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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 11, 2018 4:30am-5:00am PDT

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north carolina. it will spend all day raining on the areas that flooded from florence. it skirts the southern parts of nova scotia and heads to great britain and also france as we head towards the weekend. back here at home, we'll have another cooler than average day. waking up to temperatures in the low to mid-50s. mostly is sunny skies. low to mid-70s around the bay. 60s at the coast. and 50s and 60s, jacket weather, this evening. all right. a check on the commute. however is it starting, alexis? >> well, we have road work slowing you down in hayward area. let's zoom in to southbound 880. it should be wrapping up now. various lanes closed until 4:30 between tenny son and alvarado niles. you are heavy from state route 92. here's a live look at the san mateo bridge. 92 nice and light. approaching the toll plaza there, we actually did just have a problemer clear.
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i will talk more about that coming up next. breaking overnight at our live desk, nasa saying a crew headed to the international space station is in good condition after an emergency landing in russia. nasa sent out this tweet earlier this morning saying the ground crews had reached the american astronaut and russian cosmonaut and they are fine. they had just blasted off from a launch site in kazakhstan when the rocket experienced some sort of failure. these are photos of the launch. engineers were worried borrows the capsule had to reenter at an angle steeper than normal. the crew reported at one point they were weightless as the capsule flew fren ow justinutes ago, the the the russians said they are suspending manned launches until they figure out what wrong in this case. in the stock market, overnight asia took a beating. that could mean another
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onalstreet as concerns about rising interest rates grow. tech stocks have been especially accepts active. matt keller live in san jose. matt? good morning, reggie. the numbers can look very frightening for investors. but the experts are saying don't panic. >> bonds put pressure, temporary pressure on on stocks. >> the s&p 500 is 4% off its all-time high. this is not the kind of stuff that you panic about. this is the biggest drop in eight months. the dow down 800 points. tech stocks were the hardest. nasdaq down 315 points. the biggest loss in over two years. people here losing money yesterday. apple and google's parent company, a alphabet down 4.6%. facebook down 4.1%. they have reported big returns the the last few years. depending when you bought them, you may still be way ahead.
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experts are blaming this on on the rising interest rates and trade tensions. analysts expect the dow to drop 350 points when the markets open this morning. reporting live in san jose, matt keller, abc 7 news. okay, matt, thank you. a multimillion dollar verdict in a case against a pesticide giant may be in jeopardy. a judge is questioning the jury's award in a lawsuit against monsanto, the maker of weed killer roundup. johnson sued the company claiming it caused his terminal cancer. a jury agreed and awarded him $289 million back in august. in a tentative ruling, the judge is ready top throw out most of the judgment and order a new trial. it is rare for judges to reverse themselves in tentative rulings. >> there's nothing that i heard that suggested that the judge was persuaded otherwise on the question of punitive damages. so that tentative ruling is o and.
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>> bh sidesthe cas have until the end of the week to submit written arguments before a final decision is made. >> many shoppers might have been exposed to a toxic metal when they purchased jewelry from many retailers. it is called cadmium. it can cause cancer and reproductive harm. it was purchased at nordstrom rack, ross dress for less, and papaya stores. dublin-based ross is dealing with suppliers on this issue. airbnb will recruit people to sign up to host others disaster strikes. the launch follows last year's major floods that drove thousands of san jose residents from their homes. san jose and airbnb will reveal more details at 11:00 this
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morning. all right. you're never neuer thmore than s away from my accuweather forecast. 51, glen park. everyone else 53 to 56 degrees. foreman, the ferry building, heading to those, about 57 degrees. low to mid-50s down both sides of the bay shore. 51, san leandro, santa clara. walnut creek, 51. petaluma about 55 degrees right now. let's break down your commute weather-wise. it's pretty cloudy across the western span of the bay bridge. dry and cool on the roads today. ferry ride, light breezes. cool to mild. north bay, wiaking up to cloud cover. 50. sunshine. we're seeing a lot of it. low 70s during the the afternoon hours. 57 by 8:00. on the peninsula, looking a at cloud cover through at least 10:00. sunshine in the afternoon hours. we'll flirt with 70. in the south bay, clouds will
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linger a little bit longer. low 70s after starting off at 55 at 8:00. how about some stars at 62 at about. 8:00. let's bring in our traffic star. you like that seb way? >>ake it. >> pretty quiet so far today. no major issues so far this morning. we did have a problem eastbound 92 just as you're exiting the san mateo bridge someone lost control and hit the center divide. debris left in a couple lanes. the two left lanes blocked. however, it has been pushed to the side. there may be a little bit of guardrail damage. also, you're seeing southbound 880 still in the red south of 92. hearing they did wrap up that road work a little bit ahead of schedule. things are looking good there. a quick check of the bay bridge toll plaza. through the middle, fast track. next traffic update in 10 minutes.
