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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  October 8, 2018 3:00pm-3:30pm PDT

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♪ tv's number one daily viral video show "right this minute." a driver can't believe what he's seeing. >> on this very busy freeway. >> danger of a high-speed, high-drama backwards chase. >> oh! >> wait a minute. >> she's a little girl with a rare disease giving others -- >> a lot of inspiration but just how brave kendall is. >> now, the connor family joins us to explain how you can help. >> trying to give my daughter and other kids like her the best chance they can have. it's hardly the place, just wait for it. why it takes guts. we've got christian, nick, gayle, charity and oli, breaking
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down the best on the web. the puddle jump. >> the muddy mess when her owner's commands fall on deaf ears. >> no! >> like what i've been hearing, like many -- it seemed kind of obvious, but this is dangerous driving on this very busy freeway. >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. >> wait a minute. >> that was a rehearsed police pursuit. >> wait, that's what it looks like. >> in fact, you can see the lights alerting other drivers that they're there and they're coming fast. that week is driving backwards. you see cars going around it. >> yikes. >> okay. >> yeah, what is so important? what is so urgent that he has to pull this really risky maneuver? >> that's another vehicle? >> he does -- oh.
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>> that's just like coasting, right? >> yes, but they have to head back to try to help. once there's a break in traffic, the police officers are able to cut through the lanes, and pull their car up right in front of the truck -- >> i would expect even if someone was unconscious. >> unfortunately, there are no reports to talk about what exactly was going on with that driver. but it doesn't sound like it's a medical condition. and that is where the video ends. but there is yo thvideo that the poster sha that shows following that truck moments before as you can clearly hear them making the call to police. they're giving the license plate number to dispatch. >> that's crazy. the fact that they go away with no massive accident in this video is incredible. >> yeah, one car going the wrong way is dangerous, now to have two -- geez, that's just double jeopardy. for her 70th birthday,
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decided to travel to finland for her birthday. you see them sitting at a table. she's about to read a card. as she's reading it, she gets a big old kiss. and she starts to scream. >> oh. >> and then she just breaks down and starts crying. that somebody is her son, ken. ken lives in bali and travels a lot for work. he was supposed to be in russia. the card she read congratulations, mom, it was her son the delivery man. her husband couldn't be there with her. she planned for this day. and she's super excited.
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>> they always say the best president is your presence. i love that her husband couldn't be there but he made sure. well, this is fantastic, too. >> jennifer walked right up to the door. she knocks. >> and she waits. and waits. the door opens. she walks in. >> oh, my god! oh my god! >> looks like other folks were in on it. >> i didn't know they were coming over. little things like that. wakeboarding traditionally thought of as a summer sport, a warm weather sport, but if you're a red bull fan all that goes out window. he's gone to greenland wakeboarding and just directly into that water. >> yes. this should inspire you not to fall ever. and she does fall.
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thankfully, she's got a specially designed dry suit just for this otherwise this not be possible. t kna nakita had to constantly dodge the ice. and he didn't have a chance to go for the stunts. he had a chance to go for it, and everything changes so frequently, he couldn't go back for his third or fourth or fifth time. >> imagine if one of those chunks broke while he was on it. >> i'm sure it did. he made the most of it, nakita is a 13-time russian champion at wakeboarding. >> it's kind of like that, it's changing so you're interested. i'm sure it was, considering his skill, a bit of a fun day. ♪ hi, we're the connor family. >> that's dad, rick, mom taylor
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little man colin and -- for the first 3 years 2 months of kendall's life she was a happy, healthy young girl. but suddenly out of nowhere, she developed walking, balance issues. >> kendall developed walking problems that worsened. >> when they were told it would clear itself, it became evident it wouldn't. >> kendall had lateral lesions on the basil ganglia of her brain that indicated might kron might thtochondrial disease. >> it progresses disorder. it indicated in damaged and dying brain tissue.
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the prognosis is uncertainty. and the family has been through the entire spectrum of reaction to this emotion. but at the same time, they're joined by the power and inspiration by just how brave kendall is. she's going through a lot of different therapies. and look at the progress, she's walking, she's even running. >> wow. >> to tell how we can possibly help, we have rick, taylor and colin and kendall. >> yea. >> congratulations. you guys have been through the ringer recently. tell us what is going on with pharmaceutical companies and things like that? >> well, in the last decade, things have changed a lot foror might tochondrial disease. it's a rare disease. like a lot of rare diseases there's not a laot of funding.
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>> speaking of funding you have your own research foundation. >> we partnered with the mitochondrial foundation to try to solve the problem. >> how much are you looking to raise? >> well, our goal is $100,000 but we just started a couple weeks ago. we're going to keep doing as much as we can to try to give our daughter another chance at life. >> how is kendall doing now? >> she's the light of our life. >> she's progressed a lot. we're very thankful. >> kendall likes to -- >> tell us what you want to be when you grow up? >> a doctor. >> a doctor and a ballerina and an artist and a princess. >> all right. >> you guys are just so inspiring in the journey you guys are going on. if anyone at home really wants to help, we'll put a link up to
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all kinds crazy stuff happening all over the world. that's why you come to "right this minute" to see some of that. dash cam footage of a car towing another car. >> oh, i thought it had a tail. >> see where this is going? >> yeah, he's waiting for a big gas and as soon as he gets a big gas, everything is going to be fine. >> you know what, christian, you're right. no worries, makes the turn, nice and slow and continues on -- >> here he comes. >> oh, my goodness -- you -- i cannot -- you mean to tell me we're waiting for this big bang and instead of we got fluffy who don't know how to walk? >> it's a big thing for them, they fell pretty hard. >> couple here, the older couple in belarus, never expecting that would be a tow rope between the two cars. didn't slow down to look. the wife stumbles a bit. but the husband, he goes down hard. but he did go to the hospital
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later and they found a broken leg. >> oh. >> yeah, just an unfortunate accident. this is new york city. this guy is recording his walk. you don't see it, but you hear it. >> oh. >> what was that? >> that car is scraping through the intersection and actually comes to a stop. the good samaritan is going to help out. >> oh, snap. >> who's bumper is that? >> it's not a bumper. it's a pallet, a wooden pallet knocked off in the street. and it got stuck under there. >> oh. >> i got it buddy, see you later. these guys go the extra step and set it off to the side. >> that's why they're laughing about it. when it comes to the various types of art, i have to be honest, one of my favorites is tattoo. they blow my mind.
