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tv   Jimmy Kimmel Live  ABC  September 13, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am PDT

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>> i'm ama daetz. for larry, sandhya, all of us. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- cate blanchett. ben mendelsohn. this week in unnecessary censorship. and the chain smokers featuring emily warren. and now, before i forget, here's jimmy kimmel! request [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: that's very nice. thank you. hi, everyone. i'm jimmy, i'm the host of the show. thank you for watching. thank you for coming. i'm glad you're here. i do want to say to our viewers on the east coast, if you're anywhere near the path of hurricane florence, get out of
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the path of hurricane florence. states of emergency have been declared in georgia, maryland, virginia, and the carolinas. they say florence could drop 10 trillion gallons of water on north carolina this week. more than 1 million people have been ordered to evacuate. not everyone follows rules, though. some people have other plans for this storm. people like this chill dude and his friends in kitty hawk. >> for this group of kitty hawk locals -- >> got it under control. >> it's just another day on the beach despite the mandatory evacuation notice and hurricane warnings. they say they're going to ride it out. >> hunker down, run the generator, watch movies, drink beer, eat food. >> jimmy: that's the worst ad for corona i've ever seen. [ laughter ] i hope hunkering down works out for them. here's another guy sticking out the storm in myrtle beach, south carolina. this gentleman wins the award for most positive take on imndio >>ou guys have a party atmosphere? >> at 12:00 today, we're going
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to be at moto's. >> i think most of america watching is asking, are you scared? >> not really. i mean, what's there to be scared of? if it's my time to go, i'll go. >> all right, thank you very much. talking to squirrel and his house guests -- >> jimmy: squirrel has house guests? [ laughter ] who would give guests that a guy named squirrel would be a little nuts. the white house is gearing up for hurricane florence. president trump spent much of the week prepping by bragging about what a great job he did with hurricane maria in puerto rico. even though almost 3,000 people died in the aftermath of that storm, trump called the relief efforts there an unsung success. just when you think he can't go any lower, he enters a limbo come test and wins. [ laughter ] he tweeted, 3,000 people did not die in the two hurricanes that hit puerto rico, when i left the island after the storm had hit head six to 18 deaths, as time went by it did not go up by
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much, then a long time later -- imagine him typing this all out. [ laughter ] a long time later they started to report really large numbers like 3,000, this was done by the democrats in order to make me look as bad as possible when i was successfully raising billions of dollars to help rebuild puerto rico. meanwhile, at george washington university school of public health, a nonpartisan school confirmed that the death toll from maria was 2,975 people. but you know george washington, always trying to make himself look like a better president than donald trump, he's jealous. trump doesn't feel he got proper credit for his response to hurricane maria. it's only because no one knows what the proper credit to give someone who threw five rolls of paper towels into a crowd is. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] you know the midterm elections -- oh, thank you, everybody. the midterm elections ar couple
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months away. in new york today the polls were open for a star-studded democratic primary for governor. the incumbent and heavily favored andrew cuomo found himself squared off against an actress, cynthia nixon from "sex and the city" who challenged the sitting governor in spite of have nothing political experience. that doesn't surprise me. cynthia nixon, she's such a miranda. [ laughter ] this is also a battle between two prominent music stars. cardi b endorsed cynthia nixon. nicki minaj endorsed andrew cuomo. that's probably what they got in the fight about. we're in california. we haven't been following this new york race too closely. only thing i know about the election is that earlier this week cynthia nixon ordered a cinnamon raisin bagel with capers and locks on it. as a politician i don't know how you recover from that. [ laughter ] technically she might not be allowed to live in new york anymore, she may have to relocate. meanwhile on a federal level, the u.s. state department is
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apparently trying to contell porrize their grand. secretary of state mike pompeo joined instagram this week, which is odd. this was his first post. declaring his department the department of swagger. that's real. you know, between the space force and the department of swagger? [ laughter ] this trump administration has really given us an exciting look at what the government could be if it were run by a wealthy 12-year-old. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] put that back up there. i have to say, nothing sums this administration up better than a photo of a black woman looking on on as two white people fist bump. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] you know? not only does mike pompeo have an instagram account, the state department revised their new employee orientation video to fit in with the hip new attitude. >> welcome to the state department. as a new member of our organization, you are a vital
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part of american foreign policy. and as a new employee, you'll quickly learn what other civil servants already know. the state department is lit, pham. despite these turbulent times, american foreign policy has never been more on fleep. because international relations give us all the feels. as a diplomat you'll work hard to reaffirm our commitment to our allies. because they are beh and we are here for it. we think you'll find your time at the state department will be just as awesome sauce as you imagined it would be. because working here is a bummer. said no one ever. the u.s. state department. we haven't talked to our kids in years. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: seems like a dope place to work to me. not only is u.s. state department freshening up their look, uber is doing that too. uber unveiled a new logo yesterday.
