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tv   2020  ABC  September 29, 2018 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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we'll do another "toss up." it's our third of the night. "thing" is the category. it's a $3,000 puzzle. and vanna will do her thing right now. ♪ [ bell chimes ] -julie. -horse-drawn carriage. that's it. yes. [ cheers and applause ] to find a horse that can draw, that's the hard part. julie, you have $10,900. second place but gaining ground. "what are you doing?" is the category. by the way, before you spin, you talked about your kids at the beginning of the show? or you talked about your cat. -yes. -you have a husband? i do. i have a husband, carl. we've been married 13 years. and he puts up with this kind of nonsense. so... [ laughter ] okay. i just wanted you to be able to get home there
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thank you. and talk to someone besides the cat. spin the wheel. t. there's one t, yep. wow. [ audience cheering ] s. two s's. whoo! [ cheers and applause ] can i use my "wild" card? boy, she knows the rules here. yeah. you can pass that in and -- why don't you get rid of that right now? so instead of a spin, just call a letter. you get 5 grand if its up there for each one that's there. i'll do r. two r's. [ cheers and applause ] i'll buy a vowel. -you can afford it, yes. -an e. yeah, two e's. she still has over $20,000. -i'll buy another vowel. -okay. an a.
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one a. -i'll solve the puzzle. -okay. supermarket shopping. -that's it! -aah! [ cheers and applause ] [ squealing ] congratulations. see? see? oh, my gosh! [ applause ] see what happens when you mention your husband? [ laughter ] $20,100 that round. she has $31,000! [ cheers and applause ] all right. now take a deep breath because we're gonna play another round. everyone's interested in that. and, vanna, may we see another puzzle, please? the category is "on the map." and we start this round with you, christina. come on. t. one t.
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r. no. sorry, no r. joseph. the wheel gotcha. julie, your turn. s. two s's, $600 apiece. i'll buy an e, please. -what's that? -can i buy an e? no, there's no e. christina, back to you. c. yeah, there is a c. $1,300. -can i solve? -well, you can, sure. kansas city. -yeah! there you go. -thank you! no, i don't blame you. you wanna get a little more money. she's been hurt by the wheel so many times, she's afraid. that's all right. $1,300, takes you up to $2,300. we did that quickly, so we'll play around round.
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how's that? "around the house" this time. i'm told that's the category. there you go. [ bell dings ] that sound means time is running out. so i'll give wheel a final spin, ask you to give me a letter. if it's in the puzzle, you'll have three seconds to solve it. vowels worth nothing. consonants -- we'll add $1,000. $1,550 apiece. again, it's "around the house." and, joseph, we start with you. let's have a letter, please. n. two n's. [ buzzer ] julie. s. no. christina. t. no t. joseph. r. one r. [ buzzer ] julie. l. nope. christina. c. one c.
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[ buzzer ] joseph. m. yes. [ buzzer ] julie. b. no b. christina. a. no a. joseph. h. one h. [ buzzer ] julie. k. yeah. monkey branch. no. [ buzzer ] [ light laughter ] christina. y. yes. monkey wrench. [ laughs ] yeah, "monkey wrench." [ cheers and applause ] i thought "monkey branch," too. that's why i didn't -- hello! that turned out okay, huh? well, i felt so badly 'cause you had so much trouble with the wheel.
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but you ended up doing okay. $3,100 that round. you end up with $5,400. thank you. and you're happy about that. thank you very much. you're taking your wife to hawaii. ain't nothing wrong with that. second place, but a very nice total -- $16,804. -i'll take it. -thank you, joseph. [ applause ] gonna whack her with a monkey branch right... [ laughter ] i can joke 'cause it all went well for you. $31,000. congratulations. thank you. now, as you know, you get to choose from among three categories, for which you'll have in the bonus round, and they are... what do you feel best about? what'd you like to -- -"thing." -"thing." all right. going generic, huh? well, we'll see how it works out for her when we come back. (door bell rings) it's ohey. this is amazing. with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, are you okay? even when i was there,
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-perfect. -yeah. good to have them here, you know? absolutely. and now we're gonna ask you to spin that wheel. okay. there you go. grab that for me, please. thank you. julie, come on. we're gonna head over here. and you're gonna stop on this first mark and you're gonna solve this puzzle. -all right. -we hope. the category is "thing." that's the one you chose tonight. r, s, t, l, n, e will get some letters up there. all right. pretty good head start. three more consonants, one more vowel. -p. -one. -k. -two. h. okay. and a vowel. an o. well, you get a couple of o's. that's nice. and what else? you can do this. just talk it out. it's a "thing." you have 10 seconds. good luck.
