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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 31, 2018 7:00am-8:50am PDT

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it's surreal. >> reporter: they're reacting to his death like this widow. >> his name goes away and he goes away with it. couldn't be a better thing. >> reporter: and this morning bulger's attorney is now pointing the finger at the federal bureau of prisons, saying they turned his life sentence into a death sentence. michael? >> thank you, gio. george? we noef on now to breaking new developments in that mystery of that plane. searchers found part of the fuselage from the lion air flight 610 and bob woodruff has more. >> reporter: good morning, george. it appears searchers believe they may have located that downed plane. they detected a signal. the sound of that ping from the black box, so divers are heading down to get that box as families of those on board are waiting for answers. new this morning, abc news has been given this video, shot by a passenger just as he was boarding lion air flight 610, a
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glimpse of his boarding pass and the doomed plane itself just about an hour before it went down. his wife told us today she is praying that he will be found. after 2 1/2 days of desperate searching, search and rescue teams believe they have located the fuselage. the main body of the plane at the bottom of the sea. the focus now, diving to retrieve the most crucial element in their investigation, the black box. out here at the port they have been bringing back shiploads of debris and also body bags late into the night. at this point they're essentially ruling out that this was a terrorist attack. most likely a technical failure in a country with a troublesome safety record. lion air flight 610 was a new plane, only two months in service. one of the most recent versions of the 737. boeing says the max 8 is the company's fastest selling plane in its history with nearly 4700 orders for more than 100 customers across the world. both southwest and american airlines have the same plane in their fleets. boeing issuing a statement
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saying, the boeing company is deeply saddened by the loss of lion air flight jt 610, adding that the company is providing technical assistance at the request and under the direction of government authorities investigating the accident. today at the indonesian police hospital, we met family members still hoping for a miracle. this man's identical twin was on that fatal flight. everyone here has an emotional story. this man showed us this photo. he is there on the left in front of the doomed plane. he and two others took a different flight monday while these three in the middle were lost on flight 610. it now appears there is some blame going around. it was reported today that the company lion air fired their technical director and some other employees who approved the takeoff of this fatal flight. of course, this investigation is just beginning. george. >> yeah, they had so many problems the day before. bob woodruff, thanks very much. robin.
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george, we now have the latest on two deadly crashes, a chopper crashing into a mobile home park killing two people and a helicopter slamming into power lines in upstate new york killing two utility workers and eva pilgrim is here with new details. good morning, eva. >> reporter: those contractors were working to install equipment flying from utility pole to pole when something went terribly wrong. this morning, new images of a horrific helicopter crash in beekmantown, new york. you can see the chopper tangled in power lines. four people trapped on board. the crash happening 4:15 tuesday afternoon. >> i saw something off in the distance kind of smoking. thought it was like maybe a transformer had blown up. >> helicopter ran into some wires, crashed into the ground at 131 burke road. >> reporter: the four jumping from a burning chopper falling about 40 feet, the height of a power pole. >> i have another patient over in front of a red jeep. he jumped from a helicopter. >> reporter: a nearby worker pulling the men away just moments before the chopper came crashing to the ground. its landing gear still dangling
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from above. two of the workers on board killed. two more released from the hospital overnight. >> i'll let you know on the other two, but they are walking wounded. >> reporter: new york state police are on the scene working with the faa and ntsb trying to figure out what caused this tragic accident. now, was this pilot error or mechanical error? investigators will be on the ground trying to determine that later today, but it would have been a lot worse if the neighbors wouldn't have come to help. >> thanks, eva. >> all right, thank you, eva. now to what's being called a real-life "ocean's eleven." prosecutors say a sophisticated burglary crew pulled off jewelry heists all over the world like in the movie using acrobats and electronic experts to do it and t.j. holmes is here with more. >> that's right, stra. acrobats. you don't put together a crew of experts like this if you're just trying to steal grandma's pearls. these guys pulled off heists over the past decade that netted 1 million in one case, 2 1/2 in
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another and "ocean's eleven" meet this enterprise. you're watching a group of thieves pull off a million-dollar jewelry heist that could be ripped from the pages of a hollywood script. >> what i'm about to propose to you is both highly lucrative and highly dangerous. >> reporter: the crew comprised of acrobatics, strongmen and electronic experts, the type of team put together by brad pitt and george clooney in "ocean's eleven." >> you have to get from there to the door without touching the floor, what do you do? >> 10 says he shorts it. >> 20. >> reporter: the alleged ringleader and three others were arrested and, according to court documents, investigators found plans for even more brazen plots, like this one that took place on new year's eve 2016. the thieves struck a jewelry store known for its yellow and pink diamonds snatching the jewels as the clock struck midnight. and they all have pled not
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guilty in this case but the plans they found, they had research on diamond dealers in europe that they found, also even police scanners from amsterdam. so these guys do their homework and this is the real deal but they have pled not guilty. >> and with the video in your face -- >> right in your face. again, we watched the movies and they're tailored tuxes and whatnot but prosecutors tell you these are hardened criminals. george clooney was a thief. he just looked really good doing it so we forgave him. >> don't confuse the two. we're going to go to boston now. a live look at the route where a big parade is about to get under way for the world series champions, the boston red sox. the big event, the victory parade will get under way at 11:00 a.m. eastern. a special treat this halloween. yep, the team is back. wow. boston. you covered a little bit of the series, right, t.j.? >> it was such a short series i didn't have to -- thanks, sox. >> rub that in. >> it wasn't an nba finals.
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big day for boston today. i want to go back to ginger now with a trick-or-treat forecast. >> oh,and such a nicer forecast along the east coast. not just today but tomorrow. the tricks will happen in texas and louisiana, and arkansas too. that's where you could see damaging wind and even tornadoes and that's coming this afternoon and this evening, so trick-or-treat time or thereafter when you hand out candy, just be weather aware especially then into the midsouth so paducah and southern indiana and ohio, all have to look out for the flash flood potential. there is a little warmth for you. there's your treat.
