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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 24, 2018 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. breaking news, who's waking up a billionaire? just one winning ticket sold in south carolina for that gigantic $1.6 billion jackpot. the lucky numbers, plus the 36 others winning at least a million dollars. also right now, willa pounding the pacific, making landfall as a category 3 hurricane, now working its way across the southwest and when will it become a full-on nor'easter. president trump's midterm media blitz, trying to rally his base before the election but drawing fire for false claims and now calling himself a nationalist. blackface backlash. outrage this morning after megyn
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kelly defends using it as part of a halloween costume. her apology this morning. escalator horror. at least 20 injured when this escalator suddenly accelerates. people piling up on top of each other. security scare? why duchess meghan was forced to rush out of this marketplace during a solo visit in fiji. ♪ good to be alive right about now ♪ and the moment this plane slams into the highway bursting into flames. the pilot somehow walked away unharmed. what he's saying about it all this morning. good morning, america. and it is a great morning for one lucky winner waking up with the largest lottery jackpot ever, $1.6 billion. >> we're all at work so it wasn't us. let's take a look at the winning numbers.
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they were 5, 28, 62, 65, 70 with a mega ball number 5. >> there was one winner. the winning ticket sold in south carolina and abc's steve osunsami is there right now. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, george. we are live outside of the south carolina state lottery headquarters and no matter where this winning ticket is across the state they'll have to come here to claim their money. one of the best states in the union to win the lottery because you can claim that money anonymously. >> it's mega millions. >> what's up, america. >> reporter: one person in south carolina is holding the lucky ticket that the rest of us working joes wish were sitting in our back pocket worth $1.6 billion. the cash payout in this world record jackpot, $904 million in cash, and even some of the losers are winners. across the country at least 36 tickets won at least a million dollars matching five numbers.
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in south carolina alone, there were five $10,000 winners. and over 200,000 other people took home between $2 and $500. lottery officials counting the cash coming in the last few days estimated that more than 75% of all possible winning numbers were sold before tuesday night. more than 302 million number combinations. across the country, people with kool-aid cash or having champagne dreams. >> i'm holding the lucky money right here. >> reporter: the lines in some places were hours long. >> i would buy houses for all of my children. >> pay off my mortgages and help people. >> i'm here to buy 5,535 mega millions tickets. >> great. we'll get that going for you and hope we get you the winning ticket. >> reporter: for all those people whose dreams were dashed, the powerball is up to $620 million and that drawing is tonight. george. >> we're not even talking about that, you know, the 620. >> now we can. >> steve, thank you. let's go to abc's gio
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benitez who is with william hogan brown. he's the executive director of the south carolina lottery who happens to be here in new york city. good morning, gio. >> reporter: that's right, robin. he happened to be here for lottery meetings, believe it or not, you actually went back and got your suit and you are here on "gma." thanks for joining us. >> thank you. >> the big question on everyone's mind, which store sold that ticket? >> well, we hope to be able to release that by lunchtime today. our security officials are there making sure all the protocols are followed and like i say, hopefully, we'll be able to release that soon today. >> we'll find out soon. this is not just good for the winner. this is also good for the state of south carolina. >> absolutely. the tax on the cash payout should be approximately $60 million. >> $60 million? >> yes. >> so $60 million and that's just in income taxes because you're still going to get all the benefits for education and that sort of thing. >> correct. >> perfect, and we heard steve talk about how you can stay anonymous if you win in south
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carolina. so we may never know who the winner is. >> perhaps not. our board has a policy to protect the winner because of, you know, all the risks associated with having that much money. >> and they have how long to claim this prize? >> 180 days from the draw. >> all right, so 180 days, so if you're listening, check those tickets in south carolina. 180 days. thank you very much, mr. brown, appreciate it. >> thank you. >> gio, thanks so much. just happens to be here in new york city. had a suit on. >> good for us. >> imagine, one person. >> never thought about what it means for the state like he just talked about, and what it can mean for education and such. >> we can talk about the 600 and something million now. congratulations to that one lucky winner. now to that tropical threat willa making landfall as a category 3 hurricane in mexico and now heading right for texas. ginger is tracking it all and has the very latest on the storm's path. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, michael. you can see the images coming out of puerto vallarta, mexico, of the high surf that made its way there as the storm made landfall last night. it then got shredded, ripped apart by the mountains and now
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just a depression but it will mix together the moisture with this picture from phoenix, arizona. caused by a trough and had water rescues and put those together and it's bad news for texas. the hill country that's been so saturated from last week's flooding, austin still under a boil water notice and a lot of the surrounding areas going to get more rain, especially today through early tomorrow. then it starts to move off to the east and louisiana, mississippi, even the panhandle of florida could pick up up to 3 inches of rain. and this is the exact storm that's then going to come together with some other components and give us the potential for a nor'easter by this weekend. windy, wet, really ugly. i'll have details on that in a bit. >> seems like so many there just can't catch a break. thank you. >> george. to politics now and just 13 days before the midterm elections and a record number of americans have already voted. nearly 8 million so far. president trump hoping to energize gop voters with a nonstop media blitz marked by a series of false, misleading and unfounded claims. our senior white house
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correspondent cecilia vega tracking it all. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: hey, george, good morning. the closer we get to midterms the more false claims there seem to be but on a major one that there are so-called middle easterners traveling in that caravan through mexico, president trump now concedes he doesn't have any evidence to back that up. hoping to rally his conservative base ahead of the crucial midterms, president trump is now embracing a label most presidents would shun. >> you know what i am, i'm a nationalist, okay. i'm a nationalist. [ applause ] i'm a nationalist. nationalist. use that word. >> reporter: a word often tied to racist movements. in the oval office the president was asked if he's trying to appeal to white nationalists. >> i've never even heard that. i cannot imagine that. you mean i say i'm a nationalist -- no, i never heard that theory about being a nationalist, i've heard them all but i'm somebody that loves our country. >> reporter: the president is also raising eyebrows by spreading an increasing number
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of false claims. after this promise of a pre-midterm tax cut -- >> we'll be putting in a 10% tax cut for middle income families. it's going to be put in next week. >> reporter: now he says he'll introduce a resolution before voting starts, but any tax cut has to be approved by congress and they're not even in washington next week. the president also sounding the alarm with this claim. >> i don't think we like sanctuary cities up here. by the way, a lot of people in california don't want them either. they're rioting now. >> reporter: but no such riots ever happened. >> you said californians were rioting over the sanctuary city issue. where? >> you shouldn't have -- take a look. they want to get out of sanctuary cities. many places in california want to get out of sanctuary cities. >> but they're not rioting. >> it is rioting in some case. >> where are the riots? >> reporter: on that caravan of migrants traveling through mexico, he's threatening to send the military to the border.
