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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 4, 2018 3:30pm-4:00pm PDT

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tonight, the breaking news as we come on the air. the reaction pouring in now. the fbi investigation into judge brett kavanaugh is complete. the protests erupting from the supreme court to capitol hill. arrests mounting at this hour. the fbi handing over its report on the supreme court nominee. federal agents interviewing nine people. democrats tonight calling it a sham. and this evening, right here, the list. the five senators whose votes will decide his fate. senators flake, collins, murkowski, manchin and heitkamp. what each of them said today, and the dramatic moment senator heidi heitkamp reveals she will vote no, even if it costs her her senate seat. also tonight, the video emerging. we're on the scene tonight. seven officers shot, one dead. the gunman, a former lawyer who was disbarred, a veteran, and word coming in tonight, the
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gunman wasn't the man authorities were after. also tonight, the manhunt in another case. two victims shot and killed in random attacks. one of them out walking his dogs. the surveillance tonight, authorities want you to see it. they need your help. the dead lly earthquake, tsunami and now volcano. tonight, the sound. the moment the earthquake strikes. and the deadly car explosion, the father and young son killed inside. another man killed, too. and tonight, the letters now received by police explaining who was behind it. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a very busy thursday night. and we begin tonight with the supreme court showdown. that fbi investigation into allegations against judge brett kavanaugh is now finished, under lock and key. senators timing into a secure room, beginning first thing this morning, to read it. and the reaction is pouring in tonight.
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protesters marching in washington from the supreme court to capitol hill. hundreds of arrests tonight. republican leaders saying they are satisfied with the fbi report into kavanaugh, and democrats tonight calling it a sham. arguing only nine witnesses were interviewed, dr. christine blasey ford nor kavanaugh were among them. and the vote now comes down to just a handful of senators. here's what they said so far. republicans susan collins and jeff flake spoke favorably about the report today. le lisa murkowski undecided tonight. joe manchin late today said he hasn't made up his mind. and snort heidi heitkamp revealing in a dramatic moment why she will vote no, even if she pays for it with her job. abc's mary bruce chasing down those senators, what they're saying tonight about brett kavanaugh's future. >> reporter: with the future of the supreme court hanging in the balance, hundreds of protesters made a final appeal on the streets of washington.
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and in the halls of congress. the fbi report that could decide judge kavanaugh's fate arrived on capitol hill at 2:30 a.m. kept under lock and key in this secure room. >> norring coming behind you. >> reporter: this morning, one by one, senators trickle in. >> i didn't see it yet. >> reporter: republicans getting the first look. among them, those key undecided votes, like maine republican susan collins. >> good morning, senator. >> good morning. >> reporter: behind these doors, just a single copy of the report. 46 pages of summaries from nine interviews with witnesses regarding judge kavanaugh's alleged sexual misconduct. leaving the room, two of those undecided senators seem satisfied with what they've seen. collins tells reporters, "it appears to be a very thorough investigation." and republican jeff flake, he demanded the fbi investigate after he was confronted by two women. >> look at me when i'm talking to you. you're telling me that my assault doesn't matter. that what happened to me doesn't matter and that you're going to
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let people who do these things into power. that's what you're telling me when you vote for him. >> reporter: today, flake sounding positive after seeing the report. >> i was a yes before this, and now, we're in the process of reviewing it, but thus far, we've seen no new credible corroboration. no new corroboration at all. >> reporter: another key holdout, republican lisa murkowski. her decision still unknown. >> senator, have you read the report yet? >> no, i'm going there now. >> reporter: last week, she told "the new york times," "it's not about whether or not judge kavanaugh is qualified. it is about whether or not a woman who has been a victim at some point in her life is to be believed." also undecided, democrat joe manchin of west virginia. late today, another critical vote, heidi heidkamp of north dakota, tells our fargo station wday news that she's voting no on kavanaugh. for a democrat up for reelection in a state president trump won by 36 points, it's an emotional
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decision. >> if this were a political decision for me, i certainly would be deciding this the other way. but you know, there's an old saying, "history will judge you, but most importantly, you'll judge yourself." and that's really what i'm saying. i can't get up in the morning and look at the life experience that i've had and say yes to judge kavanaugh. >> reporter: today in the capitol, you could feel the tension. >> you are too committed to getting an abuser on the supreme court to even have a conversation and listen. >> if you gave him a polygraph, it would all be over, senator graham. >> reporter: tonight, democrats calling the fbi investigation a sham. the bureau did not interview either judge kavanaugh or christine blasey ford. >> democrats agreed that the investigation's scope should be limited. we do not agree that the white house should tie the fbi's hands. >> reporter: but republican leaders say the investigation was credible and thorough and backs up the judge's story.