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coming up, this is truly disturbing. the so-called kid fight club that broke out at a day care, teachers, they were cheering on the children. there are calls growing for that center to be shut down this morning. >> just amazing that could happen.
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new details about the couple known for going to limits to take daredevil pictures. the extreme photo that cost them their lives at yosemite. and what we're learning about that school bus tragedy. the 24-year-old driver under arrest for hitting young children when the stop sign was out on the bus. we'll be right back. we'll be right back. oats seem pretty simple right? they're actually kind of extraordinary. see, oats contain a soluble fiber called beta-glucan. beta what? stay with me here. this is where it gets interesting. this fiber really doesn't like cholesterol. so it traps some of the bad cholesterol and shows it a thing or two. making quaker oats a delicious part of a heart-healthy diet. high five, fiber!
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good morning, east bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> good morning. i'm jessica casto from abc 7 mornings. a major backup is clearing up on northbound 880 after a deadly crash involving four vehicles. officials say a limo bus hit two cars during a stop-and-go
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traffic about 10:40 last night. one car was hit and then slammed into a big rig. and drivers in the two cars were killed. it happened on 880 past the hayward city line near the whipple exit. investigators have closed part of the freeway up until about 6:30 this morning. it really made for quite a terrible commute, alexis. >> yeah. and that wasn't our only problem. very shortly after that reopened, we had another crash just north of there at tennyson. they were able to clear that off to the shoulder and reopen that. another crash just south of there once again at whipple road. still very heavy on northbound 880 and the southbound side is heavy as well. some good news in from b.a.r.t. ashby station has reopened, so trains are making normal stops. >> alexis, thank you.
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well, if you're just waking up, yes, the fire danger was supposed to expire at 6:00 this morning, but the national weather service extended it until 11:00, so, still, we have some gusty, dry breezes out there. if you're out on the roads, no rain, temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50s. but if you're trick or treating this evening, low to mid-60s after the sun sets at 6:11. jessica? >> mike, thank you. coming up on "gma," day care fight club caught on camera. teachers encouraging preschoolers to battle it out. now a mom is d
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>> those are some of our favorite costumes from halloween past. >> that was nicki. >> nicki minaj. i like that though. >> the skirt, yes. kept it. this was my all-time favorite. >> all-time favorite. >> lara as the royal baby prince george. >> still trying to figure out how she did it. secrets. >> there she is, miley cyrus. a little ginger as the hulk. a little bit of everything going on here. >> cookie. >> but look now. >> that is our audience entering the studio all fired up, all kinds of great costumes. >> got some clues there. >> uh-huh, a few clues, you're right. >> da bears. cruella de vil. we got a little bit of everything going on. wait until you see what we're going to be. that's coming up in our next hour. you don't want to miss that. >> maybe you do. >> i look forward to it. trust me. >> it takes some of us more time to change than others. >> that's true. we have a lot of headlines to get to this morning. we'll start with president trump. he's heading back out on the campaign trail visiting florida for the first of 11 rallies before tuesday's midterms and
7:21 am
will visit missouri, indiana, west virginia and georgia, a lot of red states. apple unveiling a new round of products. ceo tim cook shows off a new thinner ipad pro that comes with facial recognition. it costs about $150 more than the old one and also announced new software for ipads and iphones that will allow you to facetime 32 people to talk at the same time. >> good to know it's there. now to that alarming video from a daycare center in st. louis where kids -- it's so hard to see this -- they're seen fighting as their teachers cheer them on and linsey davis joins us. linsey, the teachers have been fired but the daycare center is still operating? >> reporter: good morning to you, robin. yes, the daycare is still operating. they were required to do additional training but the video is rather astounding. kids just pummeling each other and they're being encouraged to do so by the adults in the room. this morning, a mother is suing over troubling footage showing preschoolers taking part in a toddler fight club. in the 2016 video, teachers are seen cheering the young children
7:22 am
on. one jumps enthusiastically while the other helps students put on toy fists. one little boy caught on camera tries to break up the fight. >> get out the way. >> reporter: the incident came to light after a 10-year-old boy captured this video on his ipad showing his 4-year-old brother allegedly being forced to fight with another student. >> they're fighting. >> if he wouldn't have had his ipad on him that day, who knows if we even would have found out about it. >> reporter: the boy's mother, nicole merseal, immediately reported the incident to the school and authorities. while the two teachers seen in the video were fired, the state did not file any criminal charges. >> no one is being held accountable and if i'm not a voice for my children who will be? >> reporter: now she is suing the day care for more than $25,000 and hopes the state will reconsider filing charges. >> the state really just gave them a slap on the hand. >> reporter: in a statement to abc news, the department of
7:23 am
health confirms that they concluded their investigation in 2016 and says the day care was asked to take additional steps to ensure staff were trained and knowledgeable about age-appropriate activities for children. but merseal is still hoping for harsher consequences. >> i don't know any parent that could watch their children go through this and not be upset. >> reporter: one of the teachers told investigators that she let the kids fight as a stress release after the daycare's heater broke, trying to give an explanation there. but i guess even a 3-year-old or 4-year-old boy that tries to break it up, he even knew this is not a good idea, we shouldn't be doing this. >> stress for a 4-year-old kid. additional training to know that's wrong. >> in order to determine this activity is appropriate and this is not? doesn't make sense. >> no fight club in nursery school, that's pretty simple. >> thank you so much, linsey. now we go to new details
7:24 am
about that young couple who may have died trying to take a photo at yosemite. the young man's brother now says they had set up a camera to take a photo just moments before the fall. amy is here with more. good morning, amy. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. the bay area couple described themselves as travel obsessed, keeping a photo blog called holidays and happily ever afters. that detailed their adventures around the globe and they even warned against taking dangerous selfies, asking, is our life just worth one photo? we're learning the couple behind daredevil photos like this and picture-perfect moments like these may have fallen 800 feet to their deaths in yosemite after trying to take a selfie. >> supposedly there's a crime scene up there so i can't shoot from there. >> reporter: vishnu with his wife meenaskshi, the couple set
7:25 am
up their tripod near the edge to take a selfie before tragically plummeting off the cliff. >> nothing seemed like anything was wrong or anything like that. it seemed like they were there doing what they love to do. >> reporter: just months ago the couple posted this photo with a caption saying, a lot of us including yours truly is a fan of daredevilry attempts at standing at the edge of cliffs and skyscrapers but did you know wind gusts can be fatal? is our life just worth one photo? those may have been prophetic words, and wind could have been a factor. this photo thought to be one of the last taken of meenaskshi taken by a passerby near the spot believed to be where the couple fell to their death. seen with her signature pink hair but without her husband. some people have commented that parts of the cliff lacked safety railings but some witnesses who were there that day say the couple fell from a spot with a railing. the trend of trying to snap the perfect selfie no matter the risk can have fatal consequences. according to one study, there have been 124 deaths in those under 24 as a result.
