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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 15, 2018 11:00pm-11:59pm PDT

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looking f
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. >> two powerful storms, thousands and thousands of miles apart, are destroying homes tonight dumping record ryan and leaving a path of destruction behind. i'm eric thomas. typhoon man gut is slamming the east. but here widespread catastrophic flooding have been reported in the carolinas. some parts of the state seeing up to 50 inches. ten killed in north carolina, three in south carolina. we begin with the latest from abc news reporter, marcy gonzalez live in wilmington, north carolina. marcy? >> reporter: yeah.
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eric, you can see another rainy night here in north carolina. there are curfews in plate, new mandatory evacuations ordered because of the dangers left from hurricane -- what was hurricane florence are only getting worse in some places. the coast guard above still rising floodwaters lifting stranded residents to safety. >> i have never seen flash flooding like this occur in our state. >> reporter: in the hardest hit communities in north carolina the, first responders and volunteers from across the country out on flood-ralph and streets. rescuing residents before rivers swell even more. >> we believe there will be a worst case scenario. we're talking about flooding that has not been seep to this degree potentially since 1945. >> reporter: residents of senior citizens center
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evacuated. this gasoline station destroyed. as the storm continues its slow disastrous crawl across the carolinas, some residents now returning home. carol rogers finding this, grateful she evacuated. >> that is my room there that i would have been asleep in, so i would have be killed had i stayed. >> reporter: the risk for many is far from over with the rain still falling and flooding expected to inundate more roads and communities in the coming days. live in bhimgton, north carolina. abc 7 news. >> it wasn't florence that impacted travellers but a storm thousands of miles away. our reporter is live at san francisco international airport.
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amanda? >> reporter: we know that hundreds of nights in and out of hopping kong have been cancelled including four cancellations right here at snks fo. this is because of super typhoon man gut hitting hong kong. we talked to some passengers who landed here this afternoon. half a world away from hurricane florence, typhoon mangut is being called the strongest of the year, already killing at least a dozen in the philippines. it's forecast to make another landfall just west of hopping kong saturday. >> my flight is tomorrow. il changed it to today so that's why i came here earlier. >> she and others f honanrancis afternoon. travellers were only slightly concerned about relatives still in the heart of hopping kong. >> we experience up to two typhoons a day in hopping kong,
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so we're quite unified to it. thankfully we have really good infrastructure. >> reporter: the super typhoon, some say, will put at least five million people at risks and cause more casualties than florence. many say they hope precautions taken since the typhoon last year would have helped. >> it was last year. >> reporter: the travellers we spoke with were confident about their preparation. i should tell you that abc news reports current projections show mangut could be one of the strongest storms to hit hong kong in more than six decades. abc 7 news. nkou very much. meteorologist drew is tracking both storms tonight. drew? >> we're tracking florence. first i want to take you to the south china sea where we are tracking the powerful typhoon at
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this hour. winds at 100 miles an hour. that's the give tloept a category two storms in the united states. it's likely to make a second landfall close to hong kong in the coming hours with wind and rain. back in the states, florence is gradually weakening but this threat of flooding is still there. winds down to 40 miles an hour. it is it is moving to the southeast at 25 miles an hour from south of whiteville. we'll take you to rallasfain. 2 these numbers. incredible. outof bhimgton they have seen more than t woand they are not done with th rain just yet. look at this. this is additional rainfall on top o already had over the next three days and some spots will likely see an additional 10 inches of rainfall. while this storm is going to gradually pull away, ea is like continue for several weeks to
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come. we'll take a much closer look at our local weather here including a breezy end to the weekend in a few minutes. a>>t-bats 7 news app for the latest on both storms. a man was rushed to the hospital after being stabbed on market street steps away from the ritz-carlton residences building. officers blocked off the sidewalk with yellow police tape. a knife was recovered. police are still searching for the suspect who will walked away. the victim suffered knapp life threatening injuries. hillsborough police are looking for five males who broke in a home last night. they hopped a fence and entered thunloeck h omdoor. that set off the as the alarm w homeowners returned home and saw the people running away.