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>> we can't have people coming into our country illegally. it's not fair. >> what really could the military do at the border? >> they can do a lot. they're the military. right, fellas? they're the military. they can do a lot. >> reporter: but actually the military is limited in what they could do. domestically, they're barred from performing most law enforcement functions like arresting people. to do anything more, the president would have to get congress to approve, a long bureaucratic process. the chances of it concluding by the time the migrants reach the border, slim to none, and as for this unfounded claim -- >> you're going to find middle eastern, you're going to find everything. >> reporter: now the president conceding he doesn't actually have the proof. >> but no proof that they're in the caravan now? >> they could very well be. >> but there's no proof? >> there's no proof of anything there's no proof of anything but they very well could be. >> reporter: on top of that mexican authorities are saying there's zero evidence of any so-called middle easterners
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being in this caravan traveling through their country. another false suggestion from the president that perhaps democrats have paid for this caravan. well, here's a new twist, the vice president right here in the oval office yesterday said that the president of honduras tells him that venezuelan leftist groups are backing the caravan now, george, so a real head scratcher. >> yeah, they're scrambling with all those explanations. meantime, as the turkish president called out saudi arabia for the killing of that "washington post" columnist, the president is ramping up his rhetoric there. >> reporter: yeah, he had been criticized for not responding more forcefully but yesterday here in the oval the president's tone shifted again. he is now calling this, quote, one of the worst cover-ups ever. secretary of state mike pompeo says that the administration will be revoking the visas of some of the saudis implicated in this death of jamal khashoggi. he's calling this, george, the first step. breaking us in. >> good morning to you, george. breaking news for our viewers in the west. secret service has intercepted
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suspicious packages former president barack obama and former secretary of state hillary clinton. it's believed that this device was found near her home just outside of new york city some time after 1:00 this morning. similar to pipe bomb discovered two days ago in the mailbox of billionaire george soros' home. he's prominent supporter of democratic candidates. authorities said the device could have killed or seriously injured someone. a criminal investigation is now under way. so far no parties have claimed responsibility for any of the three devices we have reported so far. for now, let's send things back to you, michael. now, to that deadly virus outbreak killing at least six children.
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and sickening a dozen at a medical center in new jersey. health officials are rushing to try to stop the spread. abc's whit johnson is outside the center in haskell, new jersey. good morning, whit. >> reporter: michael, good morning to you. new jersey department of health has just said a seventh child has died. health officials are calling it a severe outbreak of the adenovirus. they've been instructed to not admit any new patients during the investigation. this medical center treats children who require long-term care and many with all already-compromised immune systems. health officials say this particular strain of the virus together with the fragile population here made the outbreak even more severe and that they discovered minor handwashing deficiencies during
7:13 am
their initial inspections. it continues to fully co-operat with the agencies and has sought out their medical guidance with respect to the virus. at this time, no indication that the outbreak has spread beyond the walls of this facility. but state health officials are already on site implementing changes. >> the local nurses union claiming there was shortage at the medical facility. >> reporter: that's right. they have brought this up in the past, claiming about shortage of nurses at this facility. they say that can lead to poor infection control practices that ultimately puts the entire patient population at risk. michael? >> all right, thank you, whit. now to that dramatic scene in southern california. where a vintage plane crashed
7:14 am
into a busy highway. abc's kayna whitworth is in los angeles and, kayna, that pilot one lucky man. >> reporter: i know, george. good morning, california highway patrol calling it really the best case scenario if you have to land a plane on a highway. the pilot essentially walked away after he says the engine failed mid-flight. a dramatic plane crash on one of california's busiest freeways in the middle of the day. frightening video from inside a driver's car as they captured the unbelievable moment when this plane barrels toward the highway. unaware drivers passing underneath. the plane hitting the ground bouncing twice. the wing kicking up dust from the hill before crashing into the center divider. ultimately erupting in flames. drivers can't believe what they're seeing. >> it's terrible. we're moving about one or two car lengths every five minutes. it took us about one hour to go one mile. so it's pretty bad. >> reporter: 90 gallons of fuel spilling out, closing the road for hours creating a traffic nightmare, cars backed up for miles. the vintage world war ii airplane destroyed but miraculously nobody was hurt.
7:15 am
the pilot who says he was on a test flight walking out of the wreckage unharmed. despite the chaos, remaining calm. >> i picked a spot on the freeway where i knew there was a big section of cars that weren't there but the engine completely failed and i was able to fortunately not hurt anybody other than the airplane. >> so the ntsb was on scene quickly and they'll do the rest of their investigation at a nearby hangar so the highway could be re-opened. you guys, i've seen a lot of things in l.a. traffic. i think this takes the cake. >> that was a wild one. thanks, kayna. >> amazing. now to the red sox big win boston beating the dodgers 8-4 in game one of the world series. t.j. holmes was there for all the action there at fenway and he joins us from the field this morning. good morning, t.j. >> reporter: hey, good morning, robin. we had some drama and action before the game even started and that was related to the weather. we had a downpour here and we had a band of thunderstorms come through as you can see in some of this video.
7:16 am
but it actually caused them -- they cleared the field, the the players got off the field and told the fans to get out of the stands for a short time while this thunder and lightning went by and finally the game got started and, guys, this was a cold one. game one last year was in l.a. it was 103 degrees. it was 53 last night and we wonder if it had some impact on the game. this was supposed to be this big pitching duel between clayton kershaw of the dodgers and chris sale of the red sox. it just never developed. these two guys didn't really have a big impact on the game. kershaw even got lit up in the first inning giving up two runs. it still stayed a close game throughout even into the seventh inning. it was 5-4, but then a late three-run home run gives the red sox the victory here at home but, again, it was a question of whether the weather affected the beach boys of l.a. guys, that wind was whipping. it was cold here in fenway last night but kershaw said, hey, i just didn't pitch well.
7:17 am
the weather had nothing to do with it but some people have questions. i'm calling them the beach boys but this was the coldest game that the dodgers played their entire season. >> we can hear how cold it is. >> yeah, exactly. >> there was incentive to steal a base last night, too, right, t.j.? >> reporter: yes, yes, somebody won a billion dollars last night in the jackpot but we all won tacos, hey. taco bell does its promotion. they do the promotion every year that if somebody steals a base in the world series everybody gets a free taco. just one inning in, mookie betts, outfielder for the red sox, stole second. everybody gets a free taco. you can claim it on november 1st from 2:00 to 6:00 p.m. at your story. we're all winners. >> if you can remember to claim it on november 1st. >> between 2:00 and 6:00. >> t.j., thank you for braving the elements. those are the biggest gloves i think i've ever seen on your hands but i know it's cold out there. thank you, t.j.
7:18 am
>> still no hat, robin. >> i know. don't make me go out there and put a hat on you. >> thank you, t.j. now back to ginger with stormy weather in the northeast, ginger. >> it's all about the weather, right? t.j. said it and in sagamore beach, massachusetts, they actually had a water spout come on shore. that was not the only rotation happening in the northeast. there was a confirmed tornado in lincoln. now the nor'easter that will come through, friday it'll be here in the mid-atlantic and then the northeast here through saturday.
7:19 am
coming up, megyn kelly under fire for her comments on blackface questioning why it's racist. what she's saying after fierce backlash this morning. and a scary moment on this escalator. at least 20 people injured. there's an investigation under way this morning. and the race to find a lucky winner of the largest mega millions jackpot ever, $1.6 billion. we're in memphis, tennessee, a city with one of the highest increases
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could listening to audible bring out your best? i want you to own it. go after that goal. the most inspiring stories, fitness, wellness and more. download audible and listen for a change. good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm alexis smith from abc 7 mornings. the diocese of san jose is expected to release an expanded statement today, after a new report revealed hundreds of bay area catholic priests accused of child sexual abuse. the report named 135 accused predator priest at the archdiocese of san francisco, 95 at the diocese of oakland, and 33 at the diocese of san jose. in total, 263 alleged offenders. the diocese of san jose tells abc 7 news it is heartbreaking to see the list of so many who have betrayed and abused innocent children in these horrific ways. switch gears now and take a look at the roads with sue hall. good morning. >> good morning.
