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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  October 31, 2018 4:30am-4:59am PDT

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the judge said the students e s failed to present adequate facts. the green without someone behind the the receive permits. they will be allowed in sunnyvale, palo alto, los altos. they will be able to operate at speeds of 65 miles per hour and at night. >> the future is here. >> yes. >> what's in store for our future on this halloween night? . >> high fire danger until 6:00. gusty winds. we haven't reached the 50 to
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55-mile-per-hour winds. 10 in altamont pass to 20, 30 in other neighborhoods. it will decrease throughout the day. my accuweather 12-hour planner for this halloween. mid-40s to mid-50s. 66 at lunch. stay in the mid-60s at the coast. mi70 t're ou e 60s away from the coast. here's alexis with the morning commute. >> yeah. it's not a great start in union city. once again, if you're just joining us, we have a double fatal crash that occurred around 10 khrp 40 last night in union city. crews are still cleaning up and conducting an investigation. so this is a sig-alert. this is a full closure. northbound 880 at whipple road. don't use northbound 680. that is still closed between
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sheridan and andrate. let's get to the scene right now. amy hollyfield is there. amy, i know you just got briefed by chp. what did they tell you? >> reporter: i'll tell you while i show you what's going on behind me. look how much work they still have to do. this freeway still covered in th vey h iy the accident to figure out what happened and why. they have to clean up what happened here. that's what's taking so long. it happened at 10:40 last night. a tour bus heading north on 880 rear-ended a car, purring it into another car, and all of that into a big rig. the tour bus ended up on top of one of the cars. the two drivers of the cars were killed, a man and a woman. investigators say they don't know why this happened.
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they don't think alcohol or drugs was involved. we asked about texting while driving or falling asleep and they do not know at this point. they are diverting cars off the free a northbound 880 in hayward. we will keep you posted of course. so stay with us. amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. amy, thank you. in the north bay, a second grade teacher who was hit by a car and killed while riding her bicycle is being remembered this morning. the crash happened monday afternoon on sir frances drake boulevard near railroad avenue in wood acre. the 63-year-old deborah debeneditto was a long time teacher in san rafael. she was hit by a 2006 explorer. chp says the driver, paola drake
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of fairfax, was apparently under the influence. >> tremendous sadness. tremendous loss. obviously nobody expected it to happen. >> drake will be charged with with a felony dui and gross negligence, manslaughter. >> in the east bay, oakland city council is taking the first step toward regulating dockless scooters. the council voted that the companies pay ann annual riding fehr and a per-ride fee. they have to district half their fleet in east and west oakland. the council will take up other regulations at a later meeting. in the south bay, a
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multimillion tkhmultiph multimillion dollar improvement on a license plate reader that some say is an invasion of privacy. >> reporter: drivers go in and out of one of the eight parking garages in the city. the outdated equipment could be to blame. >> it is an issue for . te t ava $6.3 million project to update. scannable validations and the ability to use apple pay are among the features. >> people have expectations. they want to get in and out of a parking facility quickly, effortlessly and don't want to be hung up. >> reporter: the new technology comes with concerns from some. the project calls for automated license plate recognition software similar to what is being used at san jose
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international airport. >> what is attaching to it? how much information do you actually need for it? >> reporter: airport representatives say it is a stand alone that isn't connected to an outside source. the cameras photograph license plate and convert numbers and letters to machine readable text tagging them with time and location. >> when there is a lost ticket situation we are able to ably and capably identify when the customer entered our lot and is attempting to exit our lot. >> reporter: the city hopes to begin in february or march of next year. the airport should see upgrades down the road. chris wynn, abc news news. you're never more than 7 minutes away from my accuweather forecast. dress warmer in san ramon valley. mid-40s, out towards livermore. brentwood, 57 to 60 degrees. bay bridge toll plaza, clear of
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fog and should remain that way. it will be quiet on our roads. a light offshore breeze keeping low clouds away from us. dress in layers because it will be warm this afternoon. taking the ferry, a light breeze on the water. north bay, 51. we'll be in the 40s in some neighborhoods. 74 at noon already. low 80s during the afternoon hours. trick-or-treating at 8:00. increasing high clouds at 65. san francisco, look at this, 55. increasing high clouds. 67 at noon. low 70s during the afternoon hours. down to 62 by the time with he get to 8:00. for our south bay, start off with sunshine and 50 this morning. 70 at noon. increasing high clouds. upper 70s at 4:00. down to a comfortable 65 at 8:00. in fact, we will take a look at your halloween planner in a minute. how is it going? >> it's not good. we have a really serious situation in union city. two people dead after a crash that happened 10:40 last night.