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the honda sedan they were in had paper plates. a woman survived in emoriville. detectives believe that christopher jennings attacked the woman. a passing drive came to the victim's aid an drove her away from the suspect last evening. one nablgd marked a milestone in its rebirth following the devastation of last fall's tubbs fire. the first rebuilt home iseom h everything in 2017. >> one, two, three! >> yay! >> whoo! >> long-time founaint cut trohe open. last october he and more than 1400 of his neighbors lost their homes to the tubbs fire. now he's the first to mov into
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ae brand new home built from th ground up. >> little did i think that we were going to be rebuilt in 1 is 1 months. people were saying two years. >> other houses are starting to take shape near where he's moving back in. >> my son calls it the teenics rising. it's satisfactory and fulfilling. >> sonoma county builders llc finished his home and is finishing others. it's more than just a job to the contractors. >> my family built it the first time 20 years ago. my grandfather was the superintendent on this job site. my customers are my family. . >> and francois is finding it hard to contain his joy. >> it's disney land, man. it feels that good. it's exhilarating. >> rebuilding has taken longer than other parts of the county because of issues removing
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hazardous debris from the area. still ahead, balloons full of drugs brought to a california school. plus -- >> he's moving his hands and feet. he's breatheling on his open. >> east bae residents say a local hospital plans to pull the plug on their infant who is in a coma despite what the family calls real progress. and accusations of lies. bay area clean-up day taking on a new meaning. how to ensur
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. a child in a hospital in a
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coma a is said to be fighting for his life and the parents are hoping for a miracle. they say the hospital is about to pull the >> reporter: he's been at usf children's hospital on a breathing machine after suffering severe brain injury from cardiac at esrr >> i think that my son deserves a fighting chance because he is, in fact, improving. . >> parents have been praying for a miracle, but time is running out. >> they dropped us bomb on us. >> reporter: on friday doctors gave them this letter stating his breathing machines will be turned off on monday due to irreversible brain injury. >> we're not going to let them turn it off. >> reporter: they say they'll fight till the end but tir avel
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lawyer, a second opinion or a new facility to transfer him to. i don't flow how i'm supposed to find that over the weekend. >> reporter: abc 7 news reached out to the hospital for comment but have yet to hear about. the parents were notified, the hospital says, well asking for before they're forced to say goodbye to their baby boy. in oakland, abc 7 news. >> you may remember jahai mcmath was laid to rest after being declared brain dead. he underwent a surgery and the parents refused took her to new jersey where the 17-year-old died last month from liver failure. two children were hospital iced after balloons full of cocaine were brought to a central valley middle school on friday.
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the balloons were found on the playground at carl zenith middle school in the city of terra bela. the two students were hospitalized as a precaution. more than a dozen other students were examined by paramedics. a 13-year-old student has been raeftd for bringing the balloons to school. >> and a santa krus scooter company is not complying with a cease and desist. they apparently didn't talk to officials to get permission or permits. city officials said they told byrd to remove all scooters by thursday. as of yesterday afternoon, officials say that has not happened. they claim that they had a meeting with the city is untrue. peaches and waterways around the bay area are cleaner today thanks to an army of volunteers who spent their day kpleeng up trash. corner el bernard has the story
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rom francisco.rm with buckets on a mission. volunteers fanning out across every inch ofcean beach. >> it's coastal clean-up day and we're going to pick up trash off the peach. there' of it.y was chtomuo lity carry the buckets but others findingcirette butts to sofa cus out there. >> it's gross. >> gross, perhaps, but it's a good turn for the enviroent. >> birds and animals live here and choke. >> bottles and cans in here and trash in here. >> the trash was sorted but plastic got a closer look. >> cigars? >> yes. >> this is plastic. >> the nonprofit surf rider foundation was documenting items taking part in the first brandau did it to find the source of w>> aree't brands and
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packaging, what might be washing up or what is local. >> reporter: the amount of plastic and trash can be daunting but a cleaner cst and everyone. >> gogts to be the world we live in because peopl care and we're full of love. >> reporter: as for numbers, organizers say r say 53e,0 out and picked up 367 tons of cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> time for the forecast. summer's almost over. i was shocked. >> can you believe that? one week from day fall will officially arrive. it was a windy start to the weekend told. we're traching a breezy finish as well. here's the active scan and it is a quiet one on this saturday night. oucameatop pier 15 pointing. to the skyline of san francisco.
