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tv   ABC World News Tonight With David Muir  ABC  October 25, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PDT

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tonight, breaking news. the scene unfolding as we come on the air. where the fbi is right now. are they zeroing in on a potential bomb suspect? as tonight, new devices surface, this time, one sent to actor robert de niro. the nypd truck racing a suspected bomb down this new york city highway. former vice president joe biden, two suspected bombs addressed to him. and tonight, abc news now learning federal authorities are now chasing promising leads, where additional forces are being deployed right now. we'll take you there live. also tonight, what all ten suspected bombs now have in common. each potential explosive with their own clues. and what we've learned about the timer. in other news tonight, bracing for a nor'easter. the system set to move up the east coast, from the carolinas to d.c., new york to boston. dangerous winds and heavy rain
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expected. after causing an uproar and then her tearful apology, megyn kelly was off the air today, a rerun playing instead. will she return at all? after what she said, defending blackface on halloween. the urgent headline involving the flu tonight. already deadly. here in new york city, a child dying. and tonight, the new drug available in weeks, a single dose, but it does not replace the flu shot. and the family trapped in a mini van that went off the road. the fire erupting. the bystanders who worked furiously to get the family out. good evening. and it's great to have you with us here on a thursday night. and we begin tonight with breaking developments. the fbi on the move right now. sources telling abc news they have promising leads directing investigators to south florida, where those suspected bombs may have been mailed from. we'll take you there live in just a momis comes as several m devices have been intercepted in
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the past 24 hours. ten now in all. this image of an nypd truck racing a suspected device to a bomb disposal facility today. the device had been addressed to robert de niro. also today, two suspected bombs addressed to former vice president joe biden discovered at post offices in delaware, after bombs were sent to hillary clinton and former president obama, too, among others. all were intercepted. and take a look at this map. ten suspected bombs in all sent across the country, all of the recipients critical of the president or have been targeted by president trump. so, let's go to abc's victor oquendo, he's live in miami. because we know additional authorities are being sent into south florida at this hour. victor, what do we know so far? >> reporter: david, for the first time tonight, we're learning of a new focus for investigators. multiple sources now tell abc news that federal authorities are chasing promising leads right here in south florida. right now, they're sending resources down to investigate. authorities are trying to figure out whether some of the devices sent to prominent democrats and others this week were built and possibly sent from here.
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all those packages had the same return address to south florida. right now, investigators don't have a suspect, but they are working around the clock. david? >> victor oquendo leading us off tonight on the breaking developments. victor, thank you. this urgent hunt right now comes after a day of discoveries yet again, beginning before the sun even came up in new york city, sirens and real concern outside yet another location. and word, as i mentioned, vice president biden targeted, as well. abc's gio benitez with how this all unfolded today. >> reporter: before sunrise, this was the scene on the west side highway in new york city. a bomb containment vehicle carrying another suspected pipe bomb to a secure facility. inside that nypd truck, a potentially deadly device that arrived in a package, this time, addressed to robert de niro, an outspoken critic of president trump. tonight, that all-out manhunt, four more bombs discovered in the last 24 hours, bringing the total to ten. late today, the fbi warning. >> these devices should be considered dangerous.
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report any suspicious package to law enforcement and it is worth repeating, do not touch, do not move, do not handle any suspicious or unknown package. >> reporter: tonight, we now know how they discovered the bomb sent to de niro. it turns out the man hired to go through his mail is a retired nypd detective and had seen the other packages carrying suspected bombs on the news. this package looked just like them and he called the bomb squad early this morning. >> we got a level one, suspicious package. >> the device was removed successfully, thank god there were no injuries. >> reporter: then, at 10:35 this morning, the fbi announcing two more devices in delaware, both addressed to vice president joe biden. a postal worker making the discovery and reporting it to a supervisor. >> my first instinct was to get all of the employees out of the building safely and then to, you know, just follow protocol. >> reporter: the packages all sharing the same characteristics. six american flag postage stamps, padded yellow manila envelopes, a pipe bomb-looking
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device inside. and tonight, law enforcement officials tell abc news, they now believe all ten suspected pipe bombs went through the u.s. postal system, sent through the mail. and all of them were sent to people critical of president trump, or who were frequent subjects of verbal attacks by the president. at this year's tony awards, de niro took aim at the president. >> it's no longer down with trump. it's [ bleep ] trump. >> reporter: at the time, the president responding, saying de niro was "a very low iq individual, too many shots to the head by real boxers." but across the country tonight, a renewed debate over political rhetoric going too far. and last night, in wisconsin, the president condemning what he called political violence. >> we want all sides to come together in peace and harmony. we can do it. we can do it. we can do it. >> reporter: what's unclear is how long the push for harmony will last. two years into his presidency, and crowds are still chanting