7:24 am
headed back to the bay bridge. we had an earlier accident, midspan and a stall and boom, things just turned south in a hurry. it's already been backed up behind the metering lights since about 5:22 this morning. so give yourself plenty of time or perhaps take b.a.r.t. into san francisco. and an accident on 101 northbound near marsh avenue has things slamming back towards san jose. >> okay, thank you, sue. an
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from the start, the c-class was ahead of its time. [ indistinct radio chatter ] still, we never stopped making it stronger. faster. smarter. because to be the best, is to never ever stop making it better. introducing the new c-class. visit your local mercedes-benz dealer for exclusive offers.
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>> announcer: now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> temperatures about the same as they were yesterday. good morning, everybody. mid-40s to mid-50s. watch out for a little bit of fog near novato where 37 and 101 come together. otherwise, warm this morning, seasonal temperatures on mass transit this afternoon. look at the gorgeous sunrise developing around santa cruz. all of us pretty close to average today as we start the warming trend that will accelerate until we get to
7:27 am
saturday, our warmest day. alexis? >> thank you, mike. coming up, a fiery crash landing caught on camera. a small plane went down on a southern california highway. what the pilot is
7:28 am
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♪ ♪ give extra. get extra.
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tonight's mega millions jackpot is a record-breaking $1.6 billion. that mega million number is 5. winning numbers are 28, 70, 5, 62 and 65. welcome back to "gma." those are the winning numbers for the largest mega millions jackpot ever drawn last night, nearly $1.6 billion and there's just one ticket with those matching numbers. >> in south carolina. >> sold in south carolina and the race is on to find out who bought it but they don't have to come forward. >> that's right. >> they can remain anonymous and 36 others, though, they're waking up this morning winning at least a million dollars with
7:31 am
their ticket so make sure you check yours and tonight that huge powerball drawing, an estimated $620 million is up for grabs. >> chump change. >> thank you, michael. we have much more on that ahead. first, the top headlines we're following. president trump is calling saudi arabia's story about the killing of "washington post" columnist jamal khashoggi the worst cover-up ever. the trump administration is promising human rights sanctions on those who are responsible. and an investigation is under way into this deadly crash in alabama overnight. a school bus with a football team on board colliding with a car killing a person inside that vehicle, injuring 11 others. and the royals are in fiji this morning. duchess meghan was on a solo visit to a market meeting with women who work there but the crowds were larger than expected so her visit had to be cut short. she was rushed out by her bodyguard. everybody okay. meghan also gave a really powerful speech and we'll have much more on that coming up. >> that is in our next hour.
7:32 am
now to the new backlash for megyn kelly. she faced criticism after she defended blackface as part of a halloween costume. she is apologizing now and paula faris here with the story. good morning, paula. >> good morning, everyone. it all started with a conversation on her morning show about the halloween costume police but after her comments drew fierce backlash, she says she listened to people with opposing views on the matter, including some of her friends and colleagues, and it has caused her to rethink her own views. overnight, nbc's megyn kelly apologizing for this moment on her show tuesday morning. >> what is racist because you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on halloween or a black person who puts on whiteface for halloween. like, okay, when i was a kid that was okay as long as you were dressing up like as a character. >> reporter: kelly and her panelists were discussing halloween costumes that go too far citing this costume of a real housewife who's dressed as
7:33 am
diana ross and it ruffled many feathers last year. >> she made her skin look darker than it really is, and people said that was racist and i don't know. i felt like who doesn't love diana ross? it's not like she's walking around in general. >> i haven't seen it -- >> reporter: the discussion online was fierce and swift. patton oswalt writing, dear megyn kelly, you and i are approximately the same age. blackface was not okay when we were kids. padma lakshmi calling kelly's comments, damaging tweeting, i cannot believe the ignorance of this in 2018. you have a responsibility to educate yourself on social issues. >> i can't keep up with the number of people we're offending just by being normal people. >> reporter: this morning, kelly apologizing on her show. >> i'm megyn kelly and i want to begin with two words -- i'm sorry. we had a discussion yesterday on political correctness and halloween costumes. a black person making their face lighter or a white person's
7:34 am
making their face darker. i defended the idea saying as long as it was respectful and part of a hollow wean costume it seemed okay. while i was wrong and i'm sorry. >> kelly has made controversial comments concerning race in the past like insisting that santa claus and jesus christ are both white men. >> if they have a piece on dotcom, santa claus should not be a white man anymore. yet another person claiming it's racist to have a white santa, you know, and by the way for all you kids watching at home, santa is just white. jesus was a white man too. >> reporter: kelly apologized for those remarks last year. >> there's a lot i'd like to go back and say differently. >> lot of people are commenting on this. one of the comments, the panel, you're going to have this discussion perhaps you should have a more diverse panel that can challenge her when she's making those types of statements and to not know the historical significance of that is -- >> surprising. >> surprising. >> very surprising.
7:35 am
all right, we have now new details about a college athlete murdered in utah. the 21-year-old's mother revealing she was on the phone with her daughter moments before she was killed. eva pilgrim is here with that story. good morning, eva. >> reporter: it's a moment no parent wants to imagine, let alone be listening to when it happens. a university of utah student talking to her mom on the phone as she is killed coming home from class. a mother hearing the terrifying final moments of her daughter's life on the phone helpless. >> this isn't right. you know, i don't really have any words. >> shell casing and possible shots fired. >> reporter: 21-year-old lauren mccluskey, a track standout at the university of utah, was talking to her mom returning to her on-campus apartment monday night when her mother says she heard her daughter yell, no, no, no. her dad immediately calling 911. >> can you call all the other detectives out?
7:36 am
>> reporter: police rushing to the scene, but it was too late finding mccluskey inside the back of her car dead from multiple gun shots. >> our thoughts and prayers go out to the family of miss mccluskey. as the parent of a college student myself, i don't -- i can't even fathom what they're going through right now. >> reporter: the shooting launching a massive multihour manhunt for this man, 37-year-old melvin rowland, who ran into a nearby church and took his own life. mccluskey's family says their daughter dated rowland for about a month but broke up with him after they say she found out he lied to her about his name, his age and his criminal history which included convictions for enticing a minor over the internet and forcible sex abuse. >> it looks like he's actively on parole. >> reporter: mccluskey even going to university of utah police more than a week before her death filing a complaint against rowland for harassment. police say they were working on building a case against him. this morning, the entire university community in shock. friends and family say she was
7:37 am
looking forward to graduating in may. >> she was super nice, super friendly. she just seemed very open and easy to talk to. >> reporter: students will hold a vigil tonight on campus to remember lauren. just such a sad story. >> very sad. >> on so many levels. >> thank you, eva. and coming up, an escalator accident, at least 20 people injured when this escalator suddenly sped up. we'll be right back. suddenly sped up. we'll be right back. ond, we also have the mendez mediation. brian is going to take the lead just follow his- hello. uh, no i need it right now. yeah... success is a numbers game. and you're not going to win if you keep telling yourself to wait. the more often that you choose courage, the more likely you'll succeed. the most inspiring minds. the most compelling stories. download audible. and listen for a change.