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i don't know if you noticed. this was their old logo. and this is the new logo. i have to say, i kind of respect it when people don't try at all. [ laughter ] the crazy thing is they say it took them nine months to create this logo. [ laughter ] i think that was too long. you know what takes nine months to make? a baby, a human baby. [ laughter ] it took uber nine months to type four letters and pick a font. in related news the fda is said to be cracking down on teenage vaping. vaping for those who don't know is the reason your uber smells line pineapple turpentine whenever you get in it. [ laughter ] yesterday the fda officially declared increased use of e-cigarette busy teenagers to be an epidemic. commissioner of the fda said they've become a ubiquitous and dangerous trend among teens, the disturbing and accelerating trajectory of use and accelerating path to addiction must end, it's simply not tolerable. if there's one thing that gets through to teens it's a sternly worded warning from the fda.
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[ laughter ] the fda also warned vape shops about selling to minors. and threatened to take flavored e-cigarettes off the market entirely. and that would be, i mean, i think i speak for everyone in l.a. when i say, i would miss being assaulted by a cloud of blueberry pomegranate cotton candy robot farts everywhere i go. [ applause ] i really hope it doesn't come to that. guillermo, you ever smoke those vape pens? >> guillermo: no, jimmy, no. >> jimmy: would you allow your son to smoke a vape pen? >> guillermo: no, no way. >> jimmy: good, there you go. we should make that into a psa. [ laughter ] this is good, this is for those of you who like me have young kids at home and are looking for a fun way to teach them how to play with their poop. i give you the "flushing frenzy." >> flush the handle to see how many times to plunge. look out! make the grab and get a token.
11:44 pm
catch it in midair and it's twice the points. the one with the most tokens wins. flushing frenzy the game. >> jimmy: let me tell you something, i have a 4-year-old daughter who loves this. i saw that today. i looked over and nodded at my wife. i went -- and she went -- [ laughter ] i went right on amazon and ordered it. [ laughter ] it will be at my house on wednesday. [ applause ] you know, no matter how technologically advanced we get as a society, kids still love potty humor. they still love that sort of thing. it isn't limited to games that come in a box. they have apps for this too. there's so many new apps and games out there, it's hard to keep up as an adult. so recently i convened a focus group of kids to teach me. what they wound up teaching me that what once was old is now new again.
11:45 pm
♪ >> jimmy: hey, guys, how's it going? >> good. >> jimmy: who do you guys like? >> farth apps. >> jimmy: that's something you like? >> fart apps are the best. >> jimmy: show me how they're the best. go through and show me what's going on here. >> i don't know this one. >> my favorite one is the number 10. >> jimmy: you have a favorite fart? >> yes, number 10. [ farting noises ] >> jimmy: there's number 10. that is a good one. here comes number 13. >> that one's my favorite. >> jimmy: wow. >> that's like a bunch of farts. >> jimmy: that's a wet one, huh? >> that is on youtube sometimes. >> jimmy: you recognize that tart sound? >> yes, i do. >> jimmy: you're a fart asir i don't naud dough. you know what my favorite part
11:46 pm
of this app is? top of the app, there's an ad for best car accident lawyers. what is it you like about these farts? >> they're funny. >> jimmy: uh-huh. [ farthing noises ] [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that's good stuff, right? [ laughter ] [ farting noises ] >> jimmy: there's a lot of fart apps, huh? this one i think costs money. want to take us through this? what do we have here?