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-go? -yeah. bold concept. go! "can i say it?" come on! [ screams ] hey, kiddo. wanna know what's in here? -yes! -or you just want a hug? both! [ cheers and applause ] -how about 35 grand? whoa! -[ screams ] [ cheers and applause ] jim: julie, make your escape to easy street... yay! julie: whoo! pat: i'd call that a good night. an all-cash total -- $66,000. [ cheers and applause ] woman: always wanted to be a contestant? well, now you can be. play with friends, family, and even fellow fans. [ wheel rattling ] play the "world tour" challenge. nice spin. wow, you're a champion. audience: wheel...of...fortune! woman: and now you can play "toss up" puzzles in "wheel of fortune free play."
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you know, as you know, in the history of the show, we've given away over $74 trillion, and... [ laughter ] ...and sometimes you lose sight of the fact how much -- that was an all-cash total. $66,000. -that's a lot of money. -that's wonderful. yes, it is, and -- but we have more. we do! we're loaded. and we'll give some more away tomorrow. -yes, we will. -see you later. goodbye. [ applause ] promotional consideration provided by... where low rates and award-winning service are just the beginning. i've got a certain way i like to do things. i like consumer cellular. their plans start as low as $15 month with no contracts. and that's the way we like it. woman: get wireless the way you like it. call, go online, or find us at target. for over 10 years, we have offered a free book on mesothelioma. call...
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a magical place... that's lookin' to get scared! (laughter) halloween time is back
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>> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. welcome to "bay area life,"ple , interests, food, and entertainment all come together. there's so much to explore. on today's show, we've movin' and groovin' with the cast of "on your feet!" >> throw, step, shimmy, shimmy. >> oh, you really do shimmy. boo! then, adding curb appeal to your
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home is easier than you think. >> our showroom is catered to our customer. we try to target doors that are very popular and what we see a reoccurring desire for. >> plus, tone, shape, and lift those glutes. we've got a workout for you. >> don't worry about the status quo, what everybody else is doing. go with what makes you feel good. >> and an inside look at a complete home remodel. >> we've got the engineering, structural, electrical, plumbing, flooring. we do it all. >> all of this fun driven by your northern california honda dealers. ♪ >> hi, everyone. i'm lizzie bermudez. and i'm at césar chávez elementary school in san francisco, where some lucky students are getting a chance to celebrate hispanic heritage month with the cast of "on your feet!" the hit musical is playing at shn's golden gate theatre, and it promises to make you dance and sing in your seat.
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i'm here right now with christie, who plays the lead in "on your feet!" and my goodness, what a show. >> oh, thank you so much. >> it was amazing! tell folks who may not be familiar with the story line exactly -- like, a little synopsis of what it's about. >> well, it's about the story of global superstars gloria and emilio estefan. they're pretty much the pioneers who have helped pave the way for all of us latinos from crossing over from the english market to the spanish market in the music industry. they're wonderful people, and we get to see their obstacles, we get to see their tribulations. but not only that, we get to see a story within a story. we get to see a story of them falling in love as they try and be successful in their music. we see a lot of tribulation as far as gloria's family. we see the real person that she is, not just superstars, you know? we get to see the authentic self. and i think gloria and emilio's story is very inspiring and very needed for where we're at right now in our country. >> who do you play in the show? >> in "on your feet!" i play
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gloria fajardo, which is gloria estefan's mother. >> okay. >> i'm called the mean mommy. >> [ laughs ] >> otherwise known as the mean mommy. >> what's it like to play that role? >> wow. really fulfilling. really challenging. i'm really lucky, though, because i get to sing, dance, act. [ crowd cheers ] >> what were you guys doing out here today with the kids? >> well, we were actually here with over 400 elementary school kids. they have a foundation here where they help latino kids kind of open up the doors and be proud of who they are and where they come from. i think it's very important for us to be representation of them and to see that they can be whatever they want to be and they can be proud of who they are and what they come from. >> everyone, let's say "on your feet!" at the same time. 1...2...3. >> "on your feet!" >> yay! >> this is why we do our show -- the population all around theo, country, and share our story -- the story and the passion of this couple who overcame all
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these different obstacles to create a music that became part of the american culture, as well. >> ♪ on your feet >> i'm with the cast of "on your feet!" >> yes! yes, yes, yes, yes! >> so, i want you to teach me a little something. >> okay, i'm gonna teach you a little bit of our "conga," which is in the first act. >> okay. >> kind of our first act. so, we're gonna start with the right. we're gonna go right, left, right, arms up. >> oh, arms up. okay. >> yeah. so, let's start over. and we cross with the left foot. >> okay. >> right, left, right, arms up. left, right, arms up. there you go. >> do you do it faster? okay, go. cool. >> ♪ come on, shake your body, baby, do the conga ♪ ♪ i know you can't control yourself ♪ yes! [ chuckles ] you're amazing. >> [ laughs ] >> you're a great professional dancer. >> hire me! >> yes! [ both laugh ] dancing now. yes. >> aah! >> yes! >> okay. >> 3, 4, and turn. in, out. yes. throw, step, shimmy, shimmy.