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clear skies overhead tchltd marine layer is pretty think right foul. a lot of us will be waking up to sunshine tomorrow morning. winds were an issue earlier today. we had frequent gusts over 30 miles an hour at times. right now the winds have backed off. right now we're calm in mountain view. hour by hour with the winds we expect the wind to start out light but you get the daytime meeting. we expect by the afternoon and into the evening the winds will bettre py expect gusts of over 20 miles an hour at times. the winds kept us on the cool side. tonight we're in the activity and 60s at this hour. francisco at 60. current number in conquered. checking in at 51. o the next 1 hours limited cloud cover nks pretty much combined to the coastline. away from the coast, plenty of
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stars out there. elsewhere, mid to low 50s is what we'll fall to in the overnight hours. there's an area of low pressure in the pacific northwest slowly dragging a kroopt. ahead of the front we'll stay breezy and below average. the cold front wouldn't vr won't move through until tuesday. kee over head. sunday, sun up at about 6:52. cool midday. only in the 60s. warming process very gradual on sunday. by 4:00 temperatures similar to where we landed earlier today. 60s and seventh. 10 degrees below where we should be this time of year. 73 in san jose tomorrow. it's bright and breezy. morgan hill up to 76. looping the peninsula, redwood city about 67 tomorrow afternoon.
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72 for mountain view. we'll struggle to hit 60 degrees for half moon bay. 63. only 59 for a daly city. in the south way, 70s on the board. it will be breezy. 74 for petta huma, 4 in 69 fremont, 66 berkeley and inland, typically we're well into the 80s. tomorrow we'll say in the 70s. 77 in pittsburgh. here's the forecast. next seven days for you, breezy tomorrow afternoon and we'll keep the temperatures below average at least through tuesday. those numbers will rebound a bit wednesday into thursday. thursday it will feel warm armed here but by friday and saturday as fall begins officially the numbers get back to where they should be for h time of year. the next three days will feel like fall has arrived, just a little bit early.
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remotevary sparking plenty of speculation. on september 6 the entire facility was evacuated after a security issue. government officials have not given a clear explanation of what the issue is. the observatory is about 85 miles southwest of roswell, new mexico, where of course mysterious object crashedn 1947 i sparking decades of speculation about aliens. >> hmm. >> agent mull dar be assigned there soonerft a >> clem football saturday. >> yeah. >> fun spectacular plays we'll bring you. one memorable one
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. there were some big matchups around the country but locally a somewhat different scenario. stanford and cal hoste both had the chance of improving to 3-0. the bears facing idaho state for the first time in history. in the first quarter, five yards out dancy gets the score. he finishes 80 yards in this game. in the second quarter quarterback chase garber rolling out found jordan duncan. 28 yards. that's good for six. dumg an had two td catches in this game. ashton davis took the kickoff on the 11. if you didn't know, he's an all
11:30 pm
american hurdler. not to mention, listen at our cameraman with the angle look, following him all 89 yards for the score. cal wins 45-23. that's the most points the bears have scored. >> with an impressive win over idaho state the cal bears improved to 3-0 on the season after career performances from several players. >> feels really good to be able to learn from, you know, a lot of mistakes we made in the first three games and still come out with wins and each one of them is huge. >> we saw a little potential of what we have as an offense and as a team as a whole. we've still got work to do. >> we've got a lot of work to do. the guys are giving good effort and we'll get there. >> next up, the bears have a bye, givingo prepare for their pac-12 opener against oakland. >> bryce love out with an
11:31 pm
undisclosed injury as stappford hosted uc davis. the 11:00 a.m. kick off off offf stan sovrd woke up in the second quarter. costello with back-to-back touchdown passes. that put the cardinals up 17-3 at the half. stanford, 147 yards on the ground cameron scarlett ran for the rushing touchdown from five yards out. they nearly returned that for six. stanford won 30-10 and improves to 3-0. stanford faces oregon next week and the ducks hosted snoemg state. josh love was pressured in the first quarter. unfortunately he was also picture. the turnover led to an oregon touchdown. spartans coach brent brennan said justin herbert may be the
11:32 pm
best in the country. we have a lot of time like that, why not? he threw for three scores, 39 yards right there to jay job breeland. san jose making the score a little respectful. third quarter found josh oliver, a perfe and ct towhrcatch. oregon won 35-22. the spartans dropped to 0-3 on this young season. abc sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. by river rock casino. we'l
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i'm eric thomas. in tonight's headlines, typhoon mangut is turning towards hong kong after tearing a deadly path through the philippines. 28 deaths have been caused by the typhoon packing winds of 46 miles an hour. tonight hong kong's observatory department warns it could be the strongest to ever strike the city. hong kong's airport is closed. kata pacific, hong kong airlines, united and singapore airlines all cansfo. on the east coast, the death toll has increased to 13. carolinas have been flunooindwa. officials warn the worst is yet to come. we're getting a look at some of the extraordinarily work of the u.s. coast guard. video from one of the helicopters shows rescue after rescue in jacksonville, north carolina.