11:47 pm
it's like "star wars" farts? wait, hold on a second. i just saw something disturbing. look at this. celebrities fart pack, there's the kimmel. [ farting noise ] >> jimmy: it's actually right on. [ laughter ] i'm glad to see some things, it doesn't matter how much technology we get, we didn't have ipads when i was a kid but we had a whoopee cushion. you'd sit on it and everyone would laugh. of course there's always this, the old fashioned -- have you ever done it like this? >> i've tried to but i can't do it. >> jimmy: you have to really work it. once you get it down it pays off in a big, big way. if you're in the forest and you want to make a fart sound -- >> can you do it? >> jimmy: i can but i'd have to lick my hand and take my shirt off and i'd probably go to jail. thanks, kids. thanks for showing me the fart app.
11:48 pm
[ fart sound ] >> jimmy: that is a real one? >> it's the chair. >> jimmy: it's the chair that old excuse. [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: thank you, kids. tonight on the show, music from the chain smokers featuring emily warren, ben medicndelsohn here. be right back with cate blanchett!
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this is long distance with the best wifi experience, long-distance relationship. plus the most free shows to stream. and with savings on wireless, this is a relationship with more money to spend on the important things. this is how xfinity makes life... simple. easy. awesome. xfinity delivers the fastest, most reliable internet learn more, or get started for $29.99 a month for 12 months. click, call or visit a store today. >> jimmy: hi there. welcome back to our show. tonight from the new movie "the land of steady habits," ben mendelsohn is here. then, their song is called "side effects." the chainsmokers featuring emily warren from the
11:53 pm
mercedes-benz outdoor stage. next week, we have new shows who will be here next week? annette bening, peter dinklage, olivia wilde, john mayer, issa rae, matt kemp, noah centineo, plus music from ann wilson, wiz khalifa, and jungle. so please join us for that. [ cheers and applause ] there will be no point to doing fit you don't. our first guest is an extraordinarily gifted actress with two oscars and many great performances to prove it. next up she plays a powerful witch alongside an average warlock in "the house with a clock in its walls." it opens in theaters a week from tomorrow. please welcome cate blanchett. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: you look great, how are you doing? [ cheers and applause ]
11:54 pm
welcome, first of all. secondly, i want to mention, we have some australians in the audience, first of all. >> i know, it's aussie fight. you've got mendo out the back. >> jimmy: that is his name? >> mendo and his trachy daks. you're letting the country down. >> jimmy: what is tracky daks? >> you don't call it that? track pants? >> jimmy: like a pantsuit? >> tracky daks, and it ain't pretty. no, apparently through the bathroom, he's on the other side of the bathroom. >> jimmy: yes. >> which you renovated. >> jimmy: yes, you're right. >> he wasn't there, he was out in the lane. >> jimmy: last time you were here, you were criticizing our bathro bathrooms. >> no, with love and kindness. >> jimmy: right. yes. >> i just wanted to know if it was a deliberate decision. it was a little bit like a turkish prison. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: then we went in and looked at it, she's right, we
11:55 pm
must redo these. >> it was so depressing. no windows, it's gray. what hive i done? like waking up in room 101, waiting for the rat to be put on the end of your face. >> jimmy: you can't have windows in a bathroom in hollywood. because have you been outside? [ laughter ] >> you don't want your guests to escape. >> jimmy: more importantly we don't want the superheroes on the street getting in. [ laughter ] >> oh, i see. [ applause ] >> jimmy: yes, this area -- security is good. >> okay. >> jimmy: did you like the bathroom? >> i think it's kind of now ish prison cum new york apartment. >> jimmy: oh. >> it's lovely, it's marble -- >> jimmy: that's not marble, i'm sure. [ laughter ] >> faux marble. >> jimmy: whatever they have at ikea is probably what it is. >> exactly, we love the switch. >> jimmy: we try to keep the tight around here. >> i know, i can see. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: it's wonderful to have you -- >> not on the suits, clearly very expensive.