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>> oh, you really do shimmy. boo! >> [ chuckles ] >> [ laughs ] >> yes! show yourself. and... [ chuckles ] >> thank you so much! >> thank you. >> you guys are all absolutely amazing onstage. what a gift to these kids at césar chávez elementary school. thank you, thank you, thank you! >> thank you. >> thank you. you guys, come see it! "on your feet!" you can see "on your feet!" a the shn golden gate theatre, now through october 7th. for more information, visit ♪ coming up, attractives for your rage doors, itheost affordableolion for doing the biggest upgrade on your
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♪ >> so, welcome to rw garage doors. i'm robert bruce, and i'm going to walk you through the process of buying a garage door. >> ♪ oh >> when you start dealing with garage doors, it's the most affordable solution for doing the biggest upgrade on your house. it's the quickest, fastest, and most affordable way to change the face of your house. hi. how are you? i'm robert. >> i'm darla. >> nice to meet you. so, let's take a look at some doors. >> okay, great. >> so, this location, what it does is it provides options for customers that want to see
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unique options for garage doors or even get an idea for just a standard upgrade. for us, realistically, we want to know what the customer values, first off, and we begin to walk through their desires. what color door do they like? is their garage insulated? do they just want a basic single-layer door? so we have a lot of questions to ask -- size, do you want windows, is there a specific design. and once we begin to target those questions, we begin to determine value for the customer. so, these are actually magnetic, so you can take them off. same with the hardware. so, we actually have hardware that you can put on, so you can relocate the hinges where you like, set handles on it, and give it a real carriage-house look. our showroom is catered to our customer. we try to target doors that are very popular, you know, upcoming trends, and what we see a reoccurring desire for. perfect. so, this is amarr's oak summit. it's a triple-layer garage door. it's kind of like the standard,
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we should say, basic when we start offering options. this is actually designed to look like a carriage house. so, this is your low-price-point carriage-house door. it's a really great build. it's a triple layer. has a polystyrene insulation in it, so you get some type of thermal rating. but the build is very durable. it's steel front and steel back. so, when we start talking with customers, this is kind of where we begin. this is amarr's vista. it's an aluminum folding door. this is an anodized black aluminum frame with what's called satin etch, or frost glass. and this is becoming really popular. these doors started on commercial applications -- firehouses and some unique warehouses that needed a decent look. and it's kind of trickled down into the residential. and this has now become one of the most popular-selling doors in the bay area. it's a really great door, and it's kind of the leader in the industry when it comes to the modern, contemporary look. it's a game-changer for the look of your house. when i talk to customers, one aspect of it is, like, yes, you're looking at this door from
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the outside -- okay? -- but if you spend any time in your garage, with the garage door closed, the garage door, like, provides a black area. it's just dark. you know, there's no light. this changes the inside of your garage. it's night and day. okay, so, let's talk about wood. this is -- this is about as high-class as it gets, when it comes to a modern look. we custom-make our own doors in vacaville. so, this is our carriage-house line. this is a western red cedar. it's a clear cedar, so it has no knots in it at all. handpicked. this here is a tongue-and-groove flush-panel design for a modern look. you really don't get better than this at all. the beautiful thing about wood, it's unique. okay, you cannot get that look anywhere else. manufacturers have made fiberglass doors, steel doors with two-tone wood paint, and tried to target the actual wood look. you just don't get it. rw garage doors is the best company i've worked for. great people. even the owner's desire really
10:26 pm
plays down -- his mission plays down throughout the rest of the employees. and it's a good, healthy company. >> i mean, there's a big demand in the trades right now, and garage doors is the perfect trade to get into. this location started out as a really small company in fremont, and since then, we've been able to grow into this new showroom, this larger location, where we stock product. and we special-order doors into this facility, but now we have our own product, as well, so if somebody needs something, they call in, and if we stock it, we can get it done fairly quickly. we're hiring for installers, yeah, whether you have experience or don't have experience. anybody who wants to get into installing garage doors, we'll train you. we have a great training program with a great installation manager, who would train you. you don't have tools, it's okay. all we need you to do is be enthusiastic, be ready to work. fact of the matter is, we're selling a lot of garage doors. that's really what it is. we have lots of people who need garage doors installed. the new construction is going crazy right now. we provide a great customer service, and they liked whoever
10:27 pm
came out and gave them the estimate. and they've had a great experience so far, and we just need more people to finish that experience for us. the installation position is the most important position in the company, because, at the end of the day, they're the face of the company that's gonna come out and make that person happy to install that garage door for them. ♪ >> coming up, shape that tushy with an outdoor workout that will show results. >> deep. deep knees in the squat. squeeze. always stay connected to your core.