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we are back now with that escalator accident. at least 20 people injured when this crowded escalator suddenly sped up at a subway station in rome. diane macedo is here with more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning. this is one of those videos that makes your heart stop. the incident was so bad the fire chief said the escalator actually twisted. now the question is how did this happen and how to keep it from happening again. this is the terrifying moment an escalator inside a rome metro station suddenly accelerates out of control. investigators are now looking at this video trying to determine what went wrong. watch as the moving stairs travel so fast, some riders tumble to the bottom piling up on top of each other. some even attempt to jump onto the middle barrier while people passing on the other side try to pull them to safety. at least 20 people were injured in the incident. seven in serious condition. officials say many on the escalator were russian soccer fans in town for a champions
7:42 am
league match. it's just the latest of many escalator incidents over the last decade. in 2017, an escalator in hong kong unexpectedly reversed direction injuring 18. and in 2010, this escalator in a d.c. metro station suddenly accelerated causing a massive pileup at the bottom. an august report says elevator and escalator incidents in the u.s. kill about 30 people and injure about 17,000 each year. and investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that malfunction in rome but experts say there are a few tips you can follow when you are on an escalator to try to stay safe. one, make sure shoelaces and other loose items like scarves are tucked away. don't take strollers or luggage on an escalator. look at where you're stepping, not at your cell phone. everybody needs to remember there is an emergency stop button, emergency stop button at the top and bottom of every escalator. that can be life saving. >> what if you're in the middle? >> if you're in the middle,
7:43 am
you'll help the people on the end. pay attention. news you can use. >> how many times you see people like this on their cell phone like that. >> i have been that person, guilty as charged. i'll be paying more attention. >> not now. >> now i'm a little more careful. >> good. thank you, diane. coming up, the hero mom who saved her husband's life and then gave birth. come on back. copd makes it hard to breathe. so, to breathe better, i go with anoro. ♪go your own way copd tries to say, "go this way." i say, "i'll go my own way, with anoro." ♪go your own way once-daily anoro contains two medicines called bronchodilators that work together to significantly improve lung function all day and all night. anoro is not for asthma. it contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. the risk is unknown in copd. anoro won't replace rescue inhalers for sudden symptoms and should not be used
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7:46 am
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7:47 am
we are back with a wonderful story, a pregnant woman, of course she's a woman, a pregnant woman saving her husband's life shortly before giving birth and talk about supermom here, lara. >> unbelievable, robin. good morning to you. this woman stayed remarkably calm in extraordinary circumstances, 39 weeks pregnant. it's hard to catch your own breath and yet there she was breathing life back into her dying husband. >> 911, what's your emergency? >> i think my husband can't breathe. >> reporter: this is the moment a 39-week pregnant ashley goette never saw coming. >> tell me exactly what happened. >> he was just making these sounds. i think i need to give him cpr. >> reporter: the mom-to-be who was about to give birth any day waking up in the middle of the night to discover her husband, her high school sweetheart andrew, wasn't breathing. >> he was gasping for air. >> pull him down to the floor. >> i'm pregnant. i can't do this. >> reporter: the dispatch operator walking ashley who had
7:48 am
no idea how to administer cpr through the steps until paramedics were able to arrive. >> you're doing great. the officer's pulling up. >> i started doing cpr on the bed. i don't feel like i was counting for very long before the first responders showed up and took over. >> reporter: andrew was put in a medically induced coma to reduce brain damage. the next day nurses took him off sedation and andrew woke up. >> i looked at him at one point and said andrew, open your eyes, and he did. >> reporter: with ashley about to give birth, the hospital moved andrew's bed into ashley's room side by side so they could be together before welcoming happy and healthy baby lennon into the world. >> the outpouring of support that we have gotten from people is incredible. >> reporter: overnight, the dispatcher that helped make this day possible sending this sweet message. >> i'm very happy to know that andrew is doing better, and congratulations on the birth of your son lennon. >> this all happened the day
7:49 am
before ashley was going to be induced. meanwhile, andrew has since undergone a procedure to correct his heart arrhythmia. this morning, i'm happy to report mom, dad, baby lennon all doing great. >> how about that operator? >> unbelievable. >> i know. staying cool like that. >> absolutely. and it's not easy to breathe when you're that pregnant. >> no, no, no. >> so to be able to do that, i loved bringing this one to you. >> real team effort. i love the family picture of the little baby. thank you, lara. pretty red. >> right back at you. >> i'm not wearing red. coming up, holiday price wars. hard to believe but they're already starting. >> i like lavender. >> okay, and how you can benefit. lara will have much more on duchess meghan's big speech in fiji. >> i am not. i'll be there listening. >> we'll tell you what she told women and girls about her own experience in college. oh, how i love lara spencer. coming up, "gma's" concert
7:50 am
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connecting the world inside, with the world outside. so you can move through both a little easier. introducing the well-connected 2019 lincoln mkc. back now on "gma" and we are so excited for andrea bocelli and his son matteo here performing their duet live. i spoke with matteo this morning. he's 21 years old but he's like 51 in his maturity and obviously his voice. so wait until you hear this. this will be a very special morning here. and angie was just yelling. she said snow, no! i know. i feel the same way when i see these images but jay peak, folks who want to ski, they don't feel
7:54 am
like that. beautiful snowflakes, and in mt. washington it was ten inches of snow that fell in six hours. i mean it's mt. washington but still, zero is what it feels like there. saranac lake is subfreezing. pittsfield and augusta at 27. that's another front and the more chill that will settle in by tomorrow morning and it will by tomorrow morning and it will feel like freezing from new york proposition 11 solves two issues. first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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7:56 am
good morning, south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm alexis smith from abc 7 mornings. meteorologist mike nicco has a look at the forecast. hi, mike. >> hey, alexis. hi, everybody. we'll start with santa cruz. a gorgeous morning. i posted that, we'll have mid- to upper 60s around the bay and low to mid-70s inland today. look at the warming trend tomorrow through saturday, back to average next week. sue? >> an hour and ten minutes if you're traveling from hercules through 80 all the way to the bay bridge. backup here into the toll plaza and on into san francisco. that's because we had an earlier stall, an accident on the span, leaving traffic just jammed all the way from 80, like i said, hercules to the city.
7:57 am
slow traffic all around, but for the news in menlo park, northbound 101 at marsh, accident cleared. coming up on "gma," duchess meghan delivering a powerful speech during the royal tour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. breaking news for our viewers in the west. suspicious packages have been intercepted by the secret service. one addressed to former president obama in d.c. another, to former secretary of state hillary clinton. and just now, cnn headquarters in new york being evacuated after reports of a suspicious package there. the latest right now. hurricane willa makes landfall slamming into mexico as a category 3 storm. now on a track for texas. how part of it will break off to form a new storm that could be a nor'easter by the end of the week. ginger, of course, is tracking it all. royal security scare. the duchess' solo visit to this market in fiji cut short.
8:01 am
she was forced to rush out by her security and her very personal speech, the words we've never heard before from a member of the royal family. ♪ i got bills the holiday retail race is on. how target is going after amazon and walmart in the competition to give you the best deal. how you can save on gifts and get what you want faster. ♪ it's the golden delicious segment that will have you looking for perfect pink ladies from granny smith to macintosh, what's really the perfect apple for all your fall dishes from breakfast to dessert. we've got the apple of your eye this morning. ♪ and it's the song that will sing you into wednesday. andrea bocelli in a duet with his son matteo live in times square. ♪ good morning, america. breaking news. let's get right to it.