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"lock her up." this just days ago. >> lock her up! >> reporter: but last night, the president saying this -- >> and by the way, do you see how nice i'm behaving tonight? this is like -- have you ever seen this? we're all behaving very well. and hopefully we can keep it that way, right? we're going to keep it that way. >> the president overnight. gio benitez with us live on the scene of where that bomb addressed to robert de niro was sent. and authorities are now saying, gio, that it actually arrived on tuesday and was just discovered today? >> reporter: yeah, that's right, david, because that retired detective, he was watching the news and he recognized that image because on tuesday, he had actually seen a very similar package when he screened de niro's mail. he knew who to call, he was a retired detective, so he ended up calling the bomb squad directly. david? >> gio benitez, our thanks to you tonight. and each of these suspected bombs carried their own clues. all of them under review now at the fbi lab in quantico,
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virginia. and tonight, what they have already learned about them, from the digital clocks, the tape holding them together, to the wires. here's abc's chief justice correspondent pierre thomas tonight. >> reporter: tonight, forensic experts are painstakingly dissecting the suspected bombs, in an urgent hunt for clues. the digital clocks inside. the pipe used to contain the device. the tape to hold it together. the wires. the suspected explosive powder. and glass used for shrapnel. >> they're figuring out where in the united states they would be sold. and what they're doing, the agents are all over the country, going to these locations and seeing who bought these products, when and where they bought them. >> reporter: sources tell abc news that agents are searching for fingerprints on the envelope, even both sides of the tape used on the devices. and from how the wires are twisted, they can tell if the bomber is left or right-handed. and that's a possible chance for dna there? >> absolutely. possible hopes of dna on the
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stamps maybe on the envelope itself, maybe just on the envelope, if someone were to sneeze or while they were making the device. >> reporter: as authorities are chasing those promising leads, pointing them to south florida, investigators are trying to trace the packages back to their original dropoff sites. >> there is no question, the post office could maybe lead you to the bomber. >> reporter: but abc news learning of a challenge. a number of these packages had no originating postmarks. how complicating a factor or challenge is that? >> well, it can be, it can be a real problem. you would think they would be able, even without the markings, to backtrack where it originally came from. i think it will take longer, but not impossible. >> all right, so, let's get to pierre live with us tonight. and pierre, you reported on those clocks, part of the suspected bombs. what were they, were they timers? >> reporter: david, that's the key question. we don't know if these clocks were functionally parts of the devices. that's the key question that will be resolved at the fbi lab in quantico, david. >> so many questions on this still. pierre thomas with us live tonight, as well. pierre, thank you. amid this wave of suspected
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bombs, president trump, as you heard a moment ago, calling for unity overnight. i want to bring in our chief white house correspondent jonathan karl tonight. and jon, there have been calls for political leaders really in both parties to take down the temperature of the rhetoric. but when it comes to the president, this is what sarah sanders said today, you were listening. >> there's a big difference between comments made and actions taken. the idea that this is at the hands of the president is absolutely ridiculous. >> absolutely ridiculous that it's at the hands of the president, were her words at the end. so, jon, defending the president there. this call for unify from the president himself last night, how long do you suggest it will last? >> reporter: well, the president's about to embark on his most intensive period of campaigning since he himself was running. we're talking about at least ten rallies planned for the final week of the campaign. he certainly toned down the rhetoric last night in wisconsin, but at the same time, neither the president nor any of his top advisers have said there is anything wrong at all with
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his rhetoric or it in any way encourages violence. and white house officials say, david, that he will continue to draw sharp distinctions with democrats. and this morning, he issued a tweet where he had a brand new attack on the media, saying, quote, news organizations are bad and hateful beyond description. so, the bottom line here is, i would not look to the president to be toning down his rhetoric for long. >> jon karl live at the white house tonight. jon, thank you. we're also tracking a nor'easter taking shape at this hour. all part of the same system, that massive hurricane that slammed ashore, then rain across texas and the south. well, now the east coast is in the path. and then threatening the carolinas, d.c., new york, up through boston by this weekend. let's get to meteorologist rob marciano, timing it out for us tonight. hey, rob. >> reporter: hi, david. october is usually when we get our first real nor'easter of the season, and this one's going to be powered by a strengthening jet stream. along the gulf coast today, check it out. panama city with its first real rain since hurricane michael. atlanta, chattanooga, asheville, you'll get it tonight. and tomorrow afternoon, the
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carolinas could see some strong to severe thunderstorms, as this thing winds up across the mid-atlantic. by saturday morning, d.c. to boston, heavier rain and winds. winds gusting 40, 50 miles an hour. strong enough to take down some power lines. david? >> it's going to be messy. rob marciano with us, as well. thank you, rob. next tonight here, new developments for tv anchor megan kelly after causing an uproar for defending blackface and then tearfully delivering that apology. she was off the air today, her show a rerun. and tonight, the network's highest paid anchor is reportedly fighting back. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: tonight, megyn kelly's future at nbc is on the line. this morning's live episode scrapped. instead, a repeat. >> welcome to the show, i'm megyn kelly, happy friday. >> reporter: kelly's views about blackface have sparked outrage. >> what is racist? because, truly, you do get in trouble if you are a white person who puts on blackface on halloween or a black person who puts on whiteface for halloween, like -- back when i was a kid, that was okay, as long as you were dressing up as, like, a character. >> reporter: even defending the costume of this reality star.
