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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 11, 2018 11:00am-11:29am PDT

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today one of the strongest hurricanes to make hand fall in the continental u.s. thanks for join us. this video shows utter devastation seen across the florida panhandle. law enforcement officers are working their way into damaged neighborhoods. we are in panama city beach with the latest. as the sunrises on the panhandle we are getting our first up
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close look at the devastation michael left behind. >> undescribable. >> it was an absolute monster. >> stunning drone video out of panama city shows buildings and a cool ripped aparkit. >> so many lives have lost everything. homes are gone, businesses are gone. >> historic winds crumbling hotels, downing power lines. more than 700,000 now without power across at least four states. >> we are hiding in the closet. all i could hear is a lot of wind. >> first responders desperate to reach those in the hardest hit areas. >> in mexico beach where michael made land fall we saw 155 miles per hour winds literally blowing a house away. >> that is where the house usedn
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just below the window. some residents don't know what's left. >> everything i had from my wedding is gone. >> which is in? >> two weeks. it is probably flooded and gone. >> these baby kittens have been in the attic of a home. they managed to survive. >> they survived hurricane michael. >> reporter: you can see a downed power line. it is situations like that that make authorities urge everyone to remain sheltered in place. panama city beach florida. >> it is still struggling to recover from the last major storm. >> thankfully it is moving really quickly. it is over north carolina. you can see the heavy rain that will increase the threat of
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flooding around raleigh and points towards the tie waters there. right now they are dealing with tornados too. look at this. tensover millions of people over the next 24 hours dealing with the possibility of flooding. let's take a look at michael and we are going to show you, there it is, how quickly it moves offshore. it skirts canada. look at this. once it leaves us it's not over. it goes all the way over scotland, ireland, great britain and france. once it leaves us it is going to cause a lot of issues over in europe. >> all right. you can track tropical storm michael. download the a officials are
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now to discuss repairs and causes of the cracked beams that have been shut down. we got word yesterday that the block that runs under the bus hub will remain closed until next week. amy is live with new information, >> reporter: they are saying it will be opening next wednesday if not board. [ no >> he didn't say when the transit center will reopen. >> all right. we are having some issues with amy's microphone. we do want to let you know that
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they will run more tests and it will be until at least next week on the 17th before they can open that stretch of fremont street. it will take a while before they figure out what to do. all right. happening now u.s. stocks plummeted. they trimmed their losses. still down though after yesterday's huge plunge. the dow shed 800 points so right now we are checking the big board for you. the dow down another 160 today. they are seeing a slight bounce back. this morning president trump told reporters he blamed the federal reserve but says he is not ready to fire the chairman. the first step is being taken this morning to turn a shopping center into a development that will offer housing, retail and open space. demolition is about to get underway in cupertino.
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it this is the first project to move forward under new s law. we a live at the site with details. >> reporter: it has been years of talking. it is demolition day here. you can see we have heavy equipment here getting ready to go. they will be taking down this parking structure right here. they will be here to talk about the demolition plans in preparation for the new development. city council passed its own plan. the city's plan also has incentives for schools, traffic mitigation and a new city hall. sand hill says it will ultimately support but only had the right to start on the sp 35
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project. chavez will be attending the event. >> making sure you can put jobs near housing is a model of what we are looking at. to have office, housing anday il o ses pretty exciting. as to t rht banommuni h to we veto council'sppvas at noon. abc 7 news. >> thank you. new at 11:00, fire engulfed a storage shed no morning. flames shot up several feet into the sky the home doubles as a preschool. look at that. the fire department said 20 firefighters put this out in 20 minutes. the home where the preschool was located is not damaged. the cause is under
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investigation. your voice your vote. 26 days left until the election and this morning we learned feinstein is scheduled to appear on stage for the first time in 18 years. she will square off against deld de lde dde de leon. the ppic bills it as a conversationhe warriors in oakland got a little more affordable. they are teaming up with ticket master and waving online ticket fees for october and november home games. we searched for some of the least and most expensive seats. here is what we found. it means you'll pay about $24 and about $260 for a court side seat. the offer is good through
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october 14th. you'll find more information on it is an exclusive for a first lady you don't want to miss. >> you think there's still people there that he can't trust? >> yes. >> still working now? >> yes. >> the bomb shell claims trump is making in a new sit-down interview. a win for wine w wedding day made special by a
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we worked out the issues with amy's audio issues. >> reporter: hi. he says he does not know when the transit center will be reopening but he made it sound like it will be ale one of the things he spoke about is fremont street and the reopening. it was originally going to open tomorrow. they had to push that become and the board wanted to know why. the construction director said when day seat that date the design was evolving. it ended up being more significant than originally thought. >> with the larger amount of steel there was more fabrication and then the install. there was a ripple effect that
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effected the 17th is the later than date but we will be opening as soon as we get to that point of transfer and the team is working hard to beat that. >> all right. so commuters you heard him say next wednesday or earlier for fremont to reopen. as far as the popular park they have to run tests. those tests will take a couple weeks before they get the results back then they will come up with a plan. as you can tell, still a ways out before all of that opens up and they don't want to commit to a date. we will be watching for next wednesday is the big deadline that's coming. abc 7 news. today a new york judge dismissed part of the sexual assault case against harvey weinstein. this is video of him showing up in court today. he will no longer face a count of criminal sexual acts.