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you see this one here. she's got like -- right there actually on her arm. but there's a pretty cool surprise in this tattoo. and it all comes in a design, because watch this, as she opens her arms, it spreads its wings. >> yeah, it becomes a flying beetle. >> yeah, it was so inventive. you see that particular type of tattoo. >> that makes it such a cool and interesting piece of art. >> all right. there's this one. it always just amazes me that an idea can come from general ink sketches on a piece of paper. then it becomes essentially paint by number. you see in this case, the dragon has been drawn on. as the tattoo continues, is goes on. you see here, just sketching, going with the vibe, with the flow. adding shading and other dimensions to what's going on.
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if you go to instagram, he's actually going to be in california at a studio. check it out. >> it's such a cool tattoo, i don't feel i'm nearly cool enough. >> the cool part being at the end. you see the original idea and the finished tattoo once to one another. >> that's pretty rad, man. >> they say it looks better once it's healed but, you know what will. hospitalized and the need for adventure. >> oh, cool. >> see it next, "right this minute." and still to come, taking a trip to uganda. >> for a playground. >> and the trip that makes happy faces. >> time for a little dance. >> yeah. and taking speed up a notch by staying low. >> look at that. >> why that's just the start of this insanely inpressive
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this young woman is from the university ever kent. she was part of their raise and give campaign. and they were able to raise just over $23,000 for charity. and one of those charities they raised money for was for east african playgrounds. she got to go on a journey to uganda where she got to trek across the country, she got to can canoe, hike. >> a playground. >> and here are the supplies. and now you see the work has begun. they primarily work with primary schools. in this case it is a uganda primary school in kowego. you see here all the holes are dug and the swingd this is the think will get nick excited.
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>> motorcycles -- every kid gets a motorcycle? note, but if you have an imagination, you can think you're on a motorcycle. right here, the playground is not done. here it is once the work is nearly complete. >> the brightest thing on that whole campus there, i love it. >> i can't remember the exact term for it, but people are going off on vacations but that vacation actually turns out to be a charity run when you actually help people out and get something from it at the same time. >> volutours. >> time for a little dance! >> yeah. >> they've got the traditional fabrics on, they're dancing. in. somebody says a thank you -- >> big smiles. >> they're just so happy. >> it's about time.
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man, let's have fun. we've seen many speed signs but this may just be the best one. and it's not just because of incredible parenting skills. it's because of the angle. on the kind of camera that's being used, where we finally really get an understanding of just how close to the ground these guys get. and we also get a feeling of the speed that they carry while they're doing it. >> and he appears to be -- >> yeah, he's touching the ground. >> almost, he almost touched it. >> if he puts his feet down, he'd be touching the ground. >> if he puts his feet down he'll be tumbling down the mountain. you don't want to do that. but you also want to get as close as you can. >> you can see, that is a great indicator of how close he's getting. >> oh! >> look how close to the grass he gets when he recovers from that roll as well. >> he's insane. >> the insanity continues.
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the best part of the video is right here. watch this. keeps going, comes goes -- take the topple. just to finish it off as well. this guy has some serious skills. >> looks like he was making his way down a ski slope just off-season. >> was i wrong? was that not one of the best you've ever seen? >> yeah. >> i wonder if deer are a problem for him. >> anything could be a problem, that close to the ground. ♪ bentley is being all lovey-dovey. see the adorable moment that's almost too sweet. >>
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and there you have it. >> i like it. lily doesn't have time to b big old beautiful puddle right in front of her. except lily really does not get it. >> lily! get out. lily! >> has selective hearing. like many. ♪ >> kill me. >> she is having such a puddle.that ly isor >> my god, get out! lily! oh! >> it can be significantly more mud. this one seems to be more watery. >> you might say too soon,
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>> then she starts putting her face into the muddy water. that's a good day for lily. >> lily is looking right at him and puts her face back in the puddle. >> i think lily is quite the fabulous little dog. >> no! >> you know what's stink ago dorable? little bentley here, he's a little golden retriever. i just can't believe bentley is being with these tiny kittens. >> yeah, he can play with a few. >> no, no -- >> that's delicious. >> no. he just wants to play and hang out. the kittens are super comfy around bentley. yeah, they'll be bossing him
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good evening and it's great to start another week with all of you at home. as we begin tonight with a major hurricane now speeding up and growing in strength, word of mandatory evacuations just issued moments ago. hurricane michael is right now racing across the warm waters of the gulf. it is expected to strengthen over the next 24 to 36 hours and could be a category 3 hurricane as it nears the coast. and unlike hurricane florence, this is coming quickly. you can see the traffic already tonight. these images from panama city, florida. families getting out, aware of how big this could be and how quickly it will be here. the outer bands already being


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