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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  September 29, 2018 1:42am-2:12am PDT

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here. >> wow. >> but she's not just creating it two dimensionally. she's making a piece ofhatlle a walk around. >> that's fascinating. the people that are there watching her on the floor of the louvre are seeing some woman with these funky goggles just moving randomly. >> she's not using anything you can't go and buy right now. the htc head set. you have the controllers. you have to install sensors. but if you have the time and the talent, this is something that you, too, could create. >> can you imagine? you could be inside your favorite painting. >> throw on the goggles and classical music and go wondering around art. >> done. a driver spots something strange rolling down the road. >> dude, your -- >> you have a problem. >> slight issue. there. >> the big dilemma roaring in the rear view. >> i'm intrigued. i want to know what's going on. and it's a pup with a huge hurdle. >> nothing can stop this dog! >> except one thing. >> find out what puts a stop to
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nourished hair. better color. are are mind blowing. this is one of them. we're in kansas. this dude is sitting in his
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vehicle. >> dude, you got a problem. slight issue there. >> the person that recorded this video says that he saw this person about 300 yards away and was like, wait a minute. i'm intrigued. i want to know what's going on. >> i'm just in treeinged that the person hasn't looked in the mirror. >> the person does not even know that it caught fire. >> come on. >> don't you get a little hot? >> well, the poster does say it is a hay bail that caught fire at the time the flame was minimal as dude got closer, the fire quickly spread. he decided to capture the moment. >> he needs to follow closely behind with smores. >> two miles down the road he pulled into a farmhouse near where he lived and the local fire department did put it out. >> fall into a lake. >> yeah. >> let's move over to this beautiful seen kri. >> no! >> something did fly off the top of that car. >> doesn't look like it was attached at all. >> yeah, looks like a piece of
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plywood or something. that catches so much wind as you're going down the road. you really have to nail that stuff down. >> the driver of the car we're riding in noticed it was able to swerve out of the way. >> that stuff is so dangerous. can you imagine riding a motorcycle behind you? that thing could wipe you out. >> speaking of wipe out, let's go to canada. another beautiful day. now watch for on coming traffic. >> dude! >> wlhoa! >> if there was anyone behind that car, they got smashed. >> this is "right this minute," we have another angle. whoa! wow! >> threaded the needle. >> luckily none of the other drivers on the road were hit. >> you have beware of flying objects. 14 years of practice in and you might be able to do things like this. matt jones is smooth on this course in cambridge. the crowds were like, matt, 24
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years old and doing things like this? wow. that is not concrete. but it may as well be. it's just as hard it appears. matt immediately throws up the -- >> he is a two out of ten right now. >> i don't think he cares. look, he is smiling and laughing. climbs right back up on that ramp and back on the bike. ride it out. >> deliberate. >> hello, everyone. to me and tom cardy are in the capital of england. >> london, england. they're doing cool stuff deliberately. >> that's pretty rad. most of us can barely walk and not run into those things. >> gentlemen, come on through, please. i'll finish tricking after you pass. ma'am, please, proceed. >> it is the uk. they are very polite. >> tom cardyanging w silver.
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and here gomz scomes sam to tak try. and also impressive, what they're able to do here, tom takes the shot and just starts hopping from -- bench to bench area. >> go on. >> almost makes it to the end. >> oh, no! >> don't fall in. try to impress more people around the world on youtube. >> yes. >> and even just walking down the street. >> dunkin' is a donut. but nothing throws dunkin' down. >> they have a nice vertical. >> they'll put it to the test. okay, higher. cool. let's ramp it up a bit. nothing can stop this dog! >> except one thing. >> yeah, yeah. >> yes. >> brilliant. >> simply just sitting in dunkin' way and we're like, no, we and a vacuum do not get on.