8:02 am
george, good morning. secret service and fbi officials are investigating two potential explosive devices. one sent to former secretary of state hillary clinton. one sent to former president barack obama. the devices were sent in packages that were intercept ee by the secret service could before they could be delivered. these potential bombs were recovered just days after a potential explosive device was sent to the residence of billionaire george soros. officials are working to determine if the cases are connected. in the meantime, security for the clintons and president obama is being stepped up. right now, there's a scare at cnn offices in new york after a suspicious package was delivered to their mailroom. an alarm could be heard going off. the obvious concern is there could be more devices sent to
8:03 am
other potential targets. guys, back to you in the studio. we'll get to that million -- that mega millions jackpot. someone waking up a winner of that gigantic billion dollar prize picking those six magic numbers, the winning ticket sold in south carolina, so let's go back there to steve osunsami. he's at the south carolina lottery headquarters. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. no matter where that winning ticket is across the state, this is where that person or group of people will have to come to claim their cash. this is a state where you can claim that money anonymously and the director of the lottery here was just out here telling us that the person has 180 days to claim the money. this morning, one person in south carolina is holding the lucky ticket that the rest of us working joes wish were sitting in our back pocket worth $1.6 billion. the cash payout is $904 million in cash and even some of the losers are winners. across the country at least 36
8:04 am
tickets won at least a million dollars, matching five numbers. but what should you do if you're the one holding that billion-dollar ticket burning in your pocket. >> don't call your mother. don't call your best friend. call your lawyer. >> reporter: financial expert ann-margaret carrozza says you first need safeguards in place. hire a lawyer who specializes in trust and estate planning. >> did you know that 70% of all lottery winners end up dead broke in three years? >> oh, really? maybe i'll hire a financial adviser first. >> that's the number one piece of advice. come up with some strategies because the moment you win everyone in the world is going to ask you for a loan. >> reporter: another question, should you choose the lump sum payout of $913 million or take the annual payments over 30 years. she says slow and steady wins the race. >> if you take the staggered
8:05 am
distribution and you blow it all in the first year, you have more bites of the apple. >> reporter: i think that most people are probably though still going to take the lump sum payment. that's a decision that whoever is holding that ticket is going to be making this morning. we, of course, expect to learn where this ticket was sold later today. robin and george. >> all right, steve, appreciate that very much. we're going to move on now to hurricane willa. it made landfall as a category 3 in mexico overnight. now it's taking aim at texas, then moving east. flash flood watches are already in effect and ginger tracking it all. good morning, ginger. >> george, it's coming together with some other components that are going to make for a real mess for texas and beyond. so let's start in puerto vallarta. the surf was very high as this thing was making landfall. but now it's been torn apart. it's going to mix together with a trough that did this in phoenix, arizona, water rescues there and a lot of moisture so you pull them together and it channels right over the hill country of texas. that's the area that's had so much rain last week and that's
8:06 am
why this is such a problem. there's still a boil water notice in austin. san antonio has had more than 8 inches above their average for this year. burnett, texas, has now had more than seven inches above their average for just this month and now they're going to get another 1 to 4 inches of rain. that happens today through early tomorrow and then it moves east and here's where it gets interesting. it will come together with a few other things, and panama city cleaning up after michael will have some heavy rain thursday night and move that to the mid-atlantic by friday afternoon so raleigh into say virginia beach and saturday, it's wind, it's rain and it's high waves so this thing is just going to feel raw and very ugly. even some interior snow, guys. >> all right, ginger, thank you very much. when she said cleaning up after michael, you looked up. >> what did i do, ma? >> he did have that look. duchess meghan's powerful speech for women and girls is coming up. plus, the price wars heating up for the holidays. what target is doing a month before black friday to compete
8:07 am
and how you can benefit. and, lara, what's going on upstairs? >> michael, look who's here, director jonah hill and sunny suljic. a great new movie called "mid90s," our time. we have a lot of fun coming up with you guys and a great audience. don't go anywhere. "good morning america" coming right back. ♪ [ applause ] started using gain flings, ll's family their laundry smells more amazing than ever. [darrell's wife] uh, honey, isn't that the dog's towel? [dog sfx] hey, mi towel, su towel. more gain scent plus oxi boost and febreze makes gain flings our best gain ever. gain. seriously good scent.
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california's public schools rank 44th in the nation. 44th. i'm marshall tuck, i'm a public-school parent, and i know we can do better. in the public schools i led, we got more funding into our classrooms, supported our teachers, and we raised graduation rates by 60%. that's why president obama's education secretary endorses me. we've done it before. now, let's do it for every public-school student in california. i'm marshall tuck. i'm running for state superintendent. ♪ [ applause ] this is really -- come on now, that is a great crowd on this happy hump day and we're happy to have this audience with us. thank you so much. [ applause ] sometimes you can just feel it. you can just feel it this morning.
8:12 am
and tomorrow morning we've got "deals & steals," tory has big savings on natural beauty products. can't wait for that. and now lara with "pop news." >> thank you, robin. [ applause ] good morning, guys. we're going to begin with mr. steve carell. "the office" alum turned movie star is now headed back to the small screen. very excited to report this morning, "deadline" is reporting carell will join jennifer aniston and reese witherspoon on behind the scenes morning television. it's going to be good. carell is playing mitch esler. he's trying to adapt to this ever-changing media landscape and his co-star reese witherspoon wrote about his casting, quote, well, this is going to be fun. i would say so. that's an understatement. this will be apple's first leap into the world of scripted television. no word exactly on when the show is expected to start airing.
8:13 am
but it has already been picked up for 20 episodes. yep. [ applause ] with a cast like that, not surprising. really exciting. also in the news this morning, the king of horror putting smiles on the students' faces at a film school in wales. mr. stephen king has sold them the rights to his short story called "stationary bike" for $1. it's very cool. it's all part of a program he calls dollar babies. it gives young filmmakers a shot at one of his great scripts. the deal stipulates that the movie cannot be sold commercially and he gets to see the final program. it's a program he's done periodically for years. one of the first recipients went on to work on "green mile" and "the shawshank redemption." >> so great. >> good for him. >> isn't that wonderful? >> and this is a short story about a guy would has to lose weight so gets on a stationary bike and starts hallucinating really terrible, horrifying things and it will be really fun to see what these students or --
8:14 am
i wonder if we will ever even see it but we know stephen will, part of the deal. finally, we go to england again and a suspected thief with a very familiar face. now, here's the surveillance picture. police say this man was caught stealing beer from a restaurant. >> that's david schwimmer. >> they posted it asking the public for leads and they got hundreds of people pointing the finger, robin, at ross from "friends." he does look like him. >> he looks like him. >> anyone with information should call joey or chandler. [ laughter ] just kidding. authorities have since confirmed david schwimmer was in the u.s. on the day in question. and that's "pop news." [ applause ] >> was this in london? >> it was in a little town in england. >> ross did get married in england. remember that? >> listen -- >> you trying to implicate david schwimmer? >> he's already been cleared. >> he's already been cleared. all right, lara, appreciate that. now to our "gma" cover story. harry and meghan visiting fiji.
8:15 am
a big day for the duchess, where she gave a powerful speech and went out on a solo trip to the market. abc's james longman is there. james, she wowed the crowds but some of them got a little too close. >> reporter: good mornin michael. yeah, that's right. it wasn't a security scare as much as crowd control if anything. no one anticipated the level of excitement over meghan and harry here. and today we really got a practical sense of what their main driving forces will be in their lives as working royals. day nine of the royal tour and it's totally tropical for meghan and harry in fiji. the duke's colorful shirt a nod to his hosts, his wife wearing traditional fiji styles. the big draw of the day, meghan's solo visit to the market. this tour is a chance for meghan to show the world who she really is and the women's initiative at the market is a golden opportunity for her to do that. they've welcomed a few royals to fiji. none like meghan.