7:26 am
last month, a teen reportedly died trying to take a selfie at nevada fall, also in yosemite and over the summer three bloggers from a popular youtube channel died after one of them slipped into a waterfall and the other two fell trying to catch her. and listen to this other recent study. there were 259 selfie fatalities from october of 2011 to november of last year. that study published in the journal of family medicine and primary care recommending dangerous tourist areas actually should designate no selfie zones in treacherous spots to let people know, hey, again, this photo isn't worth your life. >> oh, boy. what a story. okay, amy, thanks very much. coming up, why did a 24-year-old driver blow past a school bus stop sign causing a fatal accident? and how mr. feeny stopped a burglary. that exclusive coming up. that exclusive coming up. i'm ray and i quit smoking with chantix. i tried to quit smoking for years on my own.
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we are back with new concerns about drivers stopping for school buses after that tragedy in indiana. we're learning more about the 24-year-old driver behind that pickup that killed three siblings and seriously injured another child as they are trying to board their bus. abc's alex perez is on the scene in rochester, indiana. alex, that driver now faces charges. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the ntsb is sending a team here to analyze this crash and improve safety when it comes to getting on and off a school bus. the family here right now says they are filled with pain and anger.
7:31 am
this morning, one indiana family coping with a devastating loss, three of their children gone. the siblings crossing this road near rochester to get on their school bus when they were killed. >> supposed to be able to get on your bus and be safe. >> reporter: the nightmare unfolding tuesday morning. >> children that were getting on the bus have been struck by a vehicle. >> the school bus had a stop arm extended, had emergency lighting activated as the children entered the road. unfortunately, they were struck by a southbound vehicle. >> reporter: 6-year-old twins, xavier and mason, and 9-year-old sister olivia were steps away from their school bus when they were hit by this pickup. 11-year-old maverick lowe walking with them airlifted in critical condition, undergoing multiple surgeries tuesday. authorities identifying the driver of that vehicle as 24-year-old alyssa shepherd who works with children at a local church. she was charged overnight with three counts of reckless
7:32 am
homicide. she posted bail and has been released. on the scene, family and even first responders overcome with emotion. >> most of the time first responders don't shed tears at crash scenes but today there were some tears shed. >> reporter: according to the national safety council, 70% of school bus-related deaths occur outside the bus. numerous near-misses caught on camera. home security capturing the moment a car blows past a school bus stop sign missing a 7-year-old boy by mere inches. in washington state a frightening video inside a school bus showing this suv speeding past on the shoulder. the kids jolting back. a 2018 survey of school bus drivers in 38 states and washington, d.c., found that nearly 84,000 vehicles passed their buses illegally on a single day. that's an estimated 15 million violations during the school year.
7:33 am
xavier, mason and olivia's family now struggling to imagine life without them. their uncle consoling their dad. >> he didn't lose one kid. he lost all of his kids. >> reporter: that driver is due in court next month. authorities have not said why she failed to stop for the school bus. george. >> such a tragedy. alex, thanks very much. coming up, the fantastic mr. feeny, how the "boy meets world" star stopped a break-in and he may be a clue for our halloween celebration. plus, the royals' final day down under and new images of prince marry and duchess meghan as they prepare to head back home. back home.
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we are back with our exclusive with actor william daniels, aka mr. feeny from "boy meets world," and a star of "st. elsewhere." the 91-year-old stopping a break-in at his l.a. home. now he's telling us how he did it. paula faris is here with that story. good morning, paula. >> reporter: good morning. the suspect didn't even make it inside the house. he was apparently scared off when daniels turned on a house light. >> kit? >> yes, michael. >> just keep driving. >> reporter: he was the voice behind kit, that crime fighting car voice in "knight rider" and for seven seasons on the show "boy meets world" william daniels played mr. feeny, who was always there for his students with a life lesson to save the day.
7:38 am
>> to me a real hero is someone who does the right thing when the right thing isn't the easy thing to do. >> reporter: well, mr. feeny is still saving the day. the 91-year-old scaring off a burglar trying to break into the san fernando valley home he shares with his wife and former "st. elsewhere" co-star -- >> you look cute with a bib. class 2007. >> reporter: actress bonnie bartlett. the couple now with a lighthearted take on that close call spoke exclusively to abc news overnight. >> i struggled with an intruder. took him to the ground. i beat him up and he ran away with bruises all over him. would you like to print that? you better not. it's a total lie. >> reporter: but they weren't laughing just before 9:30 on saturday night. >> we were asleep and i heard bang, bang, bang, and it was a very -- >> very noisy. >> i lit the light and bonnie screamed and this person fled.
7:39 am
>> no, i think you scared him away. >> yes, yes, i did. >> reporter: news of the attempted break-in brought feeny superfans out in force. he's the hero we all need and deserve, one fan tweeted. and from his former "boy meets world" co-star, will friedle, who played eric mathews, he tweets, don't ever met with mr. feeny. police don't believe the couple was targeted. this morning, the suspect remains unknown. after the incident they called their son and made arrangements to get a new alarm system and then they went back to bed. went back to sleep. >> they sound so adorable the way they talk to one another. >> good to see mr. feeny still has the touch. >> he's still got it, as do you. all right, paula thank you very much. >> happy halloween. >> happy halloween. coming up, it's our halloween big party. ooh, is this live or can this memorex right now? what are we going to transform into? you don't want to miss it. so many surprises ahead and you never know who's going to show up.