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this is customizable str...whatever size.r family. it's saving money with flexible channel packs. live tv and the latest shows to stream. and all your streaming apps in one place - even netflix. this is how xfinity makes life. simple. easy. awesome. get started with xfinity internet and tv for just $34.99 a month for 12 months and customize by adding flexible channel packs. click, call or visit a store today.
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♪ ♪ >> hi, everyone. welcome back to the show. i can't believe how quiet it is in this car. i can't hear anything on the outside. it's like tranquility at the wheel. >> we all have goals. and it doesn't always have to be aesthetic. sometimes it's just mental sanity. don't worry about the status quo, what everybody else is doing or what the new trend is right now. go with what makes you feel good. ♪ my love for fitness started when i was little, little, little. and i used to open up the "encyclopedia britannica" to the anatomy section and look at the body. and i was like, "i want to learn all about that -- the muscles and the tissue and movement." i've been dancing for a really
10:30 pm
long time. i've been blessed to be able to dance with some great nfl, nba teams in the bay area and in miami and being able to grow my community in the fitness world. i love all different parts of fitness. we're gonna be doing some exercises to tone, lift, and sculpt and tighten up that booty. this little beauty is a mini-band that you can travel with anywhere. you can get it at amazon or perform better -- great locations to buy from. we're gonna be doing "show 'em what you're workin' with" lunges, get-low frogs, side shuffle, a little exercise with lateral movement, and "you didn't know" jumping jacks. all right, are we ready to get this party started? >> yeah! >> welcome today. we're gonna be doing wonderful exercises for that lower body to help tighten, tone, and lift the lower half for any season you're trying to get ready for. i have my team behind me. okay, vanessa, a new friend that we just got to join in, buddy, stella, and also another new friend, javier, that's gonna join us today to show you
10:31 pm
some great, new exercises to use inside or outside. so, let's start with that lunge. the lunge goes back. the right leg goes back. you tuck under the pelvis. these, right here in that lower abdomen. knee drive up. this is progression 1, right? option 2, knee drive up, bring it back, give you that donkey kick back, bring that knee back up, take it back into that lunge. show me a few reps on your own. remember to breathe. working on balance. working on that standing leg. pull back into a lunge. reach that back pelvis. tuck under, squeeze. belly button in. hands come up, either on the hips or prayer. little pulses down. little pulses down. where do you feel that burn, stella? >> oh, my god. >> that's right. javier, new friend? new friend, boo. come on! everything's burning. sassy pants, what are we doing? what are we doing? 4, 3, 2, and 1.
10:32 pm
good job. can i get a "what"? >> what? >> can i get a "boom"? >> boom. >> can i get a "pow"? >> pow. >> let's get this party started. exercise number 2 -- sumo squat with some progressions. nice wide straddle, right? turn those heels in, toes out. hands on the hips. prayer or out -- whatever makes you feel comfortable. deep -- deep, deep sumo squats. breathe. always stay connected to your core. all right, options -- number 2. you want to get little sassy, fancy with it. >> whoa! >> squat, bam! get 'em. pow! >> love it. >> drop it. right? >> drop, buddy. >> last on the left. and recover. good job, team. good job. all right, team, it's band time. let's get this party started. exercise number 3. all you're gonna do is put it back, drop it like it's hot. bam. get 'em. what? down and up -- just basic. down and up. and don't resist that band. don't let the knees go in. push against that band.