11:56 pm
>> jimmy: the suit, sure, we got that at marshall's. [ laughter ] >> two for one. >> jimmy: there are so many actors, very talented actors -- >> there's so many actors. >> jimmy: in the world. why are there so many actors? the world? >> there's a few out here tonight. send them to china. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: he's a host, not an actor. >> oh. >> jimmy: if we put a camera on him, he could be in a lot of trouble. [ cheers and applause ] >> are you australian as well? >> jimmy: he's from new zealand. >> okay, close enough. that's okay, off you go. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: we don't want to get him locked up or whatever goes on over there. >> certainly not in that bathroom. >> jimmy: is there a community of australian -- like when i say community, i mean are you supporting each other, is it when you see -- >> all 23 million of us. >> jimmy: you know what i mean. i mean you, ben mendelsohn, the
11:57 pm
hemsworths, nicole kidman, et cetera, the people that come here and become successful in the united states. >> it is a water shortage in australia so we're all in mass exodus. you know when they flooded the yangtze river in china, where you're about to go, they said if people were worried -- >> jimmy: i want to make something clear to the home audience. this guy begged us not to say that he's going to china. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] he was very, very clear about it. >> you can just bleep it. sorry. >> jimmy: don't worry, we have it on record. if you go missing. all right. >> they thought that the earth's axis was going to tip. >> jimmy: who did? >> when they flooded the yangtze because they put so much water into one area. there's so many australians in los angeles it's like the earth's axis might -- >> jimmy: the yangtze effect. >> cultural yangtze. >> jimmy: are there gatherings
11:58 pm
we don't know about? >> like the masons and the mormons and -- [ laughter ] supreme court judges get appointed at one minute to midnight, those kind of meetings? we're not machiavellian like that. >> jimmy: no i meant friendly. >> are we friendly? we love each other. in a friendly way i said to mendo to man up and get dressed. >> jimmy: i'm going to call him mendo too. am i allowed? >> i don't know if even i'm allowed to call him mendo. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: did you make that up nickname? >> no, no, it's like you'd be kimo. >> jimmy: everybody gets an "o" at the end? >> jimo kimo. >> jimmy: i like it. guillermo already has an "o." he'd be guillermo-o. i do want to talk about this movie. did you know blackjack before you were in this movie? >> no, we bumped into each other one night before the oscars, i think on the fox lot. i saw this guy, looked vaguely
11:59 pm
familiar, coming out of a studio building with literally 27 goody bags. what is that guy doing? jack? all the goody bags they have at these parties that no one but jack wants, full of lotion and terrible perfume that you wouldn't even give your ex-girlfrie ex-girlfriend. [ laughter ] he's got 27 of them. jack black? he went, what? oh, hi, i'm cate blanchett. he went, oh [ bleep ]. i said, what are you doing? he said, i don't know. [ laughter ] he just took them. >> jimmy: that's jacko blacko for you, you know. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: we're going to take a break. when we come back we'll see a clip from the new movie with jacko blacko called "the house with a clock in its walls." more with cate blanchett after this we'll be right back! this we'll be right back! ough, we have more than 8000 allys looking out for one thing: you.
