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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  September 19, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, several developing stories as we come on the air. the supreme court showdown, and tonight, the president's nominee, brett kavanaugh, and his accuser. what she now wants before she testifies before the american people. her lawyers say republicans are rushing her and this scheduled public hearing. and tonight, what the president is now saying about her allegation. and the image of kavanaugh today and word of the behind the sc e scenes practice for questions from those senators. the workplace shooting, the horror playing out today. a man in his cubicle suddenly opening fire. and the other horror playing out at an american courthouse. several people shot, including a police officer. the long lines of families in need. and tonight, president trump in the hurricane zone. the surveillance just out tonight. the woman jogging in our nation's capital, murdered.
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now, the manhunt. why police need your help. they want to question this man. and the alarming new developments tonight in the case of the well-known surgeon once on a reality show. he and his girlfriend now charged with drugging women and assaulting them, more than 1,000 videos. and tonight, what authorities have now revealed. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a wednesday night. and we begin with the fireworks playing out just before we came on the air tonight. the political fight over president trump's supreme court nominee is getting ugly and quickly. with one senator using choice words just a short time ago to describe republicans who now say they have done everything they can to accommodate the accuser. judge kavanaugh seen leaving his home this morning, there remains a public hearing set for monday. and republicans are putting pressure now on dr. christine blasey ford to come forward monday, if not, many say they will move ahead with a vote. and "the washington post" now reporting kavanaugh underwent
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practice sessions, drills at the white house to prepare for questioning. and his accuser tonight now saying she has received death threats, has had to move her family, her children to a new location and has had her e-mail hacked. she wants an fbi investigation into her allegation before she puts herself out there in front of senators who will grill her. and tonight, the president now saying of the allegation, quote, it is hard for me to imagine that anything happened. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl leading us off. >> reporter: president trump says he wants to hear from brett kavanaugh's accuser, but that the time to talk is running out. mr. president, if kavanaugh did what he's accused of doing, would that be disqualifying? >> i'd really want to see her. i really would want to see what she has to say. but i want to give it all the time they need. if she shows up, that would be wonderful. if she doesn't show up, that would be unfortunate. >> reporter: christine blasey ford alleges brett kavanaugh tried to sexually assault her
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when the two of them were high school students. kavanaugh denies the charges. and the president today made it clear he is inclined to believe him. >> i can only say this, he is such an outstanding man, very hard for me to imagine that anything happened. >> reporter: ford has not yet agreed to appear before the senate on monday. in a letter to the committee chairman, her lawyers say her life has been turned upside down. "her worst fears have materialized," they write. "she has been the target of vicious harassment and even death threats. her family was forced to relocate out of their home. her e-mail has been hacked." her lawyers also say it would difficult for her to face "interrogation by senators who appear to have made up their minds that she is mistaken and mixed up." that a reference to what republican senator orrin hatch said earlier this week when asked if he believes kavanaugh's denial. >> clearly somebody's mixed up. >> and you believe him? >> yeah, i sure do. >> do you believe the accuser?