10:33 pm
resist to come in, right? keep pushing that band out. there you go. now, take the knees -- i call it butterfly. butterfly the knees out. butterfly the knees out. don't be -- javi, don't be afraid of that burn. get in that booty. get in there. come on, buddy. buddy made me do it. now, today, khalia made me do it. khalia made me do it. go, buddy, go! 5...4...3...2, and 1. recover. final exercise will be a combo of two. "they don't know" jumping jacks with a nice side shuffle. let's start with a "they don't know." the reason why they don't know is because this band is involved. keep that band right where it is, right? jumping jacks -- basics. come on. come on. out and in, out and in. if you want a better burn, lower that band just like this, a little lower, and it will intensify that burn. when they get a little sassy, that's when you know you're doing your job. let's go! 5...4...3...2, and 1.
10:34 pm
sassy. the most rewarding part of being in the fitness industry is the community. there is nothing like connecting with individuals from all different walks of life and all different backgrounds and having something in common. and fitness really does increase your sense of self-confidence, pride in yourself, your self-love. and once you start to feel that energy, you start to share that with people around you. it's all about building community and having a great time while you work out. >> coming up, tips every homeowner should know before starting a remodel. >> we're in this beautiful home in lafayette. it's a full gut. let's go inside, take a look, and see what remodeling is all about.
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>> welcome back to the show, everyone. i'm on my way to our next location and enjoying all the cool features of this new 2018 honda accord, like the full-color 7-inch interface that's customizable so i can see all the information i need while i'm driving. [ whirring ] >> we're getting dirty today. we're faye it's fl gut. let's go insid d e at rel are. it starts in the entranceway of the home. you can see we've done a beautiful herringbone tile. but see how we've done it? we've numbered each tile individually so it fits to the millimeter. you can tell the baseboard isn't in, but the floor's been laid.
10:38 pm
and if you look to right here, permits nicely displayed on the window. i can't stress enough the importance of going with a licensed contractor, doing everything all legally. we have the best warranty in the business, another reason to give us a call, because we will never leave a job unless it's perfect. let's take a look at this beautiful floor that's going everywhere. but something we did a little different -- the homeowner wanted to make this pop, so basically, we found a tile that matches the floor exactly. and you want to check out craftsmanship? look at this. perfectly level. so this is the family room -- or, the entranceway. now let's go take a look at the kitchen. oh, there's abel, working on the electrical. what's up?'s tthimportce -- everybody knows the cabinets, the counters, the tile. but how important is the work behind the walls? that's why i wanted to come here today. we're always showing off our
10:39 pm
fancy jobs at the end. but what does it take to do these jobs right behind the walls? and how important -- almost equally as important as the finish? >> well, just like everybody sees the nicest kitchen in the end, but this is something very important i need to talk about. all the electrical, so... >> needs to all be done to code, correct? >> all has to be done to code. and like you guys see, all, like, the wires, and also over here, you can see we have all the wires for the cooktop and also the gas for the cooktop. >> a thing people don't understand is all these electrical units need to be on dedicated lines. >> right, and the electrical is the most important. it has to be to code, and also the plumbing. like you guys can see, the fridge is going to be here. so, i mean, like, all the plumbing has to be to code under the sink. those are the most important. has to be done right.
10:40 pm
>> and it almost takes just as much time to get all this stuff right as it does to install the finished carpentry that everyone loves. >> correct. the finish is very important. everybody sees on the end. but also, all the rough work is very important, too. this is for me -- number one, electrical, and number two, plumbing. >> you're right. but number three, structural. no one thinks about it. no one understands fully what is required to reengineer a home, but how many jobs have we gone into where they didn't hire an engineer, they didn't do it right, and the roof ends up caving in? and we have to go in and spend all this money to make it right. so, let's go take a look at the plans and talk about and walk through the viewer why this is so important. this gives me a headache. just look at it. super-complicated engineering. but at american kitchen company, we have the back-end office, the in-house engineer to deliver all this. and on this particular job, why was it so important they went with an engineer?