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if you need to keep a dog out of a particular room, place the vacuum there. you saw it. this next video is the moment that a cat has self realization. this is memo the kitten. and memo is about to catch the reflection in the mirror. and this is the sort of the moment like, wait, what? do my ears really look like that? are you -- you never told me i've been walking around looking like this the entire -- they just stick out of my head? this is -- why wouldn't you tell me? >> maybe he was just trying to clean that one spot. >> i'm good with that. but then the cat looks at the human and is like, what is that? just a check. >> maybe making faces in the mirror like a lot of us do. >> that is a cute face, to be honest. mila and her sister searching for treats fit for a queen. >> they're on a mission. >> see the queen sized surprise waiting behind door number one. >> trick or treat. >> omg!
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for a long time mechanics, well, they have trust issues. i think it's maybe videos likeie this -- no. >> he call some of that doubt? >> you have to be kidding me. this person is putting something into the tire. >> he is using a machine to put grooves back into a very bald tire. what makes me feel slightly better about this video is -- at the end they start laughing. i like to think that because they realize this is just a silly joke and they're really not going to regroove this tire with a grinder. regrooving tires is a common practice especially for large trucks.
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saves money, efficient but for passenger car tires it's a no-no. >> a sneaky way to get your car legal. >> i their they're just goofing around. >> i'm going to go for that theory because they're in the business of selling tires. they're like all right, time to get new tires. you may as well get four. >> sorry, there is a bunch of grooves in it. you have to buy four more. >> fingers crossed this is just a funny video of a couple guys goofing around at a garage. >> graphing around. >> thankfully the thing didn't blow up in their trying on a new coat. mila and emma are a little early. they're on a mission. >> it's definitely going to happen. >> yeah, they're trick or treating in their really cute
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costumes. >> wait, it's still september. >> i know, early bird gets the worm. >> early bird gets the gummy worm. >> trick or treat. >> omg! are you guys princesses? this is definitely the best costume of the night. >> chris jenner opens the door and she thinks they're adorable. >> thank you! >> we better retreat that house. >> this is the best costume of the night. >> wait, you can't retreat. that's not proper trick or treating etiquette. >> well, you can when you have extra costumes. >> are you thinking what i'm thinking? >> we don't have any more costumes. >> you don't need to be somebody else. how about being yourself? >> so true. >> just be adorable >> this is the best costume -- >> of the night. yeah, we know. >> okay. >> we'll take one of those. >> but they're king size. >> no, this puppy.
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>> this trick or treater is down. >> depending how you look at it. >> they take the puppy and they're out. >> two toddlers and they're heading northwest. no the direction, northwest. >> they is all put together to promote the fact they're putting together a queen size event. it is mila and emma's pumpkin patch. it opens october 1st. >> only take one. >> thank you! he's set to perform a beethoven classic. >> but this is not your regular kind rev sital. >> meet the tiny tuxedo team giving this musician a big hand. ♪
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>> if you want to see the whole thing, go to our website. you can also check them out on our mobile app. >> when you give a pig a pancake --
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>> this is not your regular kind of recital. this is bejo. ♪ she has to do it big style. >> these are 19 tiny tuxedo men and they're going to help the performance. and they're not just on a keyboard. >> no. he's got the hard job. >> i love this. >> but it is kind of odd, too. ♪ >> yes. especially the ones that are inside the piano working the keyboards and strings as well. >> it takes a village. >> to play a piano? >> apparently so.
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>> yeah, but one of them decides to crawl up his leg a little bit. >> this will be a lot easier to play the piano. honestly, if this is all you had to do is jump up and down one or two keys instead of having to master all the keys with just this. >> you mean the tom hanks approach from "big." >> yeah. >> this was not his original idea. he was inspired by joe pena. and he did this as well and he explained how long it took him to do it. he shot himself side ways on a green screen. he hit every key several times and then coded each key. but says it took him 200 to 300 hours. he couldn't narrow it down between there. >> i could have led to play piano in that time. >> especially if all you have to do is jump up and down on one key. >> i get you, ♪ >> that's all for now. thanks for watching.
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