11:37 pm
the coast guard is playing a vital role. cutters have brought relief supplies to the north carolina coast. the communities of today ntsb investigators are looking into the situation. marcus moore has the latest. >> reporter: crews checking homes for lingering danger after that sprin of explosions hit three communities in boston. fire departments overwhelmed on wednesday. crews stretched too thin to respond to every fire. >> i was fanning it, fanning it and it eventually went out. >> this person died after a tree came crashing down on to his vehicle. >> we will look and develop a time line of the events surrounding this disaster.
11:38 pm
we want to know any testing that may have curt on this pipeline, any failures that may have occurred. >> these yijs show 14,000 residents evacuating. the gas company setting up a hotline and a claim center for anyone affected. >> they hope this never happens. >> representatives of the gas company on hand trying to answer question but questioners were impatient. the governor frustrated with the gas company's handling of the situation declaring a state of emergency, clearing the way for another gas company to make necessary repairs. many residents are still unable to return home. died>>s, new york. after being attacked by a shore along the shore of cape cod in massachusetts. video was captured of the shark
11:39 pm
it's not known if same shark that attacked the victim. people tried to save the man. police say the victim was in his mid 20s. this is cape cod's second shark attack since last month but the first deadly attack in more than 80 years. a u.s. border control agent faces accusations of being a cere serial killer. the remains of one woman was found. prosecutors believe all the women were prostitutes. juan david ortiz also kidnapped another woman but she escaped. ortiz worked as a border patrol supervisor. he's in custody. a video that shows a spanish speaking taco bell customer denying service to an english speaking customer has gone viral. it has cost the taco bell worker her job.
11:40 pm
>> we want to order food. >> . >> you're not making any sense. >> ok. you have a manager here? >> alexander ya montgomery shot this video in hialeah florida. she said nobody spoke english and she wouldn't be able to order. >> she was replying what i said in english but she was replying in spanish. you understand what i'm saying. >> taco bell said the employee had been fired and that the situation did not meet their eris sanegal cas or is loong to owr for painnd suerg. the horse is represented by the animal legal defense fund. thele-year-old american quarter horse was taken from his owner
11:41 pm
after being found hundreds of pounds underweight with health issues. >> victims of crime have a right to sue their abuser in civil court for damages and no one has combined those principles before. >> the owner was found guilty and sentenced to three years probation. the horse is seeking a hundred thousand dollars for medical costs. a judge will rule on monday. localish is sharing inspiring stories in "more in common." it's available on facebook watch. see how prisoners are finding the new norm avl among doctors, lawyers. >> i went to prison for a murder i committed when i was 17. >> you played 20 years. now you're playing dragons here? >> yeah. >> when i first was
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you know when you're at ross and you ...for how much?.. yes. that's yes for less. fall's best accessories are even better when you find them for less. at ross. yes for less. . nasa's delta ii rocket made its final flight this morning. >> three, two, one. liftoff of the -- >> it carries the ice cloud and land elevation satellite 2 which will measure how the land and sea ice on the poles change over time. it's sent several satellites in
11:46 pm
orbit. it's expected to last at least three years in orbit. a very special but unusual event took place in an east bay school friday afternoon. two graduates of oakland's dewey academy went back to the school to tie the not. here's why the school threw the couple this wedding. >> reporter: a crowd gathered at oakland's dewey acme nor for a graduation but for a wedding celebration. a.j. collins saw his bride walk down the aisle in what was a surprise for them both. >> we didn't know what they were going to do. we didn't know what our colors were going to be. >> the staff pitched in money for the ceremony knowing the huge sacrifice that's ahead. >> the counselor decided he wanted to do something nice for us. i'm going to the marines.