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northbound 880 still fully closed. the crash is at whipple road. you will be forced off at alva a rad dough-niles. -- alvarado-milniles. i recommend taking surface streets instead. use union city boulevard or mission boulevard there. that is wide open here still at this point. a little bit further north on 880, oakland stretch, full closure on the northbound side today for this bridge demolit n demolition. you'll be forced off. you'll have to use surface streets as well. feh to make city parking keg eleva
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for the thousands of wounded warriors returning from battle, wounded warrior project has developed the warriors to work program,
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a unique program that helps wounded warriorsivm also works with employers to find the right job for the right warrior. welcome home the brave. we're not the only ones. a continuation to this dry start to the rain season. all about l.a. in the mountains,
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down into a little bit of the lower lands. high fire danger, including solano county. 78 in l.a. 76, san diego. 83, palm springs. 80 in chico and sacramento. 74 today with sunshine in monterey. let's take a look at what's going on in the sierra. afternoon high 57. mid-60s tomorrow through sunday. developing news in indonesia. transport officials say the airline's technical director and staff will prove the flight has been removed from duty. they are inspecting lion air's planes. a top military officials say crews may have located the crash jet in the java sea. they have recovered debris and human remains. flight 610 crashed monday minutes after takeoff, killing all 189 people on on board.
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>> abc 7 news is on a mission to build a better bay area. we are focused on finding issues to major issues we see every single day in our neighborhoods. >> san francisco launched a new program called garage ambassadors. it is available at all city-owned parking garages. jobina fortson checked it out. >> reporter: we tagged along with francisco as he rolled out the newest program, garage a ambassadors. >> people express concerns about occasionally not feeling safe when they are coming to a parking garage. >> reporter: that, on top of worrying about the widespread bay area car break-ins. >> especially with the holiday shopping season, we want people t feel comfortable. >> reporter: so here's the solution. people who park here at city center plaza, you can grab an
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employee. they will escort you to and from your car and be your eyes and ears when you're gone. she parks her every day and tried it out as soon as she was told about it. >> you never know what can be in the parking garage. there's a lot of transients in this area. >> going to the symphony, or the theater. >> reporter: the parking garage got rid of their physical booths when they turned over to their automated sensors. now the ticket people can be used as ambassadors. and it's free. jobina fortson, abgs 7 news. >> we welcome your thoughts about improving safety. use better bay area on twitter, facebook and other social media. firefighters will treat kids to free glow in the dark
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necklaces so they can be seen at night. starting at 6:00, families can visit any firestation in san jose. >> and a way to trade in unwanted treats. reese's has a candy exchange vending machine. you can swap out the candy for n alexis. this is not in the bay area. sit only happening in new york city. if it's a hit, the candy exchanger may be coming to other cities next halloween. what a brilliant p are r and marketing move. >> i'm going to make you a deal. we don't have a vending machine here in the bay area, so i will give you my reese's. if you give me all the rest of your candy. >> you mean the garbage? >> me too?
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>> of course. >> i don't like peanut butter. >> we created this. we spent entirely too much time coming up with this yesterday. this is our kind of scientific view of how this should be done if you were to make a candy bracket. >> you make very hard first rounders. almond joy. >> kit kat. second round kit kat and reese's? reese's winwins. >> you can find it on abc 7 news bay area, in stamm gram and twitter. have fun. share with your friends. >> let us know who wins. do you like sugar more than
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chocolate? >> any kind of sugar. i just don't like peanut butter. >> so now we know. outside, not a speck of fog. it will remain warmer than candar tomoow i willek blow off in the form of high clouds. 67 at half moon bay. 81, santa cruz. 73 in san francisco and richmond. upper 70s from the rest of the bay shore. 81, morgan hill, livermore. 83 in santa rosa. temperatures milder than this morning. temperatures in the low to upper 50s.
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no moon. it doesn't come up until 12:53 tomorrow morning. my accuweather 7-day forecast. it will be warmer for november 1st, tomorro. friday and saturday will be a lot like today. don't forget to set your clocks back an hour. we will taper temperatures a little bit monday and tuesday. still a little bit warmer than here's alexis. >> all right, mike. i will take you back to a major traffic alert. a live picture from the scene. you can see the investigation conditions. this all started 10:40 last night. breaking down some of the details here. a tour bus rear-ended a smaller sedan. it hit another sedan. the vehicle in the front hit a semi. two drivers of the sedans were both killed in this crash. so they are reconstructing this accident scene. amy hollyfield live.