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for the millionth time we'll turn up something new. you told lewis everything? >> not everything. >> i think you should. isaac may be dead but he is still dangerous. if lewis knew the truth -- >> we don't know the truth, we contin don't know where the clock is or what it does, except something
12:05 am
horrible. we've got to do the responsible thing, lie to the kid. >> jimmy: that's jack black and cate blanchett in "a house with a clock in its walls." that is such a good movie. >> it's very short. that's it, that's the movie, a really short film. you can get three or four sessions in. >> jimmy: it's a lot of fun. >> it's so much fun. >> jimmy: it's not for little kids for sure. >> it totally is for little kids. >> jimmy: no, little kids would be really scared. >> it totally is for little kids! i've been told to say that. it is, it's scary in a way that those fantastic amblin films were made. >> jimmy: and fun. and funny. and you guys really have good chemistry, you and jack. >> yeah, chemical. >> jimmy: you must have known that when you caught him stealing. >> yeah, it's like he owed me. >> jimmy: you just got back from venice film festival? >> no, yeah, i've been in a few film festivals. >> jimmy: is it can or kahn?
12:06 am
>> i say can. i was there, madame, which i enjoyed hearing. >> jimmy: as president of a jury -- >>you had a french accent when you said the president of the jury. >> jimmy: i was mumbling. >> you didn't even know that. >> jimmy: i probably had french fries in my how this. are you in charge? do you make the final call on which film wins? >> it's kind of a democratic process. but i guess you could -- there's two ways of going. you can be inclusive or you can be domineering. >> jimmy: that's what i would do. >> beat people into submission. >> jimmy: yes, right. >> passive-aggressive humiliation. i went for the former rather than the latter. >> jimmy: interesting. that's how different we are. >> they have amazing people on the jury. >> jimmy: who else? >> eva devernier, denny villner. >> jimmy: everybody watches the movies? >> oh, no. [ laughter ] yeah, that's the best bit. then you get to talk to these amazing people.
12:07 am
normally when you go to a film festival it's like, look at me, i'm publicizing my movie. i wouldn't do that. >> jimmy: i've seen it. >> i would never. [ laughter ] you actually get to watch other people's work and sneak in the back way and chat about it. >> jimmy: when you chat about it, are there stark disagreements sometimes where you say, i did not like that at all? >> it was very respectful. >> jimmy: and -- >> that's what -- that's the party line. >> jimmy: are an actor or director, as some of these people are, and you know the people whose movies you're judging, worked with them before, maybe it's mendo, we don't know -- do you try to recuse yourself in that way from the decision? because this is a big deal, these prizes. >> it's french. so there's very particular rules. the palm d'or, if you give it, the top prize, it can't win an acting prize, is it's not like the oscars where you can win best picture, best director,
12:08 am
best -- you have to spread them out. >> jimmy: interesting. >> it's very, very complicated. >> jimmy: it sounds very complicated. >> you deliberate in a villa with a pool. >> jimmy: oh. >> with a couple of glasses of rose. it happened very quickly. >> jimmy: you all knew -- >> we were in concord. >> jimmy: which movie did you pick? >> hm? oh, i can't remember. [ laughter ] no, a film "shoplifters," it's really beautiful? do you bring the family to an event like that? >> yeah, my two little ones came. my eldest had exams. he loves anymore -- >> jimmy: what grade? >> i don't know the equivalent. you americans have a weird education system. he's now in lower sixth, in england. >> jimmy: okay. >> you're looking confused. >> sixth? what do you mean lower sixth? there's one below? >> lower sixth. >> jimmy: we call that fifth already. [ laughter ] >> can you explain to me how the
12:09 am
country that can send men and women to the moon -- >> jimmy: and beyond. >> still using gallons and inches? the entire world is metric, i do not understand this. >> jimmy: when i was a kid, we were always told, always told, that that was going to change sometime soon. >> oh. >> jimmy: we were going to switch over. >> here we are. >> jimmy: one of the great things about americans is, we won't change no matter how good it would be for us. [ laughter ] [ applause ] we are stubborn far beyond reason. i mean, i can't even imagine. by the way, i have no idea how to convert. the only thing i can think of is somebody runs a 5k. i have no idea what that translates into miles. >> i know. people are telling me on sunday it's going to be 80 degrees. i'm like, okay, so that's like 25. and people go, i don't know. >> jimmy: yeah. >> the rest of us have to kind of speak your language. >> jimmy: same here. we go over there, we don't know what's going on. >> have you traveled much yourself outside this studio?