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>> well, i think she's mistaken. i think she's mistaken something.epteamantha ry, w s said, she may be mistaking him for somebody else. do you think that's possible here? >> that's not possible. that's just not possible. i find that very, frankly, it makes me angry. it's really a way of dismissing her and suggesting that her memory isn't clear. >> reporter: ford's lawyers want the fbi to investigate before she appears on capitol hill. >> if they care about doing the right thing here and treating this seriously, as they have said, then they will do the right thing and they will properly investigate this. >> reporter: the president could order an investigation but has declined to so. the focus now is on judiciary chairman chuck grassley, who says he still hopes ford shows up at his hearing on monday. >> we're not going to cancel any hearing until the last minute. i don't know what the last minute is. but until the last minute in the
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hopes that she'll take us up. >> reporter: in a letter to ford's lawyers today, grassley writes, "anyone who comes forward with allegations of sexual assault has a right to be heard. i have also offered her the choice of testifying in either a public or closed session of the hearing." grassley has also offered to send senate aides to california, where ford lives to interview her there. some republicans are saying if ford does not show up on monday, the committee should move forward with a vote on kavanaugh's nomination. >> she's welcome to come. we're fog to have a hearing on monday. she can come if she likes. if she doesn't want to, she doesn't have to. kavanaugh can come if he would like, and i think he will. we will vote on wednesday. >> reporter: kavanaugh spent monday and tuesday at the white house as his life faces renewed scrutiny, even this old joke about his high school. >> what happens at georgetown prep stays at georgetown prep. that's been a good thing for all of us, i think. >> reporter: as for ford, her old high school friends are rallying around her. >> she was just very well-liked
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across the board. very smart, very hard-working. clearly that is -- those are qualifies that she kept as she went forward in her adult life. >> reporter: and the president doesn't seem to be wavering at all in supporting his nominee. >> i think it's a very unfair thing, what's going on. >> do you feel anything for christine blasey ford? >> well, i'd have to see what she has to say. i've given her a lot of time. the senate has given her a lot of time. we continue to give her a lot of time. we've held up the whole hearing. >> jon karl with us, a lot of fast-moving parts on this. he's with us live from the white house. and jon, i understand there's news tonight from the republican chairman of the senate judiciary committee, that judge kavanaugh has actually already been questioned about these allegations? >> reporter: chairman chuck grassley revealed that kavanaugh was interrogated by republican investigators on the judiciary committee for a transcribed interview on monday. senator grassley says that kavanaugh answered all questions, quote, fully, candidly and unequivocally, and
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david, understand that if he did not tell the truth, he could be charged with a felony. david? >> jon karl tonight, thank you. as you heard jon report there, senator lindsey graham, for one, saying the senate should vote even without hearing from dr. blasey ford on monday. many senators who will have to decide on kavanaugh are up for re-election. abc's mary bruce back on the hill tonight, are those senators listening to their constituents on both sides back home? >> reporter: from the moment republicans like senator susan collins arrived back in washington, they have been under increasing pressure. >> do you believe the accuser? >> i don't know enough to make a judgement at this point. >> reporter: but now, those same republicans are turning up the pressure on christine blasey ford. >> there's a week, more than a week, between when she made the allegations and the date of the hearing, which was slated for next monday.
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i just don't understand why the hearing shouldn't go forth. >> reporter: collins noting ford has been told she could testify in private. >> i don't think that she can reject all those options, because otherwise, there are these very serious allegations hanging over the head of a nominee who has emphatically denied them. and that's just not a good way for us to end. >> reporter: senator jeff flake, another key republican, tweeting, "i now implore dr. ford to accept the invitation for monday. the committee should hear her voice." tonight, the message from gop leaders to ford, "show up or we're heading for a vote." >> she said she wanted to appear. but if she changes her mind and refuses to appear, there's not much we can do. >> reporter: but democrats say republicans are not doing enough to accommodate ford. lest beingt fromhe chairn democrats, saying we have done everything we can to contact her.
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that is such [ bleep ], i can't hardly stand it. >> all right, mary bruce with us live tonight, on the hill. and mary, democrats want to call other witnesses on monday, in addition to christine blasey ford and brett kavanaugh, including another student who the accuser says was in the room. >> reporter: yeah, david, they want to call witnesses like mark judge. ford says he was there in the room when this alleged assault took place. but judge says he has no memory of this, saying, "i never saw brett act in the manner dr. ford describes." and david, judge has made clear, he has no interest in testifying under oath. >> all right, mary bruce up on the hill tonight. mary, thank you, again. and there is a lot of other news tonight. there was a terrible scene today in middleton, wisconsin. a worker in his cubicle at his desk suddenly opening fire. abc's alex perez is in wisconsin. >> reporter: terrifying moments tonight at this wisconsin business complex, after an employee opened fire inside the offices of this software company.
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>> callers advising they heard multiple gunshots. >> reporter: about 10:30 this morning, the gunman, police say, was near his office cubicle when he suddenly unleashed a spray of bullets. >> the shooter had a pistol. a semiautomatic pistol. we're told that he had a number of magazines, extra magazines and so on. >> reporter: frightening employees escorted out. >> we saw one person that was really bloodied being escorted out to one of the ambulances. we just saw the police officers coming, storming towards the building. >> reporter: others hiding to stay alive. >> i'm on the phone with a caller that is hiding under his desk. >> reporter: nearby buildings placed on lockdown as police searched for the suspect. later, tracking him down and shooting him. four people shot in the rampage, three of them still recovering in the hospital. >> alex perez with us tonight. alex, thank you. and the other horror playing out today was at a courthouse in masontown, pennsylvania. a man suddenly opening fire, several shot, including an officer. here's abc's linsey davis on that scene.