10:41 pm
>> well, they want a big master relocate the wall and relocate toilet and vanity. >> and it's weird -- just to bump a wall that much, look how much code requirements. you really need to know your stuff. even though we're just bumping a wall a couple of feet, to do it right, you have to take all the proper steps to make sure you get our leading industry warranty, to make sure you get a house that's going to last forever and not fall down one day. so, enough about the plans. let's go take a look at the actual reality of what this looks like in the physical world. so what was the big problem with this bathroom? >> the master bath was too small. >> way too small, right? so by reengineering it and bumping it back, why is it so important to do it right with plans, with a licensed contractor, and with skilled labor? because how many jobs have we gone on where they don't do the right steps and it just ends
10:42 pm
horrible? >> it's not just the wall. also, we support the roof. because this wall is supporting the roof and underneath the house. >> so it's not going to do this in a couple of years. >> correct. >> we just left the kitchen. we've shown the whole house. we've got the engineering, structural, electrical, plumbing, flooring. we do it all, but we're called american kitchen company because that requires the most finish work in all remodels, but at the end of the day, our 40-man crew, no subcontractors, giant office staff, in-house design, is what makes us the leading expert in residential remodel, and it's how we're doing these jobs right, and happy customers over and over. >> i'm excited. let's go back to work and finish this one. ♪ >> there's so much to explore in the bay area, so we'll be back with more stories to share. in the meantime, we want to hear from you. so send us your favorite places, pictures, and videos of the bay area. all this fun driven by your
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northern california honda dealers. for more information on the vehicle featured in this episode, visit ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> reporter: their most promising lead, that police sketch of a possible suspect, never got an i.d. >> there were several possible prints, but they were poor and not very useful. >> if fingerprints were lifted, would they have been preserved? >> we're talking 30 years now.
10:45 pm
>> right. >> and basically all the photos have been destroyed, the prints have been destroyed. >> reporter: and yet again, old-school crime-solving is futile, leaving it for cutting edge dna technology to save the day. but genealogist cece moore's got -- has been able to identify two of ben's second cousins. she traces their family trees, all the way to their great grandparents. she then builds the family trees forward with their decedents. poring over obituaries, gravesite locators, and census records she had it down to two women. sisters. one who would be ben's aunt, and the other, would be his mother. >> how certain did you feel that you had the right two women that probably would wind up being his mother? >> oh, i -- i felt completely certain that i had the right two women. because of the way the family trees came together, there was just no other explanation. >> reporter: for ben, it's the meteoric moment. >> i'm going to see if she's willing to talk to me. i've been less nervous doing
10:46 pm
operations in baghdad than i am right now. >> reporter: unannounced, ben's rolling the dice, pulling into the office building where one of the sisters works, certain she's either his aunt or his biological mother. >> tell me what your feeling is. you're dialing that number and you're waiting. >> the keys on the phone felt pretty heavy as i was pushing 'em. here we go. >> hi. [ bleep ] my name is ben. i have been put in touch with you by some people of a mutual acquaintance. i'm looking for some long-lost family members. >> so, she answers. >> i hear the voice. a middle-aged woman's voice, and it was a little standoffish as at first, trying to figure out who i was. >> reporter: the startled woman on the other end of the line immediately denies that she or her sister could possibly be
10:47 pm
ben's mother. >> the only reason i'm so adamant about it is that the dna brings us to a path that leads here. i'm not trying to be accusatorial. there's no malice or negativity on my end. i just -- i'm holding onto just a thread of hope. right now, that's all i have. >> reporter: it's devastatingly apparent that the woman, either his mother or his aunt, wants nothing to do with ben. >> i'm sorry for inconveniencing you this afternoon. bye. she's extremely adamant that her and her sister are a dead-end, but people can lie. dna doesn't. i just don't know.
10:48 pm
crawling back inside of myself, starting to feel nothing again. this is okay. that will pass. >> reporter: minutes later though, a heart-stopping, paralyzing moment. ben's cell phone rings. is it a ray of hope? could the woman have had a change of heart? >> hello? >> reporter: instead, it's the woman's sister calling back, to tell ben to never contact them again. >> just out of curiosity -- she hung up on me. she said that i need to go back to where i'm from, and love my family, and love the people that raised me. >> so, there was no warmth or no acceptance at all on this phone call? >> no. no. the meat and potatoes of the conversation were, i was messed up for coming and interfering
10:49 pm
with other people's lives and digging things up that shouldn't be dug up. >> did that lead you to believe that she probably was your biological mom, or maybe not? the fact that she was so defensive. >> her reaction led me to the conclusion that she's probably the mother. >> do you feel rejected? >> yeah. it shouldn't have to go -- have that feeling twice. rejection, abandonment, not being wanted. a special kind of loneliness. i felt that loneliness again in the car. that wound is probably still open. >> for the adoptee, they want answers. but for the mothers, this is probably one of the most difficult things that they've ever had to deal with. >> when they get contact from their child, it really is opening pandora's box. they have to face a lot of deeply buried emotions. they've carried a lot of shame, a lot of guilt, and fear. >> and a big secret. >> a big secret, and it could disrupt the lives that they've built since.