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so i have to manage my time wisely. plan your financial life with prudential. bring your challenges. back here on "good morning america," oh, the snow on halloween. well, it happened earlier in the week but still summit at snoqualmie finally got their start to the season, and it looks good. it looks powdery. it makes me want to ski right now. vail, colorado, these pictures do too. the season just getting started as it should. but the unsettled weather, that pacific flow, though, is really coming in, at least today through the end of the week for salem, portland, seattle. won't be quite as twisty as it has been. that whole jet stream slides east and that ridge that's been kind of given nice weather all the way up into the great lakes will bring temperatures on thursday close to 70 in new york city, 74, raleigh, 74 columbia. all that brought to you by lincoln.
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>> announcer: friday, miranda lambert and pistol annies kick you into the weekend friday, only on "gma" presented by carmax. lambert and pistol annies "good morning america" is sponsored by prudential insurance. sponsored by prudential insurance. good morning. south bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings sf. . >> hi, good morning, and happy halloween. i'm jessica castro from abc 7 mornings. meteorologist mike nicco has our forecast. what are those trick or treaters in for? >> they're in for delightful weather. even our mummies are all wrapped up in this warm weather. in the 60s for the most part throughout halloween and this is after temperatures that will be in the low to mid-70s inland,
7:46 am
mid- to upper 70s san francisco and the rest of the bay, and 67 at half moon bay. in fact, expect these temperatures, even though it's november tomorrow, friday, and saturday, still going to be well warmer than average. alexis? >> okay. taking a look in the roads in emeryville, we had a disabled vehicle blocking two lanes that did just clear. definitely some delays on the approach to the bay bridge toll plaza. and let's check out a few of our drive times here this morning. there you go. albany to the maze, 11 minutes. northbound 280 recovering from an earlier crash, 101 to cupertino, 38 minutes. and coming up, "gma's" sp k spook-tacul spook-tacular. a morning full of incredible surprises. you never know who's going to show up. stay tuned. we'll have
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♪ it's the final countdown good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. countdown to halloween. ♪ the final countdown >> we've built an empire and
7:50 am
been scandaliciously spooky, and come in like a wrecking ball. and who can forget the baby? >> we've been super. we've been stars and this morning, how will we top it? a full house of all these stars from "happy days" to holding out for a hero. ♪ i need a hero >> you'll never guess who is also showing up. our totally rad takeover for halloween just moments away as we say good morning, america. ha, ha, ha, ha. [ cheers and applause ] we certainly do say good morning, america. happy halloween. and we have some really super past lives revealed here at "gma". >> look at that. super past revealed. >> right back at you, my friend.
7:51 am
>> i forgot about that. >> leave out george, though. >> so many people out there -- so many people are already in the spirit this morning and this photo was sent in from our viewer jessica from ann arbor, michigan. her kids paul, lizzie and thomas and their dog scooter. how cute is that? >> another one, another one. >> and from the ellis family from toms river, new jersey, henry and peter are ready for halloween and flexing their muscles to show it. >> ready to go, ready to get some candy. we are going to get some weather and we start out with ginger with the latest on the halloween weather. severe storm, snow, even possible tornadoes on the way. ginger, what is the forecast? >> so many tricks happening. in colorado they're waking up with snow on the pumpkins. in some places more than 7 inches of snow fell. that will be a place you'll need the heavy coat over the halloween costume or a really -- change your halloween costume into something warm. it was bad on the roads. this video from silverthorne, colorado, several accidents reported.
7:52 am
this is what i-70 looked like and that was shut down. that is moving southeast and albuquerque, new mexico, could end up with their coldest halloween and what that means is a scary forecast. severe storms, talking about enough spin and wind sheer, you could see tornadoes on your halloween from beaumont up to arkansas. there's a look at the trick-or-treat fast but for now back to y'all. now to the royal visit. the duke and duchess have been welcomed as you have seen by thousands on their tour down under. they're heading home tomorrow after their first official overseas trip, so let's go to abc's james longman in new zealand who has been with them every step of the way and enjoying it every step of the way. good morning, james. >> reporter: good morning, robin. yeah, the last day for meghan and harry but one of the longest lines for people waiting to shake their hands that we've seen on this entire tour. and for one fan, harry saving for last possibly his most
7:53 am
heartfelt message. a fond farewell for the rock star royals down under on their last day in new zealand, a walk among ancient redwoods and a newborn for the expectant parents seeing a baby kiwi hatched. meghan stunning in a stella mccartney dress with a local touch. before a final good-bye haka. the prince later comforting a young fan who lost his mother. harry sharing the loss of his mother diana telling him it'll all be okay. look at me, i've met this amazing woman and married her. 76 engagements, 16 days across four countries and crowds going wild for meghan and harry in every one of them. this tour has been epic in every way. news of baby sussex kicked this tour into overdrive. from australia through the music and song of fiji and tonga to the breathtaking beauty of new zealand. mental health, conservation and youth empowerment the major
7:54 am
themes. the world may have obsessed over what they saw her wear but what they heard they say may be changing the monarchy. >> women suffrage is about feminism but feminism is about fairness. >> reporter: so that is it. meghan and harry will be leaving new zealand tomorrow hopefully for hard earned rest and leave thousands thrilled to see them in this part of the world and the rest of us to learn much more about baby sussex. robin. >> all right, james. thank you very much. he really had a great time. >> he sure did. coming up, time to change. >> our biggest halloween yet. what will we be be? >> can't wait to see. it's our live event, so big we needed a whole roster star to help us reveal it. what can i say? i love it when a plan comes together. n a plan comes together.