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>> more units out here to the magistrate's office asap. >> reporter: pandemonium at this pennsylvania courthouse today, after a shooting left one person dead and four injured, including a police officer. >> we got shots fired inside the building. >> reporter: police responding to a shooting at the magistrate's office in fayette county, just south of pittsburgh. >> shortly after 2:00 p.m., a male entered the lobby and began shooting a handgun. >> reporter: police say he was on the docket for a domestic dispute hearing, charged with strangulation. christopher jones was inside the courthouse and told our affiliate wtae his firsthand account. >> he seen her come up with the guy and he went all bananas, started shooting out there. they come in and i didn't even know, i was like -- we all dropped to the floor. >> reporter: the front door of the municipal building shattered. officials say a police officer on the scene shot and killed the shooter. all of the victims are said to have nonlife-threatening injuries. the police officer was shot in the hand and is expected to be okay. david?
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>> all right, linsey, thank you. president trump traveled to north and south carolina today where thousands are still in need after hurricane florence. they will be for months to come. he was pitching in to hand out hot food and sharing a hug with a small volunteer there. five days after the hurricane, some rivers are still rising. and what you're looking at right there is not a river. that's actually per sta ly bely. abc's eva pilgrim is in fayetteville, north carolina, tonight. >> reporter: tonight, president trump in the storm zone, touching down in north carolina, bringing a message of support. >> to the families who have lost loved ones, america grieves with you and our hearts break for you. >> reporter: visiting the hard-hit town of new bern, where the water rose so quickly, families were told by dispatchers to run to their second floors. he was there today with governor roy cooper. >> how are you doing? >> how are you? >> reporter: handing out hot meals and a hug at a relief center.
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reassuring families in this neighborhood who have a long road ahead. >> we'll be here. you know that. >> reporter: one homeowner telling him insurance wouldn't cover the damage to their property. the president answering, "that's not good." >> that's not good. the insurance company doesn't want to pay. >> reporter: the president then visiting south carolina. there, in conway, just up land from myrtle beach. >> i think the most exciting part is going to be that rebuild, because we're going to have a lot of rebuilding. >> reporter: the white house aware the president faced criticism after hurricane maria. this time, the president himself tweeting out this video message on the eve of his visit to the carolinas. >> this is a tough hurricane. one of the wettest we've ever seen from the standpoint of water. >> reporter: tonight, the president having seen it first-hand, with many of the rivers still rising and the lines of those in need growing. >> and eva is with us live
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tonight from fayetteville and the cape fear river. eva, we know that river just cresting tonight. and governor cooper, who we talked with so often, still telling residents tonight to be on alert, to be aware of these rising waters. >> reporter: that's right, david. that's because there have been areas where the water has receded, only to come back again. and these waters are dangerous. a police officer actually told me not to step foot in this water behind me, because it's sewage. david? >> all right, e is va pill grimh us tonight. and there are alarming new developments tonight in the case of the well-known surgeon and his girlfriend now, both of them charged with drugging two women and assaulting them and tonight, police now say they have heard from several more potential victims. abc's kayna whitworth from california. >> reporter: a growing investigation into a california couple accused of using their good looks and charm to prey on women. tonight, authorities say they have three more possible
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potential victims of dr. grant robicheaux and his girlfriend, cerissa riley. the surgeon who was once named orange coast magazine's bachelor of the year seemed like the perfect catch on this reality show. >> i'm looking for a wife to raise a family with. >> reporter: but police say he has a dark side. the couple now charged with drugging and sexual assaulting two women, one of those alleged attacks filmed. and you said that it was their m.o. that they would send her out first to meet the women? >> that's what we've seen, yes. >> reporter: investigators now searching for more possible victims on thousands of videos seized from the couple. one neighbor says police had been to their apartment before. >> my mom told me a story that she heard screaming, i don't know if it was a year or two ago, and the police came. >> reporter: david, the district attorney's office says they could have victims in the hundreds. we know that three women have come forward since yesterday and late today, i'm hearing of
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possibly three more. attorneys for the couple denying all allegations of nonconsensual sex. david? >> kayna, thank you. there's still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this wednesday. the surveillance just out tonight. a woman jogging in the nation's capital, attacked and killed. and now, the manhunt. police searching for a man also seen on camera, and they need your help tonight. also ahead, what we've now learned about that star golfer killed on an iowa golf course. what authorities now believe. and you'll remember this american strong story right here, we remember her birthday wish. >> i'm getting a heart! >> that was the moment she was told she would get a new heart. and what we're hearing from her tonight. you've got to stay tuned for this. urse, daniel. -fridge, weather. -clear skies and 75. -trash can, turn on the tv. -my pleasure. -ice dispenser, find me a dog sitter. -okay. -and make ice. -pizza delivered. -what's happened to my son? -i think that's just what people are like now. i mean, with progressive, you can quote your insurance on just about any device.
