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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 23, 2018 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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>> another woman
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as a huge crowd throws its support behind the woman accusing brett ckavanaugh of sexual assault, there's a new allegation tonight. it was made today in report by the new yorker. debra ramirez says kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a party at yale. the article also cites classmates who say they recall hearing about the incident. kavanaugh denied the report, saying, quote, the people who knew me then knows this did not happen and have said so. this is smear, clear and simple. this follows allegations from christine blasey ford saying kavanaugh sexually assaulted her
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at a party in high school. supporters of dr. christine blasey ford held a candlelight vigil in heroron h is live in po with the story. >> repor suprtertes christine blasey ford stood at every corner at this intersection to let everyone know they have her back. >> hey, hey, ho, ho, eporter: the sidewalks at this busy palo alto intersection were packed. supporters of christine blasey ford standing shoulder to shoulder. >> i've lived here for many years and seeing how many people are out here compared to most rallies, this is impressive. >> reporter: scheduled to testify thursday in washington. craig worked with blasey ford five years ago. >> knowing her i know she'll do great. i hope the court listens to her
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because she has a lot to say. >> reporter: earlier senator lindsey graham had serious concerns with blasey's version of events. >> i don't know where it happened and everybody named said it didn't happen. i'm just being honest. >> reporter: up until last week blasey ford was living among the people here. now she's in hiding, which breaks the heart of her neighbor. she lives five houses down from the ford residence. >> it is unthinkable theyderted. >> reporter: they say her coming forward was a tremendous act of patriotism. >> she is here to serve our country in a way that sacrifices her life in a certain way. we hope things will calm down and she can return to her life,
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but it's really not clear. >> reporter: supporters are planning another event on thursday, the day of the hearing. >> lillian, thank you very much. a similar vigil was held tonight in new york city. that crowd gathered with candles to publicly declare their support for christine blasey ford. a peninsula politician is revealing a secret, that she was the victim of a sexual assault. the incident happened decades ago but the palo alto mayor says she was inspired by christine blasey ford to come forward. she opened up about what happened. >> reporter: revealing a personal secret she's only shared with her sister, that she is a survivor of sexual assault. >> somewhat liberating, but it's also somewhat frightening because you really do feel vulnerable. >> reporter: she says she was assaulted twice in the 1960s. the first time when she was a teenager getting a ride home from a party with a friend. >> he decided to take a shortcut
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home, which turned into an assault, a really unpleasant assault. >> reporter: the second assault happened years later when she was attacked by a coworker at a hotel. both times niss says she got away and narrowly escaped being raped. >> both times caught off-guard. >> reporter: she says she didn't report the incidents to her parents or police because she was scared. she said she was inspired to tell her story because of christine blasey ford and her claim of sexual assault by judge kavanaugh. >> if we can start some kind of movement that says this has happened to women. >> reporter: just days before kavanaugh and ford will testify in washington the mayor knows people will ask about the timing of her me too revelation. >> why did she come out now, and is she trying to influence what's happening in washington? and i am trying to influence what's happening in washington, no question. >> reporter: she hopes judge
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kavanaugh does not win confirmation. the mayor says as a politician she is no strange to criticism, but so far response to her story has been positive. in palo alto, cornell bernard, abc 7 news. >> the abc 7 news app is one way to stay up-to-date. we sent out now accusations of brett kavanaugh just before 6:00 p.m. in the east bay firefighters are investigating a grass fire tonight in san ramon that forced the evacuation of about a dozen homes. it was one of several fires spread by breezy conditions in the east bay. it was a close call for one neighborhood. >> reporter: a blackened hill side serves as a reminder of a scary afternoon. >> it was quite -- quite terrifying actually. it loorter: aroundiv i sanamon.