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>> they just about destroyed a good person to be on the supreme court. >> reporter: top republicans now eager to move on. >> enough. enough already. let's vote. >> gets go live to mary bruce on the hill tonight. and that first crucial vote is expected in the senate tomorrow. tell us how this works. and tonight, as you just reported, four of those five key senators have not revealed how they'll vote? >> reporter: well, david, we saw senators like susan collins come out and call this a thorough report, but she was just spotted leaving that secure room again, taking another close look, not just at this report, but also reading through transcripts of calls that came into the fbi tip line. but david, these undecided senators don't have a lot of time left to make up their mind. the senate is expected to vote to end debate on kavanaugh's nomination tomorrow morning, setting up a final vote for saturday afternoon. >> all right, if and when that happens, we'll carry it live with you on the air with us. mary, thank you. in the meantime, our jon karl asking the president, did you put any limits on the
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investigation? the president did not answer. and tonight, in a very rare move, a former supreme court justice is now weighing in, late today, saying that brett kavanaugh's behavior last week disqualifies him to be a supreme court justice. here's jon karl. >> reporter: the fbi investigation complete, a confident president trump ignored questions as he left the white house this afternoon. are you going to release the fbi report? mr. president, did you put any limits on the fbi investigation? did you put any limits on that investigation? >> reporter: in a statement, attorneys for christine blasey ford said, "the investigation conducted over the past five days is a stain on the process, on the fbi and on our american ideal of justice." the fbi never spoke with ford. in fact, they only interviewed a total of nine people. ford's lawyers say they suggested eight other possible witnesses, but they were never con ticketed. and then there is deborah ramirez, who accused kavanaugh of exposing himself to
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her in college when both were drunk. she did speak to the fbi, and said she submitted the names of more than 20 potential witnesses, none of whom, she claimed, were investigated. "we can only conclude," ramirez's lawyers said today, "that the fbi, or those controlling its investigation, did not want to learn the truth behind ms. ramirez's allegations." >> we allowed the fbi to do exactly what they do best. we haven't micromanaged this process. >> reporter: and today, a former supreme court justice is weighing in. john paul stevens, 98, a lifelong republican, nominated to the court by gerald ford, had praised kavanaugh in the past, but today, stevens said kavanaugh disqualified himself with the confrontational and partisan tone of his confirmation hearing. >> so, you're saying there's never been a case where you drank so much that you didn't remember what happened the night before or part of what happened? >> you're asking about blackout. i don't know, have you? >> could you answer the question, judge?
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just -- so, you -- that's not happened? is that your answer? >> yeah, and i'm curious if you have. >> i have no drinking problem, judge. >> reporter: today, stevens said kavanaugh does not belong on the supreme court. >> i think that his performance during the hearings caused me to change my mind. >> reporter: kavanaugh himself has spoken about the importance of nonpartisanship and temperament for a judge. >> it's important to have the proper demeanor, to be calm amidst the storm. on the bench, to put it in the vernacular, don't be a jerk. i think that's important. >> jon karl with us live tonight at the white house. and jon, senate judiciary chairman chuck grassley was pushed on whether the fbi report should be made public at some point. his answer was, "talk to the white house." that's what you do all day long so, what are they saying tonight? >> reporter: well, david, the white house is actually at one point said it was up to the senate to decide whether or not that report would be released. the bottom line is, this report is almost certainly not going to
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be released. both white house officials and senators and senate officials have said that they -- privacy concerns of both kavanaugh and his accusers would lead to not releasing the report. and there simply is not precedence. these fbi reports are never actually released publicly. >> all right, jon karl at the white house tonight. jon, thank you. and now to the other major news this thursday night, new video just now emerging in that horrific scene that played out. seven law enforcement officers shot, one dead. they were there to execute a warrant. officers rushing to the scene, trying to rescue them, then taking bullets themselves. and tonight, what we are now learning about the gunman. authorities saying he was not the man they were there for. abc's victor oquendo in florence, south carolina, tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the haunting sounds of relentless gunfire. as we're learning new chilling details about the standoff in an upscale south carolina subdivision that left one officer dead, six more wounded.