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>> she made her skin look darker than it really is and people said that that was racist and i felt like -- who doesn't love diana ross? >> reporter: kelly made a tearful apology. >> i defended the idea, saying as long as it was respectful and part of a halloween costume, it seemed okay. well, i was wrong and i am sorry. >> reporter: and now, kelly is reportedly gearing up to fight back. she's hired an attorney who, according to the hollywood reporter, plans to meet with nbc executives friday and argue nbc is hypocritical, because the reality star wore that costume on an nbc sister network. the chairman of nbc news condemned kelly's remarks during a staff town hall, according to "variety," saying, "there is no place on our air or in this workplace for them." her "today" cohosts calling her out. >> she apologized to the staff, she owes a bigger apology to folks of color around the country. >> reporter: kelly is no stranger to racial controversy. she's expressed regret for these comments on fox news. >> for all you kids watching at
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home, santa just is white. jesus was a white man, too. >> reporter: tonight, the career of nbc news' highest paid anchor, with a reported three-year, $50 million contract, hangs in the balance. david, even after kelly's apology, the cast from "house of cards" canceled an upcoming appearance on her show. at this point, the plan for friday is to air a rerun. david? >> linsey davis on this again tonight. thank you, linsey. more u.s. troops could be at the border with mexico as soon as next week. a u.s. official tonight saying defense secretary jim mattis will deploy some 800 active duty troops there to support border patrol, erecting tents or building fences, but not actually patrolling the border themselves. meantime, that caravan of migrants is about 1,000 miles away. the brutal conditions of the journey, though, forcing several thousand to turn back in recent days. a major headline from saudi arabia tonight about the death of "washington post" writer jamal khashoggi. the kingdom's attorney general now says it was a premeditated crime. khashoggi vanished inside the
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saudi consulate in istanbul 23 days ago. saudi arabia has also lifted the travel ban placed on khashoggi's son because of his father's dissent, and he's now headed to the united states. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. the urgent headline involving the flu tonight. already turning deadly. here in new york city, word of a child dying. and tonight, the new drug available in weeks. a single dose, but authorities warn, it does not replace the flu shot. we'll get into that in a moment. also, the frightening bear attack. a father firing warning shots as a mother bear charges right at him, regardless of those shots. you'll see what happens next. and then, the victims trapped in an suv that went off the road. the fire erupting. the officer and the bystanders then working furiously to get them out. a lot more news ahead tonight. population is self-employed. e lobster fisherman is the lifeblood of this town. by 2030, half of america may take after stonington,
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they are reporting the first child to die from flu here. health officials are now urging everyone across the country to get their flu shot. with news of that new weapon, which may help, too. here's abc's whit johnson. >> reporter: tonight, a deadly start to the flu season, prompting an urgent push to get americans vaccinated. today, new york city reporting its first flu death of a child this season. the second pediatric fatality nationwide. >> pediatric deaths from the flu are not unusual, they are sad reminders of the consequences of not getting immunized. >> reporter: according to the cdc, last season's flu killed about 80,000 people in the u.s., more than any other year since the 1970s. and the number of people getting vaccinated dropped to fewer than 4 out of 10 adults last winter. >> i'd rather get it than not get it. >> reporter: this, as a new flu-fighting tool is expected to be available in the u.s. in just weeks. the fda approving xofluza, given in one dose, and designed to reduce the flu's duration, if
5:48 pm
taken within 48 hours of symptoms. health officials recommend that everyone 6 months and older get the flu shot. of the children who died last season, 80% were not vaccinated. david? >> whit johnson with us. whit, thank you. when we come back tonight, the major recall. 1.5 million cars on the road right now. the stalling fears. and then the father firing warning shots at a bear, but the bear, as you'll see, keeps coming. we'll be right back. [man 2] proof of less joint pain... [woman 3] ...and clearer skin. [man 3] proof that i can fight psoriatic arthritis... [woman 4] ...with humira. [woman 5] humira targets and blocks a specific source of inflammation that contributes to both joint and skin symptoms. it's proven to help relieve pain, stop further irreversible joint damage, and clear skin in many adults. humira is the number one prescribed biologic for psoriatic arthritis. [avo] humira can lower your ability to fight infections. serious and sometimes fatal infections, including tuberculosis, and cancers, including lymphoma,
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to the index of other news tonight. the fiery car rescue in north brunswick, new jersey. officer anthony torres running to the scene, two women trapped after crashing into a tree. the officer and good samaritans pulling the passenger out through the window, then cutting the driver's seat belt to get her out as flames spread to the front of the car. the family fighting off a bear attack in british columbia. the father says he was trying to scare the bear from the house when the mother bear then charges right at him. he fired bird shot into her side, but the bear came at him again before turning away.