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on t end we on fire, but then i saw the flames all come over to the left-hand side, and it was a wall of flames. >> i was literally just scared it would get to our house. >> came within a couple, probably 30 feet from the houses. >> reporter: people from around a dozen homes evacuated. fortunately no injuries or damage. the hill side is east bay regional parks and private land. the cause of the fire is under investigation. >> i didn't even actually know if we'd be able to move back into our homes tonight. so we were very relieved. >> reporter: along highway 4 in concord this grass fire. at one point a lane of the highway closed to accommodate fire equipment. back in san ramon residents are feeling lucky and plan to better prepare. >> now i know i need to get a to go back in an emergency. because i left my house without anything. >> reporter: you can see behind
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me the hill side still illuminated. abc 7, news. in the south bay two firefighters were hurt fighting this grass fire. their injuries are minor. the fire burned more than 30 acres in hills above east san jose. no buildings were damaged. the cause is under investigation. a busy day for firefighters all over the bay area. even though there were no watches or warnings. for a look at the conditions, though, let's check in with abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. >> something we'll be watching over the next couple of days. as warmer weather works into the the region it'll also bring some very dry air. we do see those levels drop significantly as we get the warmer air moving in, daytime heating by 2:00 in the evening, you can see in lake, salono county, napa county we see those relative humidity levels in the single digits. that is very dry air. it's for that fact we do have a red flag warning in effect
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tuesday night, for lake county and parts of salono county because you will see some gusty winds, low humidity. and that means any fires that start can spread rather rapidly. we'll take a look how hit we'll get and how long it'll last in a few minutes. a rough day for the bay area's nfl teams as both the 49ers and raiders lost. for the niners, though, they may be without quarterback jimmy garoppolo for the rest of the season. and chris, it hurt just to watch this play. >> the tough thing about football, one play can change absolutely everything. left the game in the fourth quarter. coach shanahan saying afterwards the team is fearing theworst, a torn acl. garoppolo scrambling down the side liep ane and steps and goes down. the initial outlook is not positive for the team's
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franchise quarterback. here's kyle shanahan after the game. >> it's part of the nfl season. it's what you have to do. and we all feel for jimmy. there's no doubt about it. we dealt with this with our running back two days before the season started, two. it's part of the nfl. we're not the first team this has happened to. >> we'll await that mri tomorrow to see the exact diagnosis. more football coming up later in sports. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, we have new video tonight of another grab and go robbery at a bay area apple store. a store that was hit again. and caught in the act. a massive sideshow overnight could not escape the watchful eye of the chp. and little later driving the school bus, the students. the story
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the apple store at the santa rosa plaza mall was hit by thieves for the second time in a month. this video shows several people running from the store this afternoon. police say the thieves stole multiple devices. one suspect was detained. investigators are looking for more cellphone video or other information to help identify the thieves. the thieve stole more than $35,000 worth of merchandise from this same store in santa rosa on august 29th. tonight new video provides a bird's-eye view of last night's massive east oakland sideshow. a chp helicopter caught this on camera just before 2:00 a.m. you can see cars doing doughnuts in the intersection surrounded by hundreds of people and dozens of vehicles. police say the crowd got violent when officers arrived and two
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officers were hurt. more than 80 cars were tagged and towed. it took several hours to remove all of them. two people were arrested. oakland police say it's a surprise other drivers weren't hurt. >> we had well over 30 cars that were going down the road the wrong way towards the on-ramp of 880. this is serious concern for anybody driving in the area. >> we are told the people came from as far as southern california for last night's sideshow. an update for a story we first told you last night on abc 7 news, a service dog injured in a freeway shooting has died. a car was hit by several bullets injuring both the driver and the dog. the driver said the dog's breathing got more and more labored overnight. he said leyla died peacefully. no arrests have been made. the bay area man accused of
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being the nor cal rapist is due to appear in court tomorrow. he was arrested friday when he arrived for work at uc berkeley. investigators say dna samples from the suspect plus evidence from several crime scenes led them to waller. so far he faces several charges for crimes dating back to 1991. a new california law will require garage doors work during a power outage. it was inspired by the wildfires that tore through northern california in 2017. governor brown signed off on the bill on friday. starting in july of next year mulu backup battery the state for use during power outages. supporting wording people died during the last fires because they were unable to open garage doors due to safety. abc 7 news was in belmont
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for the battle of the badge softball challenge. the community was invited to watch the game and celebrate the peninsula's first responders. >> we work with these folks in the fire department for years and years and years. and it's fun to get away from work a bit and have some fun and play a little sports. >> the game raised money for the rotary club of belmont and red wood shores. it was a special sunday service at san francisco's glide memorial church. ♪ happy birthday to you >> the church celebrated the birthday of co-founder reverend cecil williams. he turned 89 yesterday. and governor london breed declared september 22nd will now be an official day in san
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francisco. we had a couple of fires fed by the winds, right drew? >> yeah, eric, and that's something we're going to have to watch very closely over the next couple of days because those winds not only bring in dryer air, they're also going to warm us up pretty significantly in the afternoon. live doppler 7 tonight, look at this we have clear skies. live doppler 7, it is quiet. our picture of pier 15 showing you moon lit skies right now. clear over san francisco, clear over the entire region. so those clear skies have allowed us to cool off pretty quickly. most spots right now along the bay water in the 50s, 55 hayward, brentwood right now a little bit warmer coming in at 63 degrees. here's the call from accuweather, over the next 12 hours clear skies, our coldest cities will drop into the 40s.
