there are new rules on the road. abc 7 news reporter cornell
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bernard joins us live along the embarcadero with details. >> three months ago electric scooters were banished from city streets. many called them a menace. now two scooter companies, skip and scoot have made the cut, and they say they are committed to safety. the whirling sound of electric scooters will soon be heard again on san francisco city streets. skip is one of two city startups awarded permits to operate. >> we're excited to learn how this is going to serve not just the riders of san francisco but a system that doesn't see the same kind of backlash we saw earlier. >> and what a backlash it was. some wound up tossed into trees after they seemed to appear overnight. they were driven on sidewalks, parked there, too, creating a hazard. two renegade scooter riders even wound up on the bay bridge. the city was forced to confiscate them, ordering a
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safety review. now there are new rules. >> they're allowed on the bike lanes, not on sidewalks. >> reporter: two scooter companies rose to the top out of more than a dozen which apply. but line scooter was >> safety first, don't forget your helmet. >> reporter: skip let me test drive their scooter which has a wide standing platform, even a break light. a list of requirements is on the dashboard including wearing that helmet. catherine likes having more transportation awnings. her son rides an a nonelectric scooter, but she wonders if this will all work this time. >> i'm glad they're going to which back with hopefully some regulations. but it's like telling uber not to double park. >> reporter: now, the scooters can be activated through an app on your phone. now, starting in october the two scooter companies will be
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allowed to rollout 625 scooters each. that number may be increased after a safety review by the city. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. a political donation has sparked calls for a boycott of in and out. the burger chain made a $25,000 donation to california's republican party, a move that has upset some democrats. the hashtag boycott in and out is even trending online. >> we tend to see each other as not just people who have policy differen differences, but that is the enemy and i cannot support the enemy in anyway. >> in and out released a statement saying today it's donated the same amount $25,000 to the democratic party as well as to charities. just tonight we're learning about disneyland's newest attraction including star war's edge. >> you're looking at what's being envisioned for this
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cantina. >> yeah, the dimly lit saloon will be the first place at disneyland to serve alcoholic beverages to the general public. it opens next year. the walt disney company also owns abc 7. all right, well, let's move on and talk about the labor day forecast. >> it's starting very soon. let's check out live doppler 7 right now, and we do have some low clouds and fog around the bay area. temperatures they're in the 50s, 60s, reel quite comfortable. ocean temperatures are actually running mild, so that's why it's not feeling so cold out there. just a beautiful view of some clouds gathering. foggy at the coast and over the bay tonight. foggy and warm tomorrow, unlike today which was a bit cooler. and something we haven't seen in a few weeks here in the bay area, 90s coming back into the
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picture. so here's your weekend forecast. saturdays mid to warm, mid60s to upper 80s on sunday to monday, low to mid-60s right along the coast. so september definitely bringing some warmth as we head into the weekend. if you're flying out of sfo tomorrow morning for the weekend do be aware of the marine layer definitely continues to develop then there could be some delays due to low ceilings for anyone flying out tomorrow morning. all right, air quality advisory has been issued through labor day. and that's because smoke from the wildfires starting to surface again. wind switch will bring moderate air quality for most of the bay area, some good air quality friday and part of saturday. but be prepared for it. and tomorrow morning be prepared for some fog with reduced visibility. if you're driving to work, taking the ferry across the bay, it is going to be a murky view and foggy areas if you are walking. temperatures first thing in the morning in the 50s. so you might need that then extra laler just to keep you
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comfortable in the morning. and tomorrow afternoon you're looking at a nice looking day. 88 degrees in livermore, 87 concord, mid-70s around san mateo, richmond. 70 in san francisco, and half moon bay 67 degrees. so there will be a little bit of fog lingering near the coast, but not much. if you're going to the art festival this weekend mild sunshine both days after mild fog. temperatures in the lower 70s. you can download the accuweather app and check out those temperatures anytime you want for the weekend. mid-60s to upper 80s, almost a carbon copy on saturday, and the heat returns for sunday, low 90s inland. great looking holiday monday and 90s inland. coast side 60s and around the bay, 70s. we'll cool it off for you around midweek 80s inland. but still comfortable. nice looking weather ahead for
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outdoor plans this weekend. >> looks really nice. >> i said this earlier, but you do aim to please. >> i try. a lot of complaints will come in. well, who will make the final cut? we're in the east bay for the final warriors dance team additions. >> that's coming up. and tomorrow on good morning america, d.j. and producer aleso performs his
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it went down to the wire for the 41 contestants trying to become one of the 21 members of this season's golden state warriors dance team. abc 7 news was in walnut creek while the judges took notes and the team's leader explained what it takes to make the cut. >> they're ambassadors for our organization doing over 200 appearances each season, and of course dance. you want great performers who are out there to be electric and just engage our fans and someone that's going to be a great team member for the squad. we're not just looking for dancers we're looking for powerful performers.