7:55 am
the new capital one savor card. earn 4% cash back on dining and 4% on entertainment. now when you go out, you cash in. what's in your wallet? you sleep in your bed and i sleep in...les. oh no, max, did you teach him puppy eyes? [ whimpers ] fine, this one time. ooo! [ grunts ] seven days in the future, but i'to be exact.uture. and the car you put on hold at is still being held for you, free of charge. in answer to all your other questions: yes, no... and that's still illegal. ♪ carmax music sting
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i'm running for state superintendent. get your all access '80s tour. >> welcome aboard. >> we're going back to the '80s. >> i love the '80s. >> best decade ever. ♪ oh i wanna dance with somebody ♪ >> fashion of the '80s was loud. you can't have a normal sweatshirt. you have to have a shoulder popping. >> everything was over the top. everything was big. >> the bigger the fro, the bigger the go. >> leg warmers on the legs, arms, around the head. >> mullets weren't just for hockey players back then. they were for hot guys. >> announcer: it was the decade that brought us cell phones. >> yeah, how you doing? >> and this thing. >> rubik's cube. i don't think i've ever completed one. >> i used to think there was a
8:00 am
code. >> that was easy. piece of cake. >> announcer: but on this tour it's all about one thing. >> the tv shows. ♪ >> the '80s was the best tv on the planet. >> now you get to relive it all. >> it's going to be a wild ride. >> are you ready? we going back to the '80s. >> to meet the stars we love. >> and will never forget. ♪ color me >> announcer: welcome back to "gma." our all access '80s halloween starts right now. ♪ i know who you are ♪ ♪ i know where you're coming from ♪ ♪ call me ♪ call me ♪ call me any, any time ♪ you can call me any day or night ♪ ♪ call me [ applause ] >> hey, happy halloween and
8:01 am
welcome to studio 44 for "gma's" all access tour to the '80s. i'm your tour guide, sam champion, but for the rest of my life, please call me blake blaze. all right, i'll be taking you on the ride of a lifetime through some of the most iconic television sets of the decade. you never know who we might find along the way so make sure you have your ticket handy, buckle up and, ladies and gentlemen, enjoy the ride. [ applause ] all right. first we're approaching stage 1 here at the studio 44. now, i wonder which show tapes here and what star we might run into here. now, here's a clue. she's a diva from denver who settles for nothing less than fabulous and has no issue going toe-to-toe with alexis carrington colby. if that song doesn't take you back in time, nothing can. so ladies and gentlemen, gentlemen, please welcome the one and only dominique deveraux from "dynasty." [ applause ]
8:02 am
>> you are fabulous. fabulous. [ applause ] work it. work that magic, dominique. [ applause ] >> oh, man. >> all right, next we might want to call time-out over at stage 2 since our next celeb is such a preppy heartthrob but we weren't sure he would make it because of all the way from bay side high i wonder if mr. belding knows he's here. it's zack morris from "saved by the bell." ♪ [ applause ] >> all right. is everybody enjoying the tour on the tour bus? it's a funky '80s ride, ladies and gentlemen, but let's keep it moving.
8:03 am
it's all about love and marriage over at stage 3. our next guest is a lady, well, really whose hair is as big as her spandex is tight. ladies and gentlemen, she loves to shop and mess with that husband, al. she's married with children. come on out, peg bundy. [ applause ] ♪ like a horse and carriage ♪ this i tell you brother ♪ you can't have one without the other ♪ ♪ love and marriage >> peg bundy and that rock and roll hair. all right, now what we've all been waiting for, ladies and gentlemen, step on board for something exciting and new. come aboard, our next guest is expecting you. he's the chrome dome captain who always sets a course for adventure. it's "love boat's" captain merrill stubing dropping anchor right here this morning.
8:04 am
♪ we're expecting you >> i love you, captain stubing. i love you. "the love boat." ♪ we'll be making another run >> hey, it looks like he has some of the crew with him too. here's cruise director, julie mccoy, and your favorite bartender, isaac the bartender. ♪ >> isaac, you're killing me. all right. are you guys having fun, everybody on the bus having fun? totally tubular, basically radical. all right, here we go. it's the hottest ticket in town, the '80s tour. you never know who you'll see so let's head over to the next stage. wait, are those claws or just a really bad manicure? i'm not sure but it must be our next star.
8:05 am
he is a real renaissance reptile and he likes battling crime. he's obsessed with pizza. straight from the sewer, it's teenage mutant ninja turtles, michelangelo. ♪ [ applause ] >> hey, michelangelo, those toes are something or flipper or whatever it is. listen, that song could only mean one thing right there. this show stars a conservative teen icon, a buttoned up dream boat if you will who loves spending time in the kitchen debating with his parents but knows nothing is more important than family ties. ladies and gentlemen, here's alex p. keaton. [ applause ]
8:06 am
hey, alex, what's in the briefcase? all right. and here's the moment you've been waiting for because i pity the fool who doesn't know this next show. if you have a problem and no one else can help you, all you have to do is call his team, it's the a team. ladies and gentlemen, it's mr. t. [ applause ] >> i pity the fool. i pity the fool. i pity that fool. [ cheers and applause ] i pity the fool. i pity the fool. >> that's amazing. i love it when a plan comes together. ladies and gentlemen, this '80s tour is truly all access and totally tubular. look at this amazing lineup we have for you. alex p. keaton.
8:07 am
michelangelo, the teenage mutant ninja turtles, "married with children," peggy bundy, the fabulous dominique deveraux from "dynasty," mr. t from the "a team." dominique deveraux from "dynasty." captain stubing from the crew of "the love boat" and zack morris from "saved by the bell." first, michael ang low has something a little special for us. michelangelo. >> i do. thank you very much. hey, mr. t, come on over here with me. yeah, we got a little something special. we have's had amazing company here this morning. all these '80s icons and a special message from one of the decades real "a list" or should i say "a team stars." >> good morning, america. hey michael, you the toughest
8:08 am
mr. t i ever saw, a hall of famer and chose to dress like me. thank you, brother. have a good day, and one more thing, i pity the fool. eeehhh! >> i mean, there's nothing like the original but -- >> i pity the fool. eeehhh. >> that was tubular. oh, no, my nunchuk.