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we'll see a lot of 50s along the bay shoreline. 50 overnight in oakland, 53 in san jose. so the jackets certainly needed in spots tomorrow morning. but by the afternoon you do not need it. you need to break out the summer gear because your 12-day planner by your monday that's going to warm us up pretty quickly. by 4:00 it will be a warmer afternoon tomorrow than what we experienced over the weekend. inland we're going back into the 90s. even around the bay a lot of upper 70s to low 80s. our warming trend gets under way tomorrow. we've got about 69 in san francisco, 78 oakland, about 87 in santa rosa. 92 in concord and 92 in livermore. a closer look at these highs, 91 in morgan hill tomorrow, 83 for cupertino in the south bay. along the peninsula it is warm. half moon bay into the 60s.
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69 in downtown san francisco tomorrow, so it will be mild. even sunny in daily city at about 63 degrees. 85 for sonoma, 85 for high in san rafael. into the east bay tomorrow, warm and sunny. 84 in fremont, 82 castro valley. 92 livermore and fairfield, up to 93 degrees. future tracker temperatures, by tuesday we'll see those numbers about a degree or two warmer in the afternoon. but watch what happens on wednesday. wednesday is by far our warmest day across the region. with those offshore winds warming up the entire region you could see mid to upper 90s in our hottest spots inland. even around the bay waters, look at that, it is going to be a warm day. widespread 80s in a lot of spots. so it's looking lying the first week of fall. going to be a wm here's your accuweather forecast. there's the peak of the heat on
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wednesday. still warm on thursday, and on friday we are sharply cooler across the region. and by the upcoming weekend, eric, bye-bye warmth. it is partly sunny skies. might feel a little chilly with temperatures mainly in the 60s and 70s. >> chilly. >> a little bit by the next weekend. still ahead on abc 7 news at
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on south bay streets families were walking, without today. the event closed miles of monterey road and part of first street with cars and instead filled the streets with people enjoying sunshine, food, music, art and each other. this year electric scooters were also banned from the event.
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you know what you didn't enjoy today, watching local football teams. >> we came off the high of the stanford games yesterday and not a good day to be a bay area football fan. the niners lost to the chiefs
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the 49ers season began with so much omise, but now the team and their fanworst.have sf. an mri to come on monday. ten touch downs in his first two games in the second, mahom out
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of gun shows his agility. spins back right and then fires on the run. a rocket two. chris conley. so the chiefs are up the half. finds a wide open maurkice goodwin. niners down 11, but here is the play. jimmy garoppolo scrambling, steps awkward right there before being hit and appears to be a torn acl. niners lose 38-27. >> it is a big deal. the niners lost our starting running back, too. honestly feel for him personally and know how disappointed he is. >> i'll be playing for him and . he'll stay positive.
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>> niners next next next next nt airs it out to cooper cup, and cup slips the tackle and he's gone. rams beat the bolts have you seen this script before, radar fans? you have. his first td as a radar 7 in the silver and black. and beast mode goes air born. it's all good for the raiders, but they fail to close again. fourth quarter down 3. ubreveanbrea a tackle ande's and the dolphins are in the lead under 3 minutes to go. carr hitnd ball goes up. carr threw for 345. he had a score of two picks. and look, he even has time to
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high five his teammate along the way. wow. dolphins win by 8. the raiders are 0 and 3 this season. >> played three football teams and played them hard. we'll continue to work. and we'll get this show on the road here soon. >> that's what's going to put us over the hump. you know, it's no secret. we're running the same plays and getting the same looks and all those things. i think the little things we need to finish better. >> this abc 7 sports report is sponsored by river rock casino. all right, chris, thank you very much. much more to come on abc 7 news at a 11:00. video shows a school bus driver appearing to allow children to drive. where this happened and what happened to the driver. how many people here especially those of you under 30 would let your grandma decide what you wear to the
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good evening. i'm eric thomas. dion is off. in tonight's headlines a new sexual misconduct allegation against supreme court nominee brett kavanaugh. new yorker reports that a former yale classmate said kavanaugh exposed himself to her at a dorm party 35 years ago. kavanaugh denies the allegation. it comes days before christine blasey ford is set to testify before the judiciary committee. she says she didn't report the incidents to police or her parents at the time becaus she
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was afraid. about a dozen homes were ievacuated in san ramon late this afternoon after a grass fire broke out. firefighters say came within 30 feet of homes but no homes were damaged. about 10 acres burned. an indiana school bus driver is under arrest tonight accused of letting students take the wheel. some of the students recorded the incident and one of them allegedly allowed to get behind the wheel was just 11 years old. abc 7 reporter stephanie ramose has more of the video. >> it's all good. i'm letting her stop at michael's stop. >> reporter: it's the alarming video that cost this bus driver her job. a child behind the wheel of a school bus. the other students onboard capturing the wild ride. police say 27-year-old allowed three students ages 11, 13 and 17 to take turns drive heing her