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>> and you're looking at the first man to ever make it this far in the audition process. the finalists will know tomorrow if they made the team. i was asked to be one of the judges four years ago and it's hard, pretty intense and very demanding what they have to go through. >> that was amazing. unfortunately, things aren't going so well for the giants. they sent the official signal they're conceding the play offs. andrew mccutchen is on his way
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the new york post is the first to report the yankees have agreed with a deal with the giants that would send an true mccutchen to new york in e change for a deal with the prospects. mccutchen is scheduled to become a free agent at the end of the season, so the giants get value for a player thed lose anyway. and yankees get a needed
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outfielder. aaron judge is out with a broken wrist. mike grounds it to matt chapman. he had plenty of time but chatman's throw hits the dirt. next batter speedy gordon, another and chatman is safe on this one. five runs in the first for seattle. mariners win 7-1 and now four behind the a's for the second wild card.h running back jeremy nickels giving the 49ers a lead with a six rushing td. they eke out a 26 yard field goal. 23-21 chargers win. making his case backup derek carter in the regular season, and hatcher actually rolled over
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the dfrder and never touched the ground. that's a 45-yard score. marshawn lynch comes running off the side lines. yeah, you can't do that. that's a penalty. the san jose spartans kicked it off against uc davis. crazy george was there. love crazy george. ran for 82 yards and two scores, but later he was carted off after taking a hit in the fourth quarter. this is very tense moment for all involve, but he was able to give a thumbs up on his way out. we are certainly sending him our best. uc davis won this one he was called the pros pro, he was well respected and a leader on the court and in the locker room. and for his effort west won back-to-back championships with the warriors. >> you covered a lot.
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tomorrow's friday. we're out of time. i appreciate your time. i'm dan ashley. >> right now on jimmy tv's number one daily viral
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video show "right this minute." >> for workers at a recycling plant. >> you got to know what you're dealing with when you're dealing with it. >> see what happens when you don't. >> oh! >> it's a problem that. >> is enough to drive you batty. >> what's behind the creepy invaders. they're stirring up a gender reveal. >> i feel leike i'm making a baby. >> the science behind one big surprise. >> and cuteness overload. >> it's like a little squeezy toy. >> find out what has wound up. >> you got to know what you're dealing with when you're dealing with it. those are all oil drums. we've got the two fellows standing there on one side. but pay attention to this dude here, try to remove the bottom of the barrel with a cutting torch. >> yeah. >> ooh! like a rocket just went off in
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his face. >> actually, they believe a spark ignited the fumes that built up in the barrel. comes down, knocks this dude cold out. >> it's le it's an uppercut. >> toward the end of the video you do see him start to move a little bit. no reports on serious injuries, but that's all bad. now we're going to stay in china. this time we're dealing with cement. what do you see her, sir? >> you see a lot of dust and smoke that. could just combust. >> oh, wow. >> this dude doesn't know where to good. get out of the way. holy cow! >> you can tell tell as they heard something, he starts to scurry, doesn't know whether to go front or back. >> looks like it blew the roof off. >> something went


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