11:47 pm
>> reporter: the couple has an infant daughtertothero whil e patrice is serving her country, a.j. will watch after the baby. >> i got to give him some appointmenters and remind him, but other than that, he got it down pallet. >> the high school precipitation pal served as the wedding fish yant. >> we support them during and after school and whatever support they need. i now pronounce you husband and wife. >> reporter: and with a kiss, the deal was sealed. and now that the festivities are over it's time to get to work. a.j. will start plemg college and patrice will join the marines and start basic troing. abc news. >> check the fitchish to the weekend. after highs are where they
11:48 pm
should be. we'll do it again tomorrow. here's the call from accuweather. limited cloud cover close to the coast, most of us dealing with clear skies. elsewhere will be in the low to mid 50s over the next 12 hours. tomorrow afternoon, a good looking day. a lot of such but breezy, winds gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. that cool breeze will limit us to about 63 in san francisco. 73 in san jose. here's the latest on tropical storm florence. it is stloe slowly weakening but cometing to bring a lot of rainfall over north and south carolina. 40 miles an hour wind tracking to the west slowly. it will pick up the pace in the coming day and by monday i'd out of the carolinas into the virginias and it's off the coast tuesday into wednesday. that flooding will be a concern for weeks to come. so the accuweather seven day forecast, breezy tomorrow, staying above average by tuesday. and a bounce back by thursday.
11:49 pm
>> tnkhaou. wasn't just a college football day. there were other sports. >> major league baseball season is winding down. there was a first in the game between the as and the
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. abc 7 sports sponsored by river rock casino. >> a first ever in major league baseball between the as and rays. both teams used a combination of relievers rather than traditional starters. they call it bullpening. the teams combined used 14 pitchers tonight. rays pitcher number two, matt olson. check that out. remember this die in the striped blue shirt. the game tied at 2-2. now tied 4-4 in the bottom of the eighth, a strike three on
11:53 pm
marcus simien. he is not happy. bob melvin is even more upset. he said to the home plate umpire have an earful and gets tossed. in the bottom of the eighth, jake bowers crushed it. a three-run shot. remember that guy in the striped blue shirt? yeah, he got that one, too. the as lose 7-5. they're three and a half games behind houston in the division and a game and a half behind the yankees for the top wild card. get out the cute babies. the giants go on a winning streak of two. hosting the rockies, madison bum garper at the plate. don't have a home run this year but this is the second double of the year. with two outs, marquez uncorks a wild pitch. bumgarner comes around to score. the giants third run of the night from garner on the hill. five hits, double play got hoim out of a jam in the fifth. the giants shut out the rockies
11:54 pm
for the second night in a row. the dodgers and colorado are tied for first in the nl west. back to college football. texas had 899 career wins coming into tonight's game against usc. it was all long horns from the first. jordan humphrey went 47 yards for the score. third quarter texas up. ellinger throws 27 yards to joshua moore. look at the diving grab. later in the quarter, usc going for a 50-yard field goal. blocked. anthony wheeler picked it up and went 46 yards for the touchdown. texas winds 37-14. usc now 1-2. lsu and auburn, the tigers guaranteed to win. auburn goes up 21-10. then jarrett stead ham made a quick four yard score. joe borough threading the needle. dillon got loose for 71 yards
11:55 pm
and the touchdown. that will make it 21-19. lsu went for two and missed. with two second to go, cole tracy from 42 yards out. it's good. lsu wins the tiger game by one. 22-21 the final there. number four ohio state, 15th ranked tcu right here on abc 7. 15034 yar tcu led 21-13 at one point but the buckeyes came back. it's not often that you see a pick six on a shovel pass. sean robinson threw to draymond jones. ohio state wins 40-28. number 17 boise state taking on number 24 oklahoma state. bret rypien threw for 380 31 to john high tower who made a nice diving catch. take another look.
11:56 pm
boise state on the board first. that was good. but this is better. rip ip, to a.j. richardson. watch wizards, the one-handed grab and the balance to stay inbound. wow. too bad you don't get extra points for style. oklahoma state went on to win. core kneel yus just had one touchdown throw. to one to stoner. good. oklahoma state had an upset 44-21 and improved to 4-0 on the season. >> if we're showing north texas and arkansas, you know something special happened. mean v he caught the ball action faked out the defender. he never called a care catch. so he went untouched and ran it all the way to the other unbelievable. look at this. the defenders just stop. all they have to do is touchnoh.
11:57 pm
this sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. we're wondering what he said. maybe he said fair catch but didn't signal it. we're notul a guy just stop? all he has to do was this. >> i bet i know what the special teams coach is going to be say. >> probably a lot. >> news continues tomorrow morning at 5:00. thanks for joining us. have a great evening. we'll see you later.
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