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on rural stretches in indiana thursday afternoon. a source contacted the school triggering an investigation. she was arrested when she showed up to the porter school bus barn to pick up her check. the school says in a statement the porter township school corporation is angered and disappointed in the actions of this driver. it safety of our students is a top priority. adding behavior such as this is completely unacceptable and totally at odds to what we stand for as a company. the driver has been terminated. police say none of the students were injure asked the bus driver could be facing jail time. stephanie ramos, abc news, new york. tomorrow bill cosby heads back to a pennsylvania courtroom for his first day of sentencing. he was convicted in april on three felony counts of drugging and sexually assaulting a woman in his home in 2004. he maintains the sexual activity with his accusers was consensual.
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tomorrow his defense team will fight to keep the 81-year-old fromming have to register as a sexually violent predator. the man once known as america's dad could face-up to 30 years in prison. it's been days now since a massive gas explosion killed one person and left hundreds without gas service. columbia gas is now replacing 48 miles of natural gas pipeline. thia tilt says it will compensate customers for all losses. losses. the national guard has been nala space heaters to columbia gas has set a deadline of november 19th to complete the pipeline replacement. fire crews are holding the line on the charlie fire burning
11:39 pm
in southern california. it's burned close to 3,400 acres and is 20% contained. it started yesterday exploding more than 1,000 acres in a single afternoon. about 20 homes have been evacuated. the fire is burning north of santa clarita off i-5 in the area of six flags magic mountain. former first lady michelle obama encouraged nevada voters to get to the polls today. she held a campaign-style rally, one of the first public appearances she'd made after leaving the white house. she warned sitting out will let someone else make the decisions for them. >> not voting is like letting your grandma pick your clothes out. now, no offense to grandma, but how many people here especially those of you under 30 would let your grandma decide what you wear to the club? >> the event was the first of two rallies she is scheduled to
11:40 pm
headline for the nonpartisan non-profit organization, when we all vote. still ahead on abc 7 news at 11:00, a major milestone has been reached to protect water supplies in the bay area while construction on a dam is done. find out about the ongoing repairs and how it'll affect your drinking water. you ever wonder what sky 7 looked like? now you know. and i'm meteorologist drew tuma. on this first full day of autumn, it was very comfortable
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abc's new brand localish is sharing inspiring stories at a new digital series. you can catch this new episode now on facebook watch. >> we thought nothing would shake our marriage, and me going vegan was threatening the very core of who we were as a married
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couple. >> we had a knock-down-drag-out when i was trying to sell caves and i was trying to load them up. >> not on my watch. i will gettin' my car and buy every one of those cows back and bring them back home. >> after she started collecting this money and we made this deal, i figured it'd all fall apart. and in less than four months i bought my husband's cows. i raised $36,000. in other news now, hayward executive airport held its annual wings and wheels open house today. it showed off vintage aircraft, jets and helicopters. even got a chance to check out our very phone sky chopper 7. and a free tour of the federal aviation administration control tower. and with live music and local food there was something for everyone in the family.
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>> i think it's spectacular. i think it's great for hayward. for people to come out and be able to see what the hayward airport is all about and the wonderful selection and the cars also. >> brave kids also got a chance to go for a free airport ride. the airport houses more than 400 different aircraft. a major milestone has been reached in the east bay to protect drinking water supplies in the event of a major earthquake. a new dam has been completed at the reservoir east of 680. it sits nearly on top of calaverus fault. >> reporter: it's one of five reservoirs that supplies drinking water to 2.4 million customers in the bay area. it's capacity has been reduced 40% due to seismic risk. it runs about 1,500 feet of it reservoir. a new dam has been under construction for the past two
11:46 pm
years. and as seen from sky 7 it now has reechd its full height of 775 feet. it's designed to withstand a 7.25 magnitude earthquake. >> an earthen dam like this actually has the ability to wiggle a little bit. so that if there is shaking it won't fracture because of the alignment of the fault. it should be in good shape following a real major earthquake here on the calaverus fault. >> reporter: the project ran into delays and major cost overruns because of ancient land slides discovered on the site that required expensive fill work to stabilize. that doubled the cost of the dam to $823 million. a lot of material moved around to create the new dam and enough material that would fill levi stadium four times.