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they still have a lot of work to do. we'll see if that happens or not. we will talk about alternates. another full closure of 880 that time for construction. we will do that just before 5:00. alexis, thank you. apple's new gadgets ready to hit the market. pizza hut unveils a new pizza factory. here's "tech bites". apple unveils an ipipad al lot like the new iphone. >> it uses facial recognition technology to unlock the division. they have a macbook air with a high risk screen. >> uber is offering a monthly subscription service called ride pass. >> you can guarantee set prices for a monthly fee. sit $25 in los angeles. 15 bucks in denver, austin,
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miami, orlando. pizza hut is moving ahead with automatic pizza srabgtry. >> the toyota tundra h a oven. it cooks the pizza as it is being delivered. and those are your tech paoeuts. >> that is pretty nifty. >> love it. the san francisco public library has a deal for you today.
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th for wounded warriorsgram and their families to build new lives together. when my dad left, i was, like, this big, but now i'm, like, this big. my dad got a master's degree in human resources. thanks to warriors to work that my dad has a terrific job. when the warrior project helps them by, you know, giving them another start. now that my dad's home, i get a lot more hugs. i'm really proud of him. find out more about wounded warrior project at welcome home the brave.
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yeah. the numbers are pretty uninspiring looking at the rain season so far. october is the driest of our rain season months. we could easily make up this deficit as we go deeper into the winter. it is bone dry. oakland, sap jose, livermore all below 10% where we should be. kanye west says he's finished with politics. and he seems to imply his relationship with president trump may also be over. his visit was certainly memorable. he was one of the highest profile celebrity supporters. now in a tweet he says, my eyes are now wide open and i&now realize i've been used to spread messages i don't believe in. he says he is distancing himself from politics and completely
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focusing on being creative. bart says the elevator attend act at two stations is a success. bart began the pilot at the civic center and powell street stations last april in an effort to stop people from using drugs and urinating in the elevators. the agency says the stations and elevators are now cleaner. the program is set to run until november of next year >> in the east bay, a enough pharmacy is opening in berkeley that offers personalized medicine. it is for a child who can't swallow pills, a patient with an allergy or a nonaddictive drug that still manages pain. >> opioids. it's not the first line of defense for treating pain anymore. you can rub it in your arm. you're not addicted to it. it won't make you feel like you're out of it.
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so you can work when you're taking it. >> wellspring works with dozens of vet clinics to offer similar services for pets. re nevan minutes my acc scific erures in neighborhoodss we talk about halloween. ye, it's f6:, som young kids ke. 71 to 74 in the bay neighborhoods. 68 to 70. we drop into the mid-60s a at 8:00. low to mid-60s at 9:00. nothing creepy, bone chilling. all treats for this halloween. here's alexis. good morning, mike. a major traffic alert in union city. all lanes remain closed. you'll be forced off at eldorado niles. the sig-alert is in effect. alternate surface streets are
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the best at this hour. a 20-minute delay if you decide to take that instead. union city boulevard for your alternat alternates. a full closure at 23rd avenue for the bridge demolition. another update on the deadly crash at 5:00. alexis, thank you. oakland is celebrating the second rapid rehousing facility. it is open at a former hotel in west oakland in december. it will serve 90 homeless people at a time. you can stay six months, get permanent jobs and housing, as well as drug treatment. residents can take their pets and belongings with them when they move in. are you in need of a good book? the largest used book sale on the west coast is kicking a off at the 54th annual friends of
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the san francisco public library book sale at 4 mason center. books in more than 70 categories are available. they restock every day. it raises money for san francisco's public libraries. it is open to the public through sunday 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on sunday, all books will be on sale for $1. >> you will definitely find me there. you know how much i love to read. >> it looks fun. yeah. next, radioactive soil at hunters point. it was likely duped from the beginning. mark benioff in studio. city leaders are taking a stand against it. how would you like to be married by a bucket of
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a tour bus, a big rig, and two cars involved in a deadly crash overnigh. >> all lanes of northbound 880 on the hayward are shut down right now. >> good morning on this wednesday, october 31st. alexis has an update on this in a moment. >> we have a crew at the scene. we want to check in meteorologist mike nicco for our forecast. >> hi, everybody. never more than 7 minutes away. breezes gusting in the north bay. it will continue an hour or so. red flag warning in effect. high fire danger. solano until 11:00 this morning. we'll see how halloween day breaks down. a cool start. by noon, 70 around


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