12:10 am
[ laughter ] >> jimmy: i walk around. >> you walk around. >> jimmy: i know intellectually that it would be better to switch to the metric system. i see that the millimeters and all that stuff adds up a lot more evenly and nicely. but guess what, it's never going to happen. >> it's probably not. >> jimmy: we elected donald trump, you think we're switching to the metric system? [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] it's going to be awhile. it's wonderful to have you here. the movie is great, "the house with a clock in its walls." it opens in theaters and imax a week from friday. cate blanchett, everybody! we'll be right back. be right back. and t.j.maxx gives you the freedom to express every one. with our unique mix of must-have brands at must-buy prices, you can be active... or totally relaxed. ♪ ♪ you can shop online or take it home today.
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>> jimmy: welcome back. ben mendelsohn and music from the chainsmokers featuring emily warren is on the way, but first -- it's thursday night, which means it's time to bleep and blur the big tv moments of the week whether they need it or not. it's time for this week in unnecessary censorship. >> there is now a lot of data that suggests the democrats, the democratic base, is so [ bleep ]ed up, way more so than the republican base. >> look how uncomfortable willie geist looked. >> what a stupid [ bleep ]. >> sad, actually. >> what a stupid [ bleep ].
12:17 am
>> like it or not, trump's [ bleep ] is rock solid. >> i saw fema saying it would be like mike tyson [ bleep ]ed you in the [ bleep ]. obviously it's extremely seer on. >> le'veon bell will show everybody how great he is and then [ bleep ] a big [ bleep ], [ bleep ]. >> it was always my dream to [ bleep ] serena in the u.s. open finals. >> my [ bleep ] is not that big, i admit it. i admit it, okay? right, general? i admit it. >> i have to tell you to be honest with you, sometimes i [ bleep ] a little bit of [ bleep ] in the morning. >> mr. vice president, thank you, sir. >> [ bleep ] you, chris. >> i think it's adorable jason has to ask his wife to pull out his [ bleep ]. i did that years ago, i didn't even ask, i went right for it. >> women in the town can now [ bleep ], [ bleep ] in public without breaking the law. >> when you're about to put a big juicy [ bleep ] in your mouth, it's all dripping with [ bleep ]. >> volvo has these amazing, elegant solutions for [ bleep ]ing your pet in the back. pets like to be [ bleep ]ed believe it or not. >> i don't believe it. >> how does a giraffe clean its
12:18 am
[ bleep ]? with its tongue. that's right. the giraffe's tongue so is long it can stick it inside its own [ bleep ]. how did you know that? eww! [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: we'll be right back with ben mendelsohn! ♪ take us downtown, waze. waze integration- seamlessly connecting the world inside... with the world outside... making life a little... easier. introducing the well-connected lincoln mkc. your spirit is unbreakable. your phone, not so much. purchase protection can help you replace small things that get damaged along the way.
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>> jimmy: welcome back to our show. the chainsmokers are on the way. you know our next guest from "rogue one" and "ready player one" and lots of other things without the number "one" in the title. his newest movie is "the land of steady habits." it is available now on netflix. please welcome ben mendelsohn. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: how are you? >> not bad, not bad. >> jimmy: if it isn't mendo. [ laughter ] >> yeah, yeah, she dropped me
12:24 am
out there in my tracky daks no less. >> jimmy: were you dressed down? you switched to the suit? >> you know, casual man, you know. i rock up to the studio. it's not every day, every moment of every day you see me in such refinery. you can tell by the way i sit. i kind of -- you know, tracky dax kind of world. yes, she kind of caught me in th flagrante as it were. >> jimmy: you could wear tracky dax. >> i wanted to. >> jimmy: should we take a minute, you run back and change? [ cheers and applause ] if you like. yeah, we should probably just keep talking. [ laughter ] you seem like a very charming man. you seem like a friendly man. yet you always, well, maybe not always. almost always play the bad guy. the villain in a movie. are you a bad person? [ laughter ] >> well, yeah, i think so.