10:50 pm
>> reporter: ben reaches out to his adoptive father back in idaho. >> i told him if -- if i had to go back in time and do it over again, i wouldn't change anybody in my life. everythi is because of you guys. >> i don't know if we created or just helped you along. you are a great person. you have a bigger family now. >> yeah. because the world has given me so much, and i was blind to that for 30 years now. it has never been clear until now that i have never been alone. >> all right, son, i love you. >> i love you too. >> reporter: next, for andrea, the dark story of her mother's past is only beginning to unfold. you begin to suspect there are other children. >> i did. >> we knew there were five
10:51 pm
children already, but there was a 13-year gap between heather and andrea. >> reporter: are there more
10:52 pm
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>> reporter: andrea klug-napier's journey to find her biological family has taken emotional twists and turns she never could have imagined. her family tree keeps rapidly growing. >> i grew up an only child, and now i have so many siblings. >> reporter: she has three newfound siblings, heather, aaron and dennis, and now incredibly, she's about to meet a fourth, a 32-year-old sister. >> heather just out of the blue sent me a message on facebook and said, "are you sitting down?," and then i found out i have another sister. >> reporter: andrea has traveled to washington state and once again, she is knocking on a stranger's door.
10:56 pm
>> hi. >> hi. >> oh, my gosh. >> it's so nice to meet you. >> we actually look a lot alike. >> can you believe all of this? >> no. >> i never thought that i would find anything out ever. >> reporter: her sister's name is marysia. birth mother cindy arrives at this hospital in spokane under an alias, gives birth and then hours later, vanishes. >> the name was fake. >> did you ever search that name? >> it is such a common name. >> same with amy beach. >> yeah, exactly. she said she is from california. >> reporter: the two sisters marvel at their mirroring stories and reflections. >> looking at her was so surreal to see these features that i see in myself everyday. i think andrea and i did have a connection when we first saw each other. we're both hesitant and a little
10:57 pm
bit shy, and i think that actually, you know, helps us kind of understand each other a little bit more. >> reporter: and believe it or not, another stunning find. a fifth sibling. a 35-year-old brother that cindy gave birth to and abandoned at another hospital. another child that dwight never knew he fathered. >> it's one thing that you missed it one time. >> yeah. >> maybe two times. >> but to miss her pregnancy five times? >> yeah. right. >> reporter: that's really pretty stunning. >> i just couldn't, didn't know she was pregnant. couldn't tell -- >> do you see them as your children? >> oh, yeah. yeah, they're my kids. >> good to see you again. >> reporter: andrea's search has led to an unforeseen family reunion, and for her adoptive mom, beverly, a chance to thank the man who brought her daughter into the world. >> thank you. >> you did a great job of raising her. >> it takes nature and nurture,
10:58 pm
together, we've produced a very beautiful young woman. we are part of her story. it's just a miracle that we have all found each over. >> reporter: as for ben veidt, though the search for his birth mom ended with a harsh rejection. he rejoices in the discovery of a special man, a second father who embraces him fully. >> reporter: are you happy you set out on this journey? >> oh yeah. i could go to my grave happy knowing all that i know now, some foundlings don't ever get that closure. i really feel that connection to another human being in this world. i'm thinking law school after. >> now we're talking. there is a future for you, ben. >> i value myself that much more after meeting him. >> reporter: in the case of andrea and ben, both sought out to find their birth mothers. >> right. >> both found birth fathers. >> yes, with open arms, yeah.
10:59 pm
>> oh, yeah. >> i always hope that there can be at least one connection to the biological family. somebody that welcomes them to the family, it gives such peace. i've seen such closure and peace of mind come to these people that are searching when they get that. >> peace and closure, but there is definitely more to come on this, amy. >> that's because andrea has yet to meet that fifth sibling that lives overseas. that's it for us tonight. i'm amy robach. >> i'm david muir. from all of us here at "20/20" and abc news, thanks for watching. have a good evening and great week.
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