8:09 am
[ applause ] all right. >> all right. how about if -- [ applause ] how about an '80s version of "pop news." >> yes. these are the stories that are happening on this day in the '80s at some point. ♪ the love boat ♪ something exciting ♪ and new >> all right, for the second year in a row "people" magazine is naming its sexiest man alive and giving us an exclusive. drum roll, please. "people" magazine's sexiest man for 1986 is -- >> who is it? >> mr. mark harmon. [ applause ] you were so close, sam. you were runner-up.
8:10 am
the magazine dubbing him charmon harmon. i was thinking charmin. sorry, ladies, he's taken by tv star pam dawber. let's call them mark and mindy. he may not have played such a nice guy on "saint elsewhere" but women elsewhere are saying if he was their guy "ncis," no chance i'd share. [ laughter ] >> i like that. >> thank you. see, thank you. >> hey, captain stubing. that was great. >> i can't turn my head too much so don't talk to me. i need a neck brace. a new show is about to hit the air waves that sounds out of this world. it's called "alf." >> really. what does alf stand for?
8:11 am
>> alien life form. there it is. couldn't do a casting call for alien so he will be played by a puppet. >> what? >> oh. >> an innovative, sarcastic and lovable mop of an extraterrestrial that crashes here from a make believe planet and must adapt to his new human family. sort of "mork and mindy" meets "mr. belvedere." here's your exclusive sneak peek at the premiere happening tonight in 1986. >> we have to report this. what other choice do we have? >> oh, oh, can i make a suggestion? >> yeah, sure, why not? >> well, if it's not too much trouble, how about fixing my spaceship? hello. read my lips. [ applause ] >> i can't decide how to sit. ♪ exciting and new
8:12 am
>> all right. set your vcr to record because they're broadcasting this show -- >> a vcr? >> dolby surround sound, whatever that is. >> oh. >> what is this surround sound they speak of? >> it'everywhere. >> and finally in "pop news" -- >> over here. >> doritos is trying the impossible, as if they could make anything that would taste better than that finger-licking good orange powder perfection and i don't mean sam champion. [ laughter ] >> oh, mr. t like that. [ laughter ] >> he's going to pull his mustache off. >> on this day in 1986 again they're releasing another flavored chip. it's called cool ranch.
8:13 am
>> ooh. >> it's like ranch dressing in a chip. do you want to try it, please? >> i'd love to. >> doritos says expect zesty bursting with flavor watch out snack world. the game has just changed. drop the mike. [ applause ] they're says one more but i don't have another story. so how are those doritos? [ applause ] ♪ exciting and new >> is there another story? i'm happy to go on. >> but can you help -- he's losing his mustache. it's just a little -- >> what do you mean? >> there you go. >> there you go. >> it's a little walrus-like. >> you have a lot of room to talk. >> you don't want to see this close up, believe me. >> don't go anywhere. our all access 1980s tour is about to get even better. we've got some totally tubular '80s surprises.
8:14 am
got that, tubular. that's coming up so stay with us. '80s were a good final. you had "the a-team"? i pity the fool. >> i pity the fool. >> i pity the fool. >> "family ties" was amazing. ♪ what will we do >> i loved that show. >> alex keaton. >> you got me. >> he dressed like an old man. it's the way i dress today. he had that tie. >> you had "dynasty". >> the way they would look at each other with such -- >> i don't like you. >> well, so much for frankness. >> i dare you to be in my presence. ♪ the love boat ♪ the love boat ♪ the love boat ♪ soon will be making another run ♪ >> thank you.
8:15 am
8:16 am
good morning, north bay. let's get up and get going. >> this is abc 7 mornings. >> and good morning. i'm reggie aqui from abc 7 mornings. waymo now has the first permit in california allowing it to test self-driving cars on public roads without a test driver present in that car. waymo will hit the road in palo
8:17 am
alto, los altos, los altos hills, sunnyvale and mountain view. so this should be very interesting. >> i think that's the best word. taking a look at the roads this morning, it has not been an easy commute. eastbound 92 past the 101 merge on the peninsula, we have a new crash involving three cars. one of those vehicles has flipped on to its side. and northbound 101 before ellis street, we just had a crash clear, but definitely have some heavy residual delays out of the downtown san jose area.
8:18 am
8:19 am
now your accuweather forecast with mike nicco. >> a quick reminder, our fire danger continues until 11:00 this morning for all areas you see until red. and then lets focus on tonight, because it's all treats from mother nature. she's bringing us temperatures mainly in the 60s for trick or treating, and mainly cooler in the coast, in the 50s. mainly 70s and 80s, and that will continue for the first three days of november, reggie. >> sounds pretty nice. thanks, mike. another abc 7 news update in about 30 minutes and you can always find us on our news app and the '80s hands down the best decade ever. >> don't show pictures of me. the shoulder pads. you couldn't see my ears in the '80s because the pads were up to here. >> i would get up at 5:00 in the morning to start the hair process where i would spray my
8:20 am
rave 88 cent hair stray and take a blow dryer and like freeze it in action. to make it that big. i feel like this is what i grew up in. i am a child of the '80s. ♪ oh wanna dance with somebody >> announcer: welcome back to "good morning america's" all access '80s halloween. ♪ yeah i wanna dance with somebody ♪ >> welcome back to "gma," everybody. welcome back to "gma." you can see we've gone back in time to what we consider one of the raddest decades around. it's our all access '80s tour and we have an a-team of stars. blue i wanted to call in some reinforcements and get some real '80s actors to come party with us. >> first we have two lovely ladies who learned "the facts of life" but now, but now they've got a taste for pastels and sunglasses so this morning, they're doing things "miami
8:21 am
vice" style. kim fieldss and nancy mckeo and. love the show. in character. >> you take the good you take the bad ♪ the facts of life. the facts of life. >> theme song. >> be nice. >> "miami vice." >> that "miami vice." yeah, yeah. >> chasing mr. t after the show. >> that's right. >> well, next, back in the '80s he was making his way, the only way he knew how. he was from "the dukes of hazzard," please welcome john schneider. ♪ >> you look great. >> you look great. >> thank you. thank you. >> how about that? how about that. >> how are you? >> mwah. >> i love seeing you.