12:25 am
[ laughter ] look, what you've got to remember is you're keeping with this australian theme you've all got going on here tonight, you know, like -- you know, you guys were raised on freedom. hope. liberty. you know. we're raised on, go to jail. you know. [ laughter ] that's how we started. so you kind of learn. you learn. you learn that cops and robbers stuff -- >> jimmy: you come from a long line of prisoners. >> yeah, i come from a land down under. there it is. >> jimmy: yeah, that is. and do you ever -- does that bother you? do people react to you in a fearful way? >> it's awkward when, you know -- look, it's awkward with, you know, kid fans. >> jimmy: yeah. >> then the parents, you know. like -- that can be awkward. they'll be like, get away from the guy that built the death star. [ laughter ] don't look at him, don't look at
12:26 am
him. >> jimmy: you're also going to be playing a villain in the captain marvel movie. you play a scroll in this movie? >> i'm scrolling. >> jimmy: can you say that? >> yeah. >> jimmy: with the scroll be green as in the comics? >> a beautiful green. a beautiful green, you're going to see some kind of purple highlights in there. and i know you know your way around comics. >> jimmy: i do, yes. >> we can kind of shape shift, do pretty much whatever we want to do. >> jimmy: you can be anyone you want to be. you might be scroll right now for all we know. wouldn't you be the greatest villain in marvel history if you were to tell us everything that happens in the movie? [ laughter ] >> oh my god, yes, yes, yes! that is an excellent idea. and as a matter of fact, i can tell you everything that happens in this movie. >> jimmy: good, let us have it. >> after we go to commercial break or come back -- >> jimmy: you will tell me --
12:27 am
>> then i will be the greatest villain in marvel film history. >> jimmy: and fired, probably, also. >> yeah, yeah. the briefest. >> jimmy: you started ac as a boy, how old were you when you started acting? >> 14. >> jimmy: 4 days old? >> no, 14. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> jimmy: now is that lower sixth? what grade is that? [ laughter ] >> i'm glad you asked that. that's upper third. >> jimmy: upper third, okay. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. >> jimmy: you were in a movie that someone here dug up. the movie is called "the day my voice broke." is that correct? >> i mean -- it's -- unless it's some sort of porn-like version? >> jimmy: no, it's not. >> it's the year my voice broke. >> jimmy: the year my voice broke. >> yeah, someone got that? >> jimmy: we do have that. >> no. >> jimmy: yes. well, we might as well watch it. >> oh, no, really?
12:28 am
>> casey! >> no, no, no! >> aah! >> say hi, i reckon? ha ha ha! ha ha ha! [ cheers and applause ] >> ha ha ha! i like it. >> jimmy: it's really different from our after-school specials. you know what an after-school special is? >> yeah, sure. >> jimmy: in ours the kid whose voice was breaking would not be beating the other kids' asses, his ass would be beaten. it's different over there. >> it's a little bit different. yet if you delved deeper into the movie, you would have found far from being what looks like the schoolyard bully, the hard schoolyard bully if you will, i was in fact the defender of the poor kid whose voice was
12:29 am
breaking. i was in fact an agent for good with a very charming laugh. ha ha ha! [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] >> jimmy: so that laugh wasn't part of the voice breaking thing? >> no. >> jimmy: that was just a laugh? >> that was just me kind of freestyling. >> jimmy: i see, yeah. >> yeah, yeah. i was avenging someone who had his head dunked in the toilet. i was playing a veritable cop. >> jimmy: you were a good guy. >> i was a cop. >> jimmy: and then something happened. and you switched over. to the dark side. >> the dark side. >> jimmy: literally. when you were that age, and obviously interested in acting what movies were you interested in? >> "taxi driver." >> jimmy: really? >> i kid you not, from like the age of about 15, so a little bit older than that, "taxi driver." like a fiend. >> jimmy: really, to the point where you memorized it? >> oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. in fact like -- yeah i knew -- yeah, i knew my way inside and out.