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it gets stuff deep in the grooves other tools can miss. you know what? my place is a lot cleaner now. stop cleaning. start swiffering. that last place was pretty nice. i don't like this whole thing. i think we can do better. change is hard. try to keep an open mind. come on, dad. this is for me, son? principal. we can help you plan for that. next tonight here, the manhunt in the nation's capital, after a female jogger was fatally stabbed. authorities releasing survey vence footage. here's our chief justice correspondent pierre thomas from washington. >> reporter: tonight, d.c. police desperately searching for
3:49 pm
this man, a potential suspect in the strapping death of a woman whose killing has shocked her community. wendy karina martinez, 35, seen here jogging last night, staggered her way into this restaurant after being attacked. >> there were customers in the carryout at the time. she collapsed. they tried to provide medical assistance to her. unfortunately, she was taken to a local hospital where she was pronounced dead. >> reporter: martinez had been recently engaged. the brazen nature of the attack has police offering a $25,000 reward. >> we believe a single assailant stabbed her. >> reporter: police have recovered the suspected murder weapon, a knife. and they are asking for the public's help. they are deeply concerned this murder was so brazen, in a very public place. david? >> pierre, thank you. when we come back, the medical headline today. the organ donor and the four recipients who were later diagnosed with cancer. and the new details tonight, what authorities have now revealed about that star golfer killed on an iowa golf course.
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to the index tonight. and new details in the fatal stabbing of a golf star. the golfer likely tried to fight off her alleged attacker, collin richards. they point to cuts on the suspect's face consistent with a struggle. police say they found blood on the suspect's clothes and a knife. an extremely rare but alarming medical case involving organ donation and cancer. a dutch doctor reporting that four patients developed braes cancer years after receiving organs from the same donor who had unrecognized cancer when her kidneys, lungs, liver and heart were harvested. three died from the kaenser, the fourth survived. when we come back here tonight, america strong. you remember the little girl, all she wanted was a new heart. stay tuned for this. there's little rest for a single dad,
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america strong. the little girl who needed a heart. she inspired so many. here's adrienne bankert. >> reporter: she's the little girl we met last month with the big personality. >> hi, my name's sofia. i'm 10 years old. and i'm about to turn 11. >> reporter: sophia sanchez was in desperate need of a heart transplant. it was on her birthday list, along with a wish to meet her favorite singer, drake. >> i was hoping that you could come and cheer me up for my birthday. >> reporter: sofia shared a video, still hooked to an iv, dancing down the halls of the hospital. to her surprise, drake showed up. >> oh, my god! >> you asked me to come, i'm
3:58 pm
here. >> i didn't talk for a minute, i was like, what? is this -- is this real or fake? >> reporter: one week later, another surprise. >> guess what? >> what? >> it happened today. you're getting a heart. >> congratulations. >> i'm getting a heart, mom! >> yes, baby. >> oh, my gosh! >> i know. i love you. >> reporter: that nine-hour operation, a total success. three weeks later, this is sofia today. now you have a new heart. >> yeah. it's so much better than my other heart. >> reporter: sofia's mom, natalie, extremely grateful. >> every day gets better and better. >> and i feel more alive. >> reporter: full of life with a heart for others. >> there's a lot of kids that are waiting for a transplant and it's important for everybody to be a donor. >> much more with sofia first >> much more with sofia first thing in the morning
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