11:47 pm
the dam was also built wide at the base so that in future years it could be built higher to expand storage capacity if needed. it's just part of $4.8 billion being spent to update and make safer the system. demonstrating some of the weather expertise i've gotten from drew. first week of fall, we're going to heat up and cool down. >> a very sharp cool down is on the way. a bit of a roller coaster ride in the coming days. a really quiet, calm night. half moon bay we're in the 40s. so a bit of a chill there. elsewhere we're dropping to the low if not mid-50s in the overnight hours. 12-hour planner on your monday, a really bright looking forecast. total sunshine gets us into the 70s and 80s. by noon away from the coast, and by 4:00 it is a warm afternoon
11:48 pm
and our hottest spots in the 90s. so on your monday about 92 in concord, and 85 for san jose. 78 in oakland. about 69 in san francisco. so it'll be mild in the city. 86 in napa, 87 in santa rosa. we do have a red flag warning in effect for lake county and portions of of salono county. this is for tuesday night. a north wind will be active dropping humidity levels down to low levels. that means any fires can start and easily spread under those conditions. it is warm tomorrow and that warmth kind of peaks around here. by wednesday and friday much cooler everywhere. and by saturday and sunday we go below average. >> you ever seen a tiger cry. >> i've never. >> but you almost did today. >> there you go. i was going to play off the weather thing, some teams are hot, some teams are
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we became so accustomed to tiger closing in the sunday red maybe we took it for granted. but it's been more than fives tiger won a tournament until today. he had that look in his eye, kale in as the leader looking to close it out, and he only had two birdies, and now on 18, look at this, the gallery. everyone wants to see tiger woods. it is an unreal sight for the first time in more than five years the former stanford star is a winner on the tour. justin, by the way, finishes tee ins the fedex cup and a cool 10 million. but the main headline, tiger, his victory and his 80th of his
11:53 pm
career. >> it's a big honor, and i was sitting on a 79 for about five years now, and to get 80 is -- it's a pretty damn good feeling. to baseball. just one playoff spot remains in the league, the second wild card spot. and with it game this afternoon the a's could clench their spot. they held a pep bottom two down, 2-0. and that baby is gone. oakland is a run. in the a's two on for matt chapman. and the are another chance to clench their next game tomorrow. there's giants fans everywhere.
11:54 pm
top 6 up 2-0. and giants down 7-0. but brandon crawford, right 7-2 game. matt carpenter, win 9-2. drew brees and the saints in atlanta. late fourth, brees looking and he uses the wheels, takes off and drew with the old spin move, are you kidding me, dives and this game goes to overtime. saints win 43-37 overme te ps thd qereaup antt staord on mteamma rvin jones the touch down. fourth quarter, johnson rushed
11:55 pm
for 101 yards. he's the first line rusher to run for more than 100. that's 70 games. lions beat the pats 26-10. last week packers clay matthews was called for roughing the passer against the vikings. and today matthews again flagged for roughing the passer this time on former 49ers alex clay, not happy. >> that's football. so i don't know. i think a lot of people don't like, i think they're getting soft t let you down with guys like me that play the game hard. bill's rookie quarterback josh allen, the kid from fireball in central california uses his legs, dives in and a little later, watch this.
11:56 pm
he hurtles the defender. that 6'5", 237 pounds getting up in the air. that's impressive. and bears taking on the cardinals. and what do you know, khalil mack, making some big plays. late fourth josh rosen making his nfl debut. the kid from ucla picked off the bears win and rapper ice cube tweeted this. it just doesn't stop with peopl. abc 7 sports report sponsored by river rock cuteasino. >> i want to talk about the clay matthews. how do you not land? >> there's really not much of a target for these guys and now losing a lot of money for it.
11:57 pm
>> you tackle a guy, you land on them with your weight. that's how it works in football. >> isn't that science and physic s . and that's it for tonight. i'm eric thomas. abc 7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. for drew and chris and the rest of the abc 7 news team, we thank you for joining us. have a great evening and an even better morning. we'll see you later.
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