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okay. thank you, alexis. a school board meeting gets off to an unexpected start when members skip the pledge of allegiance. a massive bomb found in a man's home. the target he was planning to blow up on
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let's talk about our beaches. issues developing at 5:00. so 2 eakers coming up from the south thank to tropical storm sergio. it will create rip currents and sneaker waves. 67 in monterey. not as much sunshine. a stray shower possible. the rain is over in tahoe. temperatures bouncing between the mid-50s and mid-60s the next several days. mike, thank you. the fbi claims it stopped a man from setting off a bomb on election day in washington, d.c. they discovered the bomb in his basement 30 miles west of new york city. he appeared in federal court for the first time yesterday. prosecutors accuse him of plotting to kill himself and draw attention to his radical political beliefs. they believe he bomb bomb-making
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materials on the internet. a federal judge cleared the way for a civil lawsuit in the police shooting death of mario woods. newly unveiled video cast doubt towards them. officers say he refused to drop a knife. woods's family accuses police of using excessive force. the judge set an april trial date in their lawsuit. in the south bay, authorities are calling a major drug and gun bust a success. police executed a search warrant at morgan hill. sky 7 over yesterday's raid. you can see law enforcement on vehicles and what appears to be two flash banks. a dozen people were detained. deputies say they confiscated two dozen guns and thousands of marijuana plants. san francisco's unified new
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school board president purposely skipping the pledge of a legion answer. instead, he read a quote from maya angelou. a lot of ways to express gratitude and appreciation for the country and its stpepcitized this is how i plan to do it. he was elected new school board president two weeks ago. former 49ers quarterbackwil harvard university. several others will be honored with the w. efe.b. du du du du u he protested police brutality and other social injustice. it includes dave chappelle and
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pamela joyner. are you looking to be truly terrified this halloween? abc 7 news reporter kate larson was there for the opening night scare. you know what's even scarier? doing a newscast with no audio. >> it's so scary you just look at them and you're already terrified. i hate haunted houses. >> do you? >> i like occasionally going but i get terrified. i grip your arm. you'll have bruises. >> i don't want bruises, so i'm not going with you. >> i'm not a good partner to go with. no. >> let's go over and see if mike has his part of the talking.
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>> hey, we can hear you, sort of. no, we can't hear you.
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all right. we're back. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. when you step outside, a little dryer than the last couple of days.eason why. we had the dry cold front roll through yesterday. a few clouds for the morning commute. mostly sunny in the afternoon hours. our last will cooler than average afternoon. when it does get warm, it will be be very comfortable, if not cool at night. our warmest temperatures. upper 70s, ukiah. fair feared and concord, low to mid-60s along the coast into san francisco, 65. notice don't back in the 40s in our deepest north bay and east
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bay valleys. low to mid-50s for the rest of us. 40s around redwood city and cupertino and sunnyvale. a big jump tomorrow. 4 to 8 degrees across the board. our warmest days, perfect timing if you alike them. they are this weekend. saturday and sunday. still warmer than average. just not quite as warm as this weekend. over to alexis. see if there's any hot spots. or is it pretty quiet? >> pretty quiet so far as you would sure hope at 4:48. southbound 680. no major issues as you approach highway 24. that's around treat and north main in the walnut creek area. embarcadero station at a 10-minute delay due to equipment problems on the tracks. antioch, dublin and pleasanton direction. keep an eye on that and make sure that does not increase. next update just before 5:00. apple is planning big giveaways as part of its new
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digital tv strategies. and today is national coming out with a new feature. in today's "tech bites", apple working on a new digital service. it will feature originally programming from traditional media companies. apple device will get the material for free through a new app. apple is hoping the idea goes over better than when it gave away a u2 album for free, which sparked backlash. well, facebook is launching an update to life event to mark coming out day. >> users can tap relationships and came out feature to share stories about that critical moment in their lives. and a dance battle in fortnite. you must clear especially mys off the dance floor and dance your way to victory against another team. bring your best moves. > those are your "tech bites". >> have a great day.s look at s
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going on as far as our forecast. temperatures today are going to be anywhere from about 2 to 4 degrees cooler than average. enjoy the 70s for one more day. mike, thank you. a limited study is suggesting intermittent fasting may help type 2 diabetes. men were able to stop injecting themselves within a month of starting the fasting schedule. in one case it took only five days. researchers say the results are promising but a wider study is needed. they caution that no one should try this first without speaking to their doctor. the study is published in the journal bmj case reports. a security bug that could be exposed justify by answering a video call using whatsapp has been fixed. the messaging service says it affected a android and ios devices but not web users. so far there is no sign the flaw has been exploited. facebook, which owns whatsapp, learned about the problem in august and just recently rolled out a patch.