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it is made by evans, an actress that claimed weinstein forced her to perform a sexual act in 2004. his lawyers asked the judge to drop the charges. she still facing five charges connected to two accusers. he denied all of the allegations against him. melania trump opened up about many hot button issues buduringa brand new >> you think you're one of the most bullied people in the world? >> one of we need to educate thehildn. bluntly about president trump's staff and whether she has his
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ear. >> sources have told us, sources in the white house that you are the gate keeper, that you tell them who you can trust and who he can't trust. is that true? >> yes. i give him my h advice. advice.. >> has he had people you didn't trust working for him? >> yes. >> did you tell him? >> yes. >> what did he do? >> some don't work there anymore. >> you can see more of her interview in the 2020 special, being melania tomorrow night at 10:00 on abc 7 followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. today is national coming out day. the new way to share that pivotal story online. open up the weather window and expect it to continue as high pressure moves in. you're at 66 right now. one of those areas could be near
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90 as we live through the last 90 as we live through the last cool afternoon
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it will be a really warm weekend. let's get into the forecast. you can see that's lot of sunshine out there. pretty comfortable temperatures. pretty light jacket. the rest of us in the 60s right now until you get up to santa rosa. beautiful day to walk about it cross the golden gate bridge.
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visibility pretty good. we'll have mostly sunny conditions. breezy across the north bay hills tonight but not fast enough for a high fire danger. extended it will be warm everywhere where no chances of rain. it's this high pressure. you can see the last couple of frames. clouds being pushed off to the west. that's the developing offshore wind that will bring us the warm weather. for today not so much. we have mid-to upper 70s in the north bay. it is around 70 to 73 for the bay and about 65 in san francisco. here is how it breaks down especially in the sunlight. now, the coast will stay back in the 60s. it will drop to 61 hitting the low to mid-70s around the bay. you see by 8:00 under the stars you need the jacket. we are back down into the 50s and 60s. on our way to another night in the 40s in our deepest north bay
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and east bay valleys. low to mid-50s just about everywhere else. all right. until 5:00 tomorrow afternoon we have some danger lurking at the coast. danger up to 10 feet. it is from the southerly swell generated by tropical storm sergio. no threat to us. it will go away just in time for the warming trend that will reach the coast especially sunday. it will kind of get there saturday. check out this forecast for the art and pumpkin festival. it is that time of the year. we start off at 54 in the morning. it is 74 sunday. about 3 degrees cooler than this on saturday. you'll need the sunglasses and maybe want to have the sunscreen both days. good luck getting there. traffic is a little difficult getting to that. my forecast about 4 to 8 degrees warmer. the warmest is sunday and a
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slight sea breeze starts to kick in. svice wat this month to the wyoming man. in 1998 tomorrow marks the 20th anniversary of the murder of matthew shepherd who was beaten and tied to a wooden fence. in his honor the washington national cathedral will honor shepherd's life and inter his remains at the request of his parents. his mother called the national cathedral an ideal choice because her son and felt welcomed. today is national coming out day. to mark the occasion facebook the unveiling a new feature. you can share i came out on your facebook page. the social media giant says it's
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a way to share stories about their critical moment in theirll clo closeted at work. one woman is up for a fight and is not backing down. >> i will own a big portion of this airline. i'm going for blood. >> her beef with frontier airlines after she was kicked
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>> we are on we posted something you know will smith naks the big reveal. he play it is jeannie character. disney is the parent company of abc 7. oh, matt, hi. if you're logging on from your phone download the news app to get breaking news alerts and tune in for the latest news and weather right here on the woma
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kicked off a flight because she brought an emotional support rd. we are now hearing from that woman. frontier told her rodents are not allowed on flights as support animals. >> she said are you getting off the plane? if not we have to deboard everyone. >> passengers were delayed almost two hours on tuesday. she said she had no problem getting the board past tsa. frontier said when she booked . they refunded her and gave her a ticket voucher. she said it's not enough and
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plans to contact an attorney. >> i think they were not clapping in support of her. >> you have to balance the potential rabies risk. >> i just mean those passengers. >> she was giving them the salute as she went by. >> all right. bye bye.
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minutes can mean the difference between life and death. proposition 11 saves lives by ensuring medical care is not delayed in an emergency. proposition 11 establishes into law the longstanding industry practice of paying emts and paramedics to remain on-call during breaks and requires they receive fema level training and active shooters and natural disasters. vote yes on 11 to ensure 911 emergency care is there when you or your love one need it.
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>> today's contestant dan wu from lexington, kentucky says he's going on a worldwide trek to find the perfect chicken wing, but first he's looking to play the perfect game and leave here a very wealthy man. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ all right, let's do it. [cheers and applause] welcome. are you guys ready to play today? [cheers and applause] chicken wings aside, are you ready, dan? >> born ready. >> we need to make the money first, then you can go on that trek. >> that's right. >> all right, let's take a look at your board. set it up. 14 questions between you and that $1 million. you got your three lifelines up there. so let's do it. let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic musical flourish] ♪ $500 question starts us off.


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