12:30 am
sorry. >> jimmy: no, no. have you met robert de niro? have you ever discussed this with him? >> no, i -- we -- we did a film -- not many people know this but we did a film together. >> jimmy: you and robert de niro? >> we did a film together. >> jimmy: what's it called? >> "killer elite." >> jimmy: oh, yeah, it's the best one. [ laughter ] >> yeah, it's a jason statham film about a group of sas guys, the killer elite, of which i'm one. so i got a job on this film with de niro. and i'm like, yeah. >> jimmy: did you tell him? did you do that thing? >> no, here's the thing. none of my scenes were with him. >> jimmy: oh. >> so i asked the director if, you know -- i said, look, if i do this film, you got to let me pretend to be a hairdresser on the days that he's on. you know what i mean? >> jimmy: just to get in there. >> yeah, just to check it out. he was like, no problem. >> jimmy: did you do that? >> no.
12:31 am
[ laughter ] no, no, i didn't. sanity kind of prevailed. i mean, you know. like -- what if i had to cut his hair and i was all sort of like -- >> jimmy: wouldn't that be the greatest thing, if an unlicensed -- thank him for the work that you appreciate so much -- >> yeah, because there's a mohawk in "taxi driver." >> jimmy: yeah, give him the mohawk. >> shaking hands. mr. denear hoe, ha ha ha! >> jimmy: maybe if there's a sequel we could work that out. it's great to see you. thank you for coming. ben mendelsohn, aka mendo. "the land of steady habits" is available now on netflix. and we'll return with music from the chainsmokers. >> dicky: the "jimmy kimmel live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing.
12:32 am
12:33 am
live" concert series is presented by mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. >> jimmy: i want to thank our australian friends cate blanchett and ben mendelsohn. apologies to matt damon, we ran out of time.
12:34 am
here with their single "side effects" with some help from emily warren, the chainsmokers! ♪ ♪ it's four a.m. i don't know where to go everywhere is closed i should just go home yeah ♪ ♪ my feet are taking me to your front door i know i shouldn't though heaven only knows ♪ ♪ that ooh the side effect to my loneliness is you ♪ ♪ ooh you're all that i want on and giveeving you up some love tonight ♪ ♪ ooh you're all that i want no good at giving you up come on and give me some love tonight ♪ ♪ this happens every time i try to mix
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the lesson went looking for a sign but instead i got a message ♪ ♪ i take off my pride every time we undressing draw the line i'm by the line ♪ ♪ ooh you're all that i want no good at giving you up come on and give me some love tonight ♪ ♪ ooh you're all that i want no good at giving you up come on and give me some love tonight yeah i ♪ ♪ i think about it all the time make it happen in my mind i'm telling you yeah ♪ ♪ ooh you're all that i want no good at giving you up come on and give me some love tonight ♪ ♪ time should've taught me the lesson went looking for a sign but instead i got a message ♪ ♪ i take off my pride every time we undressing draw the line i'm by the line yeah ♪ ♪ time should've taught me the lesson went looking for a sign but instead i got a message ♪ ♪ i take off my pride every time we undressing draw the line i'm by the line yeah ♪ ♪
12:37 am
this is an abc news special report. hurricane florence. this is an abc news special report. >> i'm kendis gibson. we're bringing you the very latest on hurricane florence. unleashing on the carolinas at this moment. >> we're covering every angle of the storm with our correspondents posted at some of the most vulnerable spots along the coastline. sam champion is here tracking it all here in the studio. hurricane florence was downgraded to a category 1 storm overnight with winds dipping to 90 miles an hour. it's still a massive and dangerous system expected to trigger a record storm


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