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airbnb is joining forces to bring the home-sharing business to more minority neighborhoods. the partnership will include helping neighbors develop market spaces? their home for airbnb customers. the program will leave cultural and financial benefits for families in low income neighborhoods. when people stay in a community, more often than not they are spending money in those communities. so that means that the businesses, the residents, the clothing stores all receive the benefits of home sharing. >> airbnb will share 20% from the new partnership with the naacp. a great deal for the no particular etd feticket fees. >> it applies to games in october and november. it ends sun night. the back-to-back nba champions will open at oracle arena against the oklahoma city thunder. tickets are still available for
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opening night on the warriors website. shrimp and it and mas c center in ste me food vendors for the arena when it opens next year. they are local mom and pop eateries who are excited to be chosen. >> yesterday as i was packing things up my heart was just pounding. i was like this is real. >> i cannot stop laughing. more giddy than anything. >> and the warriors are teaming up with old school cafe and la castena. >> oh, did you see the shrimp and grits? >> looks good. >> a little bit of bacon in there too? a lot of warriors games in my future, i have a feeling. look at the wall hugging the entire east coast. so far if you're taking flights or trying to get there, no delays. but their could change as that water gets more intense as we head throughout the next 24 to
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36 hours. how about this. it's always busy atri the and p festival. look at the temperatures, in the mid-70s. so get there early. traffic probably going to be a night mayor to get to half moon bay. >> all right, mike. taking a look at the roads. we are nice and light across the bay area. looking live at golden gate bridge. southbound 101. north bay commute shaoeb nice and light. no stpreublt issues there so far today either. flipping over and checking out drive times. of course one exception. one is in the yellow. tracy to dublin, 41 minutes. southbound 680, dublin to mission boulevard, still in the green at 15. northbound 85, 101 to cupertino, also looking good at 15 minutes. the bart delay in justify a few. >> we had gremlins from our system earlier. now we will go back to the story for folks who reallyan teifth t mint building has
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been changed into a haunt. and kate larson checks it out >> repor lipstick on point. and fake tkpwhrablood in full e. terror vault is finally open for scares. >> he with thought there should be a great haunt, and there wasn't one. >> reporter: haunt nerds, david flower and famed drag performer peaches christ were on the hunt for the perfect haunted space. >> to actually produce an event like this in the city to find the room is almost next to impossible. >> reporter: enter jordan lang her, bay area venue management firm nonplus ultra. >> it has been underutilized for years. we took over the space a year and a half ago >> reporter: built in 1874, it has its own built-in horror stories that are part of the immersive experience. >> it was a maintenance worker who was collecting gold flakes and killing rats, cutting their
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bellies in half and hiding the gold flakes inside. >> reporter: i have been through this with the lights on, and it is terrifying. if you want the extra scare, you put this necklace on, and you volunteer yourself to be part of the show. >> i screamed my butt off. >> reporter: we don't want to give away every bump in the vault. so go to to find out how you can be the mint's next victim. kate larson, abc 7 news. no thank you. not for me. all right. waze wants to help people catch a ride. it is expanding its carpool service. it has been testing in california for more than a year. now it is launching acriss the country. si the reg waz n up to offe app. if you want to get a ride, download the waze carpooling app and pay a fee. you can only use it twice a day.
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it appears in alameda, had their first official rocket lunch. they will launch tomorrow off kodiak island in alaska. sky 7 was over the area. they conducted a test launch in july. they won't identify the company but say it is the same one that launch indeed july. that is pretty exciting. right in our backyard. that is exciting. san francisco students are getting an eco-friendly addition to their play yard. it opened at robert louie stevenson. >> you can see blue drops that are paint odd their school yard. through pipes ando s ars like beds.
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>> it also solves a problem for the school. until now the playground would collect so much water the kids would call it lake stevenson. a new policy at a palo alto apartment complex making renters angry. >> and the update many commuters are waiting for. what transit authorities expect to learn today about is the cracks in the salesforce transit center. >> it will own a big portion of this airline. i'm going for blood. >> ooh! >> one woman's fight against
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good morning. it's 5:00 a.m. on thursday, october 11th. you're never more than 7 minutes away from the accuweather forecast.meteorolis 12 hours. my accuweather day planner. low to mid-50s. dress warmly this morning. in fact, we are a few degrees cooler than yesterday morning. still 40s in our valleys. we have 61, 66, and 68. that's the coast, bay inland by noon. 60s at the coast, while the rest of us hit low to mid-70s this afternoon. take a look at a big warming trend coming up. here's alexis with the morning commute. good morning, mike. we are looking at the bay bridge toll plaza. no metering lights yet. 20 minutes to go. 5:20 was the official time. that's when things start top ramp up.


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