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>> this has been a very tragic and devastating time. >> reporter: police say the incident unfolded just after 4:00 p.m. wednesday, when the florence county sheriff's office was executing a search warrant on an adult for allegations of sexually assaulting a minor. that's when fred hopkins who, according to sources, was not the subject of the warrant, allegedly opened fire. >> suspect has a high-powered rifle and is firing at officers as we speak. >> reporter: the sheriff's office forced to bring in this bulletproof car to retrieve the wounded. >> situation not getting better. please, please stay out. >> reporter: ambulances rushing from the scene. the neighborhood locked down. >> his view of fire was several hundred yards, so he had an advantage. >> reporter: one of the bullets tragically killing a beloved 30-year veteran of the florence city police department, terrence carraway. >> he was a giant of a man, but he was the proverbial gentle giant. >> reporter: police say hopkins, a 74-year-old vietnam veteran and disbarred attorney, surrendered about two hours after the incident started,
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leaving a community stunned. david, a source with the sheriff's office tells me that the warrant was meant for someone else at the home, a 27-year-old, but tonight, there is only one person in custody, and that's the shooter, and he has not yet been charged. david? >> victor, thank you. next this evening, you're about to see the remarkable new images of members of russia's military spy agency. authorities across the country and with our allies also saying they were hard at work. the fbi, in fact, indicting seven of them today. several of those suspects caught on camera after a daring spy operation. here's abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas. >> reporter: tonight, for the first time, we're seeing what authorities say was a russian hacking plot stopped in the nick of time. the fbi and dutch officials say these four russian military intelligence operatives loaded this rental car full of electronic equipment. >> they would deploy a remote team, a close access team, as we say in the indictment, that would go on-site and they would take hacking equipment.
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>> reporter: their alleged mission? to hack the dutch lab testing for the nerve agent used to target a former russian spy and his daughter in britain a month earlier. an attack blamed on russia. investigators stopping the men outside that lab before they could destroy their equipment. the suspects, who had diplomatic passports, were then expelled. >> the russians got caught with their equipment, with the people who were doing it, and they have got to pay the piper. >> reporter: those men, among seven russian intelligence officers indicted in federal court today, as part of a global crackdown on russian cyber warfare. that is aimed, u.s. officials say, at damaging the west. authorities say at least three other men charged today have already been accused by special counsel robert mueller of hacking the clinton campaign and the dnc during the 2016 election. >> pierre thomas with us live tonight, as well. a lot of people at home, pierre, are going to be asking, we're 32 days away from the midterm elections. after you showed those images
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tonight, how concerned is the fbi about russian interference with american voters headed to the polls again very shortly? >> reporter: david, there's real concern about russia's covert social media campaign and those hackers working for their military intelligence. david, those hackers we just saw in our story are still on the job right now in russia. david? >> pierre thomas, live in washington. thank you, pierre. and in indonesia tonight, the horror of that deadly earthquake and tsunami, in fact, this evening, a piece of video and the sound now. the moment the earthquake strikes. abc's james longman making it to the center of the devastation. >> reporter: tonight, new video showing the terrifying moment that magnitude 7.5 quake struck sulawesi island. the earth ripping open. massive rivers of mud flowing. today, we journeyed into devastated rural communities. we've heard that there's a group of kids who were killed in their bible group at a church up this street. but as you can see, it's basically impossible to drive
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on. motorbikes, the only way to make it in. so, we've come to the end of the road now, literally. the church that was here, the homes, theommunity here, all gone. emergency teams discovering the bodies of at least 35 children at that bible camp. we met 27-year-old inica, telling me she was near the church when the mud flow swept her nearly two miles into another village, holding onto a coconut tree to survive. victims are being recovered across the island. the official death toll above 1,500, with an untold number of people missing. the story of the church is typical of so much here. entire communities devastated, and a death toll that may never truly be known. david? >> all right, james longman with us tonight. thank you, james. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the major meat recall tonight. concerns over salmonella in several states. also, that deadly car explosion. the father and young son killed inside, another man killed, too, and tonight, letters received by police now explaining who was