8:16 am
people here seeing a biracial duchess who for the first time looks a little more like them. with huge crowds rushing to see the mum-to-be, her first visit was cut short leaving many disappointed. but earlier at the university, there was time to share a passion project and personal tale. >> i'm also fully aware of the challenges of being able to afford this level of schooling for many people around the world. myself included. it was through scholarships, financial aid programs and work study where my earnings from a job on campus went directly towards my tuition that i was able to attend university. and without question, it was worth every effort. >> reporter: words we've never before heard from a member of the royal family. on a day we got a glimpse of how meghan intends to use her profile to support gender equality and female empowerment, we were reminded of another woman who changed what monarchy means. >> everyone should be afforded
8:17 am
the opportunity to receive education that they want, but more importantly, the education that they have the right to receive. and for women and girls in developing countries this is vital. >> reporter: harry momentarily overlooked, upstaged by his glamorous wife, the new husband and father-to-be couldn't be prouder. >> no way i could follow my wife after that. >> reporter: the young duke and his wife the perfect couple to connect with a changing world. >> we know that young people are the future of the commonwealth. your generation and our children will benefit from what you are doing today. we are counting on you. >> reporter: today more than ever it became clear that in meghan, harry has a partner to help him reach out to the young and diverse peoples of the commonwealth. these two are changing what it means to be royal in so many ways and tomorrow the people of tonga will get their taste. michael. >> a great partner indeed. thank you so much, james. george. >> thank you, michael. we have a consumer alert about holiday price wars.
8:18 am
target is taking on amazon and walmart offering free two-day shipping for online orders way before black friday. our chief business correspondent rebecca jarvis has the details. good morning. >> good morning, george. it seems to get earlier and earlier every single year. if forecasts are correct this will be one of the biggest retail seasons ever. deloitte is now expecting this year's holiday sales to top $1.1 trillion. every retailer is fighting for the biggest piece of that pie and it's good news for you because it means more deals than ever before. this morning, the holiday retail race is officially on. ♪ all the way ♪ all the way >> reporter: target taking a swing at retail rivals with free two-day shipping on online orders between november 1st to december 22nd. no minimum $35 purchase price like walmart and no $119 a year prime membership like amazon. >> if you want to be a player in the holiday retail space, you have to not only offer free shipping, of course, but you have to offer fast free shipping.
8:19 am
it only solidifies them as a major player in the holiday retail market. >> reporter: that competition great news for you, the consumer. >> it'll be interesting to see what they do if they're offering more promotions, more discount, more flash sales. i think that's certainly on their mind. >> reporter: from lower prices and improved services like driveup at target where you can order online and pick up your packages curbside, to walmart expanding its two-day shipping to include items sold by third parties on its website and simplifying in-store returns. your favorite storefronts now also distribution hubs. so you get what you want a lot faster. now, the biggest trends this year, you want to look for deals kicking off in the next few weeks, we'll have those for you. everything is going to be optimized for the millennial and the on-the-go shopper so think shopping from your phone and with toys "r" us out of business, george, expect more toy offerings from the walmarts, the targets and amazons of the world because now they have a place to fill.
8:20 am
>> what are the hot toys now? >> so animatronic is the word of the season. that is toys that appear lifelike that can do lifelike things like hug you so fingerling hugs, these are these baby monkeys, they were a hot toy last season. but this season these toys will actually hug you, really rad robots, these are remote controlled. they have a built-in microphone and can be put in stealth mode for spying so you want to be careful as a parent with that one or anybody. and then for real critters, these are another interactive animatronic toy, so again, back to that idea of toys that feel lifelike. >> that's what's hot right now. >> that's what's hot right now. >> this whole phenomenon is a real example of how millennials are changing the face of shopping. >> completely changing the face of shopping. this year you're going to expect more convenience, more ways that you can shop. so that drive up to curbside model where you can shop online and go actually pick it up at the store, more personalization, so stores have more and more data on you.
8:21 am
whether you like it or notm both shopping in store and shopping online they can personalize so expect more of that in your in-box and expect more of that in the in-store experience as well. >> they know us. okay, rebecca, thanks very much. let's go to ginger. >> your "gma" moment, time now -- i love this one. because i don't know about you but i'm not very good at poker so when you're gambling and you're not winning you've got to take it into your own hands or your own paws in this case. >> i know how we can play poker. this thing keeps coming out of the table. >> yep, that is 4-year-old twig making her own money. twig, i get you. that's how i have to play poker to w
8:22 am
we are going to show you how to look fresh faced for fall and wake up your look as we head into the new season. "allure" editor in chief michelle lee is here. [ applause ] best beauty tips and tricks. >> good morning. >> okay, easy and affordable. you've got our attention. >> easy and affordable and we'll wake you up. when you're feeling tired we tend to look tired so think cold and i know that's hard when the weather is getting colder but i like to chill a lot of things in the refrigerator which is not always easy when you've got like food and everything in it so i actually bought one of these for myself. this is a little mini fridge that i converted into a skin care fridge. it's great to keep face rollers
8:23 am
and masks in there, it really helps to depuff and take away redness and we have our lovely model here. [ applause ] >> so this is a jade roller. >> jade roller. >> tell us a little bit about it. >> you want to put a little serum on your face first and then just go ahead and roll that up your cheek and think upward motion. so if you chilled that imagine this sort of like icy feeling roller going up your skin to tighten and depuff. >> how does it feel? >> like a face massage. >> oh, good answer. >> also, when we're tired, colors tend to drain away from our face. just putting a little wash of blush really helps to brighten that up too. >> that's what alaina uses on me. okay. the eyes. >> eyes, of course, when you're really sleepy, your eyes tend to get red so we love this trick which is to take a light beige eyeliner and tight line that bottom lid.
8:24 am
so go in there and that helps to cancel out any redness and makes your eyes pop wide open and using a good light reflecting concealer. >> oh, yes, concealer. >> concealer is key. >> you know. >> we love a good light reflecting one. this is an "allure" best of beauty award winner for this year. we got our model here. >> this alaina george. she's my makeup artist. >> the eyes really -- >> this is what she uses as well. >> the eyes really show a lot of fatigue. if you use a color one shade lighter than your skin tone it helps to brighten everything up. >> you don't feel cakey or anything like that. >> not at all. >> okay, i didn't wake up like this just so you know. all right. and now the hair. >> we love this. i've actually done it a little bit today too. typically when we're tired gravity tends to pull everything down. think going up. it's going to pull your eye up and also i love this trick because it's basically like doing a little hair face-lift and you want to just think high ponytail or big top knot.
8:25 am
we've got our lovely model here. >> okay, this is jessica and this is petula, my hairstylist. [ applause ] okay. so jessica, she is putting the mirror up and now she's had the complete fresh makeover. let's see, jessica. [ applause ] so natural. >> how does that feel? >> i feel real good. >> look at yourself. you're beautiful to begin with but this whole look. >> yeah. >> does it feel fresher? does it feel like you're waking up? this is so key because you're saying it's also affordable. >> all super affordable, easy to do every morning. everyone looks amazing. >> all right. [ applause ] thank you all very much. [ applause ] thank you. something you all would do? >> yeah. >> easy to do? tell us, we have a little extra
8:26 am
time here, michelle, tell us about when it's fall and the skin that you're going through and little things you can do. >> oh, yeah, fall is really tricky because the weather is changing and the humidity is changing. i'm a big fan of serums and a really great moisturizer and also just because it's not hot and summertime outside make sure you wear spf every single day. >> that's right. do you have a tip, alaina? >> this helps broaden out your face also, it brightens it. >> all right. >> thank you all very much. and the november issue. [ applause ] petula is the strong silent type. the november issue of "allure" magazine is on newsstands now. coming up, which apples are best? [ applause ]
8:27 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> and good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. a team from the atf is in oakland to help local officials investigating a massive fire at a housing construction project. they're looking for evidence to see if yesterday's fire is the latest case of arson to hit the east bay. drone view 7 shows the destruction at west grand and fillbert. fortunately, nobody was hurt. how about traffic this morning, sue hall? >> it continues to be a grind, reggie. good morning, everyone. here's the bay bridge toll plaza, where we had a couple of earlier accidents and stalls. and one stall may still be out there, so you are stacked up along the entire upper deck, getting into at least through treasure island into san francisco. and we have a new motorcycle
8:28 am
accident down with a rider in the left lane, westbound 4 near
8:29 am
now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> hey, good morning. check out the temperatures. we're in the mid-40s to mid-50s. haven't moved au ed at all the couple of hours. got a pretty nice day on the way and the fog is already starting to dissipate up in the north bay. visibilities are climbing, but there's still a small patch around novato.