8:22 am
>> and good thing sam has his bull horn. he will love this ♪ come and knock on our door ♪ we've been waiting for you ♪ we've been waiting for you >> we've been waiting for her where the kisses are hers. "three's company" and suzanne somers. ♪ come and knock on our door ♪ three's company [ applause ] >> i, it's great to have all of you here. our access '80s tour of the '80s and we have a little game that we'll play. take a seat, michael. mr. t. it'll be the "gma" anchors versus the '80s stars. [ applause ]
8:23 am
and in the spirit of -- it is halloween and our tv theme, this game is called witchy witchy witch show, okay. here's how it works. we'll put up a picture from an '80s tv show. one person will try to guess what show it is from the clues, the rest of the team gives, but you cannot use any words from the show nor can you list any of the characters from the show. all right? if you do, we've got whistles. the other team -- >> okay. >> give them the bull horn and the whistles so each team has a designated whistle-blower. but we'll put -- you already have your glasses but put glasses on so the person up here cannot see what the name of the show is. and so first up, suzanne somers suzanne. you can all pass.
8:24 am
>> this is where it's great that i play so stupid. >> and you are able to pass. >> it's dark in here. >> let's put 30 seconds on the clock. you all get the clues and go. >> what? >> happy. >> opt. bread, days. >> bread. >> bread, bread. white bread. >> white bread. >> the next one. go to the next one. pass. >> pass. >> oh. michael strahan. >> i pity the fool. >> a van. drive a van. >> oh, my god. michael strahan. >> not me. not me. >> time's up. time is up. >> i'm stupid. >> you really weren't --
8:25 am
i wouldn't have known anyway. >> suzanne. >> michael. you go next. >> i don't know about this. mr. t don't like the dark. [ applause ] >> on the clock. 30 seconds. >> thank you. >> okay, go. >> oh, chrissy. she's here. [ whistle ] >> you can't say the character. >> oh! i can't say character names. >> that's okay. >> i'll say what the show is about. okay, there is about a guy who can take paper clips -- "macgyver." >> very good. >> this is about a car that you pay to get a ride in. >> "knight rider." >> no -- >> "taxi." >> very good. [ buzzer ] >> you!
8:26 am
>> nicely done. >> i tell you who, i pity the fool that gives me a good clue. >> mr. t, it's not over yet. so, john, you can redeem your team. [ applause ] >> good luck. >> thank you. >> come on. >> put 30 seconds on the clock. and go. >> "dukes of hazzard." >> oh. >> and it hurts and you have the -- >> "going pains." >> late for school. >> "saved by the bell." >> that was good. >> i think so. >> tony danza -- >> oh. >> you. [ whistle] >> you said the character. >> well done. >> but you look really good.
8:27 am
>> tell me what the show is about. >> you did really well. you redeemed your team. it's now time to -- >> it's a tie. >> 2-2. >> it's tied. so captain stubing. so captain stubing. are you ready to take the mission should you choose to accept it. >> i don't want to ruin my hair. >> all you need is one -- >> one to win. >> okay. >> all right. 30 seconds on the clock. let's go, team, go. [ whistle ] >> oh. san francisco. >> candace cameron bure. >> john stamos. >> john stamos. >> "full house". >> keep going. >> bruce willis, cybill shepherd. >> "moonlighting." >> hey! >> fonsi. "happy days." >> one more. >> oh.
8:28 am
>> all: three, two, one. [ buzzer ] >> "greatest american superhero." >> very clothe. well done, captain stubing. congratulations to all and we do have a winner. the "gma" anchors. [ cheers and applause ] you gave it a try and here -- >> all: "gma," "gma," "gma." "gma." >> there you go. >> thank you to all our '80s stars. it was beautiful and -- snrs. >> we wish we were making something while you were -- >> oh. >> oh, really. >> that was nice. >> oh. >> we want to thank all of you, john, nancy, loved seeing you on
8:29 am
"dancing with the stars" this past season. >> go, john. >> you've had your greatest albums coming up. >> we release a single every tuesday of 1982. and i have an app if you want to know nick about me getting my app, john schneider app, it's free. >> you got a book available everywhere right now. >> it's available everywhere right now. >> suzanne somers, putting the touches on your 27th book. >> it's awesome. >> we'll be right back, everybody. >> yeah, we will be right back.
8:30 am
8:31 am
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8:32 am
welcome back to our all '80s access tour. tv in the '80s was the best. i had such a crush on you. this is hard. john stamos was one of my favorites too. he and a whole lot of other '80s stars have something to say to you about the '80s. >> trust me, i love the '80s. i mean the '80s was where i did is the silver spoons." nothing better than michael jackson. >> the '80s, so many things to love. my favorite tv show of the '80s was "the golden girls" and full house" and we hope to eventually become the golden girls
8:33 am
ourselves one day in the third iteration of "full house." >> the '80s, entertainment, i have to go with "e.t." i loved e.t." so much. >> it was about neon, hair, madonna. >> oh, we love them. >> got to make a call? this weather report has been sponsored by king's hawaiian. lara. over to you. >> now for more of an extravaganza. lori bergamotto, "good housekeeping," all about the '80s and easy costume ideas every parent can try at the last minute. >> all right.
8:34 am
so let's get right into it. lori, you look fantastic. >> i said hello to two of you. nobody recognized me. >> i think the eyeliner did you in. last-minute holiday everybody wants to change their costume. we'll start with our flapper. this is actually my daughter. jenna. we got the whole thing at the hardware store and first started -- we first started by raiding her ballet and dance uniforms and then i went to the hardware store and got these tape samples. show us how they move. simmie shimmy shimmy. cut them into a fringe. >> paint swabs. >> this is a paint store. fan it, daisy buchanan and stapled the paint swatches on here and this is key chain ball and chain so $1.50 for a yard and the whole thing under 10 bucks. >> the whole thing? >> yeah. >> wow. >> all right.