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behind it. the manhunt tonight. two victims shot and killed in random attacks. one of them out walking his dogs. and this surveillance authorities want you to see tonight. and look at this. the arson suspect at the front door of this home, setting it on fire. they are searching for this man
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next this thursday night, the urgent search for a serial shooting suspect in chicago. police releasing surveillance now on the masked gunman, accused of killing two people in two days, targeting victims they believe at random, including a man simply walking his dogs. here's abc's alex perez tonight. >> reporter: tonight, chicago police on the hunt for this man. seen here, dressed all in black, his face hidden. calmly walking down the street moments before, according to police, he gunned down a man, randomly, in cold-blood. six minutes later, police say another camera capturing the suspect running right after wat
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was shot in the head, point-blank range while walking his dogs. 36 hours after the first shooting, six blocks awaats bel suspect killed 24-year-old eliyahu moscowitz. residents here on edge. >> totally random. you have no idea what keeps you safe or what makes you a target. it's scary. >> reporter: police holding this community meeting, asking residents to keep their eyes peeled. >> somebody knows him. he's somebody's neighborhood. >> reporter: david, 40 detectives are working this case around the clock. they believe he lives in the neighborhood and are hoping someone will recognize him. david? >> alex perez in chicago for us. thank you, alex. when we come back tonight, the major meat recall in 16 states. and there is news tonight about that deadly car explosion killing a father, his young son and a friend. and now, the letters received
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to the index of other news, and police are revealing the cause of that deadly car explosion in allentown, pennsylvania.
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federal agents say the father intentionally blew up the car, killing himself and his 2-year-old son and another man, sending four letters to family and police before he did this. the letters now arriving, saying he was unhappy about life, he confessed to some crimes. he said he intended to take his victims with him. to the hunt for an arson suspect in hollywood, florida, tonight. surveillance showing him set fire to a home at this front door. he returned minutes later, doing it again. the house is an airbnb. no one was hurt. a consumer alert tonight. 16.5 million pounds of ground beef being recalled because of possible salmonella. at least 57 people sickened in 16 states. sold under several brand names including walmart. we have more on our website. when we come back, in every town, there is a high school football star, but this one is making major news tonight. making major news tonight.
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finally tonight, we love america strong, and tonight, the high school football star who is truly unstoppable. watch this high school linebacker from west salem high in oregon. about to take down the other team's quarterback. and here he goes again, breaking right through the defensive line. it's hard to stop on the field and off. alex was born without part of his left arm, but he pushed through, at the gym, on the field, running plays. >> i didn't want to be seen as, you know, that kid with, with one arm. i just wanted to be, you know, just that kid. >> more than just that did. he was named defensive player of the year. and he just accepted a scholarship to play for the university of montana, a division i school. his high school coach tonight. >> it's emotional just, you
3:58 pm
know, what an inspiration to everybody. how could you not root for that guy? >> the things he's achieved with, you know, having one arm and overcoming all these things is crazy now. >> alex even catching the attention of the nfl. seattle seahawks linebacker shaquem griffin also born without his left hand. bench pretszing with his prosthetic hand. running faster than any ryanbacker in 15 years. >> absolutely dominating. >> hugging his mom right on the field. he tweeted alex that new recruit, "i see you, bro. strength and prayer right there in that tweet. >> i didn't really expect it. not honestly. >> and alex telling us tonight, he's excited about committing. he's focused on his future from here on out. alex, you are incredible. and the grizzlies are lucky. that's for sure. i'm david muir. i hope to see you right back here t
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