5:52 pm
no one was hurt. a recall to pass along tonight. nearly 1.5 million ford focus cars are being recalled because of a defective fuel valve, causing cars to stall and not restart. the recall effects many 2012 to 2018 models. ford says customers should keep fuel tanks at least half full until the problem can be fixed. when we come back here tonight, millions were watching this. what three children did for their father on national tv. they're right here tonight with what happened next. mbc doesn't take a day off, and neither will i. and i treat my mbc with new everyday verzenio- the only one of its kind that can be taken every day. in fact, verzenio is a cdk4 & 6 inhibitor for postmenopausal women with hr+, her2- mbc, approved, with hormonal therapy, as an everyday treatment for a relentless disease. verzenio + an ai is proven to help women
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from 13 strains of the bacteria that cause pneumococcal pneumonia. don't get prevnar 13® if you have had a severe allergic reaction to the vaccine or its ingredients. adults with weakened immune systems may have a lower response to the vaccine. the most common side effects were pain, redness and swelling at the injection site, limited arm movement, fatigue, headache, muscle pain, joint pain, less appetite, vomiting, fever, chills, and rash. prevention begins with prevnar 13®. ask your doctor or pharmacist about prevnar 13®. finally tonight here, america strong. three children who no doubt made their father proud with millions watching. >> hi, sharks. my name is kaylie young. >> i'm kristian young. >> i'm keira young. >> and we're the young family. >> the young family that made an impression on us and millions of you at home. making their pitch on behalf of their father, the firefighter who lost his fight with cancer before he could make it to "shark tank" himself. but they came with his spirit.
5:56 pm
>> our business is -- the cup board pro. >> our dad invented the cup board pro and it was his dream to pitch it on "shark tank." unfortunately, he passed away before he had that chance. but we're here today to continue his legacy and make that dream a reality. >> their father, keith, a new york city firefighter, even recorded his own pitch along the way. the cutting board and the device you attach to it. >> cup board pro is really, really simple to use. >> a built-in cleanup. >> going to take all the scraps, they're going to go right into the cup. really, could it be any simple er? >> this family has been through so much. that's their mom, beth, who died of breast cancer. and not long after, they would learn their father was diagnosed with cancer, too. >> he was diagnosed with wanser, whi cancer, which is a 9/11-related cancer from being a fireman there, and he was on hospice at the beginning of the year and he just passed away three months ago. >> everyone was moved.
5:57 pm
kaley, kristian and keira asking for a $100,000 investment. >> the three of you together, that's it, you're running everything? >> yes. >> honestly, it's kind of hard to overwhelm the three of us, just because of, like, the amount of stress that you go through just seeing your loved ones sick. and we only are able to be here because of how strong our parents were. >> and then, the offer. >> rather than us fight it all out, we decided to work together. >> wow. >> and so all five sharks are going to come together, which is a rarity. >> what did they decide? >> each one of us is going to contribute $20,000 and so, any profits that we earn from our 20%, we're going to contribute to whatever charity your dad supported for firemen that have been sick from 9/11. >> oh, my gosh. >> that's our offer. what do you think? >> yes! >> and tonight, the young family checking in with us. >> hi, david! >> this is kaley. >> and keira young, and kristian's at school right now. >> and what they told us, we loved hearing. they have now sold out of their
5:58 pm
cup board pros, and they have $1 million in back orders. >> the amount of love and support that we've received from everyone has been so incredible, and we are just so grateful. >> thanking the sharks and the viewers at home. >> and everyone else that is supporting this journey with us. >> thanks, everyone. >> thank you! >> the young family. those parents instilled so much in their children. they're fighters. i'm david muir.
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