8:35 am
come on. next one, peace and love. come on out here, mickey. so here is our amazing hippie. we got everything here from the supermarket, you guys. a mop wig. a brown paper bag we fashioned into a vest with fun things we printed off the internet and i made these for him. these are his jeeps. they had a little stain on them so they were old and got an ironing board cover and made bell bottoms and glued them right in and macaroni neck harassment what do you say, peace and love. >> so cute. >> how much? >> under 20 bucks. >> carolina. >> come on out. >> here she is. >> disco fever. >> are you ready for some disco fever. so, ladies, we got all of this at the drugstore and cheated because her mom had this fabulous skirt. that's a tip. raid your parents' closets. we turned it into a dress and
8:36 am
hadded a halter. can i borrow your boa. this is a duster. we tied it together with dental floss from the drugstore. >> wow. >> so really easy. those are her boots we put medical tape around at the drugstore. hairbrush with aluminum file for her mike. $23, really easy, really fun and nice and safe and -- >> totally rad. >> totally tubular. >> you always bring it. >> thank you. >> all three, stayed in character the entire time. >> yes, amazing. >> piece of work. >> and you can get more of last-minute halloween hacks on our website. coming up we're holding out for an epic performance, bonnie tyler.
8:37 am
8:38 am
[ applause ]
8:39 am
back nour with a singer who topped the charts in the '80s with socks we love like "total eclipse of the heart" and how about this, "i need a hero." bonnie tyler is here, everyone, and, bonnie, you have a new album coming out call "between the earth and the stars." >> that's right, next year. >> i understand you had a dream come true recorded in this album. >> i just did a duet with rod stewart and it's coming out next year around about may. [ cheers and applause ] >> yes! >> bonnie tyler, rod stewart. you can't get any better than that. >> no. >> we're so happy you're here. >> thank you. >> when you first saw me you were like who is this crazy guy, i'm the guy that will introduce you right now, this is bonnie tyler performing one of her biggest hits. here's "holding out for a hero, bonnie tyler. >> okay. ♪ >> come on, everybody. hey, yeah.
8:40 am
♪ oh yeah ♪ oh ♪ oh ♪ where have all the good men gone and where are all the gods ♪ ♪ where's the streetwise hercules to fight the rising odds ♪ ♪ isn't there a white knight upon a fiery steed late at night i toss and i turn and i dream of what i need ♪ ♪ i need a hero i'm holding out for a hero till the end of the night ♪ ♪ he's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast ♪ ♪ and he's gotta be fresh from the fight ♪ i need a hero i'm holding out for hero till the morning light ♪ ♪ he's gotta be sure and it's gotta be soon ♪ ♪ and he's gotta be larger than life larger than life ♪
8:41 am
♪ larger than life oh ♪ oh ♪ somewhere after midnight in my wildest fantasy ♪ ♪ somewhere just beyond my reach there's someone reaching back for me ♪ ♪ racing on the thunder and rising with the heat ♪ ♪ it's gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet ♪ ♪ yes ♪ i need a hero hero till the end of the night ♪ ♪ he's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast ♪ ♪ and he's gotta be fresh from the fight ♪ ♪ i need a hero i'm holding out hero till the morning light ♪ ♪ he's gotta be sure and it's
8:42 am
gotta be soon ♪ ♪ and he's gotta be larger than life ♪ ♪ i need a hero hero till the end of the night ♪ ♪ he's got to be strong and fresh from the fight ♪ ♪ i need a hero hero till the morning light ♪ ♪ he's got to be strong ♪ i need a hero hero hero ♪ he's gotta be strong and he's gotta be fast and he's gotta be fresh from the fight ♪ ♪ i need a hero hero till the end of the night ♪ thank you [ applause ] thank you, thank you. proposition 11 solves two issues.
8:43 am
first, it continues to pay paramedics while we're on break. second, it ensures the closest ambulance can respond if you call 9-1-1. vote yes on 11.
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"look what she's accomplished... she authored the ban on assault weapons... pushed the desert protection act through congress, and steered billions of federal dollars to california projects such as subway construction and wildfire restoration." "she... played an important role in fighting off ...trump's efforts to kill the affordable care act." california news papers endorse dianne feinstein for us senate. california values senator dianne feinstein
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proposition 11 "a common sense solution" to protect public safety. it ensures the closest ambulance remains on-call during paid breaks "so that they can respond immediately when needed." vote yes on 11. "good morning america" is sponsored by taltz. our thanks again to bonnie tyler. thank you, sam champion and to all of our '80s icons. thanks for watching. have a happy and safe halloween, everyone. thanks for being with us.
8:46 am
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8:48 am
this is halloween. and good morning. i'm reggie ioaqui from abc 7 mornings. i'm supposed to say, ♪ this is halloween ♪ this is halloween >> very nice. haunted mansion, disneyland. here's a look at the halloween forecast, nothing spooky about it. temperatures are a little cool
8:49 am
at the coast. with the kids running around, they won't get too cold. i still have a fire danger until 11:00. and let me show you the temperatures today, because it's going to be just as warm through saturday. alexis? >> all right, we have another sig alert to talk about, this one on the peninsula. it's that rollover crash. three vehicles total involved. one is on its side right now and the two right lanes are blocked. that's eastbound 101 just west of the -- excuse me, eastbound 92 west of the 101 merge and that's definitely starting to cause some backup. a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. delays there, too. >> alexis, thank you. time now for live w"live with k rya ryan". so excited t >> announcer: once upon a time there was an astronaut stranded on a beach in the south pacific. there he found a bottle, at least it looked like a bottle. but didn't act like a bottle because in it was a genie, a beautiful genie who could grant any wish.
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five decades later, history repeats itself. a famous singer was hanging out backstage at a popular morning talk show in manhattan. >> hello? >> hello? >> hello up there. >> hello?


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