8:30 am
our warmest days are ahead of us, at least through saturday. >> thanks, reggie. another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes. you can always find us on our news app and and join us every weekday morning from ♪orning from ♪ we welcome you back and this great wednesday morning audience that we have here in the studio with us, thank you very much. [ applause ] yes, we are falling into fall with "bon appetit's" editor in chief, adam rapoport is here with us. >> all right. >> he's helping us pick the perfect apples for our favorite fall dishes with a little challenge with some members of our studio audience here, so thank you for participating. always good to see you. >> you too. looking amazing as always. >> 'tis the season. >> come on, give it up. >> 'tis the season. apple cooking. >> you got to get out there. >> i did not realize how important the type of apple that
8:31 am
you use in certain recipes. >> well, yes, are you baking them, serving them raw, want something crisp, sweet? there's literally thousands of types of apples out there. you go to the grocery store and you see them all. >> that's true. >> you're like, which ones do i buy? one thing i would say is buy one of each, see what you like, all right? >> thank you. >> i can say, i can say gala, all these names, pink lady, until you taste them you don't know. >> gala apple was my mom's favorite. every time she would come to visit from mississippi, it was, it was. so you're saying these are some of your suggestions. >> yes. >> so we have this beautiful studio audience that will take -- jessica, aren't you close to my hometown? >> yes. >> where are you from? >> long beach. >> long beach bearcats. okay. so you all are going to choose what you think is the best apple for a particular recipe. for applesauce, jessica, what do you think would be the best apple? >> red. >> eh!
8:32 am
wrong. now if that were a macintosh you would have been right but this is a golden delicious. what you want for applesauce is something sweet, something relatively soft texture. you're going to cook it and bake it down basically. >> okay. >> to make applesauce you just cut it, take out the core if you want with the little corer sort of thing, 35, 40 minutes, cinnamon, mm-mm. you got to do that and this is a food mill. ever use a food mill? >> no, i haven't. >> your mom never used a food mill, old school? put it through there and can do it with the skins on and it comes through and you get it nice and smooth but a little bit of chunky. now if you do a food processor, that's okay. don't overdo it. you want applesauce not apple juice. >> okay. you all knew this was coming. >> what a kind audience. >> they're very kind. so with the applesauce, pork chops and applesauce. pork chops and applesauce, "brady bunch." who do we have here that's going to help us out? ida? >> yeah. >> because it's a nice apple to pair with the pork chop.
8:33 am
what do you think would be the best apple for that? >> granny smith. >> wrong again. >> all right. i'm -- listen, i'll give you something. you could have used granny smith on this. in this case we're using pink lady. what you want, we're doing an apple endive salad with some -- you cook the pork chop in the pan, then you take it out and all that nice porky bits and throw in hazelnuts and shallot, saute that and pour it over the salad. >> date night. >> date night pork chops. what you want here because you're serving the apples raw, you want them literally and figuratively crisp. you want them to hold their shape and them a little acidic to play off the bitterness of the endive and fattiness of the pork chop. >> i love you. >> my gosh. >> the way you describe it is -- >> that's my job. >> all right. now we got to have -- >> if you don't get this one right -- you literally have to get this one right. >> eric, which apple do you think is best for the apple pie? >> the granny smith. >> yes! [ applause ]
8:34 am
>> whoo. >> although you picked up a golden delicious. >> it's hard to tell. >> i know, it's hard. what you want -- when you're baking apple pie you want, a, an apple that will hole its shape when it's baked. you don't want applesauce in your apple pie. you want an apple that's relatively high in acidity, kind of tart to play off all that butter and cheese in the crust. >> oh. >> uh-huh and maybe a little vanilla. ice cream or cream, whatever you got going with it. what do you have with apple pie? >> cheese? >> a lot of people like to serve cheese -- anyone ever do the cheese on top of the apple pie and heat it up? i think it's more of a midwest thing. you heat it so the cheese melts on top of the pie. >> a la mode. >> what about fresh whipped cream? [ applause ] >> oh, wow, look at that. you're like, i want my ice cream. >> why not all three.
8:35 am
>> why not. you know what we can do, the hybrid. i get the ice cream, you get the whipped cream. >> as long as i get the pork chops and applesauce. also, thank you. you bring it to life. your zest for life and bringing it to us and every time i leave here after being with you, i just cannot wait to get in the kitchen. >> i know, thank you. you have like a three-course meal right here. >> that's it. >> enjoy. >> thank you, thank you, thank you. you can get this month's "bon appetit" on newsstands now. he always has the best shoes. >> i got my kicks on. coming up we got jonah hill. he's here live. coming up we got jonah hill. coming up we got jonah hill. he's here live. proposition 11 solves two issues. first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11.
8:38 am
[ applause ] back now on "gma," and our next guest is a two-time oscar nominee and you know him from films like "superbad" and also "the wolf of wall street." now he's making his debut behind the camera directing a new movie, "mid90s," please welcome jonah hill. [ applause ] >> what's up, man? >> good to see you. >> good. >> have a seat. [ applause ] >> how is it going? [ applause ] >> you are one talented fella. you're one talented fella. we love you in the movies but
8:39 am
also "gq," they just said you are a style icon and so how does that make you feel? "gq" magazine said you are a style icon. how do you feel about that? >> it's cool. i don't know. i think clothing is a form of personal expression. i think, you know, we all wear stuff either you don't give a crap or you do and i was about to say the "s" word but i realized we're on so early in the morning and people are still waking up. no, i take -- i enjoy it. it's like another form of personal expression. it's just another form of how you express yourself. >> you're casual cool. so much in fact this summer it wasn't the first but the second jonah hill day where all these people who are fans of yours and fans of your style actually get together, and you actually went this year. >> they throw an annual day and then the first time i didn't go because i wasn't quite sure what
8:40 am
it was and then i realized it was like these people celebrating and so i went and it was pretty surreal to be honest. i went and it was actually really fun. >> you say celebrate. they were celebrating you which is really cool. >> i mean, that's really actually pretty cool. yeah, it's cool. [ applause ] >> and now we're going to celebrate you and your new movie "mid90s." >> yeah. >> this is a coming of age story about a preteen skateboarder who finds his friends, they're older, more experienced skaters and this is in the '90s. >> yeah. >> you said your personal experience helped with you the story. how was that? >> in the sense that it's, you know, i can relate to the loneliness of growing up and finding a community outside of my home and a group of friends outside my home and the star of our film, sunny suljic, is right here -- right in the middle. i don't know if they can show him on tv. >> there he is, sunny. >> that's my dude. this guy is an amazing actor. he's -- that's my brother.
8:41 am
he's a great guy and amazing actor. but it's a time of your life when it's you and your friends versus the world and when your friends mean more than your family and i happened to choose growing up skateboarding in l.a. as the backdrop for it but it's really just this amazing group of people that find one another and, yeah, and it celebrates a lot of the things that i see disrespected on screen a lot that i tried to do a good job, you know. one of them is skateboarding which is always shown like cowabunga, dude, as opposed to something that changed a lot of people's lives and continues to change and hip-hop music which a big reason why i made the film was to show that like tribe or mob deep to me was like what the beatles or the rolling stones were to my parents and not just like some move in a movie by playing a song. that is the music that for -- i'll speak for myself just was life changing and was the music i grew up on so i wanted to see it shown in a way in a film that
8:42 am
just shows like this is what the music of this generation was and it was the best music of this generation and 100 years from now, you know, deejay premiere will be mozart and q-tip will be john lennon and that's important to me. [ applause ] >> we'll take a look at a clip. this is sunny's character, stevie, who is racing home after a day of skating with -- >> sunny suljic! what up! [ applause ] ♪ >> i'm so sorry i'm late. it won't ever happen again. >> it's only 7:30. >> oh. okay. [ applause ] >> lost track of time hanging out with his new friends. you know what i found interesting, sunny was hanging out at a skate park. you showed up and he ended up
8:43 am
getting a job and you said this was your first time directing. but you had to direct a bunch of skaters you had to teach how to act, not a bunch of actors you had to teach how to skate. was that a big challenge for you? >> i would say challenge is one way of putting it, and joy is the real way of putting it which is like, you know, i've been acting for 16 years. i've worked with a lot of amazing actors, as great as they could get. to me it was so special to work with a group of people who were new to the filmmaking process, you know, and a friend of ours, mikey who owns a legal sif, he brought in all the young skateboarders in los angeles and when i got to meet these young people, it was really interesting because -- i sound like i'm 150 years old, when i got to meet these young people. but when i grew up in l.a. skating it was like really -- it was just in the '90s, oh, it's just like you're over
8:44 am
everything. it's so -- it's not cool to try. it's mad corny to try anything and like what i loved about this generation and this group of people that is in the film, they're all pro skaters, rappers, painters, artists, now actors like and they don't limit themselves and to watch this group of people attack acting for the first time with such ferocity to become great actors and artists, it was the most amazing part of the whole experience. >> one quick question for my man sunny sitting in the front row. sunny, jonah took away everybody's cell phone on set to make it feel like the '90s. how did you survive? >> i mean, i didn't really like -- i didn't need my phone in the first place because i mean it just would have been disrespectful. it's a good scene and my phone just rang so i didn't really want to be that guy. [ applause ] >> in sunny's audition his
8:45 am
phone rang and it was annoying t.j. >> oh yeah. >> it said annoying t.j. >> the contact list is annoying t.j. >> i guess it went off in the audition. he's like, it's not going to happen on set. >> no, this guy is -- i'm 34 and been acting for 16 years. he was 11 when i shot and i never had to carry a movie like he carries this movie and he's brilliant in it and everybody is brilliant in it. the only reason i set it in the '90s was because we didn't have cell phones or instagram or anything so people actually connected with one another. and that's what the film is ultimately about. >> the thing is, we're so happy you're here and i know it took you three years write this. 20 scripts to get it right and you got it right and you're so talented. >> thank you. >> always good to see you. >> appreciate it, man. and i'll say to the audience at home, this is a good man. every time i see this guy. >> it's "mid90s" in select theaters right now and it's out nationwide on friday. make sure you go check it out, everybody.
8:46 am
over to you, ginger. >> i can't wait to watch it, michael. now i've got to say, red sox fans, a little something for you, so in 2013 when the red sox won the world series, there was a rainbow before and guess what happened last night, a rainbow before. does it mean anything? don't tweet me saying that i ruined it by the way. i'm just -- i'm a meteorologist telling you about the sky. >> this weather report has been sponsored by subaru and you do not want to go anywhere. i promise you the great andrea bocelli and his son matteo are here to perform live. [ applause ]
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
[ applause ] back now with andrea bocelli [ applause ] back now with andrea bocelli and his son matteo. they are going to perform a song from andrea's new album and the movie "the nutcracker." first, though, good morning to you both. i want to ask you, matteo, what is it like to work with your incredible father? >> i mean, singing with him is something usual but this collaboration has been so exciting for me so i'm very happy to be here today and to perform with him. >> can we all wish andrea happy birthday? [ applause ] happy birthday, to you, sir. we're honored to hear you both sing together. are you ready? >> yeah. >> all right. here they are. [ applause ] ♪ ♪ i thought sooner or later the lights up above ♪ ♪ will come down in circles and guide me to love ♪
8:50 am
♪ but i don't know what's right for me i cannot see straight ♪ ♪ i've been here too long and i don't want to wait for it ♪ ♪ fly like a cannonball straight to my soul tear me to pieces ♪ ♪ and make me feel whole i'm willing to fight for it and carry this weight ♪ ♪ but with every step i keep questioning what is true ♪ ♪ fall on me with open arms ♪ fall on me from where you are ♪ ♪ fall on me with all your light with all your light with all your light ♪
8:51 am
[ singing in italian ] ♪ [ singing in italian ] ♪ ♪ fall on me [ singing in italian ] ♪ fall on me ♪ fall on me [ singing in italian ]
8:52 am
♪ ♪ i close my eyes and i'm seeing you everywhere ♪ ♪ i step outside it's like i'm breathing you in the air ♪ ♪ i can feel you're there ♪ fall on me [ singing in italian ] ♪ fall on me [ singing in italian ] ♪ fall on me with all your
8:53 am
light ♪ ♪ with all your light with all your light ♪ [ applause ] "gma's" concert series sponsored by carmax. ♪
8:54 am
8:55 am
8:56 am
thank you thank you again to andrea and matteo bocelli performing the beautiful song "fall on me." your new album "si" is out friday. [ applause ] >> have a great day. >> have a great day.
8:57 am
"look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate.
8:58 am
california values senator dianne feinstein
8:59 am
good morning, bay area. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> hey, good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. mike nicco is here and you said it's going to be a pretty all right day. >> yeah, really think so. pretty average for late october. it's getting warm as we head through the forecast. hi, everybody. i wanted to show you the jelly fish clouds, technically, those al altocumulus clouds. in the water, about 58. moderate pollen out there if you're exercising. if you're around the bay paying, light chop out there, mid- to upper 60s, low to mid-70s inland. it gets warmer through at least saturday. sue? >> nice to see you waulk on watr there, mike. we have an accident, a sig alert, no laughing matter. they have issued a traffic alert for this and have no estimated time of opening.
9:00 am
northbound 280 looks pretty jammed, as well. >> thanks, sue. time now for "live with kelly & ryan." and we'll see you again at 11:00 a.m. for the midday news. have a great day until then. >> announcer: it's "live with kelly and ryan!" today, from the drama "house of cards," greg kinnear. and film, television actor, stage star tracey ullman. plus, performing her new hit "shame," elle king. plus, find out how your witty words can win you have vacation. all next on "live!" ♪ [cheers and applause] and now, here are kelly ripa and ryan seacrest! [cheers and applause] ♪ ♪ like gho-o-osts they want me to make 'em all ♪ ♪ they won't let go